Military Veterans Send Urgent Letter To National Guard In Ferguson Telling Them To Stand Down

Hundreds of active duty US military and veterans have sent an open letter to Missouri National Guard members urging them to join Ferguson protesters, not fight against them.
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    (TheAntiMedia) Hundreds of active duty US military and veterans have sent an open letter to Missouri National Guard members urging them to join Ferguson protesters, not fight against them.

     The letter, signed by many veterans including dozens who fought in the Iraq war, was published on and can be viewed below:



    To our brothers and sisters in the Missouri National Guard:

    We are writing to you as active-duty U.S. service members and veterans, most of us having served in the Iraq war.

    You have a choice you can make right now.

    The whole world is watching the Ferguson police with disgust. They killed an unarmed, college-bound Black youth in broad daylight, and subsequently responded to peaceful, constitutionally-protected protests with extreme violence and repression.

    Countless constitutional and human rights violations by these police have been documented over the course of the Ferguson protests; from attacking and threatening journalists, to using tear gas against peaceful protesters, including children.

    Now, Governor Nixon has again activated the National Guard to “support law enforcement.” But you don’t have to follow their orders—you can stand with the protesters instead.

    Our true duty

    When we signed up, we swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States.

    The police in Ferguson are violating that Constitution.

    The First Amendment guarantees the right to free speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of the press.

    These laws are, as we are taught our entire lives, our most cherished Constitutional rights—the whole basis for the “freedom” we are told makes us the greatest country on Earth.

    It is undeniable that the Ferguson police has used extreme violence against peaceful protesters, suppressing the right of the people to free speech and the freedom to assemble. They have attacked crowds, with children in them, with rubber bullets, sound cannons and tear gas. People have been mass arrested for simply being at the protest. Image credit:

    Freedom of the press has also been severely infringed upon by Ferguson police. Journalists have been arrested; photo evidence shows riot police firing tear gas directly at reporters and tearing down their camera equipment; Ferguson police have been caught on video threatening journalists with violence if they don’t leave, and declaring that they are not allowed in the protest area.

    With such important and dramatic events unfolding, the right of the people in the United States to have the truth covered by the press is essential to any so-called democratic society.

    The people have the right to protest. If we were truly honoring our oath, we would be in Ferguson to protect the protesters against the repression of their rights by the police.

    We don’t just have a legal obligation, but a moral one

    Clearly, we would be within our legal rights to refuse to help the Ferguson police unconstitutionally suppress these protests. But beyond the constitutional case, we have a moral obligation to refuse to participate.

    The Ferguson police are treating this like a war. And we know that not all wars are just.

    These protests have done something very important in our society: they have raised the deep issues we face of inequality, poverty, racism and police misconduct onto a national stage. It has turned public consciousness to these real problems that plague our society.

    Do you really want to be part of suppressing those civilians raising all these important issues on the national stage?

    Racist police brutality is a real issue in America

    The autopsy of Michael Brown confirms at least five eye-witness accounts that the young man—who was not even suspected by Darren Wilson of any crime—was shot while he had his hands in the air.

    Those of us in the military—especially with combat experience—knows that this flies in the face of any Rules of Engagement, and we know that it is completely ridiculous to believe that Darren Wilson feared for his life in anyway whatsoever.

    Increasingly, the issue of rampant police brutality in America—most frequently by white officers against people of color, with an African American killed every 28 hours by police—is garnering more and more attention on a national and international scale.

    Outrage by the community against the state’s refusal to hold Darren Wilson accountable is entirely justified; the movement, led by Black youth, is a just movement.

    History is unfolding, with the whole world watching. You have a decision to make on which side of history to be on.

    You will make history, one way or the other

    If you take part in the suppression of the protests for Michael Brown, we will be enshrined in history just as the National Guard soldiers who followed their orders to attack and repress civil rights actions, union pickets and anti-war protests. History has not looked kindly on them.

    But you have the chance to make a different kind of history.

    Imagine the powerful impact it would have if you abandoned your posts and marched with the protesters.

    That single action could have the biggest possible effect on the crisis in Ferguson and the larger issues it represents in the entire country. It could be a major turning point in the fight against racism, inequality and police abuse.

    You wouldn’t be alone. There is a whole community of service members, veterans and civilian supporters who would defend your right to do so. And now, in this critical moment, we are urging you to exercise that right.

    Justice for Mike Brown! Arrest Darren Wilson!

    …add your name to this open letter to the National Guard by emailing your name, branch and dates of service, and any deployments to


    This appeal is signed by:

    Post-911 veterans:
    Kourtney Mitchell, US Army, 2011-present
    Sara Beining, US Army, 2004-present (Iraq war veteran)
    Kelsa Pellettiere, US Army, 2009-present
    Anonymous Air Force Technical Sergeant, 2000-present (Afghanistan war veteran)
    Jhassier Laurentes, US Navy, 2013-present
    SSG Al Robinson III, US Army, 1999-present (Afghanistan war veteran)
    Lisa Wnek, US Air Force, 2009 – 2014 (Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran)
    Monique Salhab, US Army, 1997-2007 (Iraq war veteran)
    Margaret Stevens, US Army, 1997-2004
    Chantelle Bateman, US Marines Reserve, 2003-2009 (Iraq war veteran)
    Mike Prysner, US Army, 2001-2005 (Iraq war veteran)
    Sean McCrea, US Marines, 2005-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
    William Felton, US Army, 2005-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
    Kevin Benderman, US Army, 1987-1991 & 2000-2008 (Iraq war veteran)
    Alynn McLellan, US Army, 2008-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
    Danny Birmingham, US Army, 2009-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
    Adam Fuentes, US Navy, 2007-2012
    Ryan Endicott, US Marines, 2004-2008 (Iraq war veteran)
    William Griffin, US Army, 2004-2010 (Iraq war veteran)
    Jason Cardenas, US Army, 2002-2007 (Iraq war veteran)
    Hart Viges, US Army, 2001-2004 (Iraq war veteran)
    Ross Caputi, US Marines, 2003-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
    Camillo Mejia, US Army, 1995-2010 (Iraq war veteran)
    James Circello, US Army, 2001-2008 (Iraq war veteran)
    Jayel Aheram, US Marines, 2006-2010 (Iraq war veteran)
    Miguel Colon, US Marines, 2001-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
    Wendy Barranco, US Army, 2003-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
    Michael Sullivan, US Army, 2005-2007 (Iraq war veteran)
    Kristen Walston, US Navy, 1996-2003
    Vincent Emanuele, US Marines, 2002-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
    Jeremy Berggren, US Marines, 1998-2004
    Ken Braley, US Army, 2002-2005
    Jessie Ryan, US Army, 2000-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
    Nick Kallio, US Army, 2007-2013 (Iraq war veteran)
    Joe Soel, US Army, 2006-2014 (Iraq war veteran)
    Jami King, US Army, 2004-2005
    Richard Stroder, US Marines, 2004-2009 (Iraq war veteran)
    Anonymous, US Army, 2005-2010 (Iraq war veteran)
    Jonathan Engle, US Army, 2007-2013 (Iraq war veteran)
    Amber Royster, US Navy, 2000-2006
    Michael Downs, US Army, 1985-2009
    Zollie Goodman, US Navy, 2002-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
    Kasey Keck, US Army (Iraq war veteran)
    Curtis Sirmans, US Army, 2006-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
    Michael Nelson Hanes, US Marines, 1994-2004 (Iraq war veteran)
    Clifton Hicks, US Army, 2003-2005 (Iraq war veteran)
    Aaron Myracle, US Army, 2002-2010 (Iraq war veteran)
    Kelvin Rodeo, US Navy, 2007-2011
    Danilo Deocampo, US Navy, 1997 – 2003
    Nate Yielding, Virginia Army National Guard 2001-2007, Maryland Air Guard 2007-2011
    Aaron Myracle, Washington Army National Guard, 2002-2010
    Damien Boyd, US Army, 2001-2014
    Victor Agosto, US Army, 2005-2009 (Iraq War Veteran)
    Alec Stevens, US Air Force, 1999-2008
    Jason Mizula, US Army &US Coast Guard, 2002-2008 (Iraq War veteran)
    Daniel Fargason, US Army, 2005-2009 (Iraq war veteran)
    David A Meyer, US Air Force, 1979 – 2001
    Lara Gale, US Army & Air Force Reserve , 1999-2006
    Andrew Dyer, US Navy, 2001-2012
    Gloria A, Downey, US Air Force, 2002 – 2009 (Iraq war veteran)
    German Martinez, US Marines, 2010-2014
    James Poteet, US Army & National Guard, 1993-2001
    Carmine Matlock, US Air Force, 2005-2010
    Maggie Martin, US Army, 2002-2006 (Iraq War Veteran)
    Robert Howell, Illinois Air National Guard, 1999 to 2011 (Iraq war veteran)
    Ian LaVallee, US Army, 2005-2009 (Iraq war veteran)
    Adam G. House, US Army, 2006-2010
    Claire White, US Air Force, 2006-2012
    Randall Mayhugh, US Army, 2003-2006
    Jovanni Reyes, US Army, 1993-2005
    Ramon Mejia, US Marines, 2001-2004 (Iraq war veteran)
    Matt Stys, US Army & Penn. Army National Guard, 1990-1998, 2005-2009
    Angela Hamnes, US Navy, 2001-2011
    Joe Nunley, US Marines, 1997-2002
    Justin Thompson, US Army, 2007-2010 (Iraq war veteran)

    …add your name to this open letter to the National Guard by emailing your name, branch and dates of service, and any deployments to

    Pre-911 veterans:
    Daniel Craig, US Army (Gulf war veteran)
    Gerry Werhan, US Marines, 1971-1994 (Gulf war veteran)
    Curt Schaiberger, US Army, 1987-1991 (Gulf War veteran)
    Michael T. McPhearson, U.S. Army 1981-1992 (Gulf War Veteran)
    Forrest Schmidt, US Army, 1994-2000
    John Fortier, US Air Force, 1952-1955 (Korean war veteran)
    Bill Perry, US Army, 1967-1968 (Vietnam war veteran)
    Matt Dubuc, US Army, 1994-1997 (Bosnia veteran)
    Sanfod Kelson, US Army, 1963-1966
    Alexis Fectaeu, US Airforce, 22 years
    Benny Harris, US Navy, 1973-1993
    Eric Meyer, US Navy, 1967-1971 (Vietnam war veteran)
    Victoria Marx, US Navy, 1969-1976 (Vietnam war veteran)
    Charles SHelton, US Coast Guard, 1969-1972
    Annzala Pitt, US Army, 9 years
    Leonard Vernon, US Army, 1964-1966
    Tom Adams, US Army, 1971-1973
    Paul Appell, US Army, 1968-1971 (Vietnam war veteran)
    Derrick Wilson, US Army, 6 years
    Danny McGregor, US Navy, 21 years
    Douglas Ryder, US Navy, 1964-1967 (Vietnam war veteran)
    Arlene Edwards, US Army Nurse Corps, 1966-1970 (Vietnam war veteran)
    Tommy Griffin, US Army, 1976-1999
    Gary Lail, US Navy, 1964-1968
    Selena Vincin, US Army, 1995-1997
    Danny Fry, US Army, 1970 (Vietnam war veteran)
    Albert Sargis, US Marines, 1956-1962
    Dave Logsdon, US Navy, 1966-1970
    Ken Ashe, US Army, 1969-1971 (Vietnam war veteran)
    Sven Pihl, US Navy, 1986-1990
    William Holcomb, US Navy, 1946-1949
    Daveed Williams, US Navy, 1987-1990
    Nick Velvet, US Army, 1967-1969 (Vietnam war veteran)
    Harold Donle, US Marines (Vietnam war veteran)
    Paul Turner, US Air Force, 1981-1988
    Jamie St. Clair, US Navy, 4 years
    Allie Thorpe, US Navy, 4 years
    Bill Graffam, US Navy (Korean war veteran)
    Mike Madden, US Air Force, 1973-1979
    Ron Arm, US Army, 1966-1971
    Tarak Kauff, US Army, 1959-1962
    Tom Palumbo, US Army, 1978-1993
    Patrick McCann, US Air Force, 1970-1972
    Mark Foreman, US Navy, 1966-1968 (Vietnam war veteran)
    Gerry Condon, US Army, 1967-1975
    Ron Arm, US Army, 1966-1971 (Vietnam war veteran)
    Mike Budd, US Army, 1968-1971 (Vietnam war veteran)
    Amos Sunshine, US Army, 1952-1955
    Glenn Wright, US Air Force, 1962-1974
    James Domenico, US Navy, 1973-1976
    Janice Josephine Carney, U.S. Army 1969-1972 (Vietnam war veteran)
    Russell Brown, US Marines, 1966-68
    Priscilla J Leach, US Coast Guard Reserve, 1982-94
    Ray Reese, US Marine Corps 1956-1962
    Ray Albrecht, US Army, 1974 – 1977
    Christopher G. Wales, USN, 1980-1986
    Marlon Moore, US Navy, 1990-1999
    James C. Branch, US Navy, 1985-1996
    Thomas Easley, US Army, 1972-1974
    Dennis Lambert, US Army, 1992-2000
    Douglas A. Stuart, US Army, 1968-1970 (Vietnam war veteran)
    Gary E. May, US Marines, 1967-1968 (Vietnam war veteran)
    Emanuele Vorso, US Air Force (Retired)
    William Miniutti USMC 1968-1970 (Vietnam war veteran)
    James Reagan Marcroft-Clark, US Marines, 1996-2000
    Maxwell Burgess, US Navy, 1979-1984
    April Adams, US Army, 1990-2000
    Tom Palumbo, US Army & Reserves, 1978-1992
    Russell Bates, US Navy, 1967-1970
    Tariq Khan, US Air Force, 1996-2000
    Paul Appell, US Army, 1968-1971 (Vietnam war veteran)
    Reese Forbes, US Army, 1968-1970
    Vernon Haltom, US Air Force, 1986-1992
    George Waldman, US Air Force, 1960-1969
    Carolyn Rowan, US Air Force, 1976-1978
    Steven M Cross, US Army, 1970 – 1972 (Vietnam war veteran)
    Michael Mangini, US Army, 1979-1983
    Deston Denniston US Army, 1988-1990
    Nate Goldshlag, US Army 1970-1972
    M. Lara Hoke, US Navy, 1990-1994
    Colin Jenkins, US Army, 1994-1998
    Bill Mattis, US Marines, 1969 – 1971
    Adolph L. Biel II, US Navy, Vietman Era
    Aubrey Deloney, US Navy, 1996-2000
    Charles Dean Pleasant Jr., US Air Force, 1972-1976
    Jeannie Ramsey, US Navy, 1974-1976
    George R. Jenkins, US Army, 1965-1967 (Vietnam war veteran)

    …add your name to this open letter to the National Guard by emailing your name, branch and dates of service to

     Nick Bernabe is the founder and editor of He contributes articles to multiple independent news sites and is a San Diego based activist.

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    • Orion the Hunter

      Now we find out they were all wrong. No wonder we call them grunts.

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    • Robert Bruce

      This is all fine and dandy BUT if you refuse to follow a order from your commanding officer you are subject to a Court Martial. The guys that signed the so called letter are not going to get into any trouble. You are a soldier, you follow orders.. The slippery slope they propose is tantamount to anarchy.

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    • Boojack

      I bet the racists on this string talking about killing have killed nothing more than that hound sitting outside your shack. The rest of you fat racists talking about killing are 400 lbs and cannot come up from mama’s basement. Don’t bother with the bit about loving God, because with the things in your heart, he will not know you.

    • Snaproll

      Maybe they should not only stand down, but do a little looting along with the rest of the mob.

    • john649

      geez, the majority of comments here are either violent, filled with hatred or just plain ignorant.
      No wonder these people are out protesting.

    • JackLinks
    • Maximo Partagas

      These veterans dishonor their service by supporting a lawless mob filled with hatred.

    • Charles

      There is always a few idotes in every origination. Being both a veteran and a retired law enforcement officer this letter is an embersment to to the mijority of us.

    • Dan

      The violence and burning of buildings proves that the authorities DID NOT DO ENOUGH to contain the violence.

    • Frank W Marrazzo

      To the democrats that sent this letter you all should be ashamed of your self’s. If you really love this nation then you should stand with the National Guard as they are defending the RIGHTS of the Citizens that are NOT breaking the law. It is not a right to burn and destroy nor commit acts of violence it is a unlawful act the National Guard are there to help contain and control. Stop thinking they are violating thier right to free assembly and free speech they gave that up when they rioted looted and attacked the HONEST AMERICAN PEOPLE that have nothing to do with this. So take your Democrat socialist letter and SHOVE IT and yes I served . I swore to defend just like you did but I refuse to defend the lawless that have gone so far to fly old glory upside down , or threaten a society to to not go by the law we ALL live by or we will burn this bitch down. No sir those are criminals not Good American Citizens. And for you to want them to be allowed to run rampant you are no better than they are. And before you say one word if Brown was not in Wilsons car and not shot while attempting to get Wilson’s gun why is Browns blood in the patrol car with a splatter pattern that is consistent with Wilson’s account and why is it the eye witness story’s not matching each other. Because he was found a no bill due to the evidence that can not be changed and the 12 were allowed everything they asked for and allowed to ask any question they wanted. this was not a miscarriage this was JUSTICE. It was never about race but about a CRIMINAL that made the wrong choice and lost his life because he made that happen by his actions.

    • Tim

      You are a disgrace to America and the uniform that you claim to wear. All that are currently still on active duty should be investigate and brought up UCMJ charges.

    • Pschneep

      Stand down my assssss

      The cop was doing his job, if you are dumb enough to attack a cop or go for his gun you deserve to be shot.

    • sickofdumbmotherfckers

      Internet tough-guys… typing so much hate will sprain your girlfriend. See what I did fools?

      • sickofdumbmotherfckers

        No really, do you see? Should I type slower? Hahahahahahhaha!

    • David Phillips

      What’s wrong with these people? Veteran or not. How about American? Round up the looters and ship them out to a prisoner encampment.

    • A concerned american

      I owner if the New York Times will publish the addresses of these “patriots.”

    • Saxon Voice

      Its too bad some of these soldiers didn’t care for the Constitution when they were occupying Iraqi and Afghanistan.

      Try reading the constitution again fellas and find me where the Prez and Congress get the Authority to do 99% of the things they do now.

      Dont worry I’ll wait.

    • USMC89

      as a vet there is no way no how I would sign a letter like this

    • Shary

      Just remember — that which they condemn, they are also a part of. They are the model for the police forces — thus, they self condemn and drink the same Kool Aid of their caesar

    • Todd Cathey

      What a yellow rag lie, I’m a veteran and I need some trigger time. Like it or not 85% of our service members are white males who agree with Uncle Ted. I hate thugs and those who think can defy justice. Roll up to the dis mount and have the wrong pass word and I’ll blast ya with my M4.

      • JackLinks

        I know you and you’d soil yourself at the first sound of gunfire, like you have done every 4th of July for the last 10 or so years! And that was hearing just firecrackers going off!

        • Todd Cathey

          who the uck are you hit bird

    • Be Smart

      ATTENTION ANYONE CURRENTLY UNDER OATH AS A US SERVICE MEMBER. If you sign this letter, you put yourself in serious legal jeopardy. Don’t be an idiot.

      Article 94 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice states:
      Any person subject to this chapter who–

      with intent to usurp or override lawful military authority, refuses,
      in concert with any other person, to obey orders or otherwise do
      his duty or creates any violence or disturbance is guilty of mutiny;

      with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of lawful civil
      authority, creates, in concert with any other person, revolt, violence,
      or disturbance against that authority is guilty of sedition;

      fails to do his utmost to prevent and suppress a mutiny or sedition
      being committed in his presence, or fails to take all reasonable
      means to inform his superior commissioned officer or commanding officer
      of a mutiny or sedition which he knows or has reason to believe is
      taking place, is guilty of a failure to suppress or report a mutiny
      or sedition.

      A person who is found guilty of attempted mutiny, mutiny, sedition,
      or failure to suppress or report a mutiny or sedition shall be punished
      by death or such other punishment as a court-martial may direct.

    • US Army JAG Corps

      It is a violation of Military Justice and the Manual for Courts Martial for any active duty or activated Guard/Reservist to sign a petition to violation lawful orders given by a Commission Officer or Senior Civilian Leader in the chain of command. ART90. Willful disobedience of commissioned officer; ART 92 Failure to obey lawful order; ART 94 Attempted Mutiny, ART 134 Disorderly Conduct to name a few.

    • Steven Rowe

      think am going by Brown grave and dig that pcs crap up and hang ,,RIGHT way

    • Steven Rowe

      this is a load of crap list and i’ll bet Holder that pcs crap pig have something too do with the list

    • surefire69

      What a crock of $h!+! As a veteran I say shoot the rioting b@$t@rd$! I don’t know of a single vet who would encourage others to join in the disobedience.

    • Just Saying

      College bound black youth? He was a 6’4 300 pound street thug, nothing more.

    • Jeff

      these veterans are obviously suffering from gulf war syndrome—agent orange—afghan white—or were experimented on with syphilis and LSD… get a grip…..


      I would bet, and win the bet, that there are a lot more black people living in Ferguson that knows that the Grand Jury made the right decision and that Michael Brown was a thug than signed this petition.

    • AirDragon

      It’s a Catch 22 situation for the National Guard and while some are veterans of recent wars, there are many that are not. So…who gets to shoot? Once that happens, all hell will break loose, therefore, what is the point Gov Nixon? Are you following orders too…from the scotch and cigar game planners in Basel Switzerland? If things go bad Nixon and the National Guard are forced to kill, guess who goes to the front of the class?

    • Bulldog53

      The same shit is going on at our VA hospitals. You don’t see it because it’s at a different level. The VA police is exactly the same as the cops in Ferguson. It’s about abuse issues and broken promises.

    • Maki

      Hey dip $h1t!!! The National Guard is not there to squelch the peaceful protesters!!! They are there to stop the destruction and looting by the lunatic animals that are destroying your city! You’re suggestion would land anyone who abandoned their posts in jail! To encurage such behavior and to ignore the facts in this specific case is gravely irresponsible!!! I hope you get charged with inciting a riot!!!

    • Vicki Creel

      This is POWERFUL!

    • Brad Benson

      As a 26 year vet retired Officer, I say lock and load and shoot the jackasses if they attack you.

    • Steven Raye

      all these names belong to traitors to the constitution…to protect against enemies foreign and domestic and these are the enemy.

    • explorerfl

      Signing such a petition while on active duty can be viewed as an act of rebellion/mutiny under the US Military Code of Justice. My sense tells me the names are fakes as is the organization touting it.

      If anything, it’s the governor who needs to be investigated. He called up the guard and then allowed people to burn private property under the guise of their right of free speech and their right to assemble and petition government with their grievances. He’s just another no-win Democrat who should be charged with dereliction of duty.

    • Howleyesque

      EVERY SINGLE SIGNATORY of that piece of garbage should be charged under the UCMJ and given a Dishonorable discharge…RIGHT AFTER they finish their time in the brig or stockade!

    • lazythump

      I am so sick and tired of people who have no idea what they are talking about trying to tell those who live in the area what to do. Did these military personnel not see how Ferguson burned, in some places, to the ground Monday night?? Did they not see how small business owners lost everything to the rioters?? Did they not see the destruction and looting that was so open that rioters didn’t even bother to cover their faces?? What about the Constitutional rights of THOSE poor people?? People who riot, loot, and burn are practicing NO Constitutionally guaranteed right or privilege.

    • santorajoseph

      I know our veterans would not do this I don’t believe this article is real

    • William Thornborrow

      As a twelve year veteran of the Missouri Army National Guard and veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, I can assure you that these soldiers are professionals, and they will uphold their oaths to protect the people of Missouri, and they will protect one another without prejudice. Those who signed this petition should be held accountable for their actions. They should be prosecuted to the fullest under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

    • kds

      Now he was college bound. Bullshi*! I am glad that thug is dead.

    • Fritz Von

      They got those names from a list of dishonorable discharges.

    • Melanie Mustain Bivens

      I find it hard to believe that this letter is real, much less the names on it that are signed by supposed military members. I know of no military members that support the protesters.

    • Douglas Johnson

      I have faith that the majority of all people have the heart to do what is right. It is human nature to war but it also in human nature to want peace. We all wake up one day after another and all we see is anger and hate that has been growing between us. But innately we all want best for our children ,we all wants what is best for our families ,we all want what is best for ourselves.But we all forgot one thing. Many of us do hold the constitution to be the Highest law of the land and rightfully so. Because in it holds the key for us to make the change in the world. We all innately have this in us all.
      We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,
      that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,
      that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–
      That to secure these rights,
      And as we wanted the best for all mentioned above we forgot to want and bring this forth for each other and that is the divide we are at.Do we continue the divide and continue the chaotic state that it brings with it.Or do we look at each other with equality and build a earth that has never been to this degree. We hold the key we can bring the most diversified group of people into a unified thought first that we all honor each other`s unalienable rights.
      And I want to say when I came here yesterday ,I felt like I stepped into the united states of america army of the kkk.And today I do see diverse conversation. I am glad to have been around a group of concerned people.At ease Men.:0)

    • Matt Hill

      All fake names created to show support where there is none. The only people who support these black criminals are other black criminals.
      I am also a veteran and I say kill every black thug protesting and the world would be a better place.

    • Howard Henderson

      It is a tragedy the kid died.

      It was wrong that he was stealing from the poor store owner and acting like a thug!! That sort of crap enhances your chances for trouble!!

      It is a worse tragedy that the black community views this original tragedy as an excuse to run amuck with riots and looting and burning!!! Talk about crapping in your own nest!!!!

      It is a disgrace the the “leaders” (like Can’t-Pay-His-Bills-REVEREND-Sharpton) won’t stand up and say the looting and burning is WRONG!!!

      The black community as a whole is losing out with the way this whole thing is playing out!

      • JackLinks

        Let’s not forget “4 Bankruptcies Donald Trump” now!

    • Glenn Richmond

      This is total, unadulterated hogwash! I have harsher words for it but racist Gayhoo will censor it.

    • The_Troll_King

      LOL! If the military truly is made of up such individuals, I would seriously be looking at expansion into the Alaskan state if I was Putin as this time. Strike while the American Empire is in continuous decline. That’s what I would do.

    • Nathan

      This is a list of traitors to the country; nothing but trash………….National Guard do your duty; shoot these thugs on sight…………….
      “Not a Desert Storm Hero; Just a Vietnam Vet” 69=70

    • Rick

      I’m a pre 911 vet with 3 conflicts under my belt, as well retired law enforcement. After what has happened after this shooting, give me command for one day and I’ll solve the issue. All troops are instructed to give 15 mins to disperse, if persons are still in the area after this time, they will be shot. Time to stop letting them use this event as an excuse to act like animals. Time to take control of that A.O and stop the stupidity. As to the vets that signed this crap, make sure your at the front of the protest. If these people had acted peacful I would agree with you, let them speak, but this crap going on is crazy and time top end it.

    • jesse james

      wonder how many of the signers are white? How many have other than honorable discharges?

    • Tyrone Thugnkill

      Let’s just go back to segregation. Blacks like the way they run their streets. Give it to them. Let them handle EVERYTHING…taxes, welfare, justice, policing. They can work together to make their world the utopia they want Look at Detroit and Chicago. They’re doing just fine.

