AUDIO: France Played Major Role In Creating ISIS Through Destabilizing Syria & Libya

MintPress editor in chief, Mnar Muhawesh joins Nick Bernabe, founder of The Anti-Media, to dissect the Paris terror attacks and NATO members' role in creating ISIS through arming fascist rebels in Libya and Syria.
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    With the media capitalizing on the Paris terror attack to pass legislation for more spying on citizens in France and more troops on the ground in the Middle East, MintPress editor Mnar Muhawesh joins the Anti-Media radio show to discuss NATOs role in destabilzing nations across the Middle East and Africa through arming right wing rebels that eventually defect to ISIS.

    Muhawesh points out that the media’s hierarchy of selective outrageous over the Paris terror attacks while ISIS has been wreaking havoc across Iraq, Libya, Syria for several years that have left 10,000s of Arab Muslims and Arab Christians dead. As France calls for more troops on the ground in Syria, should France bare responsibility for it’s role in creating ISIS?

    Take a listen… 

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    • fizzed

      Granted, the US illegally invaded Iraq and funded terror organizations while hiding the truth from its citizens. The propaganda isn’t even trying to logically hold together these days. But I do not believe your explanation that our motivation for occupying Iraq was resource control, especially oil. The US spent in excess of $2 trillion on this war. If there was no war, Iraq would have sold whatever oil the world wanted. There is no way anyone can show a return on the $2 trillion sadistic investment. Iraq has not sold anywhere near this much oil since 2003.

      My problem is that I’ve heard many explanations for the war. But none of them make any kind of sense. The US is not profiting from ME resources if US war costs are included in the morbid calculations. The only explanation that holds, IMO, is also the most evil. US taxpayers are being manipulated by fear to give more billions to $billionaires. In this case the US military industries. Sadly, ME lives and resources are an afterthought. I’d love a better explanation, but I need some numbers.

      More recent US ME foreign policy makes no rational sense either. Why would we risk WW3 and the end of the world by provoking Russia? It’s obvious US media is feeding us propaganda. Years of talk about an ISIS threat that somehow can’t be stopped is absurd. Our actions say killing Assad and regime change in Syria is the real objective. But again, same as with Iraq, none of the various reasons I hear make any rational sense. Except for the most evil one, same as with Iraq. I’d love a better, less evil, explanation.

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    • James Wherry

      No, and yes: MintNewPress’ antics, trying to deflect criticism from the Assad regime, Syria, Hezbollah and the Shi’ites who support them are ridiculous. This disaster began over 40 years ago, when Hafez al-Assad started his dictatorship and cobbled together a coalition of minorities to abuse and dominate the majority Sun’ni’s. Amnesty International chronlices is amplely.

      The current disaster began in 2011, when Sun’ni’s clamored for democracy and Assad did what he always had done: sent his goons in to butcher 114 peaceful, unarmed protesters. Since then, he has murdered more than 250,000 Syrians and expelled 4 million others.

      If you want peace, work for justice.

      As to Libya, YES. France had no busines there and we had no business helping them. This is a classic version of “LIBERAL military interventionism,” the idea that America held under LIBERAL Democrats that you can make the world better “one invasion at a time.” Traditional conservatives opposed this non-sense for 80 years, beginning with our mis-adventure in the Mexican Civil War – for which we get Cinco de Mayo. Oh, well: thousands of lives for good guacamole. What a trade. . . .

      • TecumsehUnfaced
        • James Wherry

          I’ve sat here listening to the entire “freethought” 4 minute video. First of all,
          thanks for attacking an administration I didn’t ever vote for. Had Americans
          known this, perhaps Mitt Romney would be President.

          Unfortunately, this commentary is not news and lacks substance. I kept waiting
          or the shocking revelation. The circular argument is that because the U.S.
          opposed Syria and because it supported groups OTTHER THAN ISIL AND AL-QUAEDA
          like the Free Syrian Army, it is somehow responsible for ISIL.

          That conclusion requires a great leap and has no substance, but it raises
          another issue: This administration promised we would not get involved in Syria
          AT ALL. As a Republican, I roundly criticized SEN McCain for wanting to train,
          fund and back ANY Syrian opposition groups and you’ll find that in my own
          Disqus posts in that period. Despite the fact that I never voted for President
          Obama, I praised him for recognizing that America NEVER benefits for getting
          involved in the civil war of ANY nation, whether it is Mexico in 1916 or
          Vietnam in the ’60’s under the Democrats.

