Police Departments Refuse Participation In Dakota Access Pipeline Crackdown

In addition to the general retreat of departments, two officers have already turned in their badges in support of the protesters.
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    Standing Rock, North Dakota  — Widespread outrage over both the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline and violent police crackdowns rages on. That outrage is spreading even to police agencies now returning from deployment to the reservation. Two departments have already refused to return, citing personal and public objections. As if that wasn’t enough, an army of sympathizers is re-purposing social media to combat police efforts in Standing Rock.

    Minnesota’s Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department is among that group. Lawmakers, according to MPR News, found police activities in Standing Rock “inappropriate”. It’s to the point where they’re considering rewriting legislation to avoid future deployments to incidents like the pipeline resistance.

    Police officials, of course, declined to comment on their return from North Dakota or their feelings on what’s happening there. It’s also made the task of rebuilding trust with the community an even loftier uphill battle. “I do not support Sheriff Stanek’s decision to send his deputies to North Dakota”, says LT. Governor Tina Smith, “nor did we approve his decision to begin with. I do not have any control over the Sheriff’s actions, which I think were wrong, and I believe he should bring his deputies home if he hasn’t already.”

    Smith’s comments split the state’s government, however, and she was targeted. Minnesota State Rep. Tony Cornish condemned Smith for prioritizing “the rights of protesters over the needs of law enforcement”, saying she should apologize to the cops.

    Sheriffs from Wisconsin’s Dane County were more empathetic, pulling out and refusing to return. According to the Bismarck Tribune, Sheriff Dave Mahoney made the decision after a “wide cross-section of the community” decried the deployment. “All share the opinion that our deputies should not be involved in this situation”, says Mahoney. Dane County’s deputies were deployed to Standing Rock for around a week. Sources report Dane County wasn’t involved in recent arrests, a string of which scooped up an alderwoman from Madison Wisconsin.

    Ald. Rebecca Kemble traveled to North Dakota as a “legal observer”, filming and participating in prayer ceremonies. When Morton County officers–if they cans till be called that–grabbed and arrested her for engaging in a riot. According to Kemble, no riot was happening. Other Wisconsin departments have been recalled, with at least one staying behind for a more couple weeks.

    Many other citizens have been charged for trespassing and participating in non-existent riots, including journalists. One of the most renowned reporters who’s faced DAPL (Dakota Access Pipeline)-related charges was Amy Goodman of Democracy Now. Goodman’s team filmed dog attacks by DAPL contractors who lacked proper K9 licenses. The contractors have also been accused of unethical surveillance, intimidation, and sabotaging the movement by attempting to make authorities believe the protesters have finally turned violent.

    Other journalists, including documentarian Deia Schlosberg, face decades in prison for filming climate activists at a separate oil project. Journalists from the independent outlet Unicorn Riot, who recently reported use of a sound cannon on water protectors, have also been arrested.

    Thousands of opponents to the pipeline have flooded Standing Rock to repel construction and police brutality. More still have taken to the internet, spreading information in the form of writing, video, photography, and art. Among the renegade tactics is using Facebook to “check-in” at Standing Rock. According the Guardian, over a million people–even people I know–have joined the action.

    It began with a Facebook post, disclosing that Morton County sheriffs are allegedly using Facebook check-ins to track protesters. “Checking in”–whether you’re at a friend’s, restaurant, or escalating resistance–pinpoints your location to a tee. Once you check in, a notification is sent out to, yes, your friends, but theoretically anyone who’s capable of watching. It’s yet another tool in the bag of tricks authorities have deployed against civilians, and are likely utilizing in Standing Rock.

    Some detractors have dismissed the social media action as a waste of time. An editor at The Fifth Column challenged these in a Facebook post, narrating a debate on the subject he’d had. Editor Justin King pointed out that even if the check-in’s wasted two minutes of time, multiplied by hundreds of thousands, that equates to two months of wasted police work. Now imagine how ineffective the surveillance may be with millions continuously checking.

    Morton County Sheriff’s, Guardian reports, called claims of police surveillance misguided “rumors”. Morton County, by their own account, isn’t “monitoring Facebook check-ins for the protest camp or any location for that matter.” Before you trust them, consider that Facebook access for water protectors was reported as “blocked’ during a military-style raid on a camp.


    Data Collection Nationwide

    Other police departments are similarly sketchy when pressured to speak on their surveillance technologies. Wisconsin’s Milwaukee PD hid the use of cell site simulators, or Stingrays, from courts for months. Stingrays mimic cellphone towers, thus tricking phones into providing all manner of user information and data

    Nearby, the Wauwatosa Police Department, despite having admitting to “collecting and analyzing cell phone data” in its public reports, denied ever even coming close to a Stingray. It took the department 5 weeks to respond to that open records request, which is considered unusually long. It remains unknown how Wauwatosa PD, which has been blasted for lack of transparency before, collects cell phone data.


