The Enemy Of My Friend Is My Friend: Israel Accepts Billions From The US, But Maintains Ties With Al-Nusra

Any other ally which depended so profoundly on Washington for its security and existence wouldn’t dare risk endangering that relationship to forge an alliance with an enemy of the U.S. But not Israel.
By @richards1052 |
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    Members of al Qaeda's Nusra Front carry their weapons as they sit in a trench near al-Zahra village, north of Aleppo city, November 25, 2014. (REUTERS/Hosam Katan)

    Members of al Qaeda’s Nusra Front carry their weapons as they sit in a trench near al-Zahra village, north of Aleppo city, November 25, 2014.

    SEATTLE — (Analysis) Late last month, Jabhat al-Nusra (the Nusra Front), al-Qaida’s Syrian arm, announced that it was severing ties with al-Qaida and renaming itself Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (the Front for the Conquest of Syria).

    In a video, the group’s leader, Abu Mohamed al-Jolani, explained that the group’s association with al-Qaida permitted the outside powers intervening in the Syrian conflict to label it as an Islamic terrorist group.

    The Guardian quoted al-Jolani as saying that the name change is intended “to remove the excuse used by the international community – spearheaded by America and Russia – to bombard and displace Muslims in the Levant: that they are targeting al-Nusra Front, which is associated with al-Qaida.”

    He further explained that the new policy was an attempt to have the group removed from international terror lists and to allow it to be perceived as a more acceptable alternative to its main competitor, Daesh (an Arabic acronym for the terrorist group known as ISIS or ISIL in the West).

    Al-Nusra shares certain common goals with Daesh in seeking to overthrow the secular government of Syrian President Bashar Assad and replace it with a more traditional form of Islamic rule. It has also expressed hatred for the United States and other Western governments. Writing for the National Interest in November, geopolitical analyst Daniel R. DePetris explained:

    “Like its jihadist competitors in the Islamic State, al-Nusra is composed of highly motivated individuals and commanders who would like nothing more than to strike at the United States or at targets in Europe. Jabhat al-Nusra shares the same, minority-within-a-minority Salafi-Jihadist interpretation of Islam as ISIL, despises any and all sectarian groups outside of Syria’s majority Sunni community and has engaged in the same kind of atrocities that have made ISIL’s Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the most wanted international terrorist alive.”

    Though it has focused its attacks more directly on Syrian government forces and their symbolic and physical centers of power, it maintains a similar ruthlessness to that of Daesh. In its World Report 2016, Human Rights Watch noted that both groups were “were responsible for systematic and widespread violations, including targeting civilians, kidnappings, and executions” in Syria. Daesh and al-Nusra both impose strict and discriminatory rules on women and girls, and have actively recruited child soldiers, according to the report.


    Smokescreen or strategy?

    In its recent rebranding, Al-Nusra also seems to be evaluating the political calculus of the Syrian civil war and acknowledging the recent gains by Syrian forces and their allies — Iran, Hezbollah and Russia. With Assad strengthening his position and the rebel forces in disarray, al-Jolani may be making a bid to unify the opposition by projecting a less militant image to the outside world.

    Still, it’s unclear what this apparent break with al-Qaida actually means. At the announcement of the group’s new name, al-Jolani was joined by a high level associate of Ayman al-Zawahiri, the current leader of al-Qaida, creating the impression that the changes are more tactical than strategic.

    Smadar Perry, an Israeli journalist known to have close ties to Israeli intelligence sources, even hinted that Israel’s Mossad urged this new path on al-Nusra. In an opinion piece posted by YNet on Monday, Perry wrote:

    “It may be that this separation is just a smokescreen, and that al-Julani will keep in touch with al-Qaeda in secret. It may also be that Jabhat al-Nusra have received an intelligence analysis from a very certain organization that told it to prepare for the day after Assad leaves power.

    The White House has a hard time buying this turnover. They’re in a test period with us, said an official spokesperson, not dismissing outright the possibility of local fighters joining the American-led coalition against ISIS.

    If they make a show of force in the field, and Jabhat al-Nusra’s dissociation leads to al-Qaeda’s further weakening in Afghanistan, and if Israel provides its supposed intelligence about al-Julani – Hezbollah and Assad swear he’s a Mossad agent – al-Nusra may become another piece of the puzzle that is the new Syria.”

    In the original Hebrew version of the same analysis, Perry noted the likelihood that Syria will be divided in “three or four cantons.” This has always been the goal for Tel Aviv, which sees Syria as one of the few remaining Arab states that can threaten its interests and security.

    In Israel’s view, peace on its northern border would be guaranteed if Syria can be splintered into warring factions. It’s an approach championed at the onset of the civil war in 2012 by Daniel Pipes, a pro-Israel neocon who serves as president of Middle East Forum, a conservative think tank. Arguing that “the continuing Syrian conflict offers benefits to the West,” he explained:

    “As Sunni Islamists fight Shiite Islamists, both sides are weakened and their lethal rivalry lessens their capabilities to trouble the outside world. By inspiring restive minorities (Sunnis in Iran, Kurds and Shiites in Turkey), continued fighting in Syria could also weaken Islamist governments.”

    He further noted:

    “Nothing in the constitutions of Western states requires them to get involved in every foreign conflict; sitting this one out will prove to be a smart move. In addition to the moral benefit of not being accountable for horrors yet to come, staying away permits the West eventually to help its only true friends in Syria, the country’s liberals.”

    In a 2012 email released by WikiLeaks, Hillary Clinton offered an Iran-focused variant of this approach:

    “The best way to help Israel deal with Iran’s growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad.”


    The al-Nusra-Israel bond

    Ultimately, Israel doesn’t care much about what happens in Syria as long as it can maintain a puppet protectorate along its Golan border. Israel began occupying and administering the region in the Six-Day War of 1967, and it officially annexing the Golan in 1981. Israel continues to refuse to return the territory to Syria despite near universal consensus that the occupation is illegal under international law. Further, the discovery of potential gas deposits there has coincided with a rise in Israeli settlement expansion in recent years.

    Examining the al-Nusra-Israeli alliance in the region, it’s clear that the bonds between the two parties have been exceedingly close. Israel maintains a border camp for the families of Syrian fighters. Reporters have documented Israeli Defense Forces commandos entering Syrian territory to rendezvous with Syrian rebels. Others have photographed meetings between Israeli military personnel and al-Nusra commanders at the Quneitra Crossing, the ceasefire line that separates the Syrian-controlled territory and the Israeli-occupied territory in the Golan Heights.

    A photo from the Israel, Syrian border along the Golan Heights showing IDF soldiers conversing with Jabhat al Nusra fighters.

    A photo from the Israel, Syrian border along the Golan Heights showing IDF soldiers conversing with Jabhat al Nusra fighters.

    U.N. personnel also documented Syrian rebel vehicles picking up supplies from the Israeli side:

    “Quarterly UNDOF [United Nations Disengagement Observer Force] reports since the pullback reveal an ongoing pattern of Israeli coordination with those [al-Nusra] armed groups.

    According to the December 2014 report, UNDOF observed two Israeli soldiers ‘opening the technical fence gate and letting two individuals pass from the [Syrian] to the [Israeli] side’ on 27 October. Unlike most fighters seen entering the Israeli side, these individuals were not wounded and the purpose of their visit remains a mystery.

    UNDOF ‘sporadically observed armed members of the opposition interacting’ with the Israeli military across the ceasefire line, the report states.

    The next UNDOF report, released in March, notes that UN forces witnessed Israeli soldiers delivering material aid to armed Syrian opposition groups.”

    These were presumably supplies and equipment designed either to help the rebels in their fight against Assad or to improve communications between Israeli and rebel forces.


    Israel’s divide-and-conquer approach

    Israel’s support for radical terror groups is a long-term strategy it’s exploited in multiple theaters. Its ultimate purpose is to weaken a strong foe.

    In terms of Hezbollah, Israel hadn’t anticipated that the Lebanese militant group would grow to become a much more powerful and dangerous foe than the PLO had ever been in Lebanon.

