Florida Cops Shoot And Kill Deaf Man For ‘Talking Too Loud’

The deaf man was sitting in his SUV with his windows rolled up when he was shot by police.
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    deaf-man-shotA deaf man was just shot by Volusia County sheriff’s deputy Joel Hernandez and the excuse the killer cop gave boils down to the fact that he was talking too loud.

    Now Deputy Hernandez is under investigation for fatally shooting Edward P. Miller on Saturday afternoon, police sources say.

    The Sheriff’s department tells us that Hernandez was responding to an unrelated matter at Fryer’s Towing when he over heard a verbal disagreement between Miller and an employee of Fryer’s Towing.

    Watch the local report from WESH Orlando below…

    Sheriff Ben Johnson said that Miller was in legal possession of a holstered firearm. This was not in violation of any law, and Hernandez has had to contend with that in developing his narrative of the events.

    Our friends from The Free Thought Project report that “Edward Miller and his son Edward Jr. went to Fryer’s towing Friday to settle a dispute about a towed vehicle.”

    The police report explains the following details…

    Darice Podgorski-Beneddix, 44, an employee at Fryer’s, reported to Daytona police officers that the elder Miller “was being rude and yelling at her.”

    The elder Miller said he “may have been yelling due to him being hard of hearing however in no way was he trying to be rude.”

    Employee Erik Stewart, 51, told Podgorski-Beneddix that the younger Miller “had a gun holstered on his right side hip.”

    Podgorski-Beneddix then called for police assistance “out of fear for their safety,” according to the report.

    Officers determined the younger Miller had an up-to-date concealed weapons license to carry the gun, and it was returned to him.

    The report goes on to state that the Millers were told that if they come back with the “correct amount of money,” their vehicle would be returned to them.

    Free Thought reports that a Daytona Beach police report says that “Miller was being rude and yelling because he was upset about the fees for his car.”

    This is still not a crime.

    But that’s when the employees allegedly told the police they were “in fear for their safety” because Miller was legally armed, according to the police report.

    The report even acknowledged that Miller told the officer the reason he was “yelling” was unintentional, and not because he was trying to be disorderly, but because he was deaf and could not gauge how loud he was being as well as the officer apparently demanded.

    The police report notes that Miller had a valid license to carry the firearm and that he had not done anything to draw the weapon, or imply that he was going to draw it. In short, he broke no law other than the officer accusing him of being disorderly for “talking too loudly”.

    Eye-witnesses tell us that Miller was shot while sitting inside an SUV. They add that the windows were in fact rolled up when the deputy opened fire.

    Have you heard about this in the national, mainstream media? Why do you think they are refusing to report on this case of police murder, even when the officer is being investigated for criminal wrong-doing?

    This article was originally published by Counter Current News.
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    • Joe Strange

      Maybe because he knew that the man was hard of hearing the officer decided to answer his question by shooting once for ‘yes’ and twice for ‘no’…

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    • cyndyt
    • cyndyt
    • This psycho cop got away with it too. No charges filed against him (big surprise). Where’s Dexter when you need him?

    • jmi0112

      They can’t be sued as individuals. It’s written in to their union contracts. As police officers they represent the LE agency they are employed by and are free of any civil liability period.

    • Wayne Leon

      I have said it before and I will say it again…the families of those loved ones who have been murdered [because that is exactly what it is, murder] by the so-called ‘police’, should sue the murderer as well as demanding jail terms, they then should sue the state the murder took place in, and finallly they should sue the police force itself. If more people did this, then I guarantee, that those murdering bastards in uniform would not be able to get away with what they are doing anymore!!

      • raysusan49

        I sure hate to tell you this, but it’s you and me, that end up paying for these azzhole cop’s murders, with our Tax Dollar when the cops lose in court. It does nothing to punish the cops or the Police Department in any way. It’s just business as usual for them, and our City coffers with a whole less money. Cops need to carry their own malpractice insurance, just Physicians have to. With each incident their insurance rates would rise until the cop would no longer be able to pay such high rates, and have to seek employment in another area of employment.

        • A. M.C.

          That is a great common sense idea. Insurance comp would dump their butts after the first claim , no ins. no badge.

      • Penciljockey

        Who’s going to take these types of cases?

        • Shadow


    • Mooselook

      The other side of the story from the state attorney is here. http://www.wftv.com/news/local/no-charges-filed-against-volusia-deputy-involved-f/69552738

      • raysusan49

        Yes, and Hillary didn’t do it, and Trump isn’t the 1%…

      • Penciljockey

        Bootlicker much?

