Egypt Blocks UN Sanctions Against ISIS Affiliate In Saudi Arabia

Documents show Egypt objected to UN 'terrorism' designation, in move described as classic case of denial by Riyadh and its allies.
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    Documents revealed that the UN Security Council’s handling of the terrorism sanctions list back in February attempted to add four more ISIS affiliates to the list, affiliates from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Libya, and Pakistan.

    Ultimately, only the last three affiliates were added, and the matter was hushed up.

    The new documents show that the Saudi Arabia ISIS affiliate was excluded because of a “formal objection” from Egypt, an objection that came with no justification nor any plausible explanation, but the matter was immediately scrapped.

    Egypt still isn’t talking about the move, but analysts familiar with the situation say they believe the move was instigated by the Saudi kingdom themselves, afraid that the inclusion of the group on the sanctions list would bring attention to the fact that there is a Saudi affiliate to ISIS.

    Moreover, the Saudi kingdom has long struggled with well-placed citizens subsidizing terror groups, and the inclusion of the Saudi affiliate could draw a lot of unwelcome scrutiny to where that affiliate is getting its funding.



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    • James Wherry

      The fact that there IS an ISIS affiliate in Sa’udi Arabia is enough of a reason for a news article. . . .

      • James Wherry

        The neo-NAZ! propaganda below is designed to stir up hatred of Jews. “tapatio” simply can’t bring himself to realize that Muslims are supporting Muslim violence.

    • tapatio

      “……….Saudi kingdom has long struggled with well-placed citizens subsidizing terror groups.”

      “………..Saudi kingdom has long subsidized terror groups as ‘irregulars’ in service to the Saud family’s Rothschild masters.”

      Fixed it for ya.