Fake ‘Aleppo Genocide’ Pics Spread Online Amid Renewed Calls For ‘Humanitarian’ War On Syria

‘The atmosphere of misinformation only strengthens the Syrian regime’s insistence that all Western media reports of its forces’ atrocities are false,’ noted one media analyst.
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    An example of the many doctored, fake, and recycled photos that are being disseminted online claiming to be from Aleppo, Syria. (Photo: Twitter @Partisangirl)

    An example of the many doctored, fake, and recycled photos that are being disseminted online claiming to be from Aleppo, Syria. (Photo: Twitter @Partisangirl)

    MINNEAPOLIS — Propaganda about conditions in Aleppo, including photos recycled from other incidents in other places, is spreading online amid efforts to justify war on the Syrian government.

    Even mainstream media sources and humanitarian organizations admit that reports of atrocities in the besieged Syrian city are often unverifiable rumors.

    For example, on Dec. 9, the Agence France-Presse reported on the deaths of 82 civilians in Aleppo, allegedly the victims of Syrian government forces.

    “The U.N. human rights office said it had received reports of ‘pro-government forces killing at least 82 civilians including 11 women and 13 children in four different neighbourhoods,’” Rupert Colville, the spokesman for the U.N. human rights office, told reporters in Geneva.

    But the United Nations was unable or unwilling to stand by Colville’s claims, adding in a separate statement provided later to AFP: “We hope, profoundly, that these reports are wrong, or exaggerated, as the situation is extremely fluid and it is very challenging to verify reports.”

    Shira Rubin, a reporter at Vocativ, noted on Wednesday that images of atrocities in Aleppo are proliferating wildly on social media. However, Rubin added, “A large portion of those images are fake, sparking an uproar among those who argue the false posts diminish the reality of those suffering and fighting on the ground.”

    Syrian geopolitical analyst Mimi Al Laham took to Twitter on Dec. 14 to point out that images purporting to show a terrorist attack came from music videos and an unrelated bombing in Pakistan:

    The frequent, pervasive rumors make it hard to know which sources of information are trustworthy, particularly as the U.N. and major NGOs frequently appear to exaggerate or even invent reports to support the push for war. Rubin added:

    “The UN estimates that nearly 400,000 people have been killed since the Syrian conflict began in 2011, and more than half the population has been displaced. The numbers, which cannot be verified, have led to accusations and rumors as people online try to sort fact from fiction.”

    Noting that these recycled images and false reports are spread “intentionally … for propaganda purposes as well as by inadvertent social media users,” Rubin wrote, “The atmosphere of misinformation only strengthens the Syrian regime’s insistence that all Western media reports of its forces’ atrocities are false.”

    Even Eliot Higgins, a security analyst often called on by the mainstream media to promote a Western, pro-war viewpoint, admitted on Twitter on Dec. 13 that many images of alleged Aleppo atrocities appear to be recycled:

    While attacks attributed to the Syrian government have been a frequent topic of reporting throughout the Syrian civil war, atrocities by so-called “moderate” rebels, forces with the backing of the United States and its allies in Europe and the Middle East, rarely receive the same enthusiastic treatment in the mainstream media.

    Reports have even suggested that some of these groups have blocked efforts to evacuate Aleppo’s civilian population, including Jabhat Al-Sham, an extremist group with both U.S. backing and ties to al-Qaida.

    Robert Fisk, a renowned foreign policy analyst, noted in a Dec. 14 report that while Syria’s leader, Bashar Assad, had undoubtedly carried out numerous human rights violations, the West also must be held accountable for its support of extremist groups involved in the conflict. He recounted one recent atrocity he heard from a refugee:

    “Only a few weeks ago, I interviewed one of the very first Muslim families to flee eastern Aleppo during a ceasefire. The father had just been told that his brother was to be executed by the rebels because he crossed the frontline with his wife and son. He condemned the rebels for closing the schools and putting weapons close to hospitals. And he was no pro-regime stooge; he even admired Isis for their good behaviour in the early days of the siege.”

