DEA Chief Admits Marijuana Is Less Dangerous Than Heroin, But Won’t Reschedule

On marijuana, the new head of the Drug Enforcement Agency said, “If we come up with a medical use for it, that would be wonderful. But we haven't.”
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    The head of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) made headlines last month by admitting that marijuana is less harmful than heroin, but in a new interview he says that cannabis should not be r

    The head of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) made headlines last month by admitting that marijuana is less harmful than heroin, but in a new interview he says that cannabis should not be rescheduled.

    WASHINGTON — Despite ample evidence pointing to the therapeutic, non-addictive qualities of marijuana, the new head of the Drug Enforcement Agency wants to keep it legally classified alongside heroin and other highly addictive substances.

    “If we come up with a medical use for it, that would be wonderful. But we haven’t,” declared Chuck Rosenberg, the acting head of the Drug Enforcement Agency, in a Sept. 5 interview with Fox News.

    This surprising denial of medical science came in response to a question posed by James Rosen, the chief Washington correspondent for the network. He asked Rosenberg whether it was time to remove marijuana from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, considering two of the past three presidents of the United States have admitted to using the substance recreationally.

    “Yeah, I don’t think so,” responded Rosenberg.

    A growing body of scientific research suggests marijuana is not just beneficial in treating many conditions, but also far safer than tobacco.

    Despite changing laws in some states, federal laws like the Controlled Substances Act ensure that the government can continue to prosecute cannabis users and producers.

    “I’ve been very clear to my [regional] special agents in charge: If you have a big marijuana case, if that in your jurisdiction is one of your biggest problems, then bring it,” Rosenberg told Rosen.

    Even where marijuana is legalized or decriminalized, users can still suffer from federal regulations. Although the government is promising not to go after medical marijuana patients and growers in states with medical marijuana laws, Counter Current News recently reported on a Vietnam War veteran with lung cancer who was denied access to pain medications because of his use of marijuana.

    The Controlled Substances Act guides many of these restrictions. The act is meant to rank drugs based on their abuse potential versus their potential medical benefit. Each drug is assigned to one of five ranks, with lower numbers meant to represent more dangerous substances.

    For example, oxycodone, the controversial pharmaceutical painkiller, is located on Schedule II, meaning it can be prescribed by doctors under certain conditions but its legal use is heavily restricted. Marijuana, meanwhile, is on Schedule I, which is reserved for drugs that, according to the federal government, have no accepted medical use.

    Marijuana shares its Schedule I designation with heroin, a highly addictive drug whose use is becoming an epidemic in the United States, with the CDC warning in July of a record number of deaths from heroin overdoses. Rosenberg made headlines that some month, when he admitted that marijuana is “probably” not as dangerous as heroin. He followed it up with a statement that “heroin is clearly more dangerous than marijuana” at a September press briefing.

    In a recent interview with MintPress News founder Mnar Muhawesh, activist Rick Simpson argued that the pharmaceutical industry is heavily invested in keeping marijuana illegal because its utility against everything from chronic pain to cancer threatens their profits.

    And marijuana is legally classified as a hallucinogen, a designation it shares with other Schedule I substances that may also have medical benefits. For example, sufferers of extremely severe migraines called “cluster headaches” can sometimes find relief through hallucinogenic psilocybin mushrooms, and many researchers are reconsidering the potential psychiatric uses of guided use of LSD.

    In his interview with Fox News, Rosenberg admitted that alcohol prohibition in the 1930s was a failure. Although he says does not personally imbibe, he admitted, “I’m not going to impose that on anyone else.” Still, Rosenberg remains adamant that marijuana prohibition will continue at the federal level.

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    • Social Conservative

      Rosenberg is a TARD!

    • Archie Meijer

      People are selected for DEA positions based on a law enforcement background. Whether the agency performs that role well or not those who enforce the law should NOT be the ones who make it. If any agency is given scheduling authority, the authority to decide what drugs are and are not allowed it should be the FDA, NOT the DEA.

      • Ryan Rji Rji

        If it were up to the FDA only patented drugs would ever be legal. That’s why heroin isn’t but oxycontin is.

