Doctor Threatens To Notify Child Protective Services Over Marijuana Cancer Treatment

After finding more success treating her son with cannabis oil than chemotherapy, a Colorado mother faces threats from her doctor.
By @katierucke |
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    For refusing chemotherapy treatments for her 3-year-old son Landon, opting instead to treat his cancer with medical marijuana, a Colorado mother says her doctor is now threatening to have her arrested and for Child Protective Services (CPS) to take her son away.

    Sierra Riddle’s son Landon was diagnosed with leukemia when he was two, and Riddle says he was given just days to live. “They told us he’s on the brink of death,” Riddle said. “They told us that he wasn’t going to make it. He had only an 8 percent chance to live 24 to 48 hours.”

    So when doctors prescribed a treatment plan which included chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Riddle agreed to the treatments.

    While the treatments did help reduce the size of Landon’s tumors, Riddle says the chemotherapy made her son very sick and he also began to suffer from night terrors. Riddle said the chemo damaged the nerves in Landon’s legs and he once went 25 days without eating.

    “Around the clock he’s usually on liquid morphine, Atavan, Permethisine … and it just didn’t seem to be helping,” she said. Riddle decided to stop the chemotherapy treatments and began to give Landon cannabis oil capsules this past January.

    Unlike the type of marijuana that some use to get high, Landon’s medication contains such a low amount of THC, the main psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana, that it’s nearly impossible for him to get high.

    “As soon as we started doing oil, his platelets have been above normal for a cancer patient,” she said. “They have been a regular, healthy person’s level, and they can’t understand why.”

    In mid-May Riddle decided to end chemotherapy treatments for Landon. When she informed Landon’s doctors of her decision to not keep Landon on steroids and chemotherapy treatments for the next three years, she says the doctors made her feel like she was sentencing her son to death.

    Riddle says Landon continues to regularly have lab work done, and added, “He is responding amazingly to the cannabis, his blood work is immaculate, especially for a cancer patient! How can they not see the proof that is right before their eyes?! Cannabis is fighting his cancer!”

    Landon isn’t the only leukemia patient to benefit from the use of marijuana. Seven-year-old Oregon resident Mykayla Comstock has also used cannabis oil to help her cope with the negative effects of chemotherapy. Her mother, Erin Purchase, says she believes the cannabis is responsible for Mykayla going into remission.

    Despite Landon’s arguably successful progress and apparent remission, a doctor has threatened to turn Riddle over to state law enforcement for refusing to treat her son’s cancer, since doctors don’t view cannabis as a reputable treatment.

    In response, Riddle says she is “willing to do whatever I have to do to make sure my child gets to live another day and gets to have that relief and have that quality of life he deserves.

    “Cannabis, just like morphine, is a medication,” Riddle said. “It’s not just a drug, it’s a medication, and it’s a medication that helps my son to fight his cancer.”

    The Colorado doctor involved has not released any statements and has not commented about the case to any media.

    Refusing to treat cancer — especially a child’s cancer — with chemotherapy has prompted some doctors to file lawsuits against parents, since pediatricians have the ability to imprison parents for ignoring their medical advice.

    Adams reported:

    “If you say ‘no’ to an oncologist — who is very much like a car salesman in the sense that he has a financial stake in your decision — you are costing him a loss in profits. He doesn’t like that. His BMW needs an upgrade, you see, and he’s hoping to fly to Hawaii to catch another golf game next week, and to do that, he needs another $20,000 in health insurance reimbursements from your policy. So if you say no, he might just be so angry that he calls the police on you. ‘You dare to say NO to ME? You’ll see who has the power NOW!’

    You can almost hear the ‘Muah ha ha ha!’ following the whole scene.”


    Marijuana as a legitimate medicine

    Before Riddle’s story received national attention, a petition had been started on, urging the Governor of Colorado, the Colorado Springs police, the Department of Human Services and The Children’s Hospital, to recognize cannabis as a valid cancer treatment.

    Riddle says she signed it, adding that she moved to Colorado Springs, Colo., with Landon so she could take advantage of the state’s medical marijuana laws.

    Jayden shown taking CBD meds, a derivative of marijuana. (Photo /Jason David/Facebook page: “Jason and Jayden’s Journey”)

    Jayden David shown taking CBD meds, a derivative of marijuana. (Photo /Jason David/Facebook page: “Jason and Jayden’s Journey”)

    Medical marijuana has been legal in Colorado since 2000. As Mint Press News previously reported, many families with children suffering from a range of illnesses are moving “in droves” to states such as Colorado so they can apply for pediatric medical marijuana use.

    Though medical marijuana is legal in 20 states, it’s illegal federal status has prompted some medical professionals and law enforcement agencies to call CPS on parents who issue the medication to their children, even if they have all of the documentation.

    In California, Jason David says CPS showed up at his door after he shared how medical marijuana helped his son Jayden with his Dravet syndrome with the media. David says a local reporter alerted the authorities, but added that Jayden was never taken away from him, since David was able to prove he had all of the necessary documentation for Jayden’s controversial medicine.

