Middle School Students Plan To Break Dress Code, Principal Screams Terrorism

Terrorism has become a ridiculous catch-all.
By @PandaUnite |
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    Alleged facebook post, Courtesy WSB-TV

    A group of Georgia middle school students decided they had enough of the school dress code and would violate it together in an act of civil disobedience. The school, Cowan Road Middle, found out about the plan and suspended the students for…terrorism.


    According to WSB-TV (emphasis added):

    “To me it was just a bunch of 13-year-olds acting crazy,” said Christopher Cagle, the father of a suspended honor roll student.

    Cagle said the principal called the students’ actions terroristic threats. He said the principal was too swift and severe with the punishment.”

    Violating the school dress code is indeed a violation of school policy, but to elevate it to a level where one could be indefinitely detained, without charge or trial, is going way too far. Just in case, we contacted the school to see what they had to say about the incident, asking if they truly considered this on the level of a bomb threat, and they doubled down.

    The principal refused to speak to the issue, but instead forwarded it to their PR manager, who responded to us. Though the school claims threats were made, they provide no examples or proof to back up their claims…and they still want to consider this terrorism.

    Luckily, they are only punishing the students by having them write long essays on why civil disobedience is a crime.

    Remember parents, next time your child considers violating the school’s dress code, especially if they do it in groups, with one girl being punished for saying as much as “I’m In”, they are a terrorist.

    The word loses its relevance more and more every day.

    You can let Principal Rachelle Holloway know what you think about naming children terrorists here:  rachelle.holloway@gscs.org

    This commentary was published by PANDA.

    The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Mint Press News editorial policy.

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    • Sed

      First, I apologize in advance for any writing errors.I want to share that I have limited fine motor and even more limited vision due to Multiple Sclerosis. Since I’ve noticed that typos could be a bone of contention with some posters I’m hoping you all will forgive me if this looks a bit wonky. I will do my best. I am very proud and feel most privileged to live in the greatest country in the world. I don’t take my life and freedoms for granted for a single second and I honor all the men and women serving in our armed forces for all they have done and continue to do with all my heart. I have many loved ones that have and do serve and believe that they and all that
      love and support them Re heroes. They were called and ordered to serve and they do. Of those freedoms we all hold near and dear is the one to be able to express our indendeng views, opinions and beliefs. I respect and admire all of those that have been given the right and exercised it here. Wether agree or disagree I celebrate a forum that we are free to do so. If I may I would like to draw attention back to this incident, to the students, their actions and those of the administration for a moment. In one of the articles I found researching this case there was one that included a photo the student’s Facebook posts. It’s clear from reading their own written words that students were told by other students to break the dress code. A small infraction I agree. I continued reading. There is more, much more. If you haven’t seen this I encourage you to take a look for yourself and see if having this additional information doesn’t sway your position one wY or another. Because there was more than a dress code violation being planned. I found it most interesting that the majority of articles written or comments following them, made no mention of the other students behaviors that were also being strongly encouraged “besides” just violating the school’s dress code. I’m curious why that is. In the article, student posts are written that direct other students to tell everyone to walk out of there classes at the same time, moreover specifically directing them to be “out of control” including directing them to “fight”. One student post does threaten students if they “snitch”.
      I don’t live in this star and know no one involved in this situation. I am by my own admission a bit of a information geek so I decided to look a bit deeper. First I found the article with the Facebook posts, then discovered that a recent enrollment count at Cowan Road Middle was at about 564 students grades 6-8. So knowing that I began to consider … With numbers this big, if this plan had been carried out the way it was encouraged by the students, for the whole school to participate, imagine 500 plus students involved! It would have been a horrible disaster to say the least. But let’s consider if even only a third of that population participated, 8th grade class alone is about one third, it would have been a huge disruption,potentially injuring or worse hundreds of students and staff. I would go as far to say if just a dozen, the 12 students disciplined, were the only participates, it that still could have brought serious bodily harm for all youngsters at the school.
      I can explain how… First, I challenge anyone to just google student fights/disruptions in the classroom, school bus or school grounds. Read the article and watch the videos. You will find the. Because there are literally hundreds. More added everyday. It’s frightening to know and even more to watch. Be warned, even though many of these video taped violent incidents may only involve a handful of students, disruptions, like the one these students were planning have a strong tendency to attract many many other students. They are drawn like a magnet, to come running over around and through others including staff just watch what’s happening. It can be an impossible situation to get under control. Sadly, as a 30 year educator I have witnessed similar dangerous disruptions. Thankfully very few but even once is too much when it comes to children. For some that may read this and assume it was “those” schools, “those” kids, that’s simply not accurate. I my self have experienced and witnessed such dangerous situations at a great A+ middle school. I assure you it’s not not always those schools. Incidents very much like the one in this situation are taking place in the most well respected, white collar neighborhood middle schools of well meaning well educated parents. It was from one of those in incidents, that I experienced that students posted the very first school violence youtube video I ever saw. Both that video and others I have viewed since that time, were all shot by students perceiving it as entertainment for their peers to view later and again and again. I hope you will look just to see how simple “silly” student actions become huge dangerous situations. I will warn you though if you do decide to watch, that these videos are not for the squeamish. Even for me, a veteran educator it was a jaw dropping frightening experience. I’m wondering if that dad would be ok with his honor student daughter’s actions,posting her agreement to be included,writing “I’m in”. Thank goodness it was averted . Knowing the potential for disaster no parent would be ok with any encouragement to act “out of control” No parent would be ok with a situation gone terrible wrong causing children to be seriously injured in that kind dangerous chaos. Thank goodness none of them were hurt but I venture to say none of the pRents of these children would respond just chalking that up to silly 13 year old behavior. This was far more that a dress code issue folks. So my two cents… Do I see enough evidence to agree to the using term terrorist? No. Do I see evidence of a student(s) posting threats to other students if they don’t go along or “snitch”? Yes. Did some students make a conscience effort and plan to to incite a situation with major potential for harm, that could have easily gone out of control? Yes. Kids do do stupid things, but we as adults and parents need to call a spade a spade with them. Sugar coating this behavior as silly 13 year old behavior won’t teach them what the reality of their actions are for the future. It’s only fair to them that these lessons get learned while the consequences are as benign as an essay and school suspension. If what they see & hear as children from adults (parents) as innocent behavior that comes without or doesn’t deserve consequences they will simply repeat similar behaviors as adults that come with far more life changing consequences. It would be reasonable for them to feel blind sided without the benefit of learning as a child that there are always some consequences for every behavior. Not teaching that lesson just sets them up to fail. In my humble opinion as a 30 year educator and parent of grown children is that while there may be no evidence to attach “terrorism” to this incident, there was plenty to justify the disciplinary action (essay & suspension) taken by the school district.

    • Daniel De Kok

      Some people are born to lead; others become school principals on the evening news.

    • christianh

      What was the dress code and how did they violate it…?

    • equestrian_colt

      Teachers are the biggest government anus sucking worshiping morons on the planet they think our history and the man made text books are the Holy Bible and that is the only way things should be. Even when the world around them is not that way any more. It is time for change and for people to put a stop to Nazi, rich man style ways once and for all. This Principle should be fired. He is obviously a coward and a paranoid retard.

      Keep being a good little government anus sucker maybe you’ll get to be one of the last thrown in the reeducation camps.

    • pszymeczek

      Can we say OVERREACTION?

    • Gee, we had a coordinated student walkout over our school’s dress code in the spring of 1970 that covered three junior high schools and two high schools in suburban Detroit, after which the dress code was dropped for over 30 years before some power-hungry administration group took the students freedom away and then suffered another organized student action against the dress code.

      What’s so wrong with allowing kids to express their individuality by allowing them their choice of how they dress, especially in this day and age?

    • Candyman101

      The article doesn’t state what the dress code is and what the teens objected to. Is the dress code reasonable and the teens just whiny little babies, or is the dress code so restrictive that it prohibits any freedom of choice? Personally, I don’t care which way it is, reality is that these kids will be subject to things such as dress codes, codes of conduct and requirements for integrity anywhere they decide to have gainful employment, unless, of course, if they choose to be politicians.

      • Na_na99

        I work in an office. There is no dress code. I wear jeans some days. Where do you work that the employer thinks you’re so stupid they have to tell you what to wear?

        • Candyman101

          Prove it. Show up wearing a bikini and flip flops.

    • kerry cale

      “essays on why civil disobedience is a crime.” are you kidding me. The right to assemble, the right to free speech, the right to air grievances…..do ANY of these ring a bell with this IDIOT of a Principal.

    • Thumper

      I can see your point of view, and will stand by you in the fact they need punished, however being a 100% disabled veteran from Navy and Army special warfare branches I have to stand on the side your actions are out of line and your exaggeration of the offensive only makes what true terror more misunderstood by the generation that needs to understand it most as they will be the ones in the future to protect both you and me.
      Teaching these children that a peaceful protest is unconstitutional terrorism only diminishes what the men and women of this country fight for every day; as a their protest was the very opposite of terrorism. By its very definition it is simple anarchy and even though you are right in finding what they did is wrong your actions not only make yourself look small but as a teaching professional, ignorant of the true aspect of terrorism.
      I am saddened by what you have done as it also shows your lack of understanding of what we are really fighting every day and giving our lives, minds and bodies for.
      I can only hope you see how much you have insulted and defamed all those that do know what terrorism really is and I expect an apology as such to those individuals who fight for your rights, which I advise before this backfires on you to the point of no return.
      It is better to be seen as a positive roll model and one of understanding than an ignorant bully that feels they need to over compensate for their lack of control in a simple matter of a non-violent protest.

      David Forsyth
      Retired Navy/Army Special Warfare

    • Daniel

      Terrorism is using violence, or the threat of violence to enforce your will/wishes/desires on another.
      Plain and simple.
      These students, while wrong in action perhaps, are not terrorists unless they made credible threats to the school or its staff members of ‘harm’. Threatening to wear short skirts/cut off sleeve t-shirts is not a threat of harm or violence.

    • Daniel Gomez


    • JCBooker

      The next time a heightened terrorist threat is announced, I’ll be on the lookout for 13-year olds wearing ragged jeans and a dirty oversized T-shirt.

    • Na_na99

      You don’t have the choice to wear a t-shirt of your choice…. clearly this society is readying our citizens for the oncoming police state.

    • matthew zamecnik

      i hope there is global warming, i wish to join the anarchy of antartica

    • Victor Lacy

      Makes me wonder how this principal approaches US History about Rosa Parks, the Civil Rights movement, Women’s Suffrage, the Boston Tea Party, and oh I don’t know….the Underground Railroad and slavery?

    • The Student Revolutionary Strike Force supports those students.

    • guest

      Clearly you need to demonstrate and explain in a slow mannerism that the children can understand why there a dress code is a necessity, nobody wants to see some teen slut wearing ultra short shorts sucking dicks in the hallways.

    • Iwonder

      When did civil disobedience become a crime in America?

    • Anonymous

      Non-thinking, cowardly and abusive educators these days…

    • mik j

      write an essay on why civil disobedience is a crime ??? i thought that would fall under free speech, unless they caused a riot.

    • montanaGal2011

      typical of teens who need to test the limits and believe they have more ‘power’ than actually true.

      annoying brats

    • Secret Clearance

      Civil disobedience is a crime? Doing what has to be done in the face of an oppressive and otherwise impossible to beat political adversary, and fighting for equal rights like blacks did back in the 60s, is a crime? As much so as a government that oppresses people and violates human and civil rights in manners like segregation? Regardless of what the dress code calls for and how much students were going to break it, she is a McCarthy-esque or Bush-like alarmist whackjob. I looked at the school’s web page, apparently their dress code really isn’t that strict, so I honestly don’t agree with students breaking it. If it were a uniform, I would applaud the kids for breaking it, that’s going too far. But either way, I don’t think she was making a reasonable assessment of the situation by deeming them “terrorists”, and her punishment seems contradictory to what most people want students to believe about civil disobedience, considering that they teach about Gandhi, Thoreau, Dr. King, and so many other famous individuals whose use of civil disobedience helped to prompt reform. For reasons I will only hint at by suggesting one goes to the school’s website and takes a look at the principal’s page and particularly at her picture, I don’t think she has any business saying that civil disobedience is a crime; she ought to PRAISE it! (Here’s the link: http://www.cowanroadmiddle.education/pages/Cowan_Road_Middle/Teaching___Learning___Instruct/Principal_s_Page)

    • US Worker

      The kids should just ban together and sue that ignorant SOB principal

      • montanaGal2011

        kids acting like a pack of morons need to get punished.

    • AT

      So they’ll call civil disobedience “terrorism,” but then teach a multicultural diversity study about the merits of Islam (coolly glossing over their thousands of years of violent conquest and modern day oppression). Got it.

    • Thatprincipalisadumbass

      Lol. the Principal needs to be hung up by his heels on the flag pole, so the kids can come on over and have a big ass piñata party. And the school system apparently needs to look for someone more qualified for the position of principal of that school. Plain and simple as that.

    • Candace Freeman

      so you want to falsely charge these children with “terrorist acts” for
      not following the schools dress code. Childish on your part your a grown
      adult act like one your impression on these kids at this age is vital
      and acting as you are is ignorant and way out of line. They COULD have
      been making actual terrorist acts such as the past ( Sandy Hook
      Elementary, Colombine High School, Thurston High School so on and so
      forth) List of school shootings in the United States – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      List of school
      shootings in the United States – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      is a chronological list of school shootings in the United States. It
      consists of incidents in which a firearm was discharged at a school
      infrastructure, including incidents of shootings on a school bus. This
      list contains shooting incidents that occurred on the campuses of K-…
      View on en.wikipedia.orgPreview by Yahoo
      a gander at that THAT IS TERRORIST ACTS. Not rebelling over what they
      can and can’t wear at school, your hasty actions can and will impact
      these children for the rest of there lives let alone in the physical
      world that they reside in but also there mental world where they will
      forever remember the actions of this school on there simple choice to
      wear “rebellious clothing” according to your schools dress code. You are
      an idiot for even inclining that this was a terrorist act, I under
      stand that it may annoy you that these 13 year old’s let me repeat 13
      YEAR OLD’S wanted to go out of the norm for a day but just so you get
      your way and charge them with such accusations is
      disgusting and immature. School is where they go to learn not be judged
      mostly by staff, and what you have showed “taught” them is if they have
      a personal opinion and want to express that “in a non harmful way”
      there will be huge consequences for it even tho there intentions
      indicated no malice, harm, ill will was towards any students or staff. I
      personally have been bullied by school staff even tho I did nothing
      wrong and I still remember them till this day and I am 24 years old and
      the events happened when I was in 4th grade. Your choices will follow
      those children for the rest of there lives no matter how small it is,
      your a staff member do not let your job interfere with your personal
      life and personal opinions of “what should be” think rationally and make
      sense of the situation before opening your mouth next time.

