Mounting Evidence Shows US Does Not Want ISIS Defeated

The West cannot pretend to want to defeat ISIS when they refuse to coordinate with or support the only indigenous group making substantial gains against the radicals.
By @Justinkingnews |
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    (ANTIMEDIA) Mosul, Iraq – Whether through nefarious planning or just plain incompetence, it seems as though the Western powers have no interest in a defeated Islamic State. The battle in Iraq caused by years of failed foreign policy rages, and the West seems to only be concerned with public relations activities.

    The Kurds are literally begging for supplies to fight the Islamic radicals. In an amazing interview with The Guardian, Captain Ibrahim expressed his surprise at being abandoned by the West.

    “You know, we’re puzzled being out here with such a lack of support. Why is this happening? We like freedom. We are just like you. We want what you have.”

    Captain Ibrahim is just outside of Mosul, where an offensive is scheduled to begin in April or May. That piece of information was leaked by US war planners, in what seemed like a blatant attempt to warn the Islamic State forces. He bemoaned the British who have denied Kurdish requests for heavy weapons, but are sending them to the same Iraqi forces that abandoned hundreds of armored vehicles and thousands of Humvees when then turned tail and ran from advancing IS forces. Those weapons are now being used against the Kurds who held the line while the Iraqi army regrouped.

    There was a strategy meeting held recently… the Kurds weren’t invited, even though they seem to be the only force in the area holding their own against the radicals.

    The West’s intentions are clear. The only victory that is acceptable is one led by the puppet regime in Baghdad. If the victory was led by the Kurds, it would embolden the nationalist movement in Northern Iraq. An independent Kurdistan is contrary to US business interests because the new nation might not honor the contracts western corporations have signed with the regime in Baghdad.

    There is no clearer sign of the West’s unwillingness to help the Kurds than the fact that the UK would not even sell leftover weapons from Afghanistan to the Kurdish militias that are cleaning up the coalition’s mess. Yes, the Kurds offered to pay for them. While the US is dumping billions into Israel’s war machine for new fighter jets to attack a contained Palestinian people, the Pentagon seems unwilling to give the Kurds even “hand me down” weapons so they can win a fight a common enemy.

    Ash CarterU.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter, left, delivers a speech to troops at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, Monday, Feb. 23, 2015. Carter is gathering top U.S. military commanders and diplomats for talks in Kuwait on Monday about the battle against Islamic State, as America’s military effort approaches major hurdles in both Iraq and Syria.

    While the campaign contributors to America’s policymakers count their profits, the Kurdish fighters that were captured by the Islamic State were paraded through Hawija in cages similar to the one in which a Jordanian pilot was burned alive. Nobody expects them to survive the week.

    The President’s administration has used the threat of the Islamic State to seek far-reaching authorization for military operations, while the men and women who are on the front lines are left without the tools they need to defeat the enemy. This is a matter of life and death for the people of Iraq. As has been the case since 2003, the West has couldn’t care less about the suffering of the Iraqi people. All that matters is big business interests. Safely from inside the marble halls of government offices in the United States, the lack of support for the Kurds is an uncomfortable political issue that will be sorted out in due time. A few miles from the front line, the lack of heavy weapons to counter the armored vehicles isn’t uncomfortable; it’s unforgiving.

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    • Rockchair

      You need to go to confession for this.

    • Joe

      Well written. Nice to see, unlike all the bias news out there.

    • anonymous

      We can not defeat ISIS because ISIS is US

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    • weetam2

      If the US and its poodles are not backing evil despots, they are invading their countries, killing millions and leaving the places in chaos and ruin. Utter hypocrites to the core, they side with the vile Saudi- swine, as they did with Bin Laden, Saddam Hussian for decades, any mass-killer despot will do the USA… as long as its in their greedy interests.
      How the vile USA had their best pal and ally Saddam.. war on Iraq for them and their parasites pals~the evil Saudi Arabia. 7 years of war, millions killed, just the stuff the…. Great Satan~ USA thrives at.