    The Hand’s Fingers In Open Rebellion

    In addition to the general retreat of departments, two officers have already turned in their badges in support of the protesters. North Dakota water protector Redhawk, MintPress reports, disclosed the revelation. The individual also pointed out “you can see it in some of them, that they do not support the police actions.” “Some are waking up”, they continued, “we must keep reminding them that they are welcome to put down their weapons and badge and take a stand against the pipeline as well.” Hints of shame could be seen in the faces of officers who confronted protesters as they blocked them from prayer grounds. As the protesters condemned officers, some of whom looked down or off to the horizon in shame.

    The modern era of internet and technology gifts us with a plethora of ways to express ourselves, and help one another. Standing Rock is quickly becoming a stand out of that fact. Citizens, journalists, and activists are all using the internet to achieve their own goals. Whether that be spreading information being blocked, tracking police movements, sending food and rations or just voicing opinions. Standing Rock’s resistance is spreading globally, with protests occurring in Europe and elsewhere. As long as construction doesn’t stop, the movement won’t rest.

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    • tommybruner01@gmail.com

      So they are arresting people for filming and reporting what is going on. We have officially become the Soviet Union.

    • bigmaple4

      –so they are not refusing duty, it was already planned. This article, unfortunately, is inaccurate.
      from the cited

      Bismark newspaper article:

      Lori Getter, spokeswoman for Wisconsin
      Emergency Management, said many of the officers were returning after one
      week on assignment.

      one-week deployment “was the schedule we agreed to, and Dane County had
      agreed to, Sunday to Sunday,” she said. The Wisconsin State Patrol,
      which sent 17 people, was also ending deployment Sunday and returning
      Saturday, said Patricia Mayers, DOT spokesperson. Likewise, Rock
      County’s five officers, and two of four sent from St. Croix County. The
      four from Marathon County are there for two weeks, Getter said.

    • Angela Marie Hatch


      honor the treaties< first nations are abused< violated AND discriminated against way too long,

      FUKISHIMA HAS DESTROYED THE PACIIFC and we want to protect the mississippi, and the last of pure water for a 1/3 of the united states


    • KWB

      I believe that if North Dakota wants to continue their stand on this issue, they should use their North Dakota National Guard instead of involving the Sheriff’s Offices of other states. This is a North Dakota issue that is wrongfully pitting their law enforcement personnel against American Indians and many, many other Americans coming to their support. Now they want to drag the law enforcement personnel of other American states into this issue, and bring hate and discontent against and toward all law enforcement personnel at a time in our history, we do not need that anger and hate toward our law enforcement personnel. Even the law enforcement personnel being dispatched to this assignment are questioning what they are doing there. This is absolutely wrong to get these out of state law enforcement personnel involved. Each and every Sheriff from every state outside of North Dakota should do the right thing on this issue, and tell the officials in North Dakota they need to handle this issue themselves; they have their own National Guard and their own State Police and Sheriff’s Offices and these oil companies have their own private security companies. But keep the out of state police out of this, especially when the out of state police believe what they are being asked to do is wrong.

      • tommybruner01@gmail.com

        They can’t very well call out the National Guard because they are part of the Army, and the Army is now on the side of the protestors. Their Corp Of Engineers says it error-ed in surveying the land without the input of tribal elders who know where the burial sites are. They want all construction halted until they can resurvey the land. The pipeline company is now in court fighting the U.S. Army, trying to keep them from conducting a new survey.

    • H. M.

      Welcome to ’84! Wells couldn’t have been more prophetic!

      • Mitchell Brown

        Wells? 84?

        • H. M.

          My bad! Orsen Welles’ 1984 novel.

          • FlumoxedOne

            That author would be George Orwell.

            • H. M.

              Duly corrected!

    • Cliff Means

      I don’t understand why this is a police matter anyway…

    • Just Straight Shooting

      They should call in the national guard and lock them all up, finish the pipeline and then release them. Upon releasing them, fine them twice what they have cost that company and America, then reimburse the company from the fine money. I’m sure a 10 or 20 million dollar fine would make them think twice before acting the fool again!

      • L Mullen

        I seriously wonder where people like you come from??? How is it possible for you to side against people who are trying to prevent their water source from becoming toxic sludge; once it’s contaminated it’s too late! Then what? Build them a new river? Truck it in? Run a new pipeline from the Great Lakes? SERIOUSLY! WHAT is your solution because it is impossible even for experts say there will never be a breach in the pipeline; in fact it is the opposite. It is only a matter of time. What is your solution then old wise one?