    Blaming atrocities in Syria solely on the Syrian government supports the agenda of the U.S. government, which seeks to overthrow the Syrian government and replace it with one more amenable to Western interests and investment by fossil fuel companies. WikiLeaks’ archives of U.S. diplomatic cables show that the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia have sought to unseat Assad since at least 2006.  

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    • James Wherry

      Gee, the relief convoy that was just bombed and the aid workers who were must murdered BY THE SYRIAN GOVERNMENT seemed real enough. . . https://www.yahoo.com/news/both-sides-aleppo-committed-war-crimes-syria-bombed-131218702.html

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    • James Wherry

      For those of you who fantasize that America supports ISIL:

      “U.S. increasing airdrops of supplies to forces battling ISIL in Syria” Jim Michaels , USA TODAY 6:02 a.m. ET Jan. 17, 2017

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    • popelang
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    • dale ruff

      Those who would murder would not hesitate to fake photos and reports. The real evil is that the Western governments and media have accepted the lies of “activists” and fake huminitarians like White Helmet.

      “Those who can be persuaded to accept absurdities (the Syrian military liberated Allepo only to murder its citizens) can be persuaded to commit atrocities.” Voltaire

      Faking news pales compared to killing children and blaming it on their liberators.

      • Amylfleming

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        • allan Massey


      • James Wherry

        The Syrian government is not interested in murdering ALL its citizen, Dale: only the Sun’nis who spoke up.

        • dale ruff

          So they are dropping bombs only on Sunnis, with whom they had a stable relationship before ISIS?

          This new technology which detects a person’s religoius sect is fantastic!

          And so they are targeting the 75% of the popuilation that is Sunni. That makes a lot of sense.

          “Sunni Muslims make up 70% of Syria’s 25 million people and it is they who fill the ranks of the rebellion against Assad’s minority Alawite regime, considered apostates by Sunni clerics. Yet one reason why Assad remains in power despite being outnumbered by a rival sect is that many Sunnis are on his side, and their support is aiding his survival, say analysts and rebels.

          “If Sunnis were united behind the rebels, trust me, Bashar would’ve fallen within days,” says Abu Qays, an anti-regime Syrian activist in the eastern city of Deir e-Zor who uses a nickname for security reasons.” usatoday

          Until the US and allies armed ISIS and sought to create a caliphate in Northern Syria, all groups, Christian, Sunni, Shia Alowite lived in peace. US policy is divide and conquer, so its policy of provoking Sunni/Shiite conflict continues. When the group operations fail, they fall back on propaganda lies, such as the false flag attacks by the”oppostion” against Syrian citizens, which Hersh exposed in his Red Lines and Rat Lines and which fake grouips like White Helmet, recently caught staging a fake event, promote.

          Wake uo, Wherry, the State Department is lying to you, as are their shills like the Syrian Observatory, White Helmets, etc. You can find real video of people in Allepo literally dancing in the streets after being liberated by the Syrian military.

          • James Wherry

            Dale, why do you think that Assad had a “stable” relationship with the Sun’ni’s?

            Beginning with his father, Hafez al-Assad, the Ba’athist regime committed evil acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing against the Sun’ni’s that included the Hama Massacre. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1982_Hama_massacre


            (Image of Hama after Massacre in 1982, the compliment image of “Before Hama Massacre”)

            In 2011, non-violent protesters in the Sun’ni areas called for democratic reforms. Assad sent in his goods and massacred over 100 of them. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syrian_Civil_War. What’s “amusing” to me is that Assad had funded, supported and armed jihadists for 7 years (2004-2011) as Assad made Damascus the jihadists’ “Western Gateway to Iraq.”

            But have you ever wondered why the jihadists were so warmly welcomed by the people? Come on, Dale! Raqqa had SYRIAN SECURITY POLICE TORTURE CHAMBERS!!!! https://www.hrw.org/news/2013/05/17/syria-visit-reveals-torture-chambers


            (The “bsat al-reeh” torture device found inside the State Security facility in Raqqa, Syria in late April 2013.© 2013 Bryan Denton).

            “Stable relations,” my rear end! By the time ISIL came around, the Syrians were willing to welcome “the Devil Himself” – and they did. Come on, Dale, BE A LIBERAL! Aren’t you liberals always telling us conservatives that we are WRONG to support dictatorships because they don’t create “stability,” only terror that eventually gives way to violence?