    • jaw2785

      It’s got to be the lobbyists. No one could be this stupid, for so long, if they weren’t being paid to be so stupid.

    • jontomas

      There’s something bizarre about a man named Rosenburg directing the national persecution of a massive group of people who harm no one.

      • Ryan Rji Rji

        Really? You’re aware of the West Bank situation right?

    • Philip Hibbs


      • Steve Harris

        Big Pharma does not want anyone with Chronic Pain to be able to take anything except THEIR (safe?) pills that have the unfortunate side effect of killing some people. But they do not care about the people just as long as they keep making billions in profit!

    • Ryan Rji Rji

      Pharmaceutical companies are the corporate drug cartel, selling drugs to children such as patented heroin (Oxycontin) and patented Speed (Ritalin/Adderal).

      More people die annually from pharmaceutical drugs than every street drug combined.

      Death toll from unpatented marijuana is zero.

      Guess why it’s illegal.

      And the same goes for cancer therapies. They’ll never find a cure if it comes out of the ground. Chemotherapy and radiation CAUSE cancer, and can only be administered by them for thousands and thousands of dollars.

    • get a clue

      President Obma needs to do the right thing & fire Chuck Rosenburg and dismantle the DEA. The DEA creates more harm to folks than any illegal drug, much let alone cannabis. All the drug war really is, is just a war on the poor. If you’ve ever been to court, then you know that justice has to be bought to get a fair trial.

    • tomkat1111

      He does not deserve to be head of the DEA if he is not astute enough to admit that the war on drugs was a failure.

    • Jacob


    • AFreedomFighter88

      It is increasingly clear that our government policy regarding cannabis has been corrupted by corporate influence. With all the evidence pointing to the fact that cannabis is much safer than alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceutical drugs what other conclusion can we come to you? It is absolutely clear that Chuck Rosenberg is just another corupt corporate lapdog.

      Figures directly from the CDC dot gov web site
      Numbers of deaths per year in the USA
      * Prescription Drugs: 237,485 + 5000 traffic fatalities
      * Tobacco: 390,323
      * Alcohol: 88,013 + 16,000 traffic fatalities
      * Cocaine: 4,906
      * Heroin: 3,365
      * Aspirin: 466
      * Acetaminophen (Tylenol): 179
      * Marijuana: 0, none, not a single fatal overdose in all medical history and almost no traffic problems.

      So, which is safer?

      Legalize, regulate and TAX!

      • get a clue

        I agree with you except for the tax. Cannabis/marijuana needs to be FREE to grow for personal use, treated no different than a tobacco plant. Only tax the commercial sales of cannabis/marijuana. All problem drug use, should be treated medically not criminally.

    • PhDScientist

      Please call the white house comment line to ask that the president get Marijuana removed from Schedule 1 immediately

    • Fire this clown NOW! And Mr. Obama, Please issue an executive order removing marijuana from the DEA Drug schedule. You can do it, that’s how it got on that list that MOST STATES base their drug laws on.

    • Taster’sChoice

      He needs to stop “acting like the head of the DEA” if this is the result of his considering its removal from Schedule I classification. It never should have been illegal to begin with. MORAL RELATIVISM – SOMETHING IS TRUE BECAUSE SOME GROUP SAYS SO. Pot should be legal in 100% of the US ALREADY.

    • adam

      What a piece of garbage, these two drugs aren’t even close to being the same.

    • Why are people like him still alive? They have ruined so many lives for nothing but ego and greed. This is suppose to be a free country. The government is suppose to be there for people, not itself.

    • Dale M Pugh

      This guy don’t know what he is talking about. he a joke an just running his mouth. my self wood like to see his master in science. or you are some one who has no experience in knowing any thing you need the help yall are slow if you listen to this guy

    • thedude007

      Marijuana is addictive and is destroying our country. Smokers tell kids is harmless and even healthy. We need to keep this gateway drug out of the hands of our kids and the growing BIG Marijuana companies that want to profit off of our youth just like the tobacco companies of the 60’s. We have 20 year old studies that regular marijuana use causes psychosis and other mental problems.