    • Tim Normandin

      Ah, the comments–where intellectual thought goes to die.

    • John Milton

      Lets hope the rest of the students all join in the civil disobedience. When the moron suspends them all, he won’t have a school to be principal of and hopefully will lose his job. Come ‘on kids. Stand up to abuse and tyranny at every level!

    • Juergen

      A bunch of kids taking on authority. Good for them. Bad for the bureaucrats and administrators who are used to absolute power. Terrorists….typical response from someone who is used to browbeating 8th graders.

    • Runlikehell

      1st time I walked into a courtroom I was looking at a mandatory minimum 37 years. Terrorism & drug kingpin with guns. Last time I walked out of that courtroom I had plead guilty to a 1/4 oz of weed. That was it. What’s a terrorist? Anybody that just torqued up a Southern Baptist. What’s the cure for charging people with such dreadful charges? The 1st law, 1st sentence in the oldest written legal code. A Babylonian text. “You bring a false charge that carries a death penalty and you… will be the one that is put to death.” Think that might clean up tossing that kinda charge around? Especially with the propensity of Government employees that engage in said activity.

    • RacialVictim

      if civil disobedience is a crime I guess all the civil rights activists were/are criminals or is it a crime only now that we have a black president? Surprised she didn’t play the race card.

    • Terry

      “civil disobedience is a crime”? We’ve sunk that low? God, how I miss America!

    • DAngelo136

      Judging by the comments here, you’ve all missed the point. The students attempted to non-violently protest a code that, in their opinion was oppressive. The principal, feeling his authority being challenged, deemed the protest, “terrorist”. To him, a peaceful protest is at the same level as a bomb threat or a shooting. From a bunch of 13 y.o. children, no less.

      Then as punishment, he has them to write an essay titled “Why Civil Disobedience Is Wrong”. So Martin Luther King, Susan B.Anthony, Henry David Thoreau, Mahatma Gandhi, all the suffragettes and civil rights activists were wrong too? I suppose to this principal, “Letter From Birmingham Jail” is a terrorist tract?
      To tulet, you say you served in the Army? Why? Wasn’t it to uphold the principles embodied in the Constitution of the United States? Wasn’t these the same principles that were the “seeds of democracy” that were to be planted in Iraq? But when it comes to our own American children upholding those same principles, you get mush mouthed and support the authoritarianism of the principal, right? Perhaps you should rethink the reason you enlisted in the first place, because it sure doesn’t seem like you have the courage of your convictions. You got shot at? So did a kid in Chicago; he was defending that what was precious to him; what was your excuse?

      Americans TALK a good game about “freedom” and “liberty” but when the rubber meets the road, you’re just as authoritarian as any of the other countries that live under it. You just have more creature comforts than they do.
      This isn’t about America being “pussified”; it’s about Americans not having convictions-we’ve become a nation gripped by fear and loathing. Such a pity; this country had potential.

    • Jesus Christ

      What happens when you cross public servant with draconian mindset? Stupid, that’s what happens.

    • Max Power

      civil disobedience may technically register as a “crime” but it is one with the purpose of bringing to light weaknesses in our legal standards. are they really teaching these kids to blindly follow authority without thinking for themselves and asserting their own views? that doesn’t seem “American” to me in the slightest.

    • Janet

      Civil disobedience was used by Ghandi to protest British colonialism, by Nelson Mandela to protest Apartheid, by Martin Luther King for American civil rights.

      ter·ror·ism /ˈtɛrəˌrɪzəm/ Dictionary.com Show Spelled [ter-uh-riz-uhm] Show IPA


      IPA Pronunciation Stress marks: /ˈ/ indicates primary stressed syllable follows; View on dictionary.reference.comPreview by Yahoo


      1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

      2. the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.

      3. a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

      Violating a school’s dress code? It is not violent, it is not threatening, it is not intimidating, and it is not coercion. And school is not a government. It is an institution of learning. While your students do appear to be learning, you and your staff do not appear to be interested.

      Your behavior is reprehensible. Look it up at Dictionary.com. You might be surprised at its meaning.

    • kutock

      If you start it you are a terrorist, if you win it you are revolutionaries.

    • dot

      Why does a school need a PR manager? I’m truly scared of the brain dead morons “educating” our children (parents included) and even more frightened of the adults these children will become.

    • Maddie

      I wonder how many of these students will mention in their essay that one of the greatest figures in modern history was famous for his support of peaceful civil disobedience. That would be Ghandi. His ability to lead the people of India in massive acts of civil disobedience liberated the entire country from British rule.

    • Drew L

      This is not terrorism at all, but these kids do need to understand there are rules you must follow. A dress code at a school usually is not unreasonable. These kids need to be taught that education is much more important than what you are wearing.

    • your mom


    • your mom

      This is just sad

    • your mom


    • your mom

      those teachers are just total retards.

    • pipeslinga21

      A few years after I left high school (i am only 23 now.)—I actually fantasized about boycotting the highschool dress codes and starting a revolution against very stupid and sexist dress codes (like boys can’t wear ear rings, but girls can)–and I don’t even wear ear rings nor will I ever. I hate discrimination in any form.
      To hear that other students actually thought of this amazed me. But I kind of don’t blame the school. With this generation of kids which gets more rebelious and more sensitive every year, you kind of have no choice but to come up with a defense 10 times stronger or else they will get out of hand.
      I think what should have happened is: they should have let the kids go through with the non-violent protest and just let the teachers write them up during 1st Period. Then, they could get in-school detention and be suspended for two days after they go home. The next offense would be expulsion.
      I honestly don’t think a honor roll student would rebel after being suspended the first time with the threat of expulsion for the second offense.

    • Jen

      If my daughter willingly violated her school dress code, she would have had a wooden spoon to her butt.

    • your mom

      are you kidding me!?! massive facepalm. what is this country coming to? there fasion sense musst be VERY VERY VERY bad. Why, just why.

    • Insight

      “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.”

      • montanaGal2011

        that’s what I will do if someone attempts to force me to ‘accept’ homosexuality as ‘normal’.

      • JCBooker

        and who decides what is “unjust”.

    • Shell

      My question is…since WHEN precisely is ‘civil disobedience’ a crime??

    • Throcky27

      You guys are crazy. You don’t even know the story you just think you do. Like all things in the news it is a partial story and some fabricated. The student wasn’t an honor student! Rioting and calling for acts of violence against other students is against the law and that is by law terroristic threats. But you can call it what you want. When it causes harm to other students a responsible principal can and should take any and all actions. This wasn’t about dress code that is just sensationalism for the sake of news. News they didn’t even investigate. The principal was absolutely correct in what she did and had the backing of most parents of the school and the head of the school district. People are too hung up on the word terrorist in this instance. Don’t cause or threaten harm and you won’t have to worry about being suspoended or being on the news. I deal with these middle schoolers everyday. Unless you have been in this school you shouldn’t judge. And yes I have been in this school…..I work there.

      • John Ross

        Sorry, Throck27. Even if you had some 12 year old gang-banger wannabe boys going around saying things like, “I gonna shoot his ass if he keep maken’ me ware dat,” after 911, that principal has no right throwing around the term “terrorist” is such a lose fashion. That’s just nuts. Get a real man, with a real set of cajones in there to run that school. The little lady should go back to teaching her home- economics class.

        • Throcky27

          first off the principal NEVER said that. it was a comment by someone else. You sir are a sexist pig. We don’t need a man to run the school we need people to mind their own business unless you go to this school and know the real facts.

      • bling

        Are you in the school? I agree with you that Yahoo tends to skip key details in order to make a story more crazy, but do you know the real story? Why were they suspended?

      • JCBooker

        1) what harm was caused to the other students?
        2) what was it about other than dress code?
        3) if you (alone) know the facts, then why not share them with us? Is it a secret?
        4) your “opinion” means NOTHING.

        • Throcky27

          other students were jumped. It’s not an opinion it is a fact.

    • Chris Nunez

      Your article would have been even more helpful if you had posted the date this incident happened, as well as a link to the media source(s). This is important, but it can’t be used as ‘credible’ data without proper citation! Thanks for the report thought.

    • John W Davis

      i’d bet the principal is a tea bagger. he should be fired

      • abcdefg_1

        And how’s that ? The principal should be asked how she came about this idea that the kids are terrorist and then bumped down to Vice-principle for being an idiot. Politico aside.

        • JCBooker

          The first part of your 2nd sentence is great – the last puts you on the same level as John. Both of you decided the appropriate punishment for the principal’s actions, without knowing all the facts. You just called for demotion rather than termination. Grrrrrrrrr

      • JCBooker

        Apparently, you don’t know what principles “tea bagger’s” support….. Or has “tea bagger” just become a general term for anyone you don’t agree with.

        • John W Davis

          i spent a good deal of time working with the “tea party.” richard hanna is a mental midget and ann marie buerkle is more even more idiotic than michele bachmann. both of these upstate ny congressional representatives play loose and lazy with principles. both have sold out to big money. each one is highly vocal about their support for the tea party. in general, principles appear to be things that tea bags don’t hold in very high regard. i really don’t care if someone disagrees with me. you, on the other hand, are apparently deeply offended. get over. i don’t care what you think. if you support these people and people like these… you are bad for this country

          • JCBooker

            I don’t defend the tea party or any other political party these days. But, this principal’s handling of the situation IS inconsistent with the tea party’s core principles.
            What I AM “deeply offended” by (and the purpose of my comment) is folks who want to interject politics into a discussion where it has absolutely no relevance..
            Talk about over-reaction!!

    • tim thompson

      What a fool

    • MikeC

      Email Sent!

      Ms. Holloway,

      It saddens me, as a fellow educator, to have read about your treatment of the middle school student body you currently preside over. You had the opportunity to teach a group of future Americans about how civil
      disobedience can be utilized to bring about change in an unjust environment, but instead you choose to label them “terrorists” and you crushed their unified spirit of questioning authority. If students understood why they should follow the rules, instead of being given the proverbial “because I said so and questioning my authority is treason” argument, they would have been more inclined to comply. Maybe you need to brush up on your history and realize that America was founded on the idea of civil disobedience. Our forefathers broke away from the monarchy by refusing to accept it’s rules without appropriate representation first through refusing to follow the rules and then this eventually led to war. Americans were labeled terrorists by the monarchy and the Revolution began. Then there’s the whole history of civil rights. You wouldn’t even be allowed to hold a position of power had someone not chose to use civil disobedience to fight for women’s rights. This was a genuinely unique and once in a lifetime teaching opportunity. The students could have been given a chance to air their grievances and debate their rhetoric in a civil manner through an assembly or forum. Your students may have been fighting for the wrong reasons, but they sure were using the right tactics and should not be equated to people who use murder, rape, and fear as a means to spread terror. I am truly saddened to hear of a colleague acting so poorly and teaching our future citizens that they should not be allowed to question authority. You are preparing them for life in a police state, not a politically active and thriving democracy and you should publicly apologize in order to restore widespread faith in our profession and your student’s faith in the principles of democracy and compromise.

      XXX XXXX

      • JCBooker

        WOW super message!!!

        We apparently didn’t get all the details of this situation. But in any context your message is meaningful. It was many years ago that I was in school but I always thought a teacher’s mission was to prepare the students for a successful future. Maybe I’m out of touch with reality, but seems it would have been an opportunity for them to suggest methods that would have had a greater chance at success in that situation AND in their adult life. Great example: MLK was only interested in OUTCOMES and apparently used the right METHODS. It took MLK’s successes for Malcolm’ to finally realize he was using the wrong methods.

        Unfortunately, someone like throcky27 would have most likely told them that he was right and they were wrong, but the reasons why he was right were a secret. An appropriate respect for authority is important in life but throcky would be a poster child for questioning authority.

        Playing the terrorist card didn’t help anyone – although I guess I did learn something: the next time a heightened terrorist threat is announced, I’ll be on the lookout for 13-year olds wearing ragged jeans and a dirty oversized T-shirt.

        Kudos to you Mike – I would have been honored for my children to have you as a teacher.

    • a635823

      This is a school and not a strip club, you are 13, you want to start a real cause? How about acting like adults, getting good grades and succeeding in life?

      • abcdefg_1

        They are not what she said they were. Your point is a good one but the article is about unruly kids being called terroists. No ?

    • abcdefg_1

      This is the world at large. It will not be getting any better, any time soon. We have allowed this ! It’s our fault.

    • Arcadia54

      If a rule is morally wrong and you feel that you cannot obey that immoral rule does that make you a terrorist? , Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement was based on the non violent civil disobedience idea. A wrong is a wrong. Having worked as a teacher and an administrator for a Public School for over 34 years I would say, to be charitable, that the principal at the Middle School over reacted. To quote from the movie the “Princess Bride” ‘ I do not think that word means what you said it does.”

    • the legless dude

      The Principle (or principle is the fact) the Principle had fear stationed within the mind from other school’s troubles. Therefore any drop of an ink pen, coin, etc., occurring at the school will trigger that fear: Aaah Terrorism!! No principle sign in the Principle’s office? “Dress Mentally Strong for the release of psssth from a coke bottle isn’t the sound of terrorism bomb threats”. This Principle should be disciplined for thinking stupid.

    • Rags

      Another example of the bottom 10%ers of the college educated that we tolerate to administrate our schools or teach our children. This Principal has no business anywhere near a child much less “leading” a school. Moron!
      A supposed educational professional who can’t look up the definition of terrorist? Time to fire this idiot.

    • grumpy1

      Heaven forbid that school kids follow the rules. The principal calling their behavior terrorism is ridiculous, but the real issue is the lack of discipline and the students disrespect for school policies. A dress code is for safety. Wear the wrong colors and you Dress like sluts and then wonder why you’re getting unwanted attention. Parents who don’t support school rules are not helping their kids; instead, they are sending them down a path that will cause them trouble later in life.

    • John M

      i totally support civil disob by people who have a real ax to grind,but not by a bunch of 13 yr olds because they don`t like being told what they can wear at school.dress codes are there for a reason.

    • coctosten_john

      More liberal, “zero-tolerance,” zero common-sense. I’m surprised….none.

    • Arch Angel

      How did this idiot get a principal job?

    • Guest

      “rachelle.holloway@gscs.org” e-mail address is not valid.

      • Guest with an education

        I must say that she possesses poor decision making skills. This is the problem with power, authority, rules, morality, and so on. Who gets to implement and monitor these complex perceptions and concepts? You? Your title? Yeah right……

    • The role of public schooling is to indoctrinate the masses of commoner’s kids to accept their proper societal position as serfs of the ruling masters and the master’s army of lackeys that operate the systems allowing the few to wage successful class war against the many.