    Israeli soldiers walks near the border with Syria near the site of a Sunday Israeli airstrike, in the Israeli controlled Golan Heights, Monday, April 27, 2015

    Israeli soldiers walks near the border with Syria near the site of a Sunday Israeli airstrike, in the Israeli controlled Golan Heights, Monday, April 27, 2015

    The strategy worked better regarding Hamas because it has never been able to dominate Fatah. The two have maintained a wary and draining battle of wills over the decades, with neither being able to oust the other. This has created a rift that has substantially weakened the Palestinians and their cause. Still, Hamas has trained its sights on Israel as well and become an even more militant foe than Fatah ever was.

    Thus, Israel’s strategy of forging an alliance with al-Nusra and strengthening it so that it can wage a formidable fight against Assad, is part and parcel of a longstanding goal of dividing the enemy. Israel hopes the militant extremist group will dominate the Golan region and maintain stability and security there. However, Israel neglects what almost always happens to these golems: Once they are created they take on a life of their own. The creator loses control of his creation, which wreaks havoc and even turns against him.

    Just as it happened to Rabbi Judah Loew of Prague, and Mary Shelley’s Dr. Frankenstein, so it happened with the U.S. alliance with the Afghan mujahadeen, and the Israeli alliances with their own Arab proxies.

    Israel’s alliance with al-Nusra also points to the utter cynicism of its approach. While the rest of the world labels the group terrorists, and fights to prevent their terror attacks on Western soil, Israel looks only for its own advantage. There’s the old saying that “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” but in Israel’s playbook, the saying goes: “The enemy of my friend may certainly be my friend.” This rings especially true when Israeli leaders warn the world about the threat of global jihad, while also cozying up to jihadis in their own corner of the world.

    Netanyahu looks at Syrian patient IDF field hospital. (photo credit:KOBI GIDEON/GPO)

    Benjamin Netanyahu looks at Syrian ‘patient’ being treated in an IDF field hospital. (photo credit:KOBI GIDEON/GPO)

    The U.S. and European countries seem to either not notice or deliberately ignore Israel’s tactical embrace of the jihadi movement. The Obama administration is even preparing to ink a new record-breaking military spending agreement with Israel that will up U.S. aid from the current $3 billion a year. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanded $5 billion per year over the life of the 10-year deal, and the final amount will likely settle somewhere in the middle.

    Only Israel gets away with such a level of cognitive dissonance in its alliance with the U.S. Any other ally which depended so profoundly on Washington for its security and existence wouldn’t dare risk endangering that relationship to forge an alliance with an enemy of the U.S. But not Israel. It forges its own path without regard for the interests of others, even its best friends.

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    • James Wherry

      Here’s why ISIL won’t attack Israel.

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    • Syed Ali Raza
      • James Wherry

        The video does not support what you claim m it does. ISIL does not operate on Israel’s border: al-Nusrandoes, and that’s what Israel says it is treating the wounded of.

        Nice try for a lie.

    • James Wherry

      Let’s bring the discussion back to the story and not the perversions have a few NAZ! comics, below. Serious declared war on Israel in 1948 and it has never withdrawn is declaration of war. Given that fact, who cares whether or not Israel is waging war on Syria? Turnabout is fair play.

    • Tony

      Its official there not terror groups they are taxpayer funded Mercenaries to do what do the war crimes an dirty works so the U.S can claim no connection an have an excuse to send the bombers an military in an occupy as long as they desire.

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    • James Wherry

      According to the conspiracy theorists on this website, the US and Israel are secretly working together to help al-Nusra.

      So which is it? Is Israel loyal for supporting al-Nusra and this news story is a fake, or is Israel disloyal to the USA and the other stories by this website are all fakes because the USA is not supporting al-Nusra?

    • KilkulOlam

      “It has also expressed hatred for the United States” – seriously???
      Richard is a huge fan of Iran where it is national sport to burn US flags.

      • tapatio

        Ah, we have another Jew hasbara troll among us, this one apparently a new hire. This easy-bake baboon is just as much a lying piece of excrement as its chum, Wherry. I defy this simian to present ANY form of evidence of “Iran where it is national sport to burn US flags Of course, “evidence” from Jew propaganda organs is not evidence.

        • James Wherry

          What a stupid comment. Every time that someone opposes you Naz! pieces of filthy trash, you tried to accuse them of being a paid troll. Has it occurred to you that there are people online who despise Naz!s like you Tapitio ?

      • James Wherry

        Sorry, kilkul: tapatio is an AVOWED Naz! who regularly quotes Hitler from “On the Jewish Question” in 1939 and praises the Naz!s for the round up and murder of Jews in “78. 1936-45 Naz! occupied Europe.” He’s so much of an APOLOGIST for the Naz@s that he has even changed THIS to “Naz! ‘controlled areas.” He doesn’t even admit the Naz!s were invaders or occupiers, now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Here’s one of his posts praising HITLER!

        • KilkulOlam

          The only troubling thing about this is how little does MintPress do to get rid of these antisemites. Same goes for Mr. Silverstein.

          • Helen4Yemen

            Since 90% of world Jewry is European Ashkenazi and since none of them are are Semites, you need to come up with a correct word than this nonsense of ‘antisemitism’?
            How can anyone be anti-Semite towards non-Semites. It is ridiculous!

            • James Wherry

              Would you prefer “Jew haters “?”

              • Helen4Yemen


          • James Wherry

            It’s evident that “Jew Hatred” is part of Mintpressnews’ “Community Standards.”

        • Tony

          Do what do we classify does who deny the America an Israeli crimes or will we have to wait 40 years until those people are labelled the same.

          • James Wherry

            I preferred to work to prevent America from committing a crime to the first place. But Israel’s defense of its people is not a crime. Tell the Palestinians to stop trying to murder Israeli civilians. Those are war crimes by the Palestinians.

      • Tony

        Seriously please show the crimes Iran is resposable for that U.S. an its media keep claiming an has you believing.Then count out any of those reasons Israel or the U.S.posses or do as well.Then go an list what wrongs Amerca an Israel are resposable should supply a page for the Iranians an several full writing books for the U.S an Israel books.

        • James Wherry

          Shall we begin with the murder of 290 US Marines and French soldiers in Lebanon, when they were serving as “United Nations peacekeepers?” We have the actual audio tape of the Iranian leaders Authorizing the murder of those individuals. Hey United States District Court found that Iran had deliberately authorize the murder of our service members.

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    • James Wherry

      Another good reason to support Israel:

      World Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah Party Claims to Have ‘Killed 11,000 Israelis’
      The provocative claim comes ahead of October’s local and municipal elections.
      By Jack Moore On 8/5/16 at 10:04 AM

      My support for Israel practically writes itself.

    • KilkulOlam

      Again with the relocation of the camp from one border to the other?

      The Hebrew source on which Richards bases his report talks about a refugee camp NEAR the border. Richard had decided on which side of the border it is. In his words “The article doesn’t make any clear statement one way or the other. The camp could be inside Israel or right on the border or perhaps just over it in Israeli occupied territory, which is still Syrian under international law.”

      Journalist my a$$

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        What right do the European ZioNazi invader-thugs have to have any border in Palestine?

        • tapatio

          NO right, of course. Send the baboons back to their real “homeland” in Poland and Western Ukraine.

          • James Wherry

            Funny: that’s where you PRAISED the NAZ!s for rounding the Jews up and MURDERING them in “78. 1936-45 Naz! occupied Europe.” But then, that’s what you want to do with the Jews and that’s what you’ve stated you want to do: “ERADICATE Judaism.”

            And the only way you can do that is to ERADICATE JEWS – like Jill Stein and her family. Remember? YOU NAZ! FILTHY PIECES OF TRASH MURDERED SECOND AND THIRD GENERATION CONVERTS FROM JUDAISM. It was never about “jewish crimes,” but about YOUR proclamation that YOU were “DER MASTER RACE.”

            Sorry: You Naz!s lost ANY right to demand the Jews leave the place they fled from YOU.

            • tapatio


              78. 1938-45: Naz! Controlled Areas – At the end of WW I, the Rothschild (JEW) banking cartel was able to take control of the terms of the Treaty of Versailles and gain control of the German economy – which they proceded to RAPE. Hundreds of thousands of Germans starved, millions lost everything they had to the Rothschilds. This rape of Germany DIRECTLY led to the rise of Hitler and the Second World War.

