Latest Gallup Poll Shows Young Americans Overwhelmingly Support Palestine

Overall American's stand divided on whether Israel's actions against Gaza are justified.
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    PRINCETON, NJ — Americans are divided in their views of whether Israel’s actions against the Palestinian group Hamas is “mostly justified” or “mostly unjustified,” but they widely view Hamas’ actions as mostly unjustified. Those results are similar to what Gallup measured 12 years ago during another period of heightened Israeli-Palestinian violence, and they are consistent with Americans’ generally more positive views of the Israelis than of the Palestinians.


    The latest escalation of violence in the Middle East occurred after the militant Palestinian group Hamas captured and killed three Israeli students and a Palestinian teen was subsequently murdered in an alleged revenge killing. The tensions erupted into bombings, missile attacks, and armed conflict. The two sides have not agreed to a cease-fire so far despite the international community’s efforts to end the fighting.

    Americans do not view the current round of violence as substantially worse than the 2002 fighting, when Israel invaded areas under Palestinian control while Palestinian suicide bombers targeted Israel. A separate question in the new July 22-23 Gallup poll underscores the finding that Americans’ see the current round of fighting as no worse than usual: 45% of Americans say the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict is “more serious than past conflicts between them,” 43% about as serious as past conflicts, and 3% as “less serious.”


    Republicans See Israel’s Actions as Justified; Democrats Disagree

    There are not substantial differences across major demographic and attitudinal subgroups as to whether Hamas’ actions are justified; significant majorities of all major subgroups say what Hamas is doing is unjustified. However, there are significant differences in opinions of Israel’s actions by subgroup.

    Consistent with Republicans’ more pro-Israel outlook, the majority of Republican identifiers back what Israel is doing. Meanwhile, Democrats take the opposing view, with nearly half saying Israel’s actions are unjustified.


    Other subgroup differences may stem from the basic party divisions. Men, older Americans, and whites are more likely than women, younger Americans, and nonwhites to say Israel’s actions are justified. Although Americans with postgraduate education tend to be politically Democratic, they are the most likely education group to endorse Israel’s actions.


    A majority of Americans interviewed July 22-23 say they are following news of the conflict very (22%) or somewhat (37%) closely. The more closely Americans are following the news about the Middle East situation, the more likely they are to think Israel’s actions are justified.


    There are not large partisan differences in terms of whether the current round of violence is more serious than in the past. However, 65% of those following the story very closely, and 54% following it somewhat closely, say the current conflict is more serious than past Israeli-Palestinian fighting.



    Americans are generally pessimistic about the Israelis and Palestinians being able to settle their differences and live in peace, and while the escalated tensions between the two sides have been a major news story the last two weeks, the American public does not view it as any more serious than past conflicts.

    Americans continue to exhibit more positivity toward Israel than the Palestinians, but also stop short of saying Israel’s actions in the current situation are justified.

    At this point, more than two weeks into the conflict, it is not clear how long the increased violence will continue, as efforts to broker a cease-fire have been unsuccessful.


    Survey Methods
    Results for this Gallup poll are based on telephone interviews conducted July 22-23, 2014, on the Gallup Daily tracking survey, with a random sample of 1,016 adults, aged 18 and older, living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.
    For results based on the total sample of national adults, the margin of sampling error is ±4 percentage points at the 95% confidence level.
    Interviews are conducted with respondents on landline telephones and cellular phones, with interviews conducted in Spanish for respondents who are primarily Spanish-speaking. Each sample of national adults includes a minimum quota of 50% cellphone respondents and 50% landline respondents, with additional minimum quotas by time zone within region. Landline and cellular telephone numbers are selected using random-digit-dial methods. Landline respondents are chosen at random within each household on the basis of which member had the most recent birthday.
    Samples are weighted to correct for unequal selection probability, nonresponse, and double coverage of landline and cell users in the two sampling frames. They are also weighted to match the national demographics of gender, age, race, Hispanic ethnicity, education, region, population density, and phone status (cellphone only/landline only/both, and cellphone mostly). Demographic weighting targets are based on the most recent Current Population Survey figures for the aged 18 and older U.S. population. Phone status targets are based on the most recent National Health Interview Survey. Population density targets are based on the most recent U.S. census. All reported margins of sampling error include the computed design effects for weighting.
    In addition to sampling error, question wording and practical difficulties in conducting surveys can introduce error or bias into the findings of public opinion polls.