    • Greg Hester

      And all of them probably voted for Obama

    • CavSarge

      How do I add my name to the list of veterans who didn’t sign this letter?

    • mikeinnc232

      I am a disabled combat veteran and I would asked these people if they were destroying your town, your business, or your home, would you want people to stop them?

    • America

      Funny 3 of the names I looked up on that list are ex military and was bad conduct discharge…..

    • please

      Two issues:
      1. If this is real, they should be ashamed. We all took and oath and this blatantly violating that oath.
      2. All the world watching is not accurate. Many feel that this whole this is sad, but this boy was in fact violating the law, period. I am a part of the world.
      None of us knows more than that. Get a job like the rest of us people.

    • davesmith514

      um, huh?

    • LazyReader

      Trashing stores, flipping cars and setting things on fire……….peaceful.
      African Americans are 12.6% of the US Population yet they’re responsible for

      *32.5% of all rapes

      *34.1% of all assaults

      *54.9% of all robberies

      *49.4% of all murders

      and 91% of blacks murdered are killed by other blacks in America. In
      just the first week after the shooting a gang of black thugs gang rape a
      white adolescent and the media doesn’t say shit about it.

      Truth isn’t racist, it’s just data.

    • A_Nobody

      Well, it certainly appears that military service can’t make men out of ALL who join.

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    • John R. Brimer Sr.

      You can attempt to spin this story anyway that benefits your cause. But the facts don`t lie and the facts say that Brown was a thug and ask for what he got!. End of story. I say shoot the rioters and looters on sight!.

    • k962

      This is a call for an insurrection! These military vets don’t represent anybody but themselves!

    • STEVE

      Great! Go and violate an order…that’s smart. I served too!!! but disobeying orders is not part of our credo. we stick for each other, but orders come first. GeEEEEEEZZZZ!!!

    • John Harriman

      Guess what fools?! For anyone on active duty to incite a mutiny is illegal! These same fools should be court-martialed for same!

    • Virginia Lindsey

      How many of those that “signed” this letter actually read it??????????? Don’t know where these names came from but I doubt that most of them did not know they were being “used!”

    • Law

      Most likely written by the o b u m a administration!

    • Quarl

      As a retired Marine Corps veteran, having served 3 tours of combat duty, please do a lot of research on the so-called signatures on this document. I only researched the USMC names. A few were bogus, 4 NEVER served in combat and a hand full lied about their “time-in-service.” I was able to contact 3 former CO’s who would not recommend them for mess duty.

    • Sgt. D

      Another vet who thinks that anyone involved in looting and rioting should be shot dead on the spot.

    • ProudAmerican

      As a Combat Veteran I will disagree with this letter. I watched our country get torn down by mobs of thugs and thieves. I must say I was heart broken, there is nothing wrong with peaceful protesting for a change, but everyone needs to change on both sides. I am heart broken when I see America tear itself apart after I sacrificed my life, lost brothers and sisters fighting for American freedom, just to watch the news and see Americans destroying everything. I am disgusted, but no matter I am a Soldier and I will continue to fight for my country. If you aim to destroy my country then I will have no choice, but to fight against you as well. Like I stated, I have no issues with protesting, I believe changes need to be made, however, I do not condone destroying this America that I love and many others have sacrificed their life to ensure everyone has freedom.

    • Rojopa

      So these misguided vets are in favor of burning down buildings, businesses, cars, etc? Please tell me that you disapprove of citizens acting like thugs. If you are for it, then you are for anarchy. Our system is ruled by laws, not by mobs.

    • red dog

      23 yrs in uniform, 3 purple hearts, and the loss of many good friends and I have to see this Marxist garbage on my screen! Do not call yourselves veterans, call yourself what you are. Cow Manure.

    • Gary Hicks

      As a veteran myself of the Iraq war 2007-2008 and then again 2009-2010. Justice was served. The “college bound kid” was a 6ft. 300lb criminal that just robbed a store. He confronted a police officer while the police officer was still in his vehicle. He proceeded to struggle for this police officers gun and he was subsequently shot and killed. The police officer had every right to shoot this criminal that attempted to take his life. Notice how not 1 time, did I mention anyone’s race. Know why I did that? Because if they were the same color, none of this would be going on right now. The media and the protesters fueled this race war, not the events that transpired on that day. The people of Furguson that are rioting and looting, you make me sick. Using a persons death for your own personal gain. End rant.

    • Rojopa

      Poor misguided vets.

    • Jimbo1

      BULLSHIT, The Guard is there to protect the good people of Ferguson and their property. And while they are on duty they are following orders of their commander. I am a 23 year retired veteran and I followed orders all my career. The people doing all the rioting there are from out of town and are only there to cause trouble. No one form that town wants them there but as long as TV and rafio is there they will destroy the place.You so called veterans make me sick.

    • JHodges

      I would never sign the letter and inf act would f-ck all of them up since I am a veteran and they are speaking out of their station.

    • Mike White

      this is all bull$hit and lies almost All the people named seem to have foreign names or are women. This seems to be just propaganda

    • Rusty Washburn

      The media leans don’t they!

    • phred

      I think I’m going to puke! I served from Viet Nam thru Kuwait and still hold that pledge to be true above most everything else. Nothing to be done about the ex’s but the members that signed this who are still active should be found and charged under the UCMJ.

    • Elroy

      If you request them to stand down, you are asking them to disobey the command of their superior. I dare you to try that and see where that will get you. Perhaps you don’t belong in the military, and I hope you DO NOT support those protesters who is abusing American flag because if you are, get the hell out of the military and this country

    • Hugh Lokey

      I suspect that if you saw pictures of these letter signers they would be mostly black since the number of blacks in our military is close to 50%. A real “veteran” would be encouraging the guard troops to treat the black rats just like the Taliban – shoot them down like the vermin they are!

    • hal

      The list of names is a subset of the Communist party. Just because a person served in the armed forces does not make them a saint or even a good citizen. This fine young officer would be dead today if he reacted the way the peanut gallery says. Whats so disgusting is the large number of people that are defending the actions of this overweight juvenile vermin. The reactions of the protesters tell me that todays American blacks are no different from their Mau Mau brothers, in fact they are worse. Todays blacks are subhuman vermin savages. Imagine how much safer America would be if there were no blacks. The prisons would be mostly empty, the streets would be safe, and the treasury would be filled with gold, as the trillions of dollars that have been spent on the war on poverty would not have been spent on perpetually pregnant black 12 year olds, and the deadbeat fathers, and the fatherless children, and the street walker mothers. Yes there are a few blacks in America that are educated and well mannered, but the other 99.9999999% are deadbeats, criminals and vermin youth. These riots occurred because of Obama and Eric Holder. They fanned the flames and even trained the agitators. Remember, that’s what Obama is, a community agitator.

      • Nitro1211

        I hope my people burn every major city in america including yours……WE ARE SICK OF YOU…..AMERICA IS NOT YOUR COUNTRY……so how about we all leave and give it back to the native americans… came to this country and brought bloodshed with you….and now we are the problem…..cocaine travels over 4000 miles to most most advance country in the world but cannot be found until it’s in a black mans pocket…..smith and Wesson were not black inventors…..OMG!!… people please them down!!!!

    • Mark

      The National Guard does not have a “choice”. They have orders. A Soldier follows orders. That is how it works, if Soldiers were given the option of which orders to follow what would that do for our leaders? I am a Veteran also but there is no way I would put my name on that list.

    • Gary

      This country is one and done.

    • Jack Adams

      These *Niggeroids* (Pain-in-the-ass-roids – as in hemmoroid) never have a damn answer for the TRUTH!!!! They can ALL “kiss” my Mothers A$$!!!! You got a problem …Then bring it down to Tombstone and Tucson – in the GREAT state of AZ)

      • Nitro1211

        I hope my people burn every major city in america including
        how about we all leave and give it back to the native americans…
        came to this country and brought bloodshed with you….and now we are
        the problem…..cocaine travels over 4000 miles to most most advance
        country in the world but cannot be found until it’s in a black mans
        pocket…..smith and Wesson were not black inventors…..OMG!!…
        people please them down!!!!!

    • Jack Adams

      PS:… I can give you a large list of ALL the African countries directly involved in the slavery business! CAN YOU HEAR ME?????

    • Jack Adams

      I am sick-and-tired of ALL you dumb-ass negro’s….. We should have left you in Africa 300 yrs ago!!! Too bad YOUR people were greedy and wanted to sell you to the highest bidder to make more $$$ – just for “cheap labor” – to the Spanish – English and Portuguese “settlers” etc!!! *IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!*

      Do NOT blame the white man for your greedy ancestors!!! Take your vengeance-out on each “CHIEF” of the tribe that sold you to the white man!!! It’s NOT “rocket science”!!!!

    • Pointman

      A lot of black soldiers didn’t perform well in Vietnam. If you’re one of those who served at Long-Binh, Vietnam, you should be ashamed to say you’re a veteran. I saw first hand what you guys done at Long-Binh. Myself and a few members of my team, stopped in Long-Binh to get ammunition form the 4th Ordance Battalion. MLK had you guys refusing to obey military orders. Things were so out of control at Long-Binh, that we decided to return to Long Khan Province at night , traveling through Viet-cong invested areas to get ammo to our comrades. Michael Brown was killed because he assaulted a police officer and would have killed the police officer if not stopped himself. Anyone on active military duty deserves an article 15, for signing anything involving our civilian judicial system. For all of those who are retired, or are veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, who signed this petition, you are a disgrace to our country. For all of those who served honorably in all wars, I commend you for your duty to country. Shame on you for supporting a criminal and a thug. Those on active military duty who signed this petition, are most-likely the scum this volunteer force has drawn into its ranks. For those on active military duty who signed this petition, Take my advice and get your tired asses out of our military. You’re a F disgrace to society. I just hope the U.S. Congress recognizes the scum among our ranks and reinstates the military draft. How many who signed that petition, sat on their tired asses in support units and had no dedication to military duty?

    • richard bergman

      Ferguson is Democrats destroying Democrats!
      This is all Communist theatre and is what always occurs when a Democrat steals an election to the White House
      These Reds crawl out of the woodwork thinking it is now safe
      Every name here is a Marxist!
      These numbers of demonstrators and the list here is miniscule,they are nobody!
      It is long past time for an Anti Communist era in the USA!
      Advocating that we OPEN FIRE on this scum is in the HUNDREDS on this board
      Veteran! We were ordered to STAND BY when the savages rioted in Detroit and Baltimore City, combat gear!

    • Mark Robert Jones

      I imagine this group of veterans is on it’s way to Ferguson as we speak to start helping rebuild the town………right?

    • Henry O’Lague

      To my brothers and sisters in the Missouri National Guard: I am a retired Military Officer and prior NCO and I remind you of your oath. Defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The rioters, looters, rapists, thugs are the domestic enemy. Obey your orders and stand true and tall bringing credit upon yourself, your branch of service and the United States of America.

    • noname77

      I am a real VET,& I took an oath to protect & lately the protestors have me wanting to protect my country from filth!
      Obummer is a threat to our constitution a real threat!! The people on this list have me confused they cannot be that misguided,no vet in his right mind would sign that list.Active duty should be confined for treason.The protesters are
      terrorist that should be punished to the full extent & then some.HOMEGROWN TERRORIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Steve Daily

      Wow. That letter is a thing of beauty. Makes me proud to be an American for the first time in a long time.

    • Johnnie Nail

      I am a veteran and I say don’t stand down we don’t serve our country to see it burnt for a law breaking bunch of idiotstrying to make a drugged up thug a saint.Go in there and clean up these thieves and un Americans.Do what you were trained to do kill or maime the enemy.

    • Happytrails

      What about us US veterans who want to treat these domestic terrorist the same why we treat foreign terrorist?


      This is a bunch of crap. I know firsthand several hundred
      soldiers think that the protest are wrong…and they agree with the use of
      military force to protect Americans…so these people that signed this document
      are un-American at best and traitors to their country at worst.

    • Zherui Mo

      I am a veteran too. I disagree with any of these other so called “veterans” who want the National Guard to stand down. This sounds fishy to me and smells like a Sharpton prank. This Police Officer did his duty. Had I been in his shoes, I’d have done exactly what he did. Let me tell you something. As a military veteran, we take an oath to protect our country against all foreign and domestic enemies. Right now, Sharpton and these other Democrat Racists are trying to divide our great nation over something really stupid.

      Last year in Oakland there were over 12,161 murders. 83% of these murders were by a black person killing another black person. If you do the math that means that blacks in Oakland killed 10,193 other blacks in just one year!!! Where is Obama on this. I have not heard him cry about this. Where is Sharpton on this. He does not care. He is a racist like Jackson and others in the Democrat party. They just want to keep Racism going. Here is the link to the article:

      If these blacks crying over a white police officer ridding the country of one black thug rather than trying to solve a horrible situation where you have over 10,000 blacks being killed by other blacks – in just one city – then I can tell you the problem will only get worse. Oh and what about the Black police officer who killed a White teen just a few days after the Brown incident. Did you see anything on the news about this? Did Obama say anything about this. Did Holder, did Jackson or Sharpton? Were there any riots. Of course not.
      This is sad, but this is how the Democrat party is. They like to use Race for everything and they make sure the media plays along. The Democrats keep the Blacks voting for them by giving them things. They are now doing same thing for the illegals. The really bad thing is that the Blacks will suffer more now that Obama has given millions of illegals the chance to stay here. We will all pay more taxes to support the illegals and now these people will take jobs that Blacks might have been able to get. Why did the Democrats make it legal for the illegals to stay here – it is simple, they know if they do this they will get these people to vote for them later.
      Here is my parting thought. The only smart Black was Dr. Martin Luther King. Oh, and by the way – check the internet – Dr. Martin Luther King was a REPUBLICAN. Do you know why – he could see how Racist the Democrats are.

    • Roy

      Stephen, agree with you on there should of been more Police and Protection than there was but for the few man and women that were there having to do the best they could, they need to be commended. I know as a retired officer
      it was the upper command that needed to make the decision to bring in more officers and the timing of the day was not right either. Why in the late even hours. It should of been in the early afternoon hours. Night time did not matter to these who rioted. Even the President of the United States knew what was going to happen and he did nothing.
      As he is with all other things, an incompetent President unable to make solid competent decisions and use his resources to his advantage. Oh yes I am sure he could have if this would of been against whites or other races of unfavorable to his likings.

    • Zherui Mo

      White Veteran

    • vet

      One last note, about dismissing the american people, Rosa parks refused to get out of her seat for a white man and it changed America, think about it.

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    • vet

      Finally, for those who believe this is a black thing you are wrong, look at the whites, hispanics and blacks, those are americans, protesting not for Brown but for all the people shot and killed in the last year unarmed by the government, the police. You have the right to label them, put them down and dismiss them, but you do so at your own peril.

      To dismiss, to ignore and to ridicule is what Nero did to the Roman Mob, what the Czar did in Russia, what the king of France did to the masses. You better think, it’s not about Michael Brown, it’s about the fear that the government has for all its citizens we have become the enemy.

    • illbarry

      I am a USAF veteran. As personal civilians people can do and act as they wish as long as it is civil and legal. As Members of the US Armed Forces is dereliction of duty and subject to the USMJ with all charges that should be followed and will. This is not political as some of the posters below wish to make it. The evidence presented by the Prosecutor showed in detail the Grand Jury findings. It detailed witness accounts. It detailed all 3 autopsy reports. It detailed how witness accounts changed with reports in the news and what was reliable and by multiple errors discounted. It clear those actual reports and the Prosecutors press conference have been lost to you just to ignore. Yes a person died and it is very unfortunate, it was though not misguided justice there was not enough actual evidence to prosecute. The people causing the violence there are most likely not even in any connection to the communities and only there as anarchist with the sole purpose to create havoc, and perpetuate their own lawlessness to destroy the peaceful protests for their own agenda that has nothing to do with this case. The majority of people arrested in the fist protest at Ferguson proved not even to be from anywhere near there, just anarchistic who came to sir up problems and this will also show the same.

    • Stephen Rexroth

      This is really funny. They can’t even get the facts straight. The autopsies concluded that it was impossible for Brown to have been running away when shot and that only 1 of the shots could even hypothetically have occurred while his hands were up. Also, for the “extreme violence against peaceful protestors”, they might want to ask the young man who was shot and killed in his car by the looters last night how peaceful the demonstrations were. Or maybe ask the business owners whose business were broken into, vandalized and robbed during both the protests in August and last night, or hell the owners of the dozen or so buildings burned down last night – might want to ask them just how “peaceful” these protests are. With two brothers and a brother in law all in the military, soldiers like this make me sick – this liberal dreamers who signed up to get a free ride for college and thought they could just go to training their one weekend a month, two weeks a year and are upset when they’re actually called on to fulfill their oaths they swore to get that college tuition money. Seems like there should have been more of a police presence in Ferguson last night rather than less – then maybe we wouldn’t have a dead young man, dozens injured and tons of property damage as well. These men and women are a disgrace to the uniform, not sure there’s much to say other than that

    • Roy

      Yes I am a Vet. but I will not sign anything that goes against and promotes violence toward the Constitution of the
      United States and its laws. Or promotes to break the Laws. I also demand that Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and any other that promote violence toward the Constitution be Arrested and stand trial even from the Law breaking President we have to the common Criminals. Its time for the Blacks to realize that they are no better than any other person of this Great Nation. That no one is allowed to stand in the streets and incite a riot just because you want too.
      Thank God we do have a Constitution that was set up to work and run a Nation as long as we the People believe in it. It Still good and will run this Nation a long Time yet if the right people are in charge. Lets hope it happens again soon.

    • knownknot .

      Where in the Constitution of the United States are looters and other law breakers protected ? Sure was not the one on any of my Oaths ! Vet Navy Retired

    • David K

      I am a veteran and I in NO WAY would sign such a petition. Where do you get this trash from?

    • Jack Adams

      Now…I am very tired of you whining “pastry boys”…… Grow a set and walk-like-a -man!!!! You ain’t seen nothin yet!!!

    • Jerry Poe

      The National guard is there to protect the town and the people in the town. Not start a coo over a riot.

    • Jack Adams

      I am sick-and-tired of ALL these A…..Holes – who said this and that!!! Hell – my senators and congressmen said the same thing 25 yrs ago!!

      Here’s the problem…The Congress people are ALL millionaires and I don’t trust ANYTHING that this supposed list of people said!!! If they are like my congressional A……. Holes – lock-em-up for perjury!!! Semper Fi!!!

    • Jerry Poe

      Anybody else think this is bull. They didn’t stop people from free speech…as a matter of fact they didn’t even stop the riots. This petition is bull_$&@T

    • WhitesHateAmerica

      Whites must face fear. Expand the protest to white areas.

      • Jack Adams

        Bring it down to Tombstone and Tucson…. You big PUSSY!!!

    • BigAl619

      Hundreds huh?
      I count about 160 out of how many millions of active duty and vets!
      Even 500 would be statistically insignificant.

    • Rob white

      yes, refuse to mobilize, throw down your arms and join the protestors as they loot and pillage part of one of the United States most violent and run down cities. That will get you your justice.

    • Daniel Redman

      That letter’s a disgrace and so is anyone who signed it. I also highly doubt that even hald the people who signed it ever served.

      • Jack Adams

        ******DOUBLE BINGO*****

        • Jack Adams

          Nam….’68 – ’71!!!

    • Rob white

      I say half jokingly, check them for PTSD.

    • MaximumMad

      Sooo basically these people are telling them to disobey orders that are protecting innocent people and their property from these thugs?

      yeah ok



    • M Donohue

      Mutiny, desertion , disobaying a Lawful order , derelection of DUTY ! ETC.,ETC., !

    • SFC H

      A bunch of POG’s, what army you from? in this army we follow lawful orders not speculations, lies and rumors.


      The .01% on the Left. If they are receiving Military benefits, then they should be suspended.

    • Dominic Delia

      I’m a 20 Year Vet and I say no Vet will willingly tell their military brothers and sisters to defy a lawful order. Send in the Guard and let them get it done!

    • Diggsc

      I’ll bet that over 80% of those who signed are not now, nor have they ever been, in the military. Those who are in the military, and who are on active duty and signed using their rank, should be disciplined and released from the military. It is against UCMJ to use any connection to the military (rank, uniform, etc) in a political manner.

    • John Thompson

      I am not so sure that this is legit. It looks more to me like someone that holds an office in a VFW Post or an American Legion Post and they have access to a bunch of member’s names and dates of service. I could easily manufacture a list of names of veterans and their service dates since I hold an office with a VFW post but given the talk around the post I am a member of I would not have to falsely manufacture one. Everyone at the post I belong to is for the police cracking down, clearing the streets, restoring order so that citizens that live in these communities and the businesses in them can get on with their lives without the interference this has caused for them.

    • Dalton Broadus

      According to,, $40,000,000.00 adjusted for the 2014 dollar, would cost us $301,502,222.22. Three-hundred million dollars even to day, is a large bill to cover. Now, take $800 million to $1 billion and adjust it for the 2014 dollar, that’s a price tag of $1,353,858,873.84 to $1,692,323,592.30. Can you imagine that? This is why I have been saying from the start, we need a strong presence from the National Guard, as well is from the Federal Government (Army, Marines) so when it starts to turn violent, then you can immediately put an end to it. Would you really want to risk the chance of the actions of a few, encouraging, and riling up other people to the point of an full scale riot? Clearly people don’t remember the 1992 L.A. Riots. There were gun battles between the Korean business owners and armed looters. Remember “that white guy” that got pulled out of his truck and was severely beaten? His name is Reginald Oliver Denny. Now, while the 1992 L.A. Riots, and the Ferguson situation are different, rioting IS NEVER the answer. In the 1992 L.A. Riots, you had an group of officers beat Rodney King. Granted, Mr. King is speeding at dangerously high speeds, and thus endangering the public, the beating he received from the officers was highly inappropriate and NOT necessary The officers were not convicted, but were set free, acquitted. That’s why they started to riot, however, I will state again, that IS NOT, an excuse to riot. They should have launched protests akin to the March on Washington if they truly believed that strongly that the officers were in fact guilty. Dr. King worked hard for their rights. What do they do they do though? They spit in his face by rioting, looting, murdering people, beating people, and committing arson on a large scale. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be appalled by the way the Black community acted.

      Now we are faced with the protests in Ferguson starting to turn into riots. The question was must ask is this, “How much do we tolerate before the forcefully put this down?” They’ve looted multiple businesses. They’ve set fire to multiple businesses. How much longer until enough is enough and we send the army in? I say this:

      1: Send the army and clear the streets.

      2: Declare marshall law.

      3: Arrest and detain all who refused to comply with the order to stay in-doors.

      4: Once order is completely restored, and the Army is protecting the bussinesses. Have the Marines Secure and form a perimeter around the Police Stations, Firehouses, Courts, as well as any other government buildings.

      5: Allow an, for now, an amount not exceeding 5,000 persons, to protest in front the the Court buildings, as well as the police station.

      6: Forcefully remove and arrest any protester that begins to incite an riot by; throwing projectiles at the Police, members of the Armed Forces, as well at any Local, State, or Federal buildings.

      7: Arrest and forcefully remove any protester that make remarks that can incite further riots by: making statements that include causing damage to Local, State, or Federal Property e.g. “Tip the police cars over!”, or making any statement alluding to wanting to burn: local businesses, property of citizens of the State of Missouri, or in the Town of Ferguson.

      8: After a period of no more than three (3) months, all members of the Armed Forces will withdrawal and matters handed over the local Police Department.

      9: Have previous withdrawn forces on high alert for no more than three (3) months after said withdrawal, pending potential civil unrest consequent of the withdrawal of the Armed Forces.

      I will be sending this to the St. Louis Division of the FBI ( as well as the St. Louis County Police (cannot currently find their e-mail address.) with the subject being title, “Counter Riot Proposals”

    • Peter Gatliff

      The really scary part of this story our police have been taken over by the right wing of the GOP. The Heritage Foundation run the GOP and the right wing of the GOP IE the Tea Party. The Tea Party is the rehash of the old John Birch Society. When Truman signed the executive order to desegregate the US Military. The Republican’s as well as the Southern Democrats went nuts. The main goal of the JBS was to fight any civil rights laws passed or voting rights for the African Americans. Today the new spokesman for the Heritage Foundation is a White Supremacist. Oh yes. The DA is crooked as a rattle snake.

    • Areg Heratsanian

      What a bunch of horse crap, are these the guys and gals using every trick in the book to get kicked out and failed? The super progressives who joined thinking they were gonna be NASA engineers but became mechanics instead ? Lots of Vietnam ones who were probably drafted, pissed, now super liberal. Give me a break, this list is not even 0.00000001 percent of the veterans and active duty. So let the idiots loot and destroy other peoples property? Shows that wearing a uniform diesx not make you right or smart. Btw I was smart, never joined, instead contracted for 500 € day up to 700 with hazard pay, so what I worked girl a European company! got paid well! helped keep the Haji’s in check, got to carry any weapon I wanted. Wasn’t the worst nor best but these guys are wrong. Orders are orders, even in private military contracting. If the chain of command breaks than will society. Anarchy is not an option.

    • tigger

      Now for the third phase of the lib/progs comments.

      First phase is where the easily manipulated mouth breathers believe everything the media and race baiters tell them what to think and they decide the officer a racist who should be convicted.

      Second phase is when actual information starts leaking out but the lib/progs have already made up their minds so they are unable to even consider they might have been wrong.

      The third phase is where they do flying back flips through flaming hoops trying to explain how they are still right even if the evidence and the legal system has shown they were wrong.

    • See saw seen

      Doesn’t mean anything without a breakdown of race included.

    • attli

      The facts do not match the missive. Brown was the aggressor, the shooting was justified, and the troops and vets were misled by the racist narrative. Perhaps reviewing the Grand Jury witness’ testimony would clarify the actual sequence of events. The “protests” are merely thuggery memorializing thuggery.

    • V.J.

      As a veteran, I’m ashamed of these so-called fellow vets. Any veteran with integrity and a backbone knows not to advocate mass disobedience of an order by becoming self-righteous judge and jury!

    • William Johnson

      Nearly all the claims about shooting and protests are false. If this is such an honest quest for justice, why can’t they be honest about the type of person Brown was and what he did? They have no problem blaming the police who were doing their job or holding a culture of disrespect to authority accountable for THEIR actions.
      Should the national guard just start shooting up stores or drive tanks thru the doors to make it easier for the looters?

    • Billy L. Buddusky

      Anyone on active duty or retirement who signs this letter urging mutiny in the face of rioters, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the UCMJ.

    • Shay

      Regardless of which side of the argument you stand, any active-duty military member who signs this is engaging in incitement to mutiny.

    • TruthTalk

      A lot of people leaving comments here are to dumb see what the veterans that signed this letter see. They see America becoming a police state and their trying to stop it. Ignorant people leaving stupid comments are encouraging it.

      • tankeh

        “Are to dumb”

        You excel at stupidity

        • Dalton Broadus

          “A lot of people leaving comments here are too dumb to see what the veterans that signed this letter see. They see that America is becoming a police state and they’re trying to stop it. The Ignorant people that are leaving stupid comments are encouraging it.”

          What do you think, Tankeh? Is that easier on the mind to read?

        • TruthTalk

          Yet Your Still Blind To The Truth!

    • Whitesneedtobebrave

      If this letter is indeed real, then shame on those national guardsman for writing such a letter. Black lives are not important at all. They are al liabilities.

