FBI Told Orlando Shooter’s Wife Not To Tell US Media He Was Gay

In an interview with Brazilian TV, the ex-wife of Omar Mateen claimed the U.S. agency told her to keep quiet about his homosexuality.
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    Sitora Yusufiy, the ex-wife of Orlando shooting suspect Omar Mateen, gives a statement to the media at their home outside Boulder, Colo. on Sunday, June 12, 2016.

    Sitora Yusufiy, the ex-wife of Orlando shooting suspect Omar Mateen, gives a statement to the media at their home outside Boulder, Colo. on Sunday, June 12, 2016.

    The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation told the former wife of the Orlando shooter Omar Mateen, Sitora Yusufiy, not to speak of his homosexuality or the fact that she, his family and others believed he was gay, Yusufiy’s current fiance, Marco Dias, told a Brazilian TV channel in an interview.

    Dias told the Brazilian television station SBT Brazil Tuesday that Yusufiy believed Mateen was gay and that his father called him gay several times in front of her. However, “the FBI asked her not to tell this to the American media.”

    Since the attack, Mateen has been dubbed an “Islamic terrorist” by politicians, senior officials and commentators in the U.S. following reports he had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group.

    However, the idea that he could have been a closet-homosexual indicates that the Orlando shooting might have been a deeply felt and personal act of hate.

    The FBI and law enforcement in the United States have so far been pursuing the “Islamist terrorism” angle and their alleged demand from Mateen’s ex-wife to keep mum about his homosexuality suggests they want to downplay the personal and self-hating nature of the attack in favor of the Islamic terrorism-related one.

    Since his attack on the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, the developing narrative surrounding Mateen’s life is that of a troubled human being who had a history of domestic violence, a struggle with his sexual orientation, as well as an inclination toward a radical version of Islam.

    However, in addition to recently pledging allegiance to the Islamic State group, Mateen had previously shown support for both al-Qaida and Hezbollah, who have radically different interpretations of Islam and are in fact bitter enemies.

    This suggests Mateen had an extremely shallow and confused understanding of Islam as he failed to comprehend the social and political differences between the diferent groups. Hezbollah are currently fighting against the Islamic State and other radical Sunni groups in Syria.

    Furthermore, Yusufiy has told the media that her ex-husband started to emotionally and physically abuse her just months into their marriage. She said he exploded in anger and often beat her while also keeping her hostage, which led her family to “literally rescue” her from the abusive relationship and Mateen’s mental instability.

    To add to this a former male classmate of Mateen said he had been asked out romantically by the mass shooter, who was reported to be a regular at the Pulse nightclub, having visited it more than a dozen times over the years.

    Reports also suggest the attacker used several gay dating apps and communicated with several users. Kevin West, a regular at Pulse, told the Los Angeles Times he had exchanged messages with Mateen on an app.

    And now, it seems the overwhelming reports and testimonies pointing to Mateen’s personal motives are forcing the FBI to pursue a different angle.

    On Wednesday gay dating apps Jack’d and Grindr said they had been contacted by the FBI as part of the Orlando shooting investigation. They also said they could not provide information on whether Mateen had profiles on those sites as such details are now part of a classified investigation.

    A spokesman for dating app Grindr also indicated they have been contacted by authorities. In response to an inquiry from BuzzFeed News, the company announced: “We will continue to cooperate with the authorities and do not comment on ongoing investigations.”

    Similar attacks by troubled white men in the U.S. against minorities are rarely referred to as terror attacks by either law enforcement agencies or the media, which points to a troubling trend that links the label terror to non-white Muslim attackers only.

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    • la paradis

      why does a peaceful religion like Islam post such a threat to Westerns? all they do is criticize it so cruelly. #hypocrisy #double standards of western media.

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    • Bamy Bill

      The discussion in the comments, which derailed quickly into “Muslims kill more people” vs. “no, Christians kill more people”, brings up an important point- it’s hard to really say “__ is worse”.

      The amount of evidence that it takes to fully qualify a death as being due to murder depends greatly on the investigators of a case and whether they intuit correctly that there was foul play. Not to mention the fact that “murder” can even be a grey term, such as in popular debates that rage on like euthanasia or abortion. Obviously if a body is never found, it’s easy to cover up murder rates. So simply pinning down how many murders there are at all is fraught with all kinds of issues. Next step, finding the culprit, can be equally challenging if not impossible, and then amassing all the credentials of every murderer and asking them what their self-proclaimed religion at the time of committing the murder and entering that all into a database to compare, well, I don’t think that even can happen reliably enough for us to trust the numbers, let alone whether we even attempt it or not, let alone whether everyone complied, etc.

