The Green Party – Marks In A Media Con Job

According to writer Yoav Litvin, the Green Party, as well as much of the progressive left, has fallen prey to political outsiders with ulterior motives.
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    November, 2016 came and went and the world has since been immersed in the predicament of the Republican regime headed by the insane orange clown president and his unelected, and all-too-present familia.

    Within the American duopoly, the “opposition” Democratic Party has yet to recover from its resounding defeat and humiliation, retreating indefinitely into surreal and immature finger- pointing, Russophobia, and McCarthyism.

    Meanwhile, outside the confines of the two-party system, Jill Stein and the Greens have been hard at work on promoting a range of candidates and developing an alternative media channel – The Green News Network, a self-described “source for non-corporately filtered news, information and analysis”.



    David Cobb, the Green Party’s Stein/Baraka campaign manager, has fallen prey to a con job. It is sad, but these things can happen. The trouble is that he seems hell-bent on tarnishing the reputation of the entire Green Party, which, after Bernie Sanders’ defeat/capitulation in the Democratic primaries, I and many of my colleagues on the left voted for in 2016.

    Accompanied by 2004 presidential candidate David Cobb, left, Green party presidential hopeful Jill Stein meets her supporters during a campaign stop at Humanist Hall in Oakland, Calif. Oct. 6, 2016. (AP/D. Ross Cameron)

    Accompanied by 2004 presidential candidate David Cobb, left, Green party presidential hopeful Jill Stein meets her supporters during a campaign stop at Humanist Hall in Oakland, Calif. Oct. 6, 2016. (AP/D. Ross Cameron)

    As host of “Democracy in action” a show on The Green News Network, Cobb has chosen to promote and rely on the writings of a “rogue journalist” from Australia named Caitlin Johnstone.

    To those unfamiliar with Johnstone’s credentials, you are not alone.

    A Google search reveals that even though she apparently received a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2003 (which she produced on her Facebook account after many requests from people who questioned her credibility), she has zero publications before 2016, other than an astrology book, and began her “journalistic” career on an obscure blogging site called Newslogue with pseudo-feminist articles titled “Why do men hate women” and “How to make a boy a man”.

    What’s more, she has curiously not published a single investigative journalism article on her native Australia. Ever. Is that even possible with a degree in journalism?

    Since, Johnstone has graduated from Newslogue to write about American politics all the way from Oz (a country not lacking in political turmoil) for a host of blogging platforms, most notably Medium, where she attempts to pass herself off as a progressive/anti-establishment journalist on the left by critiquing liberals, imperialism, Antifa, the Democratic Party, Marxists, the “deep state” and corporate media, as well as by promoting racists, and in her most recent piece openly calling for cooperation with fascists, i.e. a red-brown alliance.

    It is no coincidence that ex-Bernie Sanders supporters, now avid Trump fans such as Cassandra Fairbanks, take inspiration from Johnstone’s sensationalist “anti-establishment” writings and that one of her die-hard supporters is Mike Cernovich, an alt-right media personality.

    Johnstone’s quick rise to fame is not accidental. In addition to being endorsed by a range of dubious fans, she is (self) promoted by one of the blogging websites, which regularly features her work – “We the media”. There, Johnstone is bizarrely featured alongside established left-wing/progressive/radical journalists with on-the-ground investigative journalism experience such as Amy Goodman, Glenn Greenwald and Abby Martin as a contender for “Top independent journalist of 2017”.


    Fake lefties usher in fascism

    But Johnstone’s sensationalist, populist and often inaccurate blogging, as well as her dodgy backers and her cries for a red-brown alliance are not the point of this article, it is the fact that her sort of writing is dangerously promoted by many well-meaning progressives and radicals on the left as well as on a monthly basis by David Cobb of the Green Party.