    • ejamesbrennan

      This letter is filled with lies about the strong-arm thief Brown’s death. Read the Grand Jury report, which concludes that many witnesses lied, admitted they never saw what they first claimed or (the majority) confirmed the officer’s statements which were verified by all objective physical evidence, including the autopsies. Equality demands you accept the same laws and rules. Bigotry runs in both directions and this is a lousy pretext for otherwise valid complaints. Ferguson doesn’t control the State Hwy Patrol, the Natnl Guard, the FBI or the StL County Police. As a VN-era vet and consultant to PDs in the StL area, the USMS/USDJ and more, I understand police engagement rules and would not sign that false ranting “letter” above.

    • Marine223

      BULL SHIT! Semper F U, The protesters are ALL Domestic Terrorist, Shoot ALL of them! Further more, eric holder, al sharpton & barack obama are RACIST Instigators and should be prosecuted for TREASON! NO Veteran worth his or her salt signed this POS!

    • Melvin Dorsey

      Asking the Nat’l Guard to stand down and not protect America and not follow orders
      is just plain Treason. Let all those listed that are receiving retirement or VA benefits
      lose them, as required by law.

    • Joe McDoakes

      Why don’t all those supporters that supposedly signed the supposed letter, take furlough and go to Ferguson?
      I’ll tell ya why … the letter is nonsense.

    • Bill

      This is porch monkey Afrocoon bullshit. Look at their web site. Looks like a porch monkey,commie web site to me.

    • Jumpin’ Jeff

      I wish I had time to kick all he azzes of the people who signed this petition.

    • Mike

      One thing is for damn sure if this doesn’t prove to black people in America you are not americans but instaed you are treated like the enemy, nothing else will. When 9/11 happened the media was saying we are americans but once the dust settled it went back to African americans,hispanic American, Asian American and only white people are called americans,, black people don’t fall for it any longer.

    • BJ

      Well said bull****. The blacks are the ones who need to “stand down” and to STOP disrespecting authority. If Brown had submitted to the Police, he would have been arrested for shoplifting and he’d be ALIVE today .These blacks have no excuse. Just a bunch of thugs.

    • sharon

      Don’t believe anything these left wing fool says, they don’t even know what the turth is, and if they did, it wouldn’t matter, they would lie for the sake of telling a lie.

    • sharon

      Sure they did, I bet it’s a lie, a left wing lie, that is all they seem to do.

    • Scott Moon

      Disabled vet and I am ashamed at the signers. It was not a peaceful protest and this is why ISIS and Russia are laughing at us. Our military has been turned into a joke by these hippies.

    • Milt

      Usmc Milt S 1961-1965 I would not stand down!

    • Nitro1211

      This is great….first the hacker group anonymous turned against that white bot and now the U.S military…..LOL

    • Katie

      YOU should be ASHAMED of yourselves they are DESTROYING businesses that have NOTHING to do with the shooting,

    • Ed.D.

      It’s a shame we have so many racist veterans adding their names to a list like that.

    • Curtis_JB

      I also served and I say that Brown was a PUNK THUG with a bad attitude and KARMA ended up getting him in the end. Brown was “College Bound?” YA RIGHT…..PROBABLY TO SEE WHO HE COULD STRONG-ARM!!!

    • Liger Mart

      Well this is really sad. The justice system spoke. I am sure there are ways to reopen the case, (frothing at the mouth lawyers everywhere). You can’t protest when you are on duty. That’s the obligation you made to your contract and I think serving to stop destruction is far more important. I listened to the announcement yesterday and it was obvious they were very thorough. USMC Veteran Myself.

    • Douglas

      Why in the world would you start a petition like this. Everyone one of you should be dishonorably discharge, and have your other discharges changed. I thought the military was suppose to protect their homeland from terrorist foreign and domestic. So you want to protect the terrorist. Traitors

    • Douglas Johnson

      Ok this is a place where service people like to come and talk about blacks on welfare .I told a guy name Mike this you all role play and become Mike and get mad some more because you can`t stand the truth.
      Mike McDermid Well My My My. Look at who we have here . I have been expecting you Mike. I understand you have a long family history of tapping into the spigot.The spigot being We live off the government money except it is a paycheck to what fight wars. So my side who get a government check but from your point of view it is called welfare check. Now the same company issue these checks the company broken down into many divisions but we will limited to one source.So now this is where the rich and the poor story comes in. You have big Mike probably war hero who probably being playing with guns all his life has the beast nature of hunt and kill. So we can assume he went to better schools government takes care of it`s people with school so he went through a rich school system all his family`s life. Now you take me my school books were torn they were old .I had to sit and eat a sack lunch with a sandwich fruit milk and being poor at the end of the month we did not have food and that school lunch was it. Now group that with some teachers as I found out about out here. Who said no they are not trying to teach these as their words were thugs. So at the end of an educational cycle had we went in at the same time ,you received one education I received another .So now we are out of school a black girl who lives in this environment not unusual to have a baby while in school that leads to dropouts. So now dropouts and students who did not learn anything.So we hit this big world at the same time.You had the rich school all the good stuff ,colleges coming to your school to offer academic scholarships and sports as well. If a college did come to my school it was for a star player and if he was dumb they did not care.You know the story. Now here both in line for the one source spigot there is a rich side to the spigot and there is a poor side to the spigot. You get from the rich side I get from the poor side. Here 75% percent of black people have been plugged to this poor side of this spigot and then you who family has been plugged to the rich side and look down upon those who gets the worst of the system in the first place in percentage wise I might add never total. I am the first man in the welfare line so I am first to get my poor man check but why did you not mention I have been getting from the same source the rich man side of the check would not that have been fair and equal. But you made it a point to just show my side and not your own see when I speak of corruption you don`t like that because you being on the rich side of the spigot you don`t want the well to run dry. What you are not wanting to see between inflation to many people in poverty and this is what is coming to a head.But if you think me going back to Africa and all this will be gone the next day.You are sadly mistaken how can you say that about one person really are you that naive that one person will stop this. Now I will get back to you because I know who you are as far as why you came to me like this and so in the next thread I will deal with you saying I have hate.

    • D R

      The veterans (if you want to call them that) that signed that letter should be ashamed of themselves for approving of destroying private property and putting many people in despair. I bet many of them had the option : military or time.

    • Bob

      How can these people condone anarchy?

    • Kenneth William Gambill

      Anyone who signed this that is Active Duty need to be courts martialed for inciting mutiny and conduct unbecoming a Soldier/NCO/Officer. This is direct and gross case of negligence on behalf of any Military Member. The Missouri Guard are following orders from their CINC- The Governor. What PROPER NCO tells his troops to disobey orders to protect and preserve the integrity and lives of those NOT involved with the riots. What NCO/Soldier would allow a innocent to be harmed? The Rioters in Ferguson aren’t quiet, and they aren’t peaceful. They have threatened and destroyed public and private property. they represent a viable threat, and to tell the Guardsmen to stand down in dishonorable, despicable, and at least unprofessional. I won’t sign this garbage that’s for sure!

      Specialist Gambill
      United States Army and Army National Guard
      1991-2013 (OIFII and OIF10 Veteran)

    • Luke Clark / Vietnam vet

      HELL NO….I will not support a bully & thief with my name ! He should be dug up & put before the court &
      then Hanged ………….

    • ConcealedCarrySavesLives

      Dear National Guard,
      This veteran thanks you for your service and wishes you a happy holiday season!
      Oh, and disregard the crap letter from a bunch of libtard vets who don’t want to accept the fact that a thug attacked a cop after he robbed a store and attacked the store owner.

    • Thomas

      As a veteran I say this article is scuttlebutt at best and an out and out lie. If indeed the names are real American veterans they were mislead.

    • Luv2GoFly

      In just the third paragraph, this claim is made: “They killed an unarmed, college-bound Black youth in broad daylight, and subsequently responded to peaceful, constitutionally-protected protests with extreme violence and repression.”

      This is so far off the mark, and so full of falsehoods that I immediately had to disregard anything else they had to say. They are simply parroting the same old left wing talking points and diregarding the facts and evidences that have been presented. In this paragraph, they are trying to portray Mike Brown as an innocent college-bound black kid. No mention of the fact that he stole Cigarillos and assualted the store clerk. They make no mention of the fact that he assaulted a police officer and tried to take his weapon. And then, they try to brand the rioting and looting as peaceful protests, and falsely claim the police and law enforcement officers used “extreme violence and represssion”. These actions are anything but “peaceful protests” – they are outright criminal activities of arson, theft, and destruction of property. Nothing peaceful about it. These claims by these soldiers and veterans are blatant lies and falsehoods.

      And then they make the since debunked claim: “The autopsy of Michael Brown confirms at least five eye-witness accounts that the young man—who was not even suspected by Darren Wilson of any crime—was shot while he had his hands in the air.” This claim was soundly disputed in the evidence presented to the Grand Jury, and those eye witness accounts have proven false. So, basically the entire letter is nothing but another propaganda piece which parrrots the same old lies and myths that have been perpetuated since August, but have since been disproven.

      While I respect these men and women in uniform and their service to our country, I am deeply disappointed that they are not choosing to look for the truth instead of relying on the hype and hysteria that has been perpetuated by the media. Our men and women in uniform should know better. After all, honor and integrity is a part of the proud military tradition. They are exhibiting none of those virtues when they participate in such dishonest propoganda.

      They close by stating “Justice for Mike Brown! Arrest Darren Wilson!”. That in itself is reprehensible. They seem to forget that justice is blind, that justice goes where the facts and evidence lead, and in this case, justice favors Darren Wilson. I am truly disappointed to see such actions by these soldiers and veterans.



    • John Clancy

      This crap sounds more like a communist manifesto. Anyone signing a document with such blatant lies and misinformation is too stupid to call himself an American. The problem was that the Governor didn’t activate enough of the Guard. He should have declared a curfew and and given orders to shoot looters on sight.

    • Dalton Broadus

      I hope someone makes an petition urging the Missouri National Guard NOT to stand down. Instead, make it available to the public as well. I would sign it in a heartbeat.

    • rob longmire

      This is such a pile of shit, I’m a retired Deputy Sheriff and this is not a suppression of constitutional rights, but a fight against animal trash that is trying to destroy personal property. Darren Wilson acted exactley the way he should have.

      • Dalton Broadus

        I say let the people who have signed this petition pay for the damages should the National Guard leave. Do they not remember the Watts Riots? That riot caused $40,000,000.00 back in 1965. Forty millions dollar was incredibly large amount. That would still be a hefty damage bill. Then, the 1992 LA Riots cost between $800 million to 1$ billion dollars. That just astronomical even just 12 years later, that’s still a huge amount.

        Now think of how much technology has advanced? How stuff cost more. Sure, Ferguson isn’t the size of L.A., but if it turns into a full scale riot, then the amount it would cost to repair would be off the charts.

        So, if they get their wish, then THEY CAN FOOT THE BILL.

    • The_way_I_see_it

      So these military members are promoting the violence, looting, and burning of the city that the thugs are carrying out? The people that signed this letter should be kicked out of the military. The constitution protects peaceful protest, however, what these so called protesters are doing in Ferguson is “not” constitutionally protected in any way and should be dealt with by any means necessary.

    • Morris Williams

      I am a veteran but I would not sign this. The people are destroying the town. What should be done about that? It sounds like you want nothing done. What they are doing is wrong. No mater the reason, it is wrong. People are suffering that had nothing to do with the shooting, or the grand jury verdict. Their stores are being burned, and looted. Protesters are stealing, and destroying private property. That is nto right.

    • Pwdro

      Did any of these clowns violate orders when they were on active duty orders? They have orders to do their job and an obligation. It shows only three active duty soldiers currently active on this list. Most of these guys were only in for five years or less of service. These Vets need to stand-down and let the current soldiers handle business. These clowns are usually your Conscientious Objectors that were in for the College fund or they were drafted in Vietnam that did not want to be a career soldiers and did not retire or make a career of the service. Some of these guys turn out to be mad at the Government also.

    • Bob Malichitown

      WHAT SCUM!!!!!

      USN RETIRED!!!!!

    • Patty Williams

      I wonder where the Muslim Brotherhood got the list of names? From Obama???

    • Jack Adams

      I hope none of these Black **A…HOLES** come down to Arizona or Texas…. Because we are going to send you home in a “Pine-box”….COD!!!

      DO YA’LL GET MY DRIFT??? Case closed!!

      • Abby223

        In other words, what you’ve been doing since blacks set foot in America.

    • Woody Nelson

      Each and everyone of those people who signed and go along with this are traitors and should be thrown out of the military. Each one disgusts me!

      • Abby223

        They risk their lives for you, but as soon as they have a difference of opinion they disgust you. Shows the loyalty of americans these days..

    • james rustler

      they should be shooting all the protesters, not asking them to stand down. i doubt the validity of that letter.

    • Jack Adams

      I have lived through 2 wars including Vietnam….. What is WRONG with you people – when you can’t trust a **Police Officer** who was PROTECTING his life (and possibly others) against a “drugged-up” THUG ( watch the video from the the store) who tried to intimidate and then kill him!!!! IT IS WHAT IT IS!!

      The “cop” has MORE rights to contain a “”loose cannon”” than anyone else!!!! That is WHY he is a COP!!!

    • maryshap


      Undisturbed by strife, turmoil, or disagreement; tranquil.

      a peaceful hike through the forest.

      Inclined or disposed to peace; peaceable.

      a peaceful solution to the dispute.

      Not involving violence or employing force.

      a peaceful protest. none of which describe the ‘protests’ over this weeks celeb thug loser.

      • Jack Adams

        I hope none of these Black **A…HOLES come down to Arizona or Texas…. Because we are going to send you home in a “Pine-box”….COD!!!

        DO YA’LL GET MY DRIFT????

    • Garett

      Not a chance. This article is a joke.

    • 007scallywag .


    • eyelostmyname

      Well said! These military veterans have laid it on the line truthfully and courageously. With so much hate being expressed on the internet (and in the Comments) against the Ferguson protestors, it is so refreshing to see these vets step up to the plate. Let’s see if those National Guardsmen can answer the call. There may still be some hope for this thing we call a Democracy, yet.

    • AB

      These so called American service members have spoken out of rank and without merit, they have no clue of facts, only opinions and words from the media and anyone who supports these destructive people should be jailed as well. 32 year veteran…….

    • Bobd

      Right, stand down, let the blacks do what they do best loot and destroy hard working peoples property, Al and Jesse can be very proud of their brothers and sisters doing what they do best.

    • margarita sunryse

      Listen to what these ‘whatevers’ said…”When we signed up, we swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States”…hmmm…how many times has Obama trampled on the Constitution? Would you, who all signed this manifesto take time to consider that as well? Do you have the courage to sign another one pointing to his faults?!?

    • Bill

      I’m an Active Duty Marine and I say Michael Brown would still be alive if he wasn’t a punk. Plain and simple. Don’t be a thug, don’t be a punk and go home alive. It’s despicable that any military member or veteran would urge the National Guard to stand down. That is unsat! Why is it that in this country we have gotten away from personal responsibility and accountability. Michael Brown is not an angel and he escalated the situation with the cop. It’s his fault and his fault alone and got what he deserved. The cop didn’t shoot him because he was black. He shot him because he felt that his life was threatened. Plain and simple! I can’t believe that veterans would take Brown’s side. Here is a note to the National Guard from me: shoot everyone who is acting like a greedy selfish person who doesn’t care about anyone but themselves and who appears to be using this as an excuse to further their own agendas. Only morons poop where they eat.

    • Cybereyes

      I am a retired veteran, and this is the most embarrassing tripe I’ve ever seen any military man or woman take part in. This whole thing is absolutely mind boggling to me. We have video footage if this man throwing a store owner across the room to steal cigars, then 10 minutes later he literally attacks a police officer in his own car.,yet one person says he had his hands up and was surrendering so therefore everyone immediately assumes this decorated officer is lying and actually executed this man. This is like an episode of the twilight zone. I can’t believe normal every day people with a high school,education or above are actually buying into this unrealistic story. Even after weeks of grand jury investigations, they believe it was all designed to set up mike brown to look guilty. It’s absolutely mind boggling

    • PeckerWood

      “The whole world is watching the Ferguson police with disgust. They killed an unarmed, college-bound Black youth in broad daylight, and subsequently responded to peaceful, constitutionally-protected protests with extreme violence and repression”.

      I find this partial truth as they stated. What will they say about the looting and arson’s that started? No officers told them to do it, nor were they provoked to do it. The Police did their job, now honest black and other races have to suffer losses of jobs, places to shop, etc because of thugs acting like thugs. I’ll admit as according to the news responding from Police sources that most of the thugs were from out of town. But you can’t ask a militant to stand down, or perhaps the Iraq war and other wars would not have happen.

    • Mike Wilkerson

      These people know or should know they are asking the NG troops to violate a direct order which could get them prison time along with a Dishonorable discharge. Then again these are “Weekend Warriors.”

    • G

      Why did the college bound innocent youth strong arm rob a store? Why did he attack a cop?

    • Paul

      They are simply taking a page from the play book of right wing fringe nut Allen West (R-FL). Well played! Right wingers always soil themselves when their own tactics are used against them!

    • Clay Sellables

      better brush up on your UCMJ. Article 94 Mutiny or Sedition.

      (a) Any person subject to this chapter who—
      (1) with intent to usurp or override lawful
      military authority, refuses, in concert with any other person, to obey
      orders or otherwise do his duty or creates any violence or disturbance
      is guilty of mutiny;
      (2) with intent to cause the overthrow or
      destruction of lawful civil authority, creates, in concert with any
      other person, revolt, violence, or other disturbance against that
      authority is guilty of sedition;
      (3) fails to do his utmost to prevent and
      suppress a mutiny or sedition being committed in his presence, or fails
      to take all reasonable means to inform his superior commissioned officer
      or commanding officer of a mutiny or sedition which he knows or has
      reason to believe is taking place, is guilty of a failure to suppress or
      report a mutiny or sedition.
      b) A person who is found guilty of attempted
      mutiny, mutiny, sedition, or failure to suppress or report a mutiny or
      sedition shall be punished by death or such other punishment as a
      court-martial may direct.

      Know your role…

    • sgt tucker

      Veterans especially like myself should be backing up the law enforcement officer who feared for his life…not a bunch of thugs, looters and society degrading people…people that just want to make a scene and draw attention to themselves.. I don’t see any protest against gang killings and drive bys which kill hundreds of Americans every year, don’t judge an officer trying to make it home at the end of the day in a dangerous neighborhood just doing his job. The thug punched him in the face and came towards him again after the officer told him to stop and not come closer… people need to have a little common sense and respect and this whole thing would have been avoided. The people of Ferguson are the only racist people I see in this mess and to watch the looting and senseless burning down of businesses backs up my views…

    • oldsky

      I too am a vet and I think it’s deplorable for vets to advocate insubordination. Sorry brothers and sisters, but I think you are wrong. These protestors are not concerned for the Grand Jury decision, they just want to wreck havoc, steal, and destroy. You disrespect your uniform and your position as members of the military by advocating they not follow their directives.

    • Charles Bronson Jr

      Are they blind and stupid? Office Wilson was doing his job!

    • omj

      I’m a Viet Nam vet and I cannot condone the actions of these people. Any looter should be taken into custody, and if they try to run fire that famous warning shot and the next will be a take down shot. The owners of these stores have more rights than that of those who are stealing from them. The way these people are demonstrating is not peaceful……….

    • Nje

      Totally agree. Darren Wilson’s story is unbelievable. He should be convicted and tried in a court where his ridiculous claims would be challenged and most certainly reveal he is lying

    • Tracker5usmc

      All too pathetic and predictable of the liberal left-wing media trying to prostitute the U.S. Military and add them onto their liberal agenda. I am a veteran and seriously doubt if many of these supposed “veterans” could stand up to much scrutiny.

    • Mad Hatter

      I am retired military. I say shoot all the looting thugs.

    • Richard

      There are millions of active and retired military so who cares if a couple of hundred have an opinion? I like to see how many of those are Black or Hispanic.

    • Luis Martinez

      As a retired military veteran, I am disgusted with this article. In case these so-called “veterans” forgot, the oath of enlistment states, “I will defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.” The stupid protestors in Ferguson are domestic enemies that must be stopped with whatever means necessary.

    • John Bull

      Every active duty service member who signed this petition should be charged under the UCMJ for fomenting a mutiny and then hung.

    • Ineluctable

      I was hopin gfor snipers and ma

    • Frank Ciletti

      I’m an 8 year Army veteran of the Gulf War and I say for the National Guard to stand their ground. The rioters are nothing but criminals. And Michael Brown was nothing but a criminal thug. And any real military member is to follow orders of your commanding officer.

    • Daniel Gomez


    • Martin

      Having served 35 years in the Navy, as an enlisted man and an officer, it pains me to see those names on the list and the vile language in the comments section. We all took an oath when we enlisted. The men and women serving today are all volunteers. I was drafted during the Vietnam war. As things worked out I had just enlisted in the Navy the day my notice arrived to report for my induction physical and was waiting to go to boot camp. I decided to reenlist because I was proud to be in the US Navy serving my country. I met and served with many people, white, black, Indian, Eskimo, Filipino, and many of other ethnic backgrounds, but all Americans or inspired to become an American citizen. True there were the 3%, that were the discipline problems, but most were quickly given a BCD or worse and sent home. To encourage the men and women of the Missouri National Guard to desert their post is seditious if not treasonous. Said members who put their names on said list that are still on active duty should remember that active duty personnel don’t have the same rights as civilians, veteran or not. The veterans, if they truly are veterans, do our active duty a great disservice by signing the list. But, it is their right to do so. We live in an imperfect Republic and if military discipline is allowed to go to hell, then the Republic is lost to tyranny and anarchy. May God have mercy on the innocent among us.

    • For those that honorably served and are no longer in the service you deserve the right to speak you mind. For those of you still in uniform you are a disgrace to the uniform. At least have the balls and go AWOL.

    • Army_Chick

      I would never sign that piece of trash! I’m active duty Army and I say do to them what they have done to others! Those that have killed during these riots should be shot as well! Those that have burned down innocent businesses should be burned as well! That city will never recover as long as they hold on to that low life thug. He just robbed a store and the officer was trying to arrest him and the man reached for a gun! The officer responded in kind. That fucktwat got what he deserved. After all these rioters are arrested as well the streets will be a bit safer now.

    • Carl Kelly

      I to am a vet and the cops disgust me.

    • Jimmy

      I’m not a vet and if I was I wouldn’t sign it anyway. I live 200 miles from Fergaturd, I have been there in the past.
      Any community who would punish and place hardships on it’s fellow citizens deserves no patriotic blood to be spilled in the name of a criminal. They burned, rioted and looted the people they call friends. The actions of all the people involved show that no one cared enough to stop the damage. No one fought to defend a friends property or business. No one said STOP.
      People woke up this morning with no business to run, no job to go to and this was all courtesy their friends. If you don’t care enough about the people you live and work with, why should anyone put their lives on the line?

    • iraq51

      Signed by hundreds my ass…….

    • John Ruskin

      All of you so called current military & veterans don’t deserve to wear or have worn the uniform of our country with views like that, all of you should be ashamed & do not represent the vast majority of the USA. Maybe all of you would be happy to go join the lowlife that protested by vandalizing, stealing & setting fires to innocent peoples property.

    • Guest

      Wouldn’t one imagine that the administration in Washington fabricate something such as this letter? I don’t have time or I’d research some of the names to see if they are either deceased or have never been in the military.

    • Ken Settle Photos

      Who CARES what these people say? That is providing that this is actually legit and that these people can actually be identified as real US Service Veterans. Still, nothing that they say is of ANY relevance. They are not on the scene in Ferguson, they are not under orders from a commander, and they are not sworn to reestablish order in that community. What they think is irrelevant.

      Finally, if these slugs that signed their names to this propaganda HAD any credibility at all, they lost ALL of it the minute that they started an analysis of the hearings and Officer Wilson without being privy to, and carefully weighing ALL of the evidence.

      So to THESE particular veterans that signed this drivel…I say FU*K YOU. You and your opinions are inconsequential.

    • richard williams

      take every one of those soldiers who signed that letter and discharge them immediately.

    • A concerned american

      I frankly don’t believe that the veterans sent this letter at all. Some people thrive off racism and the author may be doing the same. Not believing the evidence will not change the evidence, the prosecution knew that if the officer wasn’t charged that it would quite likely foster a rebellion but they cleared the officer regardless based on facts. A lot of the witnesses are biased and if had been a Black officer would that have met their standard? That too is questionable because they think the police force/authorities are against them -when in fact in a great majority of cases they bend over backwards to prevent trouble but Brown pushed a little too far. I believe with all the lies that have come out of Washinton coupled with fabrications, that they are quite capable of creating such a letter. If I had time I’d research some of the listed names to see if they were deceased or had even been in the military.

    • Shawn

      I am a US Army veteran. Rioting is NOT protected by the US Constitution, and if it weren’t for decidedly UNpeaceful demonstrators the Guard wouldn’t have even be called out. Obey your orders and defend the population from rioters.

    • Terry Newlin

      They must not have watched the same news channel I was watching. Peaceful Protest, where was that at?

    • John

      If you have signed this worthless paper then you should re-evaluate yourself.,and you yourself have betrayed that oath you took .I too served in the US Army for over 22 years.I was deployed to Iraq .and yes if the government is wrong.I would be the first to stand against it.however that being said.none of us were there to truly know what has happened.therefore we can not make a truely defined decison based off of media propaganda,or racially motivated not allow emotions to overrun your rational thought process.we as a nation should come together with a solution to the problem,and not contribute to the is easy to judge yet none of us live there to experience what could be or has come to pass.

    • paul

      What they need to do is their job. Their job is to keep the peace . Guard the innocent people that have to put up with the BS .If they are breaking the law throw their sorry asses in jail. If you stand by and let walk all over you than you might as well join them. Do Your Job.

    • drainagerelated

      It is inappropriate for these active and retired members to coerce the Missouri National Guard into refusing orders to assist the Ferguson Police Department!

    • BATMAN

      each and every one of the military personnel and vets should lose their va benefits, they swore to uphold the constitution and to protect America from all enemies both foreign and domestic, that includes the domestic terrorist that are burning Ferguson, i would be that the majority of them are black and like the domestic terrorist, have ignored all facts in the grand jury verdict.

      • John

        damned st8t they should.

      • Axekick

        Uphold the constitution whose first Amendment provides for the following;

        Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

        that’s logical . .

        • BATMAN

          encouraging military personnel to disobey orders and allow for the destruction property is and can be considered treason, the first amendment has nothing to do with rioting and looting. learn the difference. there is nothing peaceful about destroying a town because they didn’t get their way. that’s logical.

          • Axekick

            18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason

            Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

    • Art Celeste Candelaria


    • Rdhdkid

      What a crock of shit.
      Retired AF Captain here.

    • mike

      This is the new army under Obama!
      The unarmed college kid committed 2 felonies and a misdemeanor in a span of 30 minutes!

    • JoCo Stormtrooper

      All of these so-called veterans who signed this worthless piece of crap letter should be shot and hung for treason. If the army stands with the anarchists and looters, then what kind of a society will we have? None that anyone on that list (or their families) would care to live in.

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    • William P Meredith

      Politics and not what the National Guard or any branch of service is for.

    • Gunny D

      I’m a retired Marine. Of you loot, then shoot. Take the human garbage out.

    • Michael

      I’m a 20 year veteran and I say shoot anyone caught looting or destroying property.

