Obama: Assad Protected Christians In Syria

Obama met with the delegation in the White House for 35 minutes, during which the patriarchs presented a paper in which they exposed the situation of Christians in the Middle East and the threats and challenges they are facing, due in part to the expansion of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militant group.
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    Bashar Assad

    In this photo taken on Sunday, April 20, 2014, and released on the official Facebook page of the Syrian Presidency, Syrian President Bashar Assad, right, checks a damaged church during his visit to the Christian village of Maaloula, near Damascus, Syria. (Photo: Syrian Presidency via Facebook)



    US President Barack Obama surprised his visitors, the delegation of Eastern Christians patriarchs, on Thursday when he told them that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad “protected the Christians in Syria.”

    Obama met with the delegation in the White House for 35 minutes, during which the patriarchs presented a paper in which they exposed the situation of Christians in the Middle East and the threats and challenges they are facing, due in part to the expansion of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militant group.

    Sources told Al-Akhbar that the highlight of the meeting was when Obama said the following phrase: “We know that President Bashar al-Assad protected Christians in Syria.”

    Obama then used the term “the Syrian government” instead of “regime,” which is usually used by the US to describe the government in Syria.

    The confused attendees could not believe what they heard. However, one of the guests addressed Obama and said: “Then you should stop talking about a moderate Syrian opposition.”

    Obama spoke about the planned US airstrikes in Syria, claiming that they will help “facilitate the (Syrian) political process.”

    The US president then reiterated his country’s “support for the Lebanese army,” explaining that the “weaponry the US gave to the Lebanese army is the best response to ISIS in Lebanon.”

    Meanwhile, Republican Texas senator Ted Cruz was booed off stage Wednesday night in Washington when he defended Israel at a gala sponsored by In Defense of Christians, a group whose objective is to focus public attention on the plight of persecuted Middle East Christian groups.

    “Christians have no greater ally than Israel,” Cruz said, drawing a sharp response from the audience who started booing.

    “Those who hate Israel hate America. Those who hate Jews hate Christians,” he continued. At that point, the booing got louder.

    “If you will not stand with Israel and the Jews, then I will not stand with you. Thank you and God bless you,” Cruz said before walking off stage.

    Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Bechara Rai asked the attendees “not to to respond to Cruz and to focus on the conference and its objectives instead of individual statements.”

    The Patriarch of Antioch and All the East and the spiritual leader of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, Gregory III Lahham, and Lebanon’s ambassador to Washington Antoine Shadid both withdrew from the dinner after Cruz attacked Hezbollah.

    Lahham also refused to participate in a session about the situation of Christians in the Middle East because of its dubious objectives and problematic speakers.

    Lahham found out that US state representative Chris Smith, who was scheduled to give a speech in the session, was planning on condemning Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, something that Lahham regarded as a departure from the conference’s objectives.

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      • bob

        Saudi Arabia and Qatar have driven and funded the war in Syria, they brought in Sunni mercenaries from Saudi/Libya/Chad/Chechnya/Tunis/Morocco etc., and armed them with weapons, initially from Libya, but since with more serious weapons like recoilless field artillery and anti tank weapons from places such as Croatia via Turkish distribution routes. They have funded the violence and are wanting to see the Shia and Christians destroyed in Syria, which the Sunni mercenary outsiders do with a hideous violence that comes from being not part of the Syrian society. The Saudi’s are aiming to gain control with a proxy Sunni government as they want north Syria as a oil pipeline route that would allow them direct access to Europe with a willing Turkish partner, who also want a chunk of north Syria. The Saudis, Qataris and Turkish leaders should all face facilitating and responsibility for mass ethnic murder charges in the Hague and be tried, but it will never happen, as USA supports all these corrupt and violently repressive regimes.

      • pauljanet

        the Jesus mentioned by Islam who will convert all people to Islam is not the Jewish Jesus born by virgin Mary we the follower of Joshua know. he is called Bar Jesus in Arabic elymas meaning “wise”. this man of God has nothing to do with Islam at all.

        • Snobby Bear




          The unedited full-text of the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia

          SCHWARZ, JOSEPH:

          Palestinian geographer; born at Flosz, Bavaria, Oct. 22, 1804; died at Jerusalem Feb. 5, 1865. When he was seventeen years old he graduated as teacher from the Königliches Schullehrerseminar of Colberg, after which he joined his brother Israel at the University of Würzburg, where for five years he devoted
          himself to the history and geography of the Holy Land, and published a map of Palestine (1829; republished at Vienna, 1831, and Triest, 1832). It was his ardent desire, however, to study in Palestine
          itself the physical history and geography of the Holy Land, where his knowledge of Talmudic sources and early Jewish writers would be of more service. Accordingly he decided to settle in Jerusalem, whither he went in 1833. Schwarz then began a series of journeys and explorations in various parts of Palestine,
          to which he devoted about fifteen years.

