Jill Stein Blasts ‘Attack-Dog’ Media, Clinton Protectionists After Daily Beast Smear

The Green Party presidential candidate questioned the lack of ‘disclosure on the conflict of interest posed by Chelsea Clinton's position as a director of the corporate owner of the Daily Beast, IAC’ after The Daily Beast published an article criticizing Stein’s investments.
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    AUSTIN, Texas — Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein accused The Daily Beast, a popular news and opinion website, of hiding its ties to the Clintons after publishing an attack on Stein’s investment portfolio on Wednesday.

    Jill Stein’s Ideology Says One Thing—Her Investment Portfolio Says Another” declared the headline for an analysis of Stein’s investments and finances by Yashar Ali. The article suggests that Stein has millions of dollars invested in mutual funds which support industries she opposes on the campaign trail, including fossil fuels and the military-industrial complex.

    “If Mr. Ali is truly interested in conflicts of interest of political candidates and their families, where is his disclosure on the conflict of interest posed by Chelsea Clinton’s position as a director of the corporate owner of the Daily Beast, IAC?” Stein fired back in a detailed response sent to the Daily Beast prior to publication and published to her campaign website in full on Wednesday.


    Ali’s analysis was based on Stein’s financial disclosure filing with the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, a requirement for all presidential candidates, which the office published in March. Ali also used Stein’s 2015 tax return, which the candidate released voluntarily earlier this year.

    Ali reported that Stein and her husband, Richard Rohrer, “have investments (with the exception of real estate) valued at anywhere from $3,832,050 to $8,505,000,” then criticized the candidate for her investment in a series of index funds or mutual funds which offer investors relatively safe and consistent returns on their money. However, in exchange for reliable earnings, investors also give up control over where their money is used.

    “Like many Americans who hold retirement accounts, pension funds, or who invest in the American economy, my finances are largely held in index funds or mutual funds over which I have no control in management or decision-making,” Stein wrote in her response.

    She added: “Over the years I have taken steps to divest from the worst of these holdings — transferring my checking and savings accounts from Bank of America largely to a credit union, and divesting from GE, Dupont and Merck stocks I had been given decades ago.”

    While “green” mutual funds exist, Stein noted that many of these funds actually invest in fracking and biofuels, making them “not much better than the non-green funds.” She continued:

    “I have not yet found the mutual funds that represent my goals of advancing the cause of people, planet and peace. Admittedly I have not spent a lot of time researching elusive ethical investments. I prefer using my time fighting for social, economic and ecological transformation, and recycling capitalist money into the fight to do so.”

    She also wrote that she inherited “over a half-million dollars” from her parents, and that she’s used her investments and capital to “help build the social and political movements needed for transformative change.“

    Ali’s article was designed to distract voters from larger issues of corruption within the Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party, she suggested. She elaborated;

    “He has created an imagined conflict of interest, perhaps to distract from the very real, harmful conflicts of interest in the Clintons’ pay-to-play schemes, back-room fundraising, and quarter-million dollar speeches for the predatory banks, health insurance industry, and fossil fuel tycoons, who have directly benefited from Hillary Clinton’s policy record as Senator and Secretary of State, as well as from Bill Clinton’s actions as President.”

    In October, Forbes staff writer Dan Alexander estimated that Bill and Hillary Clinton were worth about $45 million, though he noted that their tax returns and financial disclosure filings left millions in earnings unaccounted for. In February, CNN reported that the Clintons earned $153 million in speaking fees between 2001 and the spring 2015 launch of Hillary Clinton’s latest presidential campaign.

    Under Stein’s “Green New Deal” platform, the United States would transition away from foreign wars and fossil fuels by investing heavily in renewable energy.

    In addition to its ties to Chelsea Clinton, The Daily Beast’s editor, Michael Weiss, has been criticized for supporting neoconservative U.S. foreign policy, including military intervention and empire building. In August, Richard Silverstein, writing for alternative media analysis site The Unz Review, noted that Weiss is frequently tapped to advocate for war on TV news programs. He wrote:

    “Weiss, age 36, has been an itinerant freelance journalist and military interventionist gun-for-hire, plying his trade from Washington DC, to London, to the outlying lands of former Russian empire, to the ruins of Syria.

    With his role as CNN commentator and senior editor at the Daily Beast, he is a leading light among a new young generation of neoconservative intellectuals.”

    In April 2015, Stein told MintPress News that the media deliberately marginalizes third-party voices in order to keep voters from being fully informed about all their choices.

    She told Carmen Russell-Sluchansky:

    “It illustrates what they are terrified of. If people learn that they have an option that reflects what they want, they will vote for it. Half the population doesn’t vote because they don’t like what they see as their options.”

    Watch “Dr. Jill Stein On Her First 100 Days In Office As POTUS” from MintPress News:


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    • James Wherry

      Just another filthy rich elitist made rich by the unaffordable long-term capital tax break implemented by the G.W. Bush administration.

    • James Wherry

      Even a Chimanzee like tapatio should have figured it out: the next President has ALREADY BEEN SELECTED!


    • James Wherry

      Don’t believe any of these Far Left crusaders – to include Elizabeth Warren, with her own Dirty Money.


