New Normal: Washington Has To Accept That Iran’s Opinion Matters

"US leadership seems to have acknowledged that Iran is a force to be reckoned with and its opinion on major issues matters."
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    The talks in Vienna marked the first time in recent history that Washington and Tehran were sitting at the same table as equal partners. US leadership seems to have acknowledged that Iran is a force to be reckoned with and its opinion on major issues matters, Stratfor asserted.

    “Despite Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s repeated warnings that Iran cannot trust the United States in discussions beyond the nuclear issue, the reality is that the nuclear deal was merely the stepping stone to a much broader strategic dialogue,” the US think tank noted.

    The dialogue is already a reality.

    The US and Iran are in contact over the anti-ISIL campaign in Iraq. The US leads the multinational aerial campaign aimed at destroying the radical Sunni group, while Tehran is supporting and assisting Shia militias, which are fighting militants on the ground. Both countries are also reported to be discussing counterterrorism efforts in Syria, as well as the future of Bashar al-Assad.

    Saudi Arabia, one of America’s key ally in the Middle East, and other Gulf states “can no longer use an exclusive relationship with Washington to shape US foreign policy in the Middle East,” the think tank observed. From now on, Iran will apparently have a say too.

    The resolution of the Syrian crisis is one of the major issues on the agenda. If one of the first steps to solve it involves holding elections, then key stakeholders will have to implement a ceasefire agreement in the war-torn country. This might prove to be a challenge since ISIL “remains a major force on the battlefield, ready to take advantage of any openings in the fight to surge into new areas,” Stratfor warned.

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    • Taji Hanson

      The Iran regime has fought endlessly to keep Assad in power there to the extent it even begged the Russians for military support to save him from being overthrown as rebels made serious inroads. The mullahs sought to legitimize the idea of Assad staying in power and seemed to reach a breakthrough by finally being invited to multilateral talks on finding a political solution to the crisis. But now the regime has threatened to walk away from the talks. It’s this kind of “I’ll take my ball and play elsewhere” response that has come to typify Iranian regime’s reactions in foreign affairs now. It pushed for a nuclear agreement and then complained about it and threatened to walk away. It pushed for a role for Assad and a seat at the table and now that it has it, it threatens to walk away. Khamenei picks and chooses his fights and he clearly intends on fighting any notion of moderation.

    • SeaNote

      It’s getting harder to read all these incredibly stupid articles.

    • Bill

      As An American I would put anything recommendation on hold. I would put all diplomatic, Guards, and instructors in Erbil. Let ISIS do what it likes to Bagdad and Iran. We should help our allies which happen to be Israel, Saudi, Jordan, UAE, and the Kurds. We do not have to help Bagdad, Iran and Russia when it comes to ISIS.

    • dn32844

      Iran It does matter whether Washington likes it or not. Iran with over 9000 years history is not like those fake kingdoms Anglo/American government created to protect oilfields and to ensure free flow of oil to the West.

    • Kimo Krauthammer

      The US should get out of Syria and let the Russians wipe out the terrorist vermin. With the US gone, Russian jets could keep Turkish and Israeli jets from attacking the Kurds in the North. The Turks are facilitating ISIS and bombing the Kurds. It would help to stop other countries meddling in Syria and let Assad clean things up. Saying Assad has to go is crazy. The void left would result in utter chaos.

      • Dustin Floyd

        Exactly. Couldn’t have said it better myself. If that isn’t obvious to our world leaders as (one of) the best courses of action, my hope and faith in the human race shall decrease that much more…

      • dn32844

        What if our government doesn’t really want terrorists wiped out, after all, it has spent billions to create scarecrows and now it is trapped in quagmire itself created.

    • TecumsehUnfaced

      The ghosts of Allen and John Foster Dulles must screaming new notes of pain in Hellll.

      • TecumsehUnfaced