Lawmakers Trying To Pass Bill Exempting Politicians From Arrest And Prosecution For Corruption

Lawmakers have gotten away with untold levels of corruption and law-breaking for years, even since the beginning of government itself.
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    Oklahoma state Rep. Kevin Calvey, R-Del City

    Taking payoffs, breaking the law and pushing through unconstitutional legislation as special favors to corporate interests has long been par for the course in politics. But now Representative Kevin Calvey (R – Oklahoma City) wants to make it official and make it illegal to arrest any state officials accused of a public offense.

    Representative Calvey has introduced House Bill 2206, which would prohibit Oklahoma’s district attorneys from prosecuting state officials, granting that power exclusively to the state’s Attorney General. This would exempt lawmakers from prosecution of nearly any crimes that are normally handled at the local level.

    The bill proposes the following:

    “The jurisdiction of a prosecution against a principal in the commission of a public offense, when such principal is a state elected official, state legislator, district court judicial officer, appellate judicial officer or an appointee of a state board or state commission at the time of the commission of the offense, is within the sole and exclusive prosecutorial authority of the Attorney General of Oklahoma. Such an action must be filed in the county of residence of the state officer.”

    “It’s a big deal to me. I’m upset and concerned,” Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater explained. “This bill creates a different class of citizens that would be protected from the normal prosecution process.”

    “I am suspicious … that is what this is really about,” Prater added.

    Rep. Calvey, said that he filed the bill because there is “malicious prosecution” of politicians. He cited the prosecution in Texas of former Gov. Rick Perry. But Calvey is in Oklahoma, and Perry is no longer in office, though he is fighting an abuse-of-power indictment that he says is politically motivated.

    While Calvey says he doesn’t think anything “so outrageous” would happen in Oklahoma, he adds “who knows who will get elected to those offices in the future? I do think it’s just better to prevent that kind of thing from ever arising… The point is to not allow a locally elected official to effectively have undue influence over statewide policy.”

    The bill never goes into specifics on what would be considered a public offense, thus providing immunity to lawmakers for nearly any criminal activity at the local level. Since Calvey himself acknowledges that the point would be to avoid legislators or politicians from being prosecuted for abuse-of-power, this bill proposes to set forth a very dangerous precedence that could lead to even less accountability for politicians.

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    • Theresa Gricius Rosen

      Our Founding Fathers created a Constitution that made NO MAN OR WOMAN ABOVE THE LAW.

    • John Brancato

      This is the story in California. Our idiot “law makers” make the AR-15, in it’s normal configuration, illegal. BUT, they exempted themselves from any wrong doing if they own one. Then there is Criminal Obama. He exempted Congress from any action for “Insider Trading”. You try it and see what happens to you.

    • Stacie Stevens Markham

      To be fair, I got to witness the politcal witch hunt of my own former governor not so long ago. It was all so ridiculous and petty, and there was chatter that he might be considering making a run for the white house, so yeah. He’ does have a point.

    • vernietaylor

      In several ancient civilizations, those in jobs of greatest political responsibility were held to higher standards than commoners, including more serious punishments. This was true of Confucius China as well as some ancient Greek City States. The idea was that higher levels of power brought added benefits to those who would wield that power but those benefits had to be tempered by more strict controls so where a commoner might be fined one goat for defrauding a neighbor, a government official might sentenced to death for defrauding a community under his rule. This was an attempt to balance the approach to power in their societies. The problem in our society is that those in power have the ability to make and subvert the rules.

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    • pbr90

      All above the law except bill & hillary clinton, obviously

      • Stacie Stevens Markham

        And Obama. Of course.


    • SadDad92310

      Funny when the President and the current Attorney General of the United States will not do their jobs prosecuting Hillary Clinton that a good thing. But when a RINO trys to push a law to help Clinton the fools can’t see it is for one of their own because a Republican is doing it! Lol

    • Paul Rice

      It is not only in the US where this is happening , and the protest voting for minority or extreme groups is proof that people have had enough of the current political parties and politicians and their corruption and incompetence .
      As can be seen across the world , either politics and politicians change or there will be massive unrest , even in developed countries , and instability will follow.
      Politics is being manipulated by the business and financial sectors , who do not care about global warming and climate change , only profit .

    • Wade Dewell

      america is a fascist country where all politicians and judges are bought and owned by evil bankers like the rothschilds and big corporations. the only thing that will break this cycle is full scale armed revolution by the 99% vs the evil 1 %

      • SadDad92310

        Wade you do know that the current President is a Democrat right? That the current Attorney General is a Liberal Democrat. That they are both Black any anything they do must be good since they are not White. Come on how can a Black President be part of a FASCIST STATE?

    • Benjamin Durka

      The criminals make the laws. Makes sense that they would make a law that they cannot be arrested.

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    • Darryl Lawton

      Typical Bottom-Feeding Politician B.S. Politicians ESPECIALLY need to be prosecuted for crimes. It rarely ever happens, as the present Hillary Clinton fiasco PROVES.

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    • GreatGrannyInGeorgia

      No way!

    • Lickylick

      Scumbag politician and their lawmaking in high gear.

    • quest2quest

      We have laws for everything… How about a law that protects the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    • quest2quest

      We have laws for everything… how about a law prosecuting for law making laws that do not defend the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    • Oreoboots

      If that happens the only way to bring them to justice is by vigilante justice

    • tulet

      No one should be exempt from prosecution. It’s up to a judge to determine if prosecution is warranted.

      • SadDad92310

        But what if all the judges are in the pocket of the people who need to be brought to justice? The system is broken and the so called two party system is to blame! When a two party system is in reality only a one party scam. The republic becomes a Socialist Tyrannical government.

    • John Pedigo

      This bill was introduced over a year ago and has been moribund since. Nothing is happening with it, it’s going nowhere. Effectively dead.

    • Ben Beggs

      How true

    • Kevin Spy

      They are above the law already, just ask our crackhead Islamic Kenyan President.

      • Paul

        While I agree with the first portion of your sentence – the second half makes me sick to my stomach. Please, keep your special kind of suffocating ignorance to yourself. Our current President IS NOT a ‘crackhead’, ‘Islamic’ or was born in Kenya.

        • Kevin Spy

          I guess you’ve never seen the photos of him abusing drugs nor have you bothered to watch the numerous videos of this sock puppet praising Islam sucking it up to his Muslim brotherhood buddies and do you know about that ring he wear? His birth certificate is as fake a 3 dollar bill open your eyes you leftist fool!

          • Nathan Hoover

            i was reading the article and i saw this and i had to comment. kevin spy, dude, the words that you just wrote make you seem like a crackhead (pun intended). seriously tho, are you just trolling or are you that stupid?

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    • Glen

      Is that guy high or just really stupid?

    • rlibos

      We must not let these Republican gangsters get away with this.

      • vlad the impaler

        fukn loser demorat.

        • rlibos

          Learn how to spell moron!

          • He knows how to spell ‘Moron’ he just doesn’t think it applies to him.. Now that IS moronic.

        • rlibos

          vlad, please learn how to read and write.

        • rlibos

          vlad, please learn how to write a coherent sentence.

    • Its bullshit since they already are exempt since they are using a pseudonym so we cant sue them. Just look at the oath of candidacy form they all must fill out to run for office. You will see at the bottom the ability for a third person to vouch for their name and they don’t have to ever show ID. You cant sue someone that you don’t know their name.

    • JustmyOpnion


      Obama Care – 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act … as well as the Democratice Party – Clinton Administration Health Care Act ( defrauding SIX State Governments: HMO Dispute Resolution Procedure: criminal Denial of existing Federal HMO Hospital and Nursing Facility Services: Patient Dumping, to force illegal application for HCFA|CMS State Medicaid HMO kickback conversion )– IS about defrauding the United States Government, Retired Federal Beneficiaries and now — ALL State Governments by allowing criminal and financial misconduct: Federal HMO Hospital Insurance Fraud: Patient Dumping.

      POLICY …. of the CLINTON through OBAMA Administrations:

      The Deaths: Retired OPM FEHB, etal. Federal HMO_PATIENT DUMPING, are Due to Antitrust ENFORCEMENT Policies of ( CLINTON Administration – Deputy ~ ) U.S. Attorney General: ERIC HOLDER, and his Current ( OBAMA Administration U.S. Attorney General ) DEPARTMENT of Justice ‘ — T18CFR1001CRIME – HOUSE JUDICIARY — aiding and abetting – 24 FEB 2010 — 12:00 PM Noon — U.S. House H.R. 4626 just passed – Removal of the Anti Trust Exemption for the Health Insurance Industry ‘- T18CFR371CRIME – Clinton Administration – ALLOWING Federal ( HMO Regulation T18CFR242CRIME ) Hospital Insurance Fraud – 1998 members of the ‘ National Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control ( HMO Regulation ) TASK FORCE – Deputy U.S. Attorney General ERIC HOLDER – CHAIR of the TASK Force, First Lady HILLARY Rodham CLINTON – illegal agreement with HHS OIG June Gibbs Brown|HCFA Nancy DeParle (<~ OBAMAs Health Czar ) – – VOLENTARY DISCLOUSURE of Federal Hospital Insurance Fraud, a Program for Federal HMO HOSPITAL Insurance Service Contract Providers to AVOID a United States Government Investigation, Civil or Administrative T18CFR242CRIME, and to AVOID Exclusion: imminent danger: using Hospital HHS 'social workers' for enactment ( commission of a felony ) of a Dispute Resolution Procedure – FULLY Launched in Michigan in 1999 – – by Michigan State Attorney General(s) Jennifer Granholm: – and Wallace Hart HCF Division_who was Convicted in 1992 of stealing 2.6 million in Tax payer funds …..:: criminal denial of Existing OPM FEHB etal., Federal HMO hospital and nursing facility services: Patient Dumping and allowing federal contractor illegal billing defrauded beneficiaries ( Unjust Enrichment ), to Force illegal application for CMS State Medicaid – HMO Hospital Insurance Kickback conversion: fraud resulting in physical injury and death of EACH defrauded [ RETIRED OPM FEHB and POOR MEDICAID Beneficiary ] United States Citizen –
      Dems: YES 238 – Reps: NO 181
      4:00 PM HR 4626 regarding 1945 McCarron|Ferguson Act – Make Health Insurers subject to both State and Federal Regulations – Passed – 406 YES – 19 NO —- NOT Passed by the SENATE …… and PATIENT DUMPING and illegal billing T18CFR242CRIME defrauded beneficiaries Continues ……….

      2010 – criminal and financial fraud — U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder – SUBVERTING JUSTICE – Office Of Dispute Resolution For Acquisition (ODR) — Nov 23, 2010 …for Acquisition (ODR) is the SOLE, Statutorily Designated TRIBUNAL for ALL [ Federal – OPM FEHB, etal. HMO – Hospital insurance Policy ] Contract Disputes. T18CFR242CRIME.

      2012 — Public Corruption – FINANCIAL CRIME – HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius spoke to reporters and answered questions about A NEW REPORT on Health Insurance [ illegal – – Unjust Enrichment for Federal Contractors ] PREMIUM INCREASES, including requested increases in Connecticut, Maine, MICHIGAN – [ Public Corruption – dispute resolution procedure – – allowing federal HMO Hospital Insurance Fraud – T18CFR242CRIME ], Oregon, Rhode Island, and Washington. The report comes shortly after [ D-MI Bart Stupak|Oversite – defrauding the citizens of California ] Anthem Blue Cross announced plans to raise rates [ anti trust violation ] on its California customers by as much as 39 percent.

    • David Rice

      In ancient Rome senators were immune from prosecution as well as private law suits for as long as they were senators. Senators robed and killed and cheated with reckless abandon, right up to the day they were removed from the senate— after which time they committed suicide to protect their families.

    • ranwolf76

      so if a state senator kills someone they can’t be prosecuted?

      • JustmyOpnion

        State Attorney Generals in MI,CA,TX,IL,FL and NY have murdering the elderly ( Retired OPM FEHB, etal Federal Beneficiaries ) since October 1998, using hospital HHS social workers for enactment ( commission of a felony ) of a HMO Dispute Resolution Procedure – ( MIAG – – T18CFR242CRIME ): criminal DENIAL of contracted hospital and nursing facility services: Patient Dumping ( which results in suffering in pain until Death ).

      • robtal

        It would be close to impossible on air tight proof ,unless their were many witnesses.

      • SadDad92310

        Hillary Clinton has ordered the deaths of over 50 people and she will not go down unless Trump is elected and she does not have him bumped off too.

    • darma2u

      This shows you what snakes and wolves in sheep’s clothing these ‘politicians’ are ->”Taking payoffs, breaking the law and pushing through unconstitutional legislation as special favors to corporate interests has long been par for the course in politics. But now Representative Kevin Calvey (R – Oklahoma City) wants to make it official and make it illegal to arrest any state officials accused of a public offense.

      Representative Calvey has introduced House Bill 2206, which would prohibit Oklahoma’s district attorneys from prosecuting state officials, granting that power exclusively to the state’s Attorney General. This would exempt lawmakers from prosecution of nearly any crimes that are normally handled at the local level.”

      • JustmyOpnion

        District Attorneys have been conducting Federal ( HMO Regulation T18CFR242CRIME ) Hospital Insurance Fraud since 1998 Clinton Administration.
        Feb 1, 1999 – Federal Health Policy Issues – Eric Holder|American Hospital Association
        Participants discussed current health care issues and the role government [ anti trust enforcement – policy of the U.S. Department of Justice – Eric Holder T18CFR242CRIME ] – has in the policy.
        HHS OIG News Release 21 Oct 98 – RACKETEERING SCHEME with federal HMO hospital insurance service contractors
        For Immediate Release Contact: Judy Holtz (202) 619-0893
        Wednesday, October 21,1998 Ben St.John (202) 619-1028
        OIG Issues Guidance on Volentary Disclosure of Health Care Fraud – a program for Federal Contractors to AVOID a United States Government Investigation, Civil or Administrative T18CFR242CRIME, and to AVOID Exclusion T18CFR371CRIME in SIX States.

        1. California,

        2. FLORIDA,

        3. Illinois,

        4. Michigan ………… State Attorney Generals Jennifer Granholm and Wallace Hart HCF Division – illegal agreement T18CFR371CRIME — USING Hospital HHS social workers for enactment of a Dispute Resolution Procedure: – T18CFR242CRIME – criminal Denial of Existing Federal OPM FEHB _ HMO hospital and nursing facility service Claims: PATIENT DUMPING, to force illegal application for HCFA|CMS State MEDICAID HMO Kickback conversion.

        5. New York, and
        6. Texas.
        DATED: November 24, 1998
        June Gibbs Brown
        [ HHS ] Inspector General
        DATED: November 24, 1998
        Nancy-Ann Min DeParle
        [ HCFA Medicare|Medicaid ] Administrator, Health Care Financing Administration

        [CITE: 42CFR1003.105] Sec. 1003.105 EXCLUSION from participation in [ HCFA ] Medicare, Medicaid and all Federal health care programs [ OPM FEHB, TRICARE, CHAMPVA ]. A gross and flagrant violation is one that presents an Imminent DANGER: HHS OIG etal. – USING Hospital HHS social workers for enactment of a Dispute Resolution Procedure ( Michigan — – T18CFR242CRIME ) – criminal Denial of Existing Federal OPM FEHB _ HMO hospital and nursing facility service Claims: PATIENT DUMPING, to force illegal application for HCFA|CMS State MEDICAID HMO Kickback conversion.