              79. 1948: Arab Countries – According to the Jew state’s CLAIM, 800,000 Jews were expelled from Arab countries after 1948. Most of those Jews emigrated VOLUNTARILY and many were paid to immigrate to the Jew state. The expulsions of Jews from Arab states OCCURRED ONLY AFTER THE SLAUGHTER OF TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PALESTINIAN CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMS BY JEW TERRORISTS AND THE EXPULSION OF ALMOST A MILLION INDIGENOUS PALESTINIANS BY THE EUROPEAN, CAUCASIAN JEW INVADERS.

              • James Wherry

                And now you have justified the murder of 5.7 million Jews by your not see brothers and sisters. You have done exactly what I told you that you were doing.

              • James Wherry

                So is that what you are calling yourself , these days? “NAMBLA BOY?”

                You are a sick and demented pedophile with an unnatural obsession for me and my husband. You claim to be 69 years old, so that makes you old enough to be my father, and my husband’s grandfather. This proves that you are a pedophile. You know this is true.

    • Helen4Yemen
    • Helen4Yemen
      • James Wherry

        Helen, if you advocate racism toward Ashkenazi Jews, or try and pretend that the Jews of Europe are ‘magically rose out of the ground, from nowhere in the 600’s – like mushrooms – and had no genetic ties to the Jews of the middle east;’ I’m going to respond to that non-sense.

        What I will promise you is no ad homoneim attacks on your person – though I find it questionable that you can claim to be Yemeni and Palestinian, at the same time, and then claim to be Christian and not Muslim. Be that as it may, that mystery will remain your’s.

        • Helen4Yemen

          “claim to be Christian and not Muslim”

          When did I ever speak about being Christian?

          About my religion: let me give you a hint:

          “When religion come through the door, logic flies out of the window.”

          Got it?

          • James Wherry

            I suppose the reason you spoke about being a Christian is because you wanted to pretend that you were not a Muslim.

            You know perfectly well that Palestinians put atheists and homosexuals to death.

        • Helen4Yemen
    • James Wherry

      Another reason to thank God for Israel!

      Israeli cyber group claims it has hacked into an ISIS chat containing a list of future terror targets

      “The Islamic State plans to target American air bases in Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, an Israeli cyber-intelligence company that claimed to have hacked the jihadist organization’s Telegram communication group said on Wednesday.

      “Intsights, a Herzliya-based intelligence company, hacked into what it said was an Islamic State Telegram group in which the organization’s operatives publish terror attack plans, according to a report on Channel 10.

      “The company, which is run by former IDF intelligence officers, told the TV station the Islamic State uploads potential targets to the group, and in recent months some of the targets have been hit by individuals claiming allegiance to the terror organization. One such target presaged in the Telegram group was the church in Normandy, France, where local priest Father Jacques Hamel, 85, was murdered by jihadists on July 26.

      “The team managed to infiltrate the covert group, whose 500 members pinpoint targets in the expectation that a jihadist will carry out an attack there.”

    • James Wherry

      A great reason to support Israel.

    • Robert Munro
      • James Wherry

        Ah, “tapatio’s” name that hasn’t been used in a year.

        IT appears you’re just angry because your beloved Master, Hitler, wasn’t allowed to make you the Master Race. From 3 days ago:

        “Helen, the Jews are exactly as you described. Why should you wish to inflict this disease on the American people? I’m American and the great majority of Americans are completely ignorant of the crimes of Judaism. Why should they be punished?” From discussion in “Truthdig” “Juan Cole: While Russian and Iranian Press Deplore Hillary Clinton’s Hawkishness, Israel Complains She’s Dove – Juan Cole .”

        • Robert Munro

          Pecker-breath, why don’t you check my comment history. I post regularly, though not very often on Mint.

          Here’s a nifty article about you Self-Hating-Christians (pseudo-Christians, that is):

          • James Wherry

            As a gay man, I have no use for Evangelicals. Here’s the horror your Palestinians are producing:


            • TecumsehUnfaced

              They should be jealous of the accomplishments of the genocidal ZioNazi thugs, e.g…

              Over 750,000 people (~80%) driven off their ancestral lands

              Over 600 Arab villages and towns BULLDOZED

              Ordered the attack on over 700,000 Arab Jews to drive them into conquered Palestine

              • James Wherry

                With those homes voluntarily vacant, where did you think the 900,000 Jews driven from their homes in the middle east by the Arab Muslims would live????

                And your buddy “tapatio” praises the 109 instances of ethnic cleansing of Jews that he PRAISES and SUPPORTS. Where did you think the Jews would go, fleeing from those terrors? (He also mentions the Arab ethnic cleansing of Jews, by the way, but tries to justify it.

                • TecumsehUnfaced

                  Again you are being mendaciously stupid.

                  Actually, the expulsion of the Arab Jews was another machination of the Ben-Gurion by which he planned to fool and terrorize the Arab Jews into Palestine to serve the victorious European Zionist invaders of Palestine as laborers and farmers. It was Ben-Gurion who ordered the Zionist assaults on the Arab Jews.

                  Zionist crimes against the Jews

                  Zionist terror against the Jews

                  False flag of the Lavon affair

                  All planned and ordered by David Ben-Gurion

                  Thanks for reminding us that the assault of the alien European Zionist Ashkenazi invaders was not just against the people of Palestine but against all the Arab Jews. Thanks for reminding us of the vast evil of the European Zionists in forcing two Million Arab (Jews, Christians, and Muslims) people from their homes.

                  • James Wherry

                    Those were MUSLIM mobs attacking Jews around the Arab world.

                    Your inability to demand that Arabs own up to their own violence means that Muslims will never change.

                    • TecumsehUnfaced

                      Why are they obligated to submit to the thuggery of psychopathic ZioNazi country stealers?

                      • James Wherry

                        So you’re saying the Muslims started it, but they cannot take what they give out? Their problem.

              • James Wherry

                Your Genocidal Naz! cult did this to the Jews in 1948 and intends to do it, again, if they ever seize the land. You’ve lost any right to complain about what you already support. Below is the promise of Abbas to take away Israel and claim ALL the land “from the river to the sea.”

                • TecumsehUnfaced

                  Wow! Are you confused, little ZioNazi! Your genocidal thugs are the ones ever on the attack since they started invading. That’s what political Zionism is all about.

                  • James Wherry

                    Gee, they gave back the Sinai and got out of Gaza. That doesn’t sound like being “on the attack.”

                    You sound stupider than usual. Have you been practicing?

                    • TecumsehUnfaced

                      Still mendaciously slicing and dicing history to obfuscate the 144 year long Zionazi assault, eh?

            • tapatio

              Wherry, you are NOT “gay”. You BOUGHT a mail-order BOY (looks like a 9th grader) from one of the most impoverished countries on Earth. When a FAT, BALDING OLD PIG, with BAD SKIN, BUYS the YOUNGEST LEGAL S-XUAL TOY, that PIG would be described as a pedophile too cowardly to risk the possibility of prison and the “lovers” that would greet him/it there.
              You are destroying the life of a very young man in order to satisfy your own obscene perversion. Little Mario COULD have found a male/female partner with whom he has more in common – OTHER than his desperation to escape the Philippines and your perversion.

              • James Wherry

                How can someone like you, who has a blowup plastic doll that he calls a “wife” have anything to say about me?

                You have made obscene comments like “why don’t you go blow Mario?”

                Your comments only confirm that you are a pedophile.

              • James Wherry

                Tapitio, do you deny that you’re a pervert? Do you deny that you are a pedophile?

                Do you deny that you are on the child SX offender registry?

                No, you do not. In fact you boast of these things when you use perverted statements like “Why don’t you go BLO Mario?”

            • Robert Munro

              As tapatio says, you are not a queer – you’re a sx predator. Your little baby “horror” is NOTHING by comparison to what humans are suffering because of the herd of pigs you adore.

              • James Wherry

                You and Tapitio are the same person. But thank you for admitting that you regard to homosexuals as “clear.” You are a typical homophobic pervert, and you are proof that you are not only a Naz!, a gay heater, it you represent this website.

                • Robert Munro

                  Wherry, you are a diseased pervert who has, undoubtedly preyed on boys far younger than Mario. It’s nauseating to consider that you were in Uganda, where a child would do anything for a bit of food. That must have been the happiest time in your life.

                  Methinks that the NAMBLA predator, James Wherry, protesteth too much…………

                  James Wherry • 7 months ago

                  “Thanks for the smear campaign: I needed something to wake me up, this morning.