    • Officetrooper298

      Next thing this principle is going to start expelling or suspending students for terrorist acts when they listen to that darn Rock & Roll music and use that devil’s invention the internet! Let the kids have their show of expression for a day, it teaches them a real life lesson in standing up for what they believe in rather than punishing them for challenging the authority when they think it is in the wrong. If they had allowed the students to express themselves the could have called an assembly tell them how though they have the right to protest in their unique way certain rules and regulations are in place for certain reasons and then explain the reasoning behind the dress code. Teaching kids conformity, blind obedience, and that the people in power are always right and know what is best for them is not the right life lessons to teach those children. That school has done those children no favors and I hope the parents call for an immediate change in administration because obviously the ones in charge are not creating a conducive academic and life lesson learning environment.

    • wjb

      The terrorist at work here is the principal and school administration.

    • 1uncleduff

      I suspect you all should get your Principal’s credential in order. It appears there will be an opening in this school.

    • FastEddie

      If anyone is a terrorist it is Principal Holloway. She needs to go.

    • Annie

      America was founded on “civil disobedience”. The American civil war was an act disobedience. By restricting people, especially young children who can be very impressionable, for something as the they wear encourages non-conformist behavior in their adulthood. This is minor compared to what they can really rail against. I say give these kids a day off from conformity and let them breath a little. By calling them “terrorists” you are only encourage their behavior.

    • Tristain Pittman

      Since the coward has already canceled her e-mail account, I’ll just put this here:


      1. the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

      As someone trusted with the education and security of children, it would be
      exceptionally helpful if you were familiar with the terms you use. Civil
      disobedience is not terrorism by any stretch of the imagination. The fact
      that you would not only discipline, but incorrectly label a group of your
      students as such is alarming and offensive. There are thousands of
      American men and women who have given their lives to fight real terrorism
      and terrorist threats around the world, and you do them a great disservice
      and insult by redefining the term for your own purposes. I truly hope you
      take the time to contemplate your actions… preferably as a recently
      terminated public school employee.

      The children deserve much, much better than you.

    • lucky

      kids trying to act like adults, but do not know how.

    • Tony Campise

      . . . I’m thinking of a finger…….!!?

    • Ms. Cook

      Ms. Holloway,

      A point in history concerning “civil disobedience”: The US Civil Rights Movement (1942-68) restored universal suffrage in the southern United States and outlawed legal segregation. The movement’s overall strategy combined litigation, the use of mass media, boycotts, demonstrations, as well as sit-ins and other forms of civil disobedience to turn public support against institutionalized racism and secure substantive reform in US law. Thousands were arrested in nonviolent protests as images of the confrontations inspired widespread public support for the movement’s objectives. Hundreds of thousands more participated in marches, boycotts and voter registration drives throughout the US South. The movement helped spawn a national crisis that forced intervention by the federal government to overturn segregation laws in southern states, restore voting rights for African-Americans, and end legal discrimination in housing, education and employment.

      Civil Disobedience has always been an effective non-violent form of protest and expression of civil rights in this country.

      Your personal fear of children who express themselves is the core issue, in my opinion. Madame, I strongly suggest you rethink your words and actions, and look back to history for your answers instead, because your toleration methods have proven over the centuries, to be ineffectual; whereas the students’ solidarity movement has always proven to be very effective and powerful in presenting their stance.

      I suggest you look to the near past, the sit-ins, the protests against nuclear armaments, and many others addressing freedom of speech and The First Amendment which states, in relevant part, that: “Congress shall make no law…abridging freedom of speech.”

      According to the United States Supreme Court’s rulings:

      Freedom of speech includes the right:

      Not to speak (specifically, the right not to salute the flag).
      West Virginia Board of Education v. Barnette, 319 U.S. 624 (1943).

      Of students to wear black armbands to school to protest a war (“Students do not shed their constitutional rights at the schoolhouse gate.”).
      Tinker v. Des Moines, 393 U.S. 503 (1969).

      To use certain offensive words and phrases to convey political messages.
      Cohen v. California, 403 U.S. 15 (1971).

      To contribute money (under certain circumstances) to political campaigns.
      Buckley v. Valeo, 424 U.S. 1 (1976).

      To advertise commercial products and professional services (with some restrictions).
      Virginia Board of Pharmacy v. Virginia Consumer Council, 425 U.S. 748 (1976); Bates v. State Bar of Arizona, 433 U.S. 350 (1977).

      To engage in symbolic speech, (e.g., burning the flag in protest).
      Texas v. Johnson, 491 U.S. 397 (1989); United States v. Eichman, 496 U.S. 310 (1990).

      Freedom of speech does not include the right:

      To incite actions that would harm others (e.g., “[S]hout[ing] ‘fire’ in a crowded theater.”).
      Schenck v. United States, 249 U.S. 47 (1919).

      To make or distribute obscene materials.
      Roth v. United States, 354 U.S. 476 (1957).

      To burn draft cards as an anti-war protest.
      United States v. O’Brien, 391 U.S. 367 (1968).

      To permit students to print articles in a school newspaper over the objections of the school administration.
      Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier, 484 U.S. 260 (1988).

      Of students to make an obscene speech at a school-sponsored event.
      Bethel School District #43 v. Fraser, 478 U.S. 675 (1986).

      Of students to advocate illegal drug use at a school-sponsored event.
      Morse v. Frederick, __ U.S. __ (2007).

      As you are an educator, I am very surprised that this needs to be addressed, and pointed out to you in detail. You are not in the midst of showing the students how to stand for themselves and their beliefs in the real world, by your actions and words in this matter. I strongly suggest you avoid a civil rights law suit of a massive sort, and further public humiliation, by recanting, apologizing to the students and families, and admitting you need a refresher course on civil laws and rights.


      Ms. Cook

    • Wanda Twellman

      Civil disobedience is a crime?? Without civil disobedience, we would probably still be a British colony. Without civil disobedience, women still wouldn’t have the right to vote or own property or be their own person. Without civil disobedience blacks would still be slaves with no rights at all. Without civil disobedience America would not be the country it is now. Civil disobedience has been a major contributor to many of the rights we enjoy in this country. What were they planning on wearing that deserved them being labeled as ‘terrorists??

    • rshiro

      AH Hello people, I love it when anyone after accepting what ever rules and regs were required for what ever now decide the don’t want to follow them. This is becoming more common specially with “children” . What ever happened to respect and honesty and just plain keeping your word. Guess the “parents aren’t teaching that stuff anymore. Of course right away lots jumped on the “oh they are only children” bandwagon….guess what you dumbasses..these are the leaders of tomorrow….Oh and hey Josh..u never made a typo…yeaah right.

      • JCBooker

        I must have missed the part where the kids accepted the rules ……

    • Jim

      So Ms. Holloway; Is Rosa Parks a Terrorist as well?

    • Angela Washington

      Wow another power struck idiot. Do what I say or I will charge you with a felony. The kids must have been black. And the principal was probably white. Maybe the kids of the principal will soon get a charge just like this one he/she is imposing on other kids. For a dress code-no, the issue is they didn’t do what the principal said and he/she is mad.

    • SueS

      Let’s be realistic here……. This principal needs a reality check as noted in Tulet’s comments. These kids are not Terrorists. They are kids that are exercising their right to free speech as noted in our Bill of Rights (Amendment 1), in short:

      “Congress or government shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”.
      In other words this Principal is actually violating these teenagers Constitutional Right to redress grievances they have with the school dress code (the principal in this case is a form of government especially since she gets paid with tax dollars) to also peaceably assemble and their right to free speech! If I were these kids parents I would file suit just because they can!!!!! They in no way are amassing to cause great harm or injury!

    • A.D.R.

      Dang Teach, Ever hear of Mahatma Gandhi, or
      Martin Luther King. Both men are fine examples of how civil
      disobedience can work for the people. The Boston Tea Party was an act of
      Civil Disobedience. Civil disobedience can be an effective means of making a
      change and is not necessarily a crime. Educators are
      supposed to be teaching these children how to cope in society and think for
      themselves not crushing their spirit and give them criminal records
      . Instead of teaching them that Civil disobedience is wrong Perhaps
      a more effective punishment would be an essay on how Civil disobedience
      has changed history. I understand that The Media is only presenting
      one side of the story and that we do not have all the facts.
      I also understand that being an educator is a difficult job. But
      really, how is not wearing the right shirt to school terrorism?

    • Al

      If this principal’s brain was gunpowder it wouldn’t be enough to blow her nose. This is now the way to teach kids freedom of speech and what America means. When did we become a country that lets idiots teach
      our children.

    • Jason Walker

      Is it traditional terrorism…No… but it is highly disruptive, and a mass event like this in middle school or high school would have essentially stirred the students up for the day and made teaching and managing students difficult if not impossible. Students live for this type of disruption to their school day. This event could have led to additional problems as a result of students seeing that the teachers and Administration were maxed out dealing with the dress code crisis. Fights, sexual assaults, thefts, bullying, not to mention a lost day of instruction which in the grand scheme of the way education is set up and evaluated is very important. In the long run these kids aren’t hurt by the suspension, and hopefully they learn a lesson, but they damn sure won’t if we have adults out there preaching, that the world revolves around our precious little princesses and princes and that they rules don’t apply to them. They’re screwed up enough already by parents advocating for special treatment of their “perfect” child, and shitty role models preaching to defy authority. Rules and dress codes are put into place to make running a school where students outnumber teachers and administrators 30 to 1, a possibility. We don’t want our women to be sexually assaulted but hey, let them show cleavage and the bottoms of their asses all they want while they are young and tell them that that is a good way to express themselves. We want our young men to grow up and be successful and know how to pursue jobs and careers, but walking around with your ass hanging out of your pants is just you finding your identity. Give me a break people. You want the schools to socialize your children for you, but you tie their hands at every turn. And this shitty reporter is probably fresh out of college anyway and still thinks like a high school student. Get some life experience before you critique an institution that is doing it’s best to care for your child.

    • john

      How can you suspend someone for thinking about it. if they hear about it then call those involved to the office and tell them what will happen if they carry thru with their actions.A terrorist is a huge step up.Course it’s a preview of what is coming for all Americans. Think different than the authority and you are a terrorist to their plans.

    • careerguerrilla@yahoo.com

      What kind of frickin control freak principal would put the future of young people in jeopardy for a simple act of disobedience? This will be on these students public record, that will decide what colleges they are accepted at. The principal could have used the time honored punishment of suspension for the day. I would fire the principal!

    • Mac

      This is the sort of mentality that creates a sex offender from somene taking a leak on the side of a building.

    • Mac

      The prinicapl is ‘terrified’ of students out of uniform?

    • Amanda

      Our public schools have become more and more like prisons. Educators have taken away student rights, original thoughts and opinions. If one dares to step out of line by wearing the wrong color they are labeled a terrorist?

    • pynaetlb

      When will these kids realize that freedom in America died when Obama and the dims took over?

      • FastEddie

        The Patriot Act and Homeland Security as well as the Terrorist watch list got things well under way to an Imperial Government.

    • coach kenny

      umm… our country was founded due to “civil disobedience” to the queen… your school or your position would not be here if not for that, how about an adult taking leadership and having a meeting to possibly change? oh, no that would be CIVILIZED.

    • Jenny

      I know schools don’t abide by civil rules (no freedom of speech or expression obviously) but they’re not teaching the kids a very good lesson by making them write an essay about why civil disobedience is a crime (like an actual crime, not something just worthy of detention). In fact, any essay supporting that is going to sound very creepy, like something North Korean kids probably write in school, because in America civil disobedience isn’t always a crime, it’s called protesting, and it helps keep questionable laws in check. You don’t obey for the sake of obeying. What they should have taught the kids (because they are a school and have a responsibility towards this) is that when you protest you should have principles to back them up, and that abiding by the dress code prepares you for most jobs in the future in which you will need to present yourself with respect and dignity. Although considering the school was so extreme about this issue, maybe the dress code was equally obnoxious, so it’s hard to say they were in the wrong without knowing the details.

    • Jay Rod

      While I agree the principal went overboard by calling those students terrorist, those kids need to stop b*tching. Some schools have dress codes as well as some jobs. It makes sense that the school wants to be represented in a certain image. The parents of these kids need to stop turning them into spoiled brats. There are things worth protesting, but a dress code isn’t one of them.

      • pynaetlb

        That would be fine if these kids were allowed an alternative. But, unless you’re rich you have to attend an inferior, union controlled, public school, where the socialists are spending ALL of their time and energy in indoctrinating the kids into the joys of Obama’s socialist utopia.

    • Allan besner

      Oh yes ! Peaceful non disruptive disobedience is just as bad as killing thousands! So maybe this man would suggest that Gandhi would be tortured and interrogated just because he disagreed with his view point! It seems to me that the hallmark of a good high school is one that encourages and helps young people explore their feelings and viewpoints and teaches them a way to express these in a way that is acceptable. By quashing their constitutional rights their are fostering a whole school of apathetic uninvolved automatons. This principal doesn’t see the big picture that by reacting with such a heavy hand that he may be prompting more demonstrations. When the Chinese sent tanks into Tienanmen square it only spurred it on and then the movement went underground.

      • JCBooker

        Another great response!
        …..one that encourages and helps young people explore their feelings and viewpoints ….to express these in a way that is acceptable. I actually went to a school like that (public BTW) – but then I am very old.

    • fish2345

      After reading all of the foolish comments posted here I wonder if any of you realize that these are just a bunch of 13 year old kids being kids. Of course you were never there so how would you know!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are all a bunch of fools comparing them to the likes of the British Army Pre Civil War (and other stupid things) that I wonder about the gray matter between your ears. Grow up people and let these kids be kids in a Nation where we are supposed to have freedom of speech and expression. Oh and by the way—fire the idiotic principle of the school for not using good common sense. I am waiting to see how many of you lamebrains label me a terrorist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • FlyingJackolade

      Conservatives have a place but those who push beyond the realm of common sense or even beyond reason rocks the whole system. How can a 5 or 6 year old be suspended for making a gun pattern with his fingers? They did and they were suspended. Look on TV most kids cartoons are full of shoot-em ups and violence. One teen had a Rebel Flag in her truck window and was suspended. The state on NC has Rebel Flag vanity plates. Those who make issues or always take the opposite stand on just about anything are the terrorists because they use their positions to bend the positions of others. Cops are good until one uses their position to act above all others. Judges are good until they make decisions based on their thoughts instead of the law. School Administers are good until they administrate by their personal ideologies. Gun Laws are great until they hurt those who are truly responsible gun owners. The list can go on and on. This country has become a country of panic driven morons and if we don’t stop it this country will no longer be the land of the free but if we stand up for our rights then it can be the land of the free and the home of the brave, just like it was before 911.