    • nancyrose

      So…a politician could literally hire someone to commit any crime or commit it themselves and not be punished for it? Yeah, sounds like a great idea!! Especially since 9/10 republicans are mentally unstable!

    • StSonny

      This is a local issue. I hope they have the sense to fight this kind of corruption, that is elect someone else and change the laws back, instead of giving up and ignoring the situation.

      • darma2u

        This is going on all over the country at a “local” level, but also at the national level too. To many are snakes or wolves in sheep’s clothing, trying to cover up their dirty dealings.

        • Chip

          Yes why we need to get these traitors in America out of county and State levels first then go after the federal.. If they are not from your County or state in your politics than they are UN Puppets out to destroy America.. We need to get rid of them ASAP along with our so call UN Puppet president and his Mulsim Brother hood.

    • robert owen

      Well we have a two sided coin locked and loaded. These sick and perverted pscyho paths are watching and feeling in real time their global fraud go down. What most concerns me is how many mind-virus people around the world are still asleep, because their vibration rate that is infected by it, because they give it the energy it needs to feed on, and the Illuminati and International bankers are experts at using the YT community and major blogger sites, to twist and turn the lies, and deceptions, that will continue conflict ridden thread lines, that will still drive negative energy. Example the flat earth community. They will infect as they do everything else they are attached to like termites, their sick and vile lies and propaganda, cause most people have yet to use their heart which has no polarity, to discern what truth is. The more you have your full holistic consciousness operating with your heart chakra intact, the less influence their lies and distortions can gain truth. Your heart and soul is where love and truth is, and anything that serves to self-annihilate what that truth is, is running negative mind-virus thread lines to deceive. These are the Fathers of all lies. Well, as I have said for some time now, the wheels of ‘FLAT EARTH” are already in motion and when they come off to expose the entire global fraud of not only where we live, but the entire global governing infrastructure that underlies all of it.

      Once 7 billion people learn the entire institutional form in which all knowledge and information that comes through these global governing infrastructures are all fraudulently setup to perpetuate a complete fraud, its game over.

      I can see everyone who owns a boat will be hotfooting it down to the antartic, every soldier and sailor who mans their weapons systems will leave their post and their will be a global boycoot of everything they are attached to that comes from them.

      This won’t be national, but global.

      Every ruling class elite will become targets, and there will be no more money or gold that will be enough to keep their pawns in the game going.

      Once a flat earth toy set comes into every Walmart as I already know is in motion, every child on the planet will be screaming for one.

      These monsters are finished. All of them and that means all their war cries and war industries that will go down with them, including every big pharma and Hollywood film set of *ullshit they use to keep their fraudulent round globe in perpetuity will collapse under the entire fraud everyone has been living in and supporting will collapse under the weight of their crimes. Their paper won’t be used anymore.

      Here is a link among hundreds of those who have a scientific background and those that don’t, who are proving we don’t live in a fraudulent NASA program of complete BS. The faster this ball rolls downhill, the faster this system finally collapses on itself.And they of the Illuminati and all self serving pschopaths who seek to use anything to create value as a means to use it as power and control over others will vanish under a planet that finally gravitates to live in peace, love and harmony as it is within our ability to do so.Only the sick and perverted rise to the top of the cesspool who think we have a need for hierarchies, for that is what reptiles do and not mammals who are socially connected with true love that is unconditional as what gives currency to our lives.

    • Larua

      lmao, they have already placed so many bills in the congressional records to protect themselves its ridiculous.
      is to make it legal for them to LIE, another is to protect themselves
      from the likes of us trying to get freedom of information, just looks at
      the 28 pages of the 911 report, oh wait you cant, hundreds of freedom
      of information request and still they hold it against us. and what about
      the police forces, they are not hired to serve and protect the people,
      they are hired to protect the government only.
      and do not forget that they place shrills in high places to protect them as well, such as lawyers, and Judges.

    • William Jones

      Unfortunately . laws like this will lead to assassinations. Currently judges are protected by similar law, so to fight it to supreme court will do no good. If one has power of impunity for actions and decisions with massive force and unquestioning lower ranks to hunt you down this is the definition of tyranny. Unfortunately again the second amendment will go also. Therefore as a human, wait till chaos, remember those of that nature and kill them all with extreme prejudice if you can.

      • vlad the impaler

        not if they take your guns

        • William Jones

          Dude, It is possible to assassinate by impaling someone with an ink pen. Seems like you would know that with a screen name pseudonym of Dracula.

    • baruchzed

      When the politicians leave the citizens no other recourse, the politicians will have to actually face the people, and they won’t like it.

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    • n4zhg

      They can pass all the laws they want, Rule 308 is still in effect.

    • william barr

      doesn’t it say they can make no laws to exempt themselves in the constitution

      • socalscot

        Do you mean the state Constitution? This is being tried at the state level…

      • vlad the impaler

        like they abide by the constitution,obama has made his legacy violating the constitution,as we speak hes suing to let illegals vote in the upcoming elections

    • kLPantera

      No out of jail free card for any government official. If I can be prosecuted for something, you must too.

    • ImajWalker

      They can pass whatever THEY want.. but they will be judged by OUR laws when captured. COMMON LAW = Never harm another human or cause loss to another human’s property! Penalty? The PEOPLE will let you know!

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    • Daniell Guillott

      Republicans want a smaller government for the same reason criminals want a smaller police dept.

      • Roger Cotton

        Nope. Been trying to understand the brilliance of your flawed analogy, but it’s just not making any sense.

      • Joe Weil

        Government workers outnumber private sector workers. $19,000,000,000,000.00 in debt, with $211,000,000,000,000.00 in unfunded liabilities, that’s trillions, Daniel. Please explain how growing government is detrimental to conservative desires?

        • socalscot

          Conservatives want smaller government and more localized control…Democrats like a more centralized government.

      • william barr

        with the biggest gov’t in history and the most communist the dumbacraps want no law except the ones they make up I don’t like the GOP either they are in the same shithole

      • socalscot

        We want a smaller government so the decisions are made at the State and local levels. When this happens, citizens have more power and influence.

        • baruchzed

          What we see is exactly the opposite. So-called “smaller government” enacted by republicans is actually more corporate control, more invasive government, and less power to the people. You are either a liar or a fool.

          • socalscot

            No, not corporate control, but local, run by the people. Democrats have their fingers in corporate America and their share of 1% ers…they just lie about it.

          • StSonny

            I concur. ‘like’

          • socalscot

            Neither…smaller government means laws happening on the city and state level can be “shot-down” more readily OR citizens can influence what laws are passed. This is simply commonsense, I hope you can understand this while looking through your Democratic glasses…

          • socalscot

            Show me where local government leads to more corporate control…

        • StSonny

          except when the local level below you makes decisions you don’t like. a.k.a NC HB2
          Local control is a piece of BS presented by those that want smaller government so they can be bigger crooks.

          • socalscot


        • dhb4angels

          “The irony, of course, is that the Texas Republican Party would be in a very sticky situation without the federal government, which they constantly disparage while gleefully accepting millions from Washington in order to cover up the costs of their own mismangement. In 2010, the federal government spent about $9,000 per Texan, while the state spent a meager $2,200 on each of their citizens, forcing well-run liberal states to subsidize their awful Tea Party economics and refusal to adequately care for their impoverished citizens.”

          Ha! Seems just like a major local/state tax increase staring you down the barrel.

          • socalscot

            I do not trust your website. Do you have a neutral website?

        • ranwolf76

          then why are republicans constantly trying to pass laws that are anything but “smaller government”?

          • socalscot

            Your documentation?

            • ranwolf76

              you mean besides the anti-abortion and anti-lgbt laws?

              • socalscot

                Actually there are some laws that warrent intervention, but I believe pro/anti life laws and the lgbt laws should be state decisions.

                • ranwolf76

                  it’s still laws that interfere with personal decisions

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    • Former Oregon A.G. Dave Frohnmayer has committed more crimes than any public officials with his right hand man the bank robber Rep. Bob Aclerman who forged my family’s signatures & sold our condo without my signature!!

      Fronmayer had died before being prosecuted!!!

      Please sign petition.

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      Straight too the executions then!!!


      Hope this A** wipe understands something. If we can’t arrest a Crooked politician when they commit
      heinous crimes against their own people, Those people will be forced to move straight too the
      “Punishment” phase!!!!

    • Jimmy

      It’s so ugly in our country today, that Evil doers are making laws that goes against the anointed word of God.

      • Randy Bongson

        Republicans are the evil doers and they claim to be working in the name of God. In fact, as far as I can tell, the only people who are not immoral or unethical are the atheists.

    • RustyBertrand

      Link to the bill?

    • Beverly Brown

      People this man is letteing you know in your face that they are corrupted. All of you sorry politicians are jokes.

    • So, do you think that Hitlery Clintslime is NOT corrupt, that her HUSBAND isn’t corrupt (besides being an slutty adulterer/paedophile). I guess you forgot about WHITEWATER, BENGHAZI and all their ‘good and true friends’ that they sacrificed along the way to their slobbering effort to have ‘all the power and all the money’? You forgot that right? You forgot that Obutthead was NOT born in Kapio’lani Hospital, and I know that FOR A FACT because that hospital wasn’t built until SEVEN YEARS after O was born, who the EFF knows where, but NOT HAWAI’I, and I know THAT for a fact, because I stood in line for hours waiting to apply for a Data Analyst job with that hospital RIGHT AFTER IT WAS BUILT and a MONTH BEFORE IT OPENED. Yeah. It’s ‘republicans’. NO, you IDIOTS, it’s the REAL n-word: POLITICIANS.

      • ultrawiz

        Seriously, consider getting some professional help. The fairy tale world you’re living in is altered reality. What a sick little puppy…..

        • vlad the impaler

          he sounds about right to me ,a little unorthodox maybe but point taken.if you don’t believe Obama is a fraud you should seek therapy.

      • EL Guapo

        The former Kapi’olani Maternity Home became the Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital (where Barack Obama was born) in 1931, and it retained that appellation until 1971, when its name was shortened to Kapi’olani Hospital. The Kauikeolani Children’s Hospital (where Barack Obama was not born) was a separate entity which merged with the Kapi’olani Hospital in 1978 to become the Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and Childre

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    • qweztionz5

      They should be arrested now for admitting planning to be corrupt in future.

    • emw12

      He can now set himself on fire.

    • David Mowers

      Laws are for the little people. Everyone in America understands that democracy is no longer a bedrock principle and only the rich or political class have human rights. Oh, or major campaign donors and large multinational corporations. For everyone else, there’s tyranny.

    • Ryan

      TRIPLE sentencing for “Betraying the Public Trust” Any politician who Betrays the Public Trust or is Corrupt in office is a DOMESTIC TERRORIST undermining the People’s belief in the Government and undermining SOCIETY.

      • David Mowers

        I oft wonder why our noble N.S.A. cannot use their vast spying powers to provide a check on elected officials and state governments?

        How come the private citizen is subjected to Constitutional abuse?

        • Ryan

          Those MORONS could not even see ISIS until it conquered —–but then ISIS IS CIA/MOSSAD ——
          They are too busy watching US.

          • David Mowers

            Why bother watching ISIS when there are grandmothers in America you can abuse and steal money from?

    • Conspiracy Optimist

      Most of these statute/Admirality/Martime codes they call laws are Unconstitutional and cannot hold.

      The Common Law Grand Jury box trumps the ballot box. Join and become a Common Law Grand Jurist (aka We the People). All 50 states have been re-constituted since August 2014 for their Common Law Grand Juries. The Common Law Grand Jury/We the People is the fourth level of government and sits at the top, above the supreme court. Common Law Grand Juries can take back the corrupt courts, get rid of agenda 21, smart meters, endless wars, criminal politicians, fake corrupt corporate governments and restore the original Constitution. Join our Monday night conference calls 6 pm PST, 9 pm EST and become active in the solution. It is the duty of the Grand Jury, if anyone’s unalienable rights have been violated, or removed, without a legal sentence of their peers, from their lands, home, liberties or lawful right, we (the twenty-five) shall straightway restore them. And if a dispute shall arise concerning this matter it shall be settled according to the judgment of the twenty-five Grand Jurors, the sureties of the peace.

      National Liberty Alliance has joined the Constitutional Sheriffs, the Oath Keepers and the Militias to restore the
      Republic of America. We have been bombing the court-houses across the country with Common Law
      Constitutional documents revealing the corruption in the courts and making our way to restore the Common Law Courts.

      • Mike

        Careful of your language there. “bombing”. “They” might condtrue it wrongly.

    • Michelle Wells

      Why is he so protective of Perry? Perry’s guilty as charged; his indictment was NOT politically motivated. Texans just got tired of his shenanigans. Of course then they elected Abbott, who isn’t any better. Gerrymandering voting districts is alive and well in Texas!

      • gracieux

        bs! stop lying

        • jericho

          No, she’s dead-on.

          • gracieux

            yeah well good luck with your sense of realiy. check out the video of the drunk district attorney who caused the stink. she is and was very demanding and self important. do you know who i am? yeah i do lady you are a drunk and drunk democrat at that. even the media lapdogs included called her out. it smelled to high heaven.

            • jericho

              Yeah, it smelled to high heaven. Know what else did?

              The fact that there were two other GOP DAs in Texas who got nailed for DWIs and got zero attention from Perry.

    • JD

      History will not look kindly on this lot of Republican scum.

      • vlad the impaler

        democrat conniving scum you mean

    • don freedom

      State controlled media: check. Send jobs overseas and let illegals pour over the border: check. Militarize the police: check. Selective prosecution: check. Write laws specifically to protect government approved criminals: semi-check, but expect a full check soon. Historically, this is the next logical step that fascist states always expand to include. Sad, but to be expected. The collapse of the Corporation of the United States is well underway–its only a matter of when.

      • Ezra Pound

        The term “fascist” is a meaningless shibboleth, but other than that, you’re 100% spot on.

        • qweztionz5

          According to Mussolini the term ‘fascism’ applies to the merger of state power and corporate interests

          • Ezra Pound

            Mike Rivero has done a huge disservice to world by floating his shallow definition. What you guys don’t understand is that “corporate” in the sense used by Mussolini was not limited to private, profit-making enterprises as that term is used today. For example, labor unions were considered “corporations” under Fascism. Churches were “corporations”. A “corporation” is any organized class or group. Mussolini’s “fascism” was not the “merger” of corporate and state power, it was the reorganization of the state on a corporate basis whereby representation was not limited to individuals, but entire groups, e.g., “labor” had representatives in the Fascist government; “finance” had representation, “service employees”, “teachers”, etc. “Teachers” were a “corporation” in the fascist sense. So with all due respect to Mike Rivero and yourself, you guys are sloppy and historically unknowledgeable with regard to the topics about which you speak.

