New Schools, Less Crime: Colorado Sees Benefits Of Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana sales in Colorado continue to climb while crime statistics suggest the state is becoming safer than ever.
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    DENVER — Colorado’s successful experiment in marijuana legalization is bringing in millions of dollars of revenue per month while simultaneously benefiting schools and contributing to a drop in crime rates.

    Colorado reached over $50 million dollars in recreational cannabis sales in June, breaking the state’s previous record, according to Ricardo Baca, a staff writer for Denver Post’s The Cannabist. In addition, medical sales reached $25 million.

    Based on the state’s various taxes on marijuana sales, Baca reports that the state has earned over $60 million dollars in marijuana tax revenue so far this year.

    Along with legalization, Colorado voters approved a 15 percent excise tax on wholesale marijuana sales that is only to be used for school construction. According to another recent report from Baca, Colorado schools have earned $13.6 million in just the first five months of 2015, a sharp increase over 2014, when the tax generated a total of $13.3 million for the whole year. Putting that figure in perspective, Baca quoted a local Colorado school superintendent, who said that $40 million would fund the construction of “two well-equipped elementary schools, or one well-equipped middle school with an athletic field.”

    Tax revenues for Colorado schools and infrastructure are not the only benefit of legalization for the state. A study released in January by the Drug Policy Alliance showed that legalization has led to a decrease in crime. In January, Laura McCauley, a staff writer for Common Dreams, summarized the study’s findings:

    “According to statistics compiled by the DPA, in the first 11 months of 2014, the rate of violent crime fell 2.2 percent compared with the same period in 2013. In the same time frame, burglaries in Colorado’s capital, Denver, decreased by 9.5 percent and overall property crime decreased by 8.9 percent.

    Further, arrests for marijuana possession have continually dropped since 2010 and are now down roughly 84 percent.”

    Watch “How are Colorado schools benefiting from recreational marijuana?” from The Cannabist:

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    • Dave

      Who has actually seen any of this money? My taxes are “high” where is my rebate? Not to sure I see a benefit..I am not against legalization…but not sure who is padding their pockets either. Last I heard they need to raise tobacco tax for education….kind of an oxymoron over inhaling pot resin.

    • michael goodson

      We are supposed to be living in a free society. It does not matter if marijuana is bad for people or not. The fundamental thing I’d that our liberty is at stake. Governments should not mandate what people can eat, smoke etc….period. there is no law against eating poison. But people themselves decide not to eat it. Let the individual decide what they do.

    • bonnieparmenter

      We are paying a high price for legalization of marijuana. There is a direct link between the states that have legalized marijuana either for medical purposes and or recreational use and the amount of younger youth using the drug. or National Survey on Drug Use and Health 2013-2014 reported the most use by ages of 12 – 17 in Colorado than any other state and as much and more than 50% above the states that have not legalized its use. There are numerous studies that show the long term health and mental health effects of marijuana use and they increase significantly when there has been use as a youth. A study at UCLA shows that there are 50% more bouts of psychosis in those that used marijuana as a youth than those that waited until adulthood to use. There are direct links between missed classes and drop out rates of those that use. There are already less students taking SAT tests and applying for college in Colorado. Oregon and Washington were rated in the bottom 3 state in the Great School Scores for 2015. No matter how much money you pump into the schools you are not going to improve the education when there is an increase in those high on drugs. I lived through and era of when everyone was smoking pot and you either quit or suffered severe health and mental health consequences. Marijuana is a very powerful psychosomatic drug and should be used for medical purposes only.

      • Iconist

        Odd, you seem to be doing just fine??\

        However your argument doesn’t take into account hundreds of other factors that could be the cause for the problems you state! Actually the problems that you state could very well be basic societal problems in American culture & most likely are.

        One thing agreed upon is, that MJ should be off bounds to children except for medical use. MJ is a much better recreational drug than Alcohol will ever be; ALCOHOL IS POISON!!

        • bonnieparmenter

          Studies at UCLA have show that children who use marijuana, even a few times can have bouts of psychosis clear into adulthood and also studies show that when a youth uses THC, compared to an adult person, they have 50% more bouts of psychosis. The problem, just like alcohol, is that users are being completely irresponsible. They think they can cook pot in their homes with children present, when up to 28% of the THC dissipates into the air. They think they can drive. They think they can work. They smoke in homes with children present. They smoke when they are pregnant. All pot products need to be under lock and key and out of reach of any age children and no one should smoke near children. People are ignorant and think it is less harmful than cigarettes and it is frustrating doctors who have pregnant women smoking and people smoking in the homes with children present, who tell them they think it is safer than cigarettes, but it is not.

      • patriot156

        BS since this has been legal youth use has gone down SO BS.

      • Wake Up People

        How many young people who are breaking the law, are going to admit to a govt paid entity, that they are, in fact, breaking the law? Are you nuts? Those numbers are skewed! And check out the map that your “Authorities” have put out, showing how the cannabis from ‘Colorado’ flows to other states! LMAO!!!

    • riversideCA

      Im trying to find numbers on being high only and commiting gun violence. Cant find anything, its not bad record keeping. Its just not trueThe findings on the relationship between violence and marijuana use are mixed and much of the evidence points toward reductions in violent behavior for those who smoke marijuana.” A study published in the Journal of Addictive Behaviors clearly states, “cannabis reduces likelihood of violence during intoxication.” Habitual cannabis users were studied by the National Academy of Sciences turning up evidence that THC contributed to a reduction of “aggressive and violent behavior

    • Alishajr

      The crime rate will dramatically decrease if weed gets global legalization, and that will be awesome. For all weed fans check this awesome funny stoner shirt

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    • ChuckS123

      $50 + $25 = $65 million in sales. But $60 million in tax revenue? 92% tax? Should have put down the bong while writing this article.

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    • Freethinker02

      How much money will the taxpayer now have to pay out for drug rehab?

      How much lost productivity will society experience because of stoned workers and brain-damaged habitual drug users?

      How much of that revenue is just going right back into regulating the new industry, or subsidizing the consequences of the new industry?

      How much additional water and electricity are pot growers consuming for their legal and illegal grows?

      How many additional pot-related car crashes have occurred?

      How many additional families have failed because of the influence of drugs?

      How many additional children are now in foster care because of the impact of legal drugs?

      Alcohol causes immense problems in society. How wildly immature to say “I want the same opportunity as alcohol users to cause problems in society by adding another drug to the mix.”

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    • fxrsniper

      Where is this crap site getting it’s information at crime has increased along with dui’s, fatal wrecks and minors arrested, Hospitals visits increased 39% due to pot.

      • Average_Crayon

        where are your facts coming from then? seems irrelevant after your complaining about there sources. Honestly i dont like to be judgmental but its people like you that are stopping it from being legal in wisconsin. If you think its so bad, just look at drinking. Drinking is more harmfull to us that marajuana will ever be. So you can do get drunk and destroy your bidy but i will be at home relaxing while smoking.

        • bonnieparmenter

          I don’t drink but I have to differ with you. Both Alcohol and Marijuana have their own set of evils. By legalization of marijuana, we are only adding to the pot. A report just issued by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission reports that fatal accidents have increased and those caused from intoxication and most had both Alcohol and THC but deaths related to positive THC tests have increased and deaths related to alcohol use have decreased, since the drug was legalized. Since 2007 – 2011 traffic deaths decreased in Washington, but each year after legalization deaths have increased from 421 in 2011 to 462 in 2014. Even though nationally there has been a trend in increases in auto caused deaths, Oregon and Washington in 2015 showed increases of 20% in auto caused deaths; highest in the Country.

      • P’od Canuck

        Stop listening to Fox.

        • fxrsniper

          Not fox local C news sites

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    • jdwii

      I do both and i can tell you POT is like 100 times safer even if i prefer booze and i do

      • Average_Crayon

        Alcahol is alright but smoking makes you happier, and you can still drive safely, unlike drinking.

      • Jason

        Drunks always think they are OK to drive. Stoners will lay down and go to sleep. I’ve driven drunk and driven stoned. No comparison. I’d rather the world be full of stoned drivers than drunk ones, hands down!!!!

    • Gary Williams

      But, but, but someone “might” get “high”. You can get drunk to imitate your legislators, but not “high”, _ _whatever “high” IS.

    • jontomas

      This is no surprise. – We really should be considering charges of war crimes against those who carried out this monstrously insane witch-hunt.

      More than 700,000 innocent Americans are arrested for simple marijuana possession each year and made second-class citizens – for life! They will forever face large obstacles to decent employment, education, travel, housing, government benefits, and will always go into court with one strike against them. They can even have their children taken away!

      20 million Americans are now locked away in this very un-American sub-class. That has a horrible effect on the whole country, being an incredible waste of human potential.

      The fraudulent prohibition has never accomplished one positive thing. It has only caused vast amounts of crime, corruption, violence, death and the severe diminishing of everyone’s freedom.

      There is no more important domestic issue than ending what is essentially the American Inquisition.

    • mrpuma2u

      I hope the nation can see what a boon ending MJ prohibition has been for Colorado and wake up and follow suit.

    • Cozncas

      Lets just say that the war on drugs cost Americans billions to fight….The Government lost trillions in revenue should we be mad? My Property TAXES RISE EVERY YEAR ITS TIME TO TURN THIS AROUND. NOW….