    • Vietnam Vet

      IF the media would stay out of this, it would calm down a lot quicker. Our system of justice (Grand Jury) has delivered their decision. That is the way America works. If you don’t agree, you are welcome to leave. Everyone acts this was a law-abiding, respectful kid who did NOTHING wrong. But some want to make it racial, instead of what it was. Examine your motives 1st. Sounds like a witch hunt to me.

    • ageless

      After reading the article, I decided some of it stated facts incorrectly.
      Some of it was stated correctly. But the comments were absurd.
      Showing racism on both sides. First, to ask the Guard to abandon
      their post should not have even come out. They can stand at their post
      and legally refuse to fire on any one. That would have been a better request.
      And as I saw the name calling comedown, I realized America is still in
      the mind of slavery. Russia and China will not need to attack America.
      The national debt will not destroy us. We are destroying ourselves.
      Seems God blessed America, but not Americans. I just wonder how
      long it will take before earth looks like Mars.

    • Dingle Stingle

      The only thing these children understand is violence or money. Take their welfare away for a few months to pay for the damages or just blow them away so this does not happen again. As long as these monkeys are allowed to run wild without getting killed they will never stop.

    • skavin bigglesworth

      dumb and dumber…can’t possibly be legit. Mintpress, yup, definitely not true.

      • Mike

        Whatever ya say.

    • Ed Johnson

      Just because these people served, this doesn’t prove they have any higher intellect, or more solid moral position. Idiots come in all shapes, sizes, and walks of life, including military veterans.

    • Spi1

      I see most of the petitioners are no longer serving and they are asking current soldiers to risk UCMJ action.

    • Sick Ofhollywood

      What a joke. No soldiers or veterans conspired to sign this. Total baloney.

      • Mike


    • Dingle Stingle

      If that’s true then the active military ones need to be kicked out now! They are telling our national guard to join looters and rioters. They have no place in our military and are a disgrace to this country. Well the traitors were a few hundred but the millions are behind the guard and we urge you to open fire this time and stop those wild apes from burning any more buildings down.

    • DonReynolds

      Put a copy of the letter in each of their 201 file as part of their permanent military record.
      Any future commander would have good reason to know they signed on with this dribble.

      If they are on active duty, they should be charged with crimes accordingly.
      Encouraging others to disobey orders is ATTEMPTED MUTINY, DISLOYAL, CONDUCT UNBECOMING, COWARDICE and very possibly being a party to TREASON.

      Make some examples or this sort of thing will get completely out of hand.

    • USMC 0311

      Sad !!!

    • ancienthoosier

      There’s a lot of confused souls here. I would bet that few even listened to the decision by the Grand Jury, or know the facts in the case. Secondly, what you’re asking the National Guard members is a violation of UCMJ. The Gov. has the explicit right to order out the National Guard. And to join in the riot would not only get them kicked out of the guard, but make them eligible for Brig time. I can’t believe that the volunteers in our military who have served at great personal risk and sacrifice could condone this kind of behavior. Former Marine Corps Officer 1951-62.

    • Suzy

      Listen to so many of you taking up for those traders. Are you going to feel the same if those thugs come to your town and loot and burn your business down or you lose your job. Look at what those thugs have done to that city. They got away with a lot more then they should have. They should have been shot when bombing vehicles and buildings.

      • Ed Johnson

        Are they fur traders?

    • JIm

      OK, this is too much, they aren’t there to FIGHT the protesters idiots, they are there to keep the protesters from harming innocent people and completely destroying the town or protesters hurting themselves. Your un-American if you think otherwise and don’t deserve military credit!

    • Ulfric Thorsson

      That thug got what he deserved

    • chris comer

      Lol hope these idiots COC sees this, Willing to bet the AD Soldiers that put their names on here will be spending the Holidays on Staff Duty … Logic is not their strong suit …

    • RJR69

      Justice was done when this animal was put down in the street. Any of you who served in our military and signed this dung heap do not deserve to wear the uniform that so many before you were proud to wear, and in many cases die in.

    • Ulfric Thorsson

      What-the-serious-FUCK?! Great,now our military has been infiltrated by these commie douchebags

    • B17Engr

      As a WW2 veteran, stand with the law! stand with the police! Stand with our justice system! The protestors are WRONG! The protestors are a out of control MOB. They are destroying everything in sight for a no good THUG!

    • GarandFan

      When you’ve got nothing…..throw BULLSHIT! Nice job, Nick!

    • Suzy

      If any of them are still in the service, they need to be removed with a dishonorable discharge. We don’t need traders like them.

    • jim chandler

      You are a disgrace to the uniform you are wearing or did wear. As a veteran of 26 yrs I took an oath to protect this ENTIRE country not just those I CHOOSE as you are doing. You have broken that oath and you are a disgrace to the military, no veteran I know of would ever ever pull a stupid disgraceful stunt like this, you are NOT part of the veterans who served with distinction and honor, no veteran would even acknowledge that you are or were a part of the military that believes in the constitution of this country for EVERYONE, not just those they choose to single out, I have many many veteran friends and I can a sure you guys, you are not a part of the military active or retired that served with distinction and with the welfare of every citizen of this country as their objective. You should be a shamed of yourselves I sure in the Hell am.

      • Mike

        That sir, is your problem

    • tstormchaser

      These are not soldiers, these are thugs who should be court marshaled. They are supporting a criminal!

    • Mike

      This is a disgrace. Service men and women fight to defend this country from enemies both foreign and domestic. When one societal group decides it will destroy the community and businesses built by others in the community because they don’t like something then they are a domestic enemy. It is the duty of the state National Guard to sweep in and restore order. If you think they have any right to act like wild animals then you need to remove your uniform ask for a discharge and then have a mental evaluation. Before you talk crap to me I have worn both uniforms and been in my share and more combat in both uniforms.

    • Dee P.

      I think I see a bunch of 39/10’s above. They were all probably put out of the military for a very good reason.

    • Guest

      Strange that all these men and women signed this, and their rank isn’t on there. That’s out of the ordinary for anyone serving in the military. This could mean that these people are retired, but I think it’s phony myself. Anyone that saw the viciousness of the thugs last night, looting and burning buildings in Ferguson, would never stand up for them.

    • Terry Smith

      This Vietnam Veteran pleads with the National Guard to stand and fight the protesters and looters. We don’t need this ugly violence in our country. Anybody that signed this letter is an idiot.

    • Erv Harvey


    • Rwall

      Well I tell you My Father Fought in War War ll and he would say shoot the Traders for doing this. The facts
      show the Truth. People open your Eyes Mike Brown started all of this. He had a Choice and he choose to be the bad Guy.

    • gemini34


    • liberaldisgust

      Gee 2 hundred out of how many in and out of the Services ? Lets see that’s like 1% of 1% of 1% or basically a statistically insignificant amount ….. How impressive …..

    • Cj Swanstrom

      Yes, “urge” uniformed personnel to commit High Treason. Great Idea. A BETTER Idea if for all you disgraces to line up and kill each other with forks. Get the Fahk out of My Country, you vile scum.

    • Damidwesterner Indamidwest

      If they’re really active military, they are advocating disobeying a lawful order, and they would be subject to UCMJ.

    • LiberalSocialParasites

      you know what I’d like to see is the RE code next to all those names… I bet at LEAST half are RE-4 with dishonorable discharge due to insubordination… at least that’s what I’d guess from the context of their request… disgraceful.

    • Joe G

      I’ll bet most if not all of those that signed the letter are black. I would love to ship all of them to Iraq to face ISIS

    • Mark Ri

      And that’s why actual American Veterans with pride will defend our country “against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC”. These people “protesting” in Ferguson are domestic terrorists. They made threats of violence against Americans and are carrying out that threat. That is why the National Guard is there, to protect domestic interests. The military can not be used against American citizens, that is why we have a National Guard.
      Those that signed their names to that letter need to be ashamed, I am ashamed to know that you served in my Armed Forces. This present military is all volunteer. If you don’t like what the military does, GET OUT, you don’t deserve to wear the uniform. You are a disgrace. This is not the Vietnam War, which was wrong, this is internal conflict that is uncalled for being perpetuated by some radicals whose main objective is to cause chaos and distraction so they can loot as many places of business as they can. The places that burned first were places they didn’t want anything out of. Get real, these idiots on the streets causing trouble in Ferguson are not there to “protest”, they are there to loot and do damage and injure other people because they think it’s fun.

    • Every one of the above scumbags is guilty of inciting a riot(s), violating their oath of enlistment/commission which never expires, and treason.

    • McPyckle

      I presume this was signed before the insurrection and looting of civilian property…if signed after, you are all idiots. If signed before, you should apologize for encouraging insurrection and rioting…

    • ken

      I bet these vets went into the military not to serve their country but to get money for college. I suggest the military stop this program.

    • John Ingrum

      How many of these are AA? Majority, I would guess. They are wrong. Stand up fellas. Stand your ground.

    • fedup

      Americans have the right to protest but not to riot, loot, and burn down the town.

    • E_Eriksen

      any idiot that actually READ and then SIGNED this trash should be horsewhipped…

    • fedup

      They are obviously complete and utter morons!

    • whitewolf9

      Seems to me these “soldiers” should be arrested for advocating the overthrow of the U.S. Apparently they have no value for the truth, nor do they value the process of law. These creepy people would have been just fine in the South in the 1880s running around in white sheets and going down to the jailhouse calling for the sheriff to release the black guy to them so they could hang him. Scum of the earth!

    • rcpilot

      Really, you people are acting just like the blinded rioters, Al Sharpton racial spewing media whores…the grand jury heard the evidence, listened to countless hours of testimony, saw and heard things you have not and will not be prejudiced to, and to think that you know exactly what happened that night is stupidity….. the system worked, it did what it was supposed to do, listen to the evidence, the witnesses and make a INFORMED decision as to what happened that night. Just because it didn’t go your way you now feel the need to slander our system that we all fought for…you are a disgrace to the uniform I wore for 20 plus years…

    • Gene Hughes

      Just goes to show you that even the military has their share of brainless twits.

    • Patty

      So they are asking other soldiers to disregard direct orders (which are to KEEP THE PEACE), and join in on the rioting? These turds need to be article 15’d at a minimum. Complete imbeciles.

    • Veteran not 4 Criminal acts

      For all of you screaming injustice. Our justice system ruled no state criminal charges, wrongful death or civil rights charges are still up in the air. Justice was given by law for the shooting of this man by another. Regardless if you agree justice has ruled. Just because you don’t agree or it makes you mad doesn’t give you the right to commit acts of violence and crime. Justice ruled 12 men and women who heard and saw the evidence non of us have ruled not to charge the officer. If you don’t like the system, vote and change it. Don’t destroy the community like animals.

    • mark1946

      Can this be for real?… As a a former U.S. Marine, Viet-Nam Veteran life member MOPH and DAV, and retired LEO, I support the U.S. Army National Guard, and the law enforcement officers, to do their sworn duty to preserve law and order.

    • JustCallMeDaddy

      “The autopsy of Michael Brown confirms at least five eye-witness accounts
      that the young man—who was not even suspected by Darren Wilson of any
      crime—was shot while he had his hands in the air.” This is an outright lie. The testimony was given that Wilson had gotten a call regarding Brown committing a robbery.

    • Charles25

      “Hundreds have signed.” Out of the “millions” who have served and are serving.

    • Eddie Hill

      They must ALL be Mooleys or Chaplains Aids. Im glad they were not in my Platoon.

    • JSF

      I retired after 20 years active duty in the military, and am a veteran of Operation Just Cause in Panama and Desert Storm. Back in my day we would have never even dreamed of sending out letters like this to Guardsman assigned to protect a city from violence. I don’t know what kind of breed the ‘new’ military has in it, but I think it’s pretty disgusting that military personnel would actually do this. I think it also speaks volumes of where we are going as a nation now. Some of the things happening now just boggle my mind!

    • Veteran not 4 Criminal acts

      I agree in spirit that peaceful protest freedom of speech and freedom of press are right to be bled for and worth dying for. However the action to commit violence, destroy private and public property, attack innocent people and police who are there not attacking but for safeguards against violence. Not to mention looting, arson, robbery and willful public mayhem. Those are not rights those are crimes. I am all for people getting to use rights to do all they want. However the community of Ferguson burnt local businesses. Yes I know it is not all of the community. Just like the crowds where kids were hit with rubber bullets weren’t all violent protesters. You have to look at the big picture if you are a parent in that crowd and see bricks and Molotov cocktails getting thrown at police. It is past time you and your kids got out of that crowd. Sorry you weren’t able to use personal responsibility and feel the police should take the attacks till they decide to go home. It is a police officers and any citizens right to defend themselves against attack. Have those cops in Ferguson screwed up, without a single doubt. Did the National Guard need to be on site for this. Not originally but for last night yes. Want proof look at the destruction. These people burnt there own neighborhood and stole a bunch of stuff. It has nothing to do with protesting or this man dying. It has to do with lawless criminal acts of looting and violence.

    • JH

      read the findings that were released. It spells it out. The kid who was almost an adult attacked a cop in his cruiser. The cop had a reason to stop him as he robbed a store. He out weighed and was taller than the cop. Attacked a cop that was smart wasn’t it. All of the liars that made statements were found to have lied. Part of the problem. They lie to cops to get cops into trouble but when the evidence disproves every aspect of the bullshit theory they get upset and riot. Crooks are crooks and liars are crooks.. Oh and I am a vet 1989-1996 USN… Anyone who signed this is a disgrace.

    • Christopher O

      That’s precisely who should have been there from the start, they would have been able to prevent the looters and arsonists from destroying locally owned businesses and assets belonging to people who had nothing to do with the death of that thug, yes he was a thug not a good innocent college bound youth.

    • irrosey2

      Just a heads up: Anything with “Forward” in the title is something to do with the progressive, socialist agenda.

    • Edward belliveau

      just so you know mike brown didnt have his hands up lets get that straight right now he punched officier wilson in the face because he simply asked them not to walk down the middle of the stree and to please use the sidewalk thats when a fight ensued mike brown was trying to take the officiers holstered pistol you really need your to get your facts straight burning and looting is not a peaceful protest either all of you sound like idiots i really doubt your veterans infact if you took an oathe to up hold the constitution that means upholding our laws in this country burning and looting and trying to kill police officiers is not upholding the constitution ssthup

    • Jim Miller

      Regardless of one’s views on this National Guard letter, the anti-black racist comments here are pretty disturbing.
      Actually, it is these attitudes that lead to overreactions like you see with the Ferguson protesters.
      Ye reap what ye sow.


      • Patty

        I’ve seen very few and most of them are probably trolls trying to stir people up.

    • Steve Snow

      A letter containing all the early media hype over what happened. 99% fiction. Anyone who actually put their name on this is an idiot.

    • Bob

      All of the above signed so called vets are proposing dissobedience of the law….for what? Theft? Arson?
      A puk was shot and killed while attacking a police officer. These ‘Vets’ are discustingly stupid.

    • bobmann55

      What a joke

    • UNK CLE

      I am printing copies of this for Toilet Paper!!!

    • Ricardo Aschle

      The person or persons who are responsible for that letter, if active duty should be court martialed and tried for treason

    • Billybob

      Good job for reading the Constitution Iinstead of just blindly the sycophantic babbling of biological

    • Billybob

      About time some of those in uniform spoke out !

    • boatandoar

      Ass holes. You disgrace to the uniform . What about that poor black women who work her way up to open her own cake store that the scum burnt down. I hope people find you burn your crap

    • snakebite

      Consorting with the enemy? WTF has gotten over you??? Now this this mess, I just don’t believe. I suppose you all would rather join ISO. You have no clue as to what is happening. A thug attacked a uniformed police officer in a marked police car, the officer defended himself. Now the rest of the thug world burns and destroys property, and want to make a hero some one who decided he is not part of our society. College bound? Please! Better yet, why don’t all of you misfit “vets” leave this country if you hate it so much. Don’t forget to turn in you benefits, including VA checks, your citizenships, as you obviously have no allegiance. What a bunch of ingrades. We don’t have to worry about the enemy, their with in us. Just leave…

    • MaskedPatriotCorner

      I wouldn’t dignified those so-called veterans letter with an answer. If it was really signed by veterans (which I doubt). Any so-called veterans that condone violence against our citizens like the unnecessary riot in Ferguson should be shot.,signed by a REAL American Veteran

    • patrickhenry13

      i’ve heard of a report that states that all blacks are to be arrested and kept under guard during civil unrest in this country,,that they would incite other members of the military to disregard orders is proof enough of where their loyaltys lay..

    • Bob Danley

      BULLSHIT! If true then those who signed this that are actively serving now should be discharged under less than honorable conditions. Yet I have a strong suspicion this is a hoax. Totally made up BS.

    • John

      Only under a Socialist Liberal Prez would this happen, EVERY NAME ON THEIR SHOULD BE BROUGHT UP ON CHARGES, and then dismissed from the service. These people vets all are A DISGRACE TO THEIR SWORN OATH OF DUTY.

    • Guest

      BULLSHIT! If true then those who signed this are actively serving now should be discharged under less than honorable conditions. Yet I have a strong suspicion this is a hoax. Totally made up BS.

    • Ayyiyicaramba

      Gee, I remember this guy, to wit; “Camillo Mejia, US Army 1995-2010 (Iraq war veteran).”

      Yep, He’s the POS pen-de-ho from Central American (Nicaragua); A Convicted DESERTER who was jailed at the Fort Sill Military Prison and was issued a BAD CONDUCT DISCHARGE.

      • Mike

        Document that, ole son. That’s some memory ya got there., so, you’ll forgive me for thinking you’re full of chit.

        • Ayyiyicaramba

          Hey “(_I_) wipe” – Google his F-N name -or- go to Wikipedia.

    • dave

      most are probably back, race comes before nation with blacks.
      no real veteran would agree with this situation that involves a thug
      attacking a police officer and protesters burning our flag while destroying our

    • Snafu As Usual

      I am a vet. and to hell with these people that want to loot and be violent. Shoot on site no questions asked! If this is truly wrote by any ex- military personnel they are traitors to our country and do not understand the law.

      • Mike

        Lets see, ‘shoot on sight’ American citizens? Don’t quite work that way here. I believe you’d be more comfortable in, say, North Korea.

        • Snafu As Usual

          I don’t know Mike last time I was in a disaster area the police instructed us to shoot no questions asked. what you don’t understand is that these people/ protestors are armed and have been shooting. Why do you think they had snipers on top of the vehicles last time and everyone cried about it. I don’t know about you but if I was on the ground it would be nice if there was someone on high ground over watching.

    • Aesop Howard

      The National Guard is there to help protect life and property – not
      become part of the problem. To each and every veteran that signed that
      letter, I am deeply dishonored and ashamed of you. I am a retired vet –
      served 34 years. If any of you would have encouraged such activity
      under me I would have worked very hard to see you got the dishonorable
      discharge you deserve. If any one of you actually believe what was
      written in that letter, then you are in the wrong career field. You have
      none of the Army values I worked so very hard to live and lead by.

      Loyalty – you are NOT bearing true faith and allegiance to the U.S. Constitution.

      Duty – you are undermining the integrity of your own unit, the Missouri National Guard, and the US military in general.

      – respect is trusting that all people have done their jobs and
      fulfilled their duty. By encouraging insubordination in your fellow
      Soldiers you have all lost my respect.

      Selfless Service – You are putting your own political interests ahead of the welfare of the Nation.

      Honor – Honor is a matter of carrying out, acting, and living the values of
      respect, duty, loyalty, selfless service, integrity and personal courage
      in everything you do. Sadly you have chosen otherwise.

      – is doing what is right legally and morally. It requires that you do
      and say nothing that deceives others. Your call to action is based on
      deceit. I am forced to believe a grand jury or signatories of this
      letter. I believe the grand jury.

      Personal Courage – You can
      build your personal courage by daily standing up for and acting upon the
      things that you know are honorable. You checked your personal courage
      at the door when you signed that letter.

      If you are all of like
      mind and truly embrace the actions you urge the Missouri National Guard
      members to take then you do indeed have one true duty.

      You DID swear an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States.

      The President is violating that Constitution.

      You have a choice you can make right now.

      Lead by example.

      I look forward to your courts martial.

      • Mike

        If you were in 34 years then you should know that The Contract says nothing about having your own opinion.

    • Steven Clark

      I AM A VET TOO> these are nothing more than thug’s. Burning and looting business’s that had NOTHING todo with any of this. Where is the justice for them, there is none. Guards do your job and help protect business that are left. Arrest them all, there nothing but trash thug’s. You veteran’s that signed this your an insulted to your uniform. WE protect the innocent NOT join the guilty.

    • jamesinkeys

      Communist propaganda ….This is a Saul Alinsky tactic of placing falsehoods as truths, blame others for what you are guilty of…Like the corrupt Chicago communist criminal crime cartel regime…

    • knuckles

      and I hope every one of these current service members get UCMJ action

    • luminaughty

      So they want to assist the animals in burning down biuldings and cars? I call bs on this one as I can not believe so many in the service would stoop so low as to support a KNOWN criminal who attacked a police officer. Out of all the incidence of unarmed civilians being shot by law enforcment when the victim was actually an innocent bystander or just someone in the wrong place at the wrong time these idiots choose to riot over a CRIMINAL. It is no wonder the crime rate is so high in the black communities with the mob mentality and desire to protect criminals so long as they are black.

    • m

      What a disgrace you all are as active duty service men and women and veterans. I am active duty in the Army (24+yrs) with numerous deployments. I laugh at your letter, your thoughts, and how you think what the NG is doing is immoral. You do know that refusal to carry out an order is ok if it is immoral ? Unfortunately for you — you have a hard time distinguishing what is and what is not immoral. What they are doing is not immoral – by taking your advice – they could be punished under the UCMJ (which I am sure most of you have been on the receiving end of UCMJ). I do have a question for you: did you watch the broadcast with the prosecutor? Do you know about ‘things’ like evidence? I do appreciate your service to this great nation; but, you all look like a bunch of jackasses with this letter. It definitely shows your ignorance with the law. I hope that someone that signed this piece of garbage letter responds to my post. You can what ever you like – further showing your ignorance —- but answer this question: what about the evidence? and Mr. Brown was not a teenager — he was a man; a man that just robbed a store, a man that has no respect for authority — but you go ahead and paint the picture of this sweet little boy that was harassed and killed — and one last thing: peaceful protesting ? — are you kidding me??
      I can not even comment to your ref to defending the Constitution — what a joke. Another thing — just because you deployed to IRAQ: don’t confuse us that also deployed as ignorant —- I will stop there and not complete that thought; will not waste anymore of my time.

    • Larry Payne

      Bovine Excrement!

    • Joe

      I am a veteran, a patriot, and a citizen. Explain what looting and burning has to do with “peaceful protest” and I’ll sign the letter. What I see is basically an open letter requesting soldiers in uniform abandon their duty and join the mob. Didn’t the communists do this a few times already. I guess if it’s worked before it can work again.

      • Mike

        And you and those like you need to keep it in mind.

    • tom

      Just what MOS are these people? How much hard core combat did they see? Unfortunately this matters: what race are they? I served in a ranger battalion and I keep in touch with guys still serving and I promise you any REAL warrior would laugh and be disgusted by such a mindset. The REAL warriors I know not only support the police, they would have shot mike brown under the same circumstances.

      • jj

        You’re a fk’n idiot pretend soldier.

        GFY you a s s w i p e

        • tom

          2nd Bat 5Th Marines, Weapons Co, Most here would have the balls.

          • jj

            Tell your liberal trick mother when shes done with sharpton

    • SeniorChiefD

      There better be an Admiral, Commandant, or General getting in someone’s ass elbow deep right now and get this crap off of the web. We run to the fight to protect those who can’t protect themselves no matter what era we have and will serve.

      • Mike

        Don’t work that way,’Senior Chief’ and you should know it.

    • bonalu1

      How can you endorse “Rebellion” you are a disgrace to your uniforms, you would stand by and allow rioters to loot and burn private property, I wish these barbarians would burn your parents and your homes, then lets see if you would feel the same way. This is another reason for the “Second Amendment” if you don’t protect your selves, no one else will.

      • Mike

        Learn to read. That’s not what they said.

    • Jacob Hansen

      The TRUE Patriots of Military Service have been purged by the Democrats (specifically the Obama Administration). Building the equivalent to the type of Military that Hitler built for himself. All these so called “Military Personnel” follow the Leftist playbook.

      • tom

        This veteran says you’re full of dog poop.
        Veteran USMC

        • Jacob Hansen

          After reviewing your posts..You are a disgrace to brave men and women who wear the uniform. You leftist traitor.

          • tom

            Son, I’ve more time on the potty then you have in life, like I give a puck.

            • Jacob Hansen

              Gave enough to reply. Get back on your potty freakin commie.

        • jj

          What rock did you hide under loser?

      • tom

        Man-O-Man, this venue is loaded up with Cons, Bigots, Inbreds, (R)ednecks and
        Hillbillies, MOST here couldn’t find their butts with both hands.

        • Jacob Hansen

          That the best you can come up with? Get back in the bush and find your dick.

    • jj

      No doubt all lowclass scum, a disgrace to America and the uniform!

    • jmoke

      If you national guard do not follow orders of your commanders like these leftist X-Vet cowards recommend, you will be shot by the unorganized militia plain and simple!

    • Dennis Hyman

      Not only are you expecting them to disobey direct orders to assist and aid the police, but you are also encouraging treasonous behavior by expecting them to join in with the rioters? My God, what has this country come to? Where is people’s common sense? These “protestors” burned down 8 businesses, shot at police, threw rocks at police and the press. This isn’t Iraq. This isn’t Vietnam. Go look on a globe. This is the United States. This is Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, where, even now, I am proud to live. Yes, we are having a tough time right now. But that doesn’t justifying letting people get away with crimes. Crime knows no color. There’s right, and there’s wrong. If you do wrong, expect to pay the consequences. Unfortunately, sometimes those pay with their lives. But they chose that road.

    • Jacob Hansen

      Propaganda..brought to you by Democrats.

    • Maximus Decimus Meridius

      “The First Amendment guarantees the right to free speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of the press.”

      Yes it does, but is does not guarantee the right to burn and steal other peoples property. Follow your orders and help the police as much as you can.

      Tim Stroud U.S. Navy (Ret) 1980-2000 (Gulf War Vet)

    • Adam Kos

      Everyone is entitled to their point of view, but this is a grossly distorted perception of the reality of the events. Brown was a bully, thief, and violent person who attacked a cop and got shot for his troubles. Suggesting that the Nat Guard not stop the violent scum destroying property in Ferguson is not about justice, its about a political agenda.

    • HP

      Court Marshall all of them. Encouraging their brothers and sisters to abdicate their responsibility towards keeping thier community safe. You may disagree with the verdict, but allowing thugs to destroy the community and endanger innocent lives is dangerous and criminaly negligent.

    • yui

      left wing rabble rousing nonsense. we are not plagued by racism. everyday, people interact peacefully in usa amidst very racially diverse environments. police target criminals, darren wilson acted reasonably in the face of a thieving piece of trash, michael brown. hold your posts and keep order, don’t listen to this divisive nonsense.

    • ralphb513

      Sad, very sad. We have let ourselves be divided by very manipulative individuals and groups with only their interests in mind. Fools soon have their freedoms taken away.

    • stuhuzz1981

      Cue the scores of right wing armchair generals who wussed out of service calling those who actually served traitors and cowards.