    • Freyafiannaw

      Well that’s a pretty ignorant and dumb response, just as ignorant as you’re making out ‘americunts’ to be. There is obviously a huge problem going on in Syria and Iraq, not least the thousands of children who have been displaced from their homes, turned into child soldiers, sexually assaulted and killed on the front lines – all of which are war crimes Isis are guilty of. Then you have the genocide of the Yazidi people, the huge refugee camps, the trafficking of women and the slave trade, the executions of hundreds of Kurdish soldiers, and beheadings of innocent journalists and aid workers which then makes it all the more difficult for countries like the US to supply aid safely to those in need.
      However, if there’s anything that we’ve learnt from the situation in The Middle East of the past thirty years – Western intervention particularly from the US has not always been gladly appreciated because it has usually caused more problems than there were to start with. (Hence why ISIS are running around with weapons property of the US government!) Iranian soldiers refused to fight on the ground if they were supported by US air strikes, for example, so there’s a also a lot of hostility and opposition against US intervention. It’s also not as simple as supplying military force to the Kurdish people and then thinking that will be the solution – although the US as a whole is basically the greatest military force on the planet – when do you say “okay let’s step in now and involve ourselves in a war that isn’t ours” is it right to intervene in another nation’s business? What authority do they have to do this? Western nations may be victims of terrorist attacks but the war is not on their doorstep. War takes fathers, mothers, sons, sisters, daughters, uncles, cousins… war costs human life. These are all questions for discussion im sure.
      What’s happening is a terrible, terrible tragedy and I’m sure most of the world (including the ‘Americunt’ people) can see the pain and the suffering going on and would like nothing more than to help where they can (why aid workers were captured in the first place), and provide military assistance. Ultimately the ‘americunt’ people have to put faith in their government in regards to how the US is going to tackle ISIS and where they think military intervention is appropriate, and not all citizens are sat at home ‘judging people’. The growth and control of the Islamic State is not a simple problem to fix, there’s a myriad of reasons that the US Should and should NOT intervene. Although the U.S. are involved with carrying out air strikes, providing aid and some military assistance (backing Jordan and united is sadness over the vile execution of Moaz Kasasbeh and now considering boots on the ground – not just sitting back judging.
      I agree that we need to unite, Muslims, Christians, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic, whatever – we are all human beings and we should all have the right to live peacefully and safely with one another, free from oppressive radicalism, extremism and violence and terror. This is why ISIS is so concerning for other nations – their lack of tolerance for other people and living in equality – they wish to single out their religion to be superior and refuse to co-exist with those they consider ‘infidels’. We are all people, we are all brothers and sisters of the same species – religion should be a positive and not a dividing force in our lives.
      But I do think in ways the ISIS situation is helping to unite nations regardless of race and religion, we are all united in sorrow for those who have lost their lives or face consistent suffering in the hands of ISIS, it is not an easy topic to discuss or read about without feeling overwhelmed with anger and emotions.
      But one instance I can think of that was a beautiful example of a people united was the Sydney “I’ll ride with you” hashtag after the cafe siege. Albeit only a small, simple message, the meaning behind it is positive, beautiful, loving and powerful. Although it’s sad that unfortunate circumstances are what it takes for us to realise that most people want to live in a world of equality, peace and harmony with each other – at the same time it’s comforting to know that whether or not anyone knew it before, that support was obviously there all the time.
      Yes, more needs to be done to help destroy ISIS so that they may never be able to commit such barbaric and sickening crimes again, but as with any war, unfortunately its going to take more time to resolve the complexity of the situation and more people will die before we can reach a time of peace. It’s a very sad reality, and in my opinion a time without war is an inconceivably long way off – there are always going to be people who are unhappy or those seeking control – the best we can do is support those who are victimised by war and terrorism (which I think the U.S. is doing admirably) and do our best as a world to defend and fight back against those who wish to destroy love, peace and freedom.
      I’m not an American citizen, I just think its a very complex question to be giving a definitive answer, but we should not be inciting hate onto other people or nations, after all that makes us no better than ISIS.

      • Rockchair

        What a refreshingly intelligent response. This American thanks you.

        • Freyafiannaw

          Pleasure. For a better world we need to lead by example – hate breeds hate, but love breeds love and we all have a responsibility to be a good person. Not religious just a 23 year old student who believes in the good in people.

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    • zabada

      it is America mistake..mess up with wrong people..sunnis make up 90% out of nearly 2 billion muslims., is not easy to kill an organization that support among nearly 2 billion people..America planted wars in middle east to protect Israel..unfortunately they eventually make big mistake…their plan are working other way.Isis will harm Israel and Zionist invasion in future.Arrogant people always make mistake.

      • weetam2

        In the last resort Nuclear annillation of most muslims would be the way to go, cleanse the world of the [Disease] of Islam.