    • tapatio
    • James Wherry


      It’s not disgusting that she has these investments, but that she just turned SLIMY POLITICIAN. She’s no better than Hillary, who has spent the past 3 months weeping about how “It’s all RUSSIA’S FAULT!!!!”

      No, Hillary: it is NOT. It is YOUR fault for conniving with Washington Insiders to steal a nomination from Bernie Sanders, lie about your Email servers and cover up the “Pay to Play” relationship between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department. You are just trying to divert attention from the facts by vilifying the people who exposed you.

      No, Jill: unless the information in the Daily Beast article is inaccurate (which you could easily show), whining about who the messenger is is completely irrelevant and your investment portfolio IS fair game, just as Trump’s fake charitable giving and his hidden tax returns are.

      • tapatio

        If the hasbarat troll, Wherry, weren’t so busy vomiting his hatred for civilized candidates, like Jill Stein, the would realize that anyone who has/has had a 401K, IRA or any other investment account RARELY ever knows what stocks or instruments the managers buy. If I, Jill Stein, or any other investor had the skills, time or inclination to manage our own investments, we would not use a management company.

        Wherry doesn’t need to worry. The anointed wh0re of his Zionist masters is going to win the election on Tuesday. The entire electoral process is rigged to insure that the anointed of the Rothschild-Bilderberg Predatory Empire wins. HELLary is their anointed and even Donny Drumpf is now in their pockets.

        Filth, like James Wherry, are here to try to insure that Jill Stein and Gary Johnson receive as few votes as possible, though. Mustn’t let them become visible in the campaigns four years from now – the American people might learn the truth – toxic to James Wherry and his masters.

    • Darius Hober

      The Beast exposed the FACT that Stein is just another wealthy elitist! She is part of the 1%-not the 99%. I do not have any friends or family with million dollar retirement accounts. She may not have the evident character flaws of the D & H Tagteam-but she is one of “them”. She really is not an “alternative” choice but a watered down version of the same old thing.

      • TeeJae

        So, people who have more money than you (or those you know) aren’t capable of having progressive values and morals?

        You clearly lack an understanding of what Stein represents. Go do some homework and then come back and talk to us.

      • tapatio

        Do you expect someone from “the projects” to run for president? Education implies earning ability. Jill Stein is a DOCTOR. Doctors earn a great deal of money and most of them work hard for that money.

        If you bothered to investigate, Jill Stein is not even close to being “one of them”. I voted for her in 2012 and I voted for her a few days ago.

        • Darius Hober

          Hey Tapatio
          I did investigate Jill and she IS one of the 1% with no inkling of how Capitalism and fiat currency works. Nowhere does she advocate Sustainability and offer a plan for removing the IMF Dollar. She is even using bribery to attract student debt voters by claiming she would support debt forgiveness.
          She is also just a vain as H & T except She is a greater failure. Ran and lost; 2002 (Governor), 2004 (House of Rep), 2008 (Sec of Commonwealth), 2010 (Governor AGAIN), 2012 (President garnering on 1/2 of a percent). This track record depicts someone who is desperately trying to be “in charge”-a sure sign of a sociopath.
          If Education to you equates with “earning ability” rather than intelligence then your ignorance is explained. A Doctor works no “harder” than anyone else-that in and of itself is an “Elitist Perspective”! If you cannot see that she is the SOS-then enjoy your delusions. Really not worth an exchange since she has NO chance of winning. Your quip denigrating “poor” people and elitism by stating that someone from the projects is not smart or good enough to be in charge reveals YOUR elitism!
          Add to this the fact that she is an Ivy league (Harvard) Graduate and a Zionist (jewish) making her character more in line with Bush and the Skull and Bones than the average citizen-then what have you got? She refuses to post her financials (just like Trump). SOS!
          Enjoy your Delusion!

          • tapatio

            You are a LIAR. Jill Stein has been anti-Zionist, as have the Greens, for many years. She and the Greens, both here and in Europe have opposed the Rothschild-Bilderberg cartel as the primary source of America’s and the world’s problems.

            There are LOTS of millionaires today. Anybody who had a lucky small investment in real estate or stock 20-30 years ago is a millionaire. It’s fricking PAPER VALUE in a a dollar that’s so inflated that a tiny pin can burst the entire system.


            • James Wherry

              But the rest of what he posted is true, eh?

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    • tapatio

      Today, receiving the hatred of the mainstream media should be considered a badge of honor. The smear by the Beast is all the proof that’s needed that Dr. Jill Stein is WORTHY of becoming POTUS.

    • TecumsehUnfaced

      This is funny. The Daily Beast, owned by InterActiveCorp, of which Chelsea Clinton is a director, condemns Jill Stein for a few flecks of the sewage with which the Clintons are drenched.

    • This should be the target. Aug 19, 2016 Electoral College and the National Archives

      The Office of the Federal Register informs the governments of the 50 states and the District of Columbia what is required to fulfill their duty under the Constitution to elect the President and Vice President of the United States. This video explains how the Electoral College works and the Office of the Federal Register’s role in collecting the documentation Congress needs to count the Electoral College.


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