    • a

      The military should be in Washington D.C. protecting my rights as written in the Constitution. I am less free today then anytime in my life. I can’t smoke a cigarette on my private property. I can drive without a seatbelt and on and on. The military should be protecting me from the very government that is suppose to be representing me in Washington. Every session of the Senate should have soldiers lining the wall reminding the Senators that they are not to be taking the civil rights from the people. They are not, they are victims of the government just like a welfare queen. They are afraid they will loose their paycheck or their veterans benefits if they stand up to protect yours and my freedoms, they are pussy’s. I have no respect for the military as a whole. The individual soldier is broke down from day one to quit thinking independently and to start following orders from the government. I want to spit on the Mom with the bumper sticker on her car that reads “enjoying your freedom, thank a soldier”. Pure propaganda. People are repeating this lie and believe it to be true. It has been said so many times, people believe it to be true. Call me names if you want for such a view, but the article above gives me the right to say this. One of the few freedoms We as Americans have. The only reason we have it is because the mass media is making money, and promoting their agenda. I can’t even go to the river and fish without the permission of the government. I will never own my home because the government wants me to pay property taxes or have it confiscated. Where are these great soldiers that are protecting me. Please show me the freedoms you have protected. You cannot.

    • roger wilco

      A minority of Bird-Dogs!!

    • JR Castaneda

      Fuck’n americans all of you are nuts kill each other idiots 🙂

    • Robert Kanga

      If you believe this liberal BS then you want to lick the muslim nackles boots

      • Mike

        Kanga? Sounds a bit Kenyan.

    • Guest

      And yet white males make up 99.% of all mass murders comitting mass executions of 5 year olds and up! Mass homicides in churches, theaters,schools,and other public places by gun,People who shoot politicians, Doctor’s, Ministers,and the most Police Killers are 99.% white males. People you are more likely to see armed and are not police are 99% white males.Armed in public places like in Starbucks, Walmart, Walgreens and many other public places.99% white males. People who are more likely talking, exhibiting guns, or advocating laws that exist and against non existing laws are 99.9% white male.Most people who threaten to use Guns against the United States of America domestically, are 99% white males.Most people talking about overthrowing the Government and the Constitution are once again 99% white males.FACT!

      • meangreenMarine

        What absolute horse S#it! You need to go back on your meds before writing any more absurd comments!

    • PittsRu2

      I think it is time to start the court martial process and see how long these people encouraging desertion of duties stand by that statement. The National Guard have orders to protect the community and refusing to do so means they desert their post. If these brave signers want to leave their post to go and protest, let them and deal with the consequences. The letter is inflammatory and irresponsible. Very few are currently serving and most have already done their duty and are not currently under obligation.

    • Guest

      Here’s a partial list of veterans turned communist who should be lynched!

      Kourtney Mitchell, US Army, 2011-present
      Sara Beining, US Army, 2004-present (Iraq war veteran)
      Kelsa Pellettiere, US Army, 2009-present
      Anonymous Air Force Technical Sergeant, 2000-present (Afghanistan war veteran)
      Jhassier Laurentes, US Navy, 2013-present
      SSG Al Robinson III, US Army, 1999-present (Afghanistan war veteran)
      Lisa Wnek, US Air Force, 2009 – 2014 (Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran)
      Monique Salhab, US Army, 1997-2007 (Iraq war veteran)
      Margaret Stevens, US Army, 1997-2004
      Chantelle Bateman, US Marines Reserve, 2003-2009 (Iraq war veteran)
      Mike Prysner, US Army, 2001-2005 (Iraq war veteran)
      Sean McCrea, US Marines, 2005-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
      William Felton, US Army, 2005-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
      Kevin Benderman, US Army, 1987-1991 & 2000-2008 (Iraq war veteran)
      Alynn McLellan, US Army, 2008-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
      Danny Birmingham, US Army, 2009-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
      Adam Fuentes, US Navy, 2007-2012
      Ryan Endicott, US Marines, 2004-2008 (Iraq war veteran)
      William Griffin, US Army, 2004-2010 (Iraq war veteran)
      Jason Cardenas, US Army, 2002-2007 (Iraq war veteran)
      Hart Viges, US Army, 2001-2004 (Iraq war veteran)
      Ross Caputi, US Marines, 2003-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
      Camillo Mejia, US Army, 1995-2010 (Iraq war veteran)
      James Circello, US Army, 2001-2008 (Iraq war veteran)
      Jayel Aheram, US Marines, 2006-2010 (Iraq war veteran)
      Miguel Colon, US Marines, 2001-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
      Wendy Barranco, US Army, 2003-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
      Michael Sullivan, US Army, 2005-2007 (Iraq war veteran)
      Kristen Walston, US Navy, 1996-2003
      Vincent Emanuele, US Marines, 2002-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
      Jeremy Berggren, US Marines, 1998-2004
      Ken Braley, US Army, 2002-2005
      Jessie Ryan, US Army, 2000-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
      Nick Kallio, US Army, 2007-2013 (Iraq war veteran)
      Joe Soel, US Army, 2006-2014 (Iraq war veteran)
      Jami King, US Army, 2004-2005
      Richard Stroder, US Marines, 2004-2009 (Iraq war veteran)
      Anonymous, US Army, 2005-2010 (Iraq war veteran)
      Jonathan Engle, US Army, 2007-2013 (Iraq war veteran)
      Amber Royster, US Navy, 2000-2006
      Michael Downs, US Army, 1985-2009
      Zollie Goodman, US Navy, 2002-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
      Kasey Keck, US Army (Iraq war veteran)
      Curtis Sirmans, US Army, 2006-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
      Michael Nelson Hanes, US Marines, 1994-2004 (Iraq war veteran)
      Clifton Hicks, US Army, 2003-2005 (Iraq war veteran)
      Aaron Myracle, US Army, 2002-2010 (Iraq war veteran)
      Kelvin Rodeo, US Navy, 2007-2011
      Danilo Deocampo, US Navy, 1997 – 2003
      Nate Yielding, Virginia Army National Guard 2001-2007, Maryland Air Guard 2007-2011
      Aaron Myracle, Washington Army National Guard, 2002-2010
      Damien Boyd, US Army, 2001-2014
      Victor Agosto, US Army, 2005-2009 (Iraq War Veteran)
      Alec Stevens, US Air Force, 1999-2008
      Jason Mizula, US Army &US Coast Guard, 2002-2008 (Iraq War veteran)
      Daniel Fargason, US Army, 2005-2009 (Iraq war veteran)
      David A Meyer, US Air Force, 1979 – 2001
      Lara Gale, US Army & Air Force Reserve , 1999-2006
      Andrew Dyer, US Navy, 2001-2012
      Gloria A, Downey, US Air Force, 2002 – 2009 (Iraq war veteran)
      German Martinez, US Marines, 2010-2014
      James Poteet, US Army & National Guard, 1993-2001
      Carmine Matlock, US Air Force, 2005-2010
      Maggie Martin, US Army, 2002-2006 (Iraq War Veteran)
      Robert Howell, Illinois Air National Guard, 1999 to 2011 (Iraq war veteran)
      Ian LaVallee, US Army, 2005-2009 (Iraq war veteran)
      Adam G. House, US Army, 2006-2010
      Claire White, US Air Force, 2006-2012
      Randall Mayhugh, US Army, 2003-2006
      Jovanni Reyes, US Army, 1993-2005
      Ramon Mejia, US Marines, 2001-2004 (Iraq war veteran)
      Matt Stys, US Army & Penn. Army National Guard, 1990-1998, 2005-2009
      Angela Hamnes, US Navy, 2001-2011
      Joe Nunley, US Marines, 1997-2002
      Justin Thompson, US Army, 2007-2010 (Iraq war veteran)

    • Rod

      I am a US Marine veteran and I say respond to looting and violence in the proper fashion.

    • Josh

      Wow. Even if this letter is authentic (highly unlikely) the writer of the letter should figure out how to get facts and not just get info from the media.

    • MiscRealTyper

      And what, participate in destroying livelihoods by burning and looting? There are LEGITIMATELY innocent people whose lives are being ruined by rioters. The national guard should be in front of every single business with weapons in hand, ready to defend the businesses.

      Or not… and just let Ferguson rot into yet another hellhole of a ghetto after what little white people remain actually smarten up and leave.

    • meangreenMarine

      Where did the originator of this letter get this data regarding the number of people who saw the action and the fact that the Officer was in NO fear for his life? Over 60 people testified to a Grand Jury over the last few months, two autopsies, along with myriad other data and information, and saw fit to conclude that here was a No Bill to charge the Police Officer! Your opinions don’t carry any water! This is the biggest pile of Bovine excrement that I’ve seen regarding this issue! Yes, I’m a Vietnam vet, with two tours, and I’m ashamed that a group of veterans, if that’s what you really are, would even put their names on this document!

      • Mike

        Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger, warrior.. Think you got a lock on killing Charles?. Kinda doubt that, mister.

    • Roger Ramjet

      i find it pathetic that these people advocate disobeying the lawful orders of their superior . The active duty should be court martialed. I spent 20 years on active duty and never questioned the events or advocated the overthrow or disobeying orders. even when Reagan and Ollie north created the illegal iran contra i still supported my superiors. I dotn have a problem with the vets and others who don’t serv anymore. That is different active duty guard reserve you need to get out suggesting. My statements have nothing t do with Ferguson . i am advocating do your duty agree or disagree show some honor

    • usisfubar

      If you were to do a poll, I think you would find that over 1,000,000 active duty and well over 5,000,000 vets would disagree with these very few losers.

    • human

      Traitors every last one of them. They should be shot for influencing the Guard not to do their duty and guard the nation. That is the sorriest thing I have ever seen Vets. do. I am ashamed of them. Dam them. They should have died in combat if any were in combat which I doubt. Sounds like a bunch of base rats. Blacks an women and liberals afraid to fight. Just drawing checks while myself and company did the killing and dying. Dam them to hell.

    • JT

      What people don’t realize is, there are human maggots that exist within the military, just like any segment of society.
      ANYONE who condones the destruction of private property, burglary and looting is the scum of the earth.
      The signers of this petition are just like the violent residents of Ferguson, Missouri.
      Typical…………Ghetto………….THUGS !

    • Tony Filipeli

      I have doubts about this “letter”. If anything, the wording does not sound correct, much less the content. Lets see, a bunch of people creating unrest, destroying property, looting, robbing etc….so much for following the law. Many posts about equality–I agree with that concept. When our society focuses on “this incident” rather than the bigger problem. The media jumps on any ethnic issue and blows it out into orbit–they produce, incite and enforce the ethnic divide. When you have several thousand Black people killed every year yet no coverage other than “… was killed” are we really focused on what matters? If the rolls were reversed would there still be such outcry, demonstrations and a call from veterans and active duty to stand against the government?

    • bcal001

      what are all these vets in Colorado smoking pot, maybe they should just sit around and hold hands

    • Charles Mayeux

      Peaceful protest? What a crock of shit

    • bcal001

      well my fellow vets if you feel that strong about them standing down go join them and when you get your butt shot see who stands down

      • Mike

        Ahhhhh, you’re a damned fien American. Be careful what ya ask for, ‘fellow vet’.

    • Mike

      I am a veteran and say that all these racist anti American scum can go to hell ! Justice was served !

    • Joel Grantham

      I dont believe this story!

    • cave_mannn

      What a moving letter . . . seems some of our service members know about the constitution. Wish the police in Ferguson would read it.

    • Wreck7

      You won’t see my name on that list.

      • Mike


    • JQ240

      This proves that our society is unstable, especially across race lines. I’m afraid we may fall into an insurrection and possible civil war.

    • Mort Neff

      I’m a military veteran of the Vietnam War and I DIDN’T sign that piece of crap letter….. And any veteran that did is a disgrace to the military. So a few hundred signed it, but millions DID NOT…..

      • Mike

        Yeah, and you’re the only boonies vet out here, ain’tcha? Don’t quite think so, sport.

    • Robert Johnstone

      No wonder the VA is giving such horrible health care to veterans – these people are left-leaning liberal loons! Shoot them all, along with anybody else who disagrees with the decision.

    • south_wind

      Unbelievable. I used to think that if war occurred on our soil, that we would be protected by our military, past & present, which includes the National Guard. Now I am not so sure. Seems that even they are hypnotized by the ideology of the left. Lock & load because there will be no one to protect the law abiding American citizen.

      • Mike

        youbetcha. guys like you are just why I’m careful to keep my M-4 registration up to date.

    • karren

      I googled the first 2 names , first is a black man ,Surprise ! Second is a woman that was arrested for going AWOL, check it out .

    • John t

      I am also a vet, two years in beautiful south east Asia. Anyone who signed such a document, going against the law of the US, should be thrown in prison for treason. They, like the president have taken an oath to uphold laws of the US. Oh wait, the president and attorney general don’t do what they took an oath to do!!!!

    • Trae Norman

      “We don’t just have a legal obligation, but a moral one

      Clearly, we would be within our legal rights to refuse to help the Ferguson police unconstitutionally suppress these protests. But beyond the constitutional case, we have a moral obligation to refuse to participate.”

      This must have been written by the make believe soldiers. First, you DO have a legal obligation to assist the police force, it’s something called “duty”. If you don’t, then you will be jailed for failing to carry out the orders of your superiors.

      In addition, all of those people that signed and agree with the petition, where are they? Are they protesting? Are you joining the ranks of the looters and rioters?

      I understand there was a tragedy, but the “evidence” (you know, that stuff that gives us insight to a situation) all point to Michael Brown being the “aggressor” and instigating the situation. That eye witness testimony that is pointed out in the letter was also “debunked” due to inconsistency in statements and contradictions to the forensic evidence…

      Jesus people, this is ridiculous. Even with forensic evidence clearing Wilson of wrongdoing people STILL are not satisfied. Stupidity… complete and utter stupidity…

    • Marty

      I don’t recognize any of their names, and I am thankful for that.

    • jaymack47

      there is going to be a civil war in this country.

    • nunya

      The shooting of a kid doesn’t justify the actions of the mob.

      I saw a 2 kids coming out of the Aarons store that was burnt last nite carrying a big screen TV. Hows does Michael Browns death justify them stealing a TV? Or breaking into a store to do it? Or burning it to the ground?

      It doesn’t. Nothing does.

    • AZsnipe

      Lock & Load, WEAPONS FREE

    • gunner93

      I do not support these “veterans” because they are only supporting parts of the constituion, and look how much destruction is being done across this Nation. I bet 95% of thses protesters did not no Brown. I only served fron 73 – 93 and as most veterans say”I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to sat it.”

    • ac

      And these must be the same military personnel that a bitching about how vets are treated so they want others to involve themselves into the protest!

    • paulmary

      That is not a lot of signatures considering the number of former and present service members.

    • Chris Wagner

      It would be nice if the letter had at least a couple of the facts correct!

    • Randy Blogster

      A third of the population didn’t want to go to war with Great Britain during the Revolution… And your point is…?

    • Tony420

      Are they talking about the same Ferguson or watching the same shit I am. Im with dogged shut all them idiots burning down these mom and pop shops and creating chaos.

    • Kaley Kelly


    • Joe Lewis

      You are damn right, I am a military veteran, you black folks in ferguson, you bloods, crips,,,, or whoever, you better fight ! that grand jury was rigged. burn that whole fukkkkin town to the ground ! you hear us ! you fight, and you fight right now !

    • TJ

      I don’t think all these veterans are actually veterans.

    • pi

      how can you say “STAND DOWN” when their lives were at risks too???. . “.you can stand with the protesters instead.” . . .to injure innocent people??? . . they are NOT ONLY PROTESTING . . looting, robbing. hurting other people are what you call “protesting”.” . . Many of you cater to the whims of these people that’s why they have a sense of entitlement . . .haven’t you defended yourselves and the country against the aggression of enemies harming the US and yourselves???. . these rioters who are citizens (maybe?) of the US who injure other peaceful-loving people living here in the US . . .they are no better than the enemies you fought with . . who suffered after the decision was handed down???. .NOT YOU OR YOUR FAMILIES . . . . .AGAIN, the innocents . .IF you have relatives or friends living in Ferguson and were harmed, how do you feel??? . . .CALM DOWN??? I BELIEVE NOT. . .YOU ARE ALL TALK because you are not residing there . .HAD THESE NATIONAL GUARDS, POLICEMEN, & OTHER AGENCIES CONTAINED THE RIOTERS, NO ONE AMONG THEM WOULD HAVE SURVIVED AND NOBODY AMONG THE PEACEFUL RESIDENTS WOULD HAVE SUFFERED . . .

    • Bear

      Anyone can get these names off the Vietnam wall. I bet one black man made this all up

    • Marine8541

      I spent 10 years in the USMC Iraq, Afghanistan and some places I can’t say. Currently I answer to the Director of National Intelligence. I say shoot them. If my dad and grandpa were alive both were retired USMC Master Gunnery Sergeants they would say shoot them too. Any active service member that signed that should be brought up on charges.

    • JIM stone

      RVN vet 67/68. My advice would be follow orders and to the leaders try not to turn it into Kent State.

    • Russell Watson

      The individuals who signed this petition should be ashamed of themselves. They state that they swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States but obviously forgot about telling the truth. Their version of events was totally debunked by the evidence presented to that grand jury.
      Thank God I retired last year and won’t have to deal with any of these fools in uniform.

    • B

      I’m a veteran US ARMY and I don’t support their cause. Do your job National Guard and screw the left wing agenda.

    • Ed Ferguson

      College bound black youth? Ignoring the obvious truth.

    • John R Pyles

      violent protests and looting is Not protected speech, shoot the vermin

    • Gore-don Dill

      I’m a military venture too. Lock and load

    • Removed By Moderator

      National Guard deserves free TV’s, too.

    • L. H. Lewis

      Looks like a really small list of signatures. We have how many living and serving Veterans?

      • Mike

        Not the point.

    • frito61

      Wow. I guess some n****rs actually managed to make it into the military. Sad.

    • Bear

      Are all these people black on the list?

    • j bear

      Tens of thousands did not sign it, only the low IQ people did.

    • saxonsun

      They should be ashamed.

    • Bear

      You people are out of your mind

    • Douglas Johnson

      I find this to be one of the most racist boards outside of St Louis.Let me remind you that all of you signed on to serve the constitution and what the problem here is either you forgot about what you signed up for or it did not mean anything to you in the first place and you are serving under false terms and stealing a paycheck.Let me remind you all about the constitution.

      We the People
      We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,
      that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,
      that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–
      That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men,
      deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, —
      That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends,
      it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute
      new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its
      powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

      And this represent all citizens to be equal .And if you all don`t understand this then don`t try to blame other because you did not want to keep your oath. Now I have more teachings if you all want to engage but right now you all need to look in the mirror and ask yourself. Am I jungle mentality hunt and kill animal or Am I human who believes in the constitution that I signed up to serve and bring equality to all people .But right now you all disgust me even though I still call you brother.

    • Don Davis

      As a mildly liberally minded veteran I am utterly disgusted
      by this “Letter” first Michael Brown was fleeing from a Felony
      Robbery and Assault to say he was an “unarmed, college-bound Black youth” is
      disingenuous at best.

      Secondly the asking the National Guardsman to violate their
      oath against suppressing violent rioters is an affront to all veteran who have

    • Marine5

      What a Bunch of “Flat Out LIES”…Anyone can make up a List of Names and then Post them…
      You make a lot of Twisted Lies about what took place…
      Don’t care where they say they Served or are Serving…
      Personally, I would have “Shot & Killed Brown…
      for the same reasons that the Police Officer did…
      and as I would do if anyone Attacked me…
      Brown was resisting Arrest…
      Went for the Officers GUN…BANG your DEAD !!!
      All Active Duty/Reserve Personnel who’s names are on this list
      Can and Will probably be charged…by their various Units…
      Trying to start a “Mutiny”…is against the UCMJ…
      Which they all fall under…
      The Governor is well within the LAW to call up the National Guard…
      as a “State of Emergency” had been Declared…
      I AM a 100% Combat Disabled Veteran…

    • Douglas Johnson

      Title18 Section 241
      If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate
      any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District
      in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the
      Constitution or laws of the United States

      Ferguson and St Louis county police b4 looting

    • Trkoder

      I believe some of these folks need to go back and re read the UCMJ and maybe they will realize that putting their name to this BS, is an act of mutiny and can be punished as so.

    • kajun1983

      im a vet and i would say this is the dumbest thing ive read today. those people looting are trash, scum that dont deserve the freedom our vets have fought and died for to give them.

    • John Smith

      Since the acquittal of officer Wilson, did not go against the Constitution of the United States, which we as Vets and active duty soldiers have sworn to uphold and defend, this letter is sedition through and through. These so called VETS and active duty should be arrested and charged for said crime!!

    • Randall Cheuvront

      the first amendment right to speech and the right of assembly has rules. it’s not a free for all to be heard or to bring a city to a halt. you take an oath to protect this country and that means quelling disaster not philosophizing. do your job. the one you signed up for and the one you are paid for. the military is not a ‘server when i agree with the task’ system nor a democracy. if you don’t want to do your duty take a dishonorable discharge if that’s what it takes.

    • Dee Oldguy

      How sad – if these are real people – they saw the system they supported render a fair decision supported by laws. These folks need to prosecuted for their treasonous actions.

      • Mike

        Kinda doubt it.

    • Jim Gilhooly

      Hagle was just replaced to run the DOD…….new Guy is Sgt.Bo….

    • Ron West

      Oh! The Mint Press News? It’s got to be true!

    • robert forrey

      lines are being draw on both sides of the law, that is very clear. the supreme court ruled that “the authorities cannot break the law to enforce the law.” i think that is a good place to start.

    • Rick Blahso

      Here’s one of the so called “veterans” own personal bios- these are the human wastes protesting on the side of criminals and thugs.

      Sara Beining

      I enlisted in the Army at 17, I think, as part of the D.E.P. I spent a year messing around, getting in trouble, and realizing that I was not making good decisions before I decided to go through with heading on to Basic Training and then AIT to become an intelligence analyst (96B). I left for Basic in June 2004. I was stationed eventually at Fort Hood in the G2 office, and then went to Iraq from December 2005 through November 2006. I went AWOL in January of 2007 and looked back once, only to go AWOL again (September 2007). I joined IVAW when a protest march interrupted my trip to the beach in Kennebunkeport, Maine, in early summer of 2007. I currently am divorced, have a usually-lovely 4 year old who loves He-Man and Shawna Foster, am employed part time at the Writing Center at my college in Indiana, and am a full time student.

    • Jim Gilhooly

      Gentle Men….Lock and Load tonight….screw these Animals Black and White….

    • KarnakTM

      Apparently they forgot about the part of the oath that states; “support and defend the constitution of the United States against ALL (emphasis mine) enemies foreign and domestic.”

    • Jackie James

      What percentage of veterans were black?

    • dstan

      So there are a bunched of screwed Libs in the military. Somehow I doubt the authenticity of this letter. And Michael Brown was in no way a sweet little innocent college bound kid. Nice try again Yahoo.

      • Mike

        Care to make a small wager?

    • armyranger08

      it amazes me that this letter talks about how a soldier is to defend the rights of the Constitution of the United States IE: freedom of speech/ right to protest, yet the protestors are not doing so within the laws for they have a right to a peaceful protest. And since they would like to talk about a soldiers oath how about we bring up the other side which states you will defend out country from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC

    • Military Veteran

      This letter is an embarrassment and an outrage. I too am a vet and am disgusted as well as disappointed in all those that asked the Missouri National Guard to stand down and join the protesters. I believe in freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom of the press sure! But not for a cigar stealing, disrespectful to laws, and assaulting an officer, 18 year old man! This letter stated Mr. brown was college bound? Not with his kind of disregard and disrespect for life and his violent actions towards his community he’s not!

    • Steve Taylor

      A black guy must of wrote that letter

    • nipper

      are these vets serious? i’m ashamed of them for the idiotic comment they made: The whole world is watching the Ferguson police with disgust. They killed an unarmed, college-bound Black youth in broad daylight, and subsequently responded to peaceful, constitutionally-protected protests with extreme violence and repression. I’m watching with discuss to that community who thinks it’s ok for any black man to be a thug.

    • John Epperson

      What a bunch of whiners, those are NOT real America service members but a group of cowards who have no right to call themselves military members.

      • Mike

        And yeah. your opinion really worries them loads.

        • John Epperson

          Yes it does .

    • who622

      I agree that all of the looters and burners should be shot. Violence leads to violence. Learn to live by the laws of the country or leave it.

    • JenkPac Shakur

      Wilson defended himself plain and simple. He’s a hero despite whatever the Jews and their allies would have us believe.

    • MJ

      Any refusing to follow orders should be tried and convicted. Failing to follow orders to protect US citizens and their property imo is a violation of their oath. Looters and violent protestors are domestic enemies and should be treated as such.

      • Mike

        Ever hear of the Possee Comatas act? Look it up. It has a bit to say about the military operating inside the borders of the United States.

        • MJ

          National Guard have been used for police action in the US before namely Katrina so don’t go all stupid on us.

        • MJ

          Also from what I’ve read and , this Act does not apply to the National Guard.

    • Americus Citizenus

      I am so sick and tired of these ignorant, low IQ people, who weren’t there as witnesses when Michael Brown was shot, and who did not see or hear the testimony that was presented to the Grand Jury, protest and say that the Grand Jury was wrong in their decision! In their minds it appears that they can determine guilt or innocence solely upon whatever information or misinformation is presented in the media!

      • MJ

        They are responding to pigment of the skin much like the t urd in the White House was elected for the same reason twice.

        • Mike

          Your Grand Dragon is calling. cross burning has been postponed.

          • MJ

            Dang I guess I’ll have to go to the Black Panther Party instead. Do you think they would mind if my leather jacket is brown and I don’t own a billy club. Oh yeah maybe it I bring some pipe bombs along maybe they won’t mind.

    • AtlantisAuthor

      My B.S. detector is sounding really loudly right now; anyone with common sense knows the wording of this “appeal” reads like fabricated propaganda most likely created by people in the Obama administration whose pal Al Sharpton and “activist attorney general” Eric Holder have worked overtime to stoke the fires in Ferguson. If any of these “military personnel” on this list are in fact real people at all, money’s on the table that most if not all of them are black and see everything through a racist lens themselves.

      How’s about let’s hear from the REAL military people out there on the subject. I’ll bet these people are in the distinct MINORITY with regard to the REAL injustices being committed here, namely the looting and burning of innocent people’s private businesses, violence against police and reporters, and constant race-baiting that’s been happening from day one of this circus. If they want to do our country a REAL favor they’ll mobilize and kick every last pink-blooded liberal out of the country!

      • Mike

        You need to recalibrate your B-S detector. But be careful not to be close when ya do it.

    • jesse

      What part of this college bound 300lb giant robbed and assaulted a 100lb senior citizen…then attacked(as all the evidence shows) an officer of the law……..what part of all this makes these liberals cling to a false liberal media narrative as if it were fact.

    • guest

      Not only a propaganda piece, but really lousy propaganda.

      * “Extreme violence”? lol There are no reports of police injuring protesters or killing them. What violence?

      * “Severely infringed”? I watched about 7 different live streams online last night, showing all different angles and positions. Infringed on what?

      * “The autopsy confirms…..” Bald faced lie. The fact is, ALL 3 of the autopsies concur that Brown was not shot in the back nor did he have his hands up. Evidence indicates a struggle _inside_ the vehicle first, and then witnesses state that Brown charged the officer in a 2nd attack.