    • Bob Smetters

      I say we water board them for Jesus.

    • Scott Keen

      “Luckily, they are only punishing the students by having them write long essays on why civil disobedience is a crime.” Really? Go tell that to Henry David Thoreau. “Civil disobedience” is the American way. This is more proof that schools do not exist strictly for “education” than for preserving the status quo.

      • Lord Squidworth

        If it was one of my kids I’d write the essay for them on why school administration is destroying the school system.

    • Alex

      I looked her up and she is a “black” woman and says civil disobedience is a crime?? I think Rosa Parks just rolled over in her grave. Without civil disobedience this woman would not be the principal, let alone and educator, and would probably not even qualify for school janitor. Unreal.

      • Josh Reynolds

        Civil disobedience IS a crime, that’s the whole damn point of civil disobedience. You force the government to enforce unpopular laws for the sake of showing how far they will go. At a certain point they realize that the law itself is stupid and overturn it. The civil rights movement was not technically an act of civil disobedience as the goal was to appeal to a higher court in order to get their case heard. A civil disobedent should be prepared for consequences, not try to avoid them. Maybe civil rights leaders were still jailed, but that doesn’t mean that their goal was to sit in jail to show how stupid the law was, the goal was appealing to the supreme court to get them to overturn the laws. Clearly no one is actually teaching how civil disobedience works below the college level…

    • deberry

      Simple solution: If you can’t follow rules……do home school or change schools. Same goes for those who dislike this country…..if you don’t like our way of doing things……go to another country!

      • Michael

        You’re an idiot

      • Bree Zee

        I do agree that people should follow the rules, and that if you don’t agree with them work within the system to change them. But you have to admit that calling an act of civil disobedience “terrorism” is the height of over reaction.

      • Lord Squidworth

        Why we needs voucher system. Tie the publics tax dollars to the students instead of the districts and force the schools to compete for the parents to send the kids to their school.

        We could cut school budgets 30%-40% and it wouldn’t change the level of education the kids get. Public school administration cost has ballooned in recent decades.

    • davidmdb33

      You have to admit that the idea is one way of saying enough. Sensible rules are needed. The stupidity that some organizations have sunk to is unbelievable. How are a group of students wearing clothing in violation of policy an act of terrorism?

    • Hannah

      whatever happened to simple insubordination? the kids planned to break dress code, big whoop, write them up, give them detention and keep it moving! This is hardly the act of terrorist! I mean what are they going to do, blow us up with their crop tops and hot pants! come on ppl its not that serious lol!

    • MarkK

      So punished for a crime that had not occurred? Is this “Minority Report” now? Could have been a good teaching lesson on the American Revolution, but the school failed it.

      • Josh Reynolds

        Technically conspiracy to commit a crime is still a crime.

        • Michael

          So tell me what crime was it the kids were going to commit???????

          • Bree Zee

            They planned to break the dress code.

            • Lord Squidworth

              That’s not a crime.

              • Bree Zee

                True. It’s a violation of school policy though.

    • Brian

      The email address you give is “failed permanently”. Do you have the email address to the School’s Superintendent? That would be even better actually. Here is what bounced back to me:


      Please use your brain, for something other than a mass of flesh and bone
      atop your neck, which spews foul gasses to children in Georgia. Any common
      sense individual can be on-board with punishment for ignoring a school
      ‘code-of-conduct’; however, trying to intimidate and label middle school
      students as “TERRORISTS”…are you totally out-of-your mind?! Publicly,
      remove that moniker immediately!

      You must remember and *never *forget, first and foremost you are an

      educator, not a disciplinarian. Your primary objective and singular goal
      is to foster and nurse young minds, into capable and proficient adults who
      will help their families and communities grow and excel. Please explain to
      me, and the rest of America, how you achieved this goal with your actions?
      Since it’s a rhetorical question, I will answer for you and everyone else;
      you did not achieve any stated goal, you only made yourself and your school
      look stupid.

      Now, you and your school are a laughing stock. Truly, you should be
      removed from your position, as you have proven unfit to educate or nurse
      any young mind. You are a bully and used school-yard bully tactics that
      exemplify a typical bully at the Middle School level. Congratulations, you
      have just lost the respect of the entire community you are supposed to be
      serving. There is no recovery from this incident. Step down now and move
      on, before you have nothing left of a career. These types of incidents
      will not go unpunished, and I mean the parents to you, not you to the young
      Middle Schoolers you are supposed to be protecting, educating and


    • Jace Morgan

      The email does not work.

    • Chad Critser

      Civil Disobedience is a crime? Someone should build a time machine and go back to 1776 and fill in our fore-fathers on how to be “real” Americans…. Disgusting.

      • Josh Reynolds

        Civil disobedience has always been about committing a crime and receiving punishment for the sake of showing that a law is unjust.

        Technically, the events of the Boston Tea Party were not civil disobedience as they never intended to live under those laws nor deal with any punishments for them. I can’t say it is terrorism either as the term terrorism implies that the goal is to spread terror, which was clearly not the goal there either. So technically, the Boston Tea Party was simply a rebellion.

        Those kids, as long as they were intending to deal with the consequences were being civilly disobedient. They definitely weren’t terrorists that’s for damn sure.

    • Elias

      They want to violate the dress code! Code black! Lockdown!


    • CAVE


    • karen dahlhstrom

      I think that children need to obey rules. There is plenty of time after school and the week-end for wearing what they want. However, the principal is ridiculous. I am not an educator, but it seems to me this whole episode could have
      been turned into a valuable real life learning lesson instead.

      • Elias

        That rule isn’t worth following

    • Sugi

      Are all school administrators this facist? After several incidents this past year, both public and private, I believe they are. First of all, civil disobedience in the wake of unjust rules or laws should be encouraged, not discouraged, secondly, this woman must be legally insane to equate kids wearing non-standard clothing with terrorism. She is obviously incapable of making smart decisions and should be fired.

    • I know of one person who’d be proud of her actions:

    • Ian cate

      inciting a riot is also considered terroism and can get you executed.

      • Sugi

        My sister incited a riot in middle school, 25 years ago. All she got was detention.

    • strech

      Over-reacting much?

      Typical school over-reaching.

      Good thing the kids weren’t planning on eating a PopTart into the shape of a pistol!

    • thghost

      Their actions should have been punished but not labeled as a terrorist action.

    • SaveUsFrom StupidPeople

      This is called “Freedom of Speech”!!!! Thanks to people like Rosa Parks, MLK and others who finally decided to stand up and say enough was enough they incurred a change, a MUCH needed change in a country whose priorities were clouded and wrong. Those people have been honored and admired to have the courage to stand up and try to make a change – they were NOT called terrorists!!!!! Lady, you have your lines crossed and maybe it is YOU who needs to write a damn essay on civil disobedience and what it means, not these kids!!

    • drixnot3

      I would pull my kid out of that school … I believe K12 (internet school) is free in Georgia.

      • Lord Squidworth

        But the school still gets your tax dollars.

        • drixnot3

          nope…. schools get most of their money through attendance calculations. K12 would get the tax money.

          • Lord Squidworth

            In Georgia?

            Cause that’s not true everywhere else. Around here student numbers are declining and cost of schooling only goes up.

    • nonyabusiness

      These are the people running our schools…….It is very easy EVERY effing week to find some asinine thing another public school administrator has done……it is very scary….

    • Web Watcher

      Wow – what a bunch of misunderstanding and admissions…
      Middle school?!
      1st they need to follow the rules… parents included. simple. yes, simple.
      Next understand what civil disobedience is.
      And there is this thing where the author criticizes terrorism charges? “Violating the school dress code is indeed a violation of school policy,
      but to elevate it to a level where one could be indefinitely detained,
      without charge or trial, is going way too far.” Yup, under NO cercumstances should a US citizen be “indefinitely detained,
      without charge or trial,” and in these cases, YES, is going way too far – like far out of the constitutional limited powers granted by the people to the government!!!

    • Was she terrified? If cutoffs and tank tops terroricze you, you are in the wrong job. Perhaps a coffee shop is more suited for you!

    • JIM stone

      The principal chose an inappropriate term to describe students breaking school rules, which there should be specific written rules and consequences. I believe it demonstrates ignorance on her part. I would challenge her to study the outcomes of civil disobedience in America. Americans have always challenged rules when they overstep freedom, and individual rights. (I wonder where the black race would be if it hadn’t been for Rosa Parks and MLK.How about women being able to vote.)

    • ridiculous

      How can any of the students be punished if they haven’t even committed the offense? How can they even know who to punish? Terrorism charge is stupid, but they also charged the kids with it for just the idea of breaking the dress code. This school is acting as the “thought police” as well.

    • wctigger

      Hmmmm, by the definition of the school, MLK was a terrorist

    • Alan Dryer

      So, what was the dress code violation? What does the school require and what were the students planning to wear? Were they all going nude? Were they going to wear jeans and a T-Shirt? Did they intend to wear tennis shoes, when only dress shoes are allowed? Being that it is the central focus, around which they planned their civil disobedience, shouldn’t this pea brained writer have included this bit of information?

    • Moonlight Hangzhou

      Liberals. What will they do next? I am afraid to ask, “TERRORIST” would probably be the response.

    • robb

      Of course, scream terrorism and everyone will come running to your aid. This principle is exploiting the already existing unease that people already have. So now anyone who organizes and asserts themselves against policies and those who enforce them are immediately considered terrorists. Now they can impose any sanctions against them.

      • Sugi

        It was a bunch of girls chatting about what they were going to wear.

    • VladiP

      According to fbi.gov website terrorist is a person or group that:

      “Domestic terrorism” means activities with the following three characteristics:

      Involve acts dangerous to human life that violate federal or state law;
      Appear intended (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination. or kidnapping; and
      Occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the U.S.

      This can be easily and rightfully so rephrased for your purpose and circumstance as:

      “SCHOOL terrorism” means activities with the following three characteristics:

      Involve acts dangerous to human life that violate federal, state or SCHOOL law; ((civil disobedience can cause altercations between students who are for and against the broken rule, putting children in harms way))
      Appear intended (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a school by intimidation or coercion; and ((this action is definitely to coerce the student body and to influence the policy of the school.))
      Occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the SCHOOL . ((happened on school ground))

      So according the the FBI definition, you are correct in classifying these kids as terrorists. Just because they don’t have beards and a towel on their heads, it does not put them outside the law. If laws are not obeyed, chaos will follow.

      The only thing that I will disagree with you on, Mrs Principal, is the punishment. The essay thesis of the essay should be “How to legally influence policy by working the system?”

      Good day and good luck with your local Taliban!

    • niktrekker

      Civil disobedience is not a terrorist act. It is not only a right it is every person’s responsibility. America was founded by people who knew it was their duty to take a stand when they were being oppressed. I’ll bet these kids are studying American civics.

    • ashtin Cox

      Tinker V. Des Moines 1969 Supreme Court ruling –

      The court finally acknowledged that students do not
      shed their constitutional rights of freedom of speech or expression at the
      schoolhouse gate….. Holloway and the administration should read this.

      • Lord Squidworth

        You agree to abide by the dress code at the beginning of the school year when you’re given your booklet that explains it and you maintain attending the school. Just like my work requires professional dress, I accept that by going to work.

        ***I think the whole public school system is broken personally***

    • Lars

      Its a good thing that “Civil Disobedience” is a crime now. Too bad it wasn’t in the 1700’s, so we could still be under England’s rule.

    • foxwhat

      Republicans call everyone terrorist that don’t agree with them. She was just following her parties lead. Georgia is a republican state like FL, and TX. We know FL and TX have some crazy things happen.

      • JCBooker

        GOOD GRIEF!
        Let’s be sure to bring political parties into everything – so we can be more divided than we already are.

    • 123abc

      I really hope the article Is bogus. If not I have to say labeling mild civil disobedience as terrorism makes the principal an unfit educator. It should also be pointed out that a dress code is an internal regulation, not a law. That distinction alone invalidates the allegation a crime was committed. I hope she regains some perspective in this matter and makes the appropriate apologies. One last bit of advice from a military service member with 14 years on active duty, don’t misuse “terrorism”. Did the kids really cause you or anyone else to feel terrified for your life or safety? If yes, I suggest you pursue a career in training extremists overseas. I would much rather deal with people bent on wearing uncouth attire, versus those dedicated to slaughtering and maiming.

      • Sugi

        Apparently, they didn’t even violate the dress code, they were just talking about it so this facist principal also hates free speech.

    • bob

      all you assssholes who think what these kids did was minor and have never taught a day in your life should spend just one day teaching. you have no fuccccking idea the lack of respect these kids have for rules, authority and even each other. don’t think for one minute that there isn’t a connection between how fucccked up our country is and the simple fact that middle school students think they can simply break the rules and not pay for it. they deserved to be suspended just because it was premeditated and it was a mob mentality. the school has to show that they will not tolerate such action in order to make sure the me-first asssssholes don’t do other shiiit. this is why the school associated it with terrorism, which was just idiotic on their part to even mention the word.

      how about all the employees in every doctor’s office, lawyer’s office, etc, wear shorts, t-shirts and sandals to show how they won’t stand for being told what to wear anymore. if our kids are going to be praised for it, then why not lead them by example. don’t dare suggest it is not the same thing. rules are rules whether it is our workplace or middle school. so kiss my asssss all you jackholes who don’t have a clue and support these selfish creatines.

      • srjsac

        I certainly hope you are not a teacher. You do not belong in a classroom or much of anywhere else for that matter.

      • Sugi

        So, what you’re saying is, its time for thought control.

      • JCBooker

        “…..think they can break the rules and not pay for it?” If I understand correctly, part of civil disobedience is being willing to accept the consequences (right or wrong).

    • Laurah Mason

      Im so sick of stupid people and the bottom line is stupid people shouldn’t be educating our children. Fire him then arrest him for claiming false terrorism.

    • Laura

      I notice many responders screaming bloody murder, casting aspersions on ALL schools, ALL principals as being crazy, narrow minded, and unreasonable. I don’t think this could possible be true of ALL educators. I have known many good, level headed, professional educators during my career.

      • Sugi

        My kids go to the school where the principal charged a special needs kid with felony wiretapping because he attempted to record his bullies so………yeah, it could quite possibly be true. BTW, that principal is still there.

    • John Engle

      This is exactly how it starts folks. Anyone who disobeys the powers that be is now labeled a terrorist. Be warned.

    • Ph.D2Be

      You know I’d absolutely have my child write that essay in fact I’d pull the research for them. It would start with terrorists at the Boston Tea Party and probably end with terrorist teachers on strike for better wages and conditions. It would be one hell of an essay and if they didn’t like it I have a few choice thoughts of my own on dictators and the US Constitution.