    • Cozncas

      Chis Christie Read this you old fat dog.

    • stever29

      All I know is, pot saves lives. Every time I smoke it, I lose the urge to kill all the dumb mfers I come across everyday. And they are around every corner. On every street, and in every building.

      • familyguy

        That’s a funny line!

      • Gina Black

        HAHAHA!! True Story!!!

    • Bob

      You can make assumptions about the crime rate, but you can’t really say for certain that the marijuana laws have had any impact on violent crime one way or the other. Numbers fluctuate every year. And before you flip out, I supported the law.

      • Von

        I think you can for more than one reason. Historically this was proven with alcohol prohibition. Additionally, look at flordia in the 1980’s, while it was primarily cocaine they saw a significant increase in murder rate. Cocaine had been around for centuries without any direct connection to murder rate. It’s prohibition that causes the majority of crime and not particularly the substance. Legalization with regulation, a commercial market, takes the user out of the black market, ie no longer buying from dangerous gangs and cartel back market dealers. Along with the voters sending a clear message to law enforcement that we want them to focus on real crime instead of wasting resources on the “pot user.” While I get that the murder rate fluctuates from year to year, but there is plenty of reasons that legalization/regulation/commercialization ultimately reduces over all crime including murder rates.

        Edit: now I’m not advocating cocaine use, but it is obvious that our drug laws, “prohibition”, ultimately increases crime and provides a funding source to gangs and cartels. At least with marijuana legalization we can reduce a significant portion of that problem.

        • Jason

          Agreed. Who is likely to deal an illegal drug, and hold felony quantities, but someone who is already a felon… They have little to lose. Take it out of the black market, take the high profit out of it because it’s no longer a felony, and it becomes much safer.

        • Wake Up People

          Ever hear of cocaine cartels from Columbia? No effect on the murder rate? Are you kidding me?

          • Von

            Exactly, the murder rate in Columbia increased 250% when the US imposed prohibition on Columbia. We created those cartels by changing the price per kilo from a few pennies to 15 to 30k a kilo. Prohibition caused it. Had it been left alone, I truely believe cocaine would be the same price as sugar and likely not consumed nearly as much. I’m not sure where you were going with your argument, but if it was in continued support of the status quo of prohibition, you failed!

            • Wake Up People

              It was in support of your comment. Put that in yer pipe and smoke it! LOL!

              • Von

                Haha… Sarcasm, I get it now… LoL

                • Wake Up People

                  Sorry. I forgot to tag it!

                  • Von

                    I do apologize, It’s been a rather long day, and I’m a bit irritated that president Obama didn’t write an executive order descheduling marijuana on his way out. But something to look forward or be hopeful about, the page on the that expressed the support to continue marijuana prohibition was erased. I know hopeful long shot, but wouldn’t that be funny.

    • MikeParent

      , All the Prohibitionists said “Let’s wait and see what happens in Colorado “. Well, we’ve waited and we’ve seen. The only “adverse” effect is that real estate price are becoming unaffordable. Crime, DUI deaths and teen use are all down, just the opposite of what the Prohibitionists predicted, with certainty.
      And they’ve reaped in tens of millions in taxes that used to go to the criminal Blackmarket.

      • Wake Up People

        And the sky is still above us.

    • James A.

      Yeah go to colorado if you enjoy that mite infeasted weed. So many unaware of whats in their weed.

      • Fugg

        James A. Speaking as if he knew something which he doesn’t.

      • bluetexan

        Don’t concern yourself with what is in my weed, James.

      • the one

        The extra protein is good for you.

      • Average_Crayon

        James have you ever smoked weed? Come to Wisconsin, we have the best weed around 😉 JK we get it from Colorado

      • Wake Up People

        The vast majority of the cannabis grown in Colorado, IS tested, and cleared, according to state law. PERIOD. Look it up.

    • johnsimon

      This isn’t an article, it is a poorly written propaganda piece.

      I voted for Amendment 64 but I am shocked how badly it has been going:

      -the taxes have not paid for any schools. The tax revenue are barely half of what was promised in the constitutional amendment. They haven’t come close to enough funds to build a new school
      -we were promised that the blackmarket would decline, instead it has exploded. Drug dealers from across the country are moving to Colorado to illegally grow pot and export it to other states where they get higher prices.
      -speaking of exploding, there have been hundreds of hash production explosions, as stoned idiots endanger entire neighborhoods trying to make hash.
      -there have been several suicides, and murders tied to consumption of marijuana edibles, while ER visits for marijuana poisoning have increased 1,200%

      -the worst part has been the increased homeless population. Since legalization the homeless population has increased 300%. With that comes a massive increase in crime downtown. The homeless situation got so bad at Commons Park that the city had to shut it down as the homeless and stoners were destroying everything.

      • Daniel Brown

        Even more reason to legalize and normalize nationwide… it’s simply a backlash for a simple plant being made taboo for so long. If it was never illegal we would simply educate our children on it and then you wouldn’t be seeing this backlash in Colorado from what sounds like mainly users inexperienced with edibles… Here in Oregon cannabis has been legally ignored for a long time, so we aren’t seeing any real issues yet although obviously it’s still very early for us; we can’t even buy it at all until dispensaries will be allowed to start selling (flower only) recreationally starting Oct. 1, but those of us near the Washington border can get anything (although over-taxed) pretty easily. With vape cartridges very easy to use and control dosage, regulators should be allowing those too here starting Oct. 1… Edibles just aren’t very practical unless you have hours to kill to wait or the effect to begin and wear off, they should NOT be recommended at all for new recreational users.

        • Edibles become more practical if you are a cannabis tourist visiting a state that does permit public consumption anywhere and you are staying in a hotel that prohibits smoking indoors (which is practically all of them). This limits your choices, and edibles start looking like a convenient way to get around smoking/vaping bans. Of course this chunk of the demand is completely artificial since it is created by laws making smoking/vaping impossible or impractical for many. But if you combine this along with the fact that in some towns tourists comprise almost all of the town’s cannabis consumers then you will find that you’ve engineered a perfect environment for inexperienced consumers to make all the wrong choices and end up panicked at the hospital in droves.

        • RJM

          Well said sir! I think johnsimon is just frustrated about how Denver is after the change. When we voted for it, we knew it was a big vote…a first of it’s kind in America, to legally vote in Cannabis. Yes, CO was not prepared for the influx of people. 2 schools or 1 big school can be built within 1-2 years at this rate. I think that is pretty good, and free money! You also have to think about how much the state is saving by lessening the burden on the incarceration industry out there, as well as freeing up Law Enforcement staff and Judicial Court time. In my opinion, CO needs further regulation, such as Edibles, drinks and personal care products only with a Dr’s script. The plant itself, and the oil, should be sold to Rec & Medical, Medical being tax-free. I believe that would heavily cut down on the accessibility. Here in FL, CO Cannabis is everywhere. It is bound to happen, just like Prohibition. CO and it’s Voters have opened the box, and there is no going back. We just need to be smarter, and work together to properly regulate this, and find ways to keep it out of children’s hands, and educate. It needs a warning label, like cigarettes and alcohol do.

        • Wake Up People

          That should be WORLDWIDE.

      • p99plat

        You sir, are wrong. Your comment is much more of a propaganda piece than the article. Marijuana poisoning? LOL, funniest thing I heard all week.

        Please go troll an article about alchol or nicotene.

      • Wade Dewell

        you are a government hired troll, and anyone whos ever smoked cannabis, ( marijuana is a racist slang term to demonize hispanics and blacks was created by henry j angslinger) knows that the government has lied for generations. cannabis illegality was due to william randolph hurst who stood to lose money. its all due to greed. also the government wont allow full scale cannabis legalization until the deadly dangerous monsanto GMO cannabis is ready

      • – the taxes will pay for schools, but you cannot expect the taxes to start flowing right away when the number of stores was still small. This year is already much improved over last. But anyone who voted for re-legalization based on tax projections (which could not possibly be made with any accuracy btw) is voting for all the wrong reasons.

        -The “several suicides and murders” amount to just two incidents, as far as I know, and in at least one of them (and possibly both) there were other substances involved.

        – the black market will decline when retail prices become competitive and when more states re-legalize cannabis for recreational use. It is naive to think that Colorado can re-legalize cannabis and not inspire people to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities. It is also naive to think that they can pile on ridiculous amounts of taxes and without encouraging a black market. And of course even once both of these preconditions are met the black market will not vanish over night. Instead it will slowly wither away.

        – the homeless will also stop coming to Denver as soon as re-legalization spreads itself more widely. In fact I’d predict that recreational sales in California alone will attract the homeless there instead, given the better weather in much of that state. That’s coming soon.

        – the hash oil explosions are a legitimate complaint and are an issue that anti-prohibition activists should take more seriously. There are a number of measures that CO could take to reduce these incidents but there is no magic bullet for this one as far as I can tell.

        – edibles are another area that anti-prohibitionists will ignore at their peril. CO has taken steps to address this and it appears to be helping. But edibles in my view are not a good way to enjoy cannabis recreationally and I do not understand why they are so popular, other than that they let you get around public consumption laws pretty easily. This probably matters a lot to tourists and other people who don’t have a private place where they can ingest cannabis via smoking or vaping.

