Kissinger Urging Trump To Accept Crimea As Part Of Russia

While Trump is eager to differentiate himself from Obama, such a reverse on Crimea would likely lead to a major backlash from Republican hawk.
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    (REPORT) — Reports suggest that former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has sought to advise President-elect Donald Trump on a rapprochement between the United States and Russia, and that a key aspect of that is encouraging Trump to accept Crimea as part of the Russian Federation.

    Crimea has a long complicated history, but has long served as the base of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. After the Ukraine Maidan Revolution ousted the pro-Russian government, Crimea seceded from Ukraine in 2014, and sought and gained accession into the Russian Federation. The Obama Administration vowed the US would never accept Crimea as part of Russia.

    While Trump is eager to differentiate himself from Obama, such a reverse on Crimea would likely lead to a major backlash from Republican hawks, particularly in the Senate, who have been some of the leading proponents of a new Cold War. Kissinger, by contrast, is seen trying to prevent such a Cold War.

    Those familiar with the effort say Kissinger’s effort centers on Ukraine, and would involve a “master plan” that he is drawing up on Ukraine, which would aim to end the ongoing Eastern Ukraine civil war, resolve the status of Crimea, and end the tensions at the Ukraine-Russia border.

    That’s a tall order, and Ukraine’s Poroshenko government isn’t necessarily going to be on board, with the government seeking to blame “Russian aggression” for everything that goes wrong with Ukraine’s economy and international standing. Their government is so heavily built around the idea that World War 3 is imminent that such a rapprochement would be a major shock to every part of their policy.


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    • Guy

      “Poroshenko government isn’t necessarily going to be on board”
      To be honest ,the Ukraine is bankrupt , and there is no one to help it out of it’s misery.It’s only salvation would be to go to Russia with cap in hand,but I doubt the Nazis will ever do that . Alternatively the Ukraine could be separated into 2 states , East and West . It would solve the war situation but not the animosities generated by same.

    • John Maggellan

      Although I cringe when Kissinger is brought up as I know he is a wanted war criminal, his view on Russia is pragmatic and should be listened to. Having said that, Kissinger is still a war criminal at large to the shame of humanity and must be brought to justice along the Bush and Obama gangs!

    • c_chandler

      kissinger does not inspire me to believe he s right. he is null as far as i care.

    • MountainMan23

      “For the West, the demonization of Vladimir Putin is not a policy; it is an alibi for the absence of one.”
      — Henry Kissinger

    • James Wherry

      President-elect Trump already intends to normalize relations with Russia. That’s a de facto admission that the Crimea is going BACK to Russia and remaining there. The “cyber-sanctions” will never be implemented for more than a few weeks from today, either. These last-ditch efforts to further sully the relationship between Russia and America should be abandoned before they are carried out.