                  Let’s look at a slightly different issue that is just as relevant and is also connected to the issue in the article. The hate groups on the Left have tried over and over to condemn U.S. military members for high rates of domestic violence. When taken against the whole populaion, we are higher. This includes comparing our troops to 92-year old women and the likelihood that they would commit domestic violence. When compared against our actual, civilian demographic – 18-23-year-old males, we’re actually 3X’s LESS than our civilian counterparts.

                  So what’s wrong with our civilians and what can be done to FIX our civilians? WHY hasn’t Congress moved to increase punishment against our civilians? We NEED Congressional hearings about civilian in order to put them under a firm lock and key and stop their abuses! I mean, their lifestyles and all of their undisciplined, civilian ways have obviously led to this. Plainly, bringing back the draft is the way we should go.

                  If we applied the same smear campaign to civilians, isn’t this exactly what we would get?”

                  TheVala James Wherry • 7 months ago

                  The US military is a reflection of our society and values. To rail against the civilians paying your check and the call to punish us for what you boys are doing to your own families reeks of treason. Enjoy my tax dollars.

                  • Reply•Share ›


                  James Wherry TheVala • 7 months ago

                  “So, we’re just supposed to shut up and let people distort facts? Is that what the Far Left and this website are all about? I agree that the military is a reflection of our society, and that means you get people in the Army who would commit the same crimes as civilians. Statistically, we are doing better than our civilian counterparts.

                  And no, Article 88 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice limits my ability to speak up about and against certain things that the POTUS, Congress, and various Secretaries in the Federal Cabinet are doing – it does not take away my Free Speech. It is also not “treason” to speak against the opinions of the Far, Far Left, as if I swore to defend any ideology or any political group.

                  It is more like treason that they should seek to undermine our own men and women in uniform with unfair and innacurate allegations.”

          • Helen4Yemen

            (( A late 2013 Pew Research study found 82% of white evangelical Christians in the US believed God gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people, while only 40% of US Jews believed the same.))

            Here is a test for the European Jews.
            Look in the mirror, who is staring back?
            Don’t be shy. Just answer the question —

            a) Chinese
            b) M/E
            c) European
            d) African
            e) Japanese

            What is your answer?

            • James Wherry

              100% of all Muslims believe that all law gave the land of Israel to the Jews. The Islamic prophet Mohammed said so in the Quaran.

              • Helen4Yemen

                ==>> Go away ==> you are full of nonsense ==> go away

    • Helen4Yemen

      “The strategy worked better regarding Hamas because it has never been able to dominate Fatah. The two have maintained a wary and draining battle of wills over the decades, with neither being able to oust the other.”
      But is that not according to Zionist plan?


      The Zionist Plan for the Middle East – the only document you need to
      read to understand what is happening in Iraq, Libya, Syria and so on.
      An absolute must read!
      ==> LINK here

      • James Wherry

        The Arab countries declared war on Israel in 1948, one minute after its birth. Other than Egypt and Jordan, the rest are still in a war of THEIR making.

        Tell them to end their war against Israel, or the face a destruction of their own making.

        • Helen4Yemen

          Egypt and Jordan – only the regimes.The entire Arab people hate this malignant tumor.

        • Helen4Yemen

          So you – the white man – are telling us the people of the region that we have to submit to white Europeans on our own land?

          • James Wherry

            No, I’m telling you to form your own nation in the West Bank and Gaza – as you already did in Jordan. Demand and insist on equal rights for the 1.9 million Arabs that live in Israel.

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          You are lying. the genocidal ZioNazi invader thugs had already driven over 200,000 people from their home, when they proclaimed the stealing of Palestine into a ZioNazi thugdom.

    • whiskeypapa

      So al -Nusra, the Israeli proxy, breaks with Al Qaida, the American proxy, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, to make a more palatable terrorist. That sure fooled me, I now support the destruction of the sovereign state of Syria, NOT!

    • tapatio

      The greatest prerequisite in the war against ISIS (and AQ, Boko Haram, etc) is the recognition of EXACTLY who benefits from those terrorist organizations………..QUI BONO is the first question that MUST be asked in every criminal investigation.
      Yes, Al Qaeda’s claiming of 9/11 was true. Yes, ISIS’s claim to the Paris attacks was true. But, who employs those groups? Whose agenda do those terrorist monsters actually serve?

      As the aftermath of 9/11 so clearly demonstrated, the ONLY beneficiaries were those wishing to destabilize those Middle Eastern countries not already “allies” of the US and its banker masters.

      A couple of documents are very relevant to this discussion.

      First is a plan, written, in 1996, for Netanyahu’s reign as Emperor of Greater Israel. The writer is the pseudo-American Zionist fanatic, Richard Perle………

      “………by establishing the precedent that Syrian territory is not immune to attacks emanating from Lebanon by Israeli proxy forces.”

      is a report A Report of The Project for the New American Century completed in
      September 2000………..

      Compare actual events from 2001 to date to the plans outlined in this “report”. Please
      note, at the end of the report, the list of fanatical Zionists and their sycophants who are responsible for……

      “REBUILDING AMERICA’S DEFENSES Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century”

      Paul Wolfowitz

      William Kristol

      Alvin Bernstein

      Eliot Cohen

      David Epstein

      Donald Kagan

      Fred Kagan

      Robert Kagan

      Robert Killebrew

      Steve Rosen

      Gary Schmitt

      Abram Shulsky

      Dov Zakheim

      Understand that Zionism was a creation of the Rothschild banking family in the 1880s and has been incredibly successful, thanks to the corruptibility of British and American government officials and the installation of Islam’s most corrupt creatures as rulers of the Arabian Peninsula. This Saud family installed Wahhabism and “Sharia Law” as the state religion and “legal” system of the Arabian Peninsula.
      This radical Wahhabi cult sowed the seeds for the “religious” terrorists of Al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram and other ultra-right Islamic groups. It was like making Jerry Falwell king of the United States.

      • James Wherry

        1. Your efforts to connect a 20-year old paper to current events are ridiculous.

        2. You’ll notice that Syria did not implode until 2011, when Assad murdered 114 peaceful demonstrators during the Arab Spring. Since then, he’s murdered 250,000+ of his own people and made 4 million more into refugees. That’s 5 times more than you claim the Israelis did to the Arabs.

        3. But, hey: Syria declared war on Israel in 1948 and has never ended that war. It supports HezbiSatan which has regularly attacked Israel with rockets and missiles. If the Syrian dictatorship cannot stand the heat, it’s time to get out of the kitchen.

        • tapatio

          Poor tu rd burglar, you’re struggling so hard to keep people from reading the two documents I posted.

          The truest words in Judaism………

          “To communicate anything with a Goy about our relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.

          This Judeo-Fascist cult, masquerading as religion and ethnicity, is going to CHOKE to DEATH on what it hates and fears most – THE TRUTH

          • James Wherry

            Fake quote not found in the Talmud. It comes from the non-existent book ‘LIbbre David” or Latin for “Book of David.” Funny, how those ancient Hebrews wrote in Latin. . .

            You’ve repeatedly been confronted about this lie. You simply plan to lie and lie and deny and deny. Got it.

        • Helen4Yemen

          Reason: DELUSIONAL

    • Helen4Yemen
    • Helen4Yemen

      Why are the “IDF” all Europeans? Where are the Arab Jews? Don’t the IDF trust the Arab Jews?
      I cannot ever remember seeing an Arab IDF?

    • Helen4Yemen

      All World and Middle East conflicts and terrorism happened after 1948,
      i.e. after the arrival of European Jews to Arab Palestine.

      There were:

      — no radical Islam
      — no ISIS
      — no Al Qaeda
      — no Taliban
      — no El Shabab
      — no Hezbullah
      — no Hamas


      • swarm4

        Arabs and tribal warfare. Yup, only since 1948.

      • James Wherry

        The PLO also did not exist, but the Arab League set that up to open up a second front to murder Jewish civilians. They did so in Munich in 1968 and when they slaughtered schools of innocent Jewish children in 1973.


        Key Events in Yasir Arafat’s Terrorist Career

        – Aug 4, 1929: Born in Cairo. Arafat, then named Muhammad Abdel Rahman Abdel Rauf al-Qudwa al-Husseini, is fifth child of prosperous merchant, Abdel Raouf al-Qudwa al-Husseini.

