12,000 Oil Smuggling Trucks Photographed Crossing Into Turkey From Iraq

This kind of news could lead to Baghdad allowing Russian strikes over Iraq, and raises questions over how Russia will deal with the mixing of Kurdish and ISIS barrels as they strive to cut off the terrorist's life blood.
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    Thousands of trucks laden with oil were photographed by Russian intelligence crossing from Iraq into Turkey.

    Thousands of trucks laden with oil were photographed by Russian intelligence crossing from Iraq into Turkey.

    Russian intelligence officers say they have spotted approximately 12,000 tanker trucks carrying oil parked at the Turkish-Iraqi border.

    Russian intelligence identified the oil route during reconnaissance missions, and Russia says the vehicles’ final destination was Turkey. It is widely believed that most ISIS oil goes to Turkey and is sold at low prices there.

    Lieutenant-General Sergey Rudskoy said: “The [aerial] imagery was made in the vicinity of Zakho (a city in Iraqi Kurdistan), there were 11,775 tankers and trucks on both sides of the Turkish-Iraqi border. As many as 4,530 of them were on the territory of Turkey and 7,245 in Iraq,” according to a report on RT.com.

    “It must be noted that oil from both Iraq and Syria come through this [Zakho] checkpoint,” Rudskoy added according to reports. A suggestion that this is a key ISIS oil route.

    But the Iraq Kurds say it’s their oil and not Islamic State’s that’s parked at the border. Bloomberg reported:

    Iraq Kurds say own oil pumped to Turkey, not Islamic State Crude.

    Turkey closed border with Iraq during past few days due to war with Kurdish militants, causing long lines of oil tankers, Kifah Mahmoud, adviser to president of self-governed Kurdish region in north Iraq, says by phone.

    Russian satellite images of the heavy-duty trucks show that the oil transportation route runs from Deir-ez-Zor province (an ISIS stonghold), through the outskirts of Syria and on to Mosul, Iraq, IBT reported. The path, which is locally known as the “eastern-route”, has been used by ISIS militants Russian intelligence says.

    Moscow has been trading barbs with Turkey, accusing it of being involved in the oil trade with ISIS. Tensions have been running high since Turkish jets downed a Russian fighter jet – the two countries have taken turns trading accusations, and this is the latest in the saga.

    It seems like the Russians may be right here. The Kurds say that none of the 12,000 tankers parked at Zakho contain any ISIS crude even though Kurdish security officials have said that Zakho is a key transit point for ISIS crude.

    Further, as noted on Zerohedge, the timing is suspicious:

    ISIS is losing ground and is on the verge of relinquishing Ramadi to Iraqi forces. One certainly wonders if the group’s funding needs are rising just as the Russians are cutting off their revenue stream forcing Baghdadi to get as much of the oil through as possible while he still can.

    Finally, it’s also worth noting that there’s something nefarious about the whole thing. That is, the Peshmerga are paid out of money Erbil collects from selling Kurdish crude and the Peshmerga are fighting ISIS. It’s thus perverse that the Kurds apparently allow ISIS to use their transit routes on the way to securing the funding the group needs to keep fighting.

    This kind of news could lead to Baghdad allowing Russian strikes over Iraq, and raises questions over how Russia will deal with the mixing of Kurdish and ISIS barrels as they strive to cut off the terrorist’s life blood.

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    • Darwin Jamgochian

      You mean the United States knew about this and never mentioned it? My! MY! I’m shocked. Next you’ll be telling me that Israel is the main beneficiary of the ill gotten treasure. Is nothing sacred? Woe is me.

    • Billy BoB

      The whole thing is real funny, especially to the Syrians who lost their lives for this game. The millions of tax payer around the world paying for this game and becoming victims of the governments they paid for and trusted. It would extremely exhilarating to see the criminals behind this game behind bars. And the Subjects of KINGS freed and given the opportunities they’ve always dreamed of.

    • William Matthew Kirby

      A general in the Iraqi Army has openly accused the USA of evacuating ISIS out of Ramadi. Anyone who doesn’t know by now that Obama has been actively supporting Islamic extremists in the middle east and north Africa isn’t paying attention. Our own State Department has confirmed Russia’s and Iraq’s accusations about Turkey buying oil from Islamic state. The only disagreement between them is about the amount of oil that is being smuggled and who the end buyers are. Even the Huffington Post has published several well written articles on the huge amount of support that Turkey and Saudi Arabia have given to the Islamic State terrorists. Amnesty International did an excellent report detailing the trail from Obama to ISIS and AL QAEDA, arming them via Turkey and Saudi Arabia. For Pete’s sake, Obama hasn’t even closed down the any of the Islamic State’s Facebook pages, websites, twitter and bank accounts. Obama hasn’t condemned Turkey or Saudi Arabia for their support of the Islamic State terrorists. In fact, he has only rewarded them with thousands of our most advanced weapons and ordinance since Russia and Iraq presented evidence of the oil smuggling. For that matter, no one in NATO has condemned them either. So it seems that the western world is going to end defending child raping Islamic terrorists in the middle east and north Africa. Sorry Obamanites, your idol is a traitor as described in Article three, Section three of the US Constitution and anyone who still supports him is guilty of the same.

      • Darwin Jamgochian

        And every president since Woodrow Wilson.

    • John Simard

      Actually that’s not even the Turkish border, the whole article , crated by the super fake Russian news , is a picture of Russian trucks being held up, before crossing into Lithuania , it looks like that every day….

    • bor hud

      Do not trust russian propaganda. And watch for the bunch of russians paid trolls here and around all the internet.

    • Mykola Kuzmenko

      For those who think that this is “regular transport trucks” … since oil trucks being targeted most of the tanker trucks in that area now days have box over the tank to look like regular box truck from the air. and if you watch videos of burning convoys you would notice that

    • Prior to Russia demolishing much of the infrastructure that ISIS was depending on to keep the oil flowing, these trucks were traced back to ISIS by satellite imagery. There is no doubt the Turkey is buying cheap oil from ISIS, no doubt that the US knows it, and no doubt that the trade would have gone totally unhindered if Russia hadn’t stepped in.
      In spite of the trade being in Iraq, there is also no doubt that Obama the Muslim will not allow it to hindered there.

      • rogerbinion

        How stupid are you? First, you know nothing about Ukraine and now you know nothing about what Russia is doing in Syria.

        Russia isn’t bombing ISIS, at all.

        And Obama isn’t a Muslim, your ignorant Facebook stalker.

        Seriously, your stupidity is just off the charts.

        What a pathetic loser you are.

    • Statement




      • Your caps lock is stuck

      • Cem Karacaoglu

        Just for contribution: Everybody here would live in harmony, if it were not for the colonisation of the area by Brits and French after WW1, followed by the invasion and illegal establishment of Israel by the Brits in 1948. All problems in the ME start with Brit and French putting their nose into the area for the sake of oil trade. Now, they complain? It is again their doing, I’m sure. They are trying to build an excuse, some grounds to justify for intervention.
        Well, history repeats … they will not be successful in anyway AGAIN! Nothing works unless accepted by the people living there, go see Israel if you wish. Do you think they are happy? Do you think they are not aware that Churchill wanted to get rid of them “peacefully” after WWII? He was clever enough not to say he did not want them, so he offered them their “promised land”! Well, he made fool of poor Palestinians, but it has not worked since then, and will not in the near future, if ever.
        Western powers who think they are clever enough to dictate their solutions to people elsewhere, should learn from the past: it is impossible to dictate anything to people of different cultures. One way or another, it is bound to bounce back. So do not cry … whether Palestinians, Hizbullah, Al-Quaida, or ISIS, all are their doings. Plain and simple: your governments want war, they are looking for an excuse to attack these lands. If you want to ask why, ask THEM! People living here are just trying to survive.

        • Darwin Jamgochian

          Amazingly, nobody ever brings the United KIngdom into the conversation. The broker dealers for the oil’s journey are nestled in Canary Wharf.

      • Alpha_Bravo

        What? I cant hear you!

    • Cem Karacaoglu

      Funny … oil smuggling has been going on forever, and the convoy of trucks that hide it in secret compartments has never been shorter than 30 miles. Why has everybody [especially those who have no idea of the area and trade on the border] suddenly become so interested? Is it just because they want Turks and Kurds in the vicinity buy oil 3 times more expensive from BP, Shell, Total .. etc? No, it won’t work, fellows … you can not sell our oil to us, at a price you see fit, because there is a cheaper alternative now. Western countries should have foreseen this before they attacked Iraq and Syria.

    • bill

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_cHIu3KMG8 Black smoke indicates the presence of oil.

    • Eldon Lile

      Why so many in the same area – border time at the border crossing must be well known. Looks like only a few tankers to me ? However oil in barrels could be in vans. In such a war torn area what could be in all the vans ?
      If the local people are not worried about the import / export trade why are we ? I have lived and worked in Turkey
      those people are different from us in the USA. So many other nations are involved, so how do we know what the local people want?

    • snuser

      and russia does not bomb them because ?

      • Andreas

        According to the article the checkpoint is in Iraq and they don’t have the Russians don’t have the authority to bomb inside Iraq but the U.S. does

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    • George George

      Looking at the lame photos provided here, I see no tankers…only freight transports.

      • RAGE

        Finally a sane man with healthy eyes and brain…

      • Jalil Al-Hamza

        Mr. sane man, with good eyes, if you paused the video, you can plainly see that there are tankers, mixed in with transport trucks… Maybe your false patriotism got in your eyes a little… The U.S. is in league with ISIS and so is Turkey.

        • RAGE

          And Jalil how Kurds transport 550.000 barrels/day oil? With bycycles? Trade of oil and other goods existed for decades… But I agree ISIS is a tool in a proxy war.