        • zabada

          the truth the world need to wipe out new world order..this organization planned to enslave you and all people on behalf of zionist..draw people condone sins,genocide….oppressing people…draw to people to worship satan..convert to illuminiti and destroy morality…you and your decide to wipe out muslims..that what why isis beheading your friends..they not do that before .they are killing your side and the shiites because you planned to destroy muslims by using the shiites who are infidel like you..All muslims live peacefully is your side plan draw them to save them selves..Saudi now also forced to engage in war to protect their brothers Sunnis in Yemen..and it is America zionist who planted Houthis uprising ti destabilize middle east on behalf of Israel…your crazy mind to destroy muslims is true terror that force them to killing thinks muslims will show their neck up to you ?now they are growing and harm your zionist friends.It is their and your bad heart that force them to unite to destroy your side.You are not only crazy you also ignorant .

          • Mrtyu

            The problem with the middle east is they have too much resources for their own good and no real means to protect them that’s why you see so much bloodshed over there. There’s only 2 ways to end the conflict give in to demands from (us, china, eau, Russia, etc.) or flee all across the world and don’t live there. Homes or not anything else will breed violence, death, and suffering for all who stay.

        • zabada

          you wipe out zionist invasion first to stop muslims uprising…now muslims started to overwhelming world force…overcome them..don,t worry..they will not harm good person,except you are brutal people.i m good on eschatology.

    • m09952

      I’d like to add one thing that it was Kayla choice to go to a Muslim country and donate her time and I admire her ,,,,,she was eventually killed basically by isis and now her family is ranting on every news channel with there displeasure with our country again our country don’t pay ransom to terrorist so please educate yourself and your family before your child decides to get on a plane to help people in need ,,, And give it some though about our military and the risks you put them in when you board that plane and go to a dangerous country I guess her family never gave it any though they just want to vent and blame it’s time to take responsibility on yourself and your child’s decision and that decision puts everyone in a bad position,,,,,,

      • weetam2

        Donate her time? those vermin are not worth urinating on, the same porkers would not give a non-muslim a glass of water if they were dying of thirst.

    • m09952

      Us goverment is letting the Muslims kill each other because they know eventually they will all be against the USA so it’s a process of elimination then will destroy isis

    • Bruce Budy
    • Bruce Budy
    • Bruce Budy
    • Bob Barton

      The Brotherhood supports ISIS that’s why Obama is not helping the Kurds.

    • Shadow

      The only asshat’S I see are most americunts for being mighty on those they don’t know well, they can’t even locate where Aslan is, but so dumb and week before their enslaving government. I think americunts really deserve what comes at them, and it’ll only get worse. Chances are most of those pro americunts here are either paid, kids or dumb yeehhhaaa cow*hit collectors. Intelligent real cool and strong Americans are those whom are running to free themselves from their government control, and stop hatting altogether. While idiot amercunts are best at being in competition to be the most pathetic ranters on the http://WWW...

      • wordscanhelp

        I don’t like your rant, especially how you say americunts – whyuse a derogartory word for women’s body parts to convey something bad You came out of a womand and there is nothing weak, wimpy or bad about femaleness

        • weetam2

          Exactly, as a man I hate demeaning women, they are us,we are them. Real men do not pick on women or use derogatory slang.

    • tonya

      Totally disgusting!

    • threeems

      Gotta feed the pig (the military-industrial complex) – can’t do that if all the hostilities stop! Eisenhower’s warnings were very apt.

    • Marge Mullen

      Today, few people are “connecting the dots” between turning away from God and the declining influence and growing troubles In our modern Western Nations.

      However, some have been sounding warnings that echo ancient biblical prophecies!

      More than 25 years ago, prominent theologian Carl Henry saw the connection between the rejection of Judeo-Christian moral values and rising rates of divorce, teen pregnancies, cohabitation, use of drugs and suicide. He noted that “American society is being penetrated as never before by alien religious influences that the West and the Bible call pagan, propelling us toward a “cultural Armageddon.”

      Bible prophecies have long-foretold the demise of the Israelite nations of the Western world at the end of the age because they would turn from God and forget the lessons of history. Those ancient prophecies are coming alive in the events we are witnessing today!

      • mrpuma2u

        Lots of mythologies have predicted the end of the world, and yet it never happens. When is your zombie savior coming back, btw? Everyone said it was at the year 1000, then the year 2000 and still no 2nd coming. Xtian ministers are pissed about declining church attendance, as it means skimpier amounts on the collection plate. Worry about the very real problem of Wall street greedy vampires sucking the blood out of America, not unicorns and fairy tales.

    • Whorepoon

      “The West’s intentions are clear. The only victory that is acceptable is one led by the puppet regime in Baghdad. If the victory was led by the Kurds, it would embolden the nationalist movement in Northern Iraq. Anindependent Kurdistan is contrary to US business interests because the new nation might not honor the contracts western corporations have signed with the regime in Baghdad.