      • Itana Miljanić

        this is not the other side this is a cover up…

    • Debbie Relyea

      This is and always will be my fear,as my son drives but is totally deaf. This so called cop should face trial and death penalty. No friggin excuse

    • VeesaLee

      Ironically, out of control cops is one of the reasons we need the second amendment and the right to defend ourselves.

      • MidgardMortal

        Really? How did that work out for them?

        • Penciljockey

          Yeah, cause cops never shoot people who don’t have guns right?

      • Brerlou L. King

        BUT, BUT, he was carrying his Second Amendment gun, THAT is why he was SHOT!!

        • Penciljockey

          So you know for a fact that’s why he was shot?

    • simone4447

      the worst part about this problem is the majority of people in the us dont have any connections with POC.

      thats why nothing will be done until:

      1.cops start killing more white people

      2.more white people having mixed children

      until one of the two happens we will keep seeing videos of POC being killed.

      American’s attitude is if its not happening to me or my family then F_K it.

      • Sam Marcum

        Cops kill 2 white people to every black person.

        • I Game

          there are 4 times as many white people in america so stop with the stupid argument

          • Sam Marcum

            That is correct. Black people commit half of all violent crime though so it still doesn’t work with the blm narrative.

            • Tonyfromteeoh

              So basically you’re cool with innocent people dying as long as they’re black?

              • Sam Marcum

                No but thanks for trying to shape the conversation by painting me as some kind of racist for speaking my mind and giving some actual real numbers to flesh out that situation

                • Errol Brown

                  Sam Marcum he wasnt painting you as a racist, your response to the issue used racist dogwhistle to silence the discussion. the resulting question was relevant, do you consider the death of black people less of a problem because they are black, if not, then you need to re-evaluate your prior response and realize that it is not related to the current argument. A criminal has a right to due process, black or white, what say then about a person, black or white that has done no wrong.

                  • Sam Marcum

                    So, just automatically thinking that I don’t care about a person’s death because of their skin color isn’t painting me as a racist? C’mon really?

            • Amala
            • I Game

              its a ratio disparity. its not that hard of a concept to grasp. view it on a per race basis not from the total count. while you have 4:1 population only 2:1 is getting murdered by cops. but even in that statistic the number of unarmed black men count is higher. but my biggest problem with whites are they dont give a damn about whites either. we know the white supremacist dont care about us like that kid that was drag out the car blacks were more outrage than whites. what whites dont understand this isnt a black and white fight. its an us against the police state fight. and thats a fight we should all be against. but when it happens to black people whites are cheering for something they say they are against. hypocrisy 101

            • Penciljockey

              No that’s not true at all. Black people just get caught for the crimes they commit at a higher rate due to profiling and this racist system.

        • Lboogiespeaks101

          Then where is the outrage? You mean to tell me that cops kill whites at a higher rate while being unarmed? What crime are whites committing where white cops are killing their own faster than anyone else? Why are so many whites breaking the law? Where is the outrage from whites when it comes to police shootings twice as much as brown people? Where are the white lives matter protesters since they are being killed more by cops. Please make you comment make sense & site your source because you sound stupid & misinformed. The people who regurgitate this rhetoric sound dumb…it’s so damn ignorant that you people should just stop…just fukking stop! #pathetic #denialwillkillyou

          • jmi0112

            Maybe take your own advice. It’s true.

          • Chris Sisco

            Sorry whites don’t like to destroy their own cities, and stand on highways or block ambulances because a white person gets shot. Only ignorant thugs do stuff like that. That’s not how you make a change. And it is a fact more whites are killed by cops than blacks, go look it up.this is the other problem ,blacks think they are the only ones being killed because they only listen to the BS mainstream media and what they want you to hear. If they did any researcher would know the truth. Also why aren’t blacks standing up to black on black crime because that’s where the problem is.

      • Chris Sisco

        Uhh look at the facts there are more white people killed by cops than blacks killed by cops. So your argument is invalid.

    • sean


    • Richard James Thripp

      BRAVE Fraternal Order of Police Officers, who feared for their safety, tear
      gas & shoot to death 107-year-old man. Fraternal Order of Police
      Officers, who feared for their safety, shoot to death 93-year-old