    • Darryl Gates

      First of all, what is this essay business? Civil disobedience is entirely legal and moral. What country does she live in? This lady principal is a nut case. Show her the door before she does anything else whacko. This is almost as tragic as the stories of kids with pop tarts shaped as guns being suspended for bringing a weapon to school. This woman should be laughed at and then fired. Zero tolerance for insane people holding the position of school principal.

    • Curtis Lusk

      Dam this ridiculous

    • Luke Schneider

      I’m sure this Principle would have shot Gandhi had he been in the English government of India at the time.

      • Sugi


    • Geralt_0f_Rivia

      Has this Principle lost their freaking mind! More evidence that the American Education system is broken!

      • Sugi

        I agree with you, but your spelling isn’t helping your case. Principal.

        • Geralt_0f_Rivia

          Lol, my bad, thanks, I type too fast! 🙂

    • Bill

      Dictionary.com definition 2 – Terrorism: a person who terrorizes or frightens others. That isn’t the kids, that’s the principal. And essays about how civil disobedience is a crime? Civil disobedience is a form of protest specifically to prevent crime and violence. Where the hell did this woman go to school? Is it any wonder that our kids are so screwed up these days if these are people charged with molding their minds?

    • Joseph.b

      Drag this piece of shit moron out of the school a beat the luving shit out of him and then pour hot tar on him and empty a few fether pillows on him

      • Darryl Gates

        It’s a woman. Just sayin’ Ya’ll need to read more carefully.

        • Joseph.b

          I was so pissed iff about tbus idiot I met to refer to her nit him, amazing what this country gas turned into, its time we stand up and make a stand against these idiots there is a evil in this country that has been allowed to grow , I dont know how we are going to turn the tude but as a kid in the 50’sand 60’s we becer gad these problems , maybe its time we as a ppeople stand up and cut the strings of thus government and take back our country

          • JCBooker

            You made some good points, Joseph. I grew up in the 50s and 60s and students respected their teachers. But, I would not then or now respect anyone who thinks the answer is to shed blood. MLK didn’t support it and I’d say he accomplished a lot without it.

    • Dano

      Another teaching fool, who fell for the promulgated phony terrorist mantra. All from the bogus 9/11 fairytale told us by the countries “leaders.” People are only living through a script, provided to them by big government propaganda. Most are totally clueless as to what is actually going on, and who their real enemies are. USA is finished unless masses awaken very soon to the reality that has been here for decades..

    • joeselztrb

      Unfortunately, this is why Americans look down on Southerners.

      • JCBooker

        Oh really nice joeselztrb. Your logic: this principal is not worthy of respect. This principal is from the South. Southerners are not worthy of respect. YOU ARE A MORON. What makes you think her actions had anything to do with being from the South?

    • Ginger h

      That’s not a bad idea…having them research and write an essay about civil disobedience. So many think that they can break a law in furtherance of an agenda and have no consequences. The strength of civil disobedience is that people felt so strongly about it that they are willing to go to jail for their cause. These children need to ask themselves if they are wiling to go to jail for a dress code. At work, we have a dress code. If I break it, I lose my job and go hungry.

      • Laura

        Amen, Ginger.

      • Sugi

        Really, Ginger? Yes, lets send all the kids who break a dress code to jail.

        • Ginger h

          That’s the concept behind civil disobedience. If they are willing to risk having an arrest record for something they really believe in, then yeah, they go to jail. It’s all up to the children.

    • LoveGod

      Yes, of course we all believe that this was an act of “terrorism” because don’t all terrorists break the dress codes? Is he nuts? Yes. The government wants all “authorities” to enforce the terrorist threats so they can convince us that all their draconian measures are needed. Yawn. We know the gig already. Just grow up and stop it.

    • Franklin

      (Had to post my letter here, as the email in the article no longer works)
      Ms. Holloway,
      I find it hard to believe that an individual as educated as you must be would consider civil disobedience on the same playing field as terrorism. Does that mean you equate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr to a terrorist? Or perhaps you feel Mahatma Gandhi was a terrorist? Surely not. The members of the Boston Tea Party? The “Occupy” movement? The modern Tea Party movement?
      Civil disobedience has been incorporated for centuries in this country to change, or bring attention to, various rules and regulations deemed inappropriate. Perhaps it is you -and not the children, who should be writing an essay regarding civil disobedience. I truly hope your qualifications do not include any history, civic or government classes.
      The Great State of Georgia already has a stigma as being socially backward, when compared to other states, we do not need such foolishness from a high ranking educator as yourself. If you cannot teach our children better than this, perhaps it is time you stepped aside and allowed a more qualified person to serve in this post.

      • Darryl Gates

        I tried to email the dummy also. Probably an overload issue. Great post Franklin. Maybe you can take over for this bimbo. There must be at least SOME people in Georgia smarter, or at least less crazy that can do her job.

        • Sugi

          My daughter is temporarily in Georgia, she got a almost perfect English SAT score, and graduated, Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude from college. I think she may be bringing up their state average.

        • JCBooker

          We’ve already got people who make a living dividing people based on race, sex, age, political parties, etc etc. Why not add geographical location.

    • oddegg

      I have said it before and I will say again, the terrorist have won. We are afraid of our own shadow now, and can’t think straight.

    • Rich

      I haven’t read all of the comments; somebody might have already brought this up…why were teachers or the principal scouring Facebook for student posts? Were one of the children a “friend” with the teacher(s) or principal? If they were not, then wouldn’t the action of the teacher(s) or principal be considered pedophilia stalking? ok…not sure that is a real crime, but seriously…is this minority report? Can you now convict people of actions they haven’t yet committed? This is what is wrong with our school system….not common core…not lack of funding, no; its the idiotic and self-promoting actions of the school and belittling of the children.

      • Sugi

        Rich, I didn’t see anything about FB in the article but if so, that’s even worse. And creepy. My 15 yr old daugher refuses to have FB and I’m glad.

    • Dane West

      Living in Ga. (Unfortunately) O.C.GA 16-11-37 2010 This Law is ripe for repeal. It’s overly broad and way too excessive.

    • gager

      A schools dress code is not law…rebelling against this is nonsense and the calling of this as terrorism is total nonsense.

    • Olivia W

      This is complete and utter crap. I mean these are KIDS, not terrorists from some foreign land! This so called ‘principal’ needs to be fired and replaced immediately. I can not fathom what sort of person would intentionally imply that a preteen’s dislike of authority is on the same level as terrorism. Stupid needs to stop breeding, and apparently this principal is the king of stupid. I hope the parents of these kids (or some body within that district with some sense) sues that school for fraud. Civil disobedience is NOT a crime. Unless these kids damaged something, issued threats, blackmailed somebody, or (very unlikely) killed somebody, then they committed no crime. It’s this kind of bull that makes me not want to have children. To spare them the pain, embarrassment, and public humiliation.

    • Reclusive Idaho Lady

      This nation was founded on Civil Disobedience. The principal is a TRAITOR and an idiot, and should be fired immediately.
      The students should get an A in Civics.

      • gager

        Civil disobedience was against laws…not against some dress code in a school. Dress codes are acceptable.

    • Dear Internet

      So one branch of the local government is blindly supporting another branch of local government. Could this be so? Thankfully it could never happen where you live.
      No Time To Hate

    • One eyed Jack

      This is what the Georgia laws about it:

      O.C.G.A. 16-11-37 (2010)
      16-11-37. Terroristic threats and acts; penalties

      (a) A person commits the offense of a terroristic threat when he or she threatens to commit any crime of violence, to release any hazardous substance, as such term is defined in Code Section 12-8-92, or to burn or damage property with the purpose of terrorizing another or of causing the evacuation of a building, place of assembly, or facility of public transportation or otherwise causing serious public inconvenience or in reckless disregard of the risk of causing such terror or inconvenience. No person shall be convicted under this subsection on the uncorroborated testimony of the party to whom the threat is communicated.

      I somehow don’t think a dress code issue fits this part of the OCGA.

    • Gaia Girl

      These young Americans should be praised for being Free Thinkers in The Land of Sheeple

      • a635823

        How free are you if its for clothes? How about they rally for the material they aren’t learning?

    • Gaia Girl

      I tried to email her and the email is no longer valid

    • James Greenberg

      Henry David Thoreau just turned in his grave. It is amazing only that this sort of thing doesn’t happen in every government school.

    • REALLY????

      So… the principal was in extreme fear (terror) because a bunch of teenagers weren’t going to wear the right clothes???? Talk about being in the wrong profession!

    • jo


    • toddges

      If breaking dress code is against the rules, why does she have to go into overkill and call it “terrorism”? Couldn’t she just have them write 100 times, maybe 200; “I will not break dress code”? That’s what they did back in my day. It was not worth suspension. Were they all in the buff?

    • I hope everyone commenting sent her an e-mail. here is what my e-mail to her was.

      Principal Rachelle Holloway,
      You are a fool. With your level of education how can you be so ignorant? Your actions are unjust and only lend to the deterioration of this country’s educational system. You and the so many others like you are a large part of the problem, and with these kind of actions you cannot and most likely will never be a part of the solution. If this is how you educate give up find other work. Hell I hear minimum wage is going up and Taco Bell, Mc Donald’s, and Jack in the Box are always looking for someone.

    • MM

      Thank you for giving her email address. I emailed her my opinion of HER behavior. Perhaps she should be suspended for being a terrible Principal. This story is a perfect example of why we home school our children. The school system she works for should bear some of the responsibility for this matter as well.

    • larry harvey

      If I were 13 I would also hate to wear a school, uniform. It forces conformity and destroys individuality. A peaceful protest is not terrorism.

      • toddges

        Is it uniforms they are protesting? I don’t remember seeing that.

      • Laura

        I have never seen a student who was stunted in their individuality by wearing a uniform.

    • The vast majority of people who call themselves “educators” are just would-be cult leaders who have to force people to listen to their silly blathering all day long. Children are their captive audience.

    • nom de plume

      Another example of public sector employees living in a reality all their own.

    • rasta

      1. systematic use of violence and intimidation to achieve some goal 2. the act of terrorizing 3. the state of being terrorized

      the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.
      the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
      a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.
      may be the principal should write an essay on what terrorism is before crying terrorism

    • Frshoffdaboat


      • Josh Reynolds

        Wrong, we have the right to peaceful protest. Civil disobedience is not the same thing. In fact, if these kids were actually following civil disobedience then they would be happy with this outcome. As the point is to surrender to punishment just to show how far the government is willing to go to enforce unjust laws. Whether or not it was intentional these kids are displaying true civil disobedience (not the Americanized version where you just fight everything in court trying to avoid punishment) by accepting punishment and showing how stupid the school system is for calling them terrorists.

    • Birdonawire45

      Taking the punishment to it’s twisted conclusion would be the students writing their essays about Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. I’m thinking this principal needs a refresher on the differences between terrorism and peaceful protest. Talk about a teachable moment – missed it by a mile.

      Referring inquiries to a PR manager – cowardly. Having your policy decision go viral – priceless

      • wctigger

        A school district that uses
        PR people to answer school questions. That’s a very telling statement in and of itself

    • Stepheny Ann Roberts

      If this is the type of person teaching our young people…Whoa to us. I am sure that she does not follow the dress code that the students are expected to follow. Does this make her a terrorist also???

    • Brian Waas

      That piece of crap needs to loose her job. and be banned from working in the school system for life.
      As well, all of the parents of that school should withdraw their children from that school and move them elsewhere, or consider being labeled as anti American by default, for agreeing with a Nazi principal who says that “civil disobedience is a crime”.
      Civil disobedience is one of a few rather important precursors to the American revolution of independence.
      I say this principal is a terrorist.

      • Darryl Gates

        I agree. The kids need to tell this bimbo to shove her essay idea where the sun don’t shine. Someone is definitely in need of alternate employment opportunities.

    • Johnny Beacham

      America if this don’t gain more support to shutdown our public school system never will.Parents over the last 4 decades education has become more like a 3rd world country education than what our kids deserve.Parents must fight for their kids are this type stupidity will continue.We need to allow Charter school an Home school are even start all kids in a military type school so they learn honor an respect for America things that they don’t hear in the public schools.

    • Todd

      “In the first place, God made idiots. This was for practice. Then he made School Boards.” — Mark Twain in “Following the Equator”

      Not just school boards, apparently, but certain school principals as well. I’m surprised this idiot thought that a group of students planning on disobeying the dress code were committing an act of terrorism when it’s clear that it’s really just a Communist plot to overthrow the government, you know, the way Obamacare is Communism.

    • Lacey W

      Another example of how dysfunctional our education system has become. The real crime is that the schools today are run by the generation that prided itself on civil disobedience in the 60s. Who fought for civil rights and against the Vietnam war with acts of civil disobedience. It was THEIR right and they have been teaching about it ever sense. However, now that THEY are the establishment, it is considered a terrorist act.

      • joeselztrb

        Why don’t governors use their power to place mature people on our educational boards?

    • FP Villa

      Fire them all and hire temps!

    • Dawn Conti

      Next thing you know, they will be holding hands in the halls and hugging each other.
      What a disgrace. to demonstrate human affection is unforgivable.
      ESPECIALLY in these times, when we could ALL use a hug.
      Dear God ,,,, where will it end.

    • I am curious about the principal’s age? was he from Berkeley? Does he support anticonservative riots in colleges? Seems like terrorism is kind of a harsh label to be throwing around. Typically I hear it from liberals.

      • Lacey W

        Unfortunately Berkeley is no longer an isolated area in the education system. They simply led the charge back in the 1960s. Now mist college campuses are as liberal, and dysfunctional, as Berkeley became.

        • actually, I agree with you, but I hope you get my point. While the SDS et al. were rioting, plenty of us youngsters were doing what we thought was right, and got crucified for it when we got home. Now, people who may have been rioters then are calling anyone who disagrees with them TERRORISTS. You really think the FBI is going to make a move on this? I don’t think so….it is just principal being a bully.

    • Dawn Conti

      I am GLAD to see that the YOUNG people see a CONTROL freak measure for WHAT IT IS. A CONTROL FREAK MEASURE.
      Fight kids ,Fight for your right to freedom of expression.

      • Ginger h

        Does your employer have a dress code?

        • J Phred

          NO, you jackass! Even if he did, he sure as hell wouldn’t contact the FBI and accuse me of terrorist acts.

          • VladiP

            well if you worked in a bio-hazard lab and just showed up wearing your shorts and wife-beater instead of the protective suit that you are required to wear, he might! but I guess you people are not the caliber of people that would ever work in such environment!