          The results of his investigations and researches into the history, geography, geology, fauna, and flora of that country have placed him in the front rank of Palestinian explorers and geographers. HE IS THE GREATEST JEWISH AUTHORITY ON PALESTINIAN MATTERS SINCE ESTORI FARHI (1282-1357), the author of “Kaftor wa-Feraḥ.”

          (Be sure to Google this article:


          614-1096 C.E.

          From the Accession of the Mahomedans to that of the Europeans.

          By Rabbi Joseph Schwarz, 1850

          Rabbi Shallum, son of the then Resh Gelutha, in Babel, aka Abu Bachr al Chaliva al Zadik. Abu Bakr, became the first Caliph, and was in fact son of the then Resh Gelutha, in Babel, who perceiving a
          dreadful predicament, sent Rabbi Shallum to Mahomed, and told him to offer his submission, friendship, and services, and endeavour to enter with him into a friendly compact. Mahomed accepted Rabbi Shallum’s proposition with pleasure, conceived a great affection for him, and took his daughter, Aisha, a handsome young child, for wife; he made him also a general in his army, and gave him the name of Abu Bachr al Chaliva al Zadik, literally:

          The father of the maiden, the descendant of the righteous; this means, that of all his wives, who were either widows or divorced women, this one was the only one who had never been married before,
          and then she was the granddaughter of the celebrated chief of the captivity; therefore, the descendant of the righteous. This occurrence induced Mahomed to give up his terrible intention to destroy the Jews in his country, and thus did Rabbi Shallum save his people.

          Arabian Jews created Islam so as to build an army which would destroy the Persian and Roman (Byzantium) Empires!

        • Draco

          Islam is MOhamed’s hosebag!..That’s why he couldn’t get the Jesus part right

      • shivnaryan

        The world now knows that these fanatics have to be ruled by A dictator only then these islamic fanatics can be controlled Mubarak kadafi saddam husseins are needed to rule these countries instead of being close to these dictators the western leaders took them out and invaded and left them to mind themselves which was a grave mistake.Now terror groups are spring like mushrooms now they want to take the syrian president Azad is also going to be a very bad mistake these leaders keep these fanatics at bay

        Even the moderate muslims feel these fanatic terror groups in all islamic countries are disturbing their daily life

        • Snobby Bear


          • Geri Ungurean

            You are totally clueless.

        • Geri Ungurean

          It was no mistake. The Obama regime wanted all secular governments OUT so that their good buddies, the Muslim Brotherhood could take power. That failed miserably in Egypt for Mohamed Morsi (Obama’s bud) and he sits in an Egyptian jail since 2013.

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      • northernkorea

        This current HOMOSEXUAL U.S. ADMINISTRATION is supposed to protect Christians? Dream on. Enjoy the demons in the White House……. they are a very BLOODY bunch. But I guess that’s the devil’s favourite kind of fruit punch. Just look at their behaviour overseas: Killing leaders of sovereign nations, stealing other nations’ sovereign wealth funds, bombing out the infrastructure of other nations, and indicting their injured leaders via the ICC.

        • Snobby Bear

          There are satans, but there is NO Satan!
          In Matthew 16:23, Prophet Jesus tells his apostle Peter,

          “Get behind me satan. You are a stumbling block to me, for you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men.”

          A satan is an adversary – one who is against you.

          To see where evil comes from, read Jeremiah 17:9 and James 1:12-27!

          The HEART/MIND of man is the SEWER OF EVIL.

      • benvad

        Vive Assad! Il est avec les Chrétiens

      • Kenath Cotton

        this is a fake made up article no such meeting ever happened its just bullshit to bash Obama image

        • bob

          Hahaha, keep believing what you need to, so you can maintain faith in your Obama godhead. The rest of us will accept reality. LOL

        • Im not with bob by the way, he’s wacked out. I agree with you that this article is fake. But I dont see how this article bashes Obama, it makes him look reasonable and makes republicans like Cruz look like maniacs. I don’t believe Obama would say such a thing, when he’s asking Assad to step down again. He gave Iran another year of sanctions just now, which proves the whole incident with the 47 republicans and the white house petition is just a show. Obama would never bring those 47 Republicans to court. He would probably give them medals like he has been since he got into office.