            I agree.

            But no, I don’t need to “wake up.” The claims against the Ba’athist regime are not concocted by “western powers.” But hey, keep pushing that line! Right now, Russia is doing things – CARPET BOMBING CIVILIANS – that if America had EVER done in the middle east, you’d be baying for blood! They are alienating the 90% of the 1.6 Billion Muslims who make up Sun’ni al-Islamyiah, doing things we’d never accept.

            • SIU1968

              Apparently, his ethnic cleansing missed a lot of Sunnis.

              • James Wherry

                They are “dead or fled.” Assad seeks to keep his and his families’ oil revenues intact. The Assads have nearly $100 Billion in foreign bank accounts.

            • Rüdiger Preiss

              Maybe if you did a little deeper you’ll find that those Sunnis Hafez Assad was fighting in 1982 were Muslim Brotherhood terrorists, just like now, those radical Islamic takfiris got sponsored by Qatar and Saudi Arabia with the Aid of the US and UK. It’s been little different then. Luckily now we have the Internet which allows us to go behind the curtains of lies. Dale ruff is right here – if the Sunnis didn’t want Assad, Assad wouldn’t be. Some portion of the Sunni majority in Syria always will get radicalised through propaganda from the Salafist states. Syria was a lovely secular country, I lived there in total 5 years between 96 and 2002. But the foreign intervention was always looming. The Syrian government always knew that, for this reason they needed a strong secret police. All this because the US want to force everyone to accept their terms and eg trade the oil in $ only, as well as the proposed gas pipeline from Qatar to Turkey: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qatar-Turkey_pipeline

              • James Wherry

                In any population, there are doubtlessly innocent, unarmed civilians and those with other motives. The bombing, however, was indiscriminate.

                If the United States EVER did what the Syrians and Russians have done in Syria, the “human rights community” in the United States would weep tears of blood. And I NEVER want to hear one of the Jew-hating nutjobs on this website who support Syria complain about Israel, EVER again.

                • DanJR

                  I think the only one that comes across as delusions hearing voices in their head aka nutjob, would be you… no one said anything about Israel or said anything anti-semitic here… not sure why you are out of left-field pulling that strange tactic…

                  • James Wherry

                    Dan, most of us who READ an article or a thread don’t hear “voices,” and that includes me.

                    The fact that you are hearing voices suggests you should heed your own advice.

      • artemis6

        so many people believe this, why would the TV lie to us? Thank you for exposing this. truth will out.

    • James Wherry

      For those of you who are not aware, “tapatio” is MintPressNews’ pet neo-NAZ! He hates Jews and hopes Assad will help Iran to destroy Israel because the existence of Israel is an impediment for his goal to “ERADICATE Judaism.” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3e352b74ccce71fc3a71f82cfd67653b97fd368b27708beb50c7817a58e24e08.jpg

      • tapatio

        For those who are unaware, James Wherry is the “resident” Zionist troll on Mint Press. His function is to denigrate the articles here and attack anyone who tells the truth about US Imperialism, Zionism, Judaism or its gods – the Rothschild-Bilderberg Predatory Empire.

        Mr Wherry is a former major in the US Army who was employed in “Civil Affairs”, the organization that involved in “enhanced” techniques to render populations docile and obedient to whatever puppet the Empire placed over them. He has bragged on Mint Press about helping to train the state terrorists of Uganda.

        Mr. Wherry is also what is called a “gay” chickenhawk – older men who prey on young boys.. It’s actually a sub-species of ped0phile – too cowardly to actually run the risk of attacking children and turns their attention to barely legal young men. In Mr Wherry’s case, he obtained a young Filipino boy through a web site that handles such transactions, brought the boy to the US and “married” him. Presumably, the boy’s birth certificate is authentic (difficult to know in a country like the Philippines, where any official document is available for under $100). At any event, Mr Wherry appears to be a very, very dissipated 50-something and the boy looks like he should be in junior high school.

        I know this because James Wherry trolled me for some months, on this site, until I became sufficiently irritated. He was stupid enough to use his real name and a traceable photo, making it easy to investigate him and do a background check.