      There is no clearer sign of the West’s unwillingness to help the Kurds than the fact that the UK would not even sell leftover weapons from Afghanistan to the Kurdish militias that are cleaning up the coalition’s mess. Yes, the Kurds offered to pay for them. While the US is dumping billions into Israel’s war machine for new fighter jets to attack a contained Palestinian people, the Pentagon seems unwilling to give the Kurds even “hand me down” weapons so they can win a fight a common enemy.”

      I can not be proud of what this country has fomented in the wake of 60 years of systematic covert manipulations in the lives of other countries. Nor the bipolar choices we have made concerning Israel and the countries Israel is enemies with. In 1953, we toppled a government to install a Dictator. When the Shah was deposed by his countrymen, we made “enemies for life” with Iran. (whom we had sold weapons from the start)

      Then we sold and gifted weapons to the guy who nation America just blundered and left in ruins, Saddam Hussein. When he became ‘non-compliant’, guess who became victim to American Interventionism? Isn’t INVASION and take over the ultimate intervention? but America does it like an alcoholic, bingeing on the collapse of all the rising continents. Selling weapons to whichever regime we install or have to make a deal with.

      Ever wonder if the soul purpose of a Capitalist Republic (the US being the blueprint) is to foment crisis just to sell crap? Why fiddle with only tiny bits of the Arab Spring?
      WHY NOT have a little money and power sprinkled all through our customer base North East of the Sinai. That way one regime will be keeping another one down and the people hate it all so they buy weapons to fight for “Freedom”.

      WHY spend more than we need to be “perfectly incompetent” and leave just enough of a security force behind so we can hold LZ’s for the INVASION troops to get secured. Do you REALLY think America is Training Foreign troops to WIN???? We are training their best to be half the soldiers that WE train. it explains the flight of the more modern Army in the world @ the first shot. It explains how ONLY Iraq’s Republican Guard had any success as a military unit in Baghdad against the West.

      We are shorting the Kurds (for the 2nd time in 50 years) weapons and support of any kind (not even AIR SUPPORT) while they are the ONLY HONORABLE people in this fight. I am Ashamed of the corruption and tyrannical power trip our government has become and has inflicted on the rest of this World. More than Israel, THESE people DESERVE out help. But then you go back to the Capitalist Republican Creed of selling weapons to everyone EXCEPT THE GUYS WHO CAN ACTUALLY FIGHT. But to BLOCK the SALE of Used Weapons is an affront to the CONCEPTS of Freedom, Liberty, Integrity and Dignity.

      Meanwhile, Israel has bumped it’s settlement building efforts in Gaza by 40%. Isn’t that BREAKING the Cease Fire? I KNOW it’s one of the main reason it rains rockets in that part of the desert.

      It’s how the big dog stays on the porch and all the little dogs bark & bite each other

      • weetam2

        You are right they want a puppet gov in Baghdad, like they had under their old pal Saddam.

        • OBNOX

          And under Malaki, and now under “Anonymous dictator #5”.

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    • Marge Mullen

      Please lets stop using the term US and put the blame where it lies on the Muslim asshat in the white house!!

      • Tanya Karaman

        The blame more likely lies with neoconservative policy makers in Washington who hatched the whole Middle Eastern destabilization scheme in the first place and not Obama himself, as the roots of this movement far precede the current presidency.

        • Marge Mullen

          Stop making excuses for Obuma, he has had enough time to make some changes and has only made it worse. Obuma is a narcissistic idiot!!

          • Jehangir

            You are so ignorant. Your comments make everyone dumber for having read them.

            • Marge Mullen

              Intelligence is like a river, the deeper it is, the less
              noise it makes.

              • James

                Marge instead of trying to reason with a small minded person who knows nothing but believes they know everything, i will just put it in a simple little phrase even you will understand. be quiet idiot and get an education.

                • James, you can’t educate the unwilling. When I was in the army(ours) when I was making a long BS line for what I had not done my CO would say 4 words very commandingly “Shut the fuck up!” I learned that my second day in the Army (ours).

              • Jehangir

                Then you should have remained silent yourself…..

              • weetam2

                And~ If you had a brain you could be dangerous.

          • Tanya Karaman

            Oh I’m not making excuses for anybody, and although Obama is not helping much, I fail to see how he has made anything worse, since everything that is happening today is part of a plan that was hatched two decades ago. The true culprits are neocons (Zionists) who have controlled policy in Washington for the last ~20 years, many of whom are dual Israeli citizens, like Perle, Wolfowitz, Feith, Kissinger (and too many others to list). Which country’s interest do you think they have at heart when they continuously send our military to fight against the perceived enemies of Israel? If you take the time to familiarize yourself with the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) and the Clean Break Strategy and their authors, you’ll quickly realize that what you see happening today is just a small part of a larger plan to destabilize the Middle East. Your quickness to perceive someone to be Muslim and therefore solely at fault demonstrates the success of another part of this strategy, which is to vilify and dehumanize Muslims so the world will blame them and justify their continued slaughter by the millions instead of the Zionists who are behind it all.