          Anyways the article paints Obama as a peaceful reasonable man, which he is not. He’s drone bombed 13 countries since he got to office – mostly African countries.

        • Snobby Bear

          Syria has ALWAYS protected its Christians!
          Jews have ALWAYS hated Prophet Jesus and his followers!

          “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”

          — Menachem Begin (Israeli Prime Minister, 1977-1983. Nobel Prize Winner for.Peace!)


          p© Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2013 DOI:

          Medieval Encounters 19 (2013) 493-533 brill.com/me


          Jewish, Christian and Muslim Culture

          Encounters in Confluence and Dialogue


          Ruth Mazo Karras*

          Department of History, University of Minnesota, 1110 Heller Hall,

          271 19th Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55455, USA

          *E-mail: rmk@umn.edu


          Thomas Ebendorfer’s fifteenth-century Latin translation of a Hebrew Toledot Yeshu text is the earliest extant Latin version to include a full narrative from the birth of Jesus to the events following the crucifixion, and predates existing Hebrew versions. After reviewing the place of Ebendorfer’s work in the
          textual tradition of the Toledot, the article examines carefully the work’s account of the aerial battle between Jesus and Judas, in comparison to other versions.

          Ebendorfer includes the detail of sexual intercourse between the two, which is absent in many later versions. In the context of a discussion of Christian and Jewish attitudes toward male–male sexual activity in the Middle Ages, the article concludes that while this detail was in Ebendorfer’s exemplar, he could
          have elaborated on it in a way that indicates this was a particularly Christian concern.


          Toledot Yeshu, Thomas Ebendorfer, textual transmission, homosexuality, sodomy, Jesus,

          Raymond Martini, University of Vienna, Christian anti-Judaism, Christian Hebraism


          Jews had a variety of negative things to say about Jesus in the Middle Ages; Christians were aware of this, and blasphemy could be a pretext for persecution.

          Often the nature of the blasphemy was not recorded, either because to repeat it would have been shocking in itself or because it was more effective simply to hint darkly at the horrible things that were said.

          In the first half of the fifteenth century, however, comes the first documentation of a narrative element that appears in later Hebrew sources, that Jesus was raped by Judas Iscariot.

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        in the moslem book the Koran it is written death to the infidels why would Obama give arms to so call moderate rebels that believe the Koran and have them go against some one who protects Christians make you wander if obama is the great antichrist the devil in disguise

        • Marc Mather

          Gorden Rogers please don’t use the internet, ever. Please.

          • GORDEN ROGERS

            And why would you say that

            Subject: Re: Comment on Obama: Assad Protected Christians In Syria

      • Phillip

        Iran going to kill us all and Russia

      • Phillip

        Read the real book and you will find out what’s going on the end

        • Snobby Bear


      • Rehmat

        United States has been an Israeli colony for a long time. The Israelis had realized long ago that it’s cheaper to buy the entire US political system than buy a good tank.


      • Theresa

        Assad protected the Christians, but what is the U.S doing?

      • George F

        When does or did Israel stand up for the Christians?

      • White

        Canada is 64% Racist and 36% Diverse.
        Australia is 69% Racist and 31% Diverse.
        Europe is 82% Racist and 18% Diverse.
        The U.S. is 62% Racist and 38% Diverse.

        END RACISM NOW!!!

        – Anti-racist logic

        “Diversity” means chasing down the last white person.
        It’s White Genocide.
        “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

        • Jacob Eagleshield

          what you wrote is a pant load and Ted Cruz,the Canadian Texas carpetbagger,son of a Facist is a nut job

          • adplatt126

            The second part of what you wrote is absolutely true.

      • Don Davenport

        To a Muslim that is not a good thing…

      • Ben-Art Likoch

        “Those who hate Israel hate America. Those who hate Jews hate Christians,” he continued. At that point, the booing got louder”


        “Those who hate Jews hate Christians”
        Jews killed Christ and don’t even believe in Jesus…what is Ted smoking. Why not going run for president in Israel.

        • Jacob Eagleshield

          Christians do not want to see Israel destroyed by the Arabs. That would disrupt their half baked prophecy of that should be left up to us Christians to do. Convert them or kill them. And we can’t let anyone but Christians do that.

          • Snobby Bear


      • Joseph Kubica

        Not to worry!
        If Obama has his way about getting more funding, arms and training for his beloved “Moderate Opposition” Savage Islamic Terrorist Invaders – the Christians will be slaughtered to the last man, woman and child.
        Then Obama can have a Marker remembering them – placed on the White House Lawn.