        “”I’m very happy about it,” James Wherry said. “Marriage is the bedrock of our society. I hope that same-sex couples can rejuvenate and revitalize marriage and give it the respect it is due.””





        Anyone wishing to chat with James Wherry on the subjects of Jew crimes, Jews defrauding of America and war crime involvement by US Army “Civil Affairs” could do so at this address (Wherry claims to have moved from the address below. but, who knows? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/36a0758fd596c1f9f6cd979ebdcd762e8f9a8d7220fa3a43bfbbd55abea1a8b0.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f559826f262fce8dd7d37180fa65e8274c229de86c8aa9b1bccb72503a5852fe.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/161255e3ba27dec89bbc0e5f9f1fcddb4c9d7b9006c027619bf82dd7be79784b.jpg …………….
        6300 MILGEN RD, APT 1403
        COLUMBUS, GA 31907
        OR AT
        6450 Way Ave Bldg 2839 • Fort Benning, GA 31905
        (Fort Benning is home of School of the Americas. Wherry has claimed that he has never worked at Fort Benning – he lied)

        I’m sure Wherry would also love to show how to buy boy s-x slaves from third world countries and show the one he brought home from the Philippines

        • James Wherry

          Fourth, “tapatio” lies about the Jews to stir up hatred of Jews so he can incite others to violence. For the past few months, he has posted my former address and encouraged people to go to my home to “say hi” to me. Here’s what he wants to accomplish:


        • James Wherry

          Third, “tapatio” has tried to claim that I was a member of the School of the Americas and trained “terrorists” in Uganda. I trained Ugandan Soldiers to go kill “tapatio”‘s fellow Pedophile, Joseph Kony and his fellow jihadists, al-Shebaab in Somalia. “tapatio” knows that “it” is lying and admitted it. “tapatio” just doesn’t like the idea of BLACK Soldiers being trained because they’re not part of Tapatio’s “master race.”


        • James Wherry

          Second, “tapatio” has lied about my husband’ age. While tapatio apparently has “bought” little boys from overseas – he sure knows a lot about it – “tapatio” has admitted he’s lying about my husband’s age.


          • Ayesha Cassimjee

            Hey, just wondering how you reconcile Judaism/Torah and homosexuality. This is, where I have problems with the fundamentals. Everyone has the freedom to choose in my books. I am not trying to attack you personally. I have been following this thread and am curious of your thoughts on the matter. How is it fair to side with governments that are so against people in a very base and personal matter such as sexuality, something Israel is no further ahead on than any other governments in the region, which I find very sad. I read the links and am very happy for you and your husband.

            • James Wherry

              Well, I’m not a Jew, but thank you and I have to point out two things:

              1. Jews as a minority have welcomed and accepted other minorities, including gays. A lot of Jewish lawyers helped us and black Americans, as well. Look at the Jewish vote on the Supreme Court in the Obgelfor case (sp?). I got married on June 26, 2014, the day the decision was handed down.

              2. Jews recognized others killed by the NAZ!s. Two years ago, they erected a memorial at Yad Voshem in Jerusalem to the gays murdered by Hitler. Gay bars flourish in Israel, as well. We are not “tolerated:” we are welcomed.

              I must say though: Muqtada al-Sadr, the Shi’ite cleric in Baghdad recently gave me a shock, when he said that Muslims must be more tolerant of gays. I’m sure his followers would kill me for being a US Soldier, but apparently not for being Queer!

              Have a great holiday!

              • Ayesha Cassimjee

                For the record, I wasn’t asking you were Jewish:) and I did not assume you were. I was curious about how you felt as it came up in the thread that you were gay. I am well aware about Jewish civil rights leaders, pretty moving stuff. I was thinking more on orthodox theocratic states. That’s where I have trouble seeing differences. I’ve had personal experiences with family coming out in orthodox environments. Slightly off topic but as I said I was curious how you felt defending people that may feel pretty sour at your life choices, but I suppose being an American soldier that becomes par for the course. For the record, I am not trying to single any one group out or needle you. Very interesting btw about the cleric though. Take care and enjoy the holidays.