        • Just Straight Shooting

          If you believe that bull crap about their water source becoming a toxic sludge then you are too stupid to reason with. That pipeline is safe and the idiots are just protesting to show their ignorance and draw attention to themselves in a bid to play the “victim card” to the max so they can get bigger handouts.

      • EVERYONE is born an atheist

        What a facist dolt. Do yourself a favor; turn of FOX News and read the US Constitution.

        • Just Straight Shooting

          You are so proud of your rebellion against God that you have the word atheist in your screen name. Pretty sick, and satanic. That explains your defense of these foolish people, because you see it as a way to sow discord and confusion, just like your father satan.

          Get thee behind me satan you offend me, and the Lord rebukes you.

          • Josh Wheeler

            You need to look up the words you have typed, before you type them again. Atheism and Satanism are not synonymous. You seem to be having some sort of difficulty with English. I’m going to go with you being one of the Russian trolls that have been discovered and let this fly, as you are either not an English speaker, or you are an idiot and need some sleep.

            • Just Straight Shooting

              You are wrong, atheism is part and parcel of satanism. For it is satan who leads mankind to deny Jesus Christ, which is explicitly the realm of atheism. The two can not be separated no matter how much you try make a distinction, there is none.

          • Mitchell Brown

            2 Corinthians 11:13-15 ESV

            “For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds.”

            Matthew 7:21-23 ESV

            “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’”

            (as a believer, shooter, you should be terrified for your immortal soul)

            • Just Straight Shooting

              You *think* you are directing that at me, but the reality is, you are speaking of yourself, as what you quoted pertains to YOU!

          • EVERYONE is born an atheist

            “You are so proud of your rebellion against God that you have the word
            atheist in your screen name.”

            god would have to exist for me to actually rebel against it. Oh, and nice try at trying to draw attention away from your ridiculous original post. Better luck next time.

      • H. M.

        What are you?

        • Just Straight Shooting

          I’m certainly not a useful idiot of the left like you!

          • Rasa

            But you are a useful idiot.

          • Mitchell Brown

            True. You’re not useful.

        • Xanthe X

          A tool of the oil companies. They have an on-line presence just like CTR. Straight Shooting is probably not as ignorant as he seems. Just greedy and amoral.

          • H. M.

            Can you beleive that crap?

      • Dead but not done

        thank God you are not in charge your ignorance is profound. A corporation is running over civil rights legal rights and commandeering civil police forces as their own tool of oppression and your hope is a Saddam Hussein mass arrest of people who are suffering from 500 years of oppression currently in the form of physical violence loss of land and threat to future generations water – a basic life necessity. How is it that tough talkers like you push for policies found is regimes and dictatorships yet you always throw out to anyone in earshot that you are a ‘true patriot”?

        • Just Straight Shooting

          You are a true idiot! 500 years of oppression my @zz, Your willingness to fantastically exaggerated and extrapolate facts into lies removes all credibility that you thought you had. In other words you have zero credibility so go crawl back into the festering communist cesspool from whence you slithered. You are nothing more than a tool, a tool of the communists that are using you and those like you to wipe the crap from their @zz like course toilet paper to be flushed down the commode when they are finished with you.

          • Mitchell Brown

            Your parents failed. Failed miserably.

          • Dead but not done

            articulate response, did you use crayons all the way to 12th grade or just stop at grade five?

      • Mac

        I spoke to god yesterday, and he told me you should walk towards the light asap.

      • Peggy Brucker

        The answer is yes, you should have a pipeline through your town starting with your yard. Then we will drain your water source.

      • ashleyroachclip1

        hey troll go crawl under your bridge over the sewer you gaurd

        • Just Straight Shooting

          Why on earth would I want to visit you in your home the sewer? You’re too filthy and stinky, I’d never stop puking from the stench of the cesspool you live in.

    • Guss24

      DAPL and Energy Transfer partners are violating laws—NEPA and NAGPRA and the Morton County police are assisting the criminal party here

    • Daesai Sereiphiel

      Rep. Tony Cornish needs to get voted out of office. His filthy mouth is spreading ignorance because it’s already known that the *water protectors* (not protesters) are being peaceful AND are legally in the right.

    • Sidney Dvorak

      TESTIMONY!!!!!! “They (Stutsman Co. Sheriff) were laughing. One of them
      said something like ‘That was a beautiful shot.’ “They shot her (Sophia
      Wilansky) with a rubber bullet and she fell. She was trying to get up
      and run back and that’s when they threw that grenade at her. Big old
      wound. All open. As big as a hand.”

      Willis said he saw men get out of a giant armored vehicle labeled Stutsman County (N.D.). “They were laughing. One of them said something like ‘That was a beautiful shot.’