      • leslie boldy

        george george, you are just as dumb as mass murderer, degenerate, george patton was.

    • steve

      Turks have a long history of being on the wrong side of doing what’s right for man kind.

      • RAGE

        Of course Russia always invade countries for the good of humanity?! Ask for example Eastern European countries that found them under Russian hegemony after WW2.
        And Turks are totally guilty for make different ethnicities and religions live together, prevent killing each other, make trade free and secure, let people live according to their own lifestyle and religion, even let them judge by their own institutions, guarantee religious freedom, make law codes, organise people and daily life, etc. Turks are guilty because they did not assimilate and forcibly convert every people they conquered, did not exile or kill them, etc.

        After 800 years of domination all people should be assimilated or irreversibly influenced by alien culture and be converted to religion/sect of dominant ruling ethnicity, if it was not the Turks.

        • Northwoodsman

          You are saying the Ottoman Turks promoted different ethnic groups and allowed other religions to flourish? from what history book are you reading from the Ottomans forced conversion to Islam too Caucasus Mountains Countries some eastern European countries and then let me remind you about Ottomans treatment of Armenians and Kurds.

          • RAGE

            Just an example in the year 1800 Anatolia had 6.5 million population and 38 of it was non-Turks and Non-Moslems. How after 800 years Turkish rule 38% of population still did not assimilated or converted? What kind of assimilation and religious persecution is this?

            “The first Armenian Patriarch of Constantinople was Hovakim I, who was at the time the Metropolitan of Bursa. In 1461, he was brought to Constantinople by Sultan Mehmed II and established as the Armenian Patriarch of Constantinople. Hovakim I was recognized as the religious and secular leader of all Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, and carried the title of milletbaşı or ethnarch as well as patriarch.”

            Turks founded Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople and brought Armenian population to their capital. Do you think this was done to wipe out Armenian people and church? And you can see in quotation there was an Armenian Metropolitan in old Ottoman capital Bursa. Also Ottomans had Armenian bureaucrats and ministers. And Turkey has Kurdish ministers even a Kurdish President.

            In the Balkans just Bosniaks who were once a time Bogomil heretics who denied church became Muslims. Also almost half of the Albanians for gain influence and power became Muslims. Actually Ottoman Millet System was completed the formation of Balkan nations around their own churches and the language of those churches. Because of Ottoman tolerance after 400 years Turkish rule all the Balkan people remained intact. If for example Germans ruled Balkans, after 400 years all people become German or heavily Germanised. See how many Slavic population in the past assimilated into German population. Check the 30 Years Wars to see the bloody war between Protestants and Catholics in the 17th century.

            Caucasus people met with Islam in the 7th century by Arab invasions, and until 19th century Caucasus were under Iranian rule mostly (but at least in the last millennium Iran was ruled by Turkic dynasties and armies.) At the end if Ottomans wanted to assimilate or convert any population, no one could stop them. They had all the power in every aspect to do it.

            You should read how Eastern Roman/Byzantine Empire persecuted Armenians even the Armenian origin Basileus’s, maybe most harshly by Armenian origin Byzantine rulers. And Turks conquered the land from Eastern Roman Empire, Abbasids, etc. not from Kurds, Armenians, or others. Kurds unfortunately thanks to Turks could get a chance to spread Anatolia. Have you ever read that Kurds were able to put an army and defeat Byzantine armies?

        • Jed Bland

          Umm All these comments may very well describe Turkish activities in the past, but what is Erdogan doing in the present?

          • RAGE

            As a Turk, I wish to know what that idiot is doing!.. We never heard Erdogan use the word Turk. Even Ottoman Empire could not finish those idiots. But Turkey has thousand years old statecraft, military tradition and sound institutions. I hope they can do what should be done in near conflicts…

        • What in the world does that have to do with what Turkey is doing in supporting ISIS. You aren’t 12 years old and claiming “Bobby did it first!” doesn’t work any more.

          • RAGE

            How can you able to understand such a thing from the comment? Do you think your unworthy blah blah is an answer? Of course with such a low-level IQ you can not understand what steve’s ethnicity is. Do you think he is a WASP?

      • cliffcollins

        So have the United Snakes

    • Shicar

      The big questions is how did ISIS get 12,000 tanker trucks?? No one noticed?

      • RAGE

        Do you think before ISIS, people of Iraq and Syria transport their oil and other goods with mules? Also it seems you did not watch the video, there is insignificant number of oil trucks, all the others are regular truck and trailers.

      • cliffcollins

        Or all those brand new Toyota trucks they drive! Or better yet….., The plumber from Texas that traded in his ford truck at a dealer and it was shown on the internet a few months later with ISIS combatants in Syria with a huge gun Turret mounted in the box. His business name and phone number still intact! The Snakes work in wonderful ways. It was tracked and found to have come through Turkey!

        • RAGE

          Through Turkey but not by Turkey. By CIA… We do not know what we should do with our allies?!

    • RAGE

      The quotation below is what I have written a month ago. No need to believe anyone just open a map see without crossing Kurdish controlled areas ISIS oil can not be smuggled.

      “All the ISIS oil from Syria and Iraq does not make even a billion USD in a year, Turkey spent 5 billion just for Syrian refugees every year and spill more than 3.5 billion humanitarian aid to other countries. Turkey is the 3rd country in the global humanitarian aid in the world. Turkey does not even raise a finger for such a little amount oil, cheap or even free.
      The ISIS oil smuggle by Kurds via Northern Kurdish Regional Government and send Turkey as part of legal oil and via Turkey to the world. Isn’t it interesting those Kurds who are fighting against ISIS for the good of humanity not for carve a bloody state(!?) also smuggle ISIS oil? Except a litlle part (Turkmen mountains which is not an ISIS controlled area and was bombarded by Russia) in nortwestren tip of Syria all the border area in Iraq and Syria is under control of Kurds (YPG and KRG). So without allowance of Kurds and incorporation or direct involvement of Kurds how ISIS can sell the oil? Wake up!”

    • RAGE

      ISIS was founded to reshape Middle East and as an excuse for a puppet Kurdish state. Population of area is forcibly send to other countries, guess who needs these lands without population?

      Also isn’t it interesting 160.000 in number Kurdish peshmerga force that was trained by US and Israel (plus PYD) can not defeat 25-30.000 ISIS butchers even with the help of US and allies air support? Another point is Kurds destroy land registry and population records in every settlement, of course just for good of local non-Kurd people?!

      the article told in summary “Kurds smuggle ISIS oil as part of Northern Iraqi oil”. How can you still blame Turkey about smuggling ISIS oil? Also article note that Kurds smuggle and support ISIS, and at the same time fight against them! Isn’t it ring the bell?

    • Murat

      Russians are shooting themselves in the leg… here is the proof: 🙂

      Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has reportedly shot himself in the leg while practising at a gun range. A source told Interfax news agency that Rogozin had been taken to a Moscow hospital following the accident, after he failed to attend a cabinet meeting.

      • Karl Pershing

        Not a big deal at all.

    • Parrot Sarnoso

      Russia should bomb all of them, and send an apology later….!!

      • Karl Pershing


      • dn32844

        Just like our government does. They destroy countries on falls and fabricated foundations, creates millions of refugees then war criminals rather than rotting in jails are called hero, thanks their party propaganda machine. That is what world get for allowing one bully holds become world police.

    • Azad Hama

      Russian propganda at its worst. Just like the USSR. Those trucks are all kurdish trucks. Not a single ounce of oil from ISIS is on any of those pictures. Not even people can pass through the KRG-ISIS frontline, yet alone thousands of trucks. Who can even take this seriously? Only idiots. Clearly Russia is just talking nonsence. The last thing we kurds in KRG want is to give ISIS more money to fight us.

      • Karl Pershing

        What are you smoking?

      • cliffcollins

        It’s kind of funny your the only one that thinks that! The Kurds have not admitted to anything, and the Turkish government has NEVER argued that they were not ISIS oil tankers, only that they didn’t know it was being smuggled into Turkey (just like the United Snakes), and Erdogan and his family were not involved as Russia insists. I’d rather believe the people on the ground and in the area as they have better intelligence that your random comment.

    • Freedomforall

      too bad Russians are liars. Could be from anywhere.

      • Karl Pershing

        Wrong. Russia for the first time in decades is on the right side of history. Our Neo-Con Jewish policymakers are responsible for this stuff.

    • JDL51

      First of all, most of those trucks aren’t fuel trucks but regular tractor trailer trucks. Second, how much of that oil is from Kurdish or Iraqi controlled areas. The Kurds are also pumping a lot of oil and have to get rid of it on the black market, almost all of it in Turkey. Russia’s claims that it’s all ISIS oil is BS. It’s another way to hurt or discredit the Turks when this is just normal cross border trade that’s been going on way before ISIS came on the scene. Much like they claim anyone or any group that’s opposed to Assad are ISIS terrorists when many Syrian rebels are opposed to Assad because of his brutality against the Syrian people. Take anything the Russians say about anything with a large boulder of salt.

      • cliffcollins

        Triple that for the United Snakes!

    • But, but….Turkey is our “ally” in the fight against Islamic terrorist lunacy, right? Just because Turkey’s president is an Islamic lunatic, also, doesn’t necessarily mean he would stoop to doing business with ISIS, does it……?

      • RAGE

        Melvin, the article told in summary “Kurds smuggle ISIS oil as part of Northern Iraqi oil”. How can you still blame Turkey about smuggling ISIS oil? Also article note that Kurds smuggle and support ISIS, and at the same time fight against them! Isn’t it ring the bell?

