Idaho Police Shoot Pregnant Woman In Stomach With AR-15

The department has cleared its officers “of any criminal wrongdoing,” claiming that they followed all proper procedures when they chose to use an AR-15 assault rifle on the mentally ill, pregnant woman who was holding a knife outside of the hospital.
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    The dashboard and body camera footage has now been released in the fatal shooting of Jeanetta Riley. Riley, 35, was shot and killed by Sandpoint, Idaho police after they were called to a hospital where she had been treated for mental health problems.

    The department has cleared its officers “of any criminal wrongdoing,” claiming that they followed all proper procedures when they chose to use an AR-15 assault rifle on the mentally ill, pregnant woman who was holding a knife outside of the hospital.

    The officers could have used less-than-lethal weapons, like a taser, but instead they chose not only a firearm, but an AR-15 when they approached her outside of Bonner General Hospital.

    The police can be heard on the video telling Riley to show her hands.

    Riley, obviously mentally distressed, replied: “f*** you” and “bring it on!”

    After shots ran out, the officer ran to Riley but instead of applying first aid, he cuffed her.
    The policeman is then heard running to Ms Riley, lying injured in the road.

    Bonner County prosecutor Barry McHugh said: “Officers were faced with a quickly evolving set of circumstances that left them convinced the Ms Riley had the intent to use the knife to do them great bodily harm and had the ability to do so.”

    Ms Riley’s ex-husband, Dana Maddox, is suing the city for $1 million, as the officers ended his wife’s life as well as her pregnancy with Maddox’s daughter.

    The autopsy report reveals that Riley was shot in the chest and hit in the liver as well as her shoulder, back and heart. The Magic Valley Times News explains that “Five shots were fired during the confrontation, three of which came from Valenzuela’s AR-15 rifle and two of which came from Ziegler’s .40-caliber Glock pistol.”

    The suit alleges that “One or more of the above-named police officers shot and killed Ms Riley, thereby inflicting excessive and unnecessary force upon a mentally disturbed patient who was armed only with a knife.”

    Watch the report below…

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    • Nobody

      She wanted to die.

    • Huge

      Totally her fault! She asked for it and she got it.

    • JohannIvan

      A woman. Pregnant. With a knife. And “law enforcement” used an AR-15 ASSAULT rifle?

    • Kim Thompson

      She’s mentally ill and pregnant? Sounds like the police solved two problems at once.

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    • imspartacus

      The officers were cleared of any criminal wrongdoing…they followed all proper procedures…faced with a quickly evolving set of circumstances…they feared she intended to do them great bodily harm…

      And so another mentally ill person is mowed down by a couple of trigger-happy, mindless cops who will be spared from suffering any consequences for their actions. The State protects its own. The State always justifies whatever its armed psychopaths do to citizens because that is exactly what it wants them to do: kill, maim, beat, rape, electrocute, bully, terrorize, provoke, arrest without probable cause, and generally instill fear among the masses.

      It’s called a police state, ladies and gentlemen. That’s how all totalitarian regimes gain control, through a systematic program of subjugation by force. The cops are nothing more than brainless, violent goon squads that do the State’s bidding. They are uniformed baboons on steroids. And they are not hired to serve and protect you.

      • Sheepdogg

        So another cry baby comes out of the wood work and fails to point out the fact that no one would have been shot had the woman not confronted police officers with deadly force, you sir are a
        n idiot!

        • imspartacus

          If I had any respect at all for your opinion I might be offended by your remarks. As it stands, I’m not offended in the least. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have better things to do than get sucked into a pointless argument with a common dullard like you.

          • Sheepdogg

            As I said another crybaby that fails to put responsibility where responsibility is due, run and cry because you got called out.

            • imspartacus

              There’s nothing more ridiculous than a dog chasing his own tail.

              • Sheepdogg

                Your free to move along since we have now established your idiocy.

                • imspartacus

                  Ok, ok, you win. I’m obviously no match for your superior intelligence and well-honed debating skills.

                  By the way, Brainiac, you might want to learn the difference between “your” and “you’re” so that you don’t come off like some kind of ignoramus.

                  • Sheepdogg

                    Just testing you fool, you showed some mild intel, your not as stupid as you come across, excellent. Now move along, your done here.

                    • imspartacus

                      Ah, the old “intentional grammatical errors to test your intelligence” trick. How could I have fallen for that ploy? Wow, Sheepdogg, you’re absolutely too clever for words!

                      I will move along now, sir, with my head hung in defeat. Give Big Brother a big, wet kiss for me, will you?

                      • Sheepdogg

                        Yes, very clever, now move along.

    • Ron Todd

      Great. I just witnessed a double murder. Does the pig have a wife and child?

    • Jon Reid

      They could have shot her in the legs or shoulder. Cops do not respect life so how can someone respect their? Or their alleged authority. Did they high five each other after the shooting? I consulted the top psychic in the world and I have the verdict for any cop shooting….Not guilty. The government will not declare themselves guilty. Just us.

      • Cliff

        Shooting to injure just causes more paperwork and possible lawsuits. They have to shoot to kill to avoid all that. Although, shooting somebody with a taser while they are holding a knife probably would have been more effect. They were in range for that. She would have dropped the knife and they could have made the arrest.

      • Sheepdogg

        shot her in the shoulder? LOL How about she “could” have remained inside and not confronted police officers with a deadly weapon. Jon people like you are so ignorant.

        • Jon Reid

          And you are a (murderous cop) supporter!