      • Von

        The butane hash oil explosions are over blown (no pun intended) propaganda. People do stupid things with flammables. On average, gasoline (yes the fuel you handle everytime you fill your car up), is responsible for the following:
        500 deaths a year
        6000 home fires a year
        10,000+ hospital ER visits
        Over 450 million dollars in property loss.

        What 30 some fires
        No known deaths

        Point is, if you handle the process properly, or better yet, use one of the many methods that don’t involve flammable/explosive methods, it pales in comparison the amount of other stupid things humans do to hurt themselves. Laws typically don’t prevent people from making stupid mistakes, but education can help.

      • IJR

        Who promised you the black market would “decline”?
        The only reason the black market exists is the way this was set up.

        The taxes are outrageously high and make it easy for black market sources to compete.
        The law was in effect for a year before stores were allowed to open. That and the taxes actually bolstered the black market.

        Hundreds of hash oil explosions? Where can I read about that?
        Several suicides? Are you sure those were caused by marijuana?
        How many murders have been “tied” to alcohol.

        Do you honestly believe that marijuana causes people to be violent?

        300% increase in the homeless population?
        Where can I read about that?

        There seems to be a 300% increase in fictional statistics

        Commons Park is not closed.

        The homeless have always been blamed for issues at Commons Park, years before legalization there was complaints about homeless people smoking marijuana in the park.

        Where do you expect homeless people to use marijuana, in their homes?

        When a person goes to the hospital complaining of being “too high” from consuming marijuana they are put in a dimly lit room with soothing music.

        It may be true that more people are going to the hospital, but that is most likely due to marijuana now being legal.

      • Random Bob

        “while ER visits for marijuana poisoning have increased 1,200%” LOL… when you realise someone hasn’t a clue what they are talking about. Even if you were eating it, that would be like getting poisoned from broccoli! hahahaha

        “stoners were destroying everything” Go smoke a joint and come back and tell me if you feel like “destroying” anything. Educate yourself you moron lmao People read your comment and laugh at how ignorant you are.

      • Wake Up People

        “Poisoning” LOL!

      • Wake Up People
        • bonnieparmenter

          This is so absolutely not the truth. My niece’s aunt was killed by a person stoned on pot and her child was paralyzed. There has been an increase in states, in DUI related traffic deaths, that have legalized marijuana, contributed too increase in drivers testing positive for THC. On the job accidents have increased 10 fold. I cannot get worker’s compensation insurance, for my business, with-out going in the pool, unless I do pre-hire drug testing, post accident drug testing and randoms. Accidents in my business increased 300% in just a few years and the majority who got tested, tested positive for THC. Legalization, even for medical purposes, have made it a nightmare for many business that require a person to be alert on the job for their own safety and safety of others. Oregon and Washington are at the bottom of the list for Great School Scores and Colorado is not far behind. There is a direct correlation between increase in use of pot for students between 12 – 17 and the states that have legalized marijuana for recreational or medical purposes. Studies at UCLA have shown that people who smoked pot, as a youth, have 50% increase in bouts of psychosis, than those that waited to smoke, until they were adults. There is nothing positive about legalization of marijuana, except for some medical purposes. Bringing more taxes to the states, that have proven to be completely irresponsible, with our tax dollars, does not help anyone.

          • Wake Up People

            Correlation is not Causation. Your statistics are not supported with links, as is mine. So you argument is null and void. You will also not get the time you wasted typing that mess, back into your life. Apologies for that.

          • Wake Up People

            Why not blame the irresponsible moron who got so loaded they couldn’t control their vehicle, instead of putting blame on a plant that has no control over what IDIOTS do with it?

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    • shockednomore

      Vote Deez Nuts for President!

    • the one

      Imagine that. Hey prohibitionists! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

    • steve

      Isn’t that nice everyone is making money while the colorado population is walking around and driving on the highways phucked up.

      • Speckintime

        Actually steve the article says less crime unless you have a psychic connection that gives you some unseen wisdom.

        • steve

          Speckin, Where did I mention the word “crime” in my comment? You are not paying attention.

          • Speckintime

            “driving on the highways phucked up” .That’s a crime steve.

            • steve

              Well I guess there are drivers on the highways phucked up and committing crime and no one can say that is not occurring because people in Colorado need a car to get around and people are phucked up on pot.

              • Speckintime

                I understand steve, the government has done a lot of guessing too, people seem to do that a lot anymore.

              • the one

                Although it is not reported in this article, the rates of fatal accidents is down in Colorado since legalization. You have no point.

                • steve

                  THATS TOTAL BS. False propaganda. sure drivers drive more safely phucked up on pot.

                  • Robert Johnson

                    you are losing this debate steve..give it up…..the time they are a changin’……….smoke it if you got it!!!!!!!!!!

                  • Daniel Brown

                    Honestly, Steve, while not a good idea at least it’s been PROVEN that driving stoned is FAR. FAR less impairing than alcohol or using a cell phone while driving!

                    • steve

                      There are more alcohol related auto deaths than pot and probably cell phone use but heavy use of pot has put drivers to sleep where it impairs their driving. The term “phucked up ” doesnt mean a safe condition to drive. Im done with you closed minded pot heads. I guess synthetic pot is safe also. You people will never learn until someone in your group ends up DEAD. With all the pot competition out there there is a lot more THC in pot making it very dangerous. Dont say no one warned you. Someone you know will be dead as a result of new pot. Have a nice day.

                      • IJR

                        You are wildly ignorant and completely unencumbered with intelligence.

                        There is a lot more THC in pot making it very dangerous.

                        Ugh. That is insanely stupid. Stronger cannabis means people use less. It has been studied. Stronger cannabis is not more dangerous. There has always been strong cannabis.

                        What are you basing your theory about THC on?

                      • steve

                        IJR, I dont care what you think and Im not going to argue the point. As far as Im concerned you can smoke all the pot you want, do cocaine and shoot heroine. Have a nice day.

                      • IJR

                        Do you mean heroin? Why would I do that?

                        You must be one of those incredibly old people that believe dumb propaganda like the Gateway theory. Not even our ridiculously corrupt government believes that nonsense.

                        You are wildly ignorant.

                      • IJR

                        For all I care you can go drink some bleach.

                      • Rose

                        No decant stoner would use heroin.

                      • steve

                        Most heroine users at one time smoked pot that is a fact. Pot is known as a gateway drug meaning most heroine addicts started out getting high on pot and then wanted or needed something stronger or they wanted to experiment. Not all pot smokers try heroine in fact not that many go to heroine but most herione users started with pot. Dont trust me, GOOGLE search GATEWAY DRUGS and learn.

                      • Rose

                        Thats only because pot was at the parties or what ever. Most heroin users also started with milk. Just because it was there doesn’t mean it was the cause.

                      • LarryEWells

                        If pot is nearly as deadly as you claim please can you please explain why Willie Nelson just turned 82? At his rate of consumption he should have been dead at 25 if pot were dangerous. I also have smoked some from the same supplier and believe me Willie smokes the best. I wish I had had the opportunity to smoke with Willie but unfortunately I never met Him.

                      • steve

                        Larry,A new study just came out that says the rate of new pot smokers has increased with some smoking heavily due to the legalization in some states. The fact that you and Willie Nelson havent been negatively effected is no surprise since the same can be said of smoking cigarettes where some smoke heavily all their life without any problem where others get lung cancer or other diseases like emphysema. Some pot smokers are fine with pot where others arent satisfied anymore with the pot high and want to either experiment or move up to a stronger high with cocaine, straight THC, qualudes if they still exist or other high like pot laced with some exotic additives.

                      • LarryEWells

                        Due to the fact that have smoked pot maybe half a dozen times in my 61 years I highly doubt it will affect me. The fact tat some move to harder drugs is a strawman argument because if you have an addictive personality you will get hooked on something whether you smoke or not. Many more people move to harder drugs due to prescription drugs such as oxycontn.

                      • steve

                        I was referring to heavy pot smokers that are either no longer satisfied with the pot high or are curious what other highs you can get with other drugs. This can lead to a troubled unhealthy life which if on the highway no pun intended accidents can happen which can effect innocent people.

                      • LarryEWells

                        That is the same old tired lie thats been used for years. After studying Colorados crime rate the only increase was for people smoking in public during the first few months. Other crimes have stayed steady or decreased. The ones who move on to harder drugs will anyway mos from using prescription drugs like oxycontin.

                      • Rose

                        More thc in pot doesn’t mean people get more high. It means you have to use less to get high. Alot you know, dumb dumb.

                      • steve

                        Rose, yes it takes less pot to get you high but many use stronger pot to get more high than before. You are not thinking or too ignorant or just trying to win an arugemnt denying truth.

                      • Rose

                        Not really. If you wanted to get more high you could get just as more high with the 60’s pot by smoking more og it. Fact, its still thc.

                  • the one

                    Try reading the stats first instead of being an a$$clown! The only propaganda here is you and your hate of cannabis and its consumers! Get a clue Steven…

                  • IJR

                    grow up

              • tuffee

                and people in redneck states drive drunk

                • Gary Pierron

                  only the rednecks IN the redneck states drive drunk

                  • tuffee

                    Believe it or not there are alot of liberals in some red states but they get drowned out by redneck idiot,s I live in tennessee lot,s of hippies here just not enough.

                • steve

                  yes people in red neck states in fact drive drunk as do drivers in Colorado drive phucked up on pot.