    Speaking to Mint Press News, David said he wondered why Child Protective Services never made a visit to his home when his son had been taken by ambulance 45 times and was taking more than 20 different pharmaceutical drugs. In other words, why was the American public convinced that marijuana was such a dangerous drug?

    In those instances when a parent loses custody of their children, the children are often placed in foster care. But as previously reported, of the more than 400,000 children in the U.S. foster care system, it’s estimated that more than 50 percent are on some sort of psychiatric drug, calling into question the quality of care the child may receive.

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    • Christopher DePrima

      chemo and radiation are designed to kill people, it is ulterior motive folks, like population control for the ignorant,
      Boycott all these fake drugs.
      Heil Hitler

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    • Sierra Riddle

      Hello everyone, I am Landons mom. Thank you all for the support, and please go follow his story and progress on Facebook: Offer Hope for Landon or Instagram: Teamlandonandcannabis 🙂

    • kathy n

      this doctor should be sued. period. where has he been living, under a rock? the days of this bullcrap are OVER! i would serve him with notice from my lawyer that he is being sued and any act on child services part will bring a lawsuit as well. time to put the proverbial foot down! poison my kid because you threaten me vs. give my kid actual medicine that is proven to kill cancer. yeah, i think i now which choice to make.

    • Justin Barnes

      let me get this straight??
      the doctors are turning parents in for trying to save their kids lives??
      Id say it is the doctors and the AMA that should stand trial for getting in the way of the cure…
      cannabis oil cures about everything under the sun…….no wonder the medical establishment hates it.
      they can not make a pile of money curing people though… is Just BAD for the bottom line….
      sorry all you dying children.!!
      your government is dystopian!!

    • Oddly, Colorado Board of Pharmacy is NOT in compliance with the DEA, FDA and the United Nations Treaty obligations under the Drug Convention for a Diversion Program for cannabis medicine.

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    • Anonymus

      I will KILL the DR if they take away the child and put htme in danger. You heard me I know your name DR I will find you

    • Melanie QwnMel Larocque

      It is impossible for me to understand this sort of blatant cruelty. Have you ever seen someone who is suffering with cancer and taking Chemo? It’s is the most horrible thing in the world for anyone to go through! They don’t just loose their hair and feel sick, they can’t eat, they can’t sleep, they loose their nails, sometime their taste buds peel off, and the other medications they take to treat the nausea and the pain and other side effects from the chemo are heartbreaking. The fact that there are people in the world standing in the way of a safe, viable, working treatment that causes no discomfort to the patient is completely and utterly inhuman. This takes the cake for sociopathic behaviour by people in charge.

    • Debbie Sampson

      I don’t get it, if it works….why not? I know, business, money, closed minded people. Oneday and I think within the next 5 years, it will be legal.

    • claygooding

      After America and the world witnessed the efficacy of cannabis in the treatment of epilepsy the National organization on Epilepsy has changed it’s position that cannabis has no medical uses and is lobbying congress to remove cannabis from Schedule 1 so the medical research can be done to find out just how medicinal marijuana is,,however NIDA and the DEA refuse to allow the research or remove cannabis from Schedule 1,,it is time for healthcare personnel to look past the governments propaganda like Dr Gupta did and get behind removing the control of medical research out of the hands of bureaucracies that depend on marijuana prohibition for their budgets.
      The NIDA and DEA will let people suffer and die when marijuana has shown the ability to help them and it is time to make these drug war bureaucracies a part of our history,,the bad part.

    • Apollo

      This article is really a mess. Pediatricians can imprison people for not taking medical advice? Uh, no. And who is “Adams” quoted in the article? Mike Adams of Natural “News”? Not a source cited by any reasonable journalist.

      I actually have met multiple oncologists, and amazingly, they didn’t say “Muahahaha” while getting in their BMWs. They actually had a sincere desire to help treat cancer. They also would use cannabis products once evidence shows they help treat cancer. Until then, they would recommend treatments that have been shown to help. It’s nightmarish to think of a child having to undergo chemo and other cancer treatments, but it would be worse if the child died because their parents picked woo-woo alt-med in lieu of medicine.

      • LauraSchleifer

        Evidence IS showing that cannabis oil helps to treat cancer. It’s showing that it works in that one child. If that were my son, and he was getting better from the treatments I was giving him, that would be ALL the evidence in the world that I would need. And any oncologist with a sincere desire to help would acknowledge and respect those positive results, and would support the parent in continuing to administer the treatment that is clearly working.

        • Apollo

          That is not evidence. It is an anecdote. The child has been on chemo for months and only very recently was taken off it. Look, I respect cannabis as a palliative treatment, but putting a three-year-old’s life on the line to stick it to modern medicine isn’t heroic.

          Now, muahahaha.

          • Regula

            In this case the mother did get the necessary checkups and bloodwork. If the child’s tumor hasn’t started to increase, then surely, there is no need to push him through the hell of chemotherapy. Sleeping peacefully, without night terrors, also heals. This is assuming that this article is truthful.

            it is true that medical doctors insist on treatments which aren’t really helpful because of many reasons: if they agree that cannabis oil works and later on it shows not to have worked, they can be sued. So they have to go by standard treatment even if that is not necessarily in the interest of the child if it actually helps.