    In today’s demonopolized media landscape, deceit is perpetuated not only by the usual suspects, i.e. the corporate state and its subservient media outlets but also by a range of fake news, which is published online with no editing or verification on free-for-all blogging platforms, such as Medium. The ease and availability of online publishing, as well as the growing distaste with the corruptions of corporate media, provide a vacuum into which sensationalism can be used to promote a populist and potentially fascistic agenda.

    Related: Left, Right And The Russian Connection: With Alexander Reid Ross And Eric Draitser

    Fascist infiltration of the left from anti-establishment, fake “anti-imperialists” has been a pervasive and troubling phenomenon that has shaped contemporary politics and some of the upheavals of 2016 (for analysis, as well as the involvement of Russia, see here). It relies on a loosely-defined politics of opposition rather than on a leftist class analysis.

    Eric Draitser of summarizes it thus:

    “The right-wing and today’s fascists, i.e. the so-called ‘alt-right’ in the United States position themselves as anti-establishment and anti-imperialist by virtue of an opposition to neoliberal capitalism. Theirs is not an opposition to capitalism nor is it an opposition to imperialism. It is an opposition to the unique set of conditions that we see today.”

    And this is exactly where Cobb and the Green party situate themselves when they promote the viewpoints of problematic journalists like Johnstone.

    I wonder: is an alliance with “alt-right” fascists the alternative to the duopoly that the Green Party is offering the American people? Are there no credible and independent left-wing journalists with first-hand experience in American politics that the Green Party can rely on for accurate reporting?

    I know of plenty excellent reporters who publish in credible lefty publications such as TruthdigTruthoutBlack Agenda ReportAlternetCounterPunchCommonDreamsIn These TimesJacobin, and The Real New Network, among many other outlets that come to mind.

    Regardless, in our age of surging right-wing, xenophobic, Islamophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-black and brown, anti-indigenous, misogynist and ecocidal agendas that are driven by corporate deregulation and a decimation of public welfare, Cobb and the Green Party owe it to their voters to present a serious and credible left-wing alternative that builds on a positive politics of social and environmental justice, collectivism and community, and not on a self-defeating and immoral “anti-establishment” alliance with fascists, promoted by unreliable sources.

    The left needs to build with those who are disaffected with the entire system, which is approximately 50% of the population who did not even bother to vote. Those are the people most affected by the crimes of capitalism and our natural allies. Reaching out to the right when it is strong and the left is weak is lazy, counterproductive and dangerous.

    See more of Yoav Litvin’s work at

    © CounterPunch


    The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Mint Press News editorial policy.

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    • LeseMajeste

      sensationalist, populist and often inaccurate blogging

      Johnstone is a fine writer and reporter, unlike most of the trained seals out there who can only play stenographer or push lies and propaganda, which it looks like MP is now doing.

      What’s next, you gonna slime her with the worn-out canard of being anti-Semitic?

    • TeeJae

      Ah, the Green Party must be making some headway for such a hit piece to be published. You disappoint, MintPress.

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    • oregonstu1
    • oregonstu1

      Here is my response to these left gatekeeper clowns just published on Mint Press:

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    • Darwin K. Hoop

      I’m so pleased to see that the readers here know exactly what is going on. Mint has taken a devastating blow to its credibility here and we all need to know why. We now also know that Litvin is a hit man and propagandist with ulterior motives that should be seen as tainting his every effort. Counterpunch appears to be infected by professional fragmentists intent upon preventing the development of a real progressive coalition that stands to challenge the status quo.

    • Darwin K. Hoop

      What a rancid, poisonous, cesspool of elitist slander . It’s also poorly-written, incoherent, and utterly lacking in details that would support the author’s false accusations. We are referred to two of Johnstone’s articles (no quotes, no summary of the argument in question) apparently in the hope we will not actually read them. When we do, we see plainly that Litvin is full of bilge and are left to ponder his true motives for building a false case against Johnstone. Editors, I don’t come to Mint to read ad hominem attacks on hard-working, rational solution providers by status quo protecting gatekeepers and propagandists like Litvin. This is an obvious con job that has no place here. You need to do much better. Here, you have published fake news. Yellow journalism. Your credibility is badly damaged and I will have to be very careful about posting your stuff until it is clear that you are a trustworthy source of information. Deeply disappointing.