      Complicating matters even further, in the Middle East certain regimes will call everyone else who opposes them a “terrorist” or an “extremist” and anytime any of their fighters get killed call it “murder” because accusing someone else of being a radical or an extremist apparently these days gives someone else a license to kill. How often are “murders” by “terrorists” actually people just killing in self-defense? It’s hard to trust reports one way or the other when there are so many competing groups vying for power in such a small area.

      My point is when you really get down to the nuts and bolts of how to go about it, it’s gotta be tough to pin down real, hard numbers on rates of premeditated, non-defensive murder by Muslims or Christians. Since It seems hard, if not impossible to even do, what does it benefit us to really try to answer to this question?

      I’d guess that the main motivator is we think if we can demonstrate that dogma can breed hatred and contempt for others, and further demonstrate that certain dogmas do this better than others, then we can persuade others to adhere to the least harmful dogma. But the problem with this is both Christianity and Islam have a concept that anything committed against the opposition, in certain contexts, is permissible with God because it’s done for a higher cause. Cherry-picked verses out of both the Bible and Qu’ran could quickly demonstrate verses that seem to encourage violence at least at face value. The fact many clerics and scholars would disagree with violent interpretions is notwithstanding, because often in matters concerning spirituality, people feel that God is speaking to them directly, rather than through an interpreter. It often boils down just to someone’s basic bloodthirst whether they’ll take violent verses to heart and ignore all the rest or not.

      At least with regards to these two religions, I’ve seen evidence supporting the notion that if you don’t destroy the enemy, the enemy will destroy you, or you will be destroyed by God, or God will destroy all of you, or some other variant of displeasurable circumstances. They all are premised on the idea that humanity needs to be controlled, at times very forcefully, if its to be kept from spiraling into chaos and evil. This concerns me because I have the idea that you don’t have to destroy anyone’s basic autonomy or human nature to get them to do what you want or make both of you happy or get them to avoid cruelty or anything else you may desire. Only when you look at someone’s motivations for why they want to take certain actions can you even begin to know how to persuade them to do something else. Those motivations may be faith-based or something else entirely. Only when we look at each person’s motives as individual and adapt what we offer them to meet their unique needs, can we convince people to quit hurting each other, regardless of what they believe deep down about the nature of God.

      Because attacking what someone believe seems a thorny way to go about it anyway. Faith is a very personal thing and it’s not likely that someone will change their religion just because you accuse their fellow worshippers of being harmful to the greater community. I imagine if someone told me this about what I believe about my origins, it wouldn’t change my views much. At the end of the day, you can’t really help what does or doesn’t seem plausible to you.

      All in all, thank you again to MPN and its contributing comment community. Your reports and opinions are fresh, thought-provoking, and ever challenge my knee-jerk response to Islam and religion in general.

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    • TeeJae

      This is all presuming he wasn’t just a patsy of yet another false flag attack.

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    • Axle Bearings

      The whole Islamic religion is in a gay closet. Their prophet Muhammed was gay. Read Bukhari 1183. Muhammed was a pedophile homosexual. Muslims avoid and lie about Bukhari 1183. Also, Afghan men practice Baki Bazi (Boy play). Read all about it.

      • tapatio

        It would seem that this white trash, calling itself “Axle Bearings”, pretty much hates everyone and everything (from its comment history). Bukhari wrote TWO HUNDRED years after Mohammad lived. He was a Muslim heretic and part of the Sunni sect that is Islam’s equivalent of evangelical idiots.

        Mohammad was NOT GAY and, by today’s standards, most men throughout the world were pedophiles in that era. Europeans, Jews, Chinese………almost every culture married girls off early. A single 15 year old was a spinster in Europe.

        The BS of Bukhari is peddled by Jewish hate mongers to demonize Islam.

        • la paradis

          Thank God you atleast know what you are talking about. UNLIKE Axle Bearings who knows NOTHING about nothing.He learns lessons from Trump.

          • tapatio

            Actually, Axle Bearings’ drivel is copied straight out of the “Hasbara Handbook” and other material of the Israeli hate mongers – which is probably where wannabe Reichskanzler Drumpf got his “information”.