    Copyright © 2014 Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved.

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      • Tahmid Arnab

        I am very surprised how much american people support Palestine though the Jews their whole wall street and central banks.This clearly prove how liberal they are and they are the best nation excluding the Jews residing in america and the stupid middle-eastern radical Muslims should be aware of that.



        Who are easily led. Because they’re too lazy to read their Bibles everyday, they believe anything that sounds good. Like the restoration of israel in 1948. All the jew-owned media and the jew-owned “christian” ministries continually beat us over the head with this fallacy. In the Bible, the LORD’s not referring to a physical restoration of Israel, but a spiritual restoration. We Christians are the embodiment of that restoration.

        “One of the clearest and most monumental Old Testament prophecies regarding the restoration of the tabernacle may be found in Amos 9:11-12; and in Acts 15:14-17 James clearly teaches that THIS PASSAGE IS BEING FULFILLED IN THE SPREADING OF THE GOSPEL TO THE GENTILES so in sum yes, the bible prophesies of a restored Jewish nation and temple, but then goes on to teach that THIS PROPHECY WAS FULFILLED BY JESUS’ BECOMING THE TRUE AND FINAL TEMPLE OF GOD, and subsequently in his making his people a holy temple in the Lord, where God’s presence might dwell among them, even today.”


        Netanyahu’s Opinion of Christian Zionists : “My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” – Israeli Binyamin “Bibi” Netanyahu When you get tired of kicking at the goads.

      • Gannon Sloves

        People with common sense support Israel and people with over-whelming ignorance support the so called “State of Palestine”.

      • angela

        US supports Israel at the cost of US tax dollars 14 million a day, every day, all year, every year. It is non-stop. This dominating force has got to stop. America, the greatest country in the world has to gain independence from Israel (the smallest and most powerful in the world). Don’t kid yourself. Size does not matter.

      • Palichamp

        Zionist-owned US media ALWAYS portrays Israel as victim, when FACTS prove otherwise. This article states “The latest escalation of violence in the Middle East occurred after the militant Palestinian group Hamas captured and killed three Israeli students and a Palestinian teen was subsequently murdered in an alleged revenge killing.” without mentioning the hundreds of murders, kidnappings and home demolitions carried out by Palestine’s illegal Israeli occupiers annually.
        Israel is the aggressor state. European Jewish terrorists invaded Palestine and chased nearly a million people from their homes to illicitly spawn Israel, and Israel has been expanding its yet-undeclared borders on stolen land ever since. Its as simple as that.

      • no hate


        To date Hamas has managed to kill mere 60+ Israelis, and that’s despite Israelis being in Gaza. So this excuse that Hamas poses an existential threat to Israel is a joke and only your blind loyalty prevents you from looking at facts. The facts are that destroying power plants, destroying water treatment plants, destroying hospitals, bombing sleeping children at UN safe sites where IDF knows refugees are seeking refuge, flattening high rise because in the 3rd story there is a hamas dude, is not a war against Hamas but against the 1.8 million civilians. Clearly Israel wants Hamas to stay very much alive and only weaken the people as the real existential threat to radical Israeli leaders is not Hamas but a thriving Palestine and the non-submissiveness that goes with it. If Israel was any other country, not a single American and not a single Jew would be pro-Israel.

      • no hate

        Those who follow the news closely tend to be more supportive of israel – Not surprising. US media is very biased towards Israel and does not even deny it.

      • Jonah Stern

        This poll also shows the people with higher levels of education and who follow the conflict more closely OVERWHELMINGLY support Israel.

        Hm…. 😉

        • radarcontact

          I’m highly educated, and I don’t support Israel’s actions at all. Neither do most of my friends, many of whom are Jewish.

          • Jonah Stern

            Good for you. So am I and almost all of my friends (many of whom are Jewish many of whom, if not and most of whom, attended Ivy League universities or equivalents), and both i and the majority of my friends DO support Israel. Both I and many of them also happen to follow the conflict closely and regularly discuss it.