      • Marijuana is destroying our country? lol Wow, what an alarmist. How about BIG government and BIG corp Monsanto and their profiting from oppressing and hurting us? I must reply, alcohol is the gateway drug, WAKE UP! it creates the same chemical in the brain as heroin, THIQ, so basically, the head of the DEA just admitted that alcohol is also more dangerous than marijuana, but he’s still going to go after marijuana users? We have plenty of evidence proving that alcohol can be deadly for most that over indulge, and the proof showing that marijuana leads to mental problems is so rare, it might as well be the guy/gal that would’ve developed psychosis over stressful situations anyway. WAKE UP! For kids, sugar, and spinning around on the playground is the gateway.

        Now, for what’s really destroying this country (notice I didn’t say our, it was never ours, nothing but the consequence of our actions ever is, but we still should be free); upholding ignorance and the worshiping of greed and the oppression of others, over the respect of life and freedom… Money must be taken out of politics, government must be able to relate with and serve the common good and people, over itself, thus, it should not work to oppress or hurt a person, especially if that person hasn’t done the same/equally, but instead, HELP PEOPLE (I know they’ve hurt me almost every year of my adult life more than I’ve ever hurt anyone, all for the sake of generating revenue, and they did that to me without my really having to seek out the abuse, Now being helped by them, one must seek out the help, and be careful asking for it, it’s just absurd, this is suppose to be our government, yes, that we can own). People need to let go of their “we’re over populated” self-hate brainwashing and learn about large scale environmental design, like Geoff Lawton speaks of at TED and youtube, etc. In other words, the DEA should not be hurting people, we should not be forced to pay their salaries and retirements, they should be put into a facility where they can learn a respect for life and freedom, so they can stop hurting people.

        That said, people shouldn’t be telling others that smoking is healthy. We all know that to be false. Might as well go drink some liquid nitrogen.

      • adam

        So you think keeping tobacco and alcohol legal and available is the answer? Compare the deaths caused by these two drugs versus the deaths caused by marijuana and that should be enough to show you’re wrong.

      • get a clue

        Shame on you, thedude007! You could not be more wrong! It’s people like you who is destroying this country by believing the brain washing lies of reefer madness as the gospel truth. And locking up folks is the right thing to do. Please do yourself and everyone else a favor and read Jack Herer’s book, “The emperor wears no cloths”. It tells the TRUTH, why, how, when and who made marijuana illegal in the U.S.A. Yes, cannabis/marijuana was completely legal in America.

      • kim b
    • rockyvnvmc

      Where, pray tell me, in the ‘Few and Enumerated Powers’ granted to the Federal Government, by the Constitution, does it list the power to ban a naturally occurring plant, which has had over 5000 years of documented utilization as a medicinal herb, Including 200 years right here in these United States prior to the Prohibition, from use by the people?
      Answer; It isn’t among the ‘Few and Enumerated Powers’.
      Ok, that being the case, Who has Constitutional jurisdiction of such matters? According to the 9th and 10th Amendments, that would be the States, or the People.
      Since almost Half of the States have determined to legalize the substance, in various forms, that is their decision and the Federal Government is Constitutionally obligated to accept their decision in said matters.
      Note; Alcohol Prohibition was similarly beyond the Federal Governments’ authorities and it was Repealed, due in part, to the actions of the States, similar to their actions concerning the legalization of Cannabis, today.
      Madison and Jefferson, in their ‘Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions’, respectively, advocated the Interpositioning of the States in-between the People and the Unjust, Unconstitutional, or even widely Unpopular laws passed by the Federal Government. Failing that, they advocated outright Nullification of said Unconstitutional laws, ‘which are not laws, at all’. They maintained that the final arbiters of the Constitution are not the Courts, but the States and the People (collectively).

    • CallingBatman

      What a tool

    • Orange Guzzi

      America has a dirty little secret. I will let you in on it. There is a product sold in America that is sold at a rate nearly 2 times the retail rate of the petroleum fuel industry. It kills 88,000 Americans a year, generates $41 billion in state and federal tax revenue annually, is found at nearly ever crime, the top contributor to McConnell, Boehner, Reid and Pelosis, addictive and used by over 80% of all American, young and old.