        – 1933: Arafat’s mother dies. He and his infant brother are sent to live with uncle in Jerusalem.

        – Late 1950’s: Arafat co-founds Fatah, the “Movement for the National Liberation of Palestine.”

        – Jan. 1, 1965: Fatah fails in its first attempted attack within Israel — the bombing of the National Water Carrier.

        – July 5, 1965: A Fatah cell plants explosives at Mitzpe Massua, near Beit Guvrin; and on the railroad tracks to Jerusalem near Kafr Battir.

        – 1965-1967: Numerous Fatah bomb attacks target Israeli villages, water pipes, railroads. Homes are destroyed and Israelis are killed.

        – July 1968: Fatah joins and becomes the dominant member of the PLO, an umbrella organization of Palestinian terrorist groups.

        – Feb. 4, 1969: Arafat is appointed Chairman of the Executive Committee of the PLO

        – Feb. 21, 1970: SwissAir flight 330, bound for Tel Aviv, is bombed in mid-flight by PFLP, a PLO member group. 47 people are killed.

        – May 8, 1970: PLO terrorists attack an Israeli schoolbus with bazooka fire, killing nine pupils and three teachers from Moshav Avivim

        – Sept. 6, 1970: TWA, Pan-Am, and BOAC airplanes are hijacked by PLO terrorists.

        – September 1970: Jordanian forces battle the PLO terrorist organization, driving its members out of Jordan after the group’s violent activity threatens to destabilize the kingdom. The terrorists flee to Lebanon. This period in PLO history is called “Black September.”

        – May 1972: PFLP, part of the PLO, dispatches members of the Japanese Red Army to attack Lod Airport in Tel Aviv, killing 27 people.

        – Sept. 5, 1972: Munich Massacre —11 Israeli athletes are murdered at the Munich Olympics by a group calling themselves “Black September,”said to be an arm of Fatah, operating under Arafat’s direct command.

        – March 1, 1973: Palestinian terrorists take over Saudi embassy in Khartoum. The next day, two Americans, including United States ambassador to Sudan Cleo Noel, and a Belgian were shot and killed. James J. Welsh, an analyst for the National Security Agency from 1969 through 1974, charged Arafat with direct complicity in these murders.

        – April 11, 1974: 11 people are killed by Palestinian terrorists who attack apartment building in Kiryat Shmona.

        – May 15, 1974: PLO terrorists infiltrating from Lebanon hold children hostage in Ma’alot school. 26 people, 21 of them children, are killed.

        – June 9, 1974: Palestinian National Council adopts “Phased Plan,” which calls for the establishment of a Palestinian state on any territory evacuated by Israel, to be used as a base of operations for destroying the whole of Israel. The PLO reaffirms its rejection of United Nations Security Council Resolution 242, which calls for a “just and lasting peace” and the “right to live in peace within secure and recognized boundaries free from threats or acts of force.”

        – November 1974: PLO takes responsibility for the PDFLP’s Beit She’an murders in which 4 Israelis are killed.

        – Nov. 13, 1974: Arafat, wearing a holster (he had to leave his gun at the entrance), addresses the U.N. General Assembly.

        – March 1975: Members of Fatah attack the Tel Aviv seafront and take hostages in the Savoy hotel. Three soldiers, three civilians and seven terrorists are killed.

        – March 1978: Coastal Road Massacre —Fatah terrorists take over a bus on the Haifa-Tel Aviv highway and kill 21 Israelis.

        – 1982: Having created a terrorist mini-state in Lebanon destabilizing that nation, PLO is expelled as a result of Israel’s response to incessant PLO missile attacks against northern Israeli communities. Arafat relocates to Tunis.

        – Oct. 7, 1985: Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro is hijacked by Palestinian terrorists. Wheelchair-bound elderly man, Leon Klinghoffer, was shot and thrown overboard. Intelligence reports note that instructions originated from Arafat’s headquarters in Tunis.

        – Dec. 12, 1988: Arafat claims to accept Israel’s right to exist.

        – September 1993: Arafat shakes hands with Israeli Prime Minister Rabin, inaugurating the Oslo Accords. Arafat pledges to stop incitement and terror, and to foster co-existence with Israel, but fails to comply. Throughout the years of negotiations, aside from passing, token efforts, Arafat does nothing to stop Hamas, PFLP, and Islamic Jihad from carrying out thousands of terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians. With Arafat’s encouragement and financial support, groups directly under Arafat’s command, such as the Tanzim and Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, also carry out terror attacks.

        – Oct. 21, 1996: Speaking at a rally near Bethlehem, Arafat said “We know only one word – jihad. jihad, jihad, jihad. Whoever does not like it can drink from the Dead Sea or from the Sea of Gaza.” (Yediot Ahronot, October 23, 1996)

        – April 16, 1998: In a statement published in the official Palestinian Authority newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadeeda, Arafat is quoted: “O my dear ones on the occupied lands, relatives and friends throughout Palestine and the diaspora, my colleagues in struggle and in arms, my colleagues in struggle and in jihad…Intensify the revolution and the blessed intifada…We must burn the ground under the feet of the invaders.”

        – July 2000: Arafat rejects peace settlement offered by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, which would have led to a Palestinian state.

        – September 2000: New “intifada” is launched. Arafat continues to incite, support and fund terrorism.

        – Jan. 3, 2002: Israelis intercept the Karine-A, a ship loaded with 50 tons of mortars, rocket launchers, anti-tank mines and other weapons intended for the Palestinian war against the Israelis. The captain admits he was under the command of the Palestinian Authority.

        – September 2003: IMF report titled “Economic Performance and Reforms under Conflict Conditions,” states that Arafat has diverted $900 million of public PA funds into his own accounts from 1995 – 2000.

        Below are some of the attacks since Sept 2000 perpetrated by groups under Arafat’s command:

        – May 29, 2001: Gilad Zar, an Itamar resident, was shot dead in a terrorist ambush by Fatah Tanzim.

        – May 29, 2001: Sara Blaustein, 53, and Esther Alvan, 20, of Efrat, were killed in a drive-by shooting south of Jerusalem. The Fatah Tanzim claimed responsibility for the attack.

        – June 18, 2001: Doron Zisserman, 38, shot and killed in his car by Fatah sniper fire.

        – Aug 26, 2001: Dov Rosman, 58, killed in a shooting attack by Fatah terrorist.

        – Sept 6, 2001: Erez Merhavi, 23, killed in a Fatah Tanzim ambush shooting near Hadera while driving to a wedding.

        – Sept 20, 2001: Sarit Amrani, 26, killed by Fatah terrorist snipers as she was traveling in a car with her husband and 3 children.

        – Oct 4, 2001: 3 killed, 13 wounded, when a Fatah terrorist, dressed as an Israeli paratrooper, opened fire on Israeli civilians waiting at the central bus station in Afula.

        – Nov 27, 2001 – 2 killed 50 injured when two Palestinian terrorists opened fire with Kalashnikov assault rifles on a crowd of people near the central bus station in Afula. Fatah and the Islamic Jihad claimed joint responsibility.

        – Nov 29, 2001: 3 killed and 9 wounded in a suicide bombing on an Egged 823 bus en route from Nazereth to Tel Aviv near the city of Hadera. The Islamic Jihad and Fatah claimed responsibility for the attack.

        – Dec 12, 2001 – 11 killed and 30 wounded when three terrorists attacked a bus and several passenger cars with a roadside bomb, anti-tank grenades, and light arms fire near the entrance to Emmanuel in Samaria . Both Fatah and Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack.

        – Jan 15, 2002: Avi Boaz, 71, an American citizen, was kidnapped at a PA security checkpoint in Beit Jala. His bullet-riddled body was found in a car near Bethlehem. The Fatah’s Al-Aksa Brigade claimed responsibility for the murder.

        – Jan 15, 2002: Yoela Chen, 45, was shot dead by an Al Aqsa Brigade terrorist

        – Jan 17, 2002: 6 killed, 35 wounded when a Fatah terrorist burst into a bat mitzva reception in a banquet hall in Hadera opening fire with an M-16 assault rifle.