          • Ezra Pound

            Mike Rivero has done a huge disservice to world by floating his shallow definition. What you guys don’t understand is that “corporate” in the sense used by Mussolini was not limited to private, profit-making enterprises as that term is used today. For example, labor unions were considered “corporations” under Fascism. Churches were “corporations”. A “corporation” is any organized class or group. Mussolini’s “fascism” was not the “merger” of corporate and state power, it was the reorganization of the state on a corporate basis whereby representation was not limited to individuals, but entire groups, e.g., “labor” had representatives in the Fascist government; “finance” had representation, “service employees”, “teachers”, etc. “Teachers” were a “corporation” in the fascist sense. So with all due respect to Mike Rivero and yourself, you guys are sloppy and historically unknowledgeable with regard to the topics about which you speak.

    • FactChecker101

      This is the same guy who just recently threatened to self-immolate over a protest against abortion (side note: please feel free, Rep. Calvey, to do so at any time… no one’s stopping you… really, they aren’t), so I have to seriously question the people of Oklahoma’s ability to properly choose their electoral candidates henceforth. *shakes head*

      • David Mowers

        He understands that a conjunction of Taurus over a southern crescent moon means, the horns loose from the bull, so clearly that is meant to be interpreted as the word of Jesus approving legislators ascent to a higher class of sovereignty.

    • I feel that this is about protecting elected officials from being punished from abuse of privilege and trust. When we elect someone to represent us (do what they promised while campaigning and what a majority of us want after they are elected) we have the right to expect them to do exactly what they said they would do if elected. No following the party line, no catering to special interests, no letting special interests write legislation that benefits them and not the People, no leaving office much more financially secure than when they took office, no reelection. Just good public service for the period of time established in the Constitution for the office held. Then, after one period of service, everyone that served must return home and take up the lives they left in order to serve. Just like the Framers intended for them to do.

    • Firestorm

      I am conservative independent and I say No! This bill would corrupt absolutely. Everyone needs to be held accountable for thier actions. Whether if you are part of the left wing zealots or the corrupted old guard of the Gop.

    • B.l. Cozad Jr

      A better bill would be a bill to remove and punish DA’s “that bring forward or file unjustified, fraudulent and/or politically motivated charges against a politician”.

      In other words the local DA would still be able to file charges if they were sure the charges were legitimate.

    • paul

      I get the reason for this bill…………. but there has to be a better method to stem DA’s massive power

      • ohpaleasegivemeabreak

        What IS the reason for this bill?

        It’s pretty obvious to me what it’s about – to protect OklieHatie’s massive political corruption and create a special class of people who are exempt from all laws no matter what kind of FILTH you convince them they should do to punish people YOU hate – which makes you happy and joyous apparently

    • Gaijinman

      There was a happier day when rat jackal politicians of this caliber would be tarred ‘n feathered for lesser offense. This royal statist scumbag should be caned and incarcerated for even suggesting anything so absurd and vile.

    • Tammy Time

      Malicious prosecution of politicians? You can’t be serious! Maybe if you paid attention to the malicious prosecution of innocent citizens, you wouldn’t need to be so concerned with yourselves. On average, there are more than 20,000 innocent people in prison today ( #FreeRodneyLincoln #wrongfulconviction #justiceNOTpolitics

    • John Pepin

      This is why I wrote the Fourth Branch…

      Whomever votes for that bill should be immediately imprisoned!

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    • The Glider

      Oklahoma? LOL. They get what they deserve for voting in all these republicans. Just like Kansas.

      • Ken Wells

        Prisons are full of Demokrats, not Republicans !

        • cary0

          That’s BS Ken Wells. Do your research.

          • Ken Wells

            If it was not true, you would have posted a link to prove your point ..! I have researched it, or I would not have said it ..!

            • charlie Mcadams

              Percentage wise there are far less atheists in jail that Christians Atheists have the most successful marriages. evangelicals are near the worst and their children are more successful. Are you sure this is where you want to go, KEn

        • Daniel Martin

          Actually its slightly higher on the republican side than on the liberal side but they are all crooks.

          • jon ray

            Do you always talk to yourself?

      • Cupric

        I guess Baltimore is getting what it deserves for voting in all those democrats. LOL.

        • Michael Keville

          You are a Moron.

          • Cupric

            …says the sad, little gay man hiding behind his keyboard who uses that word at least ten times a day. Newsflash – Hillary’s laughing at you too.

    • George Yesthal

      If they get away with this, it’s time that We The People pass a bill declaring open season on politicians. A $1000 bounty on any and all politicians. That’s one way to be shed of them.

    • JustmyOpnion

      Here is What it is about – example: Michigan _ CRIMINAL PENALTIES FOR ACTS INVOLVING FEDERAL [ – OPM FEHB – ] HEALTH CARE PROGRAMS SEC. 1128B. [42 U.S.C. 1320a-7b] (a) Whoever ….. MICHIGAN Attorney General _ JENNIFER GRANHOLM – // 1999 Michigan Attorney General _ Jennifer Granholm, using State Liscensed HOSPITAL HHS ‘ social workers ‘ for enactment of a Dispute Resolution Procedure: – criminal denial of Existing Federal OPM FEHB _ HMO Hospital and Nursing Facility Services – Patient Dumping, to FORCE illegal – – application for CMS State Medicaid HMO kickback conversion. Between 1999 & 2001 Michigan’s Medicaid clientele ballooned to 1.25 million from 1 million.
      MICHIGAN Attorney Generals and HHS OIG collecting approximately $100,000 in ‘fines’ from Federal HMO Hospital Insurance Contractors ( Health Alliance Plan, WAYNE COUNTY, Detroit MI ) on EACH defrauded Retired OPM FEHB beneficiary, FORCED into illegal application for HCFA|CMS state MEDICAID Kickback conversion _ Civil and Crime Victims Rights DENIED T18CFR242CRIME.
      The U.S. Attorney’s Office:
      ALLOWING –violations of Criminal and Civil Law,
      ALLOWING –including terrorism
      VIOLATING –and national security matters –,
      serious drug trafficking,
      ALLOWING –violent crime,
      ALLOWING –public corruption,
      ALLOWING –Civil Rights violations,
      ALLOWING –Financial Fraud –,
      ALLOWING –including Mortgage Fraud,
      ALLOWING –Health Insurance Fraud –, environmental crimes, and ALLOWING a variety of other violations
      False Safety Claims – JULY 27, 2010 — Statement of Christine A. Varney – Assistant Attorney General – ANTI TRUST Division – – Blue Cross control of nearly 90 percent of the commercial health insurance market in the Lansing, MICHIGAN, area, Resulting in HIGHER [ PREMIUMS ] Prices, Fewer Choices, and a REDUCTION in the QUALITY of commercial health insurance plans purchased by Lansing area residents and their employers. The acquisition also would have given Blue Cross the ABILITY to CONTROL Physician Reimbursement rates in a manner that could HARM the quality of health care delivered to CONSUMERS. We informed the parties that WE WOULD FILE AN ANTITRUST SUIT TO BLOCK THE TRANSACTION, and the parties then [ FALSE CLAIM ] abandoned the deal.
      HHS – Kathleen Sebelius [ racketeering: / ] spoke to reporters and answered questions about A NEW REPORT on Health Insurance PREMIUM INCREASES [ / unjust enrichement for Federal Providers – forced poverty of defrauded individuals ], including requested increases in Connecticut, Maine, MICHIGAN – Attorney General racketeering scheme with HHS _ OIG giving illegal exclusion from federal prosecution: using a DISPUTE RESOLUTION PROCEDURE, enacted by Hospital HHS ‘social workers’ – – criminal denial of Existing Federal ( OPM FEHB ) _ HMO Hospital Insurance Services – Patient Dumping, to FORCE illegal application for CMS State Medicaid HMO kickback conversion ], Oregon, Rhode Island, and Washington. The report comes shortly after [ D-MI BART STUPAK oversite committee _ racketeering with Federal Health Insurance Contractors in California ) Anthem Blue Cross announced plans to raise rates [ anti trust violation ] on its CALIFORNIA customers by as much as 39 percent.

    • SilverMine

      I thought the story was going to say that no elected official could get prosecuted. I was fixing to pitch a fit but it doesn’t say that. I don’t understand why everyone is so upset. It just says a higher courts would handle all of them. Tell me, what is wrong with that??

      • Howard Gardella

        What is wrong is these are public servants, declaring independence from law, law that is written by them, for they, can not be arrested by any law enforcement, if this passes, other than an order, from the attorney general. They should be held even more accountable, than any one else for they are servants of We the People in our Government called the Declaration of Independence.

      • Truth Teller

        As an example, look at the federal level. The attorney general is in the presidents pocket. It has become a political position, at least with the democrats.

    • dmac

      Well why not since Obama gets away with everything.

      • Mike Rebel Carman

        What crimes has Obama done exactly?

        • TEAsupporter

          Good luck getting an answer to your question. I’d like to know as well. I keep asking what he has lied about. No one will respond to that one either.

          • Truth Teller

            There are plenty of web sites dedicated to the many lies of obama. Maybe a google search is in order!


        • Michael Capanelli
          • Mike Rebel Carman

            Making recessed appointments to the NRLB? That was because the GOP CONgress failed to act (as usual). Failed to deport SOME illegals? Obama has deported more than ANY other President. Also, Reagan did not deport many illegals, same w/ Bush. NONE of these are impeachable by precedence!
            ACA has been ruled Constitutional by the SCOTUS.
            It’s not like he started a war unconstitutionally & lied about WMD or anything. It’s not like he passed the Patriot Act which suspends the constitution…

        • Truth Teller

          Obama’s ‘Dead Pool’

          • Mike Rebel Carman

            Total BS, show me some REAL facts!

      • mikeatle

        What crimes EXACTLY has Obama gotten away with, dmac? Be specific and add dates.

          • Mike Rebel Carman

            Making recessed appointments to the NRLB? That was because the GOP CONgress failed to act (as usual). Failed to deport SOME illegals? Obama has deported more than ANY other President. Also, Reagan did not deport many illegals, same w/ Bush. NONE of these are impeachable by precedence!
            ACA has been ruled Constitutional by the SCOTUS.

      • Patrick

        …was wondering how long it would be before some political genius managed to drag Obama into this.

    • Eric Jewell Hayes Sr

      Is this dude for real?

    • there’s nothing wrong with this. if we elect someone to do what their owners tell them, then we should should expect them to do what their owners tell them. Anything else would be depriving the voters of their right to elect criminals to office.

      • David Mowers

        All dogs bark and obey commands.

    • If this wasn’t so stupid it would be scary.

    • Roz Dotson


    • ccaffrey

      I wonder if he checked his facts that the prosecutor who delivered those 2 indictments against Perry was a REPUBLICAN, since the D.A.’s who initially had jurisdiction recused themselves for conflicts of interest. AND there were actually 4 charges considered and the Republican said he could have made a case for ALL of them but decided to just pursue 2.

    • Eric

      talk about skewed reportage. does the author of this article even understand how to, idk, read? or how to report something without “I’M BIASED!!!” coming screaming off the page? the text of the proposed legislation does not make it “illegal” to prosecute an elected official. it makes it so that any prosecution of an elected official must be done by the state attorney general. is that fair? no, it’s not. they should, in the event that they need be prosecuted for something, be prosecuted just the same as anyone else caught doing whatever. but using inflammatory rhetoric that doesn’t even reflect the actual thing being reported on, that’s just doing a crappy job.

    • lantanalenoxx

      But Calvey must realize these officials would have their day in court. They are innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law. Why exempt them from prosecution?

    • Donnie Schroeder

      F___ YOU! Hang them high

    • Mark Wengler

      This person is a lowown scub bag

    • Pithy Eponym Here

      Sounds like someone needs to investigate this clown’s books.

    • wanagiakicita

      Republicans are such liars and crooks, that now they have to pass laws to EXEMPT themselves from being prosecuted for CORRUPTION!! WOW

    • Karl Schmith

      Better call Saul!

    • nnyl

      So what crimes is he hiding that he fears arrest?

    • seanmartin

      GOP and from Oklahoma. Says everything you need to know…

    • bad`

      Kevin Calvey (R – Oklahoma City) should be prosecuted for just representing such a law, just for this

    • Adam

      Common people need to get their rights, law offices of ariano and reppucci in Arizona can help you with that!

      • Daniel Stuart Hoffman

        Rights are inherent. The people need not contact anyone to get them, simply enforce their existence.

    • James Hendrixs

      We are a nation at war with itself! Every day I meet other Americans that I hate and despise!

    • James Hendrixs

      We are a nation at war with itself! Every day I meet other Americans that I hate and despise!

    • James Hendrixs

      We are a nation at war with itself! Every day I meet other Americans that I hate and despise!

    • James Hendrixs

      The tea baggers will be shocked by monster that they created once their needs collide with their new master’s greed!!! After the GOP is finished screwing the poor, they will be coming after the elderly!!! I will support the crushing of Social Security if it hurts the tea baggers

    • James Hendrixs

      The tea baggers will be shocked by monster that they created once their needs collide with their new master’s greed!!! After the GOP is finished screwing the poor, they will be coming after the elderly!!! I will support the crushing of Social Security if it hurts the tea baggers

    • James Hendrixs

      The tea baggers will be shocked by monster that they created once their needs collide with their new master’s greed!!! After the GOP is finished screwing the poor, they will be coming after the elderly!!! I will support the crushing of Social Security if it hurts the tea baggers

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    • Botvinnik

      Dear Mr. Jefferson:
      On behalf of myself and the rest of America, please accept our apologies for allowing the destruction your vision of a limited government of freedom that was destroyed on our watch.

    • MaryBlack

      Wow. Exactly what have they been doing to feel this was even necessary. Not buying his reason.

    • Botvinnik

      Hand out the arms and ammo
      We’re going to blast our way through here
      We’ve got to get together sooner or later
      Because the revolution’s here, and you know it’s right
      And you know that it’s right.

    • constitutionalist

      The state of mind the body of legislator not the State of Ok. also the people of Ok. don’t know if they have any rights or privilages but if they would study the U S Constitution and understand that they do have Rights then they could assert them .
      The 11 th amendment took Your Rights away from Article 3 Sec. two of the U S Constitution by means of legislation check it out DUMMY ! the 11th proposal was rejected at the time of presenting the proposals of the Table Of Riights .
      So the criminals in the black robe in 1798 presented the 11 th amendment again and ratified it and today it is still in conflict with Article 3 Sec. 2 .
      All the DUMMY”S should be able to check it out it is worth your Life and Country dont you think so ???? I will help you anyone whom wants to learn the U S Constitution . Thats my only Bible !!!

    • TheHutMaster

      All these scumbags belong in jail and out of our lives. WTF does this sumbag think he is. I say we will investigate this dirtbag and see what we can find.

    • LibvisLearned

      With “Republicans” like this one, who needs progressive Democrats?

    • Terance Healy

      DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. It took 30 years to expose the one which protected the judiciary. That Constitutional Challenge will be world news soon. It permitted the ABA to overthrow the judiciary – and the govt. All that crazy SCOTUS decisions… Not constitutional or logical. Fulls explained at this web site. I have been working on this for 8 years.