        “Finally, it’s also worth noting that there’s something nefarious about the whole thing. That is, the Peshmerga are paid out of money Erbil collects from selling Kurdish crude and the Peshmerga are fighting ISIS. It’s thus perverse that the Kurds apparently allow ISIS to use their transit routes on the way to securing the funding the group needs to keep fighting.”

    • Gomer Wumphf

      Trump is right. Islam is not a religion like Christianity or Judaism or ANY other religion. In reality it is a totalitarian system of conquest and control. It was created initially to bring power and wealth to Mecca. It has only ever advanced by force of arms.

      The problem is not just “radical Islam”. The problem is Sunni Islam. There are about 1.4 billion Sunni Muslims. If “only” 2% of Sunni Muslims are jihadists there are 28 million jihadists. From the so called “moderate” Muslims point of view the problem is that the Jihadists – ISIS, Boko Haram al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Shabaab, Taliban, et al, are exposing the Sunni plans for the world too early. The so called “moderates” would prefer to just continue massively out breeding the non-Muslim population and immigrating to non-Muslim nations until the Islamic population is large enough for Sharia to be imposed by vote. To the “moderate Sunni Muslim” when Sharia is the law of the land the ISIS like phase of operations to eliminate all non-Muslims can be carried out with victory assured. Muslims do not move to non-Muslim countries to assimilate. They do so to wage war. Notice Muslims already here and in the EU are already calling for Sharia. Notice also that 70% of the so called “refugees” entering the EU are males of military age. Allowing them to immigrate is suicidal.

      Sunni jihadists are killing people in every country that has more than a few Muslims. They are killing people in the US, Canada, England, Germany, Holland, France, Italy, Russia, China, India, Thailand, Myanmar, the
      Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Nigeria, all over the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa. The killing is always and everywhere blamed on the US or Israel or somebody – anybody – else. But the only constant is Sunni Muslims killing people. There has never been an Islamic Reformation – don’t hold your breath waiting for one.

      Now the Saudi Wahhabists announced the formation of a pan-Sunni nuclear capable military (Sunni Pakistan has nukes). It is ostensibly to “stop terrorism” – but Saudi is the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism.

      The rest of us can no longer just wait and hope. The most serious threat today is Islam. The US, EU, Russia, China, India and all non-Muslims need to unite to contain Islam, just as Communism was contained, until a cure can be found.

      • Terry Jones

        I’ve often wondered if the “good” muslims are waiting for the “bad” muslims to do the dirty work before they run into the outstretched arms of ISIS and others like them. Yes, I have wondered about that since this crap first started.

        • Gomer Wumphf

          Indeed. The only difference between “good” and “bad” Muslims is method – not the end goal.

    • Keith Cassinger

      It makes me laugh whenever I see or hear about Russians claiming anyone else on Earth is lying about something. The great liars of humanity (Russians) lie like the rest of us breathe.

    • Vladislav

      Looks like the Iraqi Kurds will soon be the next target of Russian airstrikes and rightfully so.

      • Azad Hama

        Good luck. Noone is supporting ISIS more than Russia and if you believe this nonsence then you are as dumb as all the other russians brainwashed by dictator Putin. Why would we give money to ISIS and fund their fight against us? Only Putin and Russia is stupid enough to even claim something like that. Truth is that Russia is supporting ISIS more than anyone else. How many airstrikes have russia carried out against ISIS? Funny how they only target areas where there is no ISIS. ISIS is the perfect pretext for Russia. Russia, Iran, Assad created ISIS from the get go. Good luck attackign kurds. We will dig your grave.

        • Karl Pershing

          You need to start taking your medication

        • Vladislav

          Anything else you would like to lie about?

    • Peter Mladenovic

      Terrorist strike interrupts Russian anti-terror Operation

      NATO attacks
      Russia! What was going through the minds of the Turkish military hierarchy when
      they gave the order to destroy the target they say was flying over their
      airspace is difficult to fathom, but then what to expect from a country which
      perpetrated the Armenian Genocide then denied it? Was the objective to halt the
      anti-terrorist operation? Turkey is good for one thing, as we saw when their
      boat to Gaza was boarded by Israeli commanders: turning tail and running, like
      a collection of yellow-bellied, sniveling, sh*tfaced cowards. And today, hiding
      behind the skirts of NATO, Turkey states it has shot down a Russian aircraft
      performing an anti-terrorist operation against Islamic State. Well, well,
      surprise, surprise! Turkey’s deplorable record Many have been the accusations
      that Turkey, a NATO member, has not done enough to counter Islamic State, many
      have been the accusations that Turkey has been cooperating with Islamic State
      by not cutting off its supply lines. So putting two and two together, and given
      Turkey’s own record in the Armenian Genocide, which it denies of course, we see
      that the terrorist entity is Turkey and the North Atlantic Terrorist
      Organization it belongs to and we see that the real aim is to thwart Russia’s
      anti-terrorist campaign in Syria. Because Islamic State, let us be honest, is
      not exactly what it seems, now is it? Who has been financing it, if not Western
      interests and assets and their darlings in the Fascist monarchies in the Middle
      East, you know, those disgusting sand castles ruled over by tyrannical despots
      with deplorable human rights records, around whose feet Western leaders crawl,
      cooing. And let the West provide these answers, crystal clear answers. Let us
      name and shame all those who have been financing Islamic State, all those who
      have been arming Islamic State, all those who have been aiding and abetting
      Islamic State, all those who have stood back and watched as Islamic State
      formed and grew into the monster it is today. Of course, NATO cares more about
      Paris than about a Russian passenger airliner, after all, the incident only
      caused double the number of victims and just a few weeks on, the story has
      zapped off the radar. You can almost hear the NATO hierarchy chortling and
      saying “it was their own fault”. So once again, what to expect from a
      member state of an organization which lied through its teeth when the Soviet
      Union dissolved voluntarily, stating if the Warsaw Pact was dismantled, the
      NATO would not encroach eastwards? What to expect from a barefaced liar? They
      lied about Poland, they lied about the Czech Republic, they lied about Hungary,
      they lied about Romania, they lied about Estonia, they lied about Latvia, they
      lied about Lithuania, they lied about Bulgaria, they lied about Slovakia, they
      lied about Slovenia, they lied about Albania, they lied about Croatia. As the
      investigations proceed, Turkey claims the Russian aircraft downed was flying
      over Turkish airspace, while the Russian Defense Ministry states it was flying
      over Syria – it was flying over Syria for the entire operation and was
      operating legally. Until proven otherwise, and there is more reason to believe
      the Russian version than the one from a country which murdered one and a half
      million Armenians and then callously states that it did not happen, what anyway
      was the Turkish military thinking about when it downed a military aircraft
      carrying out an anti-terrorist operation? Was the objective to halt the
      operation and protect the terrorists? Once again, what to expect from Turkey, a
      pariah state in the entire international community? As for NATO, is anyone
      seriously surprised? A terrorist is a terrorist. Putin will save Christianity
      from Radical Muslim and Muslim like cockroach Barack Obama – Muslim by
      father. Obama father is Sunni Muslim and in Muslim world you are what your
      father is. Obama is Sunni Muslim hi support Sunnis against Shia Muslim. Obama
      is 100% Muslim. US support in any way including weapons most disgusting
      dictator regime in the world like Saudi + other dictators and monarchs they rule
      like despot in the middle edges Muslim can build Jamie every wear in the
      Christian world but to Christian is forbidden to build even one in Arabia and
      Saudi, Saudi support terrorist like ISIS. And western propaganda machine say
      nothing about that.

      Most likely
      USA CIA is behind that dawning they give Turkish Erdogan green light and
      information about Russian plain position and direction!

      • JDL51

        How much warning do you think Putin would have given to a Ukrainian military aircraft or NATO aircraft overflying Russian airspace? Putin was warned repeatedly over a period of weeks to stop the overflights. He basically gave Erdogan the finger, daring him to do something about it. So he did. Too bad three Russians had to die for Putin’s incompetence and arrogance.

        • Karl Pershing

          You are wrong. You are taking the side of Muslims rather than Christians! You must be a Jew!

          • JDL51

            Last time I checked, Assad was a muslim.

        • cliffcollins

          Only TWO Russians (One Pilot, One Marine in Rescue Chopper). Turkey knew who they were and there was no threat to them just the same! And even if you believe that they were in Turkish airspace for 17 seconds as THEY claim, they had to be sitting and waiting because you can’t scramble a fighter jet or two from the ground in that amount of time! And their is International protocol here that that Turkey did not abide by. They knew exactly where they were and looks to be an ambush with the help of the United Snakes because Russia gave the Snakes their flight info Prior to the missions. ONLY the Snakes had that info. In any case Erdogan ran and hid under NATO’S Article five. I’m thinking the Snakes were in on it, and they had Turkey do the devil’s work to distance themselves. They have been trying to get Russia into a confrontation for awhile now!

          • JDL51

            Putin didn’t listen to the many warnings over a period of weeks after his planes continued to violate Turkish airspace. The Russian ambassador was personally called in and told there would be consequences if Russian bombers kept flying over Turkish airspace. So what was the reaction of Putin? F the Turks, let’s keep doing it. What. An. Idiot. Instead of saying OK, sorry, we won’t do it again, I’ll tell my boys to be careful, he kept on doing it. You think Putin wouldn’t have shot down the FIRST Ukrainian bomber flying over Russia, then you’re a bigger idiot than Putin is. By the way, the Turks have radar. They’re not living in the stone age. They don’t need any help from anyone to see anything coming over their borders. Of course they were in the air waiting. Too bad Putin didn’t tell his pilots be aware that the Turks are not happy we’re always violating their airspace and be ready for the “consequences”. Putin’s arrogance is to blame for this whole fiasco. It was he that is responsible for putting his pilots in unnecessary danger, no one else.