      The alcohol industry does not want the marijuana industry to exist. They know it will destroy their business. Look at how it is never discussed for its major destructive properties. From death to property damage, to lost productivity.

    • Randy

      Mintpress might want to review their affiliation with Yahoo News. According to the headline I followed here “DEA Chief Admits Marijuana Is Less Dangerous Than Marijuana “

    • atliberty

      Just another drug war profiteering ZioNazi schmuck skin cowboy with a DEA badge and a title. It is a good thing that most Ashkenazis are more Humanistic and compassionate than the Wall Street jack boot corporate thug types that rise to wealth and power in a corrupt venomous Satanic system as the USG is. The drug war is a crime against humanity just like all the other wars the monetary system monopolizing weapons dealing war profiteering cult cabal class instigate.

    • MikeParent

      Just another prohibitionist parasite;
      He should ask the parents of those epileptic children who have finally received safe relief.
      “Narcotics police are an enormous, corrupt international bureaucracy … and now fund a coterie of researchers who provide them with ‘scientific support’ … fanatics who distort the legitimate research of others. … The anti-marijuana campaign is a cancerous tissue of lies, undermining law enforcement, aggravating the drug problem, depriving the sick of needed help, and suckering well-intentioned conservatives and countless frightened parents.” – William F. Buckley, Commentary in The National Review, April 29, 1983

    • KEVIN

      as much as i enjoy cannabis, and i have no problem with it’s legalization, i must say i’m not surprised. these jerks just want a job ruining other people’s lives. and they’re just waiting for the next president to get into office and put things back the way they were before any of it was legal in any way. i think it’s outrageous, running the country how THEY want it to be regardless of what the people (the majority) wants.

    • IJR

      Obama could remove marijuana from schedule one status in five minutes with an executive order.

      Keep whining about the DEA head who does not have that power.

      • Certified

        Very good point..and Obama is not able to adjust US policies until there is a lobby writing substantial checks for such an adjustment.

        US voters are too obedient and predictable to have personal freedom in the face of the Party. We vote as we are told to vote, and so we have the government that the Party wants.

    • Jolly Rodger

      He’s a DC bureaucrat. He’s not concerned with what is right or fair or the truth. He’s concerned with keeping his agency’s power and reason for being.

    • Chris Larsen

      Even with the facts staring them in the face the
      federal government will swear up and down that the evidence of marijuana’s
      medical benefits don’t exist. These people must be getting some serious
      kickbacks from the pharmaceutical industry to make claims like that or just to
      be that stupid.

      • lambastepirate .

        It is a cash cow for police and lawyers!!! The police get to confiscate large and small amounts of money weather it was for legal or illegal purposes lawyers make money trying to get your money back for you or to keep you out of jail !! They both are worse than the pot smoker or the person who was going to buy a half way pricey item.

        • Vincent Venturella

          Agree…and am so Dam Mad can’t think of of ….a comment but your right !

      • LibertyJuaticeForAll

        Yes, they are getting kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies, but the scariest part is that they are all pathological liars. And that is the status of governmental leadership in this country. We are being lied to daily and our country is operated, scammed, and controlled by pathological liars. In retrospect the issue of marijuana legalization is but a drop of water in an ocean of criminal deceit and deception.

    • Mike Pressley

      I just had to click on a story that said marijuana was less dangerous than marijuana like on the title on the webpage. The DEA needs to be torn down and dismantled. All they have accomplished is to make some S American drug lords extremely wealthy while spending more money than we could even imagine in the process. Then they make dumb butt comments like yeas marijuana is less dangerous than heroin but we still refuse to reschedule it. They are the real criminals.