    • Terance Healy

      If you think this is WAY TOO CRAZY TO PASS… You may noty be aware that the judiciary enacted a law with the same power to prevent prosecution for corruption and injustice. 30 years ago. After the Cook County (Chicago) courthouse was decimated by the Graylord investigation. They made sure judges would never be prosecuted for any crime – it also permits lawyers to commit fraud to conceal fraud and to prevent recitfying the fraud. It is in every state now… and is unconstitutional. BUT they made it illegal to reveal it.

      This is the reason INJUSTICE in the USa is ignored – even when it is in your face national news.

      A law enacted by the state supreme court in every state without proper construction, without constitutional review, without involvement of any state legislature and without the signature of any governor designed to ignore judicial corruption and injustice which includes an aggressively enforced MANDATE of silence for all lawyers while ignoring, denying and preventing the constitutional rights of litigants.

    • BambiB

      I would assume that any politician seeking exemption from prosecution is probably deserving of prosecution.

    • alan_1969

      I believe that is a sign to get someone out of office, for even thinking that public officials should be on a different level as the people he is supposed to represent. I say “no exceptions”, even for the president.

    • Robert

      I agree that no one should be exempt but there is an issue that should be looked at as far as DA’s abuse of their position. The DA office is notorious for abusing their position for political reasons here in Texas. The democrat DA positions especially in Austin will trump up charges on conservatives to interrupt their terms examples would be… Tom Delay, the DA charging Rick Perry for abuse of his office. I have heard them described as Birdcage lawyers–they pick shit at the bottom of the cage. If they can’t beat you at the polls then they will tie you up in court.

    • massvocals

      all of you …rights are unalienable therefore you have the right to exercise them , When Tarrant comes the law of reason is out the window you have the right to revote and remove the current government

    • Bahahaha, don’t worry humanity, when the Soap Box, the Mail Box , the Ballot Box, and the Jury Box all fail; there’s always the Ammo Box option left to deal with these evil criminals, traitors, and domestic terrorists who’ve infiltrated and hijacked government office.

    • Mike Knurek

      That’s fine take them straight to the firing squad.

    • You should see what legislators are doing about child porn. The main ones with all the youngster porn is the administration, the military in pentagon PCs and National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in their PCs. Court records demonstrate the FBI ran a CP site trying to catch its clients; each CP picture and CP feature the FBI permitted individuals to download will stay some place on the Internet until doomsday. No less than 10,000 photographs of youngsters being postured bare, assaulted or overall misused were show through the FBI site. The FBI kept on dispensing CP online while it was under their control. A FBI pro in online law violations against youngsters, itemized the examination in an announcement to the court.

      These same CP pictures and features the FBI permitted people to download made it on to P2P systems and afterward imparted to P2P programming. When somebody hunt down lets say the statement “youngster” they are overflowed with pictures to download: notwithstanding they don’t know whether the pictures are what they requested and they don’t know until they open the record and by then its past the point of no return law requirement programming has got the Ip location of the downloader. At that point law enforcement goes to a secrete FISA court to get a court order for the phisical location of the IP address. Those who profit from child sexual abuse is the multi BILLION dollar Child Abuse Industry that consists of THOUSANDS of ORGANIZATIONS with high paid CEO’s and staff which is full of nefarious individuals that must convince both us and their victims that everything is abuse. News media, therapists, prosecutors, judges, lawyers and sex police. Thousands of jobs depend on maximizing claims of abuse. Journalist are only allowed to report the Gothic Melodramas,and Monster stories of Child Molesting given to them by law enforcement. They play them out on TV news and in newsprint every day to keep people scared, and keep the donations and government grants coming and the people are provided these Gothic melodramas with not just titillation but assurances by them they are our righteous protectors. Constitutional and political science scholars have said these laws have undermined centuries of free speech and expression.

      The ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY and the CHILD ABUSE INDUSTRY lobbied congress to pass laws that were never intended to save children because the software used by Law Enforcement only goes after some P2P filesharer who happens to download intentionally or not images of the harm done by someone else and doesn’t rescue one child. This accounts for the high rate of arrests and incarceration that people read about daily. This Inquisition exposed a whole new group of people from whom to collect money where the legal system thrives. Law enforcement formally know as OFFICERS of the PEACE have become militaristic while prosecutors talk about their CP Gothic Melodramas in the MEDIA. Prosecutors have taken advantage of this opportunity because it wins votes, increases contributions and donations, increased grants to keep the people in their control.

      Johan Schlüter, head of the Danish Anti-Piracy Group remarked, “Child pornography is great,” and he said enthusiastically. “Politicians do not understand file sharing, but they understand child pornography, and they want to filter that to score points with the public. Once we get them to filter child pornography, we can get them to extend the block to file sharing. We must filter the Internet to win over online file sharing. But politicians don’t understand that file sharing is bad, and this is a problem for us. Therefore, we must associate file sharing with child pornography. Because that’s something the politicians understand, and something they want to filter off the Internet. Child pornography is an issue they understand.” Schlüter grinned broadly. ” FOLLOW THE MONEY

    • BigGuyUFT

      Article 1 Section 6 US Constitution states: ” [The Senators and Representatives] shall, in all cases except Treason, Felony, and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from arrest during their attendance at the session of their respective Houses and in going to and returning from same…” Those who are guilty of such actions (Treason, Felony or Breach of the Peace) are either censured or impeached by their own elected peers. The Founders all understood that human nature could lead to bad actors and actions and wrote the Constitutional provisions in such a way as to allow for the release from office anyone who is found guilty of public offenses while holding that public office. Those who engage in Bribery, Fraud, and many other offenses commit FELONIES. Therefore, they are NOT and CANNOT be made immune from prosecution since the US Constitution is the First Law of the land and basically DEMANDS that those so accused be removed immediately from their official capacity, be tried, and if found guilty, sent home or to jail.

    • Parker Orfield

      Don’t steal the government can’t stand competition and wants people out of the way of their business.

    • nannerbs

      Gee, and I was thinking they were supposed to be good examples to the rest of us! Silly me!!

    • Bob Barton

      The law would help prevent trivial lawsuits from the left when they don’t get their way.

    • Neal Norvell

      What a load of BS. I hope everyone that reads this post will take the time to log on to this arse holes web site and contact him via e-mail. He obviously has something to hide and we all need to question exactly what it is he’s afraid of. Personally I feel every single member of Congress should have a choice for their work habits over the past six years. Either serve 2 years in prison for cheating our Government out of money, i.e., they earned a salary but chose to simply not work or pay back the past six years income for work not performed. This guy is a piece of work.

    • JosephConrad

      Calvey needs to experience a thorough investigation of his campaign financing sources. Only a criminal mind could devise such a response to the corruption of BOUGHT legislators –from our BOUGHT Congress down to city Alderman. This smells of KOCH MONEY! Investigate Calvey now while the stench is rising!

    • Rob

      Congratulations. The most corrupt and power-hungry people on earth, exempt themselves from prosecution; and, the sheep are following them like all is fine and peachy.
      Well, if nobody is disgusted and revolted, they deserve to have their way.

    • Pingback: Lawmakers Trying To Pass Bill Exempting Politicians From Arrest And Prosecution For Corruption - Liberty Crier()


      Well, if they want Arrests, & Prosecutions taken off the table, the ONLY thing left ( I hope he realizes ) is
      EXECUTIONS!! So,they can now go from, Corrupt politician ( Bypassing the whole arrest & prosecution )
      portion of the legal system, & move right into the execution phase of they’re demise…..It’s good news
      if you a taxpayer, that is for sure!!!

    • VicioousAlienKlown

      The republicans in Kansas are on a roll, aren’t they?

    • Can’t Get Right

      They need to drug test that m’therfocker, because he went full tard. What about the “malicious prosecution” of citizens, is there a bill for that? Cause that sh!t goes on everyday Mr. Calvey, you fuchtard. I agree with Mr. Juan and his a$$ dragging plan. I’m out, later haters

    • eyelostmyname

      The Communists got their start doing stuff like this.

    • Mike

      This makes me ashamed to call myself a Republican. No one should be above the law.

    • TEXAN

      NOW, the people of OKLAHOMA know WHO not to re-elect next election……he needs to go.!!!!!!!

    • TEXAN

      B.S. politicians ARENT any better than anyone else….. make em pay the price if their corrupt….their in office to work FOR US, not for their own special interest.

    • RichieT

      Pass any da$$ bill you want, it’s still violates the United States Constitution

      Article II, Section 4
      The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.
      People are screaming that Obama is ignoring the Constitution, what about the Republicans that are trying to shred it?

      Bit$$, bit$$, bit$$ all you want, over 96% of the members that came up for reelection in 2014, STAYED in office.

    • Robert Campbell

      No politician should ever be exempted from prosecution for any crime committed while in or out of office. Malicious prosecution ie. Texas Gov Perry, is just part of what a politician has to deal with when performing their duties to state government. Just because someone files a suit against a sitting politician, it does not mean the politician is guilty of the declared crime. Remember, “Innocent until PROVEN GUILTY” Allowing any politician to claim exemption from any type judicial action is creating another tier of citizen that would enjoy protection without merit.

    • jimmy hoffa

      If this happens, we should storm the halls of Congress. And, beat these fools too an inch of their lives. Then throw their asses out into the street.

    • randi thistle

      Hahaha! Hahahahahahaha! Hahahahaha!

    • fishydude

      It could be a response to the obviously politically motivated prosecutions of politician by county DA’s in other states.
      So I’m not entirely surprised by this move.
      Local DA’s have taken to “creative interpretation” of law to manufacture cases against their perceived opposition. This is a fact.

    • Jim Jones

      Yep leave it to the Republicans to propose something that covers their asses when they take bribes for legislation. Go figure these bastards want a free pass for doing something that you or I would go to jail for. The only thing that surprises me is that they aren’t trying to give their citizen accomplices a free pass too. I guess your political bribe dollars can only get you so much.

    • day2knight

      First, the indictment of Perry was not politically motivated. Second, we already have enough problems with corrupt politicians.

    • john carter

      Really? I thought the Dictatorship was here already.

    • jacklord

      Totally evil. Malicious prosecution? I BET that this man is neck deep in corrupt practices. I don’t generally hold with the idea that one or the other is ‘more corrupt’. But I have to say when I see a Republican politician doing this sort of thing I tend to think that he/she is the slave of some sort of big business interest. On whose behalf is he proposing this bill??

    • Chuck

      Are you out of your mind, or just trying to CYA. If anything a elected official should be held to tougher standards. Another thing don’t worry about Gov. Rick Perry. Stupid

    • B. B.

      We do not forgive. We do not forget. We are legion. EXPECT US!!!

    • johnmilnic

      Politicians have too many loop holes as it is. They can be convicted of a crime and only have to leave office of sent it to an appeals court to be overturned.

    • johnmilnic

      I didn’t even have to read before I knew it was sponsored by a Republican.

    • bikerscholar

      The nature of power is to corrupt and isolate/insulate the executors of it from the peons. We must be ever vigilant in order to maintain our liberty, such as it remains in our hand.

    • Janet

      Wow, this is super scary. Chip away at the middle class by not creating living wage jobs, getting rid of collective bargaining and limiting education. Force us all on government assistance, then take the government assistance away while they laugh and say “Let them eat cake”.

    • bigbird2071

      Sickening what this country has become…was nice once upon a time…maybe now its time to see firsthand what other countries are about instead of automatically believing that the land of the once free is the best place to be.

    • Hogdude

      It would seem that the public officials cited in the article are the very ones who should be prosecuted, and vigorously, for crimes they commit against the very people who elected them. Theirs are positions of public trust, unlike a stranger who breaks into our house, cars, etc. Calvey needs to go back home and research this for awhile. (And I’m born in Oklahoma!)

    • Poppa Homage

      and the good people elected this EMPEROR ?

    • Fed Up and Long ago Jaded

      All i can say is another pathetic yet hilarious (in the sense of the utter stupidity and inaneness of the situation) example of how politicians in general (I don’t care what party they are in) become politicians for the power it gives them…..not any desire to be a representative of the people.

    • Darrel Dodson

      No one should be above the law not even the ding bat in the White house.

    • FarpointRelay

      I guess we can always just skip the trial and go straight to the hangings….

      • PARIS_GIRL

        SEE YOU THERE!!

    • Sad but why am I not surprised?

    • Henry Butler

      Ever notice that these types of asinine, idiotic wannabe laws are always the brainchild of republicans? This guy should be recalled ASAP. His criminal mentality (and I’m sure there are others who agree with him) shows what Oklahoma is going to become if this type of criminal elitism goes unchecked. Wake up Oklahoma!

    • Patriot

      Who in the hell do these people (politicians and public servants) think they are to suggest that they can pass a bill to protect themselves from prosecution for wrong doing. It’s happened before but this is the last straw. Who elected this guy to office?

    • Jimmy Perry

      If the United States had a rectum, it would be Oklahoma.

    • earl wilson


    • Ceon

      Well, this is what to expect if we let them, where are all the street protests? Where is the ire? Where are the fuming citizens rabid that the corruption can even be thought of to be made legal “For Some” ? There has got to be a moment when the man and woman in the street, says, “No More! this has gone on too long, we do not consent to this, stop right now” We make our bed, is this the bed we want to lie in? If they can be protected in their corruption, who next? and when does it get to be everybody? It appears that the Police can already just shoot and kill anyone they want to and enjoy the protection of the law. What next? you are witnessing the breakdown of society and we the people have allowed it to happen. We can also correct it at any time.

    • Allan Murphy

      We need to pass a law that citizens can shoot what ever politicians doesn’t do what the American people voted on .

    • guitarpilot

      This worthless peice of shit needs to be dragged from his office and hung from the nearest lamp post !

    • Mark Veenendaal

      Oh good. Welcome to the Soviet Union II.

    • Icthelite

      Rep. Calvey, just another narcissistic SOB that thinks once you’ve duped the people into electing you to a politician position you should be above the laws that those electing you have to abide by. Truly a real scumbag. I’ll bet those that voted for this a-hole will never admit it to any one in their community.

    • Ed Cunningham

      Still showing the evidence of his adolescent masturbation bumps on his face.

    • Ken Bradford

      Just what I’d expect from liberals who want the President made a king! Wait. What’s that? He’s a Republican? Are you sure? Drat!

    • artalem

      They are right! They should not be arrested and prosecuted for CORRUPTION. They should just be taken outside and EXECUTED!

    • michael stevens

      Political corruption is AOK but Col. should not smoke any weed. These OKKies. are some real trash aren’t they.

    • johnny c

      unbelievable how bold faced the corruption in oklahoma is

    • Americus Citizenus

      Now we know the real reason lawmakers passed laws that made it a crime to record telephone conversations or tape conversations in public without letting the other party know you are recording. Fracking pieces of human by-product!

    • Dustin

      Oops ! Sorry ! I accidentally signed in to a website controlled by Oblamer trolls and total liberal morons ! (as opposed to less-ons)

    • Hu Dat

      Sounds like a test case for obammy immunity

    • nickmeister

      Our great grandfathers would have hung this Calvey traitor from a tree…

    • Dustin

      Sounds reasonable to me once you get around the misleading headline . An abusive, vindictive , drunken state Ethics Department in Texas had a Liberal Democrat file charges against Gov. Rick Perry just to slander him and prevent him for running for President . We also had the same thing happen to Tom DeLay just before the 2008 Presidential Election . The charges against DeLay were finally dropped (or reversed) within the last year and a half . It is time to stop these liberals dead in their tracks .