      • Karl Pershing

        If Russia goes to war, thousands of Armenians from all over the world will volunteer to fight Russia’s enemies.

        • RAGE

          As Armenians did in WW1… Armenians fought as 150.000 regular soldier in Russian uniform and innumerable irregulars against their own state. It does not matter Armenians accept or not being a citizen of the country. Fighting in the enemy army against your own country called high treason in every country. But after innumerable savagery and atrocities by those traitorous Armenians regulars, Hinchak and Tashnak gangs, now they lie and slander that they did not lost their treacherous war and bloody dreams that based upon dead bodies of their own neighbours, but they were massacred and were innocent as angels. After 800 years we, Turks saw with unbearable heavy price what kind atrocities and treason those Armenians are capable of when they get a chance. All Armenians should go only-for-Armenians-not-for-others church and pray Turks relocate them, did not kill for their treason in war time while fighting against superior armies in five fronts. After 800 years living together, after founding even the Armenian Patriarchate, called Armenians as “Milleti Sadıka/loyal nation” their treason and savagery, lies and slanders were their thanks to us. If Turks kill, rape, forcibly convert Armenians, how after 800 years Armenians left still? Sometimes I wish we should massacre them all really, at least then they can not slander and lie against us. Today still 120.000 Armenians live in Turkey and all their churches and patriarchate are open, and how many Turks remain in Yerevan and Armenia? Zip, none… This is the real difference between Turks and Armenians. That’s it!

          Armenians and their masters want war? Ok, no problem, we, Turks fought in 3 continents throughout millenniums. Be my guest but we will never ever let any low-level humanoids try to found their bloody dreams over our families’ dead bodies…

          • Levon Mirzakhanyan

            In 1895-1896, 300,000 Armenians massacred by Abdul Hamid in Western Armenia-Ottoman empire, in 1909
            30,000 Armenians massacred in Adana, Kilikia- Ottoman empire, 1915-1921 1,500,000 Armenians massacred in 13 vilayets troughout Western Armenia- Ottoman empire/Turkey.


            Where were you 900 years ago??? In south SIBERIA, Altay!!!!!
            As Victor Hugo said “It’s all ruined, turks passed through”

            • RAGE

              300.000, 30.000, 1,500,000, etc. I wonder how after such massacres under Turkish domination for a millennium Armenians still exists? I am from Gaziantep, you should know where it is, near the Syrian border. In 1919 after WW1 the city has 84.000 population and 32.000 of this was Armenians. It seems Turks forgot to massacre those Armenians. And those Armenians fought against us with French invasion force for 11,5 months. Who do you try to fool, fool?

              Please explain us how out of 1.2 million Ottoman Armenian population could be massacred 1.5 million of Armenians and plus 975.000 Ottoman Armenian survivors after WW1?

              And explain how Armenian government officially begged to Turkey to send Turkish army to Armenia in order to prevent Russian Red army in 1921? Hinchakian government of Armenia did not know that Turks massacred them? Of course they knew the truth very well…

              Yeah, yeah, because “it is all ruined” al the Turkish ruled lands has innumerable buildings, bridges, water and sanitary complexes, mosques, fountains, palaces, etc. etc. Even after 200 years destruction of Turkish heritage in for example Balkans still there is innumerable such buildings which I saw with my own eyes… Yeah, those Turks ruined everywhere and Armenians lived in open field without houses&mansions for 900 years under Turkish rule…

              900 years ago Turks were all over the Eurasia. Read your own history and see, Just Sabirs, Caucasian Huns, Khazars, Bulgars, Alans, Oghuzes, etc. (in Caucaus and Eastern Anatolia) in Armenian history. Founding a buffer state between two super powers with an Iranian/Parthian off-shot dynasty does not count land registry. Yes, Turkology is still terra incognito but it does not give you right to claim that even before Sumer there is a mighty Armenian Kingdom or non-indo-European and non-Semitic language speaker Hurri-Urartians were Armenians fantasies…

          • sam

            todays remnants of Armenians in Turkey survived by paying the heavy jizza (taxes) on none Muslims, you are an ignorant Turk like most other Turks because the truth was hidden from
            from you.

            • RAGE

              Ignorant call me ignorant, bah!

              “Jizya or jizyah is a religiously required per capita yearly tax levied by a Muslim state on certain non-Muslim subjects permanently residing in Muslim lands under Islamic law. Muslim jurists required adult, free, sane males among the dhimma community to pay the jizya while exempting women, children, elders, handicapped, monks, hermits, the poor, the ill, the insane, slaves, and musta’mins. The dhimmi who chose to join military service becomes also exempted from payment.If anyone could not afford this tax, they would not have to pay anything.”

              Wow! Look at this! Women, children, elders, handicapped, monks, hermits, the poor, the ill, the insane, slaves, etc. did not pay it. Just free, sane males pay it and if they choose military service then even they did not pay it. Jizya is much more lower than Roman, Byzantine and contemporary Western European states taxes, just sane, free males pay it once in a year and be exempted from military duty. While Muslims should pay 10% to 50%.

              Do you think Armenians and others did not pay taxes under Roman, Byzantine, etc. empires? It is you who is ignorant, who is brain-washed, who is grown with hatred and tall-tales.

    • Louis Derrico

      The Kurds are nearly bankrupt as are the little western companies that are their Jr. partners in the oil fields. These partners have not hardly been paid at all due to unremitting of oil money to the Kurds owed by Baghdad through revenue sharing agreements that are not kept. The Kurds made promises to now pay the Jr partners. Making a few bucks from Isis may be the only way to keep a float especially when you add in oil priced below $40. Smuggling to pay Peter because Abdul did not pay you, if you will. Iraq itself it should be noted is being bankrupted by war combined with low oil prices.

      • Azad Hama

        Think about it lol. Its nonsence. 100 % russian lies. What’s the point of giving ISIS money that they then use to buy weopens to fight us. The more money we give them the more money we have to spend fighting them. It is impossible to earn money on selling oil for ISIS because what ever money they get will be used to fight us and we in turn have to match that with even more spending.

        • Louis Derrico

          Well, then you sell the Kurdish oil to Turkey who fights you. Not sure how much better that is or what other choice you have. I am hopeful that with the Russians now very angry with Erdogan that this could finally be a chance for the Kurds to get there own state. But its tricky as the Russians want most of all their navy base in Syria and support Assad who is no friend of the Kurds. Right?

        • RAGE

          ISIS was founded to reshape Middle East and as an excuse for a puppet Kurdish state. Population of area is forcibly send to other countries, guess who needs these lands without population?

          Also isn’t it interesting 160.000 Kurdish peshmerga force that was trained by US and Israel (plus PYD) can not defeat 25-30.000 ISIS butchers even with the help of US and allies air support? Another point is Kurds destroy land registry and population records in every settlement, of course just for good local non-Kurd people?!

    • Achyuta Chaudhuri

      I prefer bombing them when they are empty so when the time comes we could use the undelivered oil.

    • The Turks are Islamist parasites, but also keep in mind America that Obama knew of this smuggling, money laundering, profiteering and out right support of ISIS terrorist by Turkey all along. Wake up my fellow citizens the great lie is being exposed

    • Maji_Baridi

      You know there’s something wrong with this so-called ‘war on terror’ when Russia seems to be the only one doing anything about it. Iraq should request Russia to start blowing up those oil tankers headed to Turkey ASAP! Can’t count on NATO because they claim the amount of oil being stolen & smuggled is ‘negligible’. Go figure.

    • durand cornish

      I see those deals that John McCain made, for the US, and got the US kicked out of Syria’s affairs (openly), are paying off. Anyone want to bet as to how long some ‘American’ will deny that ever happened? Too bad the world watched the US get ordered out of Syria affairs, by the Russian navy, or face ‘unimaginable consequences’. That ever- present and convenient selective American amnesia kicks in when stuuf like tghis gets brought up. It’s ok. the world knows, already. How TRASHY the US seems more and more, with each passing day.

    • Vladislav

      So this is why Turkey decided to push into Northern Iraq. So they could open a door to smuggling oil to avoid Russian airstrikes in Syria.

    • Anglosphere

      So why is Turkey still in NATO with this double game? This underhand deliberate play supporting ISIS…stop the oil stop the money and you’re half way there in stopping ISIS or is this just one big game…where citizens lives don’t matter and accelerating the flow of islamic refugees to Europe is just a sick game…OBaba being incompetent again…no surprise…and the europeans aimless no deals with Turkey no Merkel promosing Danegeld to the Turks…its way past sorting this out on the ground…suspect OBaba is just going to leave this like all his other messes for the next president…but hey he did manage a climate change deal which has no oversight and is optional with no penalties for non-obidance and is unenforceable…wow. Great negotiation…sounds like the Iran nuclear deal!!!

      • Keith Cassinger

        I love when you Russian scum trolls use avatars with US and Nato flags on them. You think we don’t see right through you kremlin scumbags.

        • Karl Pershing

          You are a fool. Are you a Jew?

      • Azad Hama

        Its just russian lies for the love god. How can you even take this seriously? Suggesting that kurds in Iraq support ISIS? Peshmerga and KRG have been ISIS from the very beginning and we are still fighting them around Shingal and Makhmour. Why on earth would be give money to ISIS? So they can buy more weopens and kill us? Are you out of your mind?

    • Adriano

      Mister Putin told us, now he is proving it.

      • Keith Cassinger

        Mr. Putin is a secret homosexual.

        • JDL51

          I don’t think it’s much of a secret.

          • Keith Cassinger

            Bwhahahaha! Right on!

      • Azad Hama

        Lol prove what haha? Good lucking go anywhere with this in a UN assembly. Zakho is kurdish territory. The only border Iraq has with Turkey is the one between KURDISH territory and Turkey. Why on earth would we kurds support ISIS and sell oil for them? So they can buy more weopens and attack us again? Russian inbreds sure are stupid. Its almost funny lol how brainwashed you people are.