            • wctigger

              Ridiculous comparison. You’re talking a health and safety issue vs kids wearing jeans and t-shirts

          • Ginger h

            Wow, most employers do have a dress code, and if you don’t follow it, you get fired.

            • true, but you wouldn’t be labeled a terrorist by some nut job …. big difference.

            • bigbill300

              No one at our work follows the dress code and management doesn’t care.

        • Moonlight Hangzhou

          She don’t have a job!

      • Drew L

        The kids are there to get an education, not show off their wardrobe. They can dress appropriately at school, and any other way when they aren’t at school. The school day is what, 7 hours? 5 days a week? about 180 days? That means they have between 900 to 1,000 hours out of the entire year they must dress appropriately. I’d love for our schools to implement school uniforms, like England does. This puts everyone in the same group when it comes to clothes, no teasing about the wrong jeans or the cheap belts, just learning.

        This isn’t a “control freak” issue, it’s a sensible and appropriate code that goes along with a code of conduct. Any job you get has a dress code, unless you get a job with a one person company or similar. The kids need to know there are rules to follow, it’s as simple as that.

        • bigbill300

          They would be teased about something else if it wasn’t about their clothes. We never had the kind of dress code like today and I would have never followed it and would have never made my children follow it when they went to school without today’s dress codes. A school’s job is to teach, not be the fashion police. Why aren’t parents doing this job, not the schools? A suspended student learns nothing but how little the school cares about them.

          • Drew L

            So I guess employers shouldn’t have a dress code either? It’s the same principle. There is a place and time for fashion, school is not it.

          • Drew L

            “A school’s job is to teach, not be the fashion police.”

            I agree completely. And a students ‘job’ is to learn, not be on a catwalk showing off their wardrobe. Most of these complaints are about shorts. I’m sorry, but 2 inches of fabric on your legs isn’t going to make a difference in feeling too hot. If an outfit is too revealing, I don’t think it should be allowed in school.

    • tulet

      Lady, I’ve got one simple question to ask you. Have you ever met or
      encountered a true terrorist? The ones that take families hostage and murder a
      child in front of the father to coerce him into acts of violence so as to save
      his remaining family members. Or others that place indiscriminate bombs in
      marketplaces to cause as much damage, pain and mayhem as possible? You should
      really dig deep within yourself to see why you called children “Terrorists”.
      Terrorists have an agenda of disruption, fear, and takeover.

      Maybe you’re in the wrong profession. Get a dictionary and re-read
      the definition of the term terrorist. You may learn something.

      Regards, Phillip T. West, U.S. Army, Retired, Iraq War Vet and Gulf War

      • Proud_to_be_American

        Thank you for answering our nation’s call.

        • tulet

          Thanks, I would gladly do it again.

          • Woody

            Thanks for serving sir. I know this is not “Politically correct” but this to me is another example of the pussification of America. I grew up playing cowboys and Indians, war games, shooting fake guns at my friends. Now if you point a finger at a classmate you better not have your thumb up or you will be kicked out. How is a nation supposed to defend itself when kids are taught to be afraid of owning a fake gun, much less than shooting one.8th graders terrorists..Lo-efing L. Mercy

            • Chad

              If you have the thumb up it is obviously a revolver style finger gun. Thumb down would be a slide type finger gun, that’s even worse. With an assault finger gun, you can shout bang 16 times before pretending to reload. The poor kid with the revolver finger gun is lucky if they can shout bang 6 times before pretending to reload.

              • Woody

                Since when do pretend guns run out of ammo? Lol I only need six shots unless they’re more than 6 targets. I never miss with my pretend gun…Lol

      • VladiP

        Before you go all cowboy, the nation that you so proudly fought for was made by terrorists. History is written by the victor, that is why our founding fathers were revolutionaries and not terrorists. The term “terrorism” has a new meaning now – “person who does not follow my rules”. By that definition the principal is correct.
        Don’t hate the playa, hate the game!

        • tulet

          The founding fathers were not terrorists. They were a reaction force put into play by the actions of the British crown. They fought forces against them head on. Terrorists attack soft targets that will have little or no resistance. Get your facts straight. They escaped tyrannical rule only to have it follow them here.

          • Guest

            They sure the hell would have been terrorist had we not one. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. You being in the service gives your voice no more weight then ANY OTHER CITIZEN. So stop acting like a…terrorist…

          • Chad Critser

            They sure the hell would have been terrorist had they not won. Can you not read? or is the comprehension the problem here?
            You want to talk about FACT? Servicemen? How about the FACTS that lead to our invasion of a country that had done us no harm? How about your peddle your FACTS to the 500,000 thousand dead INNOCENT CIVILIANS who you helped to MURDER. How fucking proad you must feel.

            • Josh Reynolds

              You don’t know the difference between civil disobedience and rebellion, nor can you spell “proud”. Yet, you are going to bash someone that respects his country enough to fight for it. I don’t have the balls for that and I can tell that you sure don’t. It is not his choice who to fight, nor can he choose not to fight. If you have a problem with it take it up with your governor or something.

              • Chad Critser

                And you are defending a murderer. He doesn’t have a chose who he fights and KILLS? These “Patriots” havn’t been fighting for our rights and our freedoms, they have been fighting for the Corp. right to have more. All the correct spelling and appropriate grammer in the world doesn’t stop you from being a POS who defends murder on the premise of incorrect spelling…
                What are you 16? Sorry kid, but dispite what you think you don’t know shit about the real world.

                • Josh Reynolds

                  Off by ten years. In fact, I’ll be 27 in a few months.

                  I clearly have a much higher level of education than you. My guess is you are one of those hippies that sits around talking about how shit is going wrong but doing nothing about it.

                  Want to change things? Then fucking do something. Get off your lazy ass and make some changes.

                  You are a lazy coward, nothing more.

                  • Mee

                    Reading twilight books and going to community college hardly makes you more educated.

                  • Rye

                    And you, Mr. Reynolds, are a sniveling millennial pedant.

                • gobbo

                  It’s “grammar,” dude.

                • Jesse

                  Chad you seem to have a problem with people that protect this country you live in and gives you the privileges you have …. that’s cool ( it’s a privilege, to voice one’s opinion) but remember something without us (2 tours USAF) standing guard, this country like any other would be over ran but nut jobs.
                  The people that hate war the most are those that serve; so stop your whining or write your Congressmen ….

                  • Chad Critser

                    I have a problem with blind patriotism. Even Fox news told DICK that HISTORY has shown they were ALL wrong about Iraq. But here you freaking morons are. Talking out of your hind end about almost 20 year old talking points. GET THIS THROUGH YOUR THICK HEAD. WE HAD NO REASON TO BE IN IRAQ. If you cared so much about Saddams murders then why not Assads? You idiots are hypocrites.

                • Floyd Horn

                  Chad tell me where you want to live ( out of this country) and I will buy you a ONE WAY ticket. You are disgusting.

                  • Chad Critser

                    This is my country. You have stained what it means to be conservative with your Tea Party and your “OBAMMA DID IT” bull. You right wing, fox news obsessed morons are the taliban of Americans. You blend in talking about freedom and justice for all but you don’t believe it. Freedom for you and yours. Right to live to you and yours.

                    Disgusting sir? Me? 14 years of constant killing in a country that never attacked us. A country of “christian folk” cheering on the killing and the killers. Ya, i am the disgusting one… These 14 years of killing has created more terrorists then any holy book. Now we have a country of kids who have only known bombed villages and senseless death. 14 years of religious savagery has battle hardened them. ISIS is a direct result. There ranks are made up of teenagers ruled by what can only be interpreted to someone like you as the Tea Party of Al qaeda. The chickens have come home to roost.

                    Cheer buddy…

                    • Daniel De Kok

                      So Chad baby, don’t hold back, tell us how you REALLY feel–and say hi to Reverend Wright for us.

            • SueS

              I have to agree with Josh here! The worst part of this whole thing that Chad Critser is trying to defend is ludicrous…. Have you forgotten the hundreds of thousands of people that Saddam Hussein (his own people I might add) killed with chemical weapons and in many other ways and just for the fun of it! Go back and crawl under that rock you came from and grow a pair!

              • Chad Critser

                And you are the same ignorant C%*T who will cry about American being broke blowing up and rebuilding the middle east over and over again to satisify our GOD complex. WE ARE NO THE WORLDS POLICE.
                Please enlighten me woman. What did our intervention accomplish? Did we ease tensions in the middle east? Did we bring the tribes together and bring in peace with it? WHAT THE HECK HAVE WE GAINED FOR 14 YEARS OF WAR AND HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF CIVILIANS AND TROOPS DEAD. For what? We “liberated” Iraq and what are they doing with that “liberty”? They are Running scared and allowing a Far right extremist group to set up shop. Ohh and they STILL HATE AMERICA!!! Whoooo MISSION ACOMPLISHED.

                • Jeff Cornuet

                  In regards to the middle east (thanks to our current POTUS) we pulled out too soon, a concept that your father should have employed!

                  • Chad Critser

                    14 years too soon? Want to talk about wishing someone didn’t exist? You idiots are multiplying by the thousands and everyone of you need to eat lead.

                    • Shon Andrews

                      Wow, if we “idiots” are “multiplying by the thousands”, and you are only ONE, by default you are obviously the “idiot” by proxy. What a delusion of self importance to think that you are intelligent when you are one against thousands. But of course I will not expect you to see your blunder in your last statement that proves that you are the idiot due to the fact that you are one against “thousands”.

                      • Henry Fleiss


                        Organizations under stress may engage in a problematic emotional management process that interferes with the exercise of good cognitive skills, known as “groupthink”. The social psychologist, Janis looked at how groups make decisions, particularly under conditions of stress. He reviewed studies of infantry platoons, air crews, and disaster control teams and felt that this work confirmed what social psychologists had shown on experiments in normal college students, that stress produces a heightened need for affiliation, leading to increased dependency on one’s group.

                        The increase in group cohesiveness, though good for morale and stress tolerance, could produce a process he saw as a disease that could infect otherwise healthy groups rendering them inefficient, unproductive, with outcomes that could be disastrous. He observed that certain conditions give rise to a group phenomenon in which the members try so hard to agree with each other that they commit serious errors avoidable errors. An assumed consensus emerges while all members hurry to converge and ignore important divergences. Counterarguments are rationalized away and dissent is seen as unnecessary. As this convergence occurs, all group members share in the sense of invulnerability and strength conveyed by the group, while the decisions made are often actually disastrous. At least temporarily, the group experiences a reduction in anxiety, an increase in self-satisfaction, and a sense of assured purpose. But in the long run, this kind of thinking leads to decisions that spell disaster. Later, the individual members of the group find it difficult to accept that their individual wills were so affected by the group

                      • Chad Critser

                        Wow. You’re just irony in the flesh. Read your bullsh@t and pretend i wrote it. You are quite literally the most clueless person i’ve ever talked to who is convinced of intellectual superiorty that isn’t there. He without sin and all that? Get it? How about your epidermisis showing? Come on, i used big words cause i know you like um…? No? guess i’m just ONE man who is surrounded by THOUSANDS of monkeys….idiot monkeys no less. LOL

                      • Shon Andrews

                        No, when you are “surrounded” by thousands and you are “one” obviously you are wrong. What a lonely life it must be to know that you are the lone wrong person among thousands of “monkeys” What I find hilarious is the fact that you are wrong to thousands of “monkeys”. How does it feel to know that you are less intelligent than a monkey??

                  • Henry Fleiss

                    Republicans Blame Obama For Iraq When It Was Bush Who Signed The Agreement to Leave

                    By: Rmusemore

                    What any of the Republicans blaming Obama for pulling American troops out of Iraq in 2011 should remember, is that in October 2008 George W. Bush was president when the Status of Forces Agreement was drafted and ratified by Iraqi lawmakers a month later in November 2008. The pertinent part of the agreement that President Obama honored was that, “All the United States Forces shall withdraw from all Iraqi territory no later than December 31, 2011.” Still, Republicans are assailing the President for abandoning Iraq they were fully prepared to continue occupying in perpetuity, and forget that besides Bush, an ill-advised strategy by former Republican man-god General David Patraeus mishandling of the so-called “surge” that created the militant insurgency threatening to completely tear Iraq apart and finish completely destabilizing the region Bush’s invasion started eleven years ago.

                • Shon Andrews

                  Chad, you are a most ignorant one. In every post you made you have a spelling problem. You jumped Josh for bringing up this point, but the truth is that if you are not intelligent enough to spell a word properly how do you expect people to believe you are intelligent enough to have a correct opinion on something as important as what our troops should be used for? By the way, I am 45 and much older than Josh. So your point about being too young is moot. The absolute hilarious part is the fact that at only 27, Josh who you claim to be 16 years old obviously knows more about the “real” world as you put it than you, due to the fact THAT HE KNOWS HOW TO SPELL WORDS PROPERLY. You obviously are one of the progressive liberals who believes that people should not be held accountable for spelling correctly as long as it “looks” correct. What a joke. By the way, since you obviously are a politically correct progressive idiot, your use of the term “woman” to Sue makes you a misogynist. What an f-ing hypocrite.

                  • Chad Critser

                    If you’re going to come at me over spelling and grammar don’t blob out your stupid retort to me. Reading hypocrite in your reply is the definition of irony. Obviously after 45 years you still have shit for brains. What a waste.

                    • Shon Andrews

                      It is “blab” not blob. “Blob” is the thing between YOUR ears. You have just proven my case again shit for brains. You really need to stop commenting and showing your lack of knowledge. You can not even spell a 4 letter word correctly. Where exactly did you go to school? Flaming liberal central high school? Where spelling and thinking do not count? You obviously are an ignorant flaming liberal so yes, calling a lady “woman” makes you the perfect hypocrite, since all flaming liberals are supposed to be politically correct. I may be a waste as you have called me but you do not even rate as a waste. You are on a scale far below “waste”. By the way, what do you do for a living? High school teacher or college proffesor? You have the same knowledge, logic and ignorance. Do yourself a favor, go back to elementary school and learn how to spell 4 letter words. While you are there learn how to be a conservative and come back in 12 years and perhaps we can have an intelligent conversation, since there is no chance of that now with your immaturity, name calling 3 year old, idiotic political view and non spelling attitude. Until then crawl back under your mother’s apron, put your pacifier in and keep your comments to ourself. Since you obviously have no clue how the “real” world works, as you have accused Josh of not knowing.

              • Henry Fleiss

                Rumsfeld ‘helped Iraq get chemical weapons’

                By WILLIAM LOWTHER, Daily Mail

                US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld helped Saddam Hussein build up his arsenal of deadly chemical and biological weapons, it was revealed last night.

                As an envoy from President Reagan 19 years ago, he had a secret meeting with the Iraqi dictator and arranged enormous military assistance for his war with Iran.