                • James Wherry

                  Oh no, I did not presume any ill will on your part, and I sincerely thank you.

                  For Christians, the apostle Paul is probably much harsher on homosexuals than anything in the Hebrew Bible. But then, he was certainly a Jewish leader of his time and a man of his time.

                  Since I support a two state solution, I am probably not a favorite of Jewish settlers living in the West Bank, or their religious counterparts. I actually would support economic sanctions on Israel if the sole purpose of those sanctions was to end further building in the West Bank, and not the distraction of the nation of Israel.

                  But Israel is the only nation in the Middle East to welcome homosexuals.

                  It is true that there was a stabbing last year at the gay pride parade in Jerusalem, but then there WAS a gay pride parade in Jerusalem and not in Mecca or Medina.

                  There are quite a number of new stories about young Palestinian gay men living on the streets of Israel because they have been driven out of the West Bank and Gaza and threatened with death from their own families.

                  May I ask you a question? Can you defend a Palestinian state if the result of that state will be a nation that bans abortion and that threatens homosexuals with violence? Do you want a Palestinian state if it a presses Palestinian women?

                  • Ayesha Cassimjee

                    See there’s the rub. To separate ideology from reality. No I cannot support that but nor can I support the Christian right’s views on abortion either or Othodox Jews feelings on women either.
                    (Remembering how many abortion doctors have been murdered in the USA and how many abortion doctors live in a state of terror there. How much better are the Americans in this department, with a president who would take you back to the dark ages. Not that Hilary was any less scary but her mask was more polished)
                    Both of these views are essentially no different than the radical Muslims. But then if we truly believe in freedom then it must be freedom for all not just for some. This is why I usually stay out of these conversations. The head and the heart are two different animals and if the head leads than one must accept people’s right to choose no matter how distasteful.
                    Orthodoxy in all its forms with all its prejudices does not sit well in my heart but my head must allow for its existence or I am no better.

                    • James Wherry

                      Your comments are sensible: “orthodoxy” or “fundamentalism” tends toward the extreme and carries some ideologies “to their logical conclusions.”

                      It is beyond me, why “fundamentalists” never seem to plot and plan how to be kinder, or more tolerant. I’ve n car yet heard one of them say, ” I’m so angry, I’m going to go out and build a hospital!” or, “I’ll teach them! I’m going to go out and help 100 poor people! Won’t that just fix their wagon!”

        • James Wherry

          “tapatio” is a neo-NAZ! associated with the “Creativity Alliance” which is a neo-NAZ! church that operates in Washington state and Georgia. He’s claimed to have sent some of his cult members over to an apartment I used to live at to “spy” on me. Not sure how that worked out. “Former” address.

          First, the REAL reason that “tapatio” hates me is that I’m a NAZ! hunter and I hit the motherload with this pervert, “tapatio,” He hates Jews – ALL JEWS and has said that Jews are “a cancer,” a “disease,” “filth” a “threat to humanity” and that “Jews don’t protest – the lie, cheat, steal, murder and corrupt. He takes half truths and mixes them with lies to stir up hatred against Jews so he can stir up violence against Jews in order to “ERADICATE Judaism.” He is a TRUE Neo-NAZ! who claims to hate Jews, gays and any Christian who supports a two-state solution. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/722693845610b0660a4309c06ecd255a365efb559639bdef77cd8c5d5836e139.jpg

        • Rüdiger Preiss

          Thank you tapatio, for exposing this filth in our society. I als have read James Wherry’s response to that and I must say… his desperate attempt to return mud miserably failed. Unsurprisingly, he doesn’t get many thumbs up 🙂

          • tapatio

            Wherry is typical of the moral level of the creatures that make up the disease of Zionism. He attempts to pass himself as “gay”, but is nothing but a sxxual predator.

          • James Wherry

            Sorry, “Rudiger,” “tapatio” is a Jew-hating, gay bashing NAZ!.

            Tar yourself with him, if you want.