                  • IJR

                    You are not smart enough for this conversation.
                    One would think there would be a lot of stories about people “phucked up” on pot crashing all over the place.

                    • G Schneider

                      Don’t think he is smart enough for any conversation

              • Gary Pierron

                Nothing has changed, Steve, only the laws. You must think that no one smoked before the new laws were passed. I think you need to face reality and quit hiding behind outdated science.

                • steve

                  So you are telling me that in addition to pot smokers previously there are no new smokers of pot that didn’t want to take the risk of getting arrested when it was illegal? Please, that is just nonsense. Thats like saying after prohibition there were no new drinkers of alcohol.

                  • Nardo Hill

                    Are you saying that all those who didn’t take the risk of getting arrested when it was illegal are now quite keen to become criminals by driving whilst stoned?

                  • Jason

                    So in a nutshell, your answer to all of your imaginable fears is more government control over the people. There are other ways of combating driving under the influence besides relinquishing your freedoms to the government. Just like with gun violence, there are other ways to handle this issue outside of disarming responsible citizens. Your government’s propaganda has certainly been effective on your mind, you’re just begging them to take away freedom of choice.

                  • Gary Pierron

                    Your attempt at evading is pathetic and transparent.

                  • IJR

                    Cannabis usage rates in Colorado have remained about the same.
                    All the law did is decriminalize behavior that was already happening.

                    You really enjoy displaying your ignorance.

              • IJR

                You are a rude, ignorant child.

      • tuffee

        At least they arent wasted drunk like the driver,s down here in the south Id rather put up with stoned drivers any day over drunk ones

        • steve

          Your are a pathetic fool, someone falling asleep at the wheel is just as dangerous as a drunk. Whats the difference, getting hit by a drunk is better than getting hit by a phucked up pot head? Dead is dead.

          • Robert Johnson

            who falls asleep while there driving due to being stoned..steve thats a new one on me…dude you are out of touch with reality…lay off the booze

            • Robert Johnson

              while they are i meant..

              • steve

                Robert, I dont think you have been around pot heads if you dont think pot heads fall asleep while smoking a lot of pot.

                • Robert Johnson

                  LMAO steve i was raised by hippies…we stoners do sleep alot..dont get me wrong. but never ever have any of us fallen asleep while driving…thats just crazy …..

          • IJR

            Childish profanity again.

            You are rude and ignorant.

          • G Schneider

            And stupid is stupid…

      • shockednomore

        The Colorado population? You are implying that everyone in CO is stoned so I’m going to imply that you are the dumbest of all the Refer Madness yokels.

        • steve

          You are a pathetic fool., never said everyone is phucked up. Learn how to read and not make up chit.

          • Jason

            Uh, you kind of did say everyone was phucked up, read your first post. Apparently, not smoking pot causes temporary short term memory loss. Again, you sound like a “phucking” idiot.

          • IJR

            Most adults can have a conversation with out using profanity.

            You did say “the colorado population is walking around and driving on the highways phucked up.”

            It was rude and dumb. Nice combo.

      • Gary Baxter

        you are an idiot!

        • steve

          Gary Baxter, Mr Potato Head, I could care less if you smoke pot or shoot heroine and overdose till you are dead, just do it in the privacy of your home and stay off the streets and highways so I dont have to breathe your chit and you drive off the road and kill someone.

          • Nardo Hill

            Road deaths are down.

          • Gary Baxter

            I hope you have not breed,the earth does not need any more fascist imbeciles,in your case I support abortion

          • You mean you “couldn’t care less.” Because if you could care less, well, then by all means care less!

          • Cannabis use does not impose a traffic safety hazard. Get the facts:

          • IJR

            You are quite rude. (A heroine is an admired or idealized female, not a drug).

          • Rose

            Come on Stivie, swar like a man.

      • Jason

        Hey dumbass, did you know that highway fatalities are at historic lows in Colorado since legalization went into effect? Before you make another comment of stupidity, you might want to do some fact checks. It’s dipshits like this that are the underlying root cause of the degradation of freedoms in this country.

        • johnsimon

          What kind of dumbass would tie that to smoking dope?

          Highway fatalities are down everywhere. Have you heard of airbags?

          • Fugg

            I have also heard of dirtbags named john.

          • Nobody is suggesting that the fatalities are down because of dope; we are talking about cannabis. And Fugg doesn’t have to show that the reduced fatalities are because of cannabis (although there are empirical data suggesting that they are in part due to cannabis). He mere is pointing out that fatalities are down despite re-legalization, which refutes @disqus_oIxQaPq7A3:disqus’s complaint that people in CO are “driving on the highways phucked up.”

          • Daveholio

            Sorry, but YOU are the dumbass here. A study found that states that passed medical cannabis laws saw a dramatic drop in traffic fatalities relative to states that did not. The study also found alcohol consumption declined in those states. People substitute cannabis for alcohol. Less drunk drivers = safer roads.

        • steve

          Degradation of freedoms? Freedom doesnt mean you have the freedom to force your bad habits on others and cause them ill health and life threatening situations. Alcohol, cigarettes, recreational drugs, guns, preservatives in food, pollution of air, water and soil and other “freedoms” are not socially acceptable for the betterment of society. Unless you can confine these “freedoms” in the privacy of your own home and not bring them out into the public you can do whatever you want. You can shoot up heroine, smoke pot, drink alcohol, shoot yourself in the head with a gun and sniff carbon monoxide all you want, inside your home.

          • IJR

            It is not the government’s business what you consume.

          • Rose

            I was reading this thread with no intention of commenting but I couldn’t take your ignorance any longer.
            I supose you haven’t seen the resent updates to the National Cancer Institutes web site showing that it can and has killed cancer cells. Nor have you been introduced to this man who sued the US goverment and won the right to use cannibis along with others. He not only can us it but the government has been supplying it for him for the last 30yrs. Also notable is the fact that he nor the others have no ill effects from smoking over 200 joints a month for the last 30 years.Irvin Rosenfeld

            • steve

              Rose, Yes during prohibition Im sure heavy drinkers of alcohol became alcholics and there were liver disease bt not nearly as many as now due to the many millions of drinkers. I am against alcohol as well since many people end up desd due to drunk drivers on the highway killing innocent people. If you have actually smoked pot in the 1960’s and today the poy has much more THC in it making you really phucked up. You cannot drive safely phucked up on pot, you may be lucky and not get in an accident but it incereases the chances.New reports from Colorodo reveal many new accidents due to pot. Pot is a gateway drug and has been documented that people due in fact try other stronger drugs as a result of getting bored with pot or want a higher experience. Pot over all is not conductive to a healthy society and it stinks where other people have to breat that crap. if you want shoot up heroine and smoke pot and have a trip with LSD in the privacy of your own home but not on the roads or sidewalks.

              • Rose

                Its not wise to be under the influence of any drug while driving. I wouldn’t recommend using pot and driving. I have used it in the 60’s and I have used the stuff they have now.THC is still thc. The only difference is one could smoke a whole joint before and now it just take one or two puffs to get you there. Don’t say that pot isn’t good for you because it is good for people. Learn about the cannabinoid system we have and you will learn that when pot enters this system all things line up the way thay should. Saying pot is a gateway to harder drugs is like saying that milk is a gatway to alcohol. Its just not true. Did you go meet Irvin Rosenfeld? There are countless conditions that the pot can treat without doing any harm. If you want to spread your anti pot propaganda it’s going to be really hard to find someone that will believe those lies. I’ve known 100’s of pot smokers in my life and none have had the urge to use dangerous drugs. The gateway theory is a lie. People don’t get board of pot and need to use stronger drugs. Thats ridicules. Someone that would do such a thing would do that rather they ever used pot or not. The same goes for loosers that won’t get a job, just like the other loosers that don’t who have never used pot. Use your head Steve. So people may have gone to the hospital because they used too much. They were in no danger and the hospital has not treatment for their condition. At least they didnt die. And for every one that went to the hospital there are several that didn’t or would have died but didn’t because they used pot reather then dangerous pharmaceutical narcotics. Use your head man. Did you hear about the children that went to the hospital in comatose condition from injecting pot? That’s a fancy word of a sleep. This cuts down the numbers going in comatose from moms pharmaceutical narcotics and dying. You want us to go back to that? Only a foolish idiot can not see the miraculous benefits to having pot available for all to use as they see fit. Unless they are an evil money hungry lier that wants to benefit off of other peoples suffering. So what side are you going to choose? I have been to an experiment to test the effects of driving on pot. No I wouldn’t recommend it but there was no difference between the had and had not. I’ve also been in a car with somebody all potted up going 80 miles an hour on the freeway and I did not fear for my life. Really, don’t go around talking about that what you do not know. I grew up in the sixties, my whole family and friends smoked it and now in our old age we are much healthier than those around us that have never used it. Haven’t you heard of the study that shows pot smokers have less lung cancer if any then people do that smoke nothing at all? You should spend more time looking up studies.

              • Rose

                Bla bla bla. You do know that Colorado is one of the nations most desired places to live and not just by pot smokers. Got to go now, chat with you later.

      • Perfect driving record here steve, marijuana and alcohol are totally different substances that affect people completely differently than one another.

      • Even the federal government has concluded that cannabis use does not pose a traffic safety hazard. Maybe you should get a clue instead of posting comments based on ignorance and superstition.