        – Jan 22, 2002: 2 killed, 40 injured when a Fatah terrorist opened fire with an M-16 assault rifle near a bus stop in downtown Jerusalem.

        – Jan. 27, 2002: One person was killed and more than 150 were wounded by a female Fatah suicide bomber in the center of Jerusalem.

        – Feb 6, 2002 – A mother and her 11 year old daughter were murdered in their home by a Palestinian terrorist disguised in an IDF uniform. Both Fatah and Hamas claimed responsibility.

        – Feb 18, 2002 : – Ahuva Amergi, 30, was killed and a 60-year old man was injured when a Palestinian terrorist opened fire on her car. Maj. Mor Elraz, 25, and St.-Sgt. Amir Mansouri, 21, who came to their assistance, were killed while trying to intercept the terrorist. The terrorist was killed when the explosives he was carrying were detonated. The Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades claimed responsibility for the attack.

        – Feb 22, 2002: Valery Ahmir, 59, was killed by terrorists in a Fatah drive-by shooting north of Jerusalem as he returned home from work.

        – Feb 25, 2002: Avraham Fish, 65, and Aharon Gorov, 46, were killed in a Fatah terrorist shooting attack south of Bethlehem. Fish’s daughter, 9 months pregnant, was seriously injured but delivered a baby girl.

        – Feb 25, 2002: Police officer 1st Sgt. Galit Arbiv, 21, died after being fatally shot, when a Fatah terrorist opened fire at a bus stop in the Neve Ya’akov residential neighbhorhood in northern Jerusalem. Eight others were injured.

        – Feb 27, 2002: Gad Rejwan, 34, of Jerusalem, was shot and killed by one of his Palestinian employees in a factory north of Jerusalem. Two Fatah groups issued a joint statement taking responsibility for the murder.

        – March 2, 2002: A suicide bombing by Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhood of Jerusalem killed 11 people and injured more than 50.

        – Mar 5, 2002: 3 were killed and over 30 people were wounded in Tel-Aviv when a Fatah terrorist opened fire on two adjacent restaurants shortly after 2:00 AM.

        – Mar 5, 2002: Devorah Friedman, 45, of Efrat, was killed and her husband injured in a Fatah shooting attack on the Bethlehem bypass “tunnel road”, south of Jerusalem.

        – Mar 9, 2002: Avia Malka, 9 months, and Israel Yihye, 27, were killed and about 50 people were injured when two Fatah terrorists opened fire and threw grenades at cars and pedestrians in the coastal city of Netanya on Saturday evening, close to the city’s boardwalk and hotels.

        –March 21, 2002: An Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade suicide bomber exploded himself in a crowd of shoppers in Jerusalem, killing 3 and injuring 86.

        – March 29, 2002: Two killed and 28 injured when a female Fatah suicide bomber blew herself up in a Jerusalem supermarket.

        – March 30, 2002: One killed and 30 injured in an Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade suicide bombing in Tel Aviv.

        – April 12, 2002: Six killed and 104 wounded when a female Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade suicide bomber blew herself up at a bus stop on Jaffa road at the entrance to Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda open-air market.

        – May 27, 2002: Ruth Peled, 56, of Herzliya and her infant granddaughter, aged 14 months, were killed and 37 people were injured when a Fatah suicide bomber detonated himself near an ice cream parlor outside a shopping mall in Petah Tikva.

        – May 28, 2002 – Albert Maloul, 50, of Jerusalem, was killed when shots were fired by Fatah terrorists at the car in which he was traveling south on the Ramallah bypass road.

        – May 28, 2002 – Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade terrorists killed Netanel Riachi, 17, Gilad Stiglitz, 14, and Avraham Siton, 17, three yeshiva high school students playing basketball.

        – June 19, 2002: Seven people were killed and 37 injured when a Fatah suicide bomber blew himself up at a crowded bus stop and hitchhiking post in the French Hill neighborhood of Jerusalem.

        – June 20, 2002: Rachel Shabo, 40, and three of her sons – Neria, 16, Zvika, 12, and Avishai, 5 – as well as a neighbor, Yosef Twito, 31, who came to their aid, were murdered when a terrorist entered their home in Itamar, south of Nablus, and opened fire. Two other children were injured, as well as two soldiers. The PFLP and the Fatah Al Aqsa Brigades claimed responsibility for the attack.

        – July 25, 2002: Rabbi Elimelech Shapira, 43, was killed in a Fatah shooting attack near the West Bank community of Alei Zahav.

        – July 26, 2002: St.-Sgt. Elazar Lebovitch, 21, of Hebron; Rabbi Yosef Dikstein, 45, of Psagot, his wife Hannah, 42, and their 9-year-old son Shuv’el Zion were killed in a Fatah Al Aqsa Brigade shooting attack south of Hebron. Two other of their children were injured. – July 30, 2002: Shlomo Odesser, 60, and his brother Mordechai, 52, both of Tapuach in Samaria, were shot and killed when their truck came under Fatah fire in the West Bank village of Jama’in.

        – Aug 4, 2002: 2 killed and 17 wounded when a Fatah terrorist opened fire with a pistol near the Damascus Gate of Jerusalem’s Old City.

        – Aug 5, 2002: Avi Wolanski (29) and his wife Avital (27), of Eli, were killed and one of their children, aged 3, was injured when terrorists opened fire on their car as they were traveling on the Ramallah-Nablus road in Samaria. The Martyrs of the Palestinian Popular Army, a splinter group associated with Arafat’s Fatah movement, claimed responsibility for the attack.

        – Aug 10, 2002: Yafit Herenstein, 31, of Moshav Mechora in the Jordan Valley, was killed and her husband, Arno, seriously wounded when a Fatah terrorist infiltrated the moshav and opened fire outside their home.

        – Sept 18, 2002: Yosef Ajami, 36, was killed when Fatah terrorists opened fire on his car near Mevo Dotan, north of Jenin in the West Bank.

        – Oct 29, 2002: Three people, including 2 fourteen year olds, were shot to death by a Fatah terrorist.

        — Nov 10, 2002: Revital Ohayon, 34, and her two sons, Matan, 5, and Noam, 4, as well as Yitzhak Dori, 44 – all of Kibbutz Metzer – and Tirza Damari, 42, were killed when a Fatah terrorist infiltrated the kibbutz, located east of Hadera near the Green Line, and opened fire.

        – Nov 28, 2002: 5 killed and 40 wounded when two Fatah terrorists opened fire and threw grenades at the Likud polling station in Beit She’an, near the central bus station, where party members were casting their votes in the Likud primary.

        – Apr 24, 2003 – 1 was killed and 13 were wounded in a suicide bombing outside the train station in Kfar Sava. Groups related to the Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and the PFLP clamied joint responsibility for the attack.

        – May 5, 2003 – Gideon Lichterman, 27, was killed and two other passengers, his six-year-old daughter Moriah and a reserve soldier, were seriously wounded when Fatah terrorists fired shots at their vehicle in Samaria.

        – May 19, 2003: 3 were killed and 70 were wounded in a suicide bombing at the entrance to the Amakim Mall in Afula. The Islamic Jihad and the Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades both claimed responsibility for the attack.

        – Aug 29, 2003: Shalom Har-Melekh, 25, was killed in a Fatah shooting attack while driving northeast of Ramallah. His wife, Limor, who was seven months pregnant, sustained moderate injuries, and gave birth to a baby girl by Caesarean section.

        – Jan 29, 2004: 11 people were killed and over 50 wounded in a suicide bombing of an Egged bus no. 19 at the corner of Gaza and Arlozorov streets in Jerusalem. Both the Fatah-related Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades and Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack.

        – Mar 14, 2004: 10 were killed and 16 wounded in a double suicide bombing at Ashdod Port. Hamas and Fatah claimed responsibility for the attack.

        – May 2, 2004: Tali Hatuel, 34, and her daughters – Hila, 11, Hadar, 9, Roni, 7, and Merav, 2 – of Katif in the Gaza Strip were killed when two Palestinian terrorists fired on an Israeli car at the entrance to the Gaza Strip settlement bloc of Gush Katif. Fatah and Islamic Jihad claimed joint responsibility for the attack.

        • Helen4Yemen

          “Aug 4, 1929: Born in Cairo. Arafat, then named Muhammad Abdel Rahman Abdel Rauf al-Qudwa al-Husseini, ”
          But not named:

          Al-Finkelstein or Al-Bloomberg or Al-Goldberg, right?