            I also happen to be a young person (as are most of my friends) and I strongly support Israel as do most of them.

            Edit: We’re also almost all Democrats, and we STILL all support Israel!

            And none of that matters anyone because I was referring to this poll, not you or me or anybody here specifically. Look at the poll, you don’t even need to be highly-educated or closely-follow the conflict to understand it!

            • Nadia

              Do you even know about the occupation? Clearly your not following the conflict close enough. You watch corporate media and you think your getting real news and that you’re well informed? lol Just look at the death toll and human rights violations by Israel. Tell me the Palestinians are getting treated fairly. 77 UN rights violations by Israel, the leading human rights violator in the world. Arresting and torturing children and bombing UN shelters. You must be proud to support them. You act like your civilized but your just ignorant. And the many Israeli organizations invest thousands of dollars and collaborate with the powerful members of universities. They have entire organizations to push the pro-Israel perspective in universities and to punish anyone who goes against their viewpoint. Scholars have gotten their classes canceled or even kicked out for speaking against the actions of Israel. This makes it hard to introduce an alternative perspective to students. You pay 40,000 a year and think your better than someone else who works hard everyday because your rich parents paid for your education? I read news from israel as well as news from the OCCUPIED territories. And, many times, the Israel newspapers talk about the occupation and the facts more than the American media. And often, the Israel newspapers confirm arguments in favor for the Palestinians.

              • Jonah Stern

                I am well aware of all of the available reputable information about this conflict. I get very little of my information from “corporate media” and base my opinions on the rawest available information (obtained generally through the most objective possible sources like Wikipedia).

                The death toll is tragic yet misleading. The fact that Israel values life while the Palestinians openly teach their children from a young age to martyr themselves and fight to the death against Israel plays a large role. Also, the fact that Israel protects its citizens while Hamas fights from densely-populated areas in a region filled with huge swaths of desert and farmland (contrary to the myth that Gaza is “one of the densest places in the world”–a complete fabrication by almost every standard) plays a large part. Also, the death toll from the conflict as a whole is pretty tiny compared to almost every other conflict in the world. Over the past 66 years, somewhere around 20,000 people have died on both sides. 41% of Palestinian deaths were known militants, 94% were male. Many of the alleged civilians were likely informal militants since they do not wear uniforms. Children and women are also extremely underrepresented among the dead. The same is true of the casualties in the most recent conflict (where most of the casualties were males aged 18-30). Also, keep in mind that “children” (who make up 50% of Gaza’s population) includes people up to the age of 15, who are easily within Hamas’ designation of military age.

                The UN violations are a joke and everybody who has done even the most basic research knows this. The UN “condemns” Israel for fighting against Hamas. It “condemns” Israel for the actions of individual citizens that have no connection to the government and are openly condemned by Israeli leaders. Meanwhile, actual genocides and humanitarian crises are and have occurred around the world that receive little to zero condemnations from the UN.

                Palestinians in Gaza have a longer life expectancy than Palestinians and other Arabs in most Middle Eastern and North African countries. They have better access to healthcare. They have among the highest obesity rates in the world. Their population has exploded pretty much since the Jews began arriving in the late 19th century but especially over the past 30 years. Most of the unfortunate circumstances in the territories (which are often better than those of Palestinian refugees in Arab countries) are direct results of violence against Israel and Israeli civilians. Unemployment rates and the blockade are the results of Israel’s security measures taken after the Second Intifada and the smuggling in of weapons by Hamas.

                Liberal academia is overwhelmingly anti-Israel despite the fact that Jews are insanely over-represented. This is well documented and the liberal academic community is disturbingly one of the most anti-Israel demographics.

                And no, my parents are not wealthy (also not poor). But I did go to my Ivy League university for free. Also, almost all private universities are as expensive regardless of the quality of education, or the intellectual capabilities of students and professors. The only people who I think I am “better” than are those who actually are ignorant (as you seem to be regardless of how many newspapers you claim to read) and draw conclusions based on oversimplifications, prejudice, and obscene double-standards.