      Nothing more than propaganda for the reactionaries.

      • Mike

        Only two so far, Einstein. The FBI is still out.

    • WOW

      Not this veteran.

      • Dennis

        I checked the list and was very happy to see my son’s name was not on it. He’s currently active Army serving in Kuwait. As for myself, I’m a veteran, served 12 years total before an injury ended my career in the Infantry. There’s no way I would have agreed with or signed this propaganda rag. The Constitution allows for “peaceful,” protest. There was nothing peaceful about what I saw on the news last night and this morning. What I saw were looters and thugs, who should be put away, one way or another.

    • Cori Hatchet

      What a bogus article. I bet not one name is real.

      • Rick Blahso

        Oh they’re real. But most either left the military under less than stellar circumstances, or were leftists the military didn’t need to begin with. There’s a few National Guardsmen in there, the usual dirtbags who join the guard for free education and benefits but when it’s time to honor the contract, they get all girly and go awol. We all know the type. The usual college liberal shiitebags who are more than willing to take for free and then bite the hand that fed them.

      • Mike

        Like to lose a few bucks? Wanna bet they are?

    • rogue

      Sedition! At least they were dumb enough to sign their own court-marshal papers. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • Americus Citizenus


    • NG

      Sadly, all this article and accompanying petition does is reaffirm the fact that there are dirtbags within the ranks of the US Military as well. Who in their right mind would try to convince current Service Members to actively rebel against police who are trying to keep the peace in that community (many of whom probably live in that very same community)? And if you have such a problem with authority, why in God’s name did you ever enlist into the military? What exactly do you think your role is as a Soldier, Sailor, Marine or Airman? As a SM, you are essentially a police officer!! You may not be called that as a title, but that’s the reality of it. Look at the historical wars/conflicts of the US Military and tell me that’s not true. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I am a Veteran myself and served both Active Duty and Army National Guard and this makes me embarrassed to have worn the same uniform as many of those that signed above.

      • Mike

        Oh hell no you aren’t. pal! Read the Posse Comatatus {spelling} act. It prohibits exactly that. Ya might also read what our Constitution has to say about the military operating on American soil.

    • Bork


    • NOPOP

      i could almost agree with this im all about my rights but who is wrong and who is right how can you try to get the military to join violent protest the people that are making it violent can give two shitts about MB they only care about robing every business in the area and as far as the cop goes if he really wanted to kill the kid why wait to get punched in the face.. also as far a poverty goes and racism what world do you live in we have a black president that no one like and not because hes black but because he has horrible policies quite giving Americans freee shit and make them get a fuckkinggggg job this whole country if lazy and thats all races…

    • Darryl McDuffie

      I’m gonna call B.S. on this article. I’ll be willing to bet there are a bunch more active duty and retired military ready to Lock & Load.

    • Joe

      Who wrote this crap, Sharpton?

      • MJ

        Blacks and white guilt liberals.

        • Mike

          Kinda doubt it.

    • EyesForward

      Absolutely shameful… How dare you use veterans status for this type of ignorant propaganda.

    • franciscosvilla

      Every single name on that list is a disgrace to the uniform. They bring great discredit upon themselves and their service.

    • TonyB

      You that signed are full of BS. I am sure that you all , if combat troops, have trained for DDC: Domestic Disturbance Control.
      From a Vietnam Veteran with the 1st Cavalry Division: 11b40

    • Me Sham

      There’s a lot of 2 and even 1 year timespans in those service dates, indicating the signers are washouts.

    • jesse james

      Everyone of the signers have a right to protest as they see fit EXCEPT ACTIVE DUTY PERSONNEL. I wonder if this could be considered encouraging mutiny? None of these signers have any idea what happened they are relying on the media frenzy and racists like Sharpton-Jackson-Holder-obama for their news

      • Mike

        Actually, no. Signing the contract does not disqualify a serviceman [or woman} from having an opinion and expressing it. It deals strictly with acknowledging military authority and obeying lawful orders.

    • Carl Collins Jr.

      What a made up crock of shit.

    • Tarion

      I am a retired veteran and say do your job, and this is not about race, this is not about some so called innocent kid was shot. The evidence is in, the justice system did i’s job. Your job now is to protect. The ones who are causing problems in Ferguson are not peaceful, they are there only to cause problems. So be proud, follow your oath, and protect those who need protecting.

    • jm

      Way to go you A$$ holes. You are in the minority on this one. Anyone that has sworn to uphold the constitution knows that these people are committing a criminal protest and need to be dealt with in as sever manor as they act.

    • Gregg Barnes

      As a Veteran, this sickens me. First off, like EVERYONE else, they werent there when the shooting went down, so they dont know the whole story. Second off, they are asking these soldiers to commit dereliction of duty. And to those on the list that are currently serving, you should be court marshaled for insubordination. You are scum, and traitors to your country.



    • Me Sham

      As a veteran this is the most shameful, embarrassing thing I have ever seen. Shame on ever single one of the ignorant idiots who signed this despicable letter.

    • tommy

      I too am a vet.And I can not believe a veteran would sign this propaganda.I believe the officer was in the right in defending his life,and think we would all do the same in the same situation.And even right or wrong does it give them the right to steal everything in sight and burn down their town?How many nights do you stand by and let them do this?

    • baxtr2

      I have never been so embarrassed by anything as I have been by this article. The people purported to be military listed above that allow their names to be positively associated with this article are a blight on the military.

    • scottpp

      A disgrace to their uniform I see its mostly swabbies.

    • Kim Obrien

      Fortunatly the Guardsmen there understand what their duty is and that the rule of law in this country is what makes us strong. Tell me people who signed this purported letter ” if an active duty soldier over seas in a battle zone beleives that the orders he is told to follow dont FIT with his interpretation of what he beleives the Constitution is shoud they cross the line and join the enemy or should they just go and protest in front of the emabassy or white house and ignore their duty. Please, Please tell me how your superiors let alone your peers would react to that scenario ??

    • jimnbubba

      How many of these so called vets are black ?

      • Mike

        Ahhhhhh, now we’re getting to it, ain’t we Jimmy? Careful ole son, someone’s gonna see them white robes with the eye holes ya got in the garage.

    • Chris Dowd

      Everyone of you who signed this letter is a disgrace to the uniform and our country! You must be liberal and hate the US. This thug was a piece of shit and the rioters and looters are no different! They all deserve to be shoot dead on the spot in commission of a crime during all this! I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would even talk against a US soldier, but you sicken me! I hope the military is able to punish you for this act of treason!!

    • Richard

      As much respect as I have for our men and women in the military, past and present, this is completely uncalled for. They aren’t there and can’t judge these officers based on hear say. A grand jury saw All of the evidence and decided not to pursue legal action. There must be a reason for that so before you overload your butt with your mouth, zip it up and you stand down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • carlos nells

      Disobey a direct order ? these are awfully uninformed vets. Lets let you go to p[rison and lose all your rights and benefits because of ‘my’ personal feelings (not based on facts) about what happened to this benign looking cop and this known demonstrated thug robber. This si not a popular cause and isn’t going to end well for some innocent people or violent criminals pretending to be Gandhi protesters…Gandhi had disciplined recruits, the protesters in MO are naïve idiots and criminals mixed together…even the protesters are going to harmed right quick by the same thugs.

      • Mike

        Dude, you know about as much about Mohandas K Gandhi as you do about building an atom smasher.

    • AD

      The troops who signed this petition should be ashamed of themselves. The ones who are active duty should be identified and threatened with discharge, there is no room for people who would suggest that their fellow troops disobey the lawful orders of their chain of command and engage in anarchy. Regardless of whether or not you agree with the grand jury’s decision, burning down businesses and threatening innocent bystanders isn’t “justice” for Michael Brown. While I’m not going to personally waste my time looking through the database to see which one of those names are legit, it wouldn’t surprise me if some of them are fake.

      • John Epperson

        Those on active duty such be dishonorably discharged .

    • maston375B

      As a veteran of iraq in the 1990’s and about to go active again, fuck all of those that signed the petition (if in fact that really did) and anyone I see looting/setting fires/etc are not protesters, they are criminals and will be dealt with as such. Law states that deadly force can be used to prevent the loss of life and property….let me see you doing that and I guarantee you that you will lose your life.

    • D. Nic

      Bullshit!!!!! This letter and article is a hoax!!!!!

      • Rick Blahso

        There are actually swine like this in the military. The vast majority of those on this list were discharged (less than honorably) or went awol. Fit right in with most of the college kids egging on the protestors. I sent the list of names to each of the services, maybe they can see who is still on active duty and untrustworthy.

        • Mike

          Like I said, chump, this is where you get to tell me exactly where you find that kind of information.

    • Nate Walker

      Pretty disgraceful, so they should just let these thugs burn the town down?

    • Kokopop

      this is a hoax right? It’s got to be………I applaud the Ferguson police not look at them with disgust…..peaceful protestors burn down businesses in their own neighborhood? has to be a hoax.

    • TiredofPlusquellic

      Not impressed. Even the military has liberals.

      • Rick Blahso

        If you look most of them up, the majority are anti-war protestors who suddenly realized that the paper they signed for a free education and benefits had other conditions also. The vast majority of these slugs were discipline problems if you check their bios.

        • Mike

          Really, Ricky, and please detail for me exactly where to find that little piece of information?

    • VoF

      Hundreds? lol

    • rich

      Utter BS. Kid was a punk and got justice on Aug 9th.

      • Douglas Johnson

        So is the town getting their`s today or is this just some knucklehead talk.

        • frito61

          Your an F ing Animal. BEGONE N****R!

          • Charles Gillinger

            You sound like the animal you racist pig. if you are going to insult someone at least have the balls to spell out the entire word. Otherwise you sound like a keyboard badass. You are apart of the problem.

          • Douglas Johnson

            Still here numbnuts:0)

        • human

          No more afro sheen in Ferg. No auto parts, no liquor. Now what. We only let you stupid apes burn your own hoods. Can’t burn ours, we will kill you.

    • Gabe Reid

      Okay, to the good people of Ferguson Mo. While I am having a blast joking and making light of a really bad and dangerous situation I seriously hope that those of you not involved in all this chaos and lunacy stay safe and have a nice Thanksgiving. It’s a d a m n shame that this is happening to those of you who ARE productive members of the community and society. Hard working Americans deserve better and most of us know that this is NOT a reflection of your entire community but rather a statement by a select few hood lums and t e r rorists. I think that I speak for many when I say godspeed and my best wishes for all of you. Having said that, it’s a D A M N shame that local and federal governments are using the silk gloves while these poor people are being bullied, terro ri zed, and intim idated right in their own home. Pull OFF the god damn gloves and HOLD PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE for their behavior!! If that means making examples of a bunch of crimi nals and terrorists by dropping the hammer and using let h al force to restore order then so be it!! It’s okay to use such force to restore order in other countries but not in America? Maybe NOW you’ll learn to leave other nations alone when they are basically dealing with domestic terrorism and extreme civil unrest. Yeah, it’s ugly as F #$K but in a society that wishes to remain a modern and civil one consequences for disrupting the order of things should NEVER be compromised. If ki l l ing, beat ing, incarcerating, and pi s s ing off a large group of criminals and terr o r ists restores order and returns safety and security to honest law abiding folk then WHAT the h el l are you waiting for! Black, white, brown doesnt matter. Ter ro rist vrs
      law abiding citizen….. THAT is what should be focused on here….

      • Douglas Johnson

        Here see what started the whole thing .Because you say a lot of words that don`t amount up to nothing.

        Title18 Section 241
        If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate
        any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District
        in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the
        Constitution or laws of the United States

        Ferguson and St Louis county police b4 looting

        You need to know b4 speaking because sometimes the truth show up right behind a lie.

      • human

        Who the hell are you talking to? The boons? Do you think the ones in the street are any different than the ones in the ” Temp. housing?” Give me a break. africans are the same the world over, hated.

        • Mike

          He’s talking to morons here who wouldn’t know our Constitution if it bit ’em, and believe themselves to be patriots.

    • Gabe Reid

      Okay, to the good people of Ferguson Mo. While I am having a blast joking and making light of a really bad and dangerous situation I seriously hope that those of you not involved in all this chaos and lunacy stay safe and have a nice Thanksgiving. It’s a damn shame that this is happening to those of you who ARE productive members of the community and society. Hard working Americans deserve better and most of us know that this is NOT a reflection of your entire community but rather a statement by a select few hoodlums and terrorists. I think that I speak for many when I say godspeed and my best wishes for all of you. Having said that, it’s a DAMN shame that local and federal governments are using the silk gloves while these poor people are being bullied, terrorized, and intimidated right in their own home. Pull OFF the god damn gloves and HOLD PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE for their behavior!! If that means making examples of a bunch of criminals and terrorists by dropping the hammer and using lethal force to restore order then so be it!! It’s okay to use such force to restore order in other countries but not in America? Maybe NOW you’ll learn to leave other nations alone when they are basically dealing with domestic terrorism and extreme civil unrest. Yeah, it’s ugly as FUCK but in a society that wishes to remain a modern and civil one consequences for disrupting the order of things should NEVER be compromised. If killing, beating, incarcerating, and pissing off a large group of criminals and terrorists restores order and returns safety and security to honest law abiding folk then WHAT the hell are you waiting for! Black, white, brown doesnt matter. Terrorist vrs law abiding citizen….. THAT is what should be focused on here….

    • shoot the looters

      You are all a disgrace to the uniform.
      This thug was a kid who engaged to do bodily harm to a officer of the law after doing harm to a civilian.
      If he was not killed by the officer he would certainly have been killed by some one else.
      What is the first rule of engagment?

      • HITLER


        • Douglas Johnson

          Your name shows your ignorance there is nothing left to say.

          • frito61

            Yeah, Doug, you have nothing to discuss! You should run away before you’re just verbally lynched, you stupid criminal!

            • Douglas Johnson

              Your first lesson.

              You need a lesson on the racist mind.
              To those who live on the side of racism.When one carry`s racism they live within a box that sits on the left side of the two side hemisphere of the brain. That box is what holds control which is mind and thinking Now when that control factor is disturbed or shaken up it causes the right side of the brain to go to work This being feelings and emotions so what happens when the control is disturbed it causes a chain reaction anger and hatred which are the emotions and or feelings of every racist. What is behind control ? At the bottom line or which all these other actions come from is fear. So to make this a easy to understand story. Fear of losing control makes a racist become angry once angry long enough they start hating once they start hating last time they did it was called a civil war. And you find this box thinker in all walks of life. Your doctors teachers lawyers police etc…… I want to thank racist because of you none of this would have been possible. It is because of your shallow box thinkers that the protesters came to life they are here because of your hatred and their voice is Justice against tyranny police brutality etc….. But that’s because you box thinkers lost control and when you did that you caused what we see today. .Oh by the way did you all notice that more and more whites have joined. See how you hate that so it comes to life more. Justice for all not a selected few. :0)

          • human

            Hang the darky, LOL. I know where one hanging tree is still alive. It was a black only tree so people have taken care of it out of pride. Lots of people come to see it. It’s in a lot of history books. There are even good Pics. of boons hanging from it. Long necks. Dogs are pulling on ones foot.

            • Filz

              @Human… you r first honkey white trash… come see me… we will make a white tree now!

      • Douglas Johnson

        You are a disgrace to call yourself human acting like an animal.This is not rome and their is no coliseum get rid of your blood thirst attitude ,you act more like a vampire.

        • human

          Whips and chains and the house boon is having another of the masters babies. Man I hate I missed those days. I wouldn’t commit bestiality like some but I would like to be the whip man. And run boons down with the dogs. Dam that had to be fun.

          • Mike

            Ok folks, it’s a child on mommies computer. Now off to bed little boy.

      • Charles Gillinger

        First rule of engagement is not to fire your weapon unless fired upon.

        • human

          For rabbits.

    • UNARMED — LOL. In IRAQ if I charged a command post (even with just unknown intent), how long before I was shot dead? In the US, at a routine traffic stop, if I get out of my car and RUSH A COP how long before he is forced to shoot?

      If I match the description of a criminal that just just commit a crime (BECAUSE I AM THAT CRIMINAL) and I try to remove the firearm of a police officer (get shot in the thumb in the process) and then I proceed to later RUSH A COP —- how long before I get shot?

      Unarmed is meaningless and so is your lame fight for this criminal.

      There are many cases of police abuse of power that you could fight but you’ve been duped into fighting this one. it is yet ANOTHER battle you cannot win. Seems like you have a penchant for getting yourself into those quagmires.

    • Nathan

      Vietnam Veteran 69-70………………..SHOOT ALL THOSE BLACK AND WHITE CRIMINALS…………..

      • carlos nells

        amen 67′ to0 69′

        • Douglas Johnson

          An amen from hell is all this is.

          • Randall Cheuvront

            doug you’re being pretty trollish. every single reply to a comment someone has made is you spewing. let people have their say. we all know how you feel since you can’t keep your opinion out of every square inch of this comment board.

            • Douglas Johnson

              Do you have have a problem with opposing views.I under the impression that it was a public forum and any view can be reasoned with or challenged .Now is it new rules where one `s comment should not be questioned or is there a limit? Is this a boards rule or is it a personal white privilege you own sir?Because if you don`t mind when I see people talking about other people on a public forum I feel all thoughts should be challenged what is your problem with that?From what I can tell you like to call names and not be challenged .

              • frito61

                Yeah, and look how stupid you are! Have you not learned your lesson? NO ONE HERE AGREES WITH YOU! Your a racist n****r! A coward! Some scum that lives on welfare! Begone! Go back to burning and looting McDonald’s!

                • Filz

                  I agree with him and Im Hispanic… every one of your posts includes the N word.. now you can call me a spic, that’s fine. But it’s your inbred ass that is really showing us racism is very alive in well in some areas. I was a Marine… Please stop embarrassing yourself with your single digit IQ there frito

                • Mike

                  Sorry, taterchips you need to speak for yourself. I agree with most that he’s posted.

                • Abby223

                  You sure sound educated with those stereotypes. You’re a tool. You’re hatred is based on minimal information of a people. Venture out into the world like the rest of us, and stop letting fox news inform you of the world.

                • Douglas Johnson

                  I must be to much of a coward I come in a room full of racist and call them racist and tell how ignorant they are and to let you know I am here as long as you jackass racist are.Get used to me monkey boy

              • JQ240

                … sounds like they’re giving you a taste of White supremacy.

              • human

                Boon begone. I wish there was a magic dust we could blow on all of them. Poof all gone, better World. Just think if the boons in africa were all dead some smart people would have a whole giant rich continent to develop. The apes are just wasting it.

            • Mike

              You don’t seem to be aware that that’s what a comment line is for. The fact that you don’t care for his opinions, don’t mean chit.

          • frito61

            Go into the street tonight! Maybe we’ll send you to Hell!

            • Filz

              Please come with me to Hell… we will continue there… if you have the balls! I will have fun systematically destroying your hick, weak inbred ass!

            • Mike

              We? That mouse in your pocket packin a Glock? If not, try growing up.

            • Douglas Johnson

              You are nothing but a computer G.I. Joe twinky toes

      • David Linscheid

        I have only one thing to say to all of those self-righteous bastards who are recommending that the National Guard stand down: BULLSHIT!!

      • Douglas Johnson

        Since killing is a criminality and you speak it to get rid of animal thinking humans you should be first.

        • human

          No, sub-humans go first. Like the rest of the dead end branches. You know africans would be extinct already if everybody would have left them alone.

          • Filz

            Yet it was your retarded ancestors that brought them here, wasn’t it? And the north kicked your ancestors ass in the Civil War… we could do it again, bring it!

      • frito61

        Shoot ’em ALL! I don’t care if they’re F ing GREEN! They’re all human animals!

      • human

        Same same 69-70, kill them all. Only way to solve a Prob. like ours. Kill’em all.

      • rick

        Agree, Viet Nam Veteran 69-71!!!!!!

      • Mike

        Ground pounder, no doubt. Since you seem to think it matters, USAF 1968-1972, in a fast mover keeping Charles off your six, moron. I wouldn’t get too carried away with that shoot ’em up stuff if I were you, patriot.

      • Mike

        Really? Ever get off the supply desk in Japan?

    • dogged

      I too am a veteran and I say shoot all the violent piece of trash thugs , sharpton 1st!!!!!!!

      • M. N.

        Nice that they’ve named the liberal infiltrators…As a side note, there are plenty of military who didn’t and wouldn’t sign that petition – so is this really news or just drivel…

        • Douglas Johnson

          Meaning people are starting to wake up and those who don`t want to lose their power base we understand but the time has arrived for Justice for all equal not a selected few.

          • Randall Cheuvront

            there have always been detractors in the military. you think this is new? but they are the minority who think being in the military should give you the choice when to take a job based on your feelings. it doesn’t work that way nor is it a democracy.

            • Douglas Johnson

              Or they might remember they signed on to serve the constitution which means equality for all while some may just want their paycheck.You think it is hard to recognize the two?

              • frito61

                Doug, you’re just an OBVIOUS N*****R!

                • Mike

                  Loving you them thumbs aintcha, troll?

                • irrosey2

                  frito61, please go join the other side. You are harming whomever you claim association with.

                • Abby223

                  Invest in some humane terminology. The world might actually accept your existence.

                • Michael

                  Frito621 Calling someone a ni&&er online is like being in the Special Olympics!! When your sick racist ass is done doing ot

                  You re still f*cking racist and retarded

              • human

                Equality you have but it Isn’t enough is it? It never is. You boons might as well go find your own country. You can’t have ours. We took it fair and square and you boons are far to stupid and weak to take it. Don’t make us go off on you apes like we use to.

                • Mike

                  The Imperial Wizard is looking for you. Be careful what you wish for, ya might get it.

                  • Michael

                    Mike suck you Imperial wizard daddy again for us all.. Your la,e scare tactic don’t work here boy.

                • patrickhenry13

                  we have found many new country,states towns to move away from the freaks like brown and these rioters and looters,the time for running needs to end…

                  • Mike

                    Then gear up, shut your mouth, and get to the front of the squad, ‘Patrick’.

                    • patrickhenry13

                      gear up? did you hear that from your along little’ll never grow a penis..

                    • Howleyesque

                      Kiss mine Mikie dear you worthless lump.

                  • Michael

                    Patrickhenery 13

                    You racist pigs You violent scums just tore a town up of New Hampshire at an
                    (Google ) NH ANNAUL PUMPKIN FESTIVAL ) last month Rioting, looting and setting cars on fire the whole works….Not a black person in site …..You cant talk about the black doing jack s-it that’s violent!

                    And you finger pointing sissies rioted over less then a man getting killed .. You’re nothing in this country …Be gone you racist spit buckets . Its TRUE..You don’t have a say nor any POWER in this country

                    You ‘re just perverted nitpicker trouble maker ,who noone don’t pay any attention to ..

                    You’re a sick stupid talking pig..

                    • Tim

                      You’re pretty ignorant…. A lot of the people there were high schoolers who couldn’t handle their liquor. And that person has the same right as you when it comes to stating their opinion, so you trying to shame someone for saying what they want makes you as bad as the police in Ferguson. Oh and name calling doesn’t usually get you very far tough guy

                      • Michael

                        Tim who told you I were TOUGH ? Dumb c*nt lol

                      • Tim

                        That’s all you got? Hey here’s an idea come up to NH I’m in the Ossipee area call me a dumb cunt to my face. Oh but that’s right you’re one of those people who only talks shit through a screen, so instead of wasting my time pick up a book and try and learn some grammar and context.

                      • Michael

                        TIM C*NT… YOU ‘RE A JOKE

                    • patrickhenry13

                      mickey,mickey micky,most of the pumpkin chuckin was pre-planned as it is every didn’t start out with a freak who punched a didn’t end up with 20 million dollars worth of damage.not to mention the cost in extra people? 50% of violent crime,50% of welfare.most black girls report that they were molested before the age of 16,the majority of the time by a family are the majority of begging and trouble in this country in haiti and in africa..what is the purpose of the black race? really? what good do you serve? on any level? in any country?

                      • Michael

                        Pattrick hener13 …I ‘ve never met smart racist !

                        And you’re the Dumbest racist scum of them all… .First off.. I’m not black ..I am 100% white wealthy, and German. And not racist like you shits are..

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                      • patrickhenry13

                        cmon mickey,these comments have to make sense,most black people say sharpton is a freak of nature.and holder just got booted out of his job in disgrace..i could make a very good argument that no blacks work in this country,between welfare,jail, government jobs,quotas forced on any major company..pushed into unions, the armed service,colleges,pro sports…on every level blacks suk…from peanut butter boy to the guy who got caught stealing patents out of ibm…every kill rape rob.and offer nothing in return…

                      • Douglas Johnson

                        You need a lesson on the racist mind.
                        To those who live on the side of racism.When one carry`s racism they live within a box that sits on the left side of the two side hemisphere of the brain. That box is what holds control which is mind and thinking Now when that control factor is disturbed or shaken up it causes the right side of the brain to go to work This being feelings and emotions so what happens when the control is disturbed it causes a chain reaction anger and hatred which are the emotions and or feelings of every racist. What is behind control ? At the bottom line or which all these other actions come from is fear. So to make this a easy to understand story. Fear of losing control makes a racist become angry once angry long enough they start hating once they start hating last time they did it was called a civil war. And you find this box thinker in all walks of life. Your doctors teachers lawyers police etc…… I want to thank racist because of you none of this would have been possible. It is because of your shallow box thinkers that the protesters came to life they are here because of your hatred and their voice is Justice against tyranny police brutality etc….. But that’s because you box thinkers lost control and when you did that you caused what we see today. .Oh by the way did you all notice that more and more whites have joined. See how you hate that so it comes to life more. Justice for all not a selected few. :0)

                      • patrickhenry13

                        i saw blah,blah,blah,you don’t like me because you fear me..well heres a hint to you and the queer nation,i don’t like you because you smell like sh it..i’m not scared of sh it i just don’t like sh it.and boy are you some stinking heaping pile of sh it…..

                      • Douglas Johnson

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                      • Michael

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                        Patrickhenry13….We can tell you and your parents are siblings.

                      • patrickhenry13

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                      • ronnie

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                      • patrickhenry13

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                      • Michael

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                        How you like me now

                      • leapinglema

                        Is that ebonics?

                      • Michael

                        its called a simple few typos..that still got you all butt hurt you stupid sissy

                      • sickofdumbmotherfckers

                        And my 1sr DERP of the evening folks

                      • patrickhenry13

                        mickey what country are you from,i can barely understand what your trying to say..sharpton is a fool,most people see him that way..the kkk are fools who never got the job far as your queer ramblings? alot of people are saying black girls act like guys and black guys act like girls.but.we’ll just keep that on the down low..

                      • Michael

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                      • Gayhart Goddard


                      • 1EDWARDRMORROW1


                      • Michael

                        Don’t worry We’re exposing the filthy racist pig shit

                      • Curtis_JB

                        Holder, Sharpton, Jackson and Obummer are far more superior?? THAN FREAKING WHO?

                      • KCM1986NY

                        What are you smoking? I grew up in an area with practically no minorities. After the service and living where I live now. I have found blacks to be lazy with no interest in getting an education, content to live in squalor, do drugs, have illegitimate children and sponge off the system. Al Sharpton is a professional trouble maker and Holder just a crooked lawyer.