        • James Wherry

          “tapatio” is a Jew-hating, gay-bashing neo-NAZ! who proudly praises the German NAZ! Party of WWII and Adolph Hitler for the Holocaust as “an act of self-preservation by non-Jews.” He is angry with me because I’ve effectively stopped him from using this entire website as a platform to advance his NAZ! ideas. “tapatio” likes to lie by taking a fact and combining it with a lie to create an entirely new lie. As a NAZ! hunter I’m happy to expose this freak. Let’s take a look:

          1. Contrary to his lies, I agree with MintPressNews, when it is in the right and agree that military isolationism is the best policy for the USA and that America’s “career politicians for life” are a corrupt bunch. I did not vote for Donald Trump, but I understand why so many did.

          2. I never trained “terrorists” in Uganda. I trained Ugandan Soldiers on the ethical use of force. When the MUSLIM, Idi Amin ran Uganda, I agree that the Soldiers had a terrible human rights record. Today they are working with the USA to hunt down “tapatio’s” fellow PEDOPHILE, Joseph Kony in and around Uganda, and “tapatio’s” jihadists, salafi heroes, al-Shebaab in Somalia.

          3. “tapatio” knows I’m a happily married gay man because I use my real name. He promotes pedophilia on this website by making perverted comments, but he admits he lied because he does not really know my husband’s age (we met, when I was in my 40’s, and my husband was in his mid-20s, but “tapatio” doesn’t like how my husband “looks.” “tapatio” admits he lied, though. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5281751308f61a9bdfc5da500b5d78b65adf76606282934b21f57e45cae0ecd7.jpg

          4. “tapatio” claimed I worked at the “School of the Americas” because I lived in Columbus, Georgia. He then admitted he lied.


          5. “tapatio” is simply an internet bully https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/838c0b368c898d1a17970f007ec48a7475bb6ab212f22669be3c754ede5456c6.jpg who tries to shut people down who catch him being a neo-NAZ!. He’s also a “stolen valor” faker who claimed to be a Vietnam Veteran Against War and then praises every evil act by every evil dictator including Bashir al-Assad. Apparently “tapatio” likes wars against JEWS who he regards as his “enemy.” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3e352b74ccce71fc3a71f82cfd67653b97fd368b27708beb50c7817a58e24e08.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/06667133e2ad608984dba8dd724589bea299038cd13ddb082fde4042aae56dcc.jpg

          6. His stated goal is to have me murdered.
          It’s an embarrassment that MPN welcomes him, but oh well.

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    • tapatio

      What else can be expected?

      Jewish Zionists planned the destruction of Syria and other countries.

      Jewish Zionists own the mainstream media in the West (as well as most banks and most of the economies)



      Global Warfare: “We’re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran

      A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm (1996)

      “Israel can shape its strategic environment, in cooperation with Turkey and Jordan, by weakening, containing, and even rolling back Syria. This effort can focus on removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq — an important Israeli strategic objective in its own right”


      Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century (2000)

      “Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor (9/11 – PERFECTION). Domestic politics and industrial policy will shape the pace and content of transformation as much as the requirements of current missions.” (p 63)



      Richard perle


      Paul Wolfowitz
      William Kristol
      Alvin Bernstein
      Eliot Cohen
      David Epstein
      Donald Kagan
      Fred Kagan
      Robert Kagan
      Robert Killebrew
      Steve Rosen
      Gary Schmitt
      Abram Shulsky
      Dov Zakheim


      • James Wherry

        1. No, this is “Muslim on Muslim” violence. No Jews involved. Your efforts to provoke hatred of Jews so you can incite violence against Jews shows your real agenda for Assad: using him to “ERADICATE Judaism.” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/06667133e2ad608984dba8dd724589bea299038cd13ddb082fde4042aae56dcc.jpg

        • Max Gilmore

          You guys should kiss

          • James Wherry

            With all the cybers-x that pedophile engages in, it’s likely the 70-year old pervert has a disease – other than his Jew Hatred and Gay Bashing mental health problems. . . .

            • Max Gilmore

              Good you are not saying no. You two can love the hate out of each other

              • James Wherry

                Lol! The pervert “tapatio” is 70 years old – he’s well old enough to be my father.

                Talk about “looking for love in all the wrong places!” No reciprocal interest on my part. . .