      • sstan

        U.S. foreign Policy: Create a PROBLEM (arm rebels), Incite a REATION (beheadings, propaganda) Propose a SOLUTION (military, loss of liberty at home). Like Hitler burning the Chancellor.

      • Kay

        The Syrian army and Hezbollah protect and respect Christian of Lebanon and Syria who are being threatened by NATO, Sunni Arab monarchies, and Israel’s mercenaries to change the geo-politics of the region. I plead to my fellow Americans to wake up and not buy into the lies of the controlled mainstream media and our unpatriotic officials.

      • Kay

        We created ISIS to oust the legitimate government in Syria. Syria is an independent state that does not bow to any western power unlike their Sunni Arab monarchy counterparts. Syria, under the Syrian government, has made the country independent of the Rothschild banking system and a vehement supporter of Palestinian rights. They are the ONLY Arab nation to grant Palestinians full-rights and citizenship. The oppose the Zionist and apartheid state of Israel. Also, Syria signed a billion dollar Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline that will open the gate to a trillion dollar market in Europe. Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Israel all have their own pipeline dreams yet Syria is in the way of that. But the most important thing why the West, Sunni Arab monarchies, and Israel want Syria out of the way is their alliance with Iran. Iran is the regional superpower and has a Shi’a crescent stretching from North Afghanistan to Lebanon. They want to break that to weaken Iran and Hezbollah. Wake up, people! The whole ‘war on terrorism’ is a sham. Our government created ISIS as a boogeyman to finally invade Syria’s sovereignty to prop up the rebels (aka terrorists) to oust Assad. From Al Qaeda to Taliban, we created them to spread our hegemony across the region.

        • Snobby Bear

          RIGHT ON, KAY!

      • Rick Tisch

        al Assad protected the Christians in Syria? No wonder the US Government hates him so much.

      • ΔΙΟΝΥΣΗΣ Α

        The emetic criminals of the White House were supporting the rebels that were killing the Christians; the rebels were supported by the criminals of the White House, and now loathsome Obama wants to attack the rebels he created, supporting the Assad’s apposite party. I hope that Putin shots all planes bombing Syria; it is about time someone puts an end to the WH criminals. The criminals who destroyed Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia, Cyprus, etc in an effort to support Corporate America. $4 trillions got lost (stolen) in 2008, the taxpayers picked up the bill, but no banker went to jail. This is the new hermaphrodite democracy of the idiot from Kenya.

      • Lwaisvisz

        Is this an “Onion” parody?

      • Tolan

        He is right. The problem is that himself, Holland and Cameron were sponsoring and arming jihadists helping them, in fact, to eliminate Christians from Midle East, May be, finally, he understood something

      • teddy martin

        Assad is protecting Christians a lot better than Obama is.

        • Mario Benetti

          Very true and thankfully there is someone else protecting Christians, President Putin of Russia. Those are the two leaders that Obanana is attacking constantly. The plan is to murder as many Christians as possible. Always has been.

      • Richard Hellstrom

        The Quran speaks well[citation needed] of the relationship it has with former books (the Torah and the Gospels) and attributes their similarities to their unique origin and saying all of them have been revealed by the one God.[123]

        According to Sahih al-Bukhari, the Quran was recited among Levantines and Iraqis, and discussed by Christians and Jews, before it was standardized.[124] Its language was similar to the Syriac language.[citation needed] The Quran recounts stories of many of the people and events recounted in Jewish and Christian sacred books (Tanakh, Bible) and devotional literature (Apocrypha, Midrash), although it differs in many details. Adam, Enoch, Noah, Eber, Shelah, Abraham, Lot, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Job, Jethro, David, Solomon, Elijah, Elisha, Jonah, Aaron, Moses, Zechariah, John the Baptist and Jesus are mentioned in the Quran as prophets of God (see Prophets of Islam). In fact, Moses is mentioned more in the Quran than any other individual.[125] Jesus is mentioned more often in the Quran than Muhammad, while Mary is mentioned in the Quran more than the New Testament.[126] Muslims believe the common elements or resemblances between the Bible and other Jewish and Christian writings and Islamic dispensations is due to their common divine source,[citation needed] and that the original Christian or Jewish texts were authentic divine revelations given to prophets. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quran

      • BobC

        Shouldn’t USA rather arm Assad who really fights ISIS rather then “moderate” rebels who work as a fence for ISIS

      • PatriotUSA

        Ironically the “FSA” that the USA supports, is fighting for a non-secular ruling government so only Islam will be allowed in Syria if they overthrow Assad.