    • jeffroed

      they all are dumber than 8 head of sheep

    • Tom Adams

      Bomb the trucks no matter which country they are in. Kill anyone that resists.

      • thecodefather

        No, take them

      • Azad Hama

        Yes bomb peshmerga and kurds. The only effective fighting force against ISIS. To even think these trucks carry any oil from ISIS is just insane. Why would kurds pay ISIS so they can buy more weopens and use those same weopens to fight us again?

    • MoreBS

      All the rich and powerful have a piece of the oil business and we have no business getting involved. It sounds like a domestic disturbance where all sides would shoot at us.

    • G White

      and the US does not know this is happening? something is very wrong with obama. He is making Putin and Iran look like the good guys. What is going on here? Why isn’t the GOP calling him out on this stuff?

      • Vladislav

        You do realize how bad it would make NATO look if NATO now starts calling Turkey out on their behavior Instead of doing it years ago when it first started?

        But I have to agree that there’s no way US and other NATO countries did not know that this was going on. Turning a blind eye to financing terrorism is equivalent to supporting terrorism.

        • Keith Cassinger

          You’re nothing but a Russian troll. Called out! Nice try with your username though. LOL!

          • Karl Pershing

            Wrong. We are Americans that are working on waking people up against Neo-Cons. We have the foreign policy that of a Jewish Prostitute. It is not pro America.

            • Keith Cassinger

              nah, your a Putin butt sucking Russian troll. Nothing more. Stop grying to con people and be a man. Tell the truth scum.

      • Because it doesn’t matter what party they are in, they are all on the Saudi, Qatari take. Remember ABSCAM from back in the early 80’s, today make that criminal adventure look like child’s play.

      • Azad Hama

        The reason the US is not saying anything about “this” is because there is nothing going on. Russia is playing with your brainwashed mind. These are kurdish trucks inside kurdish territory. The last people you should suspect of supporting ISIS are the kurds. We are fighting ISIS every day and you think we would pay ISIS so they can buy more weopens to fight us? Are you crazy or just stupid?

        • Karl Pershing

          It seems you do not know much about the Neo-Cons!

      • cliffcollins

        They ARE the good guys! Same as in Ukraine! Putin outsmarted the United Snakes and made sure The Black Sea Fleet was going to stay right where it was! I believe history has it that Russia has had that naval base dating back to 1780! (USSR) The Snakes were drooling over that base. Another new home for NATO forces? The people of Crimea didn’t want to end up like the Donbass! They are all still happy to this day they voted to return to Russia. Everyone has the right to self determination! The best part…, not a single death that I’m aware of! Incredible!! Wherever the Snakes go, Blood and suffering is sure to follow.

    • Return Oftheking

      Turks are typical Muslims, two faced liars.
      add murder to that as we can all see over the Globe, and from the far reaching tentacles of S. Arabia, Qatar and Iran.
      They think after fleecing us using their oil, they have the money now to overthrow our lands by flooding us with their so-called “Islamic refugees” that they created and sent to our lands.

      Note the refugees are not being settled in Qatar, Bahrain, S Arabia, UAE with the millions of empty sq miles and loads with cash, fancy empty hotels and sky scrapers that Western money and experts build for them…

      Now Qatar and S Arabia run a puppet show.. staring ISIS and AlQueda as the “Punch”, and Islamic refugees and Muslim settlers occupying Europe providing operational base, as the “Judy”…

      when this charade is exposed and covers pulled off, WWIII will begin, and another crusade will start.

    • chuck

      So why didn’t somebody bomb them??????

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        Who do you think you are? Francoise Hollande? Hillary Clinton? Barf Obama? The Shrub?

      • Azad Hama

        Because its not true. Its all kurdish trucks. Kurds have no interest what so ever in helping ISIS sell their oil. ISIS is our biggest enemy. We have been fighting them for 1.5 years. Over 5000 peshmerga have been killed. Many have been beheaded. And you are seriously buying this russian nonsence? That kurds support ISIS? Next Russia will claim South Korea is supporting North Korea.

    • Elizabeth Diamond

      Is trust any information on this matter if it comes from Russia. We’re talking about aiding ISIS by receiving the oil they wrongfully took to generate revenue for their war against humanity, loading it in tanker trucks someone (i.e. Erdogan’s son) owns, transporting it to Turkey and from there routing it to refineries. ISIS has made much, much more money this way than reported. I don’t believe that Kurds would sell their soul and participate, but the corrupt Islamists in Turkey I believe would.

      • Azad Hama

        So Turkey is breaching the peshmerga-ISIS frontline and allowing ISIS trucks to pass through while peshmerga is looking and the world media is turning their back to it? Its just ridiculous and insane that some people are stupid enough to even consider any of this nonsence. Every single one of those trucks are kurdish and Zakho is in kurdish territory. There is no ISIS or ISIS-oil in KRG. None what so ever. The last thing we want is to have ISIS buy more weopens that they can use to fight us. And there are no islamists in turkish politics. All 100 % secular. Name one islamist rule installed in Turkey in the last 100 years. There is not a single. Its all bs and ussr propganda.

        • Elizabeth Diamond

          Azad: First of all, I admire and respect the Kurds and their courageous pesmerga. Second, I have independent investigative resources on which I base my own opinions. I have seen photos of tanker trucks and whose name was on them, etc. and the drivers were Turkish. And no one is accusing any Kurds who have even lost lives being bombed by Turkish planes because they were in the way obstructing the traffic path of IS “trading route” to Turkey. Oh yes, and any Islamists in Turkish politics do not advertise it. Russia is not an enemy of the Kurds.

    • oregonbacon

      ISIL is Sunni and gassed the Kurds when Saddam was in power and their current generals ruled under Saddam…. I highly doubt the Kurds would allow 1 drop of ISIL oil through territory they control….

      • Jane Harvey

        they make money from the oil too. And there’s two different groups of Kurds. One of them is in the oil business with ISIS.

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          Nice. Unity has been a common problem for the Kurds.

        • Azad Hama

          Nonsence. All kurds are fighting ISIS. PUK and KDP are both fighting ISIS. Both are in oil business. Oil comes from Kirkuk (PUK) and is sold by KDP through Turkey. Not an ounce of ISIS or ISIS-oil anywhere in Kurdistan. What would we gain from paying ISIS? So they can buy more weopens to fight us? Or is ISIS only fighting one of the “groups of kurds”? Get your facts straight before you talk nonsence.

      • Azad Hama

        Your completely right. This is just pure russian propganda that only the the dumbest people in society will ever take seriously. Noone in KRG has any interest in paying ISIS. Why would we pay ISIS money that they use to buy more weopens to fight us and increase our defence-spending even more? Its insane. And ofcourse not true. Just laught at these idiots who believe this russian nonsence.

    • Micheal Beers

      ….it’s ironic that when EVERY western nation used the SAME method to detect hundreds of Russian Tanks, Rocket launchers etc. crossing the border from Russia into Ukraine, the Russians flat out denied it. Well, I don’t see any oil trucks DO YOU?

      • Mr_Mir

        My god, what an idiot. Show us the pictures, and this time real ones, not recycled Chechnyan crap.

        • Keith Cassinger

          Nah, your the Russian, troll, scum, lying idiot. Pound salt Ivan,

          • Karl Pershing

            You go and pound sand in Israel.

            • Keith Cassinger

              Nice comeback Boris….not.

      • Azad Hama

        Its all kurdish trucks. Not a single ounce of oil from ISIS anywhere on those images. And your completely right. Russia are the biggest hypocrit. When clear evidence shows Russian aggression and intervention in countries like Ukraine, they will denie like a husband caught cheating on his wife. But they present satalite images that anyone can find in google maps of the kurdish Iraq-Turkey border in Zakho and expect people to be convinced by their ludacris nonsence.

    • Bond, James

      Turks and Kurds are stealing Iraqi oil and selling it on black market. Thanks to Russia for uncovering this
      conspiracy to divide Iraq and Syria by Turkey, Kurds, and US. Russia must now bomb the Kurdish region
      and destroy the ISIS terrorists.

      • Azad Hama

        Wow you really know your politics don’t ya? Haha. This is just so dumb. Thank you for being a perfect example of brainwashed russian or just indbred conspiracy theorist. The last people to support ISIS is the kurdish people. There is no point in giving money to the same enemy that you are fighting every day. Russia on the other hand has yet to fight ISIS. Russia created ISIS and wants ISIS to stay around as a perfect pretext. Funny how all russian airstrikes have been in areas where there is no ISIS.

        • Bond, James

          @Azad Hama ….is this your real name. You are like an ostrich with your head buried in
          something I don’t want to mention.

    • Cl

      Turkey is the biggest bunch of theives you can imagine, these are the same people who you can smell a mile away because they dont bathe correctly.

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        The worst ones that mess it up for everyone else, the Erdogans, bathe very well.

      • Keith Cassinger

        True, but they’re right after Russians. Russians are the slimiest people on Earth in oh so many ways.

    • JC

      Obama’s investment in plain view.

      • Cl

        Oil isnt worth that much, as if you knew what was going on over there computer warrior.

    • jan thomas

      Our foreign policy under Obama had been a disaster. He never really knew what he was supposed to be doing as president. We need to make America great again.

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        No, Obama is doing just what the manipulators of the Deep State want him to do. He is a very good sock puppet, pretty and handy with meaningless rhetoric.

      • Azad Hama

        Well this certainly doesn’t prove anything bad about Obama. Its google sat images of kurdish trucks trying to pass kurdish-turkish border in Iraq. There is nothing wrong with that. Russia is just playing with your mind. If Puting is your allie then America will never become great again. Reagan is turning in his grave and the thought of someone like Putin.