        • steve

          Dusty, I would appreciate it very much if you can give me the web page for the US Government where they state “the federal government has concluded that cannabis use does not pose a traffic safety hazard.” Thanks.

          • The study is available as a pdf here:

            It is an extremely interesting study and very readable so I encourage everyone to check it out.

            “Table 4 examines the odds ratios for the same categories
            and classes of drugs, adjusted for the demographic variables
            of age, gender, and race/ethnicity. This analysis
            shows that the significant increased risk of crash involvement
            associated with THC and illegal drugs shown in
            Table 3 is not found after adjusting for these demographic
            . This finding suggests that these demographic
            variables may have co-varied with drug use and accounted
            for most of the increased crash risk. For example, if the
            THC-positive drivers were predominantly young males,
            their apparent crash risk may have been related to age and
            gender rather than use of THC.

            • steve

              Thanks for the govt page. The studies are a bit confusing where some were conducted by the person themselves where some took multiple drugs at the same time and some tests were conducted by groups with a bias. They did state”Marijuana is the most frequently detected drug (other than alcohol) in crash-involved drivers as well as the gen-
              eral driving population (Terhune, 1982; Terhune et al., 1992;
              Lacey et al., 2009; Walsh et al., 2005). There is evidence
              that marijuana use impairs psychomotor skills, divided
              attention, lane tracking, and cognitive functions (Robbe
              et al., 1993; Moskowitz, 1995; Hartman and Huestis, 2013).

              So lets just say its better and safer to drive straight than phucked up on pot, Im sure we can agree with that because Im sure you are not saying you drive safer phucked up on pot than one who drive straight with a clear head.

              • IJR

                Nice language. I am sorry you are unable to interpret the results of the NHTSA study.
                Statisticians found that there was no evidence that marijuana use is statistically significant in boosting accident rates.

                That is not what they were looking for but it is what the numbers say.

                • steve

                  No statistics no problem with pot?. When prohibition ended they said the same thing about alcohol, no real problem so lets legalize it. Now we have alcoholics, liver disease, broken homes. lost jobs, death on the highway. it is slowly happening with pot. Due to the competition to sell pot they are increasing the THC , they are adding synthetics people are getting sick and dying. Pot is becoming toxic. its a fact with statistics that some pot heads get bored and eventually get into cocaine, heroine and other drugs. Getting started on pot does not improve a persons health, if anything its the beginning of jeopardizing ones health and perhaps others. THOSE ARE FACTS WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.

                  • IJR

                    I am sorry you are not smart enough to understand the study.
                    If alcohol were illegal we would still have “alcoholics, liver disease, broken homes. lost jobs, death on the highway”

                    You seem to think that prohibition of alcohol actually stopped people from drinking. It is funny in a sad, pathetic and ignorant way.

                    It is slowly happening with pot? Where can I read about that? I think you are just making up dumb stories to back up your moronic opinions.

                    Due to the competition to sell pot they are increasing the THC , they are adding synthetics people are getting sick and dying

                    Dying? LOL.

                    If I didn’t know you were flat out lying, I would ask you for a source. You are a liar and you are very bad at it.

                    Pot is becoming toxic.

                    That is a lie. There has always been strong cannabis. Some of the strongest in existence was found growing wild in Africa.

                    It would take about 1,500 pounds of cannabis consumed with in 15 minutes for cannabis to cause death. You seem to think other wise based on what?

                    its a fact with statistics that some pot heads get bored and eventually get into cocaine, heroine and other drugs

                    The Gateway theory?

                    LOL you are dumber than I thought.

                    Over 150 million Americans have tried cannabis. How come there are not more hard drug addicts?

                    Not even the government believes the Gateway theory.

                    Getting started on pot does not improve a persons health, if anything
                    its the beginning of jeopardizing ones health and perhaps others.

                    I would like to read about that. Again in the fiction section, I guess.


                    You have not offered fact, you have offered dumb opinions with no evidence to back them up.

                    Stop being so rude and offer some evidence.

                    • steve

                      Wow, you are really pathetic. let me spell it out to you slowly and maybe you should read this twice at least. If alcohol were illegal where you would have to pay a fine or go to jail, dont you think there would be less, fewer, not as many, people drinking than if it were legal? There would be a lot less people drinking in fact, a lot less. Think about it for a while. yes there may be some still drinking a getting liver disease and getting into car accidents but the mass majority wouldn’t be drinking. That is common sense. If pot is legal there will be a lot more people smoking pot because they wouldn’t be violating the law. Sure many people smoked pot before but once legal much more people will be willing to try it. That is common sense.

                      • IJR

                        You are tremendously dumb and have no common sense.

                        If alcohol were illegal where you would have to pay a fine or go to jail, dont you think there would be less, fewer, not as many, people drinking than if it were legal?

                        That has been tried. Sure, slightly less people were drinking. More people were drinking unregulated, potentially dangerous alcohol. People were going blind and dying from unregulated, dangerous alcohol.

                        That is trying to fix a problem by punishing the majority for the minority’s failings. It is un-American and dumb.

                        Making alcohol illegal again would cause the same problems as before as well a punishing law abiding, responsible Americans. A large majority of people that use alcohol are responsible. The black market for illegal alcohol would be huge again, fueling another rise in organized crime. It would create another class of Americans that violate a dumb law. It would create a class of Americans that do not trust the government and laws.

                        It was a terrible idea then and an even dumber idea now. You act like it would actually work. You must be insane.

                        If pot is legal there will be a lot more people smoking pot because theywouldn’t be violating the law. Sure many people smoked pot before but once legal much more people will be willing to try it. That is common sense.


                        Common sense? Have you ever tried looking into facts?
                        Usage rates in Colorado are about the same as before legalization.

                        There has been less prescription drug abuse and deaths in Colorado.

                        Even if you were right, what is the problem? What is a specific issue with using cannabis that you think means it should remain illegal. Please do not lie and try to use actual evidence, not lies and stories.

                      • G Schneider

                        There is nothing common about his sense, or lack thereof

                      • LarryEWells

                        Your line of thinking that less people would drink if it were illegal was proven wrong during prohibition. The main thing that did happen was moonshiners like my grandfather made tons of money illegally. Speakeasys opened in every available location and as soon as one was shut down another opened. The crime rate went trough the roof as people turned into criminals just to supply the demand.

                  • IJR

                    You really do not know what facts are.

                    Now we have alcoholics, liver disease, broken homes. lost jobs, death on the highway. it is slowly happening with pot.

                    You are a liar. Would you care to offer anything to back up your dumb stories?

                    You can not offer any evidence to support your dumb lies. Pot is becoming toxic? That is a dumb lie.

                  • G Schneider

                    those are innuendos and wild assed assumptions – look he’s just a troll trying to rile everyone up – he can’t really be this stupid….

                  • Jason

                    There is no such thing as synthetic cannabis. What is called “synthetic marijuana” in the media contains absolutely no cannaboids. It is plant matter sprayed with chemicals to LOOK like cannabis. It is some bad sh*t. The whole purpose of it is to not show on on a drug screen. The chemicals are more like meth than anything else.

              • I am not saying that I drive safer when I am on cannabis because I do not currently us it, but there are statistics from the insurance industry that say that people are safer drivers when on cannabis than when they have a clear head, so I guess you are basically wrong in everything you believe.

                And itt’s too bad you couldn’t understand the report; it was written in layman’s terms and very easy to understand. The fact that “Marijuana [sic] is the most frequently detected drug (other than alcohol) in crash-involved drivers as well as the general driving population” is due to the fact that cannabis use is detected by looking for metabolites that are like chemical footprints; they stay in the body long after the affects have worn off, usually for days and sometimes for as long as a month. And it is true that cannabis use ” impairs psychomotor skills, divided attention, lane tracking, and cognitive functions” but those are compensated for in cannabis-impaired drivers. Specifically, cannabis-impaired drivers have been shown to compensate for their impairment by driving more slowly and carefully which is why the insurance industry considers them safer than unimpaired drivers, who are often over-confident and who therefore take more risks. This is all documented in many published (and publicized) studies; I am stunned that you could possibly not know about them.

      • IJR

        That is a rude and ignorant comment.

        Nothing much has changed here except that we get unwanted attention from ignorant people like you.

        • steve

          Really, nothing has changed? The government is making money off of people that are getting phucked up on recreational drugs which is a distraction from school and productive work in the work place. I think it is irresponsible for the government to condone recreational drugs for it does not improve ones health if anything it puts a person at risk since THC is dangerous and it impairs ones senses. Oh except for those that use it for medicinal doesnt take a Nobel prize winner to figure out it is in fact dangerous to be impaired on the highways. Someone phucked up going 60 MPH doesnt make the roads safer. There is competition to sell pot so pot has been enhanced with increased THC and synthetics which has proven toxic. Sure, nothing has changed, You are the pathetic ignorant one . Yeah yeah yeah, alcohol is dangerous and you are correct, alcohol should be banned as well. As if alcoholics isn’t enough of a problem so the government condones another drug that will create new problems.

          • IJR

            Grow up. You are rude and ignorant. Do you live in CO?

            Why do you think you know what is going on here? Because you read some headlines and are unable to interpret studies?

            Paragraphs, how do they work?

            No, nothing much has changed. The police are now forced to look for other things to arrest people for. That is different.