      Tuesday 8:30-11:30 p.m. Updated: Wed 5:55 PM, May 07, 2014 ~ A 93-year-old
      woman is shot and killed by a police officer at her home in Hearne.
      Pearlie Golden was pronounced dead Tuesday night at St. Joseph
      Hospital. The elderly woman was rushed there after being shot by a
      male officer at her house on Pin Oak Street. Multiple
      witnesses tell us she was shot at least five times. Hearne police are
      not ready to say whether Golden was armed or why the officer felt
      threatened. “All I know is that they were called out here,”
      said Robertson County District Attorney Coty Siegert. “They were
      dispatched out here to address the situation. Again, I’m not sure
      exactly what that situation was, but it was not a random encounter.”
      Residents are questioning why police would shoot Golden who they
      described as a sweet, sweet woman. “Even if she did have a gun, she
      is in her 90’s,” said Lawanda Cooke. “They could have shot in
      the air to scare her. Maybe she would have dropped it. I don’t see
      her shooting anyone. Siegert says the case will eventually be
      presented to a Grand Jury, which is standard procedure in officer
      involved shootings. The Texas Rangers and Robertson County District
      Attorney’s Office are investigating. The Hearne Police Department
      says they are working on a news release. We’ll bring you that
      information as soon as it is released.

      9/7/13 Pine Bluff, Arkansas : ACCORDING TO POLICE: They arrived at Monroe
      Isadore’s residence in response to reports of a disturbance. Mr.
      Isadore confronted them with a handgun and retreated into a bedroom,
      firing on them when they attempted to enter. S.W.A.T. officers
      arrived as backup and, after failed negotiations, released gas into
      the room and broke down the door. Mr. Isadore fired on them as they
      entered, and they returned fire, killing him. Mr. Monroe Isadore was
      107 years old.

      Wikipedia: On December 10, 2004, Gary Webb was found dead from two gunshot
      wounds to the head. Sacramento County coroner Robert Lyons ruled that
      it was suicide, noting that a suicide note was found at the scene.

      “Wrong is wrong even if everybody is doing it, and right is right even if
      nobody is doing it” – St. Augustine

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    • Chaiyz


      I just found this article and it paints a completely different picture of the events, stating that Miller did in fact draw his weapon, etc, etc… I’d sure like to know the truth. I’m just wanting the actual truth. Only one of these reports if from a nationally reputable newspaper. Not saying this site is hokey but I’d like someone to show me some of those witness statements that the windows were rolled up and who made the determination that he did not draw his weapon in the article here?

      • April_Fool_79

        This article claims that Miller was shot while sitting inside an SUV with the windows rolled up. If he was, there will be bullet holes in the glass (or the glass will be completely gone) and/or in the door of the car. That should be easy enough to ascertain. But of course, that would be too much work for these poor, overworked “journalists” that just copy/paste from other websites.

    • O’Really

      There’s a serious gap in this story. They are discussing their fees, then telling the police he didn’t mean to be rude, then they’re in an SUV getting shot for no reason. Something is missing.

      • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

        Your brain.

        • O’Really

          Ooooh wow! What a great comment! Did you think of that all by yourself, or did your jr high buddies help you out?

        • MidgardMortal

          OK Mark… tell us what happened after rude and before shot…IN the SUV.

    • So What

      One more pig who belongs on the end of a rope… So do the people from the towing company

      • robotsanta

        What did the towing company people do wrong?

        • So What

          They claimed that a legally armed citizen, who was doing nothing illegal, mad them fear for their lives, which made the cops act even more desperate and forceful about a situation that had absolutely no illegal activity included. Feeling threatened and actually being threatened are two totally different things. The tow truck operator also belongs on the end of a rope for the death of the legal man with a gun! He helped to escalate it which resulted in a mans death.. That’s why!!!!

          • robotsanta

            If someone starts acting in a belligerent manner while walking around with a gun a their hip I will assume they came looking for trouble, why else would they have the gun? You belong in a mental institution you psycho.

            • So What

              And you belong on the end of a rope with the tow truck driver and the cop

            • simone4447

              Lol bet I won’t see this respondsite when it’s a white male with a gun!

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    • Anthony Edwards

      If you intend to allow conceal and carry permits thusly, you must be aware of the legality behind it. The officer should be stripped of his badge immediately and investigated.

      I do not like conceal and carry because I have seen more than one person “playing with” their gun in a crowded area – once in the line during a charity event for free dental when three men – one with a gun – cut ahead of some very needy people in line, then proceeded to play with his gun and talk about how much money he made.

      Now this is an extreme, but even conceal and carry legal gun carriers can abuse their right and be threatening.

      In this case the man was not a threat and did not appear at all to be so according to reports.

      • Amazing Larry

        Yeah, the officer will be “investigated’…. which means a paid vacation followed by a settlement paid for by US.

        • Anthony Edwards

          Yeah, pretty much. It’s the system we live in. Let’s go change it.