    • Idealist999

      I’ve done a bit of research on this “mintpressnews.com”, seeing as how all their articles seem to be pro-Russia, pro-Iran, pro-Syria, etc. I would suggest that others do the same before deciding how much credibility to give to it.

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        So what do you recommend? The New York times? The Washington Post? The London Times, The Jerusalem Post? AlterNet.com? PrisonPlanet.com? Breitbart.com?

        • vlp1730

          Exactly. The Rothschild Group purchased Reuters long ago and Reuters has purchased Associated Press. The news slant is…………..

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            Thanks. I was wondering about that. Since Reuters founded by a German Jew at the London Royal Exchange would seem to be just the company that the Rothschilds would snap up, and subsequently Associated Press.

            But all the major news sources are owned by oligarchs. We’re privileged right now to get news over the Internet because of blog sites, but I doubt that will last.

          • Karl Pershing

            So they are all owned by Jews

        • fern

          Ypu read all of them including the French papers, read the history of all the countries involved, what they need to sell and what they need to buy, study their geo-political position and come up with your own opinion. I was studying political in Brussels, Belgium (ULB) at the time of the Soviet-Chinese war all of us kids future “leaders” were talking about it and I (the smart kid) told them that the US would have diplomatic relations with China and act as a mitigator and they were all laughing at me till three weeks later when Nixon send the ping pong players and I became a star, two years later i was on a visit in Bad Aibling and they kept me for three years among other things I was a bartender the customers were mostly civiliand NSA and military intelligence, since I was so proud about my prediction I told him about it, he was laughing so hard he had to sit down and yes I had been right but for all the wrong reasons. The NSA sats had noticed a pattern of the soviet moving Atomic equipment toward China, NSA gets its info to analyst which then may (or may not) turn it to the DI whom in turn decides if this material is worth going to the president’s desk. People contacted the Soviets and told them off or they would go public, at the same time some other people contacted an unofficial representation of China in Washington crash in and told them what. Nothin has ever been mentioned in any newspapers and world unknowingly just got close to a nuclear war. Find a book written by John Ehrlichman called either “the Cia” or “the company”. Was I a smart kid ?

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            Wow! Do you have the time to read them all? Plus all your other recommendations?

            I have to admit that what I was doing here was setting a trap. You need to know who controls each source to evaluate what you can draw from it.

            For example. the New York Times and the Washington Post are controlled by the CIA, so you don’t expect anything genuinely damaging to the Deep State coming from them.

            So you’re absolutely right about coming up with your own opinions.

            Another thing is that being right for the wrong reason may involve a recognition that a certain event has the right circumstances for its precipitation, but it could precipitate any number of ways.

            • fern

              I’m 67 I was born in the wrong area of Brussels and my education was zero. When I could read, I read and read and read. So what I told you first is true but it takes time and studying to get to understand it, it took me time too. Yom Kippur, a week beofre I knew it would happen my boss told me to stay on post. What happened the Pres. warned Golda but insisted on no preemptive action like 1967 but they didn’t upgrade their security level so they almost lost it. Why ? The Mossad told Golda they would never attack and she believed them. To end this was the fact that I was unemployed for over 13 years it hurts I can tell the reason was since I didn’t go to high school they couldn’t send for a job as a white collar employee but since I worked most of my career as a white collar they couldn’t send meto flip burgers at Mc Donalds. Thanks for the interest.

            • fern

              I’m 67 and as soon as I could read 4 or 5 history interested me I didn’t like school and skipped it as much I could and went to the library, the librarian helped choose books first Greek mythology and she guided to Egyptian mythology, the other place was a soot covered medieval tower part of the Brussels first line of fortification I also spent time there military armor pre Roman Gaul helmet Roman spears, stone arrow heads, crossbows, swords, and I kept on reading history is the repeat the best novel in the world. My education: grade school, juvenile reform school, a bad marriage, broken hearted my friends got me into drama school (first of the second year in 6 month), went to university (college) – political science – civil law helped me in my divorce the wife accused me of regularly coming home drunk and beating her up, once I kicked her in the stomach when she was pregnant, when appearing in court the judge has a file on you and yes, reform school and construction work I was doomed the judge was a lady (uneducated people would call her madam judge she was presiding the court so the right thing to say was “madame la présidente) she told me to stand up but I was already standing then she said said “what have you got to say about that ?” and I answered “Ma’am la presidente dare I refer to article 315 of the civil code ?” she almost fell off her chair and “pardon me ?” “do you want me to recite it ?” it won’t be necessary she said (first year stuff). I won my divorce and could have claimed damages. My advise is read, read, read anyhting and everything except Barbara Cartland and the like, poetry and litterature are important just as philosophy is but when you don’t feel good with a philosopher give him up, know about the life of philosophers. Hegel is known as the father of German philosophy and no I did not read him all I know he was twenty at the time of the French revolution (1789) he had followers and they split left neo Hegelians and right neo Hegelians on the right the leader was Clausewitz who became boss of the Prussian military academy and is famous for his words : war is the continuation of a policy through other means. Marx was the leader of the left in which there was Friedrich Engels, history: not everyone in Germany liked the Prussians and plenty loved Napoleon so much so that invited on a military post in Pirmasens (US) an old lady tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if she heard well that I was Belgian and French speaking, she asked to kiss me and we spoke French together, she had tears in her eyes same kind in Mainz Mayence in French. I lived well in Munich all my friends were Americans, English and Irish (ghetto life us n them) little by little I became an American.
              I think I wrote enough as I need to eat and dink and sleep. Bless you!!

      • Azad Hama

        Ofcourse lol haha. Their theories are just ridiculous and plain out simply insane. 100 % baseless. Like this theory about kurds supporting ISIS. We’re supposed to believe this because Russia copied some images from google earth of the kurdish-turkish border in Iraq.

    • Stone Cold

      The Kurds are claiming the oil as theirs. If it’s the Kurd’s oil, leave it alone. Kurdish women are the only ones taking the fight to ISIS and deserve all the oil they can get.

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        The Russians are. The Americans aren’t. Syrian and Iraqi oil is being stolen by Erdogan and sold to Israel.

    • jackcandobutwont

      I’d bet a few US A-10’s could clear up that mess in no time!

      • jamesmyers

        Yeah, right! Do you really believe that our Muslim Loving Leader Obozo would strike oil belonging to his Muslim Brotherhood/ISIS comrades?

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          Especially when he along with the Zionists, the Saudi. the Qatari, and Erdogan put them in place.

    • Troy Tyler

      This must be the same trucks that Turkey said sold oil to Assad….But they are going the wrong way….Maybe the Obama media was mistaken…But how could they be Obama never lies…..Turkey is an ally of the USA so we know Turkey is innocent ….Turkey don’t aide ISSL fighters or offer safe zones for ISSL troops…The USA don’t fund money or weapons for ISSL…just ask Obama and his butt kissers…..When is congress going to wakeup to this president….Maybe the democrats in congress and some republicans need to find out the truth….The spokes people for Obama will lie the facts speaks for themselves…..Our military leaders has misled us following Obama’s orders. All Obama wants is Assad out and a Muslim brotherhood leader in………….The Arabs also wants him out……..

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        Nah, Obama and the rest of the thug gang that created ISIS want another Libya.

        • vlp1730


      • vlp1730

        Congress is going along with the war madness and is on the “topple Assad” bandwagon.

    • Mallen

      I am sure the money is ending up in Erdogan’s and his son’s pocket.
      This guy is threateing Turkey as his personal ATM. He needs to be taken down and taken out!

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        I agree, but he’s a very obedient cog in the international corporatocracy-bankster scheme.

    • Yoda0060

      Why is it that the U.S., since day one of this conflict, has failed to identify and destroy the many, long convoys of military equipment, including at one time, dozens and dozens of tanks, Humvees, mobile artillery pieces, etc., etc., along with hundreds of ISIS fighters being transported from city to city and from country to country – sometimes traveling hundreds of miles, often in open desert, for hours at a time.
      And now, the same thing, with the long caravans of oil tankers – and still no U.S. response.
      The U.S., of course, has numerous satellites, surveillance aircraft and drones over the skies of both Iraq and Syria, at any one time. Since the Russians entered this war, they have identified and then destroyed several of these convoys and caravans. It’s hard to imagine that the U.S. hasn’t seen the same thing, much less destroyed them, as well.
      The only reasonable explanation that I can think of, is that our military is being directly told by Obama to stand down – and not to attack or destroy them. But, if so, WHY? As it is only extending the war effort, thereby assuring even more death and destruction. All things considered, I am convinced that there is something really, really wrong with this whole scenario – as it just doesn’t add up. Or maybe, it’s just that I’m using the wrong kind of math.

      • jamesmyers

        One word, OBOZO!

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          Obama is just a pretty sock puppet. If he ever showed too much independence, Biden would do just as well.

      • Michael Jacobi

        Exactly my thoughts!

      • 21StCenturyTruthseeker

        Obama doesn’t want to have any Arab “civilians” killed on his watch. Truck drivers are probably indirectly involved, may not even know whose oil is in their trucks.

    • Dave Beck

      Why doesn’t somebody drive out there and ask the drivers where they came from? Surely they wouldn’t lie.

      • disqus_bvzyOg5eso

        I would but I don’t have directions!

      • jamesmyers

        Send Obozo, Hillary, Michele, Kerry, Pelosi, Reid, Sharpton and Jackson.

    • jesse hernandez


      • Tom Butler

        Yeah, because the U.S. really needs the oil. Give me a break.

        • jackcandobutwont

          NO, because bobo said he was bombing the bejesus outta isis…..looks like bejesus is a town on the other side of Iraq??