                And actually, according to studies, the Western media coverage (despite the Zionist conspiracy theories–even though most Western media is NOT owned by Jews) is overwhelmingly biased in favor of the Palestinians in terms of the words that are most often used and the general sentiments expressed. Thankfully, as is usually the case, the more information that is revealed, the more it becomes clear that Hamas is composed of cowardly, lying, terrorists who are only successful in their (cartoonish) propaganda that only the most naive and ignorant could actually believe.

                Also learn the difference between “you’re” and “your.” Basic grammar helps strengthen the appearance of your argument, no matter how childish it might be.

                • TheHowitzer9 .

                  Israel values life by committing awful war crimes, killing hundreds of times more than the Palestinians, using white phosphorous and attacking allies and the UN? The Likud openly denies the legitimacy of Palestinians and Netanyahu says he will never allow a Palestinian state. He also views Arab Israelis as enemies and virtually every country in the world recognizes Israel’s crimes. Israel gets to illegally claim land, not unlike the Nazis. Something no other country gets to do. The UN condems Hamas as much as it does the Likud, but that’s not good enough for Zionists. For Zionists it’s their way or the highway. Enough. The U.S. is now washing it’s hands of Israel, Hasbara/IDF-drone.

            • Humanity Hannity

              If you follow the “conflict” closely as you claim, and yet stil support Israel, then any reasonably sane person must conclude that you are all either educationally subnormal, morally or intellectually bankrupt, or you need to re-evaluate the source of your news.

              • Jonah Stern

                Wow, that was a very dignified comment. “Educationally subnormal?” Does that include an Ivy League education? Morally or intellectually bankrupt? Does that mean valuing life, peace, and truth?

                If you follow the conflict at all beyond ridiculous “news” sources that skew the information enough to warrant such a comment, then you would know how absurd you sound.

                My main news sources on this conflict are unfortunately pretty anti-Israel (mostly Vice, and occasionally others I guess), but I get my actual information from Wikipedia (as in the most reliable source available in the world and the only one that aggregates information from numerous credible sources), and I draw my conclusions or base my opinions on the historical/contemporary events, the statistical data, and general knowledge about Israel/Jews, the Palestinian Arabs, the conflict, and the land; not the opinions of some journalists or writers.

                I assume you didn’t actually read any of my previous comments, or you think that the facts (which explicitly disprove most of the anti-Israel myths about this conflict) are irrelevant and that only your childish, distorted, and amoral preconceptions matter, like most “anti-Zionists.” Every piece of information that contradicts the almost cartoonish (yet terrifying) demonization of Israel and Jews, is dismissed as part of a “Zionist conspiracy” or deemed “irrelevant.” The fact that you wrote “conflict” suggests you think this is one sided or maybe even a “genocide,” which would only further indicate your insane ignorance of even the most basic relevant information.

                What’s tragic is that people like you, “Humanity Hannity,” veil your irrational hatred in a pathetic costume of “liberalism” or “humanism,” both of which labels you contaminate with your hypocrisy and anti-intellectualism.

      • Easily young America forgets.

        Young America overwhelmingly supports who?!

      • BigSticksWalkSoftly

        No wonder the US congress says they support a peaceful 2 state agreement between Palestine and Israel; but then turns around and supplies Israel with am munitions to collectively bomb Palestinian civilians and shoot their protesters.
        And the US also pays $100,000 for each Israeli iron dome missile that only hits 10% of the Palestinian rockets, which,by the way only cost $100, are not guided, have very little to no explosive ordinance, and usually don’t do much of anything.

        • JV

          Americans financial support to Israel goes right back to American companies. But in addition to that we support the only liberal society and real democracy in the middle east. Also, partnering with Israel provides a front line for intelligence gathering for our enemies in the middle eat. Not having Israel as an intelligence and military partner is estimated to cost the US over 10-12 Billion dollars a year. And none of this is of course even touching on the moral decision of supporting an ally against the estimated 350 million extremist minded Muslims in the world. Also the Iron Dome stops over 90% of the rockets it targets at; targeting is determined on if the rocket’s trajectory is headed for a populated area.

          • ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®©

            Israel is a liberal society?

            It’s an apartheid state, and a violent one at that.

            And closing with some outrageous lies is a nice cherry on the the top of your hasbara dish.