                      • tired of it all

                        Sharpton=4.5 million tax evasion, holder-=fast and furious, anyone else you can think of? those two are very bad choices for upstanding citizens.

                      • 1EDWARDRMORROW1

                        Your are stuttering again Mikey.

                      • Michael

                        I dsee you have another account sissy You do have many boy…you racist spit bucket.

                      • JDK

                        Hey aszhat(michael)…. Your describing yourself in your very own posts and your actually too stupid to realize it!
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                      • Michael

                        Nope JDK..
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                        you cry baby pansy

                    • Howleyesque

                      Screams the black racist, excuse making punk.

                • Michael

                  Human,,’ You stupid talking sissy

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                • Douglas Johnson

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                • Wally Cerves

                  Human, YOU are NOT even HUMAN, you sack of Garbage!

                • sickofdumbmotherfckers

                  Back to fucking sheep you inbred sack of shit

              • Daniel Gomez


                • Nancy J MacDonald

                  Cause he’s not a communist, sissy,,,,,,

              • Frank Ciletti

                They also took an oath to follow the orders of the commissioned officers appointed over them.

              • Frank Ciletti

                In the Armed Forces EXCEPT the National Guard (Army or Air)

                I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

                In the National Guard (Army or Air)

                I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the State of (STATE NAME) against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the Governor of (STATE NAME) and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to law and regulations. So

                • M. N.

                  Nicely added Frank.

                • Douglas Johnson

                  And what are usa citizens? those who this constitution apply`s too? Or did you see it like that?

              • Gayhart Goddard


                • Douglas Johnson

                  BUTT face it is just has to be enforce but you to ignorant to know that

                  • Gayhart Goddard


                    • Douglas Johnson

                      What is being dismantled? Oh yeah you called me a name frog face

                    • 1EDWARDRMORROW1


          • frito61

            And you just might be a n****r. What about the rights of the Police Officer not to be beaten and shot with his own gun? Ever thought about that, n****r?

            • Mike

              Who, me? Actually Irish, but see, the difference in you and me, potato chip boy, is I’m not white trash. You on the other hand have ‘single wide’ written all over ya. Seeya.

              • Daniel Gomez


                • NavyCorpsman

                  “MOS OF COMBAT CORPSMAN”
                  Last I checked, corpsmen were in the US Navy, and you claim to be an Army Veteran.

            • VET

              saw the pictures of Wilson, don’t know how he survived the savage beating.

            • Douglas Johnson

              You don`t know what happen do you corn chip boy?

              Since you making up the story to fit into your boxSo we see two souls once they encounter one another one soul pulls away from confrontation then this soul takes thought I am not going to let him talk to me like that and so this soul pulls his gun out turn around and at this point from a human perspective this is premeditated murder. So once he turns around he went to confront them with the gun he had out already but he pulled up to close and the door pushed him back because of his sloppiness so that furthered inflamed the attacking soul. Now he reaches out grabbed the victim soul and if someone reaches out and put their hands on any other soul then the attacking soul has done the wrong to whom they attack. So what appears from human concept a struggle in reality the attacker started shooting and as anyone in the position of being attacked then you have all rights to defend yourself. So once Michael got shot and realized this officer was not in human thinking but a box thinker with authority so he broke and ran like any human in the position of standing right there and let him murder him or try to save your life.Now the officer got out fired 5 to 6 more shots while he was running now he gets hit again and from our perspective now his body is in trauma and he turns this traumatized body around and with his hands out he did his best with the body he had he surrendered and at this point while his body was going down he shot 4 more times in which the first 2 he was on a death fall. Then the 3rd bullet from the trajectory shows for the entry to take place and its downward movement Mike would have been flying at wilson like superman or wilson was shooting at his body as it is going down that is the only ways that trajectory could haven taken place. Now the last bullet name is excessive force from human terminology. Only if you can explain how is a dead man a threat. If dead man is no threat we would have to name the last bullet excessive force .:0)

            • Michael

              If you get in fight with someone inside your car ..Then that person takes off running .. you get out your car to chase said person just to empty your fire arm in them just cause you’ re f**king mad !

              They you’re 100% guilty of manslaughter… That’s what Wilson did.. You’re too f**king stupid to know this ? ROTFLMAO

          • human

            That is right no more coddling criminals because of color. No more letting one color burn and loot citys and towns. Every able bodied person has to go to work. No more welfare and disability checks for lairs. All criminals treated equally as bad. Bad cops and teachers and politicians fired. No second chances for violent criminals. No more racism in the black house.

            • Michael

              You re stupid talking as s clown You call someone racist when you re a racist yourself You dumb cu*t

          • Daniel Gomez


            • Douglas Johnson

              Hopefully you think more than you have been doing since you can see the country is burning.Maybe you don`t understand but these are the types of events civil wars comes from.

              • Gayhart Goddard


                • Douglas Johnson

                  What does civil disobedience leads to?

          • M. N.

            Justice for all huh? Tell that to the victims of the fires and looting… You really mean selective justice and selective lawfulness, following the lead of the illustrious leadership I see.

            • Douglas Johnson

              Why is at this point?

        • just say’n

          A link to their Demands.Don’t forget the http www etc. These are all “winter soldiers”

          • frito61


            • eyelostmyname

              Better keep an eye on your mom, frito. She appears to be going black on you. But, at least you will have a father now. Maybe. lmao.

            • OneloveUnited

              Seems you at work with asterisk short, frito61.You found a way to misspell it without even spelling it. Amazingly done.

              • Bulldog53

                Mike your a piece of shit. Benefits don’t even come to mind for most.

                • Bulldog53

                  Mike we already know what side your on.

                • Wally Cerves

                  Bulldog, you are FULL of BULL!

                  • Howleyesque

                    and you’re full of the filler you nutless wonder

            • Wally Cerves

              KKK supporter!!!

              • Howleyesque

                No worse than supporting the cause of a family whose thug of a son got high and got himself killed by thinking he was King Kong. But hey, who cares about all of the lives destroyed because of that big dead LUMP? Right? Just soo long as the felony family can find a way to get a huge payday out of his funeral right?

                • Wally Cerves

                  The poor KID should never have never have been killed in the first case. That WAS first degree MURDER. They WILL get that BITC* PIG COP in the end!

                  • Howleyesque

                    Right you two bit hooker, go peddle your CS butt elsewhere, like Syria.

          • luminaughty

            I checked the web site and it read more like communist/marxist propaganda than a veterans organization. When I read the demands it sounding like something the occupy wall street leaders would say. While I do not agree with the logic behind many of our armed conflict I also do not agree with the agenda this organization is pushing. Unless someone is drafted and forced to serve they have little to complain about since their service is voluntary. They sound like they join the military in order to get the benefits without considering they may be sent to combat.

            • Mike

              In todays military, everyone joins for the benefits. If you don’t understand that, that’s your problem

              • Cybereyes

                Mike you are a disgusting and pathetic human being. That much us clear. Pure garbage.

                • Monster

                  Wrong cybereyes. Once people joined Bush’s CRUSADE (sic) knowing there was no legal basis for killing, they admitted they were just dogs waiting for their bone.

                • Pointman

                  Cybereyes: Mike is correct. We have a lot of volunteer soldiers who just aren’t cut out to be soldiers. I’m sure a lot of our Special Ops and Marines didn’t join for the benefits. The problem is, 60% of support soldiers aren’t physically fit as should be and aren’t motivated to be soldiers.

                • Wally Cerves

                  NO Cybereyes, I could say the same thing about YOU and I DO!

                  • Howleyesque

                    Take a hike lump.

                    • Wally Cerves

                      Open YOUR mouth and I’ll take a DUMP!

                      • Howleyesque

                        That’s YOUR diet butt wipe, not mine.

              • M. N.

                You’re wrong, I know many who took the call for higher reasons. But when you work as hard as they do, why should you expect to not have benefits at the end?

              • 1EDWARDRMORROW1

                You have a small life Mike – and it is as large as it will ever be.

              • M Donohue

                Are you a Vet? did you fail the Boot Camp ? or enjoying the largess of a greatful Country ! I know it would take something more than a few buck’s for me to sleep in the sand of Iraq !

                • Wally Cerves

                  NO ONE should ever have had to sleep in the sands of Iraq because we shouldn’t have been there to begin with. If you have a beef with that, take it up with your former Dear Leader, the deer caught in the headlights!

                  • Howleyesque

                    GET STUFFED you punk crybaby

                    • Wally Cerves

                      I’ll STUFF YOU, bend over, pass on the grease, we’ll make it Au Natural!

                      • Howleyesque

                        With what your tongue? Like you do to your family members?

              • Proud Vet

                Not everyone joins just for the benefits…some do yes I will agree. Not everyone, And yes I understand that and don’t have a problem. There is still such a thing in this country as duty and honor…its just sad you have forgotten that.

              • Laura Bauer

                I have to tell you that you are so wrong! I work at the shit storm that is the VA. I have been a Whistleblower from the first year that I started working for them. Not because I am militant in any sense of the word, but because of the horrid abuse and neglect of the Vets that have served this country and served you sir, whether they agreed with your religion, creed, race or opinion. I have witnessed the suffering and I can tell you that if you believe what you said…truly believe…go to any VA and watch as the Vets attempt to get the glorious benefits of which you speak. I hope then you will return to this post and apologize to those that paid a very dear price for your freedom. I am not trying to call you out I promise. Many believe as you do, but I really want everyone to just visit a VA and observe the cost of war.

                • Wally Cerves

                  So what’s your point, they signed up, got paid for it just like any other job knowing that there was a possibility of going to war!

                  • Howleyesque

                    And obviously you didn’t so STFU dipstick!

                    • Wally Cerves

                      I didn’t need to, my tax payer dollars paid for them to go fight and get paid for it! So YOU STFU FUCTARD!

                      • Howleyesque

                        Kiss the combat vet’s ass punk.

                • Doc1

                  Laura Bauer,
                  I am a VET and use the VA hospital and out source clinics
                  I have all kinds of test run and see several different doctors
                  I do agree there are problems and some get left out and or get forgotten
                  Let me remind you have you given thought to how many a day go thru that facility
                  Where I go just lab work there are well over 1500 a day get blood draws
                  The oncologist there see well over 500 vets a day
                  I have yet to go to a person with any authority and not have a complaint handled or looked into in a timely manner
                  Let us throw this in as well how many of those same ones you say are abused is by their own doing . A doctor can only tell you so many times quit smoking , quit drinking, get off that drug , you need to take your meds everyday, why do you not show up for therapy, why do you keep cancelling your appointments
                  I agree the system is not perfect but sometimes we are our own worse enemies

                • Free American

                  Dear Laura,
                  Being a Vet Myself, I just want to say THANK YOU for YOUR service, hang in there Sister, I know it can be a thank less job at time’s. But we do appreciate everything people like you do.

              • Pointman

                Mike, I understand that and it burns my ass to see how F-up our volunteer force has become. Yesterday, I saw a female Captain who was at least 50 pound overweight. Tomorrow the beginning of Thanksgiving, these so called soldiers, have 4 days off and some will be off 5 days. Our Special Forces and Marines are still great performers. The problem is, this volunteer force has no sense of urgency and in most cases outside of top infantry units and Special Ops, this volunteer force is in bad shape. Army support units are full of untrained, overweight , lazy individuals. most support bases don’t have enough integrity to police up the trash and cigarette butts.

              • A_Nobody

                BS. I and 3 brothers served. Two did their twenty and the other two got out and made our own way in civilian life. Of t he two that stayed in one was a mustanger that made Commander….the other a master chief who got out after 20 and went on working in civilian life as an engineer building power plants. AND I know many more who did it solely as supporting the country as the right thing to do, which liberals ran from and would again if the draft were reinstated which it should be….maybe it’d make a man out of a few of you, although I don’t hold out much hope.

            • Daniel Gomez


              • M. N.


              • Steve Daily

                Civil war is coming–instigated by the banks that run Washington and the military. Nice to see what side you’re on, you jackbooted piece of shit. Enjoy killing unarmed Americans? Then you’ll be at the front of the line. Good luck, fukwad.

                • Mike White


                • Wally Cerves

                  We STAND with YOU Steve!

                  • A_Nobody

                    Children will.

                • A_Nobody

                  P.O. It may be coming but not from your lunacy. they’re not that stupid to bite the hand that feeds them.

                • Brad Benson

                  Visit me Daily and Ill blow you away from 30 yards via 9mm

                  • sockbunny08

                    Spoke with real courage, Brad. Braindeadsumbitch.

                    • Brad Benson

                      You sure your name isn’t suxhomo’s you fucking faggot?

              • starmagi

                who fought wars when you “pussy” azz was hiding under a rock! Ungrateful COWARD!

                • A_Nobody

                  Other veterans, jerk.

              • sickofdumbmotherfckers

                Nice try but that was a pathetic attempt at name calling.”PUSSIES” are tough and resilient and would destroy a little dick like you. (That is if a woman would ever let you get close enough.) The people that signed this letter are decent human beings, unlike the nasty fucks that left negative comments here. Please don’t breed.
                AND THAT’S HOW ITS DONE.

                • sickofdumbmotherfckers

                  …exit stage left; jazz hands and all fuckers!!!

                • Daniel Gomez

                  Sorry, but you are here ALREADY !!


                  All of America’s Military ARE NOTHING more then just that Pussies that are SPINELESS and WEAK. If they were not the above names then they would stand up to the oath they took when they joined the military. Only a week spineless Pussy would not honor such and IMPORTANT Oath to follow the United States Constitution. They are following unlawful orders to back up the illegal incorrect actions of the Ferguson Police Department all these pigs should be in jail where they belong. And to anyone in the military that isn’t taking their Constitutional Oath seriously needs to just go ahead and wash out their mouth with some buckshot, it’s the only way they’ll be doing America any favors.

              • sscaler

                I’d shoot you in a heartbeat if I saw you shooting unarmed civilians. Sincerely.

            • M. N.

              Agree completely. A few people who had some bad experiences and feel retaliation by dismantling is a solution everyone should live with – The road was not easy or comfy, infact, many times it truly sucked! This is a leftest, cry baby org with a futile agenda…

            • Pointman

              Yeah, I read the site too and it’s communist propaganda. I’m totally against the volunteer force because in too many cases these volunteers, are lazy, unprepared, untrained, physically unfit, with no sense of urgency and too much time off. A real soldier wouldn’t be signing anything against our judicial system. Most of those signing that petition are A DISGRACE TO OUR MILITARY. Hopefully, this reduction in force team, looks at this list and boot the ones who signed it. My recommendation is, article 31 board for all of them.

              • Hugh Lokey

                The military brass today is as corrupt and PC as the black bas tard we have in the White House and you can bet that politics is playing a big part in deciding who gets a pink slip and who doesn’t. I spent 22+ years in the military and saw what happened after the Vietnam war phase down and a lot of good soldiers were forces out and a whole lot of bums were kept – especially among the company grade officers and senior non-coms.

                • sockbunny08

                  You’re the kind of person who shouldn’t have kids. You’re full of poison.

              • Wally Cerves

                They are TRUE Americans standing up for the CIVIL rights of the people of Ferguson and should het the Purple Herat and the Medal of Valor for speaking out to their brethren!

                • Howleyesque

                  Another half witted jackwad who never served a minute in the military running his idiocy filled yap!

                  • Wally Cerves

                    YOU are NOT a true American if you do NOT defend the Constitution and the Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and the National Guard is sworn to uphold the Constitution.

                    • Howleyesque

                      Micro brained dimwit the FACT that you’ve never been in any branch of the service is obvious. It’s called the UCMJ and it is the law military personnel answer to including the weekend warriors. Go enlist LOL THAT I would almost PAY to see!

                    • sscaler

                      Thank goodness the true communist in this nation those who admire Putin’s tactics are opposed.

                  • sscaler

                    As a honorably discharged vet from 1970 I find you to be the idiot.

                    • Howleyesque

                      As a combat Marine I find you to be a in the minority. What branch and MOS? And WHY do I think I can guess THAT AND a few more things about you?

                      • sscaler

                        I was merely a company clerk in a combat engineer company. I volunteered. Do you think being a Marine makes you more a American than someone who didn’t serve? Is that what your posting? Are there multiple classes of American citizens?
                        I disagree with many of the posters about Wilson being guilty. But there is no reason for National Guard to prevent peaceful protesters.
                        Sorry, but I believe that a 4F person who never served still has full rights under our Constitution. I volunteered in 1962 because I wanted to protect those less able than myself. I admire those who protect the weaker and honor them. I do not admire those who attack the weaker.
                        If we could meet in private I’d be happy to show you my DD-214 and tell you about 201 files and letters I typed for the Captain to parents back home.

                      • Howleyesque

                        I’m SAYING in NO uncertain terms that if you are a citizen you have a right to an opinion. BUT IF you’re in the military you only have the right to VOTE NOT a right to do THIS manner of BS and IF you WERE in the military you KNOW that. So, the ONLY question NOW, is are you a liar or just a fool?

                      • sscaler

                        You’ve bitten on the wrong person, Howleyesque. I will defend the right of American citizens to protest peacefully. They don’t even have to be right. I told some college students in 1969 that it was my experience in the military that if ordered to shoot unarmed college protesters many of my fellow soldiers would not only shoot but be happy to do so. I worked with a Ohio National Guardsman, who went on to be McGraw-Hill editor in the Community College Division in 1973, who told me two of his fellow guardsman expressed the desire to kill protesters the night before Kent State. If’s he’s reading he can answer as to that statement. Alan Borne was your last Territory Manager.
                        Yes, I know from personal experience on duty that most of us would fire on unarmed civilians if ordered to do so. And I understand why. But it isn’t illegal for a soldier to disobey a unlawful order. It would take great courage to do so, however. The cost of upholding the law would be terrible. I suppose that is what you refer to. There is nothing unconstitutional about peacefully protesting. While we may disagree about peaceful protests, I do agree with you as long as we have the vote, we cannot break the law.

                      • Howleyesque

                        What part of “inciting mutiny” was just WAAY too complex for you?

                      • sscaler

                        I do not argue against following legal orders.
                        But if you were ordered to shoot unarmed American citizens, but say only white ones not black ones, would you comply? We’re not talking in combat here. If you were ordered up and told to shoot unarmed civilians who were not breaking the law, but your black commanding officer said only whites not blacks, to whom does your higher loyalty lie?
                        Yes, they cannot not report to duty. But they do not have to follow illegal orders. Of course, in real life, as we both well know, not following illegal orders can get you killed.

                      • Howleyesque

                        Just as I thought, some college pretender who has never been in the military postulating an irrelevant “hypothetical”. That was NOT the case, the prohibition regarding inciting mutiny still applies … case closed!

                      • sscaler

                        I’m sorry for you. You do have a solid argument against mutiny. But not against following illegal orders. It really doesn’t matter, but I note you’re certain I was never in the Army. How much in cold hard cash would you put on the line about that? Do not be so certain of yourself, my friend. Yes, I finished college after coming off active duty.

                      • Howleyesque

                        As NO “illegal orders” were GIVEN this entire thing amounts to an attempt to incite mutiny and your whole argument is rendered IRRELEVANT. As to the rest, your continuing to beat said dead horse, like the clowns I went to school with in my freshman year in a liberal farts college which was where I FIRST heard it. AND THEN, launching into the REST of your irrelevancy, KNOWING that was NOT applicable, leaves a LOT of room for doubt!

                      • sscaler

                        Those people are emotional. Emotional people are given to errors of judgment and even to making unwarranted assumptions and shouting. They asked the National Guard, if called up, not to attack legal, peaceful protesters.
                        Yes, I thought My Lai in no way to won hearts and minds. I spent enough time in the military to warn some college students in 1969 to be careful about protesting. I told them if given a order to fire on them or lose my own life, truth was I would take theirs first. And from that I think in any situation where life can be lost great care should be taken. Right or wrong, allowing people to run their emotions without killing them is the best course. And to my mind that’s what these people are calling for. I am not speaking to the rioters or looters. There is danger when troops are called up even if the protesters are peaceful.
                        I disagree that that Wilson was clearly wrong. Evidence pointed both ways.
                        But cracking down on peaceful protesters does not make better relations. Attacking peaceful protesters does not make the police or the community safer. Calling people names does not improve their behavior. And making assumptions about others does not help make your arguments more cogent.

                      • Howleyesque

                        Unreal, just TOTALLY UNREAL! You go from one irrelevancy to another and then throw in an outright LIE to try to “close”! My Lai? REALLY? Next, as too Officer Wilson, the autopsies (plural as the racists in DC saw fit to add in a third in addition to the one paid for by the shyster Brown’s family hired) AND the forensics PROVE that Wilson told the truth and that Brown brought about his own death. Lastly, “PEACEFUL PROTESTORS”? On WHAT PLANET? Since when are a rioting, looting, burning MOB “peaceful protestors”? And, IF they WERE “peaceful protestors” what conceivable NEED would there have BEEN FOR NG troops AT ALL? When you’re through spewing nonsense and the racist propaganda put out by the likes of Sharpton, let me know.

                      • sscaler

                        Down in Chattanooga, a white woman shot at several people and when police stopped her car she got out and ran away pointing the gun at several other people. This after she’d actually fired the gun. The officers, whom I applaud, brought the woman to arrest with no deaths. Another local article told of a crazy mid-forties, white male who pointed a rifle at the police officers when they came to arrest him. The officers, whom I applaud, manage to pepper spray him without harm to anyone.
                        Another story from local news. Four upper middle class white girls were stopped by police for shoplfting over $600. The police reported the girls shoplifted from multiple stores. The stores refused to charge the girls for a teenage prank. The officers were disappointed.
                        Racist enough for you?
                        Or did we mention the non-black woman in Las Vegas was it, who pointed a gun at the police when they came to break up a fight between her and a woman with a bat. The officers, whom I applaud, were able to take the gun from the woman without anyone dying.
                        There is plenty of news of police officers acting in a highly professional manner in the face of danger and in the face of felony shoplifters. These men are to be applauded for acting in so professional a manner and they have my sincere admiration.

                      • Howleyesque

                        Hooray for your happy, clappy lil hands. The problem with having spent your time behind a desk and NOT in a combat unit is that you have NO personal experience in shooting people as it happens I DO. Now as to the Vegas “incident,” a cop did shoot her in the leg IN DIRECT VIOLATION of what EVERY COP, MILITARY PERSONNEL and EVERYONE who has taken a CC course is TRAINED to do. You say you were in the military, then tell me WHERE are they ALL trained to AIM? (Btw the fact that one cop got LUCKY and WASN’T shot and killed by that woman doesn’t make it a bit less STUPID!)

                      • sscaler

                        So only people who kill others are fit to judge? Nice morals or lack thereof for you Howleyesque. Did you note that the police talked down the forty something white guy pointing a rifle at them. Where was their training? And Shelia, the white lady in Chattanooga, she actually shot at people and ran from the police, thus resisting arrest when the police stopped her. Yet, they were able to arrest her without killing her. Do you not support the police, trained, showing restrain in not killing these, uh, white people.
                        I am pointing to fact that not everyone who points a weapon, and yes, my military training told me not to call it a gun, no fun here, gets killed. And some people ask, regardless of the circumstances, why the difference? And what can be done to help both sides?
                        Others prefer to name call and scream and shout.

                      • Howleyesque

                        Listen slick, the three autopsies show a tight pattern of rounds IN? Brown’s right arm and shoulder. Your failure (or REFUSAL) to answer my question tells me that either you’re ducking the question or don’t KNOW the reason WHY! As to the rest of your malarkey, only an office pooge would come up with this “talked down” nonsense. YOU CANNOT “talk down” someone who has made up their mind TO kill you and WILL NOT LISTEN! Brown was killed because he TRIED to kill Wilson and failed, simple as that. Now, take your racist, BSjustifications and rationalizations to other inexperienced FOOLS with a bigoted NEED to predetermine Wilson’s SUPPOSED guilt.

                • Maki

                  You’re an idiot! Do you even know what those medals are for? They’re earned, not given!!! It’s not so easy to earn them either as most are dead! Get a clue before you before you spew this bull!!!

                  • Wally Cerves

                    You moron, yes I do know what those medals are for, I am a navy brat and my Dad was a Rear Admiral in the Navy! Yes, the medals are earned by the soldier or officer but they are given (bestowed) to him/her that’s what I meant. The person is recommended to receive the medal and there is a committee vote that decides whether the person should receive the medal or not. So what I said was not incorrect, the medal is given to the person on the basis of bravery or service or some act of valor by the person. the person can’t just go and ask for it, it is “given” to him or her. Got it you IDIOT?

                    • Howleyesque

                      You’re a liar and a joke.

                    • Snaproll

                      If there was ever a Rear Admiral Cerves, Google never heard of him.

              • Michael Blake

                um yes they would they a took a oath to uphold the us Constitution or did you forget about that.

              • sockbunny08

                So you’re pro draft? Good.

            • Tony

              You’re lying because you can’t read let alone know what a Marxist is.

            • sockbunny08

              My God you’re an idiot.

          • Demands?????? The U.S. doesn’t negotiate with terrorists…oh wait I’m wrong, never mind.

        • Mike

          you tell me, I live 4 states away and signed. What were you doing in 1969? Even born?

          • patrickhenry13

            you should be shot for treason..

            • Mike

              I ain’t hard to find, come on down, moron.

              • Daniel Gomez


            • Michael

              Better yet…. Patrick by… should be shot for being racist..!

          • Steve Snow

            You obviously are uninformed to sign a document with so many lies in it. It looks like a compilation of all the initial stories people took to the media. Do you sign everything without validating?

          • JD

            Yes i was born, currentently serving 22 years and 3 combat deployments why would you sign anyway?

          • Ken Settle Photos

            Then you signed a document making false claims, allegations and assertions without being privy to ANY of the evidence or testimony that the Grand Jury had to consider. The fact that you are a Veteran gives you no more of a credible voice then anyone else. Unless YOUR boots are on the ground in Ferguson right now, then the opinions that you aligned yourself with in that document are of no value whatsoever.

          • M. N.

            Going to school in 69…and, went the full distance for military retirement. I wouldn’t be proud of signing a pledge that just adds to the selling out of American sovereignty. The list of articles that you support reflect a desire to bury one’s head in sand to escape personal angst and do not reflect what is best for America. The premise you support to disband the officer corp because they are from over privileged backgrounds is amusing at best and inaccurate at least.

        • joão cezar


          • M. N.

            I’m glad you have the ability to share…a thought…lol

          • jean joseph

            this is a will thing thank you very much gays I’m willy thanks full there some will American god will protect you in your family god blest united state of America……we’re the peoples too not a dogs

        • Gayhart Goddard


        • Laura Bauer

          You are correct. Everyone who has served knows the age old strategy of divide and conquer is very effective. We must understand that there is no party division between Dems and Repubs. It is the usual dog and pony show. The US administrators are working us like strippers on a pole. Only we can stop this by not participating in these useless exchanges of I know you are but what am I? I’ve often wondered if we all went on the boards and just had peaceful calm discussions where we refused to argue and abuse one another would the power mongers change their strategy? Most of the news agencies are just fronts..service members are well aware that propaganda is a tool used in swaying the masses. Stay focused and remember that if the administrators of this country were really on our side we would have jobs, real affordable health care, and peace.

          • M. N.

            Well said! This is an example of a few stirring the pot for the masses, most will ignore their lame calls for duty and press on honorably. It just amazes me that they participated in a cause that prevents protection of Americans – I’m seriously considering sending the list to a local base legal office for review.