            • la paradis

              my goodness! you indeed know what you are talking about! or may be you area wanna be tapatio-esque infoscientist?

              • tapatio

                Well, I just taught at UdeG for several years and fell in love with the city. I’m not really a Tapatio.

                • la paradis

                  comment vous appelez- vouz? or may be, ko-moh say yah moo-oosted? #lingobingo

                  • tapatio

                    Guadalajara is in Mexico. Mexicans speak Spanish. You are spewing drivel in chimpanze-level French.

                    • la paradis

                      unique and different is the next generation of beautiful ,,,, glad you understand primitive level french and chimp pronounciation of spanish.

                • la paradis

                  which subject did you teach ?

                  • tapatio

                    Anthropology. I wanted to be Indiana Jones before the character was invented.

      • S F

        Keep lying you paid monkey. Your dirty soul will never be good.

      • Af

        Get ur facts straight… U couldn’t be more wrong..

        • Af

          U really need to study other peoples religion b4 making offending remarks

      • la paradis

        Do you even know what you are saying? Stop being ignorant about other pupils religion with your exceedingly ignorant statements.

    • SeaNote

      Muslim men are typically homosexual. They only get married to women to cover up. That’s why the women wear burqas. So you can’t tell what they are doing under wraps.

      • tapatio

        “SeaNote” is a Jew hasbara troll. He/she/it belongs to the CULTure with the HIGHEST INCIDENCE OF HOMOSEXUALITY AND ATHEISM IN THE WORLD.

        This Jew troll believes that humanity is so stupid as to believe his/her/its hate mongering. Below is the gay fun had by most Jewish rabbi(d)s (in New York alone, they kill several babies per year with genital herpes. Rabbis, it seems, aren’t terribly clean).

      • S F

        Looks like you have done extensive research on the issue buddy. Not sure why. Just make sure you don’t kill anyone in the LGBT community.

      • la paradis

        TO your agonizingly naive brain: women wear burqas because “CLASSY is a woman who has everything to flaunt,yet chooses not to show it”.

        • tapatio

          “SeaNote” is not naive – he/she/it is an Israeli “hasbara” troll.

    • Sir Peter Ustinov: Terrorism is the war of the poor. War is the terrorism of the rich. — http://www.twf.org/Library/Terrorism.html

    • Oxymorons in News Media: ‘Islamic extremism’, Islamic terrorism’, ‘Islamo-fascism’ — http://www.twf.org/News/Y2005/1025-Oxymorons.html

    • djbethell

      Keep it all about him being Muslim. It’s an easier blame-game!

      • tapatio

        And there are SO many very well financed anti-Islam hate-propaganda organizations.

    • Actually being messed up emotionally and a homosexual is not mutually exclusive to being a terrorist. In this case you can be all three…..

      • djbethell

        Or more likely (as stats show) a right-wing fundamentalist Christian. 😉

        • Sure….. all the terrorism around the world is being committed by conservative Christians and you got the stats to prove it, please share them…. LOL!

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            Only by false flags.

          • djbethell

            Get your head around this one, Bill:
            31% of the world’s mass shootings occur in the U.S., despite the fact that America is only 5% of the world’s population.
            And get this; more than twice of the terrorist acts in that occur in the USA are Christian perpetrators. Christian! Did you get that?

            “LOL!” Indeed! But whose really laughing at so many deaths?

            • Oh just off the top of my head a whole lot more murders with guns and other instruments are being committed by Muslims against Christians in Nigeria (4,000 dead Christians in 2015, Iraq and Syria unkown but estinated tens of thousands, Philippines 250,000 over the past 40 years of jihad in Mindanao). All of the above are confirmed Muslim, now just off the top of my head the San Bernadino shooter was Muslim, the Fort Hood shooter was Muslim, this latest Orlando shooter was Muslim. The Columbine shooters were Goth and shot Cassie Bernell explicitly after mocking her Christian faith, the Roseburg Oregon school shooter appeared atheist and specifically loooked for Christian students to shoot. I see you pulled your statistics out of your bum, here I will give you actual links to help you out…..