            • JV

              Israeli Arabs that live in Israel have all the same rights as Israeli Jews. They vote, they serve in Israeli parliament and have political parties. They are actors, singers, journalists, generals, etc. Also, Israel offers everyone total religious freedom, women’s rights and gay rights. If you are referring to Arabs in Gaza. Gaza isn’t a part of Israel. They unilaterally left Israel in 2005. Israel does have a blockade on Gaza however because after they left the Palestinians started shooting rockets into Israel so Israel has to stop weapons from being imported into it. Now on the flip side, which Arab state doesn’t threaten it’s Jewish or Christian population (if it even has one). Which Arab states offer equal rights to men and women, and let’s not even joke about gay rights? And you call Israel an apartheid state. Lol, enough with your Islamist sympathizing.

              • radarcontact

                They do NOT have the same rights….that is a joke. I live in the US, and I have several friends who are Palestinians, that I knew in medical school here in the US, who are living on the West Bank now. Discrimination, bullying, abuse by the IDF are all common occurrences, similar to what black Americans had to endure prior to the civil rights movement here in the US. Watching innocent Arab homeowners being evicted from their homes, and seeing their homes bulldozed down to make room for rabid Zionist settlers, does not sit well with a lot of people. Israel IS apartheid, no matter how you choose to define it.

              • Nadia

                LOL no they don’t have equal rights as white jews in Israel. Hell even ethiopian jews don’t have the same rights as the other jews. They were forced to take birth control without their knowledge or consent. Your living in a fantasy land. Or you are just spewing propaganda. Probably both. And yes, lets say were in the occupied territories and not the state itself, which still has discrimination towards non-jews and non-whites, when Israel restricts housing, steals land, bulldozes homes, sets up checkpoints, divides farm lands with giant walls, and sets up “jewish only” roads and areas. Not only that, they arrest their children in the middle of the night and treat them like shit. That’s apartheid and a brutal occupation. Nelson mandela, desmond tutu, and south africa are against the policies of Israel. I think they know apartheid more than you sweetheart.

                • JV

                  Giant walls and checkpoints…you mean the wall that was put up in response to the persistent suicide bombings…and combined with the checkpoints has been a great success in ending that threat of terrorism.

                  Jewish only roads… this is propaganda. There are Israeli roads which Israeli Arabs and Jews and foreigners visiting can use. They are not Jewish only roads. see here:

                  Now on the supposed-apartheid within Israel itself: I have done you the liberty of copying my previous comment on the subject: “Israeli Arabs that live in Israel have all the same rights as Israeli Jews. They vote, they serve in Israeli parliament and have political parties. They are actors, singers, journalists, generals, etc. Also, Israel offers everyone total religious freedom, women’s rights and gay rights. If you are referring to Arabs in Gaza. Gaza isn’t a part of Israel. They unilaterally left Israel in 2005. Israel does have a blockade on Gaza however because after they left the Palestinians started shooting rockets into Israel so Israel has to stop weapons from being imported into it. Now on the flip side, which Arab state doesn’t threaten it’s Jewish or Christian population (if it even has one). Which Arab states offer equal rights to men and women, and let’s not even joke about gay rights? And you call Israel an apartheid state. Lol, enough with your Islamist sympathizing.”

                  I could not care less what Desmond Tutu’s opinion of the situation in Israel is. Anyone with an iota of reasoning ability knows that if the Palestinians would accept Israel’s right to exist, and stop the fight against Jews, they would have a state of their own. But they don’t do that because of all the hatred that they as a people have been shown to think in countless polls. They want to kill all the Jews. In the many times a Palestinian state has been offered to them, they did not accept it. Like the old quote says, “The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.” I share no pity and no sympathy for these people. The Palestinians do not stand for freedom, or liberal ideals, or pluralism or co-existence. They only stand for ethnic cleansing, martyrdom and extremism which is what they would do if the Israelis didn’t put so much effort to defend themselves.