          • simone4447

            We need to work together to make change

    • JustTheFacts

      To Anthony T, you make some very reasonable
      points. But I must disagree with your assertion that Mr. Miller shouldn’t have
      been considered a threat. First off, his age is irrelevant. An older person
      with a gun can be just as dangerous, lethal and menacing as a younger person
      with a gun. They’re equally capable of squeezing the trigger in a millisecond
      and killing a cop or innocent civilian. Second, Mr. Miller was given numerous verbal warnings by the deputy.
      While the deputy had no way of knowing at the time that Mr. Miller was hearing impaired,
      Mr. Miller’s son confirmed that he was able to read lips. Most important of all, the
      act of pulling out a gun on an officer — regardless of the age of the person with the gun — constitutes a deadly threat that must be
      neutralized. If the officer hesitates for even a fraction of a second to see
      what the person pulling out the gun is going to do next, the officer’s life can
      be taken away before he has time to react and defend himself. Again, I repeat
      that it was an extremely tragic outcome that no one wanted to happen.
      Unfortunately, the deputy was put into a situation where he had to use deadly
      force to defend himself. No amount of training would have changed those facts
      or altered the tragic outcome.

      • JCaganteuber

        The article states that Miller did NOT draw out his weapon. And the only “threat” was yelling, which, if one doesn’t hear or doesn’t hear well, then that person cannot judge the volume of his/her own voice. No threatening gestures were made and … the windows were closed!

        • Excalibur

          Some people just can’t read and comprehend….

      • christopher m. starkey

        apparently you are reading this wrong. you see, first off his occupation is irrelevent, obviously a cop with a gun can be just as lethal and menacing as a civilian with a gun. and equally capable of squeezing the trigger in a millisecond and killing an innocent civilian. Most important of all, theact of pulling out a gun on an innocent civilian — regardless of the occupation of the person with the gun — constitutes a deadly threat that must be neutralized. If the innocent citizen hesitates for even a fraction of a second to see what the person pulling out the gun is going to do next, the civilan’s life can
        be taken away before he has time to react and defend himself. Again, I repeat that it was an extremely tragic outcome that no one wanted to happen. Unfortunately, the civilian was put into a situation where he should have used deadly force to defend himself. this would have changed those facts and altered the tragic outcome.

        • PatrickHenry

          I like that view. Too many times only the other is view is presented. It does indeed work both ways.

        • Avi Lu


        • Gary Schachtner

          Inconsistent reasoning is considered a sign of insanity. Yours is refreshingly consistent.
          If only it were infectious.

    • Anthony T

      The upsetting thing about this is “this wasn’t shoot first, and ask questions later, the officers had all the facts!” Mr. Miller was in his vehicle, not charging the officer, an older gentleman and shouldn’t been considered a threat after having all the facts, but he was shoot and killed. We honestly need to retrain all officers in this country or do a better job at screening officers because what they’re currently being trained is not working or maybe after “x” years they need to get retraining or switch a do something else for a while because the job may get to you.
      We need the police, we need to respect the police but it’s getting harder to do so.

    • JustTheFacts

      I realize that you all have a point of view regarding police shootings. But this crosses the line of bias to the point
      of being totally inaccurate. Check your facts: He wasn’t shot because he was hard of hearing (which the officer had no way of knowing at the time) and spoke too loudly. He was shot because he pulled a gun on the officer. Certainly a regrettable outcome, but let’s at least be factual before spouting off opinions and calling the cop a murderer.

      • mikebartnz

        Quote “He was shot because he pulled a gun on the officer”
        I have not seen that anywhere so are you able to provide the evidence?

        • JustTheFacts

          Here’s the link to the relevant article:

          The investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement into the shooting concluded and the linked story clearly reports that the officer fired his weapon only after Mr. Miller pulled out a gun. To JCaganteuber, I never said that Mr. Miller aimed the gun at the officer. My statement was that he pulled a gun on the officer. I know this site is full off cop-haters who want to think the worst of law enforcement officers. But if your husband, wife, son, daughter or some other loved one was a law enforcement officer, would you really want the rules of engagement to require that when a non-compliant individual pulls a gun on an officer that the officer must wait for the gun to be aimed directly at him or her before being able to defend themselves? Because if that’s your standard of conduct, then I guarantee that every one of these types of encounters will end up with a murdered cop. Again, I repeat that this was an incredibly tragic circumstance because the officer had no way of knowing at the time that Mr. Miller was hearing impaired. There’s no doubt that Mr. Miller’s death was very regrettable. But that doesn’t mean that the officer’s actions to defend himself in what appeared in that split-second moment to be a deadly threat was criminal or improper in any way. The officer was just doing his job, thrust into a situation not of his own making and lawfully defended himself in what we now know many months after the fact was an extremely tragic set of circumstances that in no way was the officer’s fault. That was the official finding of the investigation. You don’t have to take my word for it. The records of the investigation are available for anyone to read.