      • John Robin

        Cruz is such an idiot with his miniscule knowledge of the middle east. He only knows what the racist right wing radio shows promogate and promote on their radio stations. You’ld think this Cuban immigrant was in the pocket of the Jewish Special interest.

        • Carter P Markham

          What a hypocrite. You’d call others racist, and then spew your anti semitism. amazing, but typical. The tolerance of the intolerant.

          • Snobby Bear

            THINK ABOUT THAT!

        • Snobby Bear


      • So Obama ADMITS he has put USA on the side of those who seek to kill Christians
        …. and directly opposes the leader who “protected Christians” ….

        • CSN

          Not surprising since Obama is a Muslim.

      • Terski

        The reality is simple.

        Assad is a great and fair leader. And has a hot wife.

        The US wants Assad out, because he supports the Palestinians against Israel. It’s all about protecting the fkcing Jews.

        Ted Cruz is a complete idiot. Yes, latinos do have a lesser IQ than the mean, but some are hard working and practical, and this can more than make up. But not Ted Cruz, what comes out of his mouth is total lunacy. And this is coming from a Republican.

        • Carter helped Islamist Khomeni take Iran

          R. Reagan supported Afghanistan Islamist and sent arms to Khomeni.

          Bushes helped Islamist by removing secular leaning Saddam Hussein

          Bush invasions of Afghan/Iraq IN SERVICE TO Islamist.
          Gave Islamist great recruiting and propaganda material. Did nothing to safeguard USA.

          Bush ideologically disarmed USA by exonerating Islam and declaring Islam a “religion of peace”
          Thus Bush treacherously misled USA and in fact all of W.Civilization.

          Clinton helped Islamist by waging war on Serbia and
          also helped Roman Catholic neo-Ustasha hammer Serbs.

          Obama helped Islamist take Egypt, Libya, Tunisia , Ivory Coast and working on Syria and Iraq.
          Obama/Saudi king armed ISIS using “moderate rebel” Islamist groups as conduit.

          Congressional approval of the “fight ISIS/L” charade/smokescreen will greatly increase the flow of USA weapons to Islamist groups in preparation of the coming invasion of Israel predicted by Ezekiel
          38-39, Zechariah 12-14 and Joel 3.

          Obama and Saudi king no doubt also helped Boko Haram of Nigeria.

          • Snobby Bear



            THE NATIONAL SECURITY ACT OF 1947, JULY 26, 1947

            Public Law 253, 80th Congress; Chapter 343, 1st Session; S. 758.

            AN ACT

            To promote the national security by providing for a Secretary of Defense; for a National Military Establishment; for a Department of the Army, a Department of the Navy, and a Department of the Air Force; and for the coordination of the activities of the National Military Establishment with other departments and agencies of the Government concerned with national security.

            Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in
            Congress assembled,

            SHORT TITLE

            That this Act may be cited as the “National Security Act of 1947”.

            The 33 Degree Freemason Shriner also created the CIA.


            • Only Cardinal Spellman did more than JFK did to get USA into the war in Vietnam in support of the RC regime installed by the French.
              ps: JFK was terribly wounded. But is not dead.

      • Carolyn

        Islam is evil whether it’s Sunni or Shiites or other factions of Islam. You can’t negotiate with them because they will stab you in the back every time. Obama wake up, on no just leave office.

        • Obama is very much awake. It is most of America that is asleep. Obama is getting congress to pass funding for weapons that will be [and Obama knows it] put in the hands of Islamist who will soon use them in invasion of Israel.

          • Carolyn

            I agree, but it’s coming it’s just a matter of time before they do.

        • Snobby Bear

          TALMUDIC JUDAISM – ROMANISM – ISLAM are the 3 Abrahamic Cults of Death and come from the SEWER OF BABYLON.

          Abraham is the Father of Child Abuse!


        Great blow to those ObamA says he expects to fight ISIL, yet, Obama regime and MSM do not even mention it !!!

        Following happened about 9 Sep 14: ….

        search engine: Entire leadership of ISIS opposition wiped out

      • The Obama “fight ISIS/L” claim is a FARCE. Charade. Smokescreen. USA being duped.

        Obama is just getting congressional funding to send
        MUCH MORE USA weapons to Islamic fighting groups
        through the already used CONDUIT of the so-called “moderate rebels.”

        Obama intends for [and probably will get] USA to supply weapons for attack on Israel.