                • Slabboy

                  I’ve read with interest how you counter his argument with an equally distasteful characterization. Why not refute it? Facts…

                  • James Wherry

                    “tapatio” is making “arguments?” What “arguments” are those?

                    You could ask the same question of “tapatio.” He is a 15-year old child in a 70-year old pervert’s body. How would you like me to “counter” his claims about my husband’s age? Post my husband’s birth certificate?

                    Uh, no. Definitely not. The “birther” thing went out with President Obama, and I would not even THINK of giving that pervert any more information about my husband, given “tapatio’s” s-xual obsession with the two of us. Then, “tapatio” would claim it was a fake. These are “allegations” on his part, not “arguments.”

                    How about his claim that I “trained terrorists to commit atrocities?” Somewhere, I probably have my old training materials from 4 years ago, but he’d just deny that, right?

                    When “tapatio” makes up arguments about how bad Jews are, I’m right there with the facts. His standard screed which he posts 5-10 times a day on this website (often on the same thread, 5-10 times), is “THIS IS JUDAISM.” I have a cut-and-paste response to his cut-and-paste-and-lie attack. I rarely use my “THESE ARE THE PALESTINIANS” or my “THIS IS ISLAM” post, but I’ve been known to do so. For the most part though, exposing his lies undermines him. What REALLY undermines “tapatio,” however, is pointing out his Jew Hatred and that this is what really drives him. Most people on this website who oppose Israel ASSUME he simply hates ZIONISTS. No such luck: he really does hate JEWS and believes that “JEWS ARE A THREAT TO HUMANITY.” He occasionally says, “Not all of them, but most of them,” but the guy GLORIFIES ADOLPH HITLER AND THE NAZ! PARTY OF WWII FOR THE HOLOCAUST, FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE! See below.


                    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ad83de0093af740893dad2cf1266d37118b30dda7c4fb693685a72fc1988bcd4.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/06a79729ac89da15e42fc33832c284d88936134c2238caa25431e2bf09fbfb41.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7c0f8c6ae20afe65913e9cdc6dbb8f0ba4ad85a5ff7ad8b3b505a37bf7fb17e4.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e481ac40c43ca911742ccec516d5aafb1cf20078e6044ab59872dd6bd837eb5c.jpg

                    • Ellebal1111

                      Keep up the good work my friend….these morons need a firm hand to bring out their bottomless hatred….Especially now under the racist buffoon in chief at the helm…

                      • James Wherry

                        Which one?

                        Trump is going to work to make nice with Putin, and that means sticking our noses OUT of the Syrian Civil War. I couldn’t be happier. Let there be “an Arab solution to an Arab problem” with no American boys fighting wars for people who hate us. Even MPN has to admit that Trump said, ‘Yeah, Assad is bad, but we have to stop these nation building wars.’

                        Sweet music to my ears!

                      • Ellebal1111

                        You are oblivious to the war crimes perpetrated by Russia on the Syrian people? Russia has been bombing indiscriminately civilians, children including hospitals…Russia has done the same thing in Chechnya, and Russia supported the Serbian genocides of muslims in Kosovo and ex Yugoslavia…. what’s the matter with you! The Russian armed involvement to prop up a psychopath murderous Assad an Arab solution??

                      • James Wherry

                        Absolutely, I agree! Go up to the top of this thread and see my response to Dale Ruff – second response. Click “see more.”

                        Please! Let’s put economic sanctions on Syria and its supporters. Let’s sanction them for war crimes against the Sun’ni people!

                        But my complaint remains that 1. The USA has interfered militarily, once too often; 2. Religious bigots use this as an excuse to stir up hatred against Americans; and 3. We have no LEGAL right to intervene. I hate Assad, but want my military OUT of SYRIA except to kill ISIL.

                        Russia is becoming more and more hated, every day. Let them. We do also have to cooperate with Russia, elsewhere – if Putin is not trying to re-start the Cold War, which he may be.

                        Does any part of that make sense? Please tell me.