          • mikebartnz

            Some things just don’t ring true in that link you provided.
            Are you surprised that some of us think the worst of law enforcement officers when about a third of those shot by cops are unarmed.

          • RJ O’Guillory

            …you can take this emotional horse crap and put it in your soup….”But if your husband, wife, son, daughter or some other loved one was a law enforcement officer, would you really want the rules of engagement to require that when a non-compliant individual pulls a gun on an officer that the officer must wait for the gun to be aimed directly at him or her before being able to defend themselves?” Playing the old…”what about the wife and kids”… just doesn’t cut it…when cops are behaving so illegally. I don’t believe the old guy pulled a gun…as that is probably the only way The Police Department can explain away, and not charge the corrupt cop for murder. It’s the only BS left for them to wallow in. I don’t believe the corrupt government or their corrupt…”law enforcement”. They have lied and abused their authority for way too long and in too many disgusting ways to give them any credibility. They should all be dragged out into the streets…charged and convicted for treason…and hanged. If they have not engaged in treasonous behavior…then they should have nothing to worry about…eh? Isn’t that what they tell us all the time.
            RJ O’Guillory

      • JCaganteuber

        Where in the above article does it say Miller pulled out his gun and aimed at the officer???

    • Haley Bagby

      why police do this thing to people I think no body should be killed or died why did he got shoot for? talk to loud for what? ever time afican America they need shut here they tlak to much…
      and I think repsone

    • LadyMephisto

      “A deaf man was just shot….”?? This happened in 2014. Someone hasn’t done their homework.

    • Seatired
    • Rick Mage

      “Why do you think they are refusing to report on this case of police murder, even when the officer is being investigated for criminal wrong-doing?”………….remember……only black lives matter….

      • SuperShrug

        black lives matter (too)*


      • Anthony Edwards

        White lives have always mattered to the media and to police.

        Black lives are supposed to matter, but we’re finding out that only now.

        • Rick Mage

          If white lives matter more to the police and to the media, then why are more whites killed by police than there are of blacks who are killed by police, and why aren’t we hearing about their deaths?

          • Anthony Edwards

            Because there are many more white people in the U.S. than black people, and if you know how to calculate ratios, there is a major disparity. Yes, police killing citizens is a problem, and it is related, but the disparity is representative of inequality in our over-all system. Additionally far more police shootings against unarmed citizens have black victims.

            Your question is a legitimate one, but it does not change that a larger portion of the black community are victims of the police than whites. However this question belongs more in a math class where they can explain ratio.

            • Paula Robnett

              i love you Anthony Edwards!!!

    • Martha Nassauer

      This incident happened in 2014…why is it being treated as if it is recent? http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/florida-man-fatally-shot-sheriff-deputy-allegedly-deaf-article-1.1949357

      • Seatired

        Because a cop murdered a man and the media refused to cover it. Now, Cop Block has run a story about the shooting and people are not going to let it stay hidden.

    • Simiansez

      We’ll hear less of this than we did about the death of Cecil the lion.

      • Anthony Edwards

        Because it’s a year old. Cecil’s death just happened. Also, one man dying out of a billion might be less important than one lion out of 25,000 left. Consider ratios.

        • Simiansez

          Humans are killed everyday. Consider the insanity.

          • Anthony Edwards

            Thousands of human beings are not an endangered species. Now, if you only want to share the planet with other humans, great. Then keep killing lions, tigers, bears, and so on until we’re all alone.

            • Simiansez

              Far more humans are being hunted and killed each day than wild life is.
              That is the insanity that warrants consideration.

    • SuperShrug

      What’re you gonna do?
      You can’t increase their educational standards too much or else you won’t recruit.
      You can give special training, but it’d be a stroke of luck for it to sink in because of the previous reason.
      You could potentially increase the pay a great amount so that it might outweigh the risk of life that drives the more educated away.
      Though, a better solution might be to separate the police force into criminal activity, domestic disturbance, and traffic divisions. That way, the duty-bound thrill-seeker can live up to his ambitions in the proper context of stopping violent people, and the rest of us can get our traffic stops and house calls from better-adjusted officers.

      • Brandon Swords

        The police are strong arm enforcers for the state, not servers and protectors of the public. We could just dissolve all police stations, then people would have so much money they wouldn’t know what to do with it. And the streets would be safer without the most murderous gang in America still in power.

        • Paula Robnett

          JESUS!!! on par!

      • Brandon Swords

        The police catch less than 1% of all violent crimes in the act, so they’re literally worthless 99.999% of the time.

        • Paula Robnett