            The government is making money off of people that are getting phucked
            up on recreational drugs which is a distraction from school and
            productive work in the work place.

            In states where cannabis is illegal, unregulated drug dealers that do not check ID or pay taxes are making money, not the government. I guess you prefer that model? Legal or not, cannabis will be used. Your moral whining is silly and detract from the actual conversation, like you constant use of profanity.

            You display your ignorance like a flag.

            I think it is irresponsible for the government to condone recreational
            drugs for it does not improve ones health if anything it puts a person
            at risk since THC is dangerous and it impairs ones senses.

            That is your opinion and a pretty dumb one.

            The government does not condone cannabis use. It was mandated by popular vote. The governor is against legalization.

            You seem to be saying that things that “do not improve ones health,” should be illegal.

            That would include many things like driving and sitting.

            How does THC “put a person at risk”?

            I am sorry you do not understand the NHTSA’s study. I can not explain it to you using simpler words.

            There is competition to sell pot so pot has been enhanced with increased THC and synthetics which has proven toxic.

            Enhanced? lol. You are wildly ignorant. You are assuming that stronger cannabis is a bad thing with nothing to back it up.

            Synthetics? Those are used by people that want to avoid detection when being drug tested. The synthetics are not marijuana at all and are illegal in CO.

            Would you like to offer some evidence?You are a rude and childish simpleton. You seem to think the government is condoning legal cannabis when they are fighting it tooth and nail.

            You want alcohol made illegal again?
            You must be insane. Alcohol prohibition basically created organized crime here.
            I guess you side with the KKK on alcohol prohibition.

            Grow up.

            • steve

              The reason for legalizing alcohol was nonsense. Organized crime prospered during prohibition so they made it legal to eliminate the mafia. I guess they should legalize murder, prostitution, armed robbery, extortion and all other crime the police cant eliminate. The governments function is to protect the public from powers they have no control over. Criminal activity, aggression from other nations, environmental protection,those looking to cheat the public and toxic substances that can effect the public’s health negatively. Toxins that effect the public health negatively are found in food by manufacturers looking to sell more product and make more money by utilizing artificial flavors and colors and preservatives. Pharmaceutical drugs that claim to address certain ailments at the same time create more serious life threatening health risks. Recreational drugs including pot alcohol and cigarettes effect the body negatively and not positively, THAT IS DOCUMENTED FACT.

              • IJR

                Wow, you can’t really be this obtuse. You should look into paragraphs.

                Organized crime came to be as a result of alcohol prohibition. Alcohol was made legal again because people wanted it legal.

                I guess they should legalize murder, prostitution, armed robbery, extortion and all other crime the police cant eliminate.

                That makes absolutely no sense. How are any of those like cannabis, much less alcohol?

                Murder means one person killing another illegally. Drinking alcohol or using cannabis does not involve violence committed on another. That has to be the dumbest analogy I have ever heard. Congratulations?

                The governments function is to protect the public from powers they have no control over. Criminal activity, aggression from other nations, environmental protection,those looking to cheat the public and toxic
                substances that can effect the public’s health negatively.


                That is your opinion and is pretty far from the truth.

                By the way, cannabis is not toxic. You really are ignorant.

                Recreational drugs including pot alcohol and cigarettes effect the body negatively and not positively, THAT IS DOCUMENTED FACT.

                How specifically does cannabis use “effect the body negatively and not positively”?

                That is not a fact, much less a documented one. You obviously only read headlines and only the ones that fit your false narrative.

                Fast food and sugar, among thousands of other legal things, “effect the body negatively and not positively.”

                There goes your terrible analogy. You really have no idea what you are babbling about.

                • steve

                  No point arguing with someone that is obviously obsessed and dependent on pot. THC does not improve ones health and does in fact hinder ones health. Im not your secretary so do your own research.

                  • IJR

                    How doe THC hinder one’s health?
                    You made the dumb contention, you back it up dumb dumb.

                  • G Schneider

                    No arguing with someone who doesn’t know basic history….

                  • Jason

                    There are numerous cannaboids in cannabis. Not just THC. THC itself is not particularly medicinal, it is what gets people “high”. Cannabis stops seizures, fights nausea, and attacks cancer cells. Smoking cannabis does not cause lung cancer, as with tobacco.

              • tokesense

                Don’t feed the troll, folks.

                Thank you.

          • IJR

            You are a liar.

          • Rose

            So “if” THC is dangerous and it impairs ones senses why would it not be doing it to medical users? That doesn’t make sense.

            • steve

              It may endanger medical users, but Im sure medical users are given a specific amount and a specific dosage that may not get one that high.

              • Rose

                No, they are given pot and let to have at it and thats a fact. You really are far removed from the subject. If you want to learn the truth you should try it your self or at least learn from a true user not from the evil money hungry aholes that like to profit from others sufferings.

                • steve

                  In the 1960’s I tried pot and qualudes and know heavy daily smokers so I am aware of the subject matter. . I really dont think I can have an intelligent conversation with you because your statements are nonsense. For you to compare drinking milk and wanting to move up to alcohol vs smoking pot and wanting to move up to harder drugs is nonsense. I deal in facts and not fantasy, it has been accepted fact that some pot smokers not satisifed with the pot high or wanting to experiment go to stronger drugs including heroine and cocaine. Pot is NOT a healthy herb, that is your false propaganda. THC is in fact not all the same and pot these days have been raised to have more THC which in fact gets your higher and faster than before. Not all people just smoke enough to get a little high some in fact want to finish the joint and that is where the term phucked up comes from when someone is too high where they are not capable of driving. I really dont have anymore to say about the topic. It is a mistake to legalize pot which in fact will increase the number of users, it will increase the number of people getting deeper into the drug culture, it will increse the number of highway deaths, it will increase the number of smokers on public streets, it will increase the iumber of school kids missing classes, it is not impoving society but bringing it down.

                  • Rose

                    You missed the point. If someone had the tendencies to move on from pot to harder drugs, even if in some cases pot was a gateway to harder drugs, you would suffer the rest of humanity that benifits from the positives? If it ever happens it is very far and few between and that type of person would have done it anyway. There are many heroin addicts that have never used pot. Your assumptions that legalization would not benefit society has been proven wrong. It has not increased the number of people getting deeper into the drug cultures, it has not incresed the number of highway deaths, it has not increased the number of smokers on public streets, it has not increased the iumber of school kids missing classes and it has not brought down society. Which is the case in many other countries that have been using it much longer then Colorado. You did read this artical I am assuming. Where did you get any information that proves otherwise?
                    THC=delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. It’s all the same. Does beer have a different kind if alcohol then a stronger booz like rum, vodka or whiskey? No sir, it does not. They only contain more. Yes, todays pot gets you higher faster and may have other better qualities. The fact is that todays pot was bred from yesterdays pot and no new compounds were magically created.

                    • steve

                      You are in denial Rose. Your statements ” It has not increased the number of people getting deeper into the drug cultures, it has not incresed the number of highway deaths, it has not increased the number of smokers on public streets, it has not increased the iumber of school kids missing classes and it has not brought down society. ” are your fantasy. Nothing more to discuss, as far as you are concerned pot is the new wonder drug and has no negatives, which is jiust BS.

                      • G Schneider

                        It is always great to hear someone from the 1950’s convey the old disproven war chestnuts. If I hear one more person trying so desperately to make marijuana a “gateway drug.” It’s a new decade, a new century, a new millennium – please join when you feel comfortable. Now I would love to hear your ideas about whooping cough…

            • steve

              If Medical users are smoking pot with THC they will get high and be at risk with THC. Some may be taking it pill form where there is no THC. By the way, those that smoke pot are inhaling carcinogens since when you burn pot and the paper the result is carbon, which is what converts to cancer cells just as cigarettes create carcinogens and smoked salmon, and smoked ham and anything smoked.

    • WTF ?

      Good for you CO. It will take all the repugnant states a decade or more to catch up to your common sense.

    • knowa1

      How do we un entrance the prohibition industry which cost society more than $50 Billion a year and is History’s most golden cash cow. That’s a lot of high paying jobs that would vanish overnight with no replacements job other than what will come with canna prosperity. The demographics have changed and the internet has exposed the truth about cannabis prohibition. There is no where in the constitution that makes prohibition legal or is there any scientific justification for its prohibition. Maintaining prohibition is Constitutional treason

    • Francis Vetter

      Racketeering laws are slowly closing down the MJ industry.

      • tuffee

        Not where it,s legal and where it,s illegal we don,t care about the law but in a few years it will be legal in all the states

      • IJR

        Where can I read about that?
        It must be in the fiction department.

    • Francis Vetter

      wow, a shocker, Americans are a bunch of Drunk drug addicts and wonder why their education system is collapsing.

      • Chris Geopon

        Marijuana is not addictive.

      • tuffee

        The education system is collapsing in red states because they won,t fund it but thats the plan ,republican,s love idiot,s it builds their base

      • Gary Pierron

        It isn’t collapsing in Colorado, apparently. It’s growing..! Can’t you read..?

      • p99plat

        I love when people bash Americans and do not list which great Country they are from. Shocker.

        • Francis Vetter

          Im German.
          Maybe the name indicated that, too bad you missed it.
          I dont hide behind a pretend Screen name like most coward Americans do.
          Is P99Plat your real name? or you just another coward American?