      • albert sneij

        Thanks to USA-CIA for the barbaric destruction and massacres in Syria; Some thng that was unheard off in thousands of years. But you will pay the price, at home.

      • Mystery47

        Once AGAIN our government is stepping on their dicks and making wrong decisions in the Middle East. Sooner or later, the truth comes out and we find out that all the TRILLIONS of DOLLARS we spend on our spy and intelligence agencies is wasted money.
        Assad is a Western educated man heading a democratically elected government. The so-called rebels are not even Syrian. They are tens of thousands of Sunni Muslims from surrounding nations trying to overthrow the Shia regime of Assad. This isn’t a political conflict. It is the continuing battle between Sunni and Shia Muslims AND WE PICKED THE WRONG SIDE AS USUAL.
        Now, the truth is slowly starting to come out that Assad is really the good guy and the rebels are just an invading army trying to overthrow him. That point has been made clear by the recent “agreement” between the “moderate” rebels in Syria and ISIS.
        What that agreement will turn out to be is that when America gives all those military supplies to the moderate rebels, the rebels will turn them over to ISIS.

        • yep,

          The Obama “fight ISIS/L” claim is a FARCE. Charade. Smokescreen. USA being duped.

          Obama is just getting congressional funding to send
          MUCH MORE USA weapons to Islamic fighting groups
          through the already used CONDUIT of the so-called “moderate rebels.”

          Obama intends for [and probably will get] USA to supply weapons for attack on Israel.

          • CSN

            You’re absolutely right! If people want to support the Christians, then give to the Christian Groups who are giving supplies and food and water to Christians in the Middle East. Voice of the Martyrs for one, and others. Look them up.

        • Durga

          Yeap, I agree. First of all, the govt. needs a heavy hand to stay in power. US certainly rules with a heavy hand, and so does Israel. In fact, EVERY country over there rules with a heavy hand, and rightfully so. The difference being that a formal govt. is held responsible for their actions one way or another, but a militia can and does whatever it wants with less repercussions. I really didn’t think Assad was that bad, and I did believe him when he said that the Arab Spring was terrorists and not ordinary citizens. Now it is proven to be true. I think Assad and the US should try to repair relations. I think Assad also realizes now that he is not invincible and could benefit greatly from being a US ally. Whatever concessions need to be made, I never really heard a definite defiance from Assad. Rather his official responses to the US’s concerns always seemed to have a reconciliatory tone. Yeah, I get that he is buddy buddy with Iran, but they also do not live in a vacuum and have great foes other than the US, and/ or Israel. Simply stated, the world is changing due to the internet and availability of information. Everyone is equally having to adjust to these unprecedented conditions, and I mean ALL nations and leaders.

        • Donnie Adams

          maybe they wouldn’t be stepping on them if you would massage them and give them a little lip service honey!!!

          • Mystery47

            Wow, Donnie, you really are a pathetic individual. First, you respond to a four month old posting as if anyone is still paying attention. THEN, you respond with a remark indicative of a 12 year old instead of a posting a mature comment that would actually add to the conversation. Go back to your video games and leave the grown-ups alone.

      • ytuque

        The truth finally found its way out of Obama’s mouth?

      • Randy Peel

        AlAkhbar is a iranian mouthpiece of the terrorist anti America anti Israel group hezbollah. Yahoo, you sank to a new low by linking it to your news server.

        • Peter L

          I know you prefer that news be filtered and approved by the neocon gloablists before it hits the web. If you want heavily censored toe-the-line “news” stick with CNN, Fox, NBC, etc.

        • bob

          So what, it is interesting to see a different perspective now and then, we see Al Jazeera on western TV all the time and that is just the Qatari governments effective news agency projecting their propaganda outside the state. Qatar is also by the way a Sunni repressive dictatorship who are longstanding major sponsors of FSA/ISIS who are the same group of people rebadging themselves.

      • Dennis Swanson

        protecting Christians is a good way to enrage folks like Obama and McCain. they are coming to kill you Assad, goodbye

      • Vicious butterfly

        so are you saying that its the christians that are behind assad and that they are the ones propping him up??

        • history will repeat itself

          the Christians in Syria are a small minority they really have no pull. Assad is very good with the Christians and other minorities in Syria. unlike any where in middle east, being a Christian is very very hard, look at Egypt see how they treat the Christians. so why would they go against asad? the uprising is being sponsored by Saudi and Qatar because they are sunni musslim and assad is alwatie offshoot of shia muslim.
          Assads government is the closest to western democracy you can ever get in the middle east. now you want to replace him with a radical. the Christians and other minorities will be wiped out just like Christians in mosul Iraq.

