Now That Trump’s In Office, Media Concerned With Civilian Casualties

As Trump now takes the helm, the same media who covered for Obama’s slaughter in the Middle East, are now all of the sudden interested in exposing that same slaughter.
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    8-year old American-Yemeni Nawar al-Awlaki, killed by Navy Seal Team 6 during the botched raid in Yemen.

    Eight-year-old Nawar Anwar Al-Awlaqi is said to have bled to death over two hours.

    For the last eight years, Peace Prize recipient and ostensible savior of the free world, Barack Obama, rained down hell from the sky on brown people across the Middle East. Obama far exceeded his predecessor, George W. Bush, in the use of drone strikes, killing more civilians than ever before and aiding in the creation and growth of worldwide terror.

    On top of this warlord president receiving the Peace Prize, in his final days in office, Barack Obama was ironically given the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service “as a token of appreciation for his service as commander in chief” at a farewell ceremony on January 4. The medal is the highest honorary award at the Department of Defense and is presented by the Secretary of Defense.

    In his last year alone, Obama authorized the United States military to drop more than 26,000 bombs in 7 countries, according to an estimate by the Council on Foreign Relations. During the prior year, the numbers were similar.

    An estimated 50,000 bombs in only 24 months fell onto houses, churches, schools, and hospitals — all authorized by the recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize — his supporters, as well as the corporate mainstream media, remained silent.

    Fast forward to last weekend.

    Following in his predecessor’s footsteps, reports from Yemen indicate that as many as 10 women and children were killed in a raid authorized by Donald Trump. During this raid, the 8-year-old granddaughter of Nasser al-Awlaki, who was also the daughter of Anwar Awlaki was shot in the neck and died after suffering for two hours, according to Nasser al-Awlaki.

    What makes the tragedy of this 8-year-old girl killed by Trump stand out, however, is the fact that Obama killed her older brother and her father — who were both US citizens — who were extrajudicially murdered without trial.

    As the Free Thought Project reported last month, below are just a handful of the civilian slaughters that took place under Obama.

    Dozens of civilians were killed by U.S. bombs in Daquq, Iraq while attending a funeral in an area where there was said to be no ISIS presence.

    The U.S. bombed two hospitals in the same month, in the same city during operations in Mosul, Iraq. Both attacks caused an unknown number of civilian deaths.

    U.S. officials revealed in November 2016 that the military investigated 257 allegations of civilian casualtiesand deemed only 31 of them credible, just over 10 percent of the total.

    The aforementioned civilian deaths are only during the last 6 months of 2016, and are from Syria, only.

    As Trump now takes the helm, the same media who covered for Obama’s slaughter in the Middle East, are now all of the sudden interested in exposing that same slaughter.

    When Obama approved a CIA drone strike in Yemen that killed al-Awlaki’s 16-year-old son, Abdulrahman, mainstream corporate media was all but silent. The fact that the president ordered a strike on an American citizen with no due process and killed his teen son in the process — was but a blip on the news cycle — including FOX News.

    Now, however, the same Praetorian guard who protected Obama and Hillary Clinton during the WikiLeaks fiasco is plastering headlines of Trump killing civilians all over the internet.

    Of course, this does not lessen the crimes of Trump. However, what it does do is highlight just how easily controlled people are by the media — on both sides.

    Those of us who watched this madness unfold in 2009, were blown away by the once ‘antiwar left’ now approving of torture and extrajudicial killings — literally overnight — because their guy was in power.

    Read the rest of the article at the Free Thought Project. 

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    • James Wherry

      I support the use of drones against terrorists plotting to murder Americans in their self-proclaimed WARs. When we attacked NAZ! targets during WWII, their children died, too. Islamic law supports America’s attacks – so long as the USA is not targeting the children, themselves. See al-Siyar al-Shaybani.

      That said, YES: the Obama administration was let off the hook for record poverty, record unemployment, record homelessness and every other evil we have faced over the past 8 years. Now, the media will rush in and complain that all of it was caused by President Trump – who magically time traveled back 8 years to create the causes of his own future presidency.

    • malbago

      “As Trump now takes the helm, the same media who covered for Obama’s slaughter in the Middle East, are now all of the sudden interested in exposing that same slaughter.” Why now?? They obviously have a problem accepting who our potus is now.
      This is because the MSM is now the greatest purveyor of propaganda, and by NOT presenting the truth about the crimes of obama and bush. Seek other sources of reporting of current events and do not listen to the zionist controlled MSM.