          • johnchris152

            Lighten up Francis.

          • IJR

            Grow up.

      • IJR

        You are an idiot.

    • snafubar

      A anti-Cannabis prohibitionist is like a vegetarian trying to explain what bacon taste like to a lifetime member of the Bacon of the Month Club because the saw it on tv once.

    • Edward Dunlap

      like the smart farmer said ! “so far, so good” never forget your YET !

    • Chris Zaun

      legalize nationwide

    • ChewyBees

      The real challenge is an effort toward a substantial industrial hemp crop yield. The major reason MJ is illegal is because big Cotton, big Corn and big Soy know damn well that Hemp is more durable, has a higher yield per acre, doesn’t require oceans of roundup sprayed on it, and can grow in nearly any crop yielding environment.

      • jason

        those industries were not the source/genesis of the prohibition that started with the tax act of 1937…but they were all too happy to “$upport” elected officials that continued to suppress HEMP, with “contributions” for their re-elections….

        • Fugg

          Marijuana prohibition as envisioned by Harry Anslinger was a jobs bill to maintain the employment of the many revenue agents and the Federal agency he headed after alcohol prohibition ended.

          • jason

            BINGO!! and what’s even more absurd is Anslinger prior to this he knew eradication was impossible so he originally wanted to steer clear of the issue…but he knew the power of racial fear mongering, so he used that, along with reefer madness to great affect..and we are still suffering the consequences to this day…but the tide is finally changing..4 states down..46 more to go..

      • snafubar

        You missed Hearst and his timber and publishing empire had a hand ($$$$) in supporting the anti-Cannabis movement. History shows Hearst was as underhanded as only a greedy rich person can be. Anslinger was the major cause, the others just jumped on the bandwagon.

        • Fugg

          Hearst was also a racists that hated Mexicans. He imported labor from Europe rather than let a Mexican work on his castle.

      • larryborel

        Don’t forget Dupont’s roll in destroying hemp’s reign as rope king.

        • Jadzia

          Ha ha! “Roll.” Was that a pun?

      • the one

        Please don’t leave out the oil companies…

    • bruce rowan

      What, you mean the sky isn’t falling?

    • Gypsy

      legalize and use the revenue for free medical

    • BF

      So far the war on drugs has been successful, and more pot for the students in schools.

      • Ebs

        Another benefit of legalized pot is use by teens has actually decreased. I guess, when it is no longer an illegal substance, it loses its appeal as a “forbidden fruit” for the rebels without a clue set.

      • CORavensFan

        How do you come to the conclusion that the war on drugs has been successful?

      • snafubar

        There may be “more pot for the students in schools.” but this is because more of those students are not using it…..ergo the increase in supply. Stats show teen use is down……or did you miss that part in your haste to try, and fail, to troll?

      • Chris Geopon

        Kids are not into herb they are into pills. Better shut down big phrama.

        • Jadzia

          As a high school teacher, I would dispute this. Almost every single one of my students openly admits to smoking marijuana. I’m sure many of them use pills, too, but marijuana is widely talked about, sometimes ad nauseum.

      • Jadzia

        Legalization is not for kids. It’s for adults. Like alcohol and tobacco, there is an age limitation. Kids would still have to obtain it illegally. Need I remind you that kids can get pills from their parents’ medicine cabinets. That doesn’t mean it’s legal for them to do so, though.

        • tuffee

          they have no trouble finding booze either BF

          • Jadzia

            That’s the truth!

            • Ben

              It was easier to get pot when I was a kid than it was to get booze. Not too mention the multiple report I have seen from different sources that say use among teens is down in CO, look it up it is everywhere.

              • Jadzia

                In CO, it may be down, but I teach in New York and the use is probably right around 75 to 95%. (just my estimate) Also, I have issue with statistics on teen use, from any state. The only accurate data is arrests/citations, and if law enforcement is handing out less of those due to legalization or even decriminalization, then that does not mean USE is down. As for the surveys that ask kids if they use or not, most kids are very dishonest on those. My own sons have told me about their blatant lies on those because they thought it was funny. I mean, we’re talking about teenagers, so those surveys are far from accurate.

                • Jadzia


                  This is from a Nebraska paper, I believe. It’s from 8/12/2015. Marijuana use is WAY up, according to teen surveys. I just read 4 articles from New York that says four different things. Like I said, who knows what’s accurate? All I know is that I’m around teens all day, 24/7 (high school teacher and mom of 3 teen boys) and they are ALL using it or have at least tried it.

                  • IJR

                    They are all using it?

                    Teen cannabis use is down in Colorado, period.

                    • Jadzia

                      The ones I know, yes! Lol but I’m in New York, not Colorado.

    • Robert Johnson

      I think Shane is probable a cop!!! And i dont need these statistics to tell me that Marijuana should be legal and so much safer than tobacco and alcohol..and by the way, its not “drugs and alcohol” its “Alcohol and OTHER drugs” I am 50 yrs old and i have been burning since my teens…i have a professional job and have raised 2 boys who are also professionals…i have a serious issue with someone telling me what i cant do if im not hurting anyone….especially if they have a pack of cigs in their pockets or drink beer or whiskey….all i can say is I WILL smoke weed….so catch me if you can!!!

      • victor crocco

        @ Robert: the drone is already over your house. We hacked yahoo and got your address. Walk out to your car so we can get a clear shot at 5pm MST.

        • Robert Johnson

          first of all i dont have a car and 2nd of all im in the Gulf of Mexico hahaha catch me if you can lolololol

        • snafubar

          They don’t have to hack yahoo… gives them complete access.

    • Pingback: New Schools, Less Crime: Colorado Sees Benefits Of Marijuana Legalization()

    • matt martinez

      Is this not enough proof that marijuana benefits everyone? Even those who dont use it? We are past big paper companies trying to lobby against it because we are moving to a paperless society so hemp really isnt a big competitor since the entire industry is in a decline. Crime is obviously down, showing those with ignorance that legalizing this drug, that is less harmful and addictive than cigarettes and alcohol, is a step in the right direction. And teen usage, although the drug is legal, has not risen dramatically. Everyone knows the appeal of something goes down once readily available. The laws in place were designed to create a monopoly for an industry over 100 years ago, were designed to control migrant workers in El Paso almost 100 years ago as well, and all the lobbying and laws against it since then were solely designed to bring in $$$$$$ for police departments across the nation. Time to wake up and tell the government its not about the $$$$ anymore and that we see through their BS.

      • Fugg

        Many more uses for hemp other than paper.

      • larryborel

        For those seeking a safe reliable source of highly digestible protein try hemp protein powder. Oh, and by the way< did I mention it is 100% legal. Legal CDB liquid is available on Amazon. Also legal.

    • John smith

      Legalize all drugs

    • Shane Willis

      I can agree with you on the uses of hemp.

    • Shane Willis

      Lol before you start spreading this as gospel, first this is an opinion piece written by an independent journalist, second quotes of statistics without posting verifiable data links. Don’t you think that if this was verifiable any of the big five main stream media outlets would be posting this all over?. I’m don’t care what you smoke or do as long as your not interfering with people and their daily lives……besides the more dope smokers there are the more higher paying jobs that do drug testing are open…;)

      • Michael Wagster

        shane, For the last 80 years the government and every media outlet has printed nothing but lies, research studies that have repeatedly turned out to be gutter science, outright lies, statistical lies-none of it verifiable; and you take umbrage over what is given as fact and is provable as fact merely by asking the state of colorado . as it is their figures. Why don’t you just admit you are working against legalization even though new studies (reputable ones) have shown the many and varied medicinal uses of hemp, as well as the myriad of commercial uses for hemp. You are part of the problem; but soon you will either die or see which way the money wagon goes and jump on board. Until then why not quit exhibiting your ignorance.

      • PKRock

        Shane, not sure which statistics you are referring to, but those about a decrease in crime in Colorado for 2014 have been reported extensively in the news since the start of 2015. Its not possible to say that it has anything to do with legalization of MJ, but its obvious that legalization did not cause an increase in crime.

        • Robert Johnson

          i think shane is a or at least he thinks like one!!!!!!!!!

      • jason

        Shane…you do realize that “dope smokers” fill a lot of those high paying jobs right?? It’s not just the negros and entertainers that ole Uncle Harry Anslinger told you who used cannabis…

        “Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.” Harry Anslinger

        furthermore…you can also bet money on the fact that, the drug testing policies of companies are going to change…Persecution for people who choose to use a safer alternative to alcohol and cigarettes is going to come to an end…

        Just watch…as every state becomes legal you will see lawsuit after lawsuit..where a legal cannabis user is going to sue an employer over being fired for using a LEGAL substance…

        Once precedent is legally set that you can;t fire or discriminate against someone, solely because the drug test only works to show cannabis.,the drug testing will go away…

        Performance and impairment testing is the only truly legitimate and fair way to enforce drug policy at a company…

        • Fugg

          Harry Anslinger produced volumes of propaganda against marijuana and hemp to save his job and the jobs of his revenue agents after the prohibition of alcohol ended.

      • jontomas

        You seem to have no awareness of the relative damages by alcohol and marijuana. Look at any objective report on drugs. You will see alcohol is the MOST destructive drug on the planet, while marijuana is the LEAST harmful one.