            • wordscanhelp

              Don’t engage Marge, she likes name-calling and has her mind made up. Obama is working with Turkey right now, as far as I understand, to get rid of Assad. After that, Daesh. I refuse to say islamic state because it is not a state, but by projecting it as such you are doing their propaganda for them. Turkey is the problem with helping the Kurds, also because YPG is leftist some Americans have a problem with that, and the Peshmerga are Muslim conservatives, down on females, which is why erdogan loves to work with them. If the PKK
              Ocalan’s new call for a peace agreement works, that could take PKK off the US and Turkey terrorist lists, and make aid easier. Problem is that Peshmerga nd YPG have different social ideologies – I am with YPG all the way!

          • weetam2

            And you are? A GOOD head, IF one likes Cabbage that is.

          • Rockchair

            What we should do is stop pretending people like you have any interest in resolving the problem. You obviously have no understanding of the situation nor the history behind it nor the people involved. You are here to make sure nothing is discussed intelligently, and responding to your nonsense is a waste of time.

        • weetam2

          Wise words indeed and true.

      • gringo_1

        The asshat in the white house just like most of the asshat’s before him is merely a puppet!!

      • Alaf Khan

        Marge Mullen : You don’t seem to know anything yet bleet like a goat to make your pitch. The whole mess in Middle East is stared by the biggest a–hole President Bush and his -a– hole redneck s_b Dick Cheney in attacking Iraq for alleged Nuclear weapons. That ignited and opened up the fissure between a controlled regime of Saddam Hussain an elite group like the House of Saud than the majority Shias who were fanatics and had an ax to grind with Sunnis who ruled them for decades. The rise of fanatic Shias and PM Maliki with US backing in IRAQ and indirect help from Tehran decimated the Sunnis and intellectuals and well to do of IRAQ. That created the ISIS within Syria, a Sunni majority State, to move across the open border with IRAQ to settle scores with Shias. The IRAQI army trained by US a predominantly a Shia Militia group who hated US could not face up to riding ISIS to surrender all their US suppied weapons and run. Now we USA are fighting ISIS against well US armed ISIS. The Shia massacre of SUNNIS had to stop with help from Saudi Arabia and surrounding Sunni States. The ISIS is essentially an army of Sunnis to protect and stop the massacre by Shias. The main culprit here is United States who once supported IRAQ invading IRAN and later turned on IRAQ by Ass-Hole Bush and his administration run by NeoCons and red-neck bums. All Obama is trying and perhaps making it worse is fighting the very people USA should have protected in IRAQ when they invaded IRAQ in 2003. Its like what goes around comes around. We -USA are now in a Sinking Hole with autocratic US controlled regimes of Saudi Arabia and the mess left due stupidity and lack of knowledge of Current and Past US governments in meddling with other nations anywhere. I could write a book and prove to you the past US blunders in Foreign Policy adventurism, the results of which we are seeing everywhere.

      • Remy R-emy Remy

        You’re a hate mongering idiot. You call him a Muslim, as though its an insult. He smokes cigarettes, drinks beer, & doesn’t pray towards Mecca 5 times a day. I’m sure he eats pork too. If you don’t like him, that’s fine. I have no issue with that. I’m not real fond of him either, but its the derogatory use of the word Muslim I have an issue with. There ARE good Muslim people, who are JUST like you, & your resistance, & indifference towards them is unmerited, uncivilized, & uneducated.

        • wordscanhelp

          Agree- sick of haters

        • weetam2

          Obama inherited all the crud from the utter slime Bush.

        • weetam2

          Good muslims? are you kidding!!! can’t be a muslim and believe the tripe/ lies/ hate/ fairy tales in the Koran and be good. Muhammad was a known pedo, a sick little arab weasel, no wonder they do not allow pictures or drawings of the piece of dung

        • weetam2

          Good man is Obama, a great human being, not like the scum/ rat Bush… most hated man on earth. On the top four list around the globe

      • And your facts? are gleaned from what, Marge?

      • weetam2

        God bless President Obama, one of the best US presidents ever, pity if the Corpo-rat, Bank/ Oil swine republican-serfs may win the White House. The USA will soon be number two soon, as China devours the US piece by piece, one year at time.