Pentagon Mulls Large Ground Troop Deployment To Syria

The move would significantly alter US military operations in Syria if approved and could put troops on the ground within weeks.
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    (REPORT) — With President Trump seeking his Pentagon recommendations by the end of the month, officials are reportedly seriously considering a proposal which would see a large deployment of US combat troops into Syria to fight against ISIS forces.

    Officials note that any such proposal would still be dependent on President Trump signing off on it, though it does appear in keeping with his interest to escalate the fight against ISIS, and is also in keeping with comments by Defense Secretary James Mattis, who is said to be handling the recommendation process, who had talked of an “accelerated” ground campaign in Syria.

    With US officials also discussing a cooperative effort with Turkey in fighting ISIS in Raqqa, a large US deployment would probably be an obvious next step, as Turkey has repeatedly ruled out working with the Kurdish troops the small US contingent in Syria is currently embedded within.

    It is unclear how large of a force they are envisioning for this recommendation at this point, but any deployment is likely to risk increased tensions with Syria, and by extension Russia, if it comes without some direct coordination with those two nations. Syria has long objected to unilateral US deployments as a threat to their sovereignty, but has tentatively welcomed them as a partner against ISIS in a cooperative manner.

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    • MountainMan23

      Really? US actually plans to fight the ISIS it created? Or would this just be a backdoor to regime change in Syria?

    • Robo Rubio

      Bush Jr. sent troops into Iraq, but when Sudanese Christians were being slaughtered in Darfur, Sudan and after that throughout Sudan during the time he was in office, Bush Jr. sent no troops there to stop the slaughter there even though pastors across the U.S. begged him to do this.

      Bill Clinton waged war against the Serbs when slaughter was being committed by Slobodan Milosevic, but he didn’t wage war to stop the genocide in Rwanda, Africa.

      Boko Haram and ISIS both terrorize areas rich in oil,, each has recognized the others Caliphate, both rape, pillage, murder and crucify people and cut off heads, but the U.S. would send in troops to stop the carnage in Syria but not send in troops into Africa to stop Boko Haram.

      See what U.S. military policy is?

    • Bill Manus

      The US wants to use Syria as a stepping stone for it’s real target,Iran

    • tapatio

      IF it were the intention of Washington to eliminate the terrorist organizations in Syria, the ONLY logical move would be to GET OUT of SYRIA and let President Assad and Russia eradicate these vermin.

      But, those terrorists are in the employ of Washington and they have failed. Washington wants to go into Syria and eliminate the LEGITIMATE government of what was the most liberal, secular and civilized country in the Middle East……before the Axis of Evil (Israel/US/Saudi Arabia) attacked with their mercenary ISIS, Al Qaeda and other Sunni animals.