        • Helen4Yemen

          You mean 80% of Palestine must be given to the:
          Al-Godlberg, Al-Chomsky, Al-Silverstein, Al-Bloomberg?

        • Helen4Yemen

          ===>If you believe that I have time to read your 5-mile long copy/past, then you are multi-delusional.

      • James Wherry

        I think we both know that al-quaeda, the Taliban, al-shebaab and ISIL never cared about you, and HezbiSatan doesn’t, either.

    • James Wherry

      *Sigh* I wish MintPressNews would find better writers who weigh all the evidence and who fully and fairly report the news – before sticking their feet in their mouths.

      1. Israel struck a deal with al-Nusra to protect the Druze in Syria. “No attacks on the Druze and we’ll treat your wounded. The leader of the Druze approved the deal.

      “The Druze are well aware that the medical care given Jabhat al-Nusra fighters allows Israel to set limits on the organization’s activities and demand that it refrain from attacking the Druze in Syria.”

      2. Israel has threatened rebels in Syria to enforce that deal.

      3. But why shouldn’t Israel help any of the rebels in Syria? Syria declared war on Israel when Israel was 1 minute old in May, 1948 – AND SYRIA HAS NEVER RESCINDED THAT DECLARATION OF WAR. Syria has repeatedly attacked Israel, and while we’re on the subject, it funds, backs and supports Hezbollah which has repeatedly attacked Israel, So, why shouldn’t Israel be seeking to destroy its sworn enemy that is both making and declaring war on Israel? This article mentions none of that.

      Syria shelled innocent, unarmed civilians from the Golan Heights. They lost the territory in a war of their own making. At the end of WWII, the Soviets annexed vast areas of Poland and expelled 200,000+ poles, even though it was RUSSIA that invaded POLAND, originally. That land today makes up parts of Belarus and two other former Soviets and I see no intention of ever returning that land to Poland. China has illegally claimed and annexed Tibet, but I see no moves to give the land back, despite the fact that Tibet NEVER threatened China.

      Bottomline: A rule that is applied to the “Jews only” is NOT a rule: it’s just bigotry.

      I’d just as soon see al-Nusra dead as they represent an existential threat to the USA, but I’m not a Jew or a Druze or an Israeli.

      • tapatio

        JAMES WHERRY is a child molester who is too cowardly to face the possibility of prison (and the monsters that would use him there) and so chooses the youngest possible “legal” boy from a culture where the boy is so desperate to escape the poverty that he will accept ANY humiliation..

        Even though Wherry was an officer in the US military, his first loyalty is obviously to Zionism. Zionists follow the Jewish “Chosen” Master-Race delusion promoted in Judaism’s Talmud.

        Wherry resides, with his boy paramour Mario, at 6300 MILGEN RD APT 1403 COLUMBUS, GA 31907, (15 minutes from the gate of School of the Americas – the world’s largest death squad and terrorist training facility) should anyone wish to drop by to say, “HI”.

        “I’m very happy about it,” James Wherry said. “Marriage is the bedrock of our society. I hope that same-sex couples can rejuvenate and revitalize marriage and give it the respect it is due.”

        I don’t really think that Wherry is qualified to “REVITALIZE MARRIAGE AND GIVE IT THE RESPECT IT DESERVES”

        James Wherry said he and Mario Jay Wherry met through James Wherry proposed and flew to the Philippines to hold an engagement party with Mario Jay Wherry and his family. Mario Jay Wherry arrived in the United States at the end of May.

        Wherry and his little paramour at their “wedding”. Being gay is one thing. Sexual use of someone young enough to be his child, and who would do ANYTHING to escape the disgusting poverty and violence of a culture like that in the Philippines, makes Wherry a s-xual predator.

        • Helen4Yemen

          Tapatio: May I please? I think getting into Wherry’s personal life serves no purpose. On the contrary, it distracts the readers from the main issue of Zionist colonization of Arab lands and the horrors unleashed on the entire Arab people as a result of this tragedy. Why not focus on the issues?

          • tapatio

            Helen. The main issue is Zionist economic colonization of EARTH. Palestine is certainly very, very important.

            Wherry’s trolling of me is secondary. As unstable as he is, pushing the right button could motivate him/it to put a gun in his mouth. His advocacy of Zionism’s obscene crime in Palestine is certainly more than sufficient justification for my attitude.

            As to the casual reader of Mint Press. Given Wherry’s production of lies, I want to insure that he has NO credibility. Beyond that – it’s personal.

            • Helen4Yemen

              I am already getting so tired of responding to so many of his silly comments.

              • tapatio

                Demonstrating that hasbara lies are LIES is the job. Every time a casual reader wanders in they have to see TRUTH – NOT the Zionist lie.

              • James Wherry

                Yes, Helen, but I stick on point and on message. I do not waste time with personal insults.

            • James Wherry

              In short, Helen, Tapatio hates JEWS. He’s made it clear that he wants to “ERADICATE Judaism,” but the Palestinians are NOT his concern.

              Yes, tapatio: you desperately careen around this website to try and prevent me from exposing as a Naz! who has GLORIFIED HITLER.

        • James Wherry

          I was in my 40’s, when I met my husband in his mid-20s. Typical gay-hating propaganda, that gays are child molesters.

          The fact is that Tapatio is a PEDOPHILE with his unnatural attraction to me and my husband, and that he is a NAZ! who has PRAISED HITLER and glorified the NAZ!s.

          • tapatio

            Suuurrreeee you were. I look better at 69 than you did last year when you married your mail order Filipino boy.

      • dale ruff

        Under international law and perspective, the Golan belongs to Syria and Israel is illegally occupying.
        It is the Israeli state which is using the rule: ONLY Israelis have the right to occupy invaded lands.
        Zionist exceptionalism is racist. Living above the law is criminal. Defending Israel policy means accepting violations of internatonal law, periodic massacres of civllians, etc. Defending criminal activity (the last massacre killed 1500 Palestinian civilians with 3 Israeli civilians losing their lives.

        This is not a war! It is incremental genocide. It is gradual ethnic cleansing. It is pure fascism.

        It is therefore understandable why the German Zionists made deals with the Nazis, as both shared the goal of moving the German Jews to Palestine: one man’s expulsion is another man’s homecoming.

        Palestinians, under international law and the UN Charter, have the right to self-determination and self-defense. To call them terrorists (and then murder them) for seeking to exercise their rights is also fascist tactics.

        I think your thinking is corrupted by revisionist history (Germany AND the USSR (not Russia!) invaded Poland.

        • Helen4Yemen

          Here is a meeting between Russian Minster of the Interior Plehve and Theodor Herzl. They both understood how both could benefit from Zionism, Plehve to rid his land of Jews and Herzl to acquire free Arab land. Win/win for both.



          Yacheslav, Plehve

          1888-1902 assistant minister of the interior of the Russian Government

          1902-1904 Minister of the interior

          Here is Thodor Herzl diary entry for his his meeting with Plehve
          Aug 10, 1903

          Day before yesterday, in the morning, with Plehve only a brief wait, a man of sixty, rather stout, steps quickly forward, greets me, bids me be seated and begins to talk. He has a shallow, grave countenance, grey hair, white mustache, and remarkably youthful, energetic brown eyes. He spoke in French, not brilliant but not bad, he begun by clearing the ground

          “I have accorded you this interview, at your request in order to come to an understanding with you in respect to the Zionist movement, of which you are the leader. The relations which shall prevail between the Imperial government and Zionism-and which could become -I will not say friendly but in the nature of an agreement -will depend upon you’

          I interjected: “if it depends on me, Your Excellency, they will be excellent.”
          He nodded and continued: “the Jewish question is not vital to us, but still it is fairly important. And we are trying to settle it in the most amicable way possible. I have granted you this discussion of it before your Congress meets at Basel, as you requested.”

          That was it, I believe, the first critical move in this ‘immortal game’ of chess. For I understood all along that he attached much importance to the forthcoming Zionist congress, obviously because he saw that the Kishinev business was bound to come up there for a frank airing. When that happens I could be in the position of doing him a service by cutting the thing short.
          Plehve: “What sort of help then do you ask of us?”