      “We couldn’t believe it was the police saying it. They didn’t act like
      professionals at all. They acted like were in a different country and
      they were in a war.


      • Daayiee Abdullah

        Sidney, they are at war…these are the mentally ill ex-military, trained to kill, who have filled the ranks of police departments nationwide. That’s why they rejoiced in maiming another human being.

    • thomas

      Usually I can see the officers points of view. This isn’t one of those case’s. the governor was right to demoralize the sheriffs department in what they have done. If this bullshit keeps up though, people will start dying, and I wont shed any tears for any of the Officers killed in this stand-off, for they are acting like the dirty cops we as Americans have come to hate.

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    • Ropata Turner

      Not by the few, should the world be steered ,but by the masses.

    • Lineise Wyatt

      MintPress… Good article however it’s very hard to read. I would imagine it’s easier to read from a PC but on a phone the text does not wrap. If I have difficulty reading it then I hesitate to share it. Hope you can fix it.

    • GALT

      When common “law and equity” was discarded you lost the
      “constitution” and as archaic as that document is, you lost

      Nothing that is happening today or since 1939 would be
      possible if “law and equity”, which IS both the “constitution”
      and the “bills of rights” were in force….and anyone who has
      actually read the “constitution” should have all kinds of
      “questions” regarding many aspects of it…..which seem to
      matter “not at all” to our present government.

      The problem seems to be that the perpetrator of this little
      scheme was none other that the de facto “dictator”, FDR;
      who made the “states” two letter federal districts like MA,
      DE, PA, TX etc and which resulted in you being, also being
      transformed into a “federal entity”….from John Doe, to
      JOHN DOE complete with your number “not to be used
      for purposes of identification”. Any I.D. you have will
      demonstrate this is true, as well as all legal documents
      you receive, tax forms, court documents, etc.

      Of course, the “states” had to be fully brought into compliance,
      which was done by constructing the Uniform Commercial Code,
      and then between 1939 and 1964, having all the states adopt it
      which all of them did, verbatim except for Louisiana, which only
      adopted the important parts. Today all children are assigned
      SS# before they exit the hospital, and failing to do so, denies
      you to declare them as deductions on various tax returns or
      apply for “benefits” should they be needed.

      All of this took place during the period known as the “american
      delusion” which followed the “victory” of WWII and was essentially
      over, in real terms, before it started.

      Having destroyed the “competition”, US percentage of world production
      peaked in 1950 and has been in decline ever since. Meanwhile, the
      US went from the largest creditor nation, to a debtor nation in 1972,
      and became the largest debtor nation in 1986.

      The “oligarchs” who had been somewhat discomforted by the “new deal”
      and were forced to disperse their fortunes amongst their heirs, came
      back with a vengeance, with the “oil interests” recovering quicker, by
      means of the “oil depletion allowance”. Oil interests and government
      policy regarding it, allowed the US to force the “dollar” upon
      the rest of the world as its reserve currency…….although this
      status has been under threat for some time and maybe be the
      singular reason for our continual involvement in the middle east,
      even though we could essentially walk away from all of it, since
      it is easily replaced and must be due to the impending threat
      and worsening conditions due to climate change.

      Despite the mythology that is US History, and the fact that the
      constitution was written to avoid “democracy” at all costs and protect
      the interests of the white male property owning class….the unintended
      consequences of the bill of rights and its “protections” which has now
      been extended to “all citizens”……by the 13th, 14th, 17th and 19th
      amendments, made discarding “law and equity” mandatory for
      the “elites”…..and while FDR acknowledged “unions”, he did nothing to
      support them…..and Truman went right back to strike breaking
      after WWII. The Democrats abandoned them in 1972….so except for
      the “delusional period”, history has always been a battle by the “elite
      financial interests” for the control and exploitation of everyone else.

      The “effect of the delusion” was to lull the population into a state of
      complacency, since for “most” things had improved……at least for
      the eurocentric elements, but this was to change in the 60’s when
      the excluded minorities began to demand their place in the
      “delusion”……but having discarded the “constitution”, the fascist
      elements could and have applied “force” as and where necessary to
      suppress these inconvenient uprisings. As “humans” are easily
      divided, this is NOT and has NEVER BEEN difficult.

      To be continued…..Applied Knowledge is POWER, part 2

      Feel feel free to repost this, especially on “faux progressive” sites
      but where ever the “constitution” and american mythology rules.

    • America needs many thousands more who will refuse their orders!

      Jan 29, 2015 Mark Passio – Order Followers

      Mark Passio explains how Following Orders means doing what you are told to do, without judging for yourself whether or not the action you are being ordered to carry out is Right or Wrong.


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