      • Justeds

        Dustin? Let’s put your over-simplified views of perry’s, and delay’s legal battles aside. Who in your opinion, who should be allowed to indict politicians; only their peers? State Attorney Generals are appointed as opposed to elected like local prosecutors aren’t they? Wouldn’t you rather trust “We The People” than “them the appointed”? Or have you drunk the korporate kool-aid to the point that you’d rather be ‘Bossed’ by the few; rather than have a system by which everybody is equally held accountable, or do you believe there should be a certain class that don’t have to be questioned on behalf of the people?

        • Dustin

          Howzabout any one but the Democrat socialist hacks that are misusing and abusing the system now . And the prosecution of both Perry and DeLay were motivated by liberals seeking political advantage in total disregard of the law .

    • Guest

      He has a bit of a pedo look…….

    • Dean

      Assassination will be the only thing left to hold them accountable.

    • Ken Wood

      Gee, why not go all the way and say that anything elected officials do is legal? Murder? Pedophilia, No big deal! After all, we elected that person!

    • randye5


    • Roy Veteto

      if this bill is being considered, then I have to wonder what is going on behind the scenes

    • mooshi

      I used to think that half of the people in this country are stone stupid. After reading some of these posts, it’s closer to 75%. What a bunch of idiots.

    • mooshi

      I used to think that half of the people in this country are stone stupid. After reading some of these posts, it’s closer to 75%. What a bunch of idiots.

      • PARIS_GIRL


    • Bob Schafer

      Land of the free, and the home of the criminal.

    • Bob Schafer

      Land of the free, and the home of the criminal.

    • markopar

      So what does this guy think he is ??? A Communist Leader??????

    • markopar

      So what does this guy think he is ??? A Communist Leader??????

    • Bill

      Thank you Oklahoma City for voting in moron Representative Kevin Calvey into office. Just remember folks the republicans are just as corrupt as the democrats, its time they both go as a political party.

    • Conundrum .

      Let this go to a vote. Then lynch and hang anyone who votes for it. A perfect way to let them out themselves. I imagine that will send a clear enough image that this particular law won’t go thru even if it is approved.

    • Karla Child

      holy crap anyone signing on to this bill, should go directly to JAIL. azzholes

    • ray

      just like cops, who think they’re above the law and beyond reproach…..

    • mike

      These crooks never get punished now for corruption, why do they need it now.

    • russell

      Nobody is above the law. This means everybody including Obama.

    • Justeds

      calvey’s @$$ should be the first one voted out; along with any others that back this bill. The pols in this country are REALLY out of hand, and need to be reined in. With wealth comes privilege; they feel privileged, and entitled enough to actually try this! This is what happens when we
      allow the wealthy to dictate/dominate our political system.


      Dear Friends–

      Why do Americans tolerate fools like this on their public pay dole? Why? It’s all so ridiculous and outrageous. And guys like this keep the ACLU in business and the tax payers shelling out to defend these cases.

      WHY do people elect people like this to govern them?

    • kkgator

      Politicians: We want to be completely immune from having to suffer the consequences of our chicanery.
      The rest of you can go kick rocks.

      Oh yeah, revolution is coming, again.

    • sean buckley

      It is so stupid to post racist, anti-Mexican shit when Juan’s post is so right-on about politicians and corruption. Stupid racist white people like Doug make me ashamed to be white. Doug belongs on Jerr
      y Springer with the other stupid, low-life, white trash.

    • Chester Louis

      ORAXX look this up and you will see hundreds in Government break the laws….Federal Immigration and Nationality Act Section 8 USC 1324 (a)(1)(a)(iv)(b)(iii)

    • Joseph A Correia III

      Politician trying to exempt criminal prosecution in there own backyard.I think someone is getting vary nervous and jerky.Can we say investigations are in order here.Particularly for the sponsor of the bill and his associates.

    • ORAXX

      When lawmakers can exempt themselves from the law, then we’re done.

    • SundanceKid

      Someone needs to take a very close look at the finances of Rep. Kevin Calvey!

    • Gregory S Mcclintock

      A miss leading headline written by a progressive to dupe the other progressives on here and it worked

    • LetItBe

      Kevin Calvey is NOT a republican…HE is an IDIOT!!!! I cross party lines when i vote, especially in local elections, but i will never vote for this guy and the republican party must disown this nut asap! He should not be in ANY party!

    • disqus_A254SZtAX7

      Me thinks Kevin is about to be indicted for SOMETHING, why not try to head it off !!!!!

    • raynmann

      An d he’s a pubicpol…Why am I not surprised? What a group of low life BYOTCHES….

    • Paul

      Would be interesting to see what Calvey has done that worries him so much about prosecution on the local level! Typical politician – from either side of the aisle.

    • John

      I didn’t even need to read the article to know that it a teabagging piece of human sewage proposing such a thing.

    • Mikal Gastpipe

      I’ve read SEVERAL stories that allege that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed consorted to EXEMPT themselves from ‘insider trading’ charges, and it IS, in fact, on the books. I report, you decide!

    • Chicho Yayo

      I sill don’t know these crooks (r) keep getting elected to office. Republican policy is no good for the middle-class and poor, but yet these imbeciles keep getting elected. Man when they people in the south are dumb, they’re not kidding.

    • Dee Oldguy

      So what is he trying to hide? Anyone f who votes for it, needs to be removed from office -now or next election on that vote alone.

    • James Cluckey

      So backwards with his ideas. In this day when corruption is disappearing he is actively trying to promote corruption.

    • Thomas A. McDonald

      They already vote themselves pay-raises, decide how many days to work, or not to work, and now they want to exempt themselves from the law, unless they get Judged by one of themselves. And Republicans cry about how President Obama is an Imperial President! You can’t get much more self-indulgent, self-absorbed, or self-important that this CLOWN!

    • my name

      somebody needs to tell this guys he is a POS, and yes he is different than the people that are not low life scum bag politicians

    • RobertAllen1

      What is Calvey trying to hide?

    • Luke Fawcett

      If this appeared on Saturday Nite Live as a spoof it would be hilarious. Just think: We can give politicians carte blanche to do whatever to whoever and not suffer consequences. HAHAHAHA. Hilarious spoof so I know this can’t be serious.

      • Chester Louis

        its serious just like over the last 6 years millions of illegals was given work permits under a “shadow plan” that was kept silent from the public..look it up

    • Philip Vitale

      pass an instant death penalty law for politicians that are found guilty of any wrongdoing. they work for the american people.

      • Chester Louis

        they work for the american people? your not living in the 80s or 90s work for them you pay your taxes so they can give the money to the illegals..serious question why do you think they let illegals stay when over 50% of Americans want them sent back home? does that sound like they work for you lol keep telling yourself that

    • awake108

      Read the Powell memo 1971 sent to the head of the US chamber of congress it outlines the right wings plan for the making of a corporate monarchy and as you see it is working Google it it is easy and we should know the plan of the traitor to our democracy

    • Chester Louis

      i disagree with this i think they should be removed from office then every corrupt penny taken away from them and no pension either…WE THE PEOPLE need to take the power back from the government like it was in the 60s and 70s

    • Greg Callanan

      He should be put in jail for introducing the bill. Isn’t he aiding and abetting criminal activity?

    • KennyIllinois

      The people would like to see the Death Penalty for Political Corruption. Both Parties fear that as Obama would be the first to go to the gallows.

    • Mike

      I’ll bet that Rep Calvey is worried about getting prosecuted for something he’s done & trying to cover his butt now before he’s found out.

    • doninkansas

      oh look, it is a REPUBLICAN politician who thinks he should be exempt from prosecution by local authorities. why does this surprise anyone?

    • Adam_Rodriguez

      Holy crap, is there some form of resistance to this bill in Oklahoma?!

    • jack

      All the DEmocratic Liberals want to do is bash wall st. but do not want to be held accountable for their own actions?

    • Mietze

      Commit the Crime – Pay the price. Do not let these crooks get away with anymore than are doing now

    • Chuck

      I’m surprised it took them so long to try this. I think they are losing their touch.

    • tom

      Why should anyone be above the law

    • CLA

      this guy needs to lose his job

    • marc broussard

      Of coarse he’s a republican. This is what they do. Pretty much all they do. Legalize their criminal activity by passing laws that exempt them from prosecution.

    • Marti Webster Lanier

      Politicians should obey the Sane laws everyone else does

    • Sundance

      Here it is, Republicans giving themselves a license to steal

    • Harry Haff

      This is part of the Party of Stupid (POS) agenda to destroy America. First is preventing middle class and poor poor people from sharing in the wealth of the country by crafting laws to benefit only the 1%. And laws like this which set POS elected official above the law even more. My guess is this is a trial balloon by the national committee to see if people are dumb enough to let it pass. And since OK is a POS stronghold it probably will.

    • Mike Pressley

      He should be arrested for even introducing a bill like that. The sad part is he will probably be reelected because apparently many people are too dumb to know how to vote. Otherwise how would crooks like Harry Reid and many many others remain in office.

    • joebatch

      This is utterly absurd and nonsensical that this elected official would even voice this out loud. Why doesn’t he just ask the Supreme Court(Citizens United-Part 2) to appoint congress and the senate diplomatic immunity for any and all laws they break in the future. What could go wrong? Why just stop at corruption and bribes. Why not make them immune from murder,rape,dui’s,hit and runs, spousal abuse,etc. Talk about jumping the shark and leaping right into the realm of total insanity. It’s almost as amazing and mind boggling as some of the people here who agree with this madness and name call anyone who sees the so many things wrong with this ‘idea’. Just why are the people in his state no matter what party they are in not calling for his head for even dreaming this up and wanting to use taxpayer money to spend the time and effort to get this passed? Why is this not front page and evening news? I stumbled onto other wise I never would have heard of this. These ‘people’ have no shame.

    • fldpwrman

      Might want to investigate this a$$hole right away

    • Not surprised at all, only surprised it took this long for them to come right out in the open & try to make it illegal to arrest the political crooks !

    • MARK

      To help further subjugate the people…

    • TempDenier

      “And we need to this fast because I entered politics broke and I am now worth millions…”

    • mwallek

      Time for dragging politiocians behind speeding cars.

    • jennyOh

      If they want to be free of prosecution, then now is the time to start digging because they already have the skeletons in the closet, with many more to follow…

    • Mentallect

      Republican politician crafted this bill of course.

      • Doug H

        Read the story again you illiterate buffoon….

    • MrAndiconda MrAndiconda

      They want life long terms, and immunity from law……… hmmmmm Corporations are considered “people” and can spend as much as they want to buy politicians……hmmm. Corporations (people) can open a call center HQ in denmark, Ireland or both and pay 1.9% taxes while citizens fork 30-40% of pay..hmmmm.

      Just these three examples (of hundreds) should make anyone with a brain very concearned

    • Gettyup

      WOW! republicans have absolutely NO SHAME they tell you right to your face “WE ARE ABOVE THE LAW” and I bet come time to re-elect this ass they will because of course he will LIE again while running….

      • Doug H

        Wow, another Democratic illiterate that didn’t either read the whole story or is too effin stupid to understand it…It scares me that people can be as ignorant as you are.

        • Gettyup

          Wow the ignorance you display is not amazing to those who know dam good well NO REPUBLICAN is going to EVER REALLY STAND BEHIND A BILL LIKE’s all mouth service to voters like you who will be more than ready to vote him in AGAIN!.

    • Dora Glasberg

      He also reveals his TOTAL IGNORANCE
      of the nature of the charges against Perry

    • Doug H

      Actually when you read what this law would be and why it’s being introduced….It makes great sense. It doesn’t in anyway protect an official from being prosecuted for being corrupted, it just stops frivolous political attacks for the sake of defaming. Only a lefty doesn’t see the logic in this story. Or maybe they do see the logic and they see this only way they can “Defame” an opponent…

      • Dora Glasberg

        Perry is a crook
        whose crimes caught up with him.
        You are totally ignorant of why Perry was charged,
        Payback? MUAH HA HA HA HA
        And, no, I won’t explain it to you.
        I HAVE a life.

        • Doug H

          You explain it to me? LOL. That’s a laugh. You are an idiot. I wouldn’t ask you for directions to the Post Office. Get back to school Dora…You obviously were on drugs…..

    • Dora Glasberg

      How is it you know his name would be followed by an (R)

    • Robert Caputo Jr

      Unarmed but deadly!

      Kevin R. Davis | From the February 2015 Issue Tuesday, February 3, 2015

      Case 1:

      Attempting to arrest the subject for domestic violence, the patrol officer located and stopped him in a parking lot in the area after he fled the house where he lived with his girlfriend. But the officer’s orders of, “Turn around and put your hands behind your back,” were not met with compliance. The suspect, a professional boxer and violent criminal, turned and hit the officer in the face with multiple punches, knocking him to his knees. The officer felt the darkness of unconsciousness closing in and, still being pummeled, feared that his life was in danger. He wasn’t able to complete his draw before he lost consciousness and the suspect made his escape. Responding officers found the officer in the parking lot with cuts to his head. The suspect had drawn a blade from a utility knife hidden in his pants pocket and slashed the officer on the top of the head. *As a side-note, when the suspect was arrested later that night—though handcuffed behind his back, he head-butted another officer in the face, breaking his nose.

      The officer involved in the above incident is a longtime friend and coworker since 1982. In addition to the lacerations to his scalp and injuries to his face from the punches, he sustained a concussion. He is a tough cop and veteran street officer. But he was dealing with and attempting to arrest a violent felon and skilled fighter who attacked when he saw an opening. His attack was deadly. Even before he drew his concealed blade and slashed the officer’s head, the repeated violent punches to the officer’s head to the point of unconsciousness were a deadly threat to the officer and he could have lawfully shot the suspect. Many officers, supervisors, administrators and certainly politicians and the public don’t understand that a suspect, by virtue of a violent unarmed attack, can present a deadly threat to an officer or others. An officer is not required to submit to such a violent attack and can respond with deadly force if they believe that their life, or the life of another, has been threatened with death or serious bodily injury.

      But under what type of circumstances can officers use deadly force against an unarmed suspect?

      “Lethal force or deadly force, (the terms are interchangeable) is that degree of force which a reasonable and prudent person would consider capable of causing death or great bodily harm,” “grave bodily harm,” “serious bodily harm,” etc.; the easiest way to remember it in layman’s terms is “crippling injury.”The set of circumstances that justifies the use of deadly force is a situation of immediate danger of death or great bodily harm to oneself or other innocent persons.” —Massad Ayoob, Deadly Force: Understanding Your Right to Self Defense

      A police officer can use deadly force when it is objectively reasonable for him to do so. A reasonable amount of force may be used based on reasonable perceptions and the totality of the circumstances. Being shot at, having a suspect point a weapon at you, facing an armed man with gun in hand, dealing with a suspect who attempts to draw or grab a firearm, a violent person within a reasonable distance armed with a knife or bludgeon all allow the use of deadly force based on the totality of the circumstances and the officer’s reasonable perception that their life, or the life of another, is being threatened with deadly or serious bodily harm. Certainly officers want to make every effort to avoid “blue-on-blue” shooting incidents or fratricide where they shoot off-duty officers who have interceded in violent encounters or, for that matter, private law abiding citizens who are attempting to stop a violent attack against themselves or someone else.