    • sillyfugger

      interesting statement quoted from article ” On marijuana, the new head of the Drug Enforcement Agency said, “If we
      come up with a medical use for it, that would be wonderful. But we
      haven’t.” end quote …

      then please explain why the federal government owns and profits from U.S. Patent
      6,630,507, “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants.” and also stll to this day sends marijuana to 4 federally recognized medical patients marijuana ..

      per evidence ~~

      Believe it or not, the federal government sends free pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes to a special, but dwindling group of patients on a regular basis beginning in 1976 with Robert Randall. It all started when Robert was arrested for growing cannabis on his back deck and had to prove that this medicine was essential in to prevent his progressive loss of vision from glaucoma. Robert Randall won his case and subsequently the federal government allowed him access to the federal cannabis supply through the Compassionate Investigational New Drug (IND) Program that was under the authority of the FDA.The criminal charges against Randall were dropped, and following a petition (May 1976) filed by Randall, federal agencies began providing him with FDA-approved access to government supplies of medical marijuana, becoming the first American to receive marijuana for the treatment of a medical disorder. Randall went public with his victory and shortly after the government tried to prevent his legal access to marijuana.

      [take notice here lol ]
      This led to the 1978 lawsuit where Randall was represented by law firm Steptoe & Johnson. Twenty-four hours after filing the suit, the federal agencies requested an out-of-court settlement which resulted in Randall gaining prescriptive access to marijuana through a federal pharmacy near his home.

      The settlement in Randall v. U.S. became the legal basis for the FDA’s Compassionate IND program

      To date, only four patients, Barbara Douglass (IA), George McMahon (IA), Irving Rosenfeld (FL) and Elvy Musikka (OR) continue to receive their medication from the federal government.

      In a follow-up to his CNN
      documentary, WEED, Dr. Sanjay Gupta spoke on Anderson Cooper 360 about
      the patent that the US Government holds on cannabidiol: U.S. Patent
      6,630,507, “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants.” This
      patent, commonly known as “the ’507 Patent,” defines the benefits of CBD
      as recognized by the US Government. KannaLife Sciences, one of our
      investment holdings, has been awarded an exclusive license agreement
      with the National Institutes of Health – Office of Technology Transfer
      (“NIH-OTT”) for the commercialization of this patent .

      “The U.S. holds a patent [on marijuana] on one hand, and on the other hand, same
      government says it has no medical applications,” Gupta told Cooper.
      “Journalists are trained to hate hypocrisy. This is hypocrisy. I’ve
      never seen it quite like this.”

      The existence of this patent—filed over a decade ago—means that the US Government is at least nominally
      aware of the potential health benefits of CBD. .

      “Antineoplastic activity of cannabinoids,” an article in a 1975 Journal of the National Cancer Institute
      The summary of the Virginia study begins, “Lewis lung adenocarcinoma growth
      was redused by the oral administration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
      and cannabinol (CBN)” — two types of cannabinoids, a family of active
      components in marijuana. “Mice treated for 20 consecutive days with THC
      and CBN had reduced primary tumor size.”

      The DEA quickly shut down the Virginia study and all further cannabis/tumor research.

      In 1976 President Gerald Ford put an end to all public cannabis research
      and granted exclusive research rights to major pharmaceutical companies,
      who set out — unsuccessfully — to develop synthetic forms of THC that
      would deliver all the medical benefits without the “high.”

      inventor of all these fake cannaboids….

      John William Huffman (born 1932) is a professor emeritus of organic
      chemistry at Clemson University who first synthesized many novel

      His research, funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse,

      was focused on making a drug to target endocannabinoid receptors in the
      body.Huffman and his team of researchers began developing cannabinoid
      compounds to aid in research of multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, and
      chemotherapy. Over the course of twenty years, Huffman and his team
      developed 450 synthetic cannabinoid compounds which were used to test
      the effect of cannabinoid receptors in the brain and other organs.
      Ultimately, the cannabinoid research provided understanding of diseases
      and information for medication development

      Huffman, who developed more than 400 “cannabinoids” as an organic
      chemist at Clemson University, says that marijuana has the benefit of
      being a known quantity, and not a very harmful one. We know the
      biological effects of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, Huffman
      told ABC News, because they have been thoroughly studied. “The
      scientific evidence is that it’s not a particularly dangerous drug,”
      said Huffman.

      Interestingly, Huffman says he supports the ban on synthetic marijuana.

      But Huffman believes the real thing – which he says is safer – should be legal.