                      • Ellebal1111

                        The hard part, the shameful part, is to allow the indiscriminate killing of hundred of thousand of refugees and thousands of civilians by bombing a large city with artillery and plane including Hospital. Obama’s indecision with the red line and letting Russia taking over while the world watch doing nothing, being invaded by million of refugees causing internal difficulties within Europe and the US (brexit is because of refugees) Trump’s anti muslim rhetoric falls in Russia’s plan to destabilize Europe and the US.

                        There is an immense moral dimension to this and to let Russia do what the genocidal crimes did in Chechnya and Aleppo is no solution. The West is blamed for inaction. Russia vetoed 6 UN resolution to stop the killing in Aleppo. To let Russia seized control of the middle East is no solution either. To cozy up to Russia like the buffoon in chief Trump intends to do is akin to cozying up to Hitler after the invasion of the Sudetenland….like Chamberlain did! See where this has brought us! Putin’s Russia is at the heart of most of the problems in the world with the ultra right taking over….

                      • James Wherry

                        The assassination of the Russian ambassador in Ankara is proof of what I am saying: Russia is making enemies. And just like the USA, Russia faces “blowback.”

                        I stipulate Russia is committing war crimes, but unfortunately for the US, Russia is “the necessary ally” to get things done on many fronts.

                        Problem is that the same people who “Blame the West” for inaction would also blame us for any action we took. The Shi’ite militias in Iraq are a case in point: here WE are, trying to save their Shi’ite government from ISIL, and ISIL would have been in Baghdad, if not for us.

                        Did that stop those militias from condemning America for being there, and telling the world that they refused to fight, if we were involved.

                        I still remember that al-Nusra’s head said n 2012, “The day after we take Damascus, we set our sights in Washington DC.”

                        Who’s worse for the USA – Assad, or al-Quaeda?

                      • Ellebal1111

                        It’s an impossible situation made worst by Rasputin….The world can deal with Assad, ISIS or Qaeda, who’s numbers are diminishing weekly…from my perspective Russia is the greater danger to world peace since it is completely corrupt , is bent on causing arm to existing alliances and have nuclear options….There will be danger to alienate the Arab world, especially the Sunnis…this will be compounded beyond repairs once Trump moves the US embassy in Jerusalem…playing right in Iran hands… another nuclear power….It is just a matter of time a nuclear act of terrorism occur….this is what keeps me up at night!

                      • James Wherry

                        Sorry: Rasputing died in Hellboy 1. No need to be concerned, any longer.

                        As to the Ruskies, whether they are a danger or not, they exist and we have to work with them. I agree with Trump: lifting sanctions in exchange for deep nuclear arms reductions would be fine with me.

                      • Ellebal1111

                        What about the wanton killings of innocents civilians in Syria? Eastern Ukraine?

                      • James Wherry

                        I wish I had a better answer for you, but right now, no else in the world seems to care. It cannot be the United States alone. That only invites haters like the people who run this website to “blame America.”

                      • James Wherry

                        No: not Russian involvement: let the House of Sa’ud, the Gulf States and Turkey intervene to help the victims of that vermin, Assad. Just not the USA.

                      • ll

                        I am sorry but there was no genocide in Kossovo. Milocevitc (sorry for bad spelling) was cleared by those categories because no evidence was found for a genocide.


                        I am lazy only quoting from his organisation but the truth is you will find no reports of a genocide only CLAIMS. No mass graves of albanians were EVER found. check your propaganda!!

                      • Ellebal1111

                        First why don’t you put your real name??Scared? Or maybe you are a Serbian or Russian troll?? Nice try to rewrite your pathetic history….the link you provided is a bunch of statement from an unidentified source on a nameless web site…Your website? You are part of the troll that are trying their best to rewrite facts on the grounds…. that it be of Serbia’s crimes or Russia….Milosevic died in prison before he was sentenced. Does not mean there was no genocides in Kosovo. Here is a good article on the more than 400 mass graves found in Kosovo and Serbia….”The most significant and probably the most horrible of what happened in Kosovo 1998-99 is the planned killing of thousands of innocent civilian Albanian women, children and men found in approximately 400 mass graves scattered around Kosovo and Serbia.” http://www.truth-commission.com/?page_id=317



          • artemis6

            Indeed , this is so romantic…… and super entertaining.