      It is vital that good tactics are employed to protect you, other officers and the citizenry. If time and the circumstances permit, keep your distance and seek cover prior to engaging potentially armed suspects.

      But there are other circumstances with unarmed subjects which are deadly force encounters.

      Case 2:

      Two professional wrestlers went to a local fast-food restaurant after a match. The restaurant had just closed and refused the men entrance. One of the two picked up a 30-pound landscaping stone and threw it through the window of the restaurant. Two officers, one male, one female were dispatched to the call and confronted the wrestlers later at their hotel. They were immediately attacked. The male officer was attacked by one wrestler, suffered serious leg injuries and was then pummeled by the other suspect. As he was lying on the floor his female partner was repeatedly slammed against the wall. She sustained career-ending injuries to her head and face.

      Neither officer fired a shot. Clearly this was a deadly force situation (one of the two suspects was a former Olympic weight lifter and steroid abuser, who was the first American to lift 500 lbs. above his head).

      This is not to second guess the responding officers who were seriously injured in the attack, but to attempt to learn from their experience.

      Hyper-violent suspects who are deranged, very large, under the influence of drugs, exceedingly strong, well-skilled or trained and who are actively and violently attacking an officer may present a deadly threat if the officer reasonably believes his life is in danger or the suspect may inflict serious physical harm.

      You only have to go to YouTube or check out officer safety training videos to see graphic examples of officers being beaten unconscious: the female officer punched in the face and knocked out, then mounted by the much larger male suspect who repeatedly punches her in the head; the male officer knocked out by the male D.U.I. suspect; the video of the officer being beaten by a suspect on the hood of his patrol car—I could go on and on. How about those officers bitten by hyper-violent suspects? There are officers who have had their cheeks, necks, ears and even fingers bitten off by “unarmed men.” Certainly it is clear that when these attacks occur, they involve serious bodily injury or grave bodily harm and officers have no legal obligation to attempt lesser forms of control before shooting the suspect.

      Multiple suspects are potentially another form of deadly threat. The mere notion that you can use some type of academy-taught, empty-hand control to stop multiple suspects who are threatening or actively assaulting you and present a serious threat of death or crippling injury is based more on some action movie or TV show than reality Even Rorion Gracie from the famed Gracie Jiu-Jitsu clan has asked this question about multiple attackers: “Could you, beat two of you, on your best day?” Mr. Gracie has even commented on his ownership of a firearm for these types of situations: “Any reality-based and experienced suspect control instructor would know that empty hand control is not suitable in encounters where two or more suspects are actively trying to beat you to a pulp or, for that matter, seriously threatening to do so.”

      In my police career I have lost track of the number of male and female officers who’ve been knocked down to the ground and stomped. The result has been teeth kicked out, bones broken, concussions and other serious brain trauma. Being a cop does not mean you have to submit to those types of attacks.

      Constable Darrel Lunsford had purchased his dashboard mounted camcorder out of the money he seized conducting drug interdictions in Nacogdoches County, Texas. On Jan. 23, 1991, Lunsford conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle with three suspects inside. As he was inspecting the trunk with them and found the marijuana they were transporting inside, they attacked him. Tackling the much larger Lunsford, they took him to the ground, stabbed him, then disarmed and killed him with his own handgun. All three were subsequently captured and convicted.

      Since that time, holsters have improved, as have tactics in doing interdiction stops, but still over the last 10 years, according to the F.B.I.’s LEOKA—Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted research—18 out of 511 officers killed, or 3.5%, were disarmed and killed with their own gun.

      Certainly being violently punched in the head and face by a violent attacking suspect carries with it the risk of serious injury in and of itself. Once incapable of defending yourself, you lose the ability to maintain control of your handgun and this is usually how these disarms and murders take place: officer violently attacked, injured or knocked out, disarmed and killed. There can also be those suspects who attempt a disarm without otherwise attacking or who attack while attempting to pull the officer’s handgun free from the holster. From a determined hyper-violent, deranged or manic suspect, all of these scenarios are deadly and all can be stopped by deadly force, shooting or stabbing the suspect with a patrol knife—if that is physically possible. In other words, you have to maintain control of your handgun first and foremost, and then (if possible) shooting or stabbing a suspect is a reasonable action.


      As per Graham v. Connor, an officer’s force does not have to be the least amount of force, it does not have to be reasonable and necessary, it only has to be objectively reasonable; at the moment force is used, based on the totality of the circumstances. And deadly circumstances are not restricted to armed men. Unarmed attacking or threatening men or women—based on size, strength, ferocity of attack, threat of serious bodily harm, attempted disarm and more—can present a deadly threat and can be shot in order to stop them.

      You don’t have to be beaten to death or seriously injured, disarmed and killed with your own gun. The law supports your right to use deadly force when you reasonably believe, based on the totality of the circumstances, that your life is in danger or the suspect(s) presents a risk of serious bodily harm. Now, go train to stop those threats.

    • John Smith

      I don’t have any kids. I say give them everything they want. This should be an interesting experiment.

    • non affilated

      Isn’t this the same as letting the Fox watch the Hen house?
      How stupid and by the way since when is the politician any better than the
      voter you ahole?

    • Grumpy Old Man

      Oklahoma, eh. Sounds like the right state to push ALEC’s ultimate insult to America. They have seriously degraded their education system.

    • christopher mendez

      It’s no surprise that a republican is inititiating this proposal.

      • Doug H

        Maybe if Democrats were the subject of more malicious prosecutions, they would get it. you are an idiot.

        • christopher mendez

          Yeah okay dougie, your response is very typical.

    • Abner T Yokum

      Speaks volumes about the voters who put him in office…

    • sharks2424

      Amazing that a politician admits lawmakers are corrupt. Why would he suggest they are above the laws they make for the rest of us? What happened to democracy?

    • gary

      Oh come on lets include murder and rape too.Don’t you people that these people are god like.Fines double in construction zones so lets do that for any cheating congressman.

    • fittobetied

      There is absolutely no rational for this ridiculous proposal.

    • Whitey

      Whoa! This Calvin Calvey must have a third world mentality, and the Attorney General in Oklahoma better investigate his financial statement. This man wants to protect elected jerks from corruption? Vote Republican! hahaha

    • JGault

      At first my reaction was very negative to this, but there may be some legitimacy to it. My thoughts go back to Sarah Palin and others like her. Viciously and unrelentlessly attacked through the courts rendering them unable to carry out their normal daily duties and in some cases, breaking them financially. There needs to be a very carefully crafted bill that does NOT protect a criminal, but those only guilty of trying to do a good job in public service.

      • JGault

        When you combine the courts with the media, it can be a nightmare for anyone being even though they might be innocent.

    • concernd


    • Jeffrey Moab

      This is Treason……

    • Pat Taylor

      let me guess, sponsored by obamma, holder and Hillary.

    • Jeffrey Moab

      any politician that creates a law like this should be put in prison for the rest of his life. no one is above the law.

    • flatland

      I’m confused by the article. The article says “immune” and “exempting from arrest and prosecution.” Would the proposal make them “immune” or would it mean that instead of local DA’s doing the prosecution, the state Attorney General office would have to be the prosecutor? I am 100% for politicians being accountable and figuring a way to stop corruption. However corruption charges are beginning to become the norm, not as an offense, but as a political tool. Sometimes if just to throw charges against the wall and see if they stick, but certainly to slow political momentum and distract from initiatives. The charges are also used to taint political careers. Guarantee even if cleared, it will be dredged up in future elections. “once charged with,” “once accused of,”. Recourse against these types of things is virtually impossible. Some local DAs are elected, some are appointed. Either way, potentially making them suspect of abuse of office potential. If we are going to address corruption then we need a way to address misuse of office and position by DAs. State legislatures can help themselves by making clear ethics and conflict of interest laws and rules.

    • Laura Mullen

      What they should do is raise the penalty for corruption by a politician to life without parole mandatory minimum. We should be able to hold elected officials to a higher standard.

    • DiamondDick1

      Street Outlaws to the rescue……

    • JD

      Wrong direction on this one. Need to double the penalties as a minimum and make it so much less is required for proof of wrongdoing. Should be a higher standard for those setting the standards.

    • Justsayin

      If they want diplomatic immunity, they need to get off the public payroll, and find a foreign employer.

    • Bulldog

      Some people absolutely should NEVER hold office. This one sounds corrupt from the start.

    • DAK

      This is the opposite of what should happen. They should be held to a higher standard simply because they steal from so many.

    • jr

      sorry P.O.S. I hope the people that got you elected, will not re-elect your stupid ass.

    • alt307

      Medieval times are coming back in Okey land.

    • DJ from Wisconsin

      Not sure what the bid deal is? All this guy is trying to do is put on paper what’s been going on for decades. Presidents taking and maintaining wars based on lies, Wall Street Banksters crashing the economy obliterating the middle class and CEO’s surrounding themselves with shareholders that are nothing more than yes men allowing them to do whatever they damn well please and when they fail, out comes the golden parachute. See any of these guys going to jail??? Why shouldn’t politicians have the same right as those that have bought them off???

    • John Goetz

      kinda sounds like imunity to prosecution that the diplomats get. where they can do what ever they want with no punishment.

    • moob_rex

      A politician with a license to commit crimes, oh what great times we live in!

    • Lynne

      The bill that needs to be introduced should indicate immediate prosecution for unethical and illegal activity. That would be one way to basically clear both floors right now. I was absolutely flummoxed when it came out congress had passed an internal rule that said reps could no longer benefit from insider trading…really? What ticked me off more is that a month or two later, and very quietly, they passed another “rule” that rescinded the restriction. Funny, anyone else in the general public gets tossed in jail for insider trading.

    • feddup2

      One doesn’t even have to read the whole story to see what this is all about. The headline says it all. Do politicians really think we are that stupid? Wait, that goes without saying, after all, we are the ones who put them in office aren’t we?

    • john

      The Devil in a suit. Arrest him now.

    • one percenter

      The ultimate white privileged mentality. Is his local police chief black? Did his daughter run away in the middle of the night? There’s more to this story.

    • one percenter

      I’m guessing he’s used that finger before to take temperature readings…and he ain’t no doctor…

    • john bruce

      Didn’t have to check back to see if there was a D or G by his name. This is how far the GOP has fallen

    • Ai Yiyi

      Demand term limits at term limits dot org. This is getting to be more pathetic every day.

    • Ricky

      Can anyone provide me with a LOGICAL and VALID reason why law makers and enforcement officials should be held to be above and immune to the laws they pass and (supposedly at least) enforce on the rest of us????????

    • john

      As if we Okies in Texas don’t have enough demons.

    • Al

      The citizens of Oklahoma have guns. It’s about time they start to use them.

    • Brenda Harrell

      They especially should never be above the law!

    • Gary C Stewart

      I thought they already had their own set of rules!

    • two tails

      talk about the fox guarding the hen house

    • Cliff Smallwood

      Gee if only Al Capone knew that all it takes to get away with being a criminal is to become a republican politician. Wait criminal/republican politician…. I repeat myself.

    • d. yucha

      And I want a law passed that stops anyone who shoots a lying politician from going to jail. Sounds fair.

    • SoldierFish

      Does this really surprise anyone? They already think they are Kings. If goes through watch out folks. Every voter in that state should contact their representatives and demand it not go through.

    • Votemout

      Just another repugnacant, with hi back pockets full of coke bros cash, trying to make it legal to openly take bribes so they no longer have to try to hide it from the American People!

    • davisss13

      Bottom line? Laws are not for Republicans. As representatives of Christ, they are above the law and can ignore whatever they want for any excuse.

    • human

      Keep on. Those crazy SOBs don’t believe we will go off on their @$$e$. Just keep on.

    • John Keister

      Anyone who votes yes on this bill should be impeached immediately and removed from office. In fact we need to create an entirely new law enforcement body; with the duty and power to investigate all three branches of government; 24/7 365 days a year.

    • jack

      I’ll bet when he comes up for election again he is reelected. Voters are uninformed and stupid. They will buy his reason that prosecutions are political.

    • george belk

      I am just amazed at the balls this guy has in saying pols should be above the law.

    • Darrow

      “This would exempt lawmakers from prosecution of nearly any crimes that are normally handled at the LOCAL level.”

      “…….is within the sole and exclusive prosecutorial authority of the Attorney General of Oklahoma.”

      Calvey’s proposal does not provide immunity to anyone. It shifts the duties of the prosecution to the Attorney General’s office instead of a local kangaroo court.

      Say a local DA has a severe dislike for a state legislator, and drums up charges with which to prosecute him. This bill would require the DA to go to the state Attorney General’s office to seek prosecution, taking away the DA’s “home turf” advantage in a local court. It would curtail “political” prosecutions by local prosecutors only. People need to read the proposal, AND understand what the words mean!

    • Eddie

      This guy takes the cake – and then doesn’t want be prosecuted for it. What a jerk.

    • Hewhowaits

      Politicians are disgusting.

    • krazzy granny

      the GOP will do anything to stay in power, and they call Obama a dictator

    • Bad Habit

      Is there really any more question as to what the true goals of the GOP are?

    • kikr313

      I hate to say it, but is this idiotic legislation any different to the current fools we have running the WH at this juncture? Holder, Clinton, Obama, Lerner, Rice……????

    • RickFromTexas

      Uh-huh, and if the bill passes, expect politicians driving drunk, buying hookers, drugs, and every other lowlife behavior that’s considered a public offense.

      Something this stupid and ill conceived could only come from a republican. I almost feel sorry for Oklahomans but hey, they elected this cretin, let them deal with him, we’ve all got cretins of our own to worry about.

    • Gary Baxter

      The whole stinking country is corrupt to the core,God help us we dont have long to turn this around or face doom!

    • Michael

      I have an alternative idea: How about making all criminal acts by a public official capital offenses? I bet the number of people accepting ‘campaign contributions’ in return for their support would drop dramatically if those that were caught were sent to death row.

    • Marty

      The Soviets took their corrupt politicians and shot them. Maybe they had some things right.

    • ym

      I rather that ANYBODY who accused any politicians of wrong doing for political purposes should be charged…

    • they may escape justice in this world… though very soon they will all be judged by our Creator… that may send all the evil doers to the lake of fire…. in hell …. it doesn’t matter if they believe it… thats where they are going… for eternity… this is what happens when one sells their soul to satan…. a few good years on earth… and then eternity years of 24/7 purgatory nightmares… I guess it makes sense… if your insane…

    • mike rose

      Yes!, this will keep politicians on the straight and narrow!. This will end all corruption in politics, yea right!.

    • Jimbob

      it also makes you wonder what is he trying to protect himself from. Is the shoe about to drop?

    • Jimbob

      It will pass because both sides are in favor of it. Laws are only meant for us little folks. This is what happens when the rinos and dems work together. It’s called Bipartisanship. You lose all checks and balances.