      • blob

        did u read the part where she advocated working with Mike Cernovitch, as well as a couple of anti-Muslim bigots? anyone who thinks we need to work with these people should ask themselves if they would work with anti semites or white supremacists who also happen to CLAIM to be ‘anti establishment’

        • Darwin K. Hoop

          Yes, I read the blatant misrepresentation AND the original source material where Johnstone makes plain her nuanced position and appropriately-conditioned support. Litvin’s over the top hit piece is quickly discredited by reading the very articles he cites.

        • TeeJae

          Refusing to align with someone because of ONE character flaw, is to fall victim to the Establishment’s divide-and-conquer strategy. Rather, we need to UNIFY by finding common ground, which is Johnstone’s point. Only a UNIFIED populace can defeat the Status Quo. Get it?

    • bill

      Bill Gibbons-Caitlin Johnstone comes from Austrailia, yes, Yoav Litvin
      comes from Israel (!). Litvin positions himself as a leftist then attacks a
      brilliant leftist. This seems like an attempt to divide the left. I don’t know
      why Mint Press News chose to publish Litvin, perhaps it’s a need for material.
      Litvin comes off as creepy.

      • I’m an Israeli-American, pay taxes here etc. The left needs to purge right-wing infiltrators, not work with them. This editorial by Josh Frank was also published, in case you missed it-

        • Darwin K. Hoop

          Except, you haven’t presented the vaguest evidence that either Johnstone or “The Resistance Chicks” are anything like “right-wing infiltrators”.

          Your screed refers us to two Johnstone articles to substantiate your claims that Johnstone “promotes racists” and “openly calls for cooperation with fascists”. What the reader of the first article finds is no evidence to support your claim whatsoever. Instead, we see Johnstone railing against fascism and talking about vast areas of common ground we share with voters on the right. She shares a video by two red-state activists that levels proper criticism at the “Deep State” and other fascist elements of the ruling oligarchy. Johnstone is clear that she in no way shares their anti-Muslim views, where “The Resistance Chicks” are merely parroting the narrative about Islamic terrorism that is on offer 24-7 from ALL mainstream media. They are not crusading against Islam. They are leveling an effective broadside against US and Israeli imperialism and the ludicrous anti-Russian narrative.

          The second article you cite as evidence of Johnstone openly calling “for cooperations with fascists” is just as damning to your credibility. Nowhere does she do any such thing. In fact, she makes it abundantly clear that cooperation should have limits where, for instance, she has rejected Richard Spencer’s overture and would not work with him because he embodies the “fascistic” values you falsely claim she is promoting.

          This is one of the most embarrassing and disgraceful attempts at a hit piece I have seen in many years. Fortunately, it is so incoherent, illogical, and blatantly dishonest that you have placed your own motives and trustworthiness in serious doubt.

          • Here’s more evidence, even though I’m sure you’ll ignore it. That’s Johnstone’s version of the “left” hugging pepe-the-frog fascists in this first piece. You can’t get clearer than that.
            2) today she called for the death of McCain. Is that your version of progressivism?

            Take care.

            • Darwin K. Hoop

              What you are presenting here could only be “more evidence” if you had already provided something that qualifies as evidence in support of your absurd accusations in the first place. You have accomplished nothing of the sort. Your certainty I’ll ignore it is as well-justified as your certainty that Caitlin Johnstone is a right-wing “infiltrator”. I read your logic-defying article (above) as well as the two of Johnstone’s you fraudulently cited to support your absurdly paranoid–or completely insincere–claims. I don’t like everything that Johnstone writes, but your accusations are, by the very source material you provide, completely without merit.