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            Heh, heh! Could also be the Aleppo power plant.

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          That’s why our Corruptogress in Washington voted to end the oil export ban.

    • Adnan Curtovic

      first of all there is no Kurd’s oils or ISIS oil!!! It’s Iraq’s oil and more and more it’s all coming to the surface what are all these wars about and how shallow our govt is/was when they went to destroy Iraq’s govt. If it wasn’t sad, it would be funny!

    • Jon Diesel

      Turkey is an ISIS supporter and should be bombed along with the terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

      • Mallen

        TURKEY is not an ISIS supporter but I am beginning to believe Erdogan is. His version of fundamental Islam is not much different than the Taliban or ISIS. Many Turks do not like that. However instead whining about it, it is up to the Turks to do something about it instead of voting this clown in.

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          Maybe he bought Diebold voting machines from the U.S.

          • vlp1730

            Which brings out a good point. I would much prefer a problem with “hanging chads” than a hacked machine.

    • Jerry Camp

      And after this publication Yanks officials will say again that Turkey is not involved in deals with ISIL?Really?What Putin said few weeks ago?Memory loss?

      • jamesmyers

        This is why I do not believe anything Obozo/Hitlary/Kerry or any other Demo-degenerate has to say about anything. I never thought I would ever say this, but I put my trust in Putin. Obozo and his ilk have destroyed this Country and everything it stands for.

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          I can’t say that I trust Putin, but he does seem to display a much greater judiciousness than any powerful American figure.

          • 21StCenturyTruthseeker

            Why does there always have to be a “right” and a “wrong” side? What if both sides are wrong? What if both sides are lying? Putin said he’d bomb ISIL but he’s bombing all the rebels. If you want to trust Putin, who may be responsible for murdering Aleksander Litvinenko with radioactive Polonium, trust at your own risk. Just don’t drink the tea.

        • Jerry Camp

          I came to US 20 years ago and initially had lots of democracy/truth/human rights illusions.Never was Putin fan/supporter in spite/because met him twice long ago.Now I say i changed my mind negative way to US especially US govt.Not happy for it but it is what it is.

    • DerpDerpDerp

      The only thing that surprises me about the whole “ISIS and the west” love affair is the lack of hanging politicians.

      Arming ISIS was treason and they protected them right out in the open – yet, not one lynching.

      Mankind has lost its spirit.

    • dn32844

      Ohhhh come on Turkey and ally of the U.S. government, member of NATO never does such a thing, what its in those pictures is just chimera. Turkey is not the only U.S. ally that help Muslim terrorists, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and rest of oil rich Persian Gulf Emirates (all of them U.S. allies) have been doing the same.

      • jamesmyers

        And that is why they should all be wiped from the face of the Earth!

    • Hal

      Turkey is just another lying Muslim Country! It’s time to carve them up. Give Turkey to the Russian.

      • DerpDerpDerp

        That would make sense, but just about every NATO member who was involved protected ISIS. I would expect as much from a clan of criminals though. Sacrifice one for all your crimes.

        It is fitting, I’ll give you that.

      • Jerry Camp

        Exclude Turkey from NATO and we deal with them pretty quick.

        • jamesmyers

          We deal with them? Obozo is a filthy Muslim Loving POS! Do you really think he will do something to his Comrades even if they are excluded from NATO?

      • Jan

        Good idea!

      • Jonaos

        Thats just a poison pill for Russia, the Turks would quickly outbreed the native Russians and then take over Russia [democratically via elections] for themselves, and under Islam. Its whats happening to Western Europe right now for all eyes to see, Germany [thanks to Angela Merkel] swallowed the poison pill/trojan horse known as Muslim-Refugees, and in a few generations the Muslim descendents of those people will outnumber and outvote the native Europeans. And you sure as shiite know those people wont vote for a Secular leader, most likely they will vote in a Arab-descended Sharia hardliner to rule the various European countries who were stupid enough to bring them in in the first place.

    • Pepe Smith

      It won’t be stopped precisely because it is the family of Turkey’s Erdogan who are benefiting from the ISIS’s oil sales to Turkey.

    • Daniel Raymond

      The fact that this was Kurdish oil instead of ISIS crude will never see Russian eyes inside the Russian Federation.
      Firstly it’s typical Kremlin “journalism” and secondly never accept Russian satellite images as fact to begin with. The Russian Federation is notorious for photo shopping pictures and outright lies to bolster their photos.

      • Pepe Smith

        Like the way Bush and his state secretary presented false or doctored pictures in Congress and the UN to justify their invasion of Iraq? Russia probably learned it from Bush.

      • Jerry Camp

        U R JUST YANK TROLL or JUST an !D!ot.

        • jamesmyers

          I would go for the latter, but you never know. He may be one of Obozo’s midnight cowboy’s (lover’s).

      • Daniel Raymond

        No just always amazed at the stupidity of the Russian people. The Lemmings of the human race.

    • Weinstein

      I enjoy the low fuel price at the gas station. Let them fight !

    • Joltin Joe

      One well placed MOAB and end of story, oh wait. USA created and supports ISIS

      • Al Kraus

        Are you mad???

        • Joltin Joe

          Mad that 85% of the USA population is board line retarded and can’t see the government for what it is

      • Daniel Raymond

        Stupid troll earning a ruble

        • Joltin Joe

          I’m American, but I guess I’m a terrorist because I question the actions of our government.

          • Daniel Raymond

            Well that would be standard Russian rhetoric my friend. Be careful what you pass on. Putin has backed Assad from the beginning which has lead to the murder of over 250,000 Syrians. The exodus od Syrian refugees is entirely about these mass killings and the only part the US would have in helping ISIS would be Obama’s brilliant move of removing American troops from Iraq and refusing to stop Assad after drawing his infamous red line of no chemical weapons. Therefore your conclusion makes absolutely no sense.

            • Joltin Joe

              Wake up Daniel, same group Hillary was arming in Benghazi

              • Daniel Raymond

                America is not the enemy my friend. Although you could easily throw both Obama and Hillary in their side of the camp. Islamic terrorism has existed for hundreds of years. Obama, Clinton, the left and their political correctness exude complete incompetence to the world. They enable such depots such as Putin and Iran’s global terrorism.

                • Joltin Joe

                  America is not the enemy but our government is. We create boogy-men so we can fund the MIC to ‘fight’ them. Round and round we go.

      • foreman1178

        the doofus listens to alex jones

        first dont blame our country or obama on this and
        second maliki the democratically elected president of iraq in 2006 was from iran and bush didnt do anything when they were doing hit squads on the sunni arabs in iraq
        we looked the other way

        • Joltin Joe

          So funding ISIS is ok? I guess you’re dying to vote for Hillary too right?

          • foreman1178

            first of all right wing kooks like alex jones claims america and obama is funding isis
            second fox news and all the me too or fox news wantabees have claimed obama is not doing enough but the joke is they would not do anything different

            fox news has really did a number on many viewers who do not fact check

            for instance iraq was lost when the democratically elected maliki of iraq took power and marginalized the sunni who say isis better than the iraq government

            fox news dumbed it down so bad that it was so factually incorrect

            • Joltin Joe

              yeah it’s all the R’s fault. If you can’t see they are on the same team then, YOU, are part of the problem.

    • gtrmen

      Turkey is a supporter of global terrorism.

    • summersdrive9305

      So many uninformed people commenting that the U.S. is not doing anything. Check the record the number of bomb strikes dwarfs every other countries efforts. Last I heard well over 7000 strikes.

      • Jonaos

        Those bomb strikes mean nothing if they are being intentionally dropped on empty buildings. The U.S. has been bombing empty buldings since the start of the bombing campaign, thats why ISIS seemed immune to the bombing campaign and kept expanding despite it. The U.S. is probably bombing some real targets now though, since Russia is in the game and is making the U.S. look incompetent – if you notice, ISIS started to shrink as soon as Russia joined the game, what a difference bombing real targets make.. If you dont believe me, google search this – US bombs empty buildings.

      • Furri

        Sortie’s not strikes were several thousand. Many flights including drones never fired a shot. So clueless more it’s fun to read.

    • methods3110

      Take em out Vlad, all 12000 of them. Our presidential mutt isn’t going to do anything even though he knows they are there.

      • foreman1178

        obamas strategy is to get arabs and muslims to do this

        it makes sense then they can not blame us

      • jamesmyers

        They are his “Muslim Brothers”, he certainly is not going to do a thing worthwhile.

    • GodsDailyBread

      I hate to say this, but Trump 2016

    • Junky

      The Russians should bomb and destroy. I’m pretty sure that US interlligent community already knew about this but Odumber and his administration just turn a blind eye.

    • Steve

      Looks like Turkey is doing NOTHING to stop Islamic State’s oil smuggling. They probably attacked the Russian jet because it was targeting ISIS oil shipments!!!

    • Nick Koch

      The writer is either a lier or lacks information. ISIS passes oil to Kurds who in turn send it to turkey. All are faces of the same coin.

      • Mark Brown

        The Kurds are at war with ISIS. In fact, they are the only faction that we support that has held any ground against them. They have nothing in common with ISIS.

    • ospreycbk

      And why isn’t there a photo of these 12,000 tanker trucks taken one hour later and 5 minutes after the airstrike on them.

    • wyrosjr

      Pretty simple here, any country that is predominantly muslim is a liar and cheater. Turkey, Saudi Arabia and some others are just playing the west for fools. While christian Russia is made out to be the enemy…

      • Daniel Raymond

        Well that’s because they are the enemy.

        • Vladislav

          No you are the enemy.