    • Kerry

      time for a new government

    • David Medlin

      well he is a republican, and they want that CONTROL OVER EVERYONE, this is why you never vote republican, never if you value your freedom than you will never ever vote a republican in office aDEM maybe worthless but still better than the average republican that walks the street TODAY IS THE TIME TO START REMOVING ALL REPUBLICANS FROM OFF AND THAN REMOVE THEM FROM THIS COUNTRY AND PUT THEM IN GITMO ITS WERE EVERY REPUBLICAN SHOULD BE TODAY

    • feas ant

      you are not above the law asswipe. these kind of politicians need to be lynched

    • Thomas Welts

      If this passes they could kill someone and get away with it….

    • danhar

      We really need to rid ourselves of anybody and everybody that supports these types of legislations.

    • MeteorACDC

      Headline should read “Politicians try to pass bill to cover their own asses”.

    • Marc

      Why the hell do we even bother electing these folks? Why not just give them the key to the city, they will do whatever the hell they want anyway. Burn the constitution, its a worthless document by now.

      • The_Exile

        In most places we don’t elect these folks, they are selected by the few.

        You cannot vote out a criminal government when the criminal government runs the same ballots you think you are going to oust them with. This is an absolute.

    • micheal frisbie

      notice that it is a republican proposing the bill… that says it all.

      • MichMike

        You are a poster child for the ruling elites. They have the simple minded convinced that the people are divided on basic issues when they are not. How sad.

    • disqus_9i6pUJ4xMT

      Sure he want to pass that law, that the way the politicians can take
      money and spend it on themselve and their family, and walk scott free
      from the crime. If they get stop for DWI the courts can’t tough them, if
      they kill someone with a weapon or a car, they are immune to criminal
      prosecution. I wonder how dirty he is so he would not have to pay for
      any crime, domestic or political.

    • brooklynbummer

      I must say that it takes real bull balls to try to pass such a piece of crap. If anything, the real graft and dirty deeds tend to be more common in states than even in Washington DC.

    • davo

      This idiot needs to be out of office ASAP !!!

    • Jim

      I demand equal protection under the law.

    • buddykush

      I’ve had 2 bourbon and cokes, at a beach bar no less, and 2 more at the Reef, the locals know where it is, and came home and celebrated Bob Marley’s birthday and I don’t really give a flying flock about any of this sheet.

    • Wichita

      Wow the arrogance. No longer hiding their corruption. I am used to them lying about it, I am used to them covering it up, these things have happened for decades. But to be so in our face blunt about it, just shows the contempt against the Constitution, and arrogance of the Political class against the average citizen. It has never been ok, but damn, how do you combat this type of corruption. Something attributed to Nixon, ” I’m saying when the President does it, it is not illegal” So now they try to legalize their corruption, to get even more bribes and kick backs.

    • Truthforall


    • Daniel Barger

      The act of introducing such legislation is a crime and should result in the arrest and prosecution of this criminal in office.

    • Bill Love

      Politicians haven’t paid any attention to the laws in years. They have learned the people don’t care because they keep putting the same crooks back in office.

    • Smarty

      It appears Mr. Calvey would rather be tried, convicted, and punished by a “jury of his peers” ….or shall we call them….his constituents. You know….the guys up on that hill by the big ‘ol oak tree with a rope hanging down…..

    • Damidwesterner Indamidwest

      I’d say Rep Calvey should be the first one to be prosecuted for corruption. To have the balls to propose this legislation proves he’s got something to hide.

    • johnny scarr

      they already do and have for years so whats new ??????? D.C. sux !

    • Larry Cowden


    • TiredofPlusquellic

      Well, it is saying they can still be arrested and charged by state authorities, just not local.

    • Joe Bevel

      Please tell me this guy isn’t in charge of anything, this country is going straight to hell, we’ve got to change the direction before its too late!

    • Mike Jones

      Send the authors, co-authors & anyone who endorses that bill to prison for treason. Period

    • Michael Jenkins

      HE is a republican should this surprise anyone really?

    • glddraco

      As if this law would ever stop the Feds from chasing after this ahole.

    • Bugman420

      Chris Christie was quoted as saying “Damn, why didn’t I think of that?”

      • Donald Edwards

        He already has…..he exempted HIMSELF by executive order , to be able to accept all gifts offered…………read bribes, which we have seen recently, Adelsons private jet, 30,000 dollar hotel stay, Cowboys Owners box and all expenses paid……and it is all “legal”

    • David Lenihan

      This is interesting that politicians don’t want to be arrested for corruption. On the other hand…..I would like to see enabling legislation that makes public sector (or political) malfeasance/corruption a capital crime. It is clear that it is as heinous as murder and should be punished accordingly. I know that many of you would say that we would eliminate the political class if such legislation was passed…..but hey, we could not do worse than what we have right now.

    • Roger Land

      Calvey I guess we will see how politically motivated the charges against Perry are when the trial starts. He is as corrupt as they come and evidently you are as well and think it to be acceptable as long as you are a politician and Republican.

    • SumerianMan

      Hey, that’s just fine with me. If we can’t legally take them to court over wrong doing then I guess we’ll just have to CHARGE, TRY, CONVICT, and EXECUTE them ourselves! And I think we’ll get a much higher conviction rate then the current processes.

    • Roger Land

      This is because Republicans are the most corrupt politicians. There are tons of Democrats that are corrupt but just by this POS trying to push through his corruption and his fellow Republicans corruption is proof enough for me that they should all be voted out and sent to prison.

      • Oddball9

        Political corruption is like a swinging pendulum. Currently, the political right is doing the most damage. Eventually—if there’s still time—it will swing back to the left. IF ONLY the voting public would take seriously its role in watch-dogging our government, the established system of checks-and-balances WILL work!

    • buster cat

      republicans are the biggest threat to America and democracy ! I’ve been saying this for years and everything that was a dreamed nightmare is coming true ! the patriot act , citizens united , AFP , American heritage , etc. all anti-American to the American workers ! why do the republicans hate this country so much and everyday just keep chiseling away at it there and there from the states to federal levels ! the GOP cannot defend themselves , they are evil and unpatriotic , period .and must be stopped ,,it is not Obama or the democrats taking rights away or adding laws that protect the thieves of republicans , its the republicans for god sake people ,,, wake up !!!

    • R Zilch

      Lawmakers should be fried at the stake for even trying to pass this one!

    • Tom Tharp

      Why would anybody be surprised…..It’s a republican as american as apple pie

    • John Milton

      Sure hope the people of Oklahoma City are paying attention and all work very hard to make sure that Kevin Calvey is never re-elected and never serves in any position in pubic service again. Wake up people! Pay attention!

      • Roger Land

        They won’t. I have a sister in law that lives in northern Oklahoma and as long as a politician says he is a Christian (doesn’t matter how corrupt he is) she will vote for him every time. Okie’s will believe anyone that professes to be a Christian and it doesn’t matter what they do or how much proof there is they are corrupt all they have to do is just say they are a Christian and that is a guaranteed vote.

    • michael

      BULLSHIT Mr,CALVERY,,don,t care if you are black,,white brown ,yellow,,pink red pokadotted,,,if you do the crime ,,you do the time,,you are no better then the next man over,,you eat sleep,,walk put your draws on all the same way I do..I am 59 yrs old ,,an have been voting on the republican ticket for several yrs,,,s republicans like you ,,pretty boy perry ,,ole mitch,,old man McCain,,an several others who give the republicans a bad name an taste in their mouth,,i live in texas,,but can tell you have no use for pretty boy perry,,but I did vote for him cause there was nothing else worth even looking @..

      • Roger Land

        Michael that is where you went completely wrong. Anyone was better than Perry and the problem is many like yourself won’t vote for anyone that isn’t in the Republican party, no matter how good the other guy is or how bad the Republican is. You pretty much said that in your post. By saying you been voting on the republican ticket for several years. You don’t pick and choose you just vote straight ticket, no matter how sorry the person is running.

      • Bad Habit

        texas [lowercase Intentional],::facepalm::

        Based on the complete lack of grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and the absolutely moronic application of commas, I would have easily guessed texas [LCI] or Mississippi.

        But the complete lack of original thought wholly replaced by Rupert Murdock Dittohead meatpuppet propganda regurgitation would have sealed my guess at texas [LCI]

        Can’t you idiots try just a little bit harder to secede?

    • Philip

      I think the article says it well. They (people in power) are trying to create a separate class of citizenry. They’ve been chipping away at our civil rights for a while now. If we continue to put our head in the sand and allow them to continue abusing their power, we will end up like serfs just like the country we fought to escape when this country was created.

      • Honey Badger

        U r right on the money

      • juan

        wow, this sob must have a lot of skeletons in his closet. personally I think that it’s time that the people just go in a drag these people out of their office when they come up with an idea like this one. all these politicians re crooked and we all know it. so when one is found to be guilty of a crime he should not be given the option of resigning, he/she should immediately be ousted, period. throw them out in the street and tar and feather them. some of the old ideas were great, too bad we don’t use them any more.

        • Doug H

          And you need to be sent back to Guadalajara you taco bender! Shaddup~!

          • Pupito4u

            What are you doing posting here? Yer Sister is waiting for you in her bedroom! Hurry Cracker or she’ll divorce you and find a REAL man to take care of her needs!

            • Chuck

              Give him a break he is off his meds again.

            • Dustin

              Speaking from experience Pupito ? Or is it your Momma waiting ?

          • raynmann

            Yu mamma should wash your mouth out with soap…She will, too, when they close her corner and she gets her crack cleaned…

          • SundanceKid

            Americans like myself and Juan belong here Dougy. You are not American. Leave.

            • Dustin

              I enlarged your picture Sundance . What grade are you in ? Seventh ? Eighth ?

          • 18,000 COMMENTS AND COUNTING

            drop dead ya stinking closet queen. (How’s that for name calling? I can do even better if ya like.)

            • Ken Bradford

              And this is the “City on a Hill,” the model for mankind?

            • Doug H

              Thems sounds like fightin’ words there homo boy…Have a hankerin’ for an @zz kicking does ya?

          • David Wooten

            Wow, I’ve heard 3rd graders have a more nuanced discussion that this juvenile stuff in this tread. Can you guys up-level this a bit — at least get it to junior high.

        • Real American

          Hey Juan…ignore all the lil racist pussy wing nuts that talk shit. They won’t be around much longer.

          What a bunch of inbred losers


      • Doug H

        You might try reading the proposal again. You must be illiterate or something. It doesn’t protect them from prosecution at all you eggplant….If they do a real crime, they will get a real prosecution from the highest court in the state. Can any of you Liberal Democrats effin READ? Stay off the crack Goober.

        • Sam

          Doug, I DID read it, yep it does say they can be prosecuted but you are NOT using YOUR head. Do you actually believe that a state AG will take a case for DUI for instance???????????? Can you not use your effin brain to think of the ramifications? Leave the political name calling out of it

          • raynmann

            I’msorry, Doug is out playing with his balls in the closet….

            • Doug H

              Listen here f@ggot…you wanna back up your big boy yap? I’ll kick your scrawny @zz back into your trailer.

              • awake108

                chicken hawk All these macho bullies are just chicken hawks None of them have served The ones that have served aren’t so much in a hurry to go to war.

          • Dustin

            Just like Eric Holder and Oblamer , right ?

        • Harry Haff

          If you read this it removes crooked politicians from all local prosecution. Why is that? That is the real question that needs answering. And your comment to juan indicates you are probably a friend of one of these law breakers.

        • RobertAllen1

          And just what is a REAL crime as opposed to an UNREAL one?

          • raynmann

            It’s like a real rape as opposed to the republican rape….

        • SundanceKid

          Sorry Dougy, but after your racist post against Juan I won’t read any of your idiotic posts. I’ll just remind you of that fact.

          • Doug H

            I hit my limit today…I got more dummies responding than I set out to get….Good day of “Idiot Hunting”. Time for a scotch and a cigar….

        • Philip

          Why do all right-wing nut jobs like yourself always resort to bullying instead of polite conversation? I guess they’re just a product of the education system constantly underfunded by their right-wing political party. Don’t you have American citizens that look different than you to go beat up or shoot somewhere? Leave the difficult conversations to those who conduct themselves like adults.

        • randi thistle

          i think it’s you that’s retarded DOUG.
          since 1989 27 people on okie have been exonerated after “malicious prosecution” and not. a single. one. was a politician. but get such a hard-on when it comes to repuGlicans it’s no wonder you’re blind to reality.
          oklahoma….where taking upskirt pics of 13 year olds is legal/ where it’s legal to masturbate a horse, so long as it’s for profit not pleasure.

          yeah. take up for them turd. you are just another minority and your team WILL NEVER seat another president. Mark. My. Words.

      • James Andrews

        That’s why it is vital to vote any of them out of office, who are any threat what so ever to us. Especially all anti-gun rights politicians. Second; arm yourselves and make sure that your family and loved ones are as well, so that we may always be able to defend ourselves from these corrupt, over reaching thieves.

        • awake108

          Worked well for he German when the Reich finally took over. Being educated and AWARE OF HOW they are working togethers to create a corporate monarchy in control of government. The Salon has had some excellent articles on the economic take over and how it started with trickle down and got here. Check it out

          • woodgrain

            Rebels we will become if we like it or not.

        • peck2

          A .270 at about 2900fps does not require a “bill” to serve justice.

          • James Andrews


      • Wake

        So you’re right on top of this aren’t you? It says that LOCAL DA’s are not allowed to prosecute government officials and if you read the comments here you’d see why – any small time DA can try to make a name for himself making charges that an elected official could never get off of his record despite the fact that none of it is true. It has LONG been the practice particularly of Liberals to make false charges against politicians to clear the way for their own kind.
        The State Attorney General who is FAR more public can make charges and if those charges are false then the AG would have a whole lot more to lose. That is in fact keeping the system MORE honest and not less.

        • Dan Jarrell

          I cant believe you would make an argument FOR this kind of law PERIOD. How can you even THINK about letting politicians create a bill that would ALLOW them to be CORUPT. This is insane!!

          • Wake

            Is there something you’re missing from what I wrote? IF a politicians is corrupt he should be arrested and prosecuted but NOT by some local yokel who couldn’t tell corruption from what he has in his hand in the morning.

            You don’t have little men chasing big crimes because either they can use it as a means to destroy a good man or they could screw the entire case up.

            Do you HONESTLY think that this bill was in any way written to protect corrupt politicians?

            • Dan Jarrell

              Do you HONESTLY think that POLITICIANS wont use this new law to NOT BE CORRUPT?? . With this new law there will be nothing holding them back from ANY shady deals. No wayyyyyy should this EVER BE ALLOWED!! The laws on the books work fine, How often do you hear of some nobody destroying a politicians career, ALMOST NEVER. The only reason to draft a bill like this is to protect them selves for the many times they will circumvent the law PERIOD.

            • Dan Jarrell

              To answer your question… YES , I do. It has nothing to do with there career’s. There is not now , nor will there EVER be an HONEST politician

      • TEXAN


      • Rob

        “…our civil rights”?!?! Unless we understand that our rights are endowed upon us by our Creator, we’ll always be asking them for our rights.