              Christians murdered by Muslims in Iraq and Syria

              Christians Murdered by Muslims in Nigeria

              Religious Faith Oregon mass shooter and defining characteristics American mass shooter

              • tapatio

                It would seem that Bill Whatcott has a rather checkered past……………

                Posted on another site:
                Bill Whatcott 7 days ago
                “Hmmm, having been fired from nursing and having had my carpet cleaning business destroyed by a pro-homosexual, openly anti-Christian boycott, it would sure be nice to work for someone who actually considers pro-life/pro-family attitudes a bonus. Too bad I wasn’t a little more computer nerd, rather than activist. I pray God finds someone for LifeSite who is a good fit for them……”

                Wiki………… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Whatcott

                Whatcott was born in Toronto, Ontario and spent his youth in a number of foster homes, where he reports having been physically and mentally abused[citation needed]. At the age of 14 he went to live on the street. By the age of 18 he had an addiction to sniffing glue. At age 18 he reports having found God, and transformed his life. He spent time in jail and a group home, and the latter helped him enroll in nursing school[citation needed]. In 1991, he graduated from Humber College, receiving his diploma in Practical Nursing with Honours, and was granted his nursing licence from the Ontario College of Nurses[citation needed]. Later that year he relocated to Saskatchewan, where he worked first for the Regina Health District and then at a Salvation Army senior’s home.

                In 2005, he was fined $17,500 by the Saskatchewan Human Rights Tribunal for distributing material deemed hateful by the Human Rights Tribunal. His activities were investigated by the Edmonton police, for what one constable called an “affront on the basic tenets of our society,” but no charges were laid.

                • djbethell

                  Bloody heck!

                  • tapatio

                    Quite so, a real live whack-a-mole.

              • S F

                Bill seriously get a life. You sound more idiotic by the minute. You are a narrow minded hateful individual that if you were born a 100 years ago, you would be anti black and pro segregation. Seriously take a shower and try to keep that dirty soul of your clean.

          • tapatio


          • Danny Sweeney

            America. Number one in murders. Number one in prisons. Number one in over crowded prisons. IT’S FREAKING EVERYWHERE MAN. WAKE UP. Christians kill waaaaaaaaay more people then anyone in history. WAAAKE UP.

        • Can’t we just agree that all Abrahamic religions breed tribal resentment, persecution complexes, and genocidal fantasies?

          • djbethell

            Can’t we all agree that right-wing Christian groups do exactly the same?

          • tapatio

            Ah, the missionary zealots of atheism.

          • 17

            Have you had a close look at TBR’s TOS lately?

      • jbs56

        Yes, as is the case with most people, most stories, and most situations. Life is complicated. People do not fit into simple categories. The idea that everything and everyone in life must be forced into simplistic categories has gone from simply being a favored strategy used by the media for purposes of efficient advertising, to now being the only possible narrative the public can understand — Americans just cannot comprehend anything nearly as complicated as actual, real life, except for within themselves. They think they themselves are unique and complex beings, but everyone and everything else is simply either “A” or “B” — no confusion. Sure, he was gay. Enough has leaked about his activities to make that clear, and I noticed it first thing. What was he doing there? Why had he been there so many times before? There were also other reports of his making advances toward men. He was obviously to some extent what they used to call “closeted,” obviously fighting a battle within himself. No doubt he was gay, though, whatever that means. If the FBI actually silenced this woman in order to keep the “straight-bigot-attacks-innocent-gays” narrative alive so they can hold it out as the official explanation, then that is down right criminal. But the feds have been playing games like this for years. They like to shape the narrative, nowadays, and since information is now considered part of the game, they now think it is their right to tell the story the way they want told — they think it is the government’s right to establish the “official story” and force everyone to buy it. They will use the “secret grand jury investigation” mechanism to silence whoever threatens to tell a story they don’t want told, nowadays. No telling what they threatened this woman with. She had to go to the foreign press to tell the truth. Think of the incredible investment, political and otherwise, which now rests on keeping this story pure and simple enough for kindergarten. It goes all the way up through the oval office and the incoming party officials. They have to keep it simple and pure, or all the money and political capital is wasted. The “mutually exclusive categories” pattern of thinking is now mainstream, and it is the reason we are devolving into chaos. Nobody can comprehend the actual level of complexity of real life. Bill Clinton referred to this in the 90s when he said the media turned politicians into “caricatures.” He was talking about how political positions, through the press, were forced into oversimplified and exaggerated pictures of who the people really were and what they stood for. You would think as the bandwidth and capability of the computers increased, it would allow people’s models of personality, politics and identity to become more complex and varied. Somehow, though, the opposite has occurred. There is only one, simple explanation for everything, and everyone is either “A” or “B.” Cut and dried.