              Now, here you are back to give me another reading assignment and to throw mud as if getting something else to stick will magically validate your prior, false allegations: “Look, Caity did something I’m pretty sure someone will think is naughty and I might be able to cash it in against her. How exactly does wanting war criminal McCain to expire make Johnstone 1) a “racist”, 2) a “fascist”, 3) a “right-wing infiltrator”, or 4) exclude her from being regarded as a progressive?

              And now, having read the THIRD article you have offered in support of your thesis, you have me wondering if I have ignored another possible cause of your actions: Insanity. Once again, you cite no specific examples, you just throw an entire work at the reader and expect us to searching for a possible needle in the haystack. Nevertheless, I have read it carefully. Here, Johnstone is being even more clear about her motives and offering absolutely nothing in the way of evidence to a sound mind that she is 1) a “racist”, 2) a “fascist”, 3) a “right-wing infiltrator”, or 4) anything other than a progressive.

              You keep coming at us with complete non sequiturs and I am left wondering if you really understand the meaning of the words with which you are attempting to tar Johnstone. Your argument is so absent of evidence–except to the contrary–that you either don’t know what you are talking about or you have an ulterior motive to slander Johnstone. Either way, your effort here should be seen as just cause to regard your opinion about such matters as lacking credibility.

            • TeeJae

              Called for the death of McCain? That’s misleading. It’s no secret the man has aged out of his position in government as senility has slowly taken hold. Not to mention we’d be better off with one less war hawk. So, it makes sense a true progressive would wish for someone who refuses to quit would just “die out of the system.”

              Speaking of quitting, you may want to do so while you’re (not) ahead. You’re clearly not convincing many readers here.

            • LeseMajeste

              Didn’t your Mommie teach you not to lie?

          • TeeJae

            Well said!

    • bill

      Caitlin Johnstone comes from Austrailia, yes, Yoav Litvin
      comes from Israel (!). Litvin positions himself as a leftist then attacks a
      brilliant leftist. This seems like an attempt to divide the left. I don’t know
      why Mint Press News chose to publish Litvin, perhaps it’s a need for material.
      Litvin comes off as creepy.

    • Brian G. Mueller

      Can you please explain why you published this article that disparages Caitlin Johnstone, David Cobb, and the Green Party with no evidence and without a response from those who were the targets of this? Do you intend to allow them an opportunity to respond to these allegations on your site?

    • Jeremy Walker

      Even worse, it’s in Counter Punch too.

    • Helga Fellay

      I agree with you. Caitlin Johnstone is one of the sharpest and most courageous progressive voices we have today. I can sniff a stench of envy by the founder of Mint Press News here. You wish you were as sharp as Johnstone.

    • Geoffrey Skoll

      Caitlin Johnstone has the advantage of making sense. Her credentials are not important. Many outsiders have a better view of US politics than do American pundits, even or especially alternative media pundits. The Green Party is, was, and always will be a liberal, White suburban party, and it’s too bad Baraka had to associate himself with it instead of a Black, revolutionary party. Bernie was a perfidious sheepdog from the beginning–see Barney Frank’s assessment of him. Revolutionary leftists have to empathize with lower classes of all colors, and find a way to ally with them. I believe that was Johnstone’s point, and I agree. It was also be a sign of courage if commentors used their real names instead of pseudonyms

    • ignasi

      The Green Party has enthusiastic supporters Worldwide

    • GALT

      “To conquer, first DIVIDE!!!!”

      What is a “progressive”?

      Until you can articulate it specifically and indicate that you have a grasp of history, as well as understand
      that “language” is and has always been the “primary tool of deception” and you make a concerted effort
      to clarify what you mean by the words you use, claiming to be a “progressive” becomes a meaningless
      label, equal to all other meaningless labels.

      Was FDR a “progressive”? He used “progressive” rhetoric and “populist” notions, but his actions
      were NOT progressive……..and he is directly responsible for the condition of this country and where
      you now find yourselves.

      If you take the time to slog through that doc, and it is not all that long, you will see the foundation of your
      present circumstance being laid….and why bankers and corporations now control your existance, why
      you have no rights and why government is FORCE, and it has always been.