      • batfly

        ” we will end up like serfs”
        News flash… we have been serfs at least since 1913.

    • g

      Get a grip on yourself the law does not say that they can’t be charged it just put the burden on the attorney general. This prevents every states attorney in every county from waging a political vendetta against a law maker there is no reason that if a crime has been committed that they can’t be arrested and charged. This is not blanket immunity

      • Roger Land

        You should get a grip. The laws have worked pretty well for a whole lot of years, but now a Republican doesn’t like the consequences of his corruption.

    • Total arrogance and no respect for the rule of law. I expect nothing less from the Republican/Teabagger Party.

      • SumerianMan

        Hey dip, learn the difference between a TEA Party and a RINO wil ya?! TEA Party will always support te rule of law, NOT abandon it like you lefties.

      • PT

        But I bet you voted for Obama. Talk about having no respect for the law, Obama and holder lead the list, followed by their minions.

        • tom buster

          wrong again dumb ass

          • PT

            Wow, a dumb ass defending liars by lying. Sorry that only works with you “stupid American voters”, not the educated ones. Just keep sitting on your duff collecting your government freebies that the rest of us work to provide you with.
            Forest described your type best.
            Stupid is as stupid does.

    • Joan Harrell

      The majority of people prosecuted feel it to be malicious, politicians are not exclusive. Is this guy planning on committing corruption or is he close to being caught, whole thing is self-serving, Oklahoma needs to vote his arrogant, delusional azz out of office, the only people he is representing are other politicians.

    • ridingcrops

      So a free pass to do whatever you want to line your pockets. No surprise it’s a repubs though

      • SumerianMan

        Hey dip, learn the difference between a TEA Party and a RINO wil ya?!
        TEA Party will always support the rule of law, NOT abandon it like you

        • Bad Habit

          Considering that both are GOP members, there really is very little difference in the context of a two party system.

          When are *you* going to learn to how to do something other than cut & paste?

        • ridingcrops

          Well I didn’t need a moron like you telling me there is a difference.tea baggers freezing Congress from doing their work which is hard enough to get them to do, is not following any law just acting like jerks. And lying a nation into 2 wars is more like abandoning the law. Now back to the airport mens room it’s your turn in the stall sweety

      • Michael Sholtis

        what country do you all live in all I see here are a bunch of party touting bafoons not one american in the group just a bunch of whiny little leftist and right leaning tards. Pawns playing the game you were told to…

    • Pat C.

      Ahh Representative Calvey, it might make you safe from your Oklahoma’s district attorneys and state’s Attorney General, but just wait til the federal prosecutor comes a-knocking!!! His bite is much worse!

    • James Leedy

      if we don’t have a corruption problem in all government now,, to make it unprosecutorail is crazy This republican is acting liberal

      • No, he is not acting liberal. He is acting like a typical GOP member who thinks they are above the law.

        • d wright

          And we’ll get nothing done while you two keep arguing party with each other. Pssst…they’re both on the same team, not ours! Vote the pukes out when they draft these types of bills.

        • Nunya

          Hmmm wasn’t it Dems that made insider trading legal…for themselves and the rest of congress?

      • Roger Land

        No James Leedy, this republican is acting republican and conservative. Liberals don’t try to hedge their bet before they take it, they wait and get caught.

    • The Owl

      So the lawmakers can accept bribes. Is this what could be called Political “rights”, setting themselves up above the law somewhat similar to religious “rights”.

      • Doug H

        Another eggplant that can’t read….Stupidity runs rampant in your gene pool I assume…..

        • wisc 715

          Your a great name caller by why do you think this law should be passed

          • Pupito4u

            He doesn’t want to be prosecuted for doing his own sister?

        • SundanceKid

          Dougy is a butt-hurt racist pig. Don’t bother to read his posts.

    • tariq

      This is the ultimate slap in the face to the entire U.S. population. it’s just incredible that they are even considering passing a law that would exempt them from being charged with a crime for braking the law. That is the ultimate white privileged mentality.

      • brandon

        Bro, why do you say white privilege? I am white and I think this is audacious and ludicrous. I don’t think it has anything at all to do with race.

        • Will

          Tariq…if breathing took conscious thought, you’d be dead. White privilege?!!!

          • d wright

            This has nothing to do with race. This has everything to do with two sets of rules. One for the peasants (Tariq, Brandon, Will & Myself) and another set for corrupt persons in power like Mr. Calvey and his pals.

        • RickFromTexas

          Maybe so but I understand what he means, the concept is similar, he’s talking about political privilege.

          But since Calvey is republican and white is their super majority, it’s just about synonymous with white privilege, he’s only thinking of himself and his political friends, most of whom are white. It’s the same mentality, the same kind of thinking behind both kinds of privilege, putting one group above everyone else.

        • kikr313

          White privilege is the new buzz phrase to match idiot things like “War on Women.”

        • davisss13

          Sure it does. These old, corrupt white Christians think laws don’t apply to them. They see their future in doubt and are passing laws to keep in power longer.

          • tom buster


        • tariq

          Bro? I don’t give a damn about anything that you think and I am not a bro, yours nor anyone else.

          • brandon

            You sound a little mad bro. Maybe sit down and drink a beer dude?

      • Dean Hollister

        yeah we know only white people are corrupt

        • tariq

          I never said anything faintly resembling that, but if it makes you feel good to say that then by all means carry on.

          • Dean Hollister

            oh sorry it just seemed to me that you added race to something that is irrelevent

      • MeteorACDC

        When all else fails? BLAME WHITEY!


        • tariq

          Your mother is an idiot and “WHITEY” (as you put it) is absolutely the blame for all of the horrors that people all over the world face today. If you want to live in denial or engage in willful ignorance regarding that fact that is your choice.

      • Jerkel

        Tariq, what in the hell are you going on about white privilege? There is no white doesn’t exist anymore, its just some story you were naive enough to fall for to get you to resent white
        people. You split people apart when you make racially charged statements
        like that–get your head clear and see this for what it is. A corrupt
        ruling class of individuals who are ruling over people of all races in
        this country. Please for my sake, your sake, and everyone else out
        there stop looking at this as a race issue and see it for what it is–a
        class issue. Don’t let them con you into the left/right, black or white
        arguments. They would have you believe that the world and every choice
        you make is a black or white decision…that there aren’t any grey
        areas…they do this because they hide within the grey areas and tell
        you that it doesn’t exist. Just stop and think about.

        • tariq

          Privileged class people and the white supremacist system we live under does a very good job of creating resentment towards privileged class people and “split” people apart. It certainly does not need the word privilege in any story to create that resentment of privileged class people which is extremely prevalent in America today.

      • feddup2

        Yeah, white privilege, the same thing Al Sharpton and his non-paying of taxes enjoy huh? Someone always has to play the “pitiful me” race card don’t they?

        • tariq

          Only people who are consumed with hatred for other people use the term “race card” Al Sharpton is not the only person in the world who attempted to avoid paying their taxes and as far as “someone always has to play the pitiful me race card” I have no knowledge of that I certainly didn’t use any of those terms in my post.

      • Lynne

        tqariq; I refer you back to Charlie Rangel, a member of the Black Caucus, who violated an ethics policy and was convicted as such. He was given a censure on the open floor and he complained the “punishment” was too severe. He should have been shown the door. What got me later is the clown was re-elected.

        • tariq

          Why do you refer me back to Charlie Rangel, I know who he is, what he did and what happened to him. What I don’t understand is how and/or why did my post denouncing law makers trying to pass a bill that would exempt politicians from arrest and prosecution for corruption compel you to refer me to Charlie Rangel.

      • Tim Orean

        I am White, what is this ” privilege ” you speak of? Can you explain it please? I work for a living, pay my bills, have a little left over, pay my taxes, try to be a law abiding citizen, how do I have it better than anybody else? Just a few years ago, I was just walking down the street, walking to a nearby store, it was in the early am ( I work 3rd shift ) because it was a nice night, I was stopped by police, asking for ID, what I was doing, can we search you? So, I guess I got stopped for walking while White? Needless to say, I was not real happy about the treatment I was getting, and stupid me, was not very quiet about it. Which didn’t help my situation, I was detained needlessly for hours. So you see, this perception that you have is totally wrong, get over it. My truth card, trumps your race one.

        • tariq

          Anyone who has been in America for more than fifteen minutes and claim that they don’t know what white privilege is then that person is either in denial or he/she is being willfully ignorant and I am certainly not going to waste my time explaining the obvious. Apparently you have access to a computer and if you really don’t know and really want to know the answer to your question then you should research it instead of asking me or anyone else to explain it to you. It is pretty much a straight forward process all you have to do is Google the phrase “white privilege” and take it from there.

          • Tim Orean

            Well, I could Google unicorns, leprechauns, bigfoot, aliens and get a lot of information on them too, but it does not mean it exists , it only exists in your mind, because that’s what you have to keep telling yourself to justify poor choices, and lack of discipline to run your own life in a manner acceptable to society. To think White people do not experience racism, hate, pain, all the things other humans do is absurd, who is the naïve one?

          • Michael Sholtis

            w0w just plain w0w I could make the same case for blacks Hispanics anyone. Any privilege is a joke, it is the ruling class vs. us unless you want to lump everyone into some hate filled stereotype. All whites are raciest, only whites can be racis,t all whites are part of the conspiracy wtf? yeah keep calling a color thing, racist…

            • tariq

              I don’t give a damn what you and other privileged class people believe because I and many, many people know the truth.

              • Michael Sholtis

                What a dickhead… go ahead believe what you want. The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand; and you and those many many people sound uneducated and want to believe what you want, so you will believe it. No facts or representations will change that belief. You are ignorant your belief is easily manipulated and your knowledge is lacking. LOL me and my other privileged class of people OMG LOL too funny… There are problems for sure but a white mans conspiracy of privilege LOL f’ing LOL

                • tariq

                  Your mother is a dick head. And I will believe what I want to believe and what I believe is based on the facts. If anyone presents any facts and or representations that are contrary to what I believe then I will adjust my beliefs accordingly.

            • tariq

              Oh yeah so called “Blacks” and Hispanics pass laws exempting themselves from prosecution for committing crimes all the time. and white privilege is not real.

              • Michael Sholtis

                Yeah you got it nailed there was a big whites only meeting at the 4 Seasons and they asked me how would you like to us to pass a whites only law absolving all whites from committing any crimes of course i said shit yeah, then we ate caviar and sipped champagne and talked about repressing Americans more but only the blacks and Hispanics of course.

                Dude I am not going to listen to your whiny trolling bs any longer go ahead take all the time you want brooding in some white hate induced bs you have been spoon fed. I dont have time to entertain your bs I have to work 60+ hours a week to make ends meet (my wife works more then that). I have worked too hard to get ahead to have it be called a privilege and dont think that it didnt come with a lot of risk and debt to do so. I get it you have a chip and you have taken what is unfair and place it on whites being the cause when it is the 1% that control it all. I think it is epic funny you think that 1% is going to let me or anyone into their club because they are white, we are all pawns to them.

                Politicians pass laws all the time giving themselves more power and less accountability, it is what they do (BTW you know politicians submit laws/bills to congress who decide for it to become a law right? that it is not Blacks or Whites or Hispanics who just get to say hey pass this law…) Your hate is overshadowing your understanding and vision of what is before you. Go ahead and blame whites for what it is you think you deserve or go out and try to work for what it is you want get educated, take risks, get ahead or just stew in your BS. The one thing I do know is that there exists a lot more entrepreneurial support, education, upward mobility support, with programs, grants, and community development opportunities for anyone who is not a white male then there are for someone who is a white and a male (and I am not upset about that).

                Stop being such a racist and start thinking how to win and get ahead. I know the deck is stacked against us all stop using your perception to limit yourself and start taking every advantage you can to get ahead.

                If what you say you feel is totally unquestionably true then dont you think someone engineered that place for you? If I was in the 1% thinking like the 1% I would want more people like you thinking you have no opportunity, spewing hate (dividing), upset placing blame, and looking to tare things down rather then building yourself up and taking any market share from me and killing any competition you could produce. I would want you a pawn fighting with people that are of no threat to me keeping it a simple color issue to distract from my dominating agenda of total control.

                We both are getting played we are all pawns and in no way to the depths of my heart and soul do harbor you or any other human any sort of racist white power agenda, nor am I taking part in any white privilege agenda, nor do I know anyone that is White who goes to some secret pro white agenda meetings, nor am I or anyone i know a lobbyist able to pass or effect any passing of law anywhere in my world. There is not anyone Black, White, Asian, or Hispanic in my world who knows me that thinks I have any white privilege agenda in any way. In the end I may be kind of a dick who doesn’t think anyone is a special snowflake but that in no way pins the racist hate you are spouting on me or any other person. Get it straight it is the 1% vs us all…

                • tariq

                  For one nobody certainly not I ever asked you to listen to anything and for someone who is determined not to listen to something you certainly have a lot to say regarding it. Apparently you also have a knack for stating the obvious because everyone who has attained the level of a high school education knows how bills are passed into laws so that is just some useless information you could have kept to yourself. No one has to spoon feed me anything, everything that I talk about comes from experience and I work just as hard for me and my family’s living as anyone else for themselves and their families. People who claim they don’t see color are either blind or they are liars and as far as the one percent creating and perpetuating racism in order to continue to amass huge profits and maintain control is an absolute fact, but it does not alter the fact that it is real and devastating to the lives of so called minorities, particularly so called “Black” people and many, many privileged class people engage in it consciously or subconsciously.

                  • Michael Sholtis

                    Well congratulations you have now met someone that could give a shit about your color who sees the whole race issue as an agenda perpetuated by a select few carried out or taken to heart by those that cant see it the way I do. Sorry we don’t see eye to eye.

                • tariq

                  For someone who is not interested and is not going to listen to my bullshit you sure had a lot to say none of which I care to or even considered reading.

                  • Michael Sholtis

                    Sorry trying to build bridges in my lifetime for bs that there is no need for, while both sides play at being children (as intended). Have fun with all that anger it should serve you well.

                    • tariq

                      Typical privileged person whenever a so called “Black” person don’t agree with their bullshit they just automatically label them angry so called “Black” men.

                    • tariq

                      Typical privileged class mentality, whenever a so called “Black” person doesn’t agree with you he is automatically labeled “angry” . So much for building bridges over bullshit.

                      • Michael Sholtis

                        LOL there is definitely something wrong with you. Bless your heart….

                      • Michael Sholtis

                        LOL well you are definitely touched. Bless your heart.

            • tariq

              Google the term “white privilege” then come back and tell us there is no such thing as white privilege.

    • nadiasindi

      Just take a look at what Oregon’s former A.G. Dave Frohnmayer & his right hand the bank robber Rep. Bob Ackerman have done to me!! Forged my family’s signature, sold our Condo without my signature!!

      Please sign both petitions.

      And this one with Causes too. Thanks!

    • 1Sunny1

      Does this really surprise anyone? Look at his face you can tell he has plenty of skeletons!

      • rifflicks

        and you lack a spine and a brain

        • Brenda Harrell

          You lack intelligence.

        • 56dave245

          I wish you lacked the ability to breath

        • moob_rex

          you should eat a bullet