      “You can’t overdose on marijuana, but you might on these compounds,”
      Huffman explained. “These things are dangerous, and marijuana isn’t,

      companies that own patents on these synthetic cannabinoids look to merck
      , abbott, gw pharm,cayman chemicals . should also ask the federal govt
      why it owns and leases a marijuana patent for profit while keeping it
      illegal to everyone else and yet leases patent out for profit …. just
      search term 507 patent leased… you should find ” KannaLife Sciences,
      Inc. (“KannaLife”) Signs Exclusive License Agreement With National
      Institutes of Health – Office of Technology”

      now the inventor information …the hypocrisy of govt war on drugs …


      to #$%$#$%$#$%$#$%$#$%$#$%$*

      date Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 9:45 PM

      subject Re: Interested in speaking with you about JWH compounds mailed-by hide details 9:45 PM (4 hours ago)

      Thank you for your interest in my research. I hope

      this written summary will answer your questions.

      The intense interest, of course, is a result of the appearance of

      so-called “fake marijuana” products sold under names such as K2 and
      Spice. Some of these products have been found to contain synthetic
      cannabinoid compounds JWH-018 and JWH-073, which were first developed in
      my laboratory

      more than 15 years ago in research funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

      I will briefly describe the nature of that research, but first I want to
      stress that these compounds were not meant for human consumption. Their
      effects in humans have not been studied and they could very well have
      toxic effects. They absolutely should NOT be used as recreational drugs.

      These compounds are among many that have been created, by my group and
      others, in the course of research aimed at understanding the
      relationship between the chemical structure and the biological activity
      of substances known as cannabinoids. The NIDA has supported my
      investigations in this

      area almost continuously since 1984.

      Cannabinoids include THC — the active ingredient in cannabis plants —
      but also other substances that interact with the cannabinoid receptors
      in the brain and other organs. These receptors don’t exist so that
      people can smoke marijuana and get high; they play a role in regulating
      appetite, nausea, mood, pain and inflammation. They may be involved in

      development of conditions such as osteoporosis, liver disease and some kinds of cancer.

      Synthetic cannabinoids can help us understand these interactions, and
      ultimately this knowledge may contribute to the development of new

      JWH-018 and JWH-073, and other similar compounds developed in this field
      of research, have been discussed in scientific publications. Evidently
      some people have figured out how to make them and are putting them in
      products marketed as incense.

      Again I would emphasize the risk people are taking when they smoke these
      products. We simply don’t know what the health effects might be.

      In 1983 the Reagan/Bush Administration tried to persuade American
      universities and researchers to destroy all 1966-76 cannabis research
      work, including compendiums in libraries..

      U.S. government arrests 650,000 Americans for marijuana each year and
      maintains that cannabis is a dangerous drug with no medical value. But
      the U.S. government also holds patent 6,630,507, “Cannabinoids as
      Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants” (the “’507 Patent”).

      National Institute of Health patented cannabinoids in October 2003. In
      June of 2013, the NIH granted the exclusive license on the patent to
      KannaLife Sciences.

      In August, KannaLife announced it signed
      another license agreement with the National Institutes of Health to sell
      FDA-approved cannabis-derived medicines to treat chronic traumatic
      encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative disease that affects people —
      particularly NFL athletes — who have endured repeated head trauma.

      Petkanas believes that KannaLife’s product could be a $1 billion-to-$2 billion
      drug with a potential patient population of 1.5 million. Petkanas is
      currently paying the NIH royalty fees, continuous use fees and
      prosecution fees.

      • kim b

        maybe they’ll sell the patent since they don’t want to use it

        • sillyfugger

          why sell it when they can keep it and profit from it …

          ~quote ~

          “” KannaLife Sciences, one of our
          investment holdings, has been awarded an exclusive license agreement
          with the National Institutes of Health – Office of Technology Transfer
          (“NIH-OTT”) for the commercialization of this patent .Petkanas believes that KannaLife’s product could be a $1 billion-to-$2 billion
          drug with a potential patient population of 1.5 million. Petkanas is
          currently paying the NIH royalty fees, continuous use fees and
          prosecution fees.” ~end quote~

          so you can clearly see this is a bogus drug war fueled by corruption of money …

          and treason by even a president as i post quotes below for you to see …


          “” In 1976 President Gerald Ford put an end to all public cannabis research and granted exclusive research rights to major pharmaceutical companies, who set out — unsuccessfully — to develop synthetic forms of THC that would deliver all the medical benefits without the “high.”