      • donnie littlepage

        Our Government is retarded to not back Assad.

      • Abbad Mohammed

        I wonder how much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ this zion lover is paid by the AIPAC

      • Peter L

        I wonder if that’s at least part of the reason BO, and teh establishment Republicans, want the arm the FSA and why BO refuses to work with Syria, even against ISIS.

        • Yo

          That’s what you get when foreign policy is decide cover a bucket of fried chicken with Susan rice.

      • Frank

        Assad may not be the nicest person in the world, but he is the lesser of the two evils. We have seen who fills the vacuum when we remove heavy handed dictators.

      • james

        What President Obama failed to inform his guests was that, Free Syrian Army Brigade Commander Bassel Idriss admittedly to collaborating with Jabhat al-Nusra , both an Al Qaeda & ISIL affiliate. Yet Obama asked Congress to give the said Free Syrian Army a half a billion dollars, so they can continue their work of “crucifying” Christians in Syria and Iraq can we can believe in? No thanks!

        • BobC

          Comparing to Obama whom just “failed to inform” Senator McCain went to hug them and helped to arm and finance them. In any reasonable court he will be qualified as financier of terrorists

      • Bedair Wassef

        there is no moderate terrorists ,syrian rebels are similar to isis extremists.us should not support these people they have no friend and they never keep a favor and they bite the hand that feed them look at history when us help alqaeda back in the 80s and they turn around against us.basically these people hate us and they have plans to destroy the west.will not be good idea to help them,but to fight them.

        • jon


          • +++++

            Mr Wassef You are an absolute Idiot. Go read history and get a little education in it before you start discussing it

            • Alex

              And what history did you read Mr. No name “++++”?? Obviously you’ve never opened a book in your life.

          • Ken Shabby


            Your Cap’s Lock is on.

          • Alex

            Jon, your history that was taught to you is a bunch of lies. Since when were the Christians given a good like under a Muslim Ruling?? What crack are you smoking? I am Syrian born and parts of my family is from Iran, Iraq, Russia, and Turkey…and none of my families from those countries has lived under a “Good” Muslim Regime as a Christian. Assad has probably been the best one out there to support minorities, because his Muslim sect is also a minority.
            Christians living in “Stability” under Ottoman Empire? Are you Serious??? Put down that pipe and read about educate yourself on how many Assyrians, Greeks, and Armenians the Ottoman Empire massacred. Please read some history before you start spewing more diarrhea out of your mouth!

            • Robert Nicodemo


            • pateriot

              Prove that you live in Syria you are one of those liers what kind of rubbish is that ” I am Syrian born and parts of my family is from Iran, Iraq, Russia, and Turkey” and for your information Russia is not ruled by muslims they are ruled by the true Christians not the fake ones in america and i am a lebanese born and parts of my family are from usa,britain,france,canada and they don’t respect anyone that is not white and like them

          • Mario Benetti

            The ottomans raped robbed pillaged and murdered Christians and Jews for 1400 years non-stop. They still do. So don’t blame the victims for retaliation. Many muslim lands were Christian to begin with.

            • Robert Nicodemo

              The Muslim onslaught started since day one, and took the Christians lands by the sword. And we Christians waited for almost 6 centuries before we reacted, and fought back.

              • pateriot

                You say we you christians have ignetaed WW1 and WW2 and the cold war it was not muslims you christians muredered muslims in iraq in the name of so called fighting terrorisim you christians attacked cuba which is another true christian country just becuase they removed your puppet regime Fulgencio Batista you overthrown a democraticly elacted president of iran and installed a puppet regime you sent aid for aluaeda which is know killing muslims you helped the FSA calling them moderate rebels which are not andknow they are killing both Muslims and christians and to correct your info the middle east was not for the Christians the middle east was formed of Muslims,Christians and Jews and many other minorities .The middle east is well known to have a diversity of religions which many of your other countries lack, Christians and Jews and Muslims lived peacefully in middle east in the old days with the exception of the zionists regime that is not a jewish

                • Robert Nicodemo


            • pateriot

              to correct your misinformation all the minorities not from there same sect where brutually killed there where other muslims that have been murdered by the ottoman have you heard of jamal basha aljazaar he was an ottoman leader who killed muslims and christians in lebanon ,have you heard how the ottomans harassed the shia twelvers muslims in lebanon and kicked them from there cities (zahla) and installed christian overlords on them

          • h1bholder

            But they overran Constantinople. Overran Albania Skodr overran Bosnia. Seiged OTTA italy. Wanted to capture rome captured Buda. Laid seige to vienna.