            There is a threshold where the medical doctor risks potential liabilities and he will avoid that even if it is against best interest of the child. Usually such cases end up in court and they get decided based on expert testimony and what research, experience etc. can be brought to bear.

            • Justin Barnes

              I assure you, this article is truthful…..
              these parents wouldn’t be risking their freedom and their guardianship of THEIR OWN family, if this stuff didn’t work.
              the WHOLE point of the ARTICLE is that this cure is a thousand times better than the treatments offered by the establishment.

          • Jah Cure
          • Justin Barnes

            “putting a three year old’s life on the line?”
            how can that be sun god??
            cannabis HAS NEVER KILLED anyone.
            the chemo meds on the other hand, will kill anyone by overdose if not taken properly.
            education is the key to understanding cannabis treatments….
            education is the key to EVERYTHING!!!

          • daisy65014

            You really need to read up on the cancer before you make any judgement. Tell me one person that has died from using cannabis! I can show you a million with chemo and radiation!

      • Mike Gibbs

        If it were YOUR kid, the weed oil would be coming I’ve no doubt because it certainly does work, but as long as OTHER people have to deal with cancer you just don’t care. I am in the medical field for 20 years now and have NEVER met “multiple oncologists’ (as you say) who actually care about much more than their cushy lifestyle for IF THEY DID they would be willing to use ANYTHING THAT WORKED! You but be a big-pharma rep ad YOUR income is on the line as well?
        ‘Nuff said…’

        • Apollo

          Ahh, the old pharma shill gambit! By the medical field, you mean you’re a chiropractor’s secretary, right? Rest assured I do have way more experience with cancer in loved ones than anyone deserves.

          • MikeParent

            Blame the DEA and the FDA. They’re the ones who stifled all research and hid any research which placed marijuana in a positive or beneficial light. http://www.nowpublic.Com/health/new-us-study-affirms-smoked-marijuana-protects-against-cancer That is criminal. Imagine if scientists were allowed to do research, and that research was shared throughout the medical community.

          • Paul Fassa

            oh the I’m a medical professional scientist guy gambit …

          • Justin Barnes

            if you have known many cancer sufferers?? THen it MUSt be time you discovered the FACT that cannabis oil cures cancer…..
            I too was skeptical……until I witnessed my family member curing his prostate cancer by eating high cbd cannabis oil.
            seriously, if you CARE about the suffering of sick people you know, then discover this before its too late!!
            ps: im not the least bit scared of cancer anymore, only my government , which continues to prohibit a cure that has been with us for mellenia…….
            …….I can not help but let out a sad groan when I see tv commercials, for organizations that fight disease, when I KNOW they are prohibited from using the one drug that would actually cure the disease they are campaigning against.
            how dystopian indeed!

      • Melanie QwnMel Larocque

        All it takes is one strong minded person to stand up for these people and children who are suffering. You sir are not that person.

      • Justin Barnes

        “evidence” isn’t hard to come by.
        the national institute of cancer did a study earlier this year, it found that High CBD cannabis oil shrunk, tumors in mice. period…..but the federal government isn’t budging a centimeter. the FDA still OWNS the patent on the cannabis plant… can you patent a plant?? the high court just ruled on this issue, and it found NO ONE could patent a natural process.
        the NIC study also cited information from 37 other medical cannbis studies done since 1952.
        then there are the thousands of testimonials of people curing their cancers, including two that ive witnessed personally.
        the evidence is in amigo!!

      • Dan Ford

        Once evidence shows… But the Government won’t allow any studies for the positive effects, (as the article, and multiple “reasonable journalists” have stated, including, Dr. Sanjay Gupta) Even though SEVERAL international studies have SHOWN the benefits to Cancer treatments.

        Check your facts, bro. Then go talk to talk to the Doctors again and remember …

        ” I actually have met multiple oncologists, and amazingly, they didn’t say “Muahahaha” while getting in their BMWs. They actually had a sincere desire to help treat cancer. They also would use cannabis products once evidence shows they help treat cancer. “

      • Sierra Riddle

        Actually Apollo, my son did 9 months of intense chemo, and now we are only using cannabis. Its not some woo-woo-alt medicine

    • Aletheya

      There actually is evidence that marijuana helps fight cancer, by inhibiting the growth of new blood vessels needed to feed the tumors. But, because you can’t get federal grants to study the benefits of marijuana – money is only available for studies designed to show that it’s bad for you – data are scarce and most doctors are unwilling to go there. What we really need is to get the Schedule I classification removed so that legitimate studies of it’s value as a medicine can be funded. And that’s up to Congress, so if you care about this, lobby your representatives and senators.

      • Justin Barnes

        cannabis cures cancer, by telling cancer cells to go kill themselves….
        a simple process called “aptosis”

    • george lancaster

      This is an absolute disgrace! So much for the “do no harm” oath that bonehead doctor took when he got his license. Common sense should tell anyone that the parents made the right choice, as so may others have done with great success. IT’S WORKING, enough said. Doctors and the shoddy schools that train them need to be held accountable for such ignorance and negligence. Their day will come soon.

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