                The CIA had already warned that Iraq was using chemical weapons almost daily. But Mr Rumsfeld, at the time a successful executive in the pharmaceutical industry, still made it possible for Saddam to buy supplies from American firms.

                They included viruses such as anthrax and bubonic plague, according to the Washington Post.

                The extraordinary details have come to light because thousands of State Department documents dealing with the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war have just been declassified and released under the Freedom of Information Act.

            • Shon Andrews

              “How about your peddle your FACTS”? You mean how about you peddle? And since when is the word proud spelled proad?? Again if you expect people to take you seriously you have to spell words properly. Otherwise you appear to be the idiot that you truly are, LOL.

              • Chad Critser

                Rants rarely come with spell check dick head… LOL.

            • Deb

              @Cruiser. Why do you live here? MOVE. Servicemen risked and lost their lives for YOU. If it weren’t for their service, and for our wars, you might have been stoned to death for what you just wrote. Ignorant hater. Go hate in another country.

              • Chad Critser

                When did I once say I hate my Country? Learn to read you ignorant Bi(&h. Defend the Iraq war. Go on woman. I’d love to hear your reasoning considering every anaylist right and left say WE WERE FU(#*$%* WRONG. CAN YOU READ THIS YOU STUPID C**T? HISTORY HAS ALREADY SHOWN WE WERE DEAD WRONG TO INVADE IRAQ.
                Name one thing we have gained? You cheer on the deaths of your service men and women and then call me the ignorant hater? WHAT DID THERE DEATHS ACOMPLISH? Go crawl back under whatever rock you came from you chicken hawk.

                • tulet

                  @Chad Critser, I can and will defend the Iraq war with the Joy in the faces of the Liberated ones who welcomed our presence there. It’s the insurgents that are a minority in Iraq that have gained power through intimidation and violence on the weaker people. Always when confronted with a force of equal or greater resolve, the terrorists would flee. They are cowards and will only fight a guerilla war. All cowards prey on the weak and exploit their vulnerabilities. Yes WE Americans freed Iraq. The cowards only waited until our departure to rise again.

                • Eddy

                  You Sir. Are an idiot. It’s always the case that a person that can’t make the hard decisions, ends up chastising those that did something. Even if that decision turned out to be wrong. You are only showing your low IQ and being a hypocrite by making sexist comments to @Deb.

            • tulet

              @Chad Critser, Have you heard the news, this just in, Islamic militants just seized Iraq’s chemical weapons. Funny how this wasn’t there when the democrats turned outrage towards Bush for the invasion based on WMD’s. The exact same WMD’s that I saw, and we had to guard while in Iraq. You probably haven’t, refused or are too chickensh$t to serve while real men and women defend our Nation’s Freedoms.

              • Chad Critser

                You’re a freaking moron. You are as soft as puppy shit. You havn’t faced a real enemy. You’ve murdered children running in the street you coward. But that’s right It’s Obama and the Democrats. They did this all Tulley. Obama went back to 2001 and made up shit about weapons of mass destruction so that we could invade Iraq and invest TRILLIONS into a country that hates us. Yup Obama and the Dems…You freak. Go to your nearest VA before you break you broken piece of shit.

                • tulet

                  @Chad Critser, Typical Dem that you are or wanna be. Name calling and NOTHING but a bag of air. Calling me coward, have you taken a good long look in the mirror lately? I can say I didn’t kill any kids, let’s just leave that one right there. I can also say the WMD’s were and are still there. ISIS just took a few pounds of Uranium, along with the chemical weapons they took last week. I was there in 1990-91 also. We had to clear bunkers filled with chemical munitions. So, if you were there, let us know where and when. Have something insightful to say or just close your pie hole and GO AWAY!

                  • Chad Critser

                    I look in the mirror every morning buddy. Have you? Most murdering cowards don’t. They hide behind big guns that make their 3in peter feel better. Again you piece of shit. You’ll get yours in this life or the next. But hey, you gotta tank so good luck.

                    • tulet

                      @Chad Critser, HAHAHA, YOU’RE SO FUNNY. The big bad a#$ behind a keyboard. What’s wrong, somebody like you couldn’t pass the entrance test to join the military so you became an antagonist? You couldn’t fathom any aspect of war unless it came to you through a television news program. The majority of peaceful Iraqi’s were glad for us to have gotten rid of the menace of the middle east. He was tried, convicted and hanged by his own countrymen. Mercenary? I wish, I’d have gotten paid a lot better and had better food and living conditions. Coward-HMMM…..I’d bet if someone put a gun in your face, you’d pee yourself and drop to your knees begging to let your pathetic life continue. Suicide bombers would target you because of the weak aura you’d have around you.
                      Too bad you’re not in Killeen.

                  • Chad Critser

                    Ohh and good job you fine soldier. 14 years wasn’t long enough to “liberate” Iraq? I mean MISSION ACCOMPLISHED RIGHT? Admit it. You did NOTHING. You didn’t Keep a grain of AMERICAN SOIL safe. You were a hired mercenary blind drunk on patriotism played like a puppet to carry out the murder of INNOCENT CIVILIANS. You are NO HERO and you won’t get a shred of respect from me.
                    Actually defend your country, cause all I’ve seen is foreign aggressors attacking a country that has never attacked nor declared war against us…. ya that’s something to really be proud of.

          • Dan

            From the perspective of the Brits, colonials who fought guerrilla style tactics against the crown were terrorists. Terrorist is such a horrible word, since it carries so much power and can be thrown around so easily. I think the true problem here is that this principal has no idea how kids think and behave, and really doesn’t seem like she belongs in her position at all. That said, if you visit the school’s website, I don’t see a single student wearing a uniform at all…

            • miketeachkc

              And the Royalist used similar “terrorist” tactics against civilians. Study the history of “Bloody Tarleton” and his actions in the Southern theater of the American Revolution.

          • objectivelyspeaking

            The founding fathers could be considered both. While it’s true they fought the British tyranny, the also ruthlessly massacred entire populations of the Native Americans. tulet and VladiP, you’re both right, there are two parts of the story and one is definitely written with a delicate perspective that praises our founding fathers. While I’m not saying it was entirely wrong or right, if we’re going to be objective, the founding fathers were just as equally terrorists towards the Native Americans as they were victims of Britain’s tyrannical rule.

            However, in the case of this story: the principal is an idiot, and this is clearly not terrorism. This is a case of people deciding they are against something and trying to come together to change it in a non-violent manner, something they should be learning about in school (think bloodless revolution and Thomas Jefferson). If only more people would take on the ideas of Jefferson. If only, if only.

            • FastEddie

              Are the Native Indians also terrorists because they slaughtered and enslaved weaker tribes?

              • godboldleslie

                Good point fastEddie. I’m of Cherokee descent, but who gives a rats A**. The only reason minorities are such a big deal is the socialist’s use race hatred to destroy America. Most of the low info voter’s only political motivation is “I hate white people”. Maybe the colonist’s thought the native’s were savages because they cut the right hands off of the babies of enemy tribes so they couldn’t grow up to fight. Oh yeah, the whiney baby school students? They’re just upset cause they can’t dress like ho’s.

                • Germain Berlin

                  Wow, aren’t you ignorant….You are aware that you just described ONE Native ethnic group ?!?! There were hundreds of Native ethnic groups dude, all of them with different responses and reactions to their new visitors. What you just did in your comment would be like a Jew making a sweeping, mean statement about Estonians based on their experiences with us Germans–just because Estonians look similar. What an idiot you are.

        • pw

          Our founding fathers used civil disobedience to protest, not terrorism.

        • Gh0stBunny

          The founding fathers were not terrorists for one simple reason, they did not use terror as their main weapon. You can try to repurpose the word all you like but it’s very clear in it’s definition.

          • Bob

            If you don’t think the “founding fathers” were terrorists, you need to read the history of the Southern Campaign during the American Revolutionary War. The American citizen soldiers, most of them Scots-Irish, terrorized the British and the Loyalists to the point that they had to flee. It was the first American civil war, and our independence from England was won by their actions when they chased Lord Cornwallis’ British army to Yorktown, Virginia, where he surrendered.

        • FastEddie

          The meaning of “terrorism” is not “person who does not follow my rules” any more than “weapon of mass destruction” is anything other than a nuclear weapon.

        • RB

          What does a lake have to do with it?

      • David Burnette

        dont forget the terrorists in the white house too as well as every other form of military action 🙂

      • paula

        Thank you for your service. My deepest respect and highest regards to you.

      • SueS

        Thank you for serving and you are correct! All too often idiots like this choose to ignore the very Constitution of this country, one which you have valiantly fought for!

      • Henry Fleiss

        ter·ror·ism : the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion

        Drones, Missiles, Night Raids, Rendition & Torture, Shock & Awe. Schools of America’s which led to the slaughter, torture & brutalization of Hundreds of Thousands.

        This is your Virtue in which many, many of the most vile of human Dictators & and their paramilitary death squads are your kin.

      • abcdefg_1

        Seems this “teacher/principal” knows what she wants. Disruption, fear and takeover.

      • sherri kessler

        First of all thank you for your service to our country, that being said you are wise man and Mrs. Holloway would do well to listen you. Teenagers challenging something as simple and menial as a dress code are by no definition considered terrorists. They are young adults testing the waters of adulthood and asserting their opinions and ideas on their world to see if they are correct. Terrorists have crueler agendas in mind than that.

      • disqus_nyAGZayS76

        It interesting that you say that because the word terrorist is often used in such an abstract manner including the labelling of activist. Arun Kundnani argues that the word is used so loosely because otherwise it could be used against the U.S. government for its drone program amongst a number of other questionable things.

    • Mike

      When I was in high school the student body walked out in mass to support a pay raise for teachers and nothing happened to us. Using this loony bin principal logic we all would have been labeled terrorists. She is half a bubble of plumb that’s for sure and certain.

      • Dawn Conti

        The term is “Half a bubble,,,, OFF plumb.
        Just saying.

        • Mike

          That’ what I get for typing too fast.

          • Darryl Gates

            You are forgiven. I do not forgive this woman principal. She need to be fired.

          • its okay mike.

      • Lacey W

        Hardly civil disobedience to walk out in support of your teachers.
        Odd that that was considered your Constitutional right, but this is considered an act of terrorism.

        • Mike

          The different is common sense prevailed when I went to high school and we didn’t have a fruit loop principal. One thing we need to keep in mind about the “civil disobedience” generation; not everyone was into civil disobedience, which was far more common. It just get the media coverage because let’s face it, it’s boring. Remember Nixon’s silent majority?(covered your earlier comment)

    • Jay

      I’m sure the school has a process to contest school policy and the students should have taken that avenue instead of just showing up out of dress code. BUT, the principal needs to cool his jets too. If he knew the students well, there wouldn’t have been a problem. He’s not communicating with the students and parents, the community feels disrespected and ignored, and therefore they see no reason to respect school rules. In a way, I don’t blame them.

      • Dawn Conti

        The REAL problem is ,,,HE,,,, is a ,,,,HE…

        • robert

          He is a she , her name is Rachelle Holloway.

    • lesteram .

      I say it’s time the school had a new principal how do these JERKS get in positions of authority?

      • Lacey W

        It is a self perpetuating system.
        One that has been unsupervised for two generations now.

        • Proud_to_be_American


      • Linda

        You seem to be the jerk who could do better. How would you like a bunch of self centered, entitled teens who want to dress with their belly buttons, boobs and cracks showing, ganging up on you and calling you rediculuous because you want to teach their minds, but there desires come first? Oh, maybe we should then hire bozo the clown so they can be entertained.

        • Matt Fuller

          Grammar and punctuation mistakes: “self-centered” requires a hyphen; Oxford comma between “boobs” and “cracks”; “ridiculous” does not have the letter “e” in it; “their” not “there”; Bozo the Clown is a proper noun. C-

          • Josh Reynolds

            Technically, the Oxford comma is not required anymore. I still use it, but technically it is just as grammatically correct to leave it out.

        • pitou

          Please learn how to spell ridiculous. Please do say that you are not teaching our youth

        • lesteram .

          Lady?, I have worked with troubled children. If you treat them with a little respect, and as adults, they respond quite well. You have to set limits but you have to be flexible also. Perhaps Bozo the clown might be a better role model than you or the un principal.

          • wctigger

            I have my respect there. I work with jr. high kids myself.

        • wctigger

          Bluntly, there are children that have no self-control and should be in a detention hall 5 days a week. But there are students who “want to dress with their belly buttons, boobs and cracks showing” that score IQs at 162, ace SAT tests, and generally are nice kids in spite of ‘belly shirts’ and purple hair. Your statements run down the majority for the minority

          • thghost

            Does not matter what their IQs are if they can’t follow simple rules does it? The principle went to far in labeling the students action, not in punishing it.

    • Angela Mailander, Ph.D.

      We often forget that the dumbing down in our schools doesn’t just affect students. Teachers and administrators are drawn from that same population. Look at the description of the essay the students had to write by way of punishment. The writer of that description doesn’t understand some basics of grammar.

      • Lacey W

        You are right, but you must remember that the “dumbing down” of our schools did not start recently. This principal is a result of a generation of dumbed down schools. An administrator taught by teachers who themselves went to dummed down schools.

        • Angela Mailander, Ph.D.

          More than a generation. In 1909, when one of the Rockefellers funded what would become Columbia University, he said at the funding dinner: “It shall not be our purpose to educate scientists or philosophers, but a people that shall, willingly, mold itself to our hands.” Too bad “our hands” are also pretty stupid.

      • Darryl Gates

        Absolutely hysterical. LMAO. Anyone who wants a good giggle needs to read this. The blind teaching the uneducated.

    • OhDannyBoyO

      Awww…. Liberals… Foolish to the nth degree

      • Commenter

        Georgia’s a red state.

        • OhDannyBoyO

          Glad you clarified that there are no liberals in a red state… ha

    • It’s good that they got to these middle school terrorists now, before they joined ISIS. My grandpappy always told me, *Joseph Williams,(it’s Wilson, grandpappy) WHATEVER, shut up, Joseph Wingman,,,there is nothing worse than a group of middle school terrorists from Georgia who don’t respect the dress code.*

      Grandpappy was slightly nuts.

      • Woody

        I like your Grandpappy we think alike there Joseph Woodson.

        • You SOUND like my grandpappy, getting my name wrong.

          • Woody

            I was just joking around. I gave you my last name since they are close. I do have Wilson relatives. Trying to have fun on a boring day. Also my sons name is Joseph.

      • LoveGod

        Hysterical. The kids are smarter than the idiots who work with them nowadays. I feel sorry for them. Nuts are running America – and getting paid for it!