          THAT is why traditional conservatism is MILITARY ISOLATIONIST and it opposes
          “LIBERAL MILITARY INTERVENTIONISM” – the idea we can make the world a
          better place – one invasion at a time. Your documents do not show support for
          ISIL or Al-Quaeda, but they DO show that America was mis-led by members of the
          current administration.

          More to the point, though, nothing in your links takes away what led to the
          disintegration of Syria PRIOR TO ISIL – the Assad family’s 40-year reign of
          terror over the Syrian Sun’ni’s that helped created 27,000 photos of the
          emaciated corpses of their victims. Your argument is ahistorical. BEFORE ISIL,
          here’s what happened:

          “The Syrian Civil War (Arabic: الحرب الأهلية السورية‎) is an ongoing
          international[76] armed conflict taking place in Syria. The unrest began in the
          early spring of 2011 within the context of Arab Spring protests, with
          nationwide protests against President Bashar al-Assad’s government, whose
          forces responded with violent crackdowns. The conflict gradually morphed from
          prominent protests to an armed rebellion after months of military

          And if YOU want to talk about “blow back,” then start where
          it began: with Syria and Iran’s support for terrorism in Iraq.

          Bottom-line: ISIL stepped into a vacuum created by Assad and the Syrian
          Sun’ni’s welcomed it as their protector from further atrocities by Assad

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            You accuse other people of ranting?

            • James Wherry

              Here’s real evidence that the civilian government of the United States of America has deliberately misled the American people about ISIL and Iraq’s response.


              Note the part where American INTEL analysts were 100% honest and 100% correct, but their product was “doctored” by elected officials and political appointees before it was released. All of this reminds me of the song from the Wiz: “Don’t nobody bring me no bad news.”

              Those of you in the Far, Far Left think you cannot trust those of us in the military. You’re nuts.

              • TecumsehUnfaced

                You trust the military? With a history of guys like Petraeus and Breedlove?

                • James Wherry

                  YOU don’t WORSHIP at Petreus’ feet??? Dear God: he’s the only one who undid the wreck done by Bush, after Cheney and Rumsfeld cobbled together their failed “occupation” plan. The Surge worked and the Shura councils with the Sons of Iraq saved the day. (Had the Shi’ites continued, we would not be in this mess. Instead they screwed it up with revenge attacks for wrongs done under Saddam).

                  But yes: I DO trust the military over our civilian incompetent elected officials. The story I posted shows that the military was honest, but that their political appointees were NOT, in the past 3 years. In 2003, the Marines were told, “Hey, if we have elections, we can go home!” So in an-Nasiriyah (a place you have read about in a book, but I served in, during the same year), the Marines set about setting up elections – so they could go HOME!


                  In Kirkuk, where I later served, U.S. forces TOLD the Kurds, Turkomen and Arabs that they WILL work together and have equal representation and they made it work. NO thanks to our civilian counterparts. NO joke.

                  • TecumsehUnfaced

                    That’s about as good a confession that you’re a brainwashed idot as I’ve ever seen.

    • Jock Doubleday

      Interesting staged photo by the Rothschild media.

      • tapatio

        The photo is not staged by the media. ISIS is a product of the Rothschild-Bilderberg Cartel and ISIS, undoubtedly, staged the photo for publicity reasons.
        The Rothschild media (an entirely different department in the cartel) gobbles up photos like this, since its job is to generate the maximum fear and hate in the US and European public……. justification for continued destabilization and subsequent subjugation by Greater Israel.

        • Simiansez

          tapatio, I agree to a point with all you posted above with one exception.
          “……. justification for continued destabilization and subsequent subjugation by Greater Israel”.
          In my perception, the phrase “subjugation by Greater Israel” would perhaps be more accurate if it read ‘subjugation OF the world’s masses.’
          In either case, carry on!

          • tapatio

            Thank you. The planning for the destabilization of the ME was done by Zionists posing as Americans (born in America, but NOT American).

      • James Wherry

        There is no Rothschild media: this photo was staged as a recruiting photo by ISIL, hence the reason that there is no credit line below the photo. If this was from AP or AFP, that would be required by contract for permission to use the photo.

        Now I’ll bet someone is about to post something just below my post that is completely stupid.
        Wait for it. Wait for it. . . .