          • Sheepdogg

            Jon your an idiot 400 justified shootings is not a problem. Here is a link stating doctors kill 400,000 plus people a year in preventable medical malpractice, that’s a problem. Your a fool that has been watching too much tv. 400 deaths v. 400,000, puts things in perspective on how stupid you are doesn’t it Jon?

            • Jon Reid

              You are too stupid to know what is happening piggy. Go back to sleep.

            • Jon Reid

              Eat your pizza, take your vaccines, eat GMO food and tell me who is stupid.

              • Sheepdogg

                It only took you 5 days to think of that LOL!

                • Jon Reid

                  I dont troll the net as much as you paid shills.

                • Jon Reid

                  I actually have a job and the net blogs are not the most important thing in my life. Sorry you dont understand it to be the problem it really is. There are plenty of innocents getting killed, who do not target the cops such as yourself. An idiot who targets a cop deserves what he or she gets. I’m only talking about the innocent ones. but you would not have the capacity to understand that.

                  • Sheepdogg

                    Not a cop, and there are very few “innocents” getting killed, maybe a handful out of 40 million police contacts per year and 750,000 plus law enforcement officers, so you really don’t understand anything. You can move along now.

            • Jon Reid

              No kidding on the 400,000 I know about that and how does it diminish the 400 the cops kill in cild blood. Maybe you would think differently if it was YOUR daughter or son.

              • Sheepdogg

                Jon your too stupid to realize cops kill 400 people who are trying to kill them, moron. I don’t have to worry about my kids being victims because they aren’t worthless cop killing slugs. I know I am right, I always am fool.

                • Jon Reid

                  you obviously have not seen all the videos because you have your head somewhere stinky.

                • Jon Reid


        • Jon Reid

          Fatal police shootings in 2015 approaching 400 nationwide That is a link to the ever-growing problem.

    • GALT

      The avatar for this site and this topic has been “hacked”, the comment is mine, the avatar is
      not……and it seems to be only for this article……and this comment…….so there are four posts awaiting mint
      press approval….. for over twenty four hours… explanation would nice?

      • GALT

        wow, not hacked……you blocked chicken ****…..very sad

    • George Kapplan

      In the United States, the police are SUCH WIMPS and so UNDER EDUCATED and UNDERTRAINED TRAINED that they need an ASSAULT riffle to subdue a suspect. They could not use a taser or a non-lethal form of force, they had to use a military assault riffle. Talk about overkill, literally…….

      In Britain cops don’t even carry guns!!!!!

      It is not the assault riffle I question, it is the thinking behind picking that item to subdue a suspect that I question. The lack of thinking when it comes to how our police deal with their fellow americans is in questions. It is as if we are at war with ourselves.

      • Sheepdogg

        why would they use a non lethal weapon when confronted with a deadly weapon. And have you been to Britain? I was born there, it is a cesspool of violence because the police aren’t armed.

        • Atrax morgue

          Proud to say your more American then most all bleeding heart libtards born here like and enjoy being the victims.If they like being victims so much move to Africa.

          • Sheepdogg

            Absolutely, these fools commenting on this story have no idea what a country without police is like, I do. There were times I had to fight my way through the streets to get my family home.

    • francis.collins

      From the footage, it seemed like she advanced on them when they jumped back. This is a very difficult situation. It’s unfortunate they elected to shoot her but advancing on someone uttering threats while brandishing a knife is technically a lethal threat under the law in most states. It would have been nice if they could have tried a Taser first but they may have not had enough time.

      According to the Tueller drill theory, inside of 20 feet, a person could rush you and plunge a knife in your neck or heart before you have time to react. So, her actions were indeed a lethal threat.

      This is a very sad situation. It would have been nice if they could have used non lethal means but I can’t really blame them for not wanting to get stabbed.

      This lady could have prevented this by not arming herself with a lethal weapon and charging the officers. If she had a prior mental health history, where were her family or doctors? If she was on meds should she have been taking them even if she was pregnant? Could this be a suicide by cop scenario?

      The title however seems to have an ulterior motive. What difference does the type of gun make? Using the words stomach and pregnant together is obviously for effect. The report says she was shot in the liver which is in the upper abdomen. Police are usually taught to aim for the center of mass which has the highest probability to stop someone quickly. Sounds like they were aiming for her chest not the baby and hit a little low.

      That being said, I’m not a proponent of the the police state or militarization of the peace officers. I think it is disturbing that police use rifles as a first line of defense in dealing with the public.

      • Ron Todd

        The pigs murdered the woman and her unborn child. Pigs escalated the situation. They could have decided to keep their guns down, clear the area, and get a negotiator involved. I demand justice. The ground calls for blood.

        • Sheepdogg

          Actually this woman tried to kill two police officers with a deadly weapon. The only “pig” in this story is the disgusting woman who tried to kill officers.

    • Paladin

      So what is the point here? That the officers fired on a woman armed with only a knife? Or that one of the officers elected to use an (Oh Gawd!!!!) AR-15 “assault rifle”? Seems obvious what the author’s slant is, as the AR-15 is NOT an “assault rifle” as it is capable of semi-automatic fire only.

      • Sheepdogg

        You called it Paladin she was a real “pig” for trying to kill two innocent police officers.

    • bigbird2071

      Snort, snort….useless murderous pigs!

      • Sheepdogg

        Two heroes is more appropriate as they probably saved dozens of lives from a murderous mental patient hel bent on killing someone.

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