          ~ end quote~

          and from the constitution by him assigning rights to pharmaceutical companies is unconstitutional . as a president does not have the enumerated power to take the right and assign it strictly to anyone he chooses to as per …

          Amendment IX
          The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

          and as the federal govt supplies federally recognized patients and yet deny everyone else the government violates another constitutional point .

          Article. IV.
          Section. 2. The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States.

          as Judge Gray pointed out years ago ..
          that in order to regulate such things, it’d take a Constitutional Amendment. If it didn’t, then why pass the 18th and 21st ?

          It’s a de facto case that such power does NOT inherently rest in the body of the Constitution, otherwise why did they have to pass an amendment to do it?

          in Federalist 84, Alexander Hamilton asked, “Why declare that things shall not be done which there is no power to do?”

          The Commerce Clause is found at: Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3 of the Constitution, and declares: the congress shall have power “to regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes.”
          Lawyers and laity alike generally assume the Congress’s power “to regulate” commerce, includes the authority to prohibit it. Professor Friedman points out that historically, this is not how the Commerce Clause has always been understood and practiced.
          “At the Founding, and roughly 115 years thereafter, the dominant view was that Congress did not possess the authority to ban goods merely because they crossed state lines.”
          “The primary reason for granting Congress the domestic commerce power was to facilitate interstate trade and protect it against the sort of protectionist state trade policies that occurred all too frequently under the Articles of Confederation. These protectionist type laws, “proliferated in the weak economic conditions of the post-Revolutionary period, as states attempted to protect local manufacturers by discriminatory taxing and regulating domestic imports and by restricting access of the states’ vessels into local ports. These measures generated increasing concern about their effect on the national economy and political unity.”
          “It seems to have occurred to no one that Congress might act not only to limit who could provide goods and services to the interstate market, but also to limit what kinds of interstate markets could exist. In short, both positive and negative evidence suggests that the Framers did not intend, and probably did not even imagine, that the Interstate Commerce Clause would be read in such a way as to give Congress the power to restrain interstate intercourse, as well as promote it.”
          “Those who believe Congress has the power to restrain interstate commerce, generally rely on the argument that, since Congress’s power to regulate interstate commerce appears in the same sentence granting the power “to regulate” foreign commerce, the argument fallaciously promotes that the two powers should be read in pari materia, or treated the same, as a subject matter. Unfortunately this argument does not yield any evidence or standing from the Founders to support this position.”

          it is time to end the illegal unconstitutional drug war as its based on lies for political and corporate profits.

    • David Whatittoyou

      A great example of the Federal government can completely ignore, facts, reason, logic and the will of the people.

    • Howard Bonds

      This whole thing started as a great way to terrorize Mexicans and black people. They didn’t even bother to look into evidence of any harm. But since their is none, they must continue and expand their terror to everyone. If they do stop the terror, a whole lot of people will be out of work. cant have that I guess.

      • David Whatittoyou

        You are as wrong as wrong can be. It was made illegal due to the fact that Dupont just invented rayon and hemp fiber was just as strong and cheaper to produce. Second, Randolf Hurst owned millions of acres of forest used to make paper for news papers; again, hemp paper was stronger and cheaper to produce.

        These two forces urged congress to make marijuana illegal. Now I will agree that pot use was associated with blacks and mexicans to vilify it.

        • get a clue

          David Whatittoyou, you forgot to mention Anslinger, the evil tool of Dupont & Hurst!

    • SayItAintSo

      LOOK at this goofy looking flake. Can you find even a hint of intelligence in a face that my dog would be ashamed to own ? No wonder he became a government lifer. He had no choice in order to avoid starvation.

      • Vincent Venturella

        And a Double Windsor Tie Knot to Boot !

        • Vincent Venturella

          Should be a Half Windsor Knot.