        • sscaler

          Those liberals at least unhold our Constitution you traitor.And as to you last sentence, loyalty to the principles of our Constitution isn’t a matter of being on the side of the most votes.

      • Douglas Johnson

        You have have a jungle mentality of hunt and kill and have not been deprogrammed and you are the threat in a civilized society.

        • Mort Neff

          The “jungle mentality” is what those n e g r o s are doing in Ferguson, the riots, looting and burning of INNOCENT peoples property and business……and they want justice, hell those ignorant aholes can’t even spell it…….so take your mindless dribble some other place….

          • JQ240

            We’re a country born out of revolution. The colonists, burned, looted and pillaged as an answer to oppressive British rule. Why can’t they? Putting up a fight is what patriotism is all about. Your head is obviously up your armpit.

            • Maximus Decimus Meridius

              Burning and stealing innocent peoples property is no comparison as to what the patriots did during the revolution. They are not putting up a fight, they are taking advantage of the current situation. They know they can steal with very little chance of being caught. The burning is nothing more than a diversion or them just having a little fun. The last time they did this back in the spring, even the locals said that it was people who came from other cities just do such as that.

              • JQ240

                They made over 80 arrests. The protestors were tear gassed and shot with rubber bullets. Don’t you read the news?

                • Luv2GoFly

                  Only 80? Sounds like they missed a couple hundred…

              • Mike

                If you think for a moment that our colonial forefathers didn’t do it, you damned well better forget that pseudo Latin chit and read some American Rev War history. The Europeans are right. The average American is an uneducated idiot.

                • Daniel Gomez


                • Frank Ciletti

                  Really I lived in europe for two years and I never met a rocket scientist over there.

                  • JQ240

                    That’s because you hung out with the mafia.

                • Nancy J MacDonald

                  Average American you say, well that doesn’t sound like you mike, You must be the lowest form of an under average American uneducated idiot, you also are and good instigator, who just likes to run his mouth, and start stuff, Your the real loser, to bad.

              • JQ240

                You’re right. The “patriots” did worse. They answered with muskets and bullets.

            • patrickhenry13

              they fought injustice,ferguson is demanding no justice,no police,they are demanding their right to do whatever they want whenever they want…like animals..sub-humans…scum..

              • JQ240

                Good description of you, hiding behind a computer. If you can, why don’t you get off your fat duff and kill a few? We’re waiting for a coward like you to fire the first shot.

                • Frank Ciletti

                  And your not hiding behind a computer Mr. JQ240

                  • JQ240

                    At least I can say, in my heart, that I’m hell of allot better looking than you.

            • doc

              Ya- But they don’t have anything to offer More looting ,burning. till the next one gets shot,Then it starts all over again. Bring Putin over here and show you clowns how he woiuld take care of busness. You will find out soon enough!!

            • Frank Ciletti

              You need to sign up for a history class. Comparing the revolution to a criminal like Brown.

              • JQ240

                The “American Revolution” answered with firepower. You better hope they don’t resort to those same means. … and you need to “sign up” for an English class. Your second sentence is a dependent clause, with no regard to semantics. You can’t even write the King’s English, let alone even speak it. Loser….

          • Abby223

            Do you not know how many towns, homes, and INNOCENT lives your race has burned down in the past 250 years? Do they not teach whites their own history? How many blacks have been lynched and slaughtered by the hands of your people? OH

      • frito61

        Shoot ’em dead!

      • Mike

        Trolling for thumbs, I see.

        • Daniel Gomez


      • tom Kalbacher

        As millions over other Vets will agree with that with the exception of the few idiots who signed that letter

      • freethinker57

        Wow everyone who seems to have responded to your post appears to be low brow knuckle dragging racist trolls.

        There are many in the US military who feel the way these people do. And if you cannot understand why they sent this, what rights & which oath really are on the line, ou have no clue what ‘supporting the Constitution’ is all about.

        Go ahead WTT, dis my post, I wont read it. You’re not worth my time.

        From a vet.

        • SMH

          Just from one vet to another, what about the 20 year old white male that was shot by an African American police officer in Salt lake City, Utah two days after this incident? I don’t see that article being given all the coverage that Ferguson is. And as amazing at it is I live in Missouri. I feel for his family and I feel for everyone who is dealing with this problem. However, the fact remains that we vote these people into office and then we complain in which the manner that they do there job. So it seems to me that if we want change then we need to vote better people into the offices that can make the changes we all need not just blacks, whites, Mexicans, or any other race. Americans have come a long way. I love my country and will defend it till the day I die.
          Bronze Star Vet.

        • Frank Ciletti

          Were you in the salvation army. “LOL”

      • Gayhart Goddard


      • Jack Adams

        Yours or mine???

      • Steve Daily

        Many of those thugs are paid operatives, there to incite violence and goad the naive people there into a frenzy. These people are being manipulated, and if your choice is to mow them down, then thank God you’re no longer a soldier. Shame on you.

      • Pointman

        dogged: my comments weren’t directed towards outstanding soldiers such as yourself. What I wrote (above) about Long-Binh is the truth and a lot of blacks know it’s the truth. My brother was a Ranger/point man in remote areas of Vietnam. My brother and I had a chance to talk about the poor performers who hurt our war effort in Nam. Most-likely the same scum signing this petition. This is why there should have been no federal holiday for martin Luther King. MLK done more than any other man to hurt our war-effort in Vietnam.

      • raygsanders01

        The first writer said that a police officer shot a college bound teenager. Brown was supposed to be going to a Trade School. That Trade School had no records of him registering. It was a lie. Just like “Hands up – Don’t shoot” was a lie. Sounds like a list of black racists and clueless white liberals. Pathetic.

      • Michael Blake

        you do know that the cop lied about everything.

      • sickofdumbmotherfckers

        S T O O P S!!

      • JackLinks

        I say they start with you ass-wipe!

      • sscaler

        And would you also shoot all the non-violent protesters. You are a traitor to our Constitution. Move to Russia where you will not have the problem of protesters and can be happy.

    • Simul8ed

      This is BS, a cut and paste right from the marchforward site! A reliable source, I think not!

    • Jim Cunningham

      You people are a disgrace to the uniform to be urging troops to rebel like that. No doubt most or all of you were disipline issues.

      • M. N.

        Disciplinary action to follow for all of those involved…

        • karren

          First 2 names not in the military any more .

        • Mike

          Doubt that.

          • M. N.

            I think it was more wishful thinking. However, by signing this sort of agreement, there could be trouble headed this way for those signers. All it takes is one alert First Sergeant to get a hold of the list…

        • Joe G

          No disciplinary action – look who their commander in chief is

          • chris comer

            Obama does not dole out, or rule out Brigade level, or below, disciplinary actions ..

          • M. N.

            WIshful thinking on my part…

      • welcome to the new breed of American foot soldiers. We’d get annihilated by an attacking army if it weren’t for our REAL MEN and WOMEN in uniform. These are posers. They are the Bergdahl generation.

        • carlos nells

          The Snowden brigade.

        • stuhuzz1981

          Guy, if you weren’t there…STFU!

          • John

            People who disagree with them HAVE MORE RIGHTS THAN they do to disagree. They are on Active duty and have rules govern their speech < IF THEY SERVCED AND ARE NOT IN THE SERVICE NOW THEY HAVE THE RIGHT. so you STFU.

            • Gene Klingenhoff

              ‘We the people’ have the right BITCH!

            • Frank Ciletti

              Guess you forgot about the first amendment.

            • stuhuzz1981

              Again, if you didn’t deploy…STFU. You obviously never served so I strongly suggest you stop spouting off stupid shit from the mouth since I wasn’t talking about vets I was talking about whiny right wing civvies who think they know a damn thing.

        • Mike

          Given time, you’re likely to find out.

        • John Ruskin

          You got that right !

        • Daniel Gomez


      • Douglas Johnson

        You are a disgrace to the human spirit you sound more like an animal wanting people to be mistreated.

        • frito61

          Shut up, N****R!

          • lou

            Why use such language–you can’t be sure what race the individual is. Besides, it only stokes more hatred. I don’t understand why people (of any race) should be so dogmatic in their views of incidents that they have NO first-hand knowledge of. Let us disagree–but do it agreeably!

            • patrickhenry13

              meanwhile black racism is taught to 5 year old black kids like the ones who were looting last night,wake up phony,

              • Mark Ri

                The black racism is taught at an early age but, that doesn’t mean anyone needs to be saying something like that to anyone else. frito61 only shows that he/she/it is a racist and an uneducated one at that. On the other foot, Douglas Johnson is ignorant of the fact that the military can not say things like that without consequences. You take an oath when you join the military and you give up the right to say it.
                The Guard is there only to protect government property and arrest looters and criminals, not have any interaction with the actual “protesters” so, back off and tell the worthless traitors that signed that letter to go someplace else if they don’t want to obey the oath they swore when they VOLUNTEERED for the military.
                The ones that were drafted during Vietnam and signed it, screw you guys. Yes Vietnam was wrong but, that doesn’t make the National Guard wrong to protect other citizens from criminals that are looting and burning down their city.

              • Abby223

                Black racism is a defense mechanism, because for so long others have made it their mission to destroy them. Whites have hated blacks since the beginning of time. For what reason? Because they wanted to be free? Because they wanted to be seen as the human beings that they are? Whites have killed blacks for centuries for wanting to gain equal rights. You honestly think you can compare white racism to black racism?

                • patrickhenry13

                  lol,abby your funny,heres a clue,the easter bunny,tooth fairy,santa claus? all make believe..blacks started selling blacks to blacks many years ago..after they ran out of black slaves to sell,they moved into europe looking for white slaves..finnally europe fought back,in what was then known as the barbery coast..that the first person to own a person for life in this country for life was black is common knowledge that most blacks try to ignore..much like trayvon martin,mike brown these freaks try to get away with their filth,when they get caught they jump up and down about people are 50% of the violent crime and 50% of the welfare in this country,if it wasn’t for what you get from begging [welfare] half of you would be dead,here in this country,in haiti and africa..what is the purpose of the black race..i see no positive attributes?

                  • Abby223

                    I bet you didn’t know that majority of them are in prison for petty things like smoking marijuana, unlike your kind. Most are in jail because they can’t afford to pay bail or hire a good attorney, so they’re coerced into pleading guilty. As for what whites contribute? Besides hating everything and everyone that is not them? There is not a single ethnic group that whites haven’t oppressed in some form. You think people make up the views about you out of thin air? The only people with positive views of whites, are only whites. As for your pseudo-history lesson… well you must be from the south. Go preach some creationism

                    • patrickhenry13

                      abby,why be a fool all your life? educate yourself,don’t believe me find the truth for yourself..are you black abby? were you molested before the age of 16? most black girls say they were molested before that age,the majority by a family know my stats are right their very easy to check,they can be found on .gov sites..and i’m english,the people who lived through most of europe before,africans,irish,scottish,germans,romans,vikings,invaded and pushed my ancestors into the british isles..over a period of thousands of years…so,seeing how much you believe in revenge you have at least another 10 thousand years of crimes to pay for….and abby? you sick pathetic sub-human? go find that family member who sexually assualted you and tell him/her how much you hate them…you’ll feel’ll still be a lowlife…but you’ll be a happy lowlife…

                  • Abby223

                    And trayvon martin was killed while walking home, carrying skittles and a juice. Why? because he had on a hoodie.

                    • patrickhenry13

                      lol,after being out all night,after buying blunts,after pouring cough syrup in his juice with his skittles…your a freaking internet joke…please don’t whelp any puppys,the world cant handle any more stupid..

                      • Abby223

                        The world saw it happen and the world protested. Blacks and whites together. Escape the klan meetings for one day and step into the real world. You’ll be surprised at what’s really out there.

                      • patrickhenry13

                        abby,don’t be this shameful.have you seen what the internet is saying about poor special baby mike. go check cnn,fox, racism,black sub-human attitude needs to end..the constant trouble by the black race needs to come to a in america and in the world..if nature ruled blacks would have become extinct decades ago..

                      • Abby223

                        More like if whites were allowed to continue their tyranny, or worse, if more people with your mindset existed. You’re way to set in your ways to see any other viewpoint. Goodbye

                      • patrickhenry13

                        where are the war zones,whereis the starvation,where is slavery going on,if they killed every black in the world would humanity skip a beat..what good do negros do?????????

                      • Isaiah Lacombe

                        If it weren’t for slavery, they would be all skinny with big bellies, flies in their face and fighting ebola

                      • Wendy

                        LMAO..Best comment yet!

                      • patrickhenry13

                        if it wasn’t for white handouts 1/2 to 2/3rds of all blacks would be dead,or in fact never existed,,we are helping to create a race that can’t care for itself..

                      • Abby223

                        You just proved you’re too immature to actually have a conversation. You’re grammar is repulsive. Me? Molested? That’s the best you got? You’re hilarious. Quit pulling “facts” out of your ass and use that brain the good lord blessed you with little boy.

              • duper

                just wanted to let you know I know who you are and everything about you. it was actually pretty easy linking to your account, finding your ip which gives me all your personal info. i’m not going to use it, but I know some people in your town who will love to meet you. you deserve hell, and i’m seeing to it that people help you find it.

                • patrickhenry13

                  scared of the truth,,i could most likely report you now and have you arrested..your a silly little girl,go hide lowlife..

            • John Ruskin

              Your right, I agree

          • John Ruskin

            Now lets not lower ourselves to there animalistic savage ways with that kind of post !

          • Douglas Johnson

            I have been dealing with racism since 1968 and now don`t you wish you could shut me up monkey boy.:0)

      • Michael Jenkins

        Scumbag we veterans fight for the freedom of you scum to abuse the citizens. You are a traitor.

      • stuhuzz1981

        Yes, how dare soldiers practice their first amendment rights and not act like the archetypical uber-right wing stormtroopers that conservatives think they should all be.

        • patrickhenry13

          your a shame to this country and the human race..lets hope the police arn’t there when you need them…

          • stuhuzz1981

            Yeah, you’re a shame to your English teachers guy. I served and if those guys want to peaceably petition I have nothing against that, what I am against are douchebag chicken hawks who never served telling active duty what they need to do.

            • patrickhenry13

              what they need to be is arrested,most military enjoys playing with freaks like this,they’d never get a moments peace in 3 years…everybodys little shoe shine boys..

              • stuhuzz1981

                What? Are you just randomly sitting on your keyboard to type nonsense?

                • patrickhenry13

                  run along,yesterday was childrens day,freaks like you should be shot,twice..

                  • stuhuzz1981

                    Sure guy, I guess that tinfoil is getting to tightly wrapped around your head anyway.

                    • patrickhenry13

                      you just keep doing the world a favor and keep that condom wrapped around yours..

                      • stuhuzz1981

                        Just keep doing the world a favor and limited your dating pool to your blow up doll. Guess that shouldn’t be hard since that’s the only one who could deal with your incoherent whining.

                      • patrickhenry13


        • John

          They want to talk leave the service, you stay you shut up and follow the rules.

          • stuhuzz1981

            Yet hypocritical douchebags like you were probably egging on members of the military to not follow orders and continue to kick gays out of the military right?

        • boatandoar

          You just another piece of crap

          • stuhuzz1981

            Brilliant insult my good sir, I give you the road. How brilliant of you to call me a piece of crap. That’s one of the wittiest retorts from a conservative mountebank I’ve heard in a fortnight.

        • Bob

          I have trouble realizing there are people out there as stupid as you are

          • stuhuzz1981

            Then counter by sarcasm with something funnier instead of just calling me stupid.

        • Veteran not 4 criminal acts

          When you enlist you are giving up those rights and are ruled by U.C.M.J. Uniform Code of Military Justice. You no longer have unlimited freedom of speech. Soldiers can do as they like however making statements while enlisted and as a military service member are not without limits. Telling other soldiers to ignore orders is not allowed legally for them. Learn how the military works before you give an opinion on what others should or shouldn’t be allowed to do as soldiers.

          • DonReynolds

            Encouraging others to disregard an order is ATTEMPTED MUTINY, and very possibly COWARDICE, and perhaps even DESERTION or TREASON…..depending on the circumstances.

          • stuhuzz1981

            I served in Iraq guy. Also, soldiers have freedom of speech, it’s just that there are certain things they can’t say or due in accordance with UCMJ but for these guys at most they’ll get an Article 15 if anything. Still, it’s an unpopular idea within the military to use the NG against US civilians since they’re not a police force.

        • Mark Ri

          Because they took an oath to defend the United States against ALL enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC. I would hope our military would defend us against our government should they decide to take away your first amendment rights. When you join the military, you do not have all the rights of a civilian. You can’t walk up to a senior officer and say nasty things to them because you don’t like something they said or did. You have to go through the chain of command.
          I guarantee you, those whose names on that list that are actually in the military WILL be disciplined. Then when they are dishonorably discharged, they will complain when they can’t get a decent job on the outside.
          So yes, they are not allowed to put their name to a letter like that. They gave up that right when they gave that oath.

          • Gene Klingenhoff

            DOMESTIC means a way different thing, and there is a cause that they do NOT have to take action against fellow Americans!

            • Gene Klingenhoff


          • stuhuzz1981

            They still have their first amendment rights, they’re just subject to UCMJ which takes precedence over other laws for active duty. Trust me, I served and I can tell you none of those guys will get a dishonorable discharge and at most depending on their commander would get an Article 15. That being said, most wouldn’t care since using the National Guard as a police force against Americans isn’t the proper use of a military unit since they’re more geared to disaster relief and supporting active duty abroad.

            Anyhow, you don’t know what you’re talking about and just sound like some idiot who wants to have the National Guard used for your ideological bend but not for anyone elses.

            • Mark Ri

              Bleeding heart libtard punk. If they don’t care about NJP on their record, then they are not the type that should even be in the military in the first place. I think you forgot to actually read what I said too. They are not using the Guard as Police, they are there in defense of property. I remember Kent State, do you? That was improper use of the National Guard.

              Oath of enlistment for the Armed Forces of The United States.

              I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

              Oath of enlistment for the National Guard.

              I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the State of (STATE NAME) against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the Governor of (STATE NAME) and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to law and regulations. So help me God.

              Rights of Military enlisted.

              Freedom of Speech
              Service members, like other citizens, have a right to express themselves. However, the right to engage in free speech does not provide an absolute immunity from subsequent punishment if the speech violates a criminal law. In the military, such criminal laws include:
              1. Disrespectful speech toward superiors;
              2. Use of words or gestures that might provoke a fight;
              3. Disclosure of classified information;
              4. Discussing official matters outside of the military without proper authorization.

              So if they signed that letter, they are breaking the law and CAN be dishonorably discharged.

              Yes I know what I am talking about I served, I am a disabled vet. SHUT UP PUNK.

              • stuhuzz1981

                So was your MOS copying & pasting specialist or incoherence disseminator? Guarding property is part of police work so don’t try to work in semantics there. Also, just because I don’t agree with you doesn’t make me a libtard punk you jackass. If you did serve then you’d know that there’s all types in the service. Hell, when I was in 10th Mountain in Baghdad we had virtually every creed, color & ethnicity, even had a black Buddhist. Conservatives don’t have some magic pull with the military since the service is just a representation of the population at large. A guy who raised his right hand wearing a Duck Dynasty next to a guy with an ironic t-shirt and horn rimmed glasses from Brooklyn will both fight & bleed for the other since it’s all green.

                • Mark Ri

                  It’s really useless to try and talk to a liberal like a sensible human being. You have no idea what I am saying because you have your sheep blinders on and you only believe what you’re told by Democrats. You think everything they say is golden and you don’t care about any other view. Yes everyone bleeds for their country, but the reasons they do it are much different anymore. I can understand the old guys from Vietnam signing that letter, not kids today.
                  You volunteer for the military, you have no business trying to tell someone on active duty, or someone that is on active duty saying those type of things against the country. You did not even comprehend what I said before, even though I am right. The Guard IS used to protect property, as if you had looked at any news channel last night, is exactly what they are doing.
                  I give up trying to use common sense on libtard jack asses like you. Follow your leader and do exactly as you’re told.

                  • stuhuzz1981

                    Ah yes, the good old excuse of “Derf, the other side is stupid and evil and my side is good and just.” Yes, that’s the only reason why liberals are liberals and of course you guys have a monopoly on critical thought and NEVER take anything as an assumed article of faith because someone like a priest or politician has told you what to think. Yesiree. If that were true then why is it that the intelligentsia skews left? Is it because of those evil college professors who demand everyone think like they do? It’s all a conspiracy right? We’re all a hive-mind that has no ability to think independently.

                    • Mark Ri

                      I think for myself. I don’t believe everything any politician says, or professor, or cop, or clergy. Especially clergy. Politicians lie about 75% of what they tell you, they feed you enough to get you to vote for them. Professors know things, but they still have a slanted view of everything else. They specialize and many are just fruit cake nuts anyway. Smart does not equal common sense. Cops, they are taught to lie to get you to confess to something you didn’t do. Clergy, my brother became a Lutheran minister so he could molest boys like my father did to me. I don’t view the world from any point of view but, especially not through liberal blinders that think they are completely right about everything. The Democrats are the reason blacks have stayed in ghettos. They give them handouts and then screw them every change they get.
                      From the sounds of your comments, you have never had an original thought in your life.

                      • stuhuzz1981

                        Yeah guy, seek help, both mental and for basic spelling, grammar and punctuation.

                        Seriously? Blacks are in ghettos because of the evil liberals? Really? You’re telling me you’ve never heard the same crap from Rush, Beck, O’Reilly, Hannity, and any other right wing fringe nut over the last thirty years. In reality, African Americans have had to deal with institutionalized racism that still exists despite people like you categorically denying despite the slew of comments from right wingers that make it more than obvious racism is still alive and well. Not to mention blacks have been denied chances to move to the suburbs or make the same money as whites in the same job only up until the 1980s. Let’s also not forget that cops target blacks and profile them far more than they do whites, Ferguson is a clear example of such. Not to mention you’ve never had to deal with being stopped & frisked just for walking around.

        • jim chandler

          you are so full of shit it is ridiculous, we strom troopers have given up our lives our families so crap like you can have his say, I bet you haven’t worn the uniform of a US Military, it is so easy to sit back and spit and name call those who Voluntary serve this country, go serve for 28 cents an hour and see how it feels, you have no idea and don’t come back with any I served crap because I wouldn’t believe it any, I served 26 yrs and have heard shit likes yours over and over and it is a dsigrace

          • stuhuzz1981

            Stop your Patton-esque tirade guy and please cancel your order for a fifty foot flag for backdrop. I served in OIF with 10th Mountain. I wasn’t calling the military stormtroopers I was commenting on how the right sees the military as their ideological branch of stormtroopers and that they assume everyone in the military is an ardent conservative.

        • DonReynolds

          Knucklehead……soldiers do not have any First Amendment rights. Clearly, you did not take the oath yourself or you would know that already.

          • stuhuzz1981

            Actually that’s not true on either of your counts. First off, I served in OIF (10th Mountain hooah) and second all soldiers are still Americans with inalienable constitutional rights. However, they are ALSO subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice or UCMJ which holds precedence over all other legal codes in most matters for active duty military. You have first amendment rights like anyone else, the difference is that there are certain things you can and can’t do like being active duty and showing up to a protest (for any reason) mind you and since you’re also given a clearance depending on what you do you aren’t allowed to spout off at the mouth anything of that nature. Still, we’re subject to the Constitution so long as it’s in line with UCMJ.

      • stuhuzz1981

        First off, learn to spell and second, I’d bet money you have a Confederate flag bumper sticker on your truck.

        • Bill Busch

          And what’s wrong with that, bozo?

          • Mike

            Not a thing, if you’re an unenlightened bigot.

          • stuhuzz1981

            You need to look up the definition of irony. Oh, and then take a gander at the word ‘hypocrisy.’

            • Gene Klingenhoff

              You just proved the IRONY thing, NAZI!

              • stuhuzz1981

                Quick free debate lesson: Whenever you call your opponent a Nazi, you lose the debate.

        • Gene Klingenhoff


        • John Ruskin

          You people always have to make it a race issue to save face !

          • stuhuzz1981

            Actually I wasn’t bringing up race at all, that’s what YOU ARE DOING. Okay, let me explain…The post I commented on was calling the soldiers in question writing to the Missouri NG as being traitors. So, since they were called traitors I tried to make it obvious that someone with a Confederate flag bumper sticker would be a hypocrite since the confederacy was the biggest act of of treason in our nation’s history.

      • Mike

        And I say you, mister, have it exactly backwards.

      • dave

        most are black

        • Mike

          Doubt it, but, if they are, so?

          • dave

            so more loyal to the race than the nation. Might want to pay attention to that

        • DonReynolds

          To me they are all black and unfit to wear the uniform.

          • Abby223

            Blacks are unfit to wear the uniform? You know how many blacks have lost their lives in the world wars and Iraq? All for what? Defending the rights of scum like you? Defending the right for you to bash them? Take your racist ass back to the klan and stay there.

      • Anna Tree

        I presume mostly women and blacks.
        That’s what happen with pussification and affirmative action in America, included in the army

      • Jakeresides

        what is disgraceful is the government believing that it is the will of the people to sick the military on the people.

        • Michael

          I can’t believe I am about to say this but the govt is not, “sicking” the military on anyone. They are there to assist in trying to control the out of control rioters. I mean you have seen the buildings and cars burning with of course the casual looting by the “Peaceful” protestors. Last time I checked, the Police nor the National Guard is causing these folks to become violent. They need no assistance.

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    • Philip Brett

      Like you don’t murder people and rape even each other and now you hypocritically want to pretend your are moral leaders or legal scholars.It would have been very nice if you guys had changed sides or is that how we lost every war since Hiroshima?

      • Grom

        Are you a retard?

        • Philip Brett

          That’s not a quedtion I am qualified to answer. In your mind. I said what I meant and meant what I said I don’t know whether you are one of those my country right or wrong types, or you think my opinion about the military claiming any moral high ground offends you, or you think that some didturbances should remain unchecked. If you write something and I see it I can probably read and understand in case you were actually ssking about mental abilitied. I won’t address the constitutionality of a governor cslling out the guard because I’m not a legal expert and because to me it is so obvious.
          Your milage may vary.

          • baxtr2

            your smart nosed answer depicts the caliber of person you are – obviously a demented left wing liberal.

            • Rick Blahso

              Why argue with this tool? This is the type of stuff he posts “I have a problem, maybe I am misunderstanding something. If it is o.k. to kill ISIL because we know they have killed people and will continue to do so then how can we not justify the killing of Americans for the same reason as they have killed more people and are likely to do so in the future?”. Or the fact he wishes a painful, incurable disease upon the Pope because of his hate for catholics? He even justifies murdering Americans. You certainly are correct that poor Philip is a twisted liberal progressive showing what truly lie beneath their words.

              • Mike

                Someone here is ‘twisted’ Ricky, ya got that right. Now like to guess who I think that might be?

            • Mike

              Which makes you a……………………………………………?

      • Tarion

        Please do us all a favor, get off the café computer and crawl back under your rock. If not put on a uniform and go show us how it is done. If not Shut up.

        • Philip Brett

          I’m pretty sure you know I I’m not going to shut up because you wish I would would. If you think saying I belong under a rock is meaningful obviously you have no idea what a coherent argument is. As to your inane comment that I put on a uniform. been there done that 30 years ago. Rather than tell you to shut up I invite you to say something worthwhile if your capable or further prove my point by continuing as you have.