        Smart employers of the near future will prefer their employees consume near harmless marijuana (at home, after work) rather than addictive, very harmful, hangover-producing alcohol.

      • Robert Johnson

        first of all, marijuana is NOT dope. Herion, crack and meth is DOPE and 2nd of all these are reliable statistics from a reputable Shane you need to check your facts.

        • BF

          Then why is it a schedule one drug.

          • Jim Crosby

            You need to do some research and find out why. The reason will surprise you.

          • jason

            read a book called “chasing the scream” it will tell you everything you need to know…

          • Fugg

            Because Nixon hated having all those hippies protesting on his front lawn.

            • Eddie273273

              It was actually “get those dirty Jews” protesting on his front lawn .

          • Robert Johnson

            because of the idiots in the dea and dumbass nixon….im pretty sure ur a cop because a regular person would know the answer to you stupid question.

          • hunkabarry1

            Corruption and lies. Just around the corner and it shall be removed .Peace to the movement!!

          • tuffee

            Because of cop and prison guard uion,s big phrma big tobacco bid booze and drug testing company,s that,s the only reason it,s still schedule one

        • Steve Jay

          Dope is slang for all of those including MJ. These days MJ is excluded by the younger crowd however it was indeed refered to as dope.

          • Robert Johnson

            wrong..dope is something you shoot…and if it is an acceptable slang im sure not using it…alcohol is more of a dope than anything…

            • tuffee

              Only dopes use dope cool people smoke weed

              • Robert Johnson

                thats what im talkin bout Tuffee

          • snafubar

            Actually “dope” was slang at one time for telling the truth/the whole story. And then there is something called pipe dope…..look it up or ask a plumber. True, that term is used for most drugs, yet not the killer legal drugs of alcohol and nicotine. Geeeeeee, wonder why?

      • hunkabarry1

        I believe you need to read your history. Prohibition did not work a long time ago and it certainly does not work today. And that is a fact!!!

      • Youssef Ismail

        This is widely known information. Why don’t try Google?

      • Michael Boggs

        Cannabis is without a doubt safer than alcohol and tobacco. So why don’t they drug test and fire/deny employment to people with traces of those substances in their systems? It would only make logical sense right??? I’d wager there wouldn’t be anyone getting hired to work any high paying jobs….. yourself included. And because urine tests aren’t suited to show long term use for other substances like it does for cannabis…. Do hair follicle test on everyone instead. Yeah, I’d say there’d be a whole lot of people without a job. They need to change the drug testing rules, or remove marijuana from it completely.

      • tuffee

        My boss quit drug testing 8 years ago because he got tired of losing his best employees and having to keep hungover drunks on the job.

      • Ben

        Why do you think the major media outlets only cover certain things that seem to be a in the same line? Why do they major media outlets seem to cover what seems to be the flavor of the day?
        Do you trust the major media more than an independent journalist?
        Why has there been sooooo little coverage from the major media in CO or the other states?

        It is the politics of the few people who control major media, they have to gloss it over to keep their political ties in tact.

        I make good money and most of my network of friends make 6 figures and we all smoke. None of really drink alcohol, hmpf!

      • IJR

        Higher paying jobs, like the one I have, do not have drug testing.

        I would never insult my employees with a drug test. They are professionals. If they slack, they get fired. If they act unprofessionally they get fired. Drugs rarely have anything to do with that.

        I smoke cannabis daily. I break necks and cash checks. If you met me in a business situation, you would probably not think that I use cannabis and you would probably not know that I used before meeting you.

        Drug tests are also very easy to get trick.

    • denisicle

      The criminalization of cannabis was prompted from a purely capitalistic viewpoint, not a health viewpoint, by lies and propaganda. That’s why hemp, which cannot get anyone high, was also made illegal — it competed with the timber industry, i.e., paper, i.e., newspapers, i.e., Hearst. Hemp is one of the best things to grow as it can be used for fuel, food, planting to take heavy metals out of soil (crop rotation), and the fibers of the plant are so strong that Henry Ford made a car using hemp instead of metal. Amazing . . .but look at all the established industries that hemp could kick out of first-place standing if only we were allowed to grow it and manufacture the byproducts of it. I could go on and on about hemp and how useful it could be.

      • Fugg

        From his first day in office in 1930, Harry Anslinger had a problem, and everybody knew it. He had just been appointed head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics—a tiny agency, buried in the gray bowels of the Treasury Department in Washington, D.C.—and it seemed to be on the brink of being abolished. This was the old Department of Prohibition, but prohibition had been abolished and his men needed a new role, fast.
        Harry’s solution. Create propaganda about the dangers of marijuana. Enlist the help of Randolph Hearst and his network of newspapers. Hearst held vast amounts of timber he wished to sell to the paper mills but hemp could be used to make paper for less. Texas legislators needed a means to deport Mexicans, so they also jumped on board with the propaganda.
        Marijuana prohibition was a jobs bill supported by monetary and racists interests. Sold to the public using propaganda and false claims.

    • bearass

      I wonder what the idiots at SMART would think about the facts in this article.

    • SusieQ

      Just think of the possibilities if pot were legalized all over the country? More and better schools, a rebuilding of our infrastructure and the closing of many private prisons who mostly house those that shouldn’t be there. Just think of all the lives that will no longer be destroyed by our shameful drug war.

    • madtxn

      the 1972 shafer report commissioned by Nixon recommended to NOT put marijuana on the schedule list of banned drugs. the war has caused more chaos against amerikans than any other action. the brainwashing the people of power have exerted against the general public deserve the fate of the branch Davidians. talk about crimes against humanity and we thought hitler was bad. drug abuse has always been a medical issue, not criminal.

    • jason

      noooooo…not possible….but, but, but Nancy Reagan said we would all die….and pot zombies would be roaming the streets looking for poor innocent conservatives to kill for their money so they could go buy more devil weed!!

      Nooooo…but, but, but…you mean the sky didn’t fall?? You mean the devil didn’t arrive and start a party for all the devil weed users in the town square…..

      but, but, but what about the children…….

      sorry I couldn’t go any further….let’s see the prohibitionist try to explain this one…

      • Peter Paul

        I wonder what he would say now if current research.. Was he fed lies and tainted research? He was from California and acted, where you would think it would be more acceptable. I guess we’ll never truly know but he was unfortunately able to along w his wife convince too many people of it’s “ill effects.”

        • Fugg

          This is your brain on drugs.

      • Robert Johnson

        reagan was another idiot who thought he had all the answers..what a f#^#(ing mooron!!!!!!

        • snafubar

          Hahahaha…you pretty much described every politician out there……accurately.

      • snafubar

        Awwwww, you missed my fave……the DEA Agent testifying not too long ago under oath about the “wild bunnies in Utah” that were in danger because they might eat some Cannabis and “lose their fear of humans” and turn into dope-crazed-zombie-rabbits or some such ignorant sheeit.

        • SayItAintSo

          Ha ha ha ha ha ha HA !! These are the agents of the task force pulling rabbits out of their hats. LMAO.

    • SayItAintSo

      Yeah countless billions wasted on the war on MJ, as our govt is so prone to do in so many ways, instead of treatment programs for those who can’t maintain. A shocking waste when so much good could have been done with those many billions, maybe trillions. Gosh who knows.

    • INKT

      END THE DRUG WAR NOW!!!!!!!!!!

    • jc

      In other news, the Colorado sky has not fallen yet, but politicians in other states are hopeful.

    • Safety First

      Don’t say thousands of people didn’t tell you so long before cann(a) bis was legalized .

    • Jillian Galloway

      So basically the federal government lied to the American people about marijuana for the last seventy years – and wasted $billions of OUR money because of this lie? Isn’t it time for this to stop? Isn’t it time we legalized marijuana like beer and wine and let people choose this far safer alternative to alcohol?

      • Fugg

        Yes it is time. Past time in fact. Problem is the generations that still believe the government propaganda and lies.

      • Speckintime

        People who do not suffer from chronic pain don’t have a clue how hard the simplest things in life can be.

        Prescription drug overdose with pain medications are a leading cause of accidental death, many health complications as well as addiction can take place. In some cases, death has been caused by over-the-counter drugs.

        Meanwhile people are going to prison for growing a plant that helps so many with no quality of life, the Supreme Court upholds confiscating peoples property even though they have not been convicted of a crime. Billions get spent on corruption while our children’s future gets borrowed away. Truth is stranger then fiction when corruption rules and the worlds full of fools

        End the war on humanity, people are suffering, lives are being destroyed because of this war of lies and deception.

        Hemp never should had been made illegal in the first place, it was another casualty to a criminal law built on racism, greed, graft and corruption.

        Marihuana laws were never about protecting the public, if anything just what was done to the environment by destroying the green Hemp Industry for the toxic Petrochemical Industry is a crime in itself against humanity.

        Both parties are working for the same cause, the powers that be keep the hot potato of blame passed around so that the voters stay confused. Who is really running the show is not for the voters to know. That way the men behind the curtain can keep the voters fighting each other, while their power remains secure. It’s all smoke, mirrors and misdirection to keep a population in control.

        For what both parties have been doing to this country for decades Americans should be voting every incumbent out at every election and diluting the rats nest with third party candidates. Sadly the US has either become a nation of fools or the vote is a fraud and totally controlled, either way it doesn’t leave too much hope for the country.