          • BigSticksWalkSoftly

            Nothing you say is true.
            Israel steals US technology and is a liability for the US.
            Turkey and Lebanon are other Middle East democracies. So was Egypt and Palestine before outside meddling.
            Jordan also has a democratically elected parliament and coordinates with the US better in regards to intelligence gathering against extremists.
            Face it.
            Israel is a racist apartheid relic of 1930s Germany.
            Palestinians didn’t do the holocaust.
            And don’t you know that many Palestinians are Christians?
            Shows how little you know

            • JV

              Actually, everything I said is true. Turkey and Lebanon are your idea of liberal societies and real democracies? Really Erdogan and Hezbollah? Lol. Tell that to the Kurds in Turkey. Jordan is ruled by a king, and btw, it has killed many thousands of Palestinians in its history.

              Israel is not racist or Apartheid at all. There are 1.5 million Arabs in Israel. Israeli Arabs have the same rights as Israeli Jews. They vote, they serve in the Israeli parliament. They have more rights than any other middle east country gives them. They have access to better jobs, and better social services, better medicine than any other middle east country. Arabs that live in Gaza are a different story. They are not part of Israel, they are their own entity. Israel has a blockade on them because unfortunately they would rather import weapons to kill Israelis than to actually attempt nation-building.

              Also, as for Christian Palestinians. Let’s talk about them. What has happened to the Christian Palestinians? Many have been threatened and killed by the Muslim Palestinian majority and Palestinian police. It has gotten so bad, that Bethlehem, the once majority Christian city has become overrun by the Muslim Palestinians. Christians in Bethlehem currently account for about 10% of the population. 20 years ago, they were 60%+. Muslim arabs all over the region and including in the Palestinian territories actually do operate in an apartheid manner but nobody cares because they don’t expect anything better of them. Let’s not forget 800,000 Jews were kicked out Israel’s neighboring countries. Jordan pushed out their Palestinian population, including their Palestinian citizens. Jews aren’t even allowed to visit countries like Saudi Arabia but you call Israel, a state that afford its citizens freedom of religion, women’s rights and gay rights an apartheid state. Which other countries in the region allows half of the freedoms Israel gives its citizens?

          • Wayne

            Americans financial support does NOT go right back to American companies. Israel is the ONLY exception to the rule. That was recently in the news. On top of that, America forks over the biggest chunk of money that goes to rebuild Palestinian facilities.

            • JV


              “Seventy-four percent of these funds (US Foreign Aid to Israel) must be spent purchasing US goods and services.”
              “Almost all U.S. aid to Israel is now in the form of military assistance”

              In other words, US gives money to Israel which it then uses to buy military goods and services from American companies. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. If you need help understanding why, please read my other comments.

          • brutus

            jew ies,sell it somewhere else slimy jew

            • JV

              I see. A very well-thought out and productive argument. What the world really needs is more kind and open-minded people like yourself. /s

          • TheHowitzer9 .

            Disinformation and giving money to American robber barons is not anything sorthwhile to the American people. We’re Americans, Hasbara. Not Israelis.

            • JV

              So I guess you didn’t actually read any of my comment that you are responding to.

            • xpatYankeeCurmudgeon

              “Disinformation and giving money to American robber barons blah blah blah”
              Need more hyperbole there, Donk.

      • Linda Jansen

        there are inaccuracies in this Gallup story. the unity gov’t between fatah and hamas is the reason israel started the bombing on gaza. not the 3 teens. gallup needs to stop repeating israeli press releases.

        • Bella

          Actually, it was Hamas rocket fire that Israel responded to.

          • Valshay

            Actually Hamas fired rockets after Israel started to kill and arrest over 500 hamas members.

            • Nadia

              No. They fired rockets after Israel did an strike on gaza after the mass arrests This killed 3 people, including a 10 year old child. This hardly gets reported on the corporate news. Key word, corporate.

              • TheHowitzer9 .

                Bullshit, JIDF.

          • no hate

            That’s not true Bella. After Bibi built a frenzy over the dead teens by calling for a search and rescue mission (which by the way was led by Israeil arab bedouins), he had no choice but to attack Gaza as the public wanted war. He did. Hamas responded. Regardless of what you want to believe, destroying power plants, desrtroying water treatment plants, destroying hospitals, bombing sleeping children at UN safe sites where IDF knows refugees are seeking refuge, flattening12 story building because in the 3rd story there is a hamas dude, is just sick, and if Israel was any other country, not a single American and not a single Jew would be pro-Israel,