          • Daniel Raymond

            And your just another ignorant Russian that your master Stumpy keeps buried in feces never allowed to see the light cyka

    • JOSEPH

      Another question: “What we (USA) have been doing so far to prevent ISIS from getting money to fight us (USA)”? It appears that we just talk a lot about fighting ISIS, but actually doing little to get thing done. And at the same time criticizing Russia for bombing so called “good” fighters, armed by us. Could it be that “good” fighters are same as ISIS? Because ISIS fighters are too armed with arms marked “manufactured in USA”. Isn’t it funny?

    • BearMountain15

      So the Russians pick up on this right away. What was Oblama doing? We weren’t bombing the oil caravan because they used civilian drivers? could this be true. We sure have an idiot in the White House .

      • David Snider

        uhhh, they actually dropped leaflets because those drivers are sometimes forced to drive or die by ISIS. The USA bombed the oil tankers several days later. THEN, the Russians started to do the same. I don’t think our president is an idiot, first and foremost because our US MILITARY is doing the planning. So basically what I want to say it, YOU are the idiot and you need to start paying attention than looking at propaganda news articles formulated in Russia to brainwash a simpleton like yourself. Thanks idiot!

        • BearMountain15

          Ohhh, another leftie loonie Elitist with a Harvard degree. Go visit Nancy Pelosi on the park bench next to the insane asylum.

    • Jacob Jacob

      Time to Bomb Turkey also along with Daesh. Mr Putin will do that one day.

    • David Snider

      Hey Mint press, any news on the Russians getting “any” information from the black box of the Russian Bomber that was blasted out of the sky? 12 micro chips were “damaged” and 3 “destroyed”.. Sounds like the Turkish were right. They were warned multiple times to change course away from Turkeys border, and then entered it and was shot down. This after several high profile complaints to the Russians about not entering Turkish airspace again or they will be fired on. So Russia “cant” get information from a black box but people can get black box information from a plane that crashes into a mountainside. Some superpower, regional power Russia is!

      • Steven Lysen

        Mindless drivel. Turkey thought they could get NATO to back them up after shooting down a Russian jet that no defensive weapons. Well, NATO did NOT back them up, and you are now witnessing the Turkish President going down as his visions of grandeur come crashing down around him.. Erdogan promised to step down if Russia could prove he’s doing business with ISIS. It has been said that Muslims often don’t keep their promises, that their religion allows them to lie as long as it is towards non-Muslims. Is this true?

    • Bill Stipek

      We need to reevaluate Turkey and Saudia Arabia as Allies! Turkey Buys and sells ISIS oil buy the boatload, let’s terrorists in and out like GRAND CENTRAL STATION, and takes care of ISIS wounded in there hospitals! Saudia Arabia is one of the largest exporters of terrorism in the Middleast, lopes off heads like there in a playoff game with ISIS, has ripped the USA and others off to the tune 38 Trillion dollars over 50 years for Oil! Meanwhile they build Golden Bathrooms while our soldiers fight and die for those SOBS! I do believe we would get more done dealing with Iran and Russia! We must protect Eygypt, the Iraq Kurds, Jordan, and Israel! We need to cut a deal along those lines with Russia and Iran!

    • zencowboy61

      of course elements of the kurds are in on this……dont take a genius to see the money trail……

    • David Snider

      To further my point that those who operate Mint press are Russian, try to find an article about Russia and the invasion of Crimea. Try to find anything that discredits Russia? Good Luck! FAILURE!

      • Steven Lysen

        The Crimea happens to be MORE THAN 60% Russian, so go educate yourself!

    • David Snider

      Mint Press News is the mouthpiece for the Russians propaganda. What Kurdish security official was quoted as saying “Zakho is a key transit point for ISIS crude” FAILED JOURNALISM. Get a life Russians!

      • Vladislav

        But why are you so butthurt? Because Putin is exposing Western governments and their allies for who they are?

    • Tracker

      look at the video with all the trucks. those aren’t oil tankers.

    • Petar Kuz

      Why don’t Russians bomb those trucks ,couple heavy ordinance will set it on fire, since they are packed like sardines , the area is under US air surveillance , but the US obviously don’t want to bombe it,

      • Steven Lysen

        Russia has already destroyed between 2000 and 8000 oil trucks.

    • fiyan firüzih

      another ruskie propoganda by iran new site… good job.

      • Bill Stipek

        Better stop watching Fox News!

    • valdanos

      No wonder Turks downed Russian bomber!!!

    • Plazma Phantazma

      I think it’s time to ban the middle east from harvesting oil. All of the middle east needs to be shut down as obviously they cannot handle their black slime.

      • KK

        Maybe if countries make a permanent transition to electric powered vehicles and allow charging ports to become more common, it could possibly slow down the Middle East and their oil business.

        • jeff

          Yeah, stay gold Pony boy.

    • Russ Horton


    • Murat

      KGB propaganda is so lame… are these clowns for real?

      • abobinmn

        Sure are Muslim boy

        • David Snider

          So the clowns are for real! Thanks Russian!

          • abobinmn

            You’re not a Muzzie? Just a sympathizer?

            • David Snider

              I have a bad bias towards Muslims to be honest with you, as well as Russians and Chinese. Any more questions clown?

              • Jeff Booher

                Do you like goats?

                • David Snider

                  You can reference my comment above to hopefully get that light to start flickering in your head. “Do I like Goats” What kind of a stupid person would ask that question? Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question, just stupid people who ask questions……
                  BTW, Nice picture, is that the Matriarch of your family?

              • abobinmn

                Good thinking on the Muslims. According to the FBI there are at least 22 Islamic terrorist paramilitary training camps operating on US soil right now. No more questions Junior.

      • Murat

        Wall Street Journal:

        WASHINGTON—The Obama administration accused Syria’s government of purchasing oil from Islamic State and blacklisted a Syrian-Russian businessman suspected of facilitating those transactions.

        The U.S. Treasury Department also penalized Russian and Cypriot businessmen and companies suspected of helping the Syrian central bank evade international sanctions through a web of companies based in Russia, Cyprus and Belize.

        Among those blacklisted is Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, a former president of the autonomous Russian Republic of Kalmykia. Mr. Ilyumzhinov is a long-serving president of the World Chess Federation, according to the Treasury Department.

        The Treasury’s actions bar U.S. nationals from doing business with the designated entities and freeze any assets they hold in the U.S. financial system.

        U.S. officials have long voiced concerns that the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was strengthening Islamic State’s finances by purchasing oil produced by the militant group on territory that used to be controlled by Damascus. However, Wednesday’s charges are the most explicit and direct accusations by the U.S., and the first time sanctions have been imposed over the regime’s oil trade.

        The Treasury Department’s sanctions procedures resemble law-enforcement investigations, in that officials release findings as they compile evidence.

        However, the timing of the charges against the Assad regime of buying oil from Islamic State extremists gives U.S. policy makers and allied diplomats new leverage to use against Russia as the West pressures Moscow to distance itself from Damascus. French PresidentFrançois Hollande was due to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Thursday to discuss recent terror attacks targeting both countries.

        On Wednesday, the Treasury accused a Syrian-born businessman, George Haswani, who his a dual Syrian-Russian citizen, of using his firm, HESCO Engineering and Construction Co., for facilitating oil trades between the Assad regime and Islamic State.

        The European Union blacklisted Mr. Haswani in March. Mr. Haswani has appealed the EU move. He couldn’t be reached to comment, and his lawyer didn’t return a request to comment.

        The U.S. imposed sanctions on Syria’s central bank over a decade ago for its alleged involvement in money laundering. Adib Mayaleh, the governor of Syria’s central bank, was sanctioned in 2012 for allegedly using his job to move funds out of the country.

        The Treasury on Wednesday accused Mr. Ilyumzhinov of working closely with the Assad regime’s business associates in Syria and Russia to help the Syrian central bank avoid sanctions. This included the use of Moscow’s Russian Financial Alliance Bank, of which he is a major shareholder.

        “Kirsan Ilyumzhinov was designated today for materially assisting and acting for or on behalf of the Government of Syria, Central Bank of Syria” and two central bank officials, the Treasury statement said.

        Mr. Ilyumzhinov couldn’t be reached through the Russian Financial Alliance Bank on Wednesday.

        An aide to Mr. Ilyumzhinov at the World Chess Federation, reached in Rome, declined to comment.

        The Treasury also imposed sanctions on three Cyprus-based companies and a Belizean firm for allegedly assisting the Syrian government in money laundering activities.

        “The United States will continue targeting the finances of those enabling Assad to continue inflicting violence on the Syrian people,” the Treasury Department’s acting undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, Adam Szubin, said Wednesday.

        —Benoît Faucon contributed to this article.

      • Bill Stipek

        The Turkish Presidents son is the one involved in Oil trading with ISIS, check it out!

        • Murat

          That silly claim tops the cake. Putin is making a total clown of himself.

          • Vladislav

            Murat = rat

            • Murat

              How imaginative. You must be 12 years old?

    • m-bored-ok

      Is this a joke? If this is true the Kurds in Northern Iraq would be put in bed with ISIS. Northern Iraq borders are in full control of Barzani and the Peshmerga. The same Peshmerga are also the most effective force against ISIS on the ground. I can understand the Kurds missing couple of trucks, but 12,000 seems ridiculous and Russia needs to go back to intelligence 101 class.

      • marc

        Why would 12,000 seem ridiculous each tanker carries 9500 gallons of crude oil which is not very much. A super tanker ship carries 84 million gallons. Its all about the Black Gold and greed, the more trucks the more money. Turkey will continue to rape Syria for as long as they can, until Russia stops them completely.

        • David Snider

          As stated, the Kurds said it was theirs, and they control the area. Please seek help Russian

          • Vladislav

            You are a terrorist sympathizer and will be treated like one once Trump comes in.