      FDR’s first concern was restoring the “faith” in banks, so that the “people” would put their money
      back in. This required confiscation of “gold” and federal reserve notes, redeemable in “lawful money”.
      The effect was an immediate inflation rate of 300%, so that if for some reason you could exchange your
      FRN’s for lawful money, you got 25% of their previous value in gold ( or silver.)

      The next step was the “Social Security Act” of 1935, which seems “progressive” on the surface, but
      in order to participate, one had to file a w-4 withholding agreement with one’s employer….establishing
      “social security” as a “tax on wages” and providing the SSAdmin with information of all “wages” earned.

      All of this, was “unconstitutional” ( see doc ) until the “supreme court” backed down in 1938, US law
      was “codified” into “titles” and common law and equity, ceased to exist, which eliminated two of the
      four types of law, authorised by Article 3, of the US Constitution.

      The next step was a temporary tax on wages as income to assist with the war effort, which never went
      away…and the IRS now had complete information on all “wage earners” provided by employers, and the
      construction of two “myths” were inculcated into the “citizens” psyche…..1.) That a Social Security Card
      ( account ) was required to work. and 2.) Filing a w-4 was a requirement for employment. Neither of
      these is TRUE, but like “driver’s licenses” they became a right of passage… or around age 16, in
      the period when the “american delusion” took hold after WWII. ( over time, SOME people began to
      question this “myth”, so to circumvent this, the “government” required “new borns” to have SSN so
      their parents could claim them on their “income tax” returns…..whose “filing” ( another myth ) has
      also taken its place in the “psyche” of the deluded american citizen. All of this is VOLUNTARY and
      always has been.)

      FDR died in 1945, but the necessary work was still not complete, for having disposed of common
      law and equity….where the following precedents are already established….1.) wages are not
      income 2.) corpoartions are NOT people and 3.) money is NOT speech….a final step
      was required in this new “statutory” jurisdiction….in the US CODE. ( admiralty and maritime law )
      because such actions, would require a ‘constitutional amendment” unless a “citizen” actually
      volunteered to “surrender” their RIGHTS, in exchange for the “benefits, privileges and immunities”,
      available under the “new” US CODES arranged in TITLES. ( granting entitlements )

      This was accomplished by the passage of the Uniform Commercial Code in 1952 and adopted by
      all the states by 1964.

      While the “government” had the “voluntary acts” of acquiring an SSN and filing w-4s, they still
      had a problem with the “missing law and equity courts” which required a “victim” to be produced
      or “damage to property” to be demonstrated……and, of course those pesky claims of RIGHTS
      established by the “constitution” and “bill of rights”…..the UCC in sections 1-207 now 302
      federally, now required a valid “reservation of rights” to be in place, prior to any assertion
      of them, should they be needed. Were you “unaware” of this requirement? Too bad because
      ignorance of the law is no excuse…and as far as the “government” is concerned, you have
      now “voluntarily” surrendered your rights and accepted whatever “benefits, privileges and
      immunties” the “government, federal, state, local chooses to extend to you, as well as
      subjecting yourself to the “jurisdiction” of the “court” empowered to decide such matters.

      For more info on this try……

      Or do your own search for UCC 1-207/308

      Now the sad part of all of this is that all of the people who proclaim to “care” about “our democracy”
      and “rights”…..and our “constitution”……be they politicians, journalists, or what ever……none of them
      DARE to reveal the TRUTH……regarding these FACTS… could you possibly be a “progressive”

      • bill

        Yes, and the New Deal was really about throwing out some crumbs to try and stop revolution in the USA and compare workers’ benefits with to a competing system of true liberation of Socialism-Communism happening in the USSR.

    • I’m disappointed you ran this hit piece on Caitlin Johnstone. you’re better than this.

    • tapatio

      Hopefully, the party can get its act sorted before the campaigns of 2018. We need to reduce the corruption and obedience to AIPAC in Congress.