Five Killed As Protests In Venezuela Rage On

As of Thursday, five people have been reported dead.
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    By now, you’ve probably heard about what’s going on in Venezuela.

    Right-wing opposition demonstrators are leading daily protests against the government of President Nicolas Maduro and supporters of the Bolivarian Revolution. As of Thursday, five people have tragically been reported dead: Jairo Ortiz, Ricarda Lourdes, Daniel Queliz, Miguel Colmenares and Brayan Principal.

    In line with mainstream media, Venezuelan opposition leaders allege that Maduro’s administration is responsible for all of these deaths. Hasler Iglesias, for example, a youth organizer for the right-wing Popular Will party, claims police killed all five people.

    “These are assassinations of the dictatorship,” Iglesias posted on Twitter Wednesday.

    Opposition lawmaker Alfonso Marquina echoed these allegations, adding that “police are terrorizing our communities.”

    There’s no denying that people have died as a result of ongoing protests. What the opposition fails to mention, however, is why and how these people died and who is responsible for their deaths.

    Venezuelan police are responsible for two of the five deaths attributed to Maduro’s government by the opposition, Question Digital reports. Two others died from direct and indirect actions by opposition supporters, with the last person dying in the crosshairs of conflict between both sides.


    Here’s a quick rundown.

    Ortiz was murdered on April 7 in Miranda by transit police officer Rohenluis Leonel Mata. The police officer believed Ortiz was one of many opposition protesters inciting violence against the socialist government.

    After carefully investigating the case, however, the Venezuelan government discovered that Ortiz was not involved in any public demonstration or act of violence. Upon proving Ortiz’s innocence, the government immediately detained Mata, who is set to face criminal charges.

    Lourdes, an 83-year-old woman, died at her home in Caracas on April 10 from hydrocephalus. When her symptoms began flaring earlier that day, she was unable to be transported to a nearby hospital because opposition protesters blocked all of the neighborhood’s roads, preventing ambulances from picking her up.

    Queliz, a 20-year-old opposition protester, also died on April 10 in the Venezuelan state of Carabobo after police reportedly shot him in self-defense. He was among a group of protesters attacking police with rocks and sticks. The police officer connected with his killing was arrested on Wednesday, Question Digital also reports.

    Colmenares was killed on April 11 in the department of Lara state while caught in the crosshairs of conflict between opposition protesters and police.

    Principal, a 13-year-old resident of the Ali Primera Socialist City, was shot and killed by opposition protesters after they toppled the main gate of the commune. The city was established by the Bolivarian Revolution in 2014 for low-income citizens.

    A closer look into these deaths reveal that the nature of these killings are not as clear cut as the right-wing opposition portrays them to be.

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    • Hazel Guerrero

      So devastating

    • tapatio
      • Krishna E. Bera

        Interesting illustration.
        Do you have anything more specific to the situation in Venezuela?

        • tapatio

          I have very little. As I’m sure you are aware, Washington and many Americans see Latin America as states that “should” be subservient to the US. Since the early 19th Century, we have addressed our southern neighbors with brutal imperialism.

          My information on Venezuela comes from reading Mexican papers (I can still read Spanish, even after 20+ years out of Latin America) and from a friend in Caracas. She mostly sends rants about “you Gringos”, though. I also read Caribe Flame, which gives fairly solid news on the region.

          Mostly, it’s the rhetoric of Washington and the American mainstream propaganda outlets. It has gotten pretty easy to tell, just from the tone of the talking heads, who the CIA is trying to destroy. And, the pattern of events in Venezuela fits perfectly. The escalating protests, the violence poking its head in at just the right time, etc.

          After teaching in public universities in Mexico and Peru for years and traveling pretty extensively from the Rio Grande to Chile, I know that the vast majority of Latinos are Socialists – just like the present government of Venezuela.

          But, for whatever reason, most socialist governments are DUMB, politically. They fantasize that the fascists will simply melt away. The ONLY Latino exceptions I know are the Castro brothers (Cuba) and the Ortega brothers (Nicaragua). They have consistently kicked Washington’s A$$.

          The Bay of Pigs Invasion was one of the earliest things that got JFK killed. When farmers without real weapons defeated the CIA’s stooges, Kennedy realized that not everyone in the world wants Big Brother and the Cuban people had been slaves to Spain, then the US throughout their history and wanted NO more of our dominance.
          (Ditto in Vietnam………Kennedy had started a “draw-down” of US forces in ‘Nam before his assassination. Before Air Force One left Dallas, on 11/22/63, Johnson had ordered a massive troop buildup in Vietnam. The plans were in place – waiting for Johnson to have the power)