          I developed the three points, which I have written down in the abstract of our conversation:

          Russian intervention with the Sultan, in order to secure a charter for colonization of Palestine.

          Russian financial aid for emigration, with money raised from Jewish funds and taxes

          Government facilitation of Russian Zionist organizational work
          He agreed to all the three points without hesitation.

          In regard to financing the emigration, he explained,

          “I concede that the government should carry it out, but we can take the funds only from Jewish pockets. The rich must pay the poor”.

          It is an excellent idea, I said.
          In the end, we agreed that I should draw up a summary and also outline what I intended to say at the Zionist Congress.

          When I felt that we had nothing more to say to each other and he had ordered me to prepare the summary, I rose and asked him to grant me another audience after he had examined the document. He promised to do so. I turned to go, he pressed my hand, saying, “I am very happy to have met you in person”.

          “And I too, your Excellency, I am happy to have seen the M. de Plehve about whom Europe talks so much about.”

          He smiled and said: “and speaks so much evil.”
          The next day he said to dear old Mme orvin-Piarovska the he wished he could have at his departments a type of executive such as myself
          Theodor Herzl continues:

          I forgot:

          In the course of our talk when I explained to him the need for Russian intervention with the sultan, because Palestine was the only place that attracted us, I added some remarks on the difficulties of being admitted into other countries, even England and America. If emigration were to be subventioned with gov’t funds-as bruited about in St. Petersburg these days, and indeed published in the “Novoye Vremya” – it would be tantamount to putting an export premium on Jews; and the reluctance to receive them, which I knew of first hand in England, would be strengthened. A people would certainly be considered ‘undesirable’ for whose departure their own government is willing to pay a bonus.

          Plehve thought, to be sure, that England was out of the question when it came to a sizable emigration. America, though, was something else. It still had large territories available for settlement; and if the banker Seligman would approach his friend Roosevelt in the matter, something might be done. I said I didn’t regard this as possible; I couldn’t say anything positive about it, for I had never sounded out the American gov’t on the subject. Palestine, moreover, seemed to offer the one genuine opportunity.

          • dale ruff

            Fascinating! “There can be little doubt that the philosophy of Zionism—-Jewish nationalism—-is in retreat among American Jews. Zionism holds that Judaism is not a religion of universal values, but an ethnicity. It believes that Israel is the “homeland” of all Jews and that those living outside of Israel are in “exile.”. Zionists urge emigration to Israel, “aliyah,” as the highest Jewish value.

            Most American Jews, quite to the contrary, believe that Judaism is a religion, not a nationality. They believe that they are American by nationality and Jews by religion…”

            – See more at:

            My point is simple: while Zionism is a racist ideology, most Jews are NOT Zionists and even in Israel, less than half the citizens are Zionists.

            The point is to avoiding countering one form of racism with another is to refuse to conflate Jewish with Zionist, Israeli with Jewish, etc. The most powerful voices I have read against Israeli treatment of Arabs are Jewish! Therefore, what we must avoid, at all costs, is the racist logic of conflating Jews with Zionism…….there are Christian Zionists and Jewish Zionists…but the fact is, most Jews and even Israelis are NOT Zionists.

            The Zionist are in control so the solution is to get rid of them by all means available, without making it worse for the Palestinians. There will never be a just solution so long as all Jews are included as “the enemy.”

            • Helen4Yemen

              1- ~~~~ Fascinating! “There can be little doubt that the philosophy of Zionism—-Jewish nationalism—-is in retreat among American Jews. ~~~~ Source, please?

              2- ~~~~ Zionism holds that Judaism is not a religion of universal values, but an ethnicity. ~~~~Are the Zionists insane to believe that the Nigerian, Yemeni, German, Chinese,Indian Jews are of one ‘Jewish ethnicity’?

              3- ~~~~ It believes that Israel is the “homeland” of all Jews and that those living outside of Israel are in “exile.”. ~~~~

              4- ~~~~ Zionists urge emigration to Israel, “aliyah,” as the highest Jewish value. ~~~~But the white Jews do hate black Jews.

              5- ~~~~ Most American Jews, quite to the contrary, believe that Judaism is a religion, not a nationality. They believe that they are American by nationality and Jews by religion…” ~~~~I do not believe it for one second. Is there an American Jew who does not believe that he is not in the ‘Diaspora’? The author of this articles loves the word ‘Diaspora’. Name one Jew who does not believe that Palestine is his homeland. American Jews love America for what it provides them. If life for Jews in America were to go bad, then they will start the stampede towards Arab Palestine.

              6- ~~~~ My point is simple: while Zionism is a racist ideology, most Jews are NOT Zionists and even in Israel, less than half the citizens are Zionists. ~~~~Jpost: 90% of Jews are Zionist.

              7- ~~~~ The point is to avoiding countering one form of racism with another is to refuse to conflate Jewish with Zionist, Israeli with Jewish, etc. ~~~~ Judaism is Zionism, See Numbers 33 and 34 in the Bible.

              8- ~~~~ The most powerful voices I have read against Israeli treatment of Arabs are Jewish! ~~~~The world is 99.98% non-Jews, right? Why is it that we have to hear from 0.2% about Palestinian tragedy? Where is the 99.98%?

              9- ~~~~ Therefore, what we must avoid, at all costs, is the racist logic of conflating Jews with Zionism ~~~~See # 7 above

              10- ~~~~ There are Christian Zionists and Jewish Zionists… ~~~~Christian Zionists derive no benefits except for religious hallucinations.

              11- ~~~~ but the fact is, most Jews and even Israelis are NOT Zionists. ~~~~94% of Jews in Palestine supported the Gaza war of 2009
              95% of Jews in Palestine supported the Gaza war of 2014
              80% of American Jews supported the Gaza war of 2009

              12- ~~~~ There will never be a just solution so long as all Jews are included as “the enemy.” ~~~~Jews are the enemy in my book if they believe even a square inch of Arab Palestine must be allocated and gifted to foreign Jews.

            • Helen4Yemen

              Philip Weiss (Mondoweiss) — As for one-state/two-state, I don’t care: All I want is self-determination for 4 million Palestinians , or our buildings will get blown up.
              Philip Weiss (Mondoweiss) — I cried when they threw out Noam Chomsky. When they threw Noam Chomsky out two weeks ago, I teared up. I guess at some level, I believe in the goodness of the Jewish state, these are my people, they couldn’t be that bad. How could they do that?!( by Philip Weiss on May 31, 2010)
              Philip Weiss (Mondoweiss) — This reservoir of good opinion about Israel exists in almost all American Jews, I think, except for those who have spent a lot of time in the occupied territories and know better. Myself I haven’t spent much time there, and so I actually give them the benefit of the doubt (yes out of some portion of ethnic identification).
              Philip Weiss (Mondoweiss) — “””I find I have some emotional sympathy for Chomsky as someone from the Jewish world who is still attached to the ideals of Zionism.”” Philip Weiss”

        • James Wherry

          A law that “only applies to Israel” is not a law- it’s bigotry. Syria shelled Israel from the Golan Heights and is still AT WAR in a war it unilaterally declared against Israel in 1948. Do you think ANY OTHER NATION would give back territory for it to be used to kill more of its civilians? That’s absurd.

          • dale ruff

            ” the Golan Heights is the area captured from Syria and occupied by Israel during the Six-Day War….”

            Wiki summarizes: “Construction of Israeli settlements began in the remainder of the territory held by Israel, which was under military administration until Israel passed the Golan Heights Law extending Israeli law and administration throughout the territory in 1981.[14] This move was condemned by the United Nations Security Council in UN Resolution 497,[2][15] which said that “the Israeli decision to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights is null and void and without international legal effect.” Israel states it has a right to retain the Golan, citing the text of UN Resolution 242, which calls for “safe and recognised boundaries free from threats or acts of force”.[16] However, the international community reject Israeli claims to title to the territory and regards it as sovereign Syrian territory.”

            Israel is a rogue state in violation of international law and now using the Golan Heights not only for settlements but as place to treat wounded anti-govt rebels from Syria, including al Nustra. Israel is sponsor of terrorism and a terrorist state with a history of massacres of Palestinians.

            By your logic, Syria has the right to invade and occupy Israel, since it is always shooting at them. No no no. I will not buy this fascist apology. I have no interest in pursuing this.

            You are someone I do not wish to converse with.