        • Linda

          LoveGod, it sounds like you can do better. Get down there and apply. Then you can deal with the spoiled, entitled teens who want to show their boobs, belly buttons and cracks, and that just might be the beginning of the fight for “freedom of speech” more like freedom to be the assholes they are learning how to be, you know, like the NRA.

          • Linda , go look in the mirror and meditate deeply on the word FASCIST. No respect.

          • wctigger

            Ah yes, now the ‘progressive’ attitude comes out. Can’t win an argument? Go directly to insults, innuendo, and character attack. My goodness, I bet you REALLY made an impression on your former students.

          • LoveGod

            Linda, you missed my point. I don’t begrudge a dress code. In fact, I think all the kids should be uniformed and that would take care of it. My comment, and the other comments, are that a teacher called their act of disobedience “terrorism”, which its not. I don’t approve of their act, nor do I condone it. However, you do realize that the government is bringing in tyrannical measures because of “terrorism”, don’t you? Is this supposed to justify their errant actions? Terrorism has become the scapegoat for all manner of tyranny and loss of our constitutional rights. The idea that terrorism is everywhere and that’s why we need to live in a police state is being re-echoed by marxist loving liberals who want us to believe it. This is an example of it.

      • Laura

        Of course there are more pressing problems than a uniform strike, lots more. However, the school is charged with the job of educating students. Maybe this would be a chance to teach the students other ways to make changes.

    • 1uncleduff

      Civil disobedience is no crime. Crime is crime. Disobeying the dress code is a power struggle best described as failure to follow a school rule. Give a consequence. If bullying was involved, give another corrective activity. If it involved bad language, another punishment. The kids will rise again.

      • mike

        Yes the next thing they will be doing is chewing gum in school….they must be stopped now…no telling what they will do next.

        • Dawn Conti

          They might even be so calouse as to stick the gum under the desks.
          ( the teachers desk)

          • Brian Waas

            they should stick it on her seat.. I say on, not under.

            • Dawn Conti

              Thanks for the humor Brian.

            • LoveGod

              You’re a terrorist for sure.

            • Linda

              If there is any problem, Brian, you are it. Talented responsible teachers do not want to teach anymore because of idiots like you. Maybe the kids are not terrorists, but ganging up on educators is not in the best interest of anyone, and certainly not their education and learning how to negotiate in life.

              • Darryl Gates

                Nonsense Linda. Have you been paying attention to the sheer insanity of/and current status of “Zero tolerance policies?” If not, do some scholarly research. It is a real eye opener. And some, not all, of the pathetic state of public education in this country must be attributed to those who you call talented and responsible.

                • WiWarhawk

                  You are aware that these zero tolerance policies, which I agree are ridiculous, are established by the school boards? These are elected officials who put these policies in the books…so if you are so upset with them, then stop complaining and be an activist.

              • BlueColar

                Talented Teachers? HA! Their in it for job security an Pensions.. I know 2 school teachers.. They haven’t worked a hard day in their LIFE. As far as being educated, this year my son received a letter from his teacher (positive) and I found it funny that there were 2 misspelled words, and a improper use of a comma. If I could educate my son myself I would, and the fact that he’s earned only A’s has little to do with teachers.

                • wctigger

                  I COULD resent that, but since you’ve likely never tried teaching, I’ll mark it up to ignorance.

                • Joshua Braswell

                  Their, they’re, there. Apparently you could have benefited from a few more talented teachers.. Lower your standards, raise your average, eh?

              • Amanda Boles

                Linda – If these so called talented responsible teachers are incapable of one once of humor, then they have no place teaching my child. Ganging up on educators? LMAO!! That makes it sound like these 11, 12 and 13 year olds beat the adults up. So not the case! Look in the mirror before you ever call another person an idiot. By the way moron, wearing jean shorts instead of a pleated skirt does not harm a student, a teacher, the education and damn site not this bully of a principal. A nice chunk of the problems in these schools stem from educators like that and their ‘one-size fits all’ approach. Get a clue…it has not nor will it ever work.

              • Nancy Kay

                ganging up on educators???? by wearing items of clothing???? well, bless your heart for being so concerned about the teachers’ and administrators’ safety…

              • so Linda, you never stood your ground or fought back on an issue you dis-agreed with? Sad life to just bow your head and follow long ……

              • FP Villa

                But a few bad apples can certainly spoil the batch.

          • linda

            There is a reason for dress codes in a school or work setting. People have to learn to cooperate for the good of all of us. Children banding together to fight the people who work to educate them is disgusting and what is more disgusting is the parents who call them rediculous.

            • Laura

              I agree with you, Linda. Uniform rules might be something the kids don’t like, but there are reasons for uniforms. It’s not something that will ruin the student’s life. If it was a rule that would irreparably harm people, that is one thing. This act caused a loss of at least one day’s learning. People in all areas of age have rules to follow. Most rules are for the good of the group. As a retired teacher, I do think the principal over reacted by using the term terrorism, but I can assure you that principals and teachers have enough problems without dealing with a bunch of teenagers disrupting school. There is a time and place for civil disobedience, and it should be saved for things that are really important such as throngs of illegal diseased people invading our borders. This could be a matter of life and death. I notice that many commenters are coming down on the side of the students and against the school. Schools are for learning enough to go to the next level of education. It is hard enough for teachers to take care of all the things that are required. I don’t know about the rules of civil disobedience, but some people are not mature to handle it. Remember, this comes from a teacher who has been there and done that. Go easy on me.

              • Purple Lace

                I was right behind you Laura, up until the “diseased people invading our borders” part. I hope that teaching was your former profession and that you are not at the front of a classroom spewing your thinly veiled xenophobia into the minds of our highly impressionable youth. As an educator, you have the opportunity to be part of the solution but alas, YOU PERSONIFY THE PROBLEMS OF TODAY’S SOCIETY. I shudder at the thought of being locked in a classroom with you all day.

                But we do find ground on the topic of children needing rules and discipline. Middle schoolers staging a protest because they don’t like the dress code? Of they don’t like the rules… Newsflash: THEY ARE CHILDREN!!!

                • a

                  Purple Lace, I have to ask, what do you consider the “solution” to the problem of illegal immigration en masse? Laura’s comment wasn’t relevant, but there most certainly are people bringing themselves to this country illegally and they very well could be diseased in ways we can’t even imagine. In areas of Arizona and California, entire school districts are filled with children without the slightest clue how to speak English or any concern for something other than what is on the menu for today’s free lunch. Millions and millions of tax dollars are being spent each year to support a group of people who have never paid one cent into the system. I would love for the U.S. to be able to support people who, in reality, are just trying to escape horrifying conditions of government corruption and instability in their home countries. However, we can’t even support the poor who are in this country, so I’m not sure how being opposed to allowing other countries’ poor to benefit from our safety nets is “xenophobia”.

                  • godboldleslie

                    “xenophobia” is the liberal word for “common sense”. If you support secure borders, traditional marriage, not killing babies, the nation of Israel, religious liberty, property rights, personal liberty or state the fact that the temperature of the globe has not gone up in 20 years and Antartic ice is at historically high levels (deep intake of breath) or mention the fact that Chicago has some of the toughest gun control laws in the nation, and the highest death by gun rate or perhaps were a tad miffed when the POTUS mocked the Bible in front of the entire world, well, liberals will have a bad name for you.

                • Amanda

                  Yes they are children and need rules, BUT there seems to be to many rules put into place. The leash is becoming shorter/tighter each year and each year the schools have more problems. I’m sure these board members and educators can’t and won’t see how one contributes to the other. Think about it…I’m 36 yrs old, we had less rules at school and less problems at school. We had more recess/play and less ADHD. We were encouraged to express ourselves in multiple ways and we did very well. Today’s children can’t even play cops & robbers or cowboy and Indians without some ‘all knowing’ educator flipping out. Sometimes there can be to many rules.

              • Mitch Shaffer

                as I stated before, an opportunity is lost to the heavy handedness of the “regime”. and I would rather have children learn of collective power fighting to change a uniform policy than experiencing true life or death situations.

                • godboldleslie

                  Another anarchist who has yet to read “Animal Farm”…..

              • Bob T

                While I agree that uniform rules will not ruin students’ lives, violating those rules will not ruin the school or disrupt the educational process. In fact, it was the school’s overreaction that caused the loss of a day’s learning. I think it reflects poorly on the principal that she was not mature enough to use this opportunity as an educational experience on the subject of civil disobedience. Ghandi would have been proud, and the students would have learned something valuable. Sadly, the only lesson that the students will learn from this experience is that, if they have a grievance with authority, the authority will not respond with reasoned dialogue, but with force. Apparently, you have forgotten that the First Amendment prohibits “interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.” If a school cannot teach students their constitutional rights, or the value of responding to disagreements with reasoned discourse, then that school has failed in its duty to educate those students and teach them critical thinking. You say that civil disobedience should be saved for important things, but teaching students the concept of civil disobedience would be an entirely appropriate subject for civics class, which is supposed to teach them of the rights and duties of citizenship. If teachers and principals are unable to deal with such a harmless act as not wearing uniforms without overreacting, then I suspect they are in the wrong profession.

              • Mark

                “This act caused a loss of at least one day’s learning”

                The school administration caused the lost learning time. Kids can learn no matter what they’re wearing.

              • “… a loss of at least one day’s learning.” are you kidding? as a retired teacher, you know of the silly reasons school admins close schools ….. when I went to school; holidays, PTA meeting/conferences and summer were the ONLY time we were not in class … today schools admin take “in serve days”, stubbed my toe day and any silly excuse to take a day off …. so please get off your high horse.

              • bigbill300

                “Most rules are for the good of the group.” What do you do when a rule is not good for you but is good for the group? Follow it blindly? The rule is all people at your house are to be executed so that the group can eat your food. (Very possible in many third world countries right now.) Do you follow it or defend your family?

            • Mitch Shaffer

              or it’s an entry level view of politics and abuse of power. by escalating the situation using the term “terrorist” the school only made themselves look the part of overbearing fools. Instead of heavy handed tactics they should have used this as a teachable moment and explained their standpoint, including the children in the conversation to open their minds to public discourse and get them interested in BEING involved with local government and the like, instead of acting like jackbooted thugs who get their jollies off punishing children for rebelling against their totalitarianism.

            • QuarterRat

              ” People have to learn to cooperate for the good of all of us. Children banding together…” They DID!

            • Guest

              “People have to learn to cooperate for the good of all of us” – huh, I believe Hitler also felt this way. How did that turn out for the people back then. “Children banding together” – The have the right to protest just as any other American does. They are fighting for a cause they believe in, and to be honest I’m excited to see that the youth of our nation is strong enough to stand up and fight when they feel their rights are being trampled on, no matter how trivial a dress code may be. Some day they will be adults banding together against bigger issues, unlike most adults today, who are sitting on their hands and “cooperating” with our government, and where has that gotten us?

      • Lacey W

        Sorry 1uncleduff, it IS a crime. That is the point of Civil Disobedience. TO make the establishment enforce unpopular laws, or laws that you consider wrong (Ie Slavery). The goal is to show the extent the establishment will go to to enforce rules it admits are morally wrong. The students must be learning about
        Henry David Thoreau and William Lloyd Garrison in Social Studies.

        • Brian Waas

          well I certainly hope that principals actions have shown just how far she is willing to take this, and since she hasn’t issued an apology, then obviously the school board is on her side with it. which means that they care more about conformity to the degree of destroying individuality, rather than doing their job, which is to educate minds on the broad spectrum of knowledge that they are supposed to.

          • Laura

            Kids have plenty of opportunities to be individuals. If they don’t learn to obey rules…even ones they don’t like, they may have following rules later. Just the opinion of a retired school teacher who liked to teach what was planned for the day, not be disrupted by an uproar.

            • Insane

              What a bunch of crap. This Principal went way too far with this.. This went well beyond correcting the action of Civil Disobedience. By doing this the Principal has undermined his/her authority. Who will take him/her seriously now? I don’t argue that the children broke a rule, but calling it Terrorism is a slap in the face to the people who gave their lives fighting terrorism. Don’t use my soap box for grand standing.

            • Mitch Shaffer

              that’s not teaching you fop, it’s memorization and regurgitation. they would have gotten more from watching a television.

            • wctigger

              Yep. Stifle them now from doing what’s right, instead of TEACHING them the consequences in a non-educational/emotionally lethal manner. Happy you no longer teach. I’d hate to to have to do the clean up from your teaching style

        • Josh Reynolds

          They probably aren’t teaching anything about civil disobedience. I didn’t learn anything of any substance about civil disobedience until college and it’s clear no one here but you or I know anything about the topic.

      • Proud_to_be_American

        You are correct, the principal is a BULLY!

        • wctigger

          Not a bully, but short-sighted on what her action ultimately says to students in her school – that standing up against they feel is wrong has lethal consequences, and the legacy of the civil rights movement is that it was run by terrorists (since they used civil disobedience as a tool)

          • Proud_to_be_American

            As well as putting a scarlet mark upon the child that will follow them for the rest of their lives!

      • wctigger

        IN THEORY, civil disobedience can, in some cases, be a vrime. However, using the school’s definition, thenm Martin Luther King was a terrorist. Is this what the so-called principal wants to say to the world?

        • Josh Reynolds

          Martin Luther King Jr. was technically not a true civil disobedient either. Martin Luther King Jr used civil disobedience to appeal to higher court in order to dodge punishment. While the point of civil disobedience is to force the government to enforce unjust laws so that everyone can see just how ridiculous it was. So Martin Luther King Jr. was not a civil disobedient. You should be talking about Ghandi if you wanna talk about true civil disobedience.

      • Josh Reynolds

        Civil disobedience IS a crime. Ghandi didn’t teach that people break laws together for the sake of getting out of trouble. He taught to break laws and deal with the consequences of those laws to show people how stupid the law was. If you plan a civilly disobedient action you should be prepared for the consequences.

        To break a law and not accept punishment is to say that you are above the law, which is not what civil disobedience is about. Ghandi was originally a fucking lawyer, he believed in the law, but when he was faced with unjust laws he broke them for the sake of showing people how stupid the laws were.

        I’m not saying the children were right or wrong to break the dress code as I don’t know how lax the dress code is at their school. However, they must have been prepared to deal with the consequences.

        It’s just unfortunate that the school is filled with morons. Civil disobedience is not terrorism as civil disobedience is never intended to spread terror. There are so many people with fucked up ideas of what things mean, you’d think no one ever graduated college…

      • E

        Technically, the kids never actually broke the dress code rule, if I’m reading this correctly. I may have read it wrong, but it looks to me like the kids were planning on doing this, and talked about it on Facebook, and a parent saw it and reported it and the school took disciplinary action based on that.