          • h1bholder

            Hagia Sophia ?

          • CSN

            Good for them.

          • hsurbanII

            the whole world hates muslims, they are like a disease needs to be eliminated I as a christian lived in the middle east for a while, and I saw what a piece of shit arabs and muslims are, you even kill the people from un ( the doctors and nurses) that come to your piece of shit countries to help your children with vaccines and medicine, you are a lying piece of crap, you think the west and united states is after your oil, tell me asshole how would your stupid people extract the oil if without the help of the western world, do you think arabs could have built dubai or any other city without the help of american and european companies. cowards you are, when there is a army against you, you run like chicken, and the only way you fight is with ieds or you kill women and children and old people, cowards , god damn you to hell.

            • pateriot

              Someone is watching Fox news a lot time to get out of your caves Americans and join the real world yes america is after the oil are you from this world or from Mars all the wars is about oil its the black gold without oil your army will not be competitive Arab oil is known to be cheap and with excellent traits and a proof that you are after oil is the war on iraq which was proved to be funded by many oil lords in amrica ,the overthrown of the democratically elected iraninan president mohammad mosadaki and onstalling the puppet regime of the shah just because Mohammad mosadaki wanted to nationalize the oil which frightened oil contractors from Britain and USA, USA contract with Saudi Arabia to protect it in the other hand Saudi Arabia would provide America with cheap oil and some times with no expense lets not forget also that oil is the other effective weapon with the wheat weapon lets get back into time when Saudi Arabia and other countries stopped sending oil to the supporters of Israel USA included which frightened USA and other EU countries who conspired and assassinated the prince of Saudi Arabia and installed his brother a puppet

        • CSN

          ISIS is the FSA. They got their weapons from USA and continue to get their weapons from USA. There is no Free Syrian Army it is now ISIS.

      • TJ

        This only tells you that your Washington politician are deceiving the masses. They know the truth but they are governed by rules so different from the citizens they are supposed to represent. Stop arming terrorists to kill Christians.

      • dingding

        Oh ted cruz, you should have just shut up… Politicians will never go against Israel and the Jews why? it would be a political suicide, almost all the corporations in the US are own by Jews.

        • Carter P Markham

          Nazism, alive and well apparently

      • luft

        Hopefully this statement will open a way toward cooperation in fight against ISIS….

        • Peter L

          I wish. But BO and Uncle Sam obviously have no interest in helping Christians.

      • Bruce Ramsey

        Oblamer: Uh…make no mistake. Uh… Assad protected Christians in Syria….uh…that’s why I created ISIS to try to remove him.

        • dingding

          funny but true

      • marogya2100 .

        Senators went to conference to help Israel instead of helping persecuted and displaced Christians whom are sleeping on the streets, public roads, public libraries, churches. They lost all what they owned lands, farms, houses, furniture, livestock. Christians are living on the streets and Cruz is saying you must support Israel. Cruz should be smarter than that I mean “how persecuted people can help Israel if they have nothing. They don’t have a country to decide such thing. This also shows the weak sense of Christian identity which the tea party have. I we as Americans don’t restore a strong sense of identity, our civilization will decline where there will be no return and we will be taken over by others. I hope people go back to their senses and understand what great challenges are coming in our way. Cruz really embarrassed himself and owe these persecuted Christian an apology. Iraqi Christians helped us a lot when our army was in Iraq thus they deserve our help.

      • theendei

        Jesus King of the Jews is coming back! he says he is not done with them! If you hate the Jews I have to tell you what Jesus said: not all who call out his name will go to heaven. Jesus promised to come back, be ready! God the father is the world’s realtor, and he promised Abraham land, he also said do not divide this land! it is for the Jews!!!!! because God does not brake his promises!!

        • Dmor

          hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa. My night is now complete. “If you hate the Jews I have to tell you what Jesus said: not all who call out his name will go to heaven.”
          Good night!!!!

        • Shar pinned

          Indeed God didnot brake his promises but Jew broke all the covenants that they had with God so God’s promise does not hold any more.

        • Eagle1

          You mean God is baised…., he love the Jews out of all humans that he created ?!! You are shi…..ing again.

        • Mosa

          How many promise did the Jews the Zionist broke,how many war they started,how many massacres they commeted in Palestine,Egypt,Lebanon and many other wars they sparked behind the seen and you still call them the chosen people .wake up those r not the same Jews your bible and other holy book talk about.the Jews who were with Jesus and Moses those r the one intoned in the holy books.