    • Richard Cole

      I say stop paying federal taxes! How can the US Government have a FDA “to keep people safe” when clearly most of the legal drugs are the same as those killing most citizens (tobacco, alcohol and prescription meds).. Then sit there and continue to deny marijuana’s not only medicinal benefits and small inconsequential recreational harm (No none TRUE deaths from Marijuana use)..while touting how the FDA is here to protect the citizens???????

    • Jillian Galloway

      We could save thousands of lives if he’d reschedule marijuana out of Schedule I but instead he forces us to pay $Billions for his ineffective and counterproductive prohibition. According to the CDC alcohol kills 80,000 Americans/year while marijuana kills none. If we give people the right to choose marijuana over alcohol we could prevent a lot of the disease, addiction and death that alcohol causes.

    • Allan Murphy

      Can we just fire this guy for not caring about saving lives and more on killing by the lie that they don’t want you to no about .

      • kim b

        hmm maybe breach of contract,dont they take an oath of office?

    • RickFromTexas

      We need to get this guy a new job. He’s going to end up needing one pretty soon anyway because there isn’t anything he can do or say to stop people from doing the right thing and voting for legal marijuana.

      He needs to extract his head from his own heinie and talk to a few first responders or veterans with PTSD who have finally found relief and can sleep at night because of medical marijuana before he gets fired for incompetence for denying established medical science.

      There’s no excuse for this kind of purposeful ignorance, not in this day and age.

      • kim b

        sure there is-cold hard cash! billions of dollars,and they’ll never make it legal

    • jz

      Bunch of bureaucratic parasites. Disban the DEA. It has made the drug issues we have worse and the drug war should be abolished. Join Law enforcement against prohibition and vote libertarian.

      • RickFromTexas

        I’m with you but I’m happy being a centrist and an independent. Some things, however, make sense across party lines and changing the status of marijuana is definitely one of them.

      • Allan Murphy

        FEEL THE BERN ………

        • jz

          bern this.

    • Ian

      This is the problem with America right now. Plenty of evidence shows marijuana has serious medical benefits. People using it for pain are not addicted or risking a painkiller overdose. We have a government that says one thing publicly and believes and does another thing behind closed doors.

    • markhopkins435

      Patent No. 6,630,507…… HELD BY U.S. FEDERAL GOVERMENT SINCE 2003 TIL 2021

      Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants…MORE THAN PROVES MEDICAL USES AND PROPERTIES

      • RickFromTexas

        I must say, you sure did your homework on this, well done sir.

      • kim b

        see above

    • markhopkins435
      Patent No. 6,630,507.

    • markhopkins435

      If Marijuana has no medical benefits …why does the U.S. Dept. of health have a patent on the medical properties in marijuana On Oct. 7, 2003, the US government issued Patent No. 6,630,507.

      Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants
      US 6630507 B1


      Cannabinoids have been found to have antioxidant properties, unrelated to NMDA receptor antagonism. This new found property makes cannabinoids useful in the treatment and prophylaxis of wide variety of oxidation associated diseases, such as ischemic, age-related, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. The cannabinoids are found to have particular application as neuroprotectants, for example in limiting neurological damage following ischemic insults, such as stroke and trauma, or in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and HIV dementia. Nonpsychoactive cannabinoids, such as cannabidoil, are particularly advantageous to use because they avoid toxicity that is encountered with psychoactive cannabinoids at high doses useful in the method of the present invention. A particular disclosed class of cannabinoids useful as neuroprotective antioxidants is formula (I) wherein the R group is independently selected from the group consisting of H, CH3, and COCH3.

      A schedule 1 drugs are listed that way because they have no medical value…..this patent is a direct contradiction to the Feds definition to why drugs are listed there…VOID

    • Essayons12

      If a person uses marijuana often, and just that, he or she might quit smoking and drinking all together like some adult users do. Then we will have less people getting cancer, liver disease, emphysema, and all those other effects that those two little legal drugs cause. They make people depend on medical care and doctors, which then require you to depend on medications such as pills. You might just make the pharmaceutical’s multi-billion dollar empire collapse. But that will not happen because people are blinder that hearing impaired bats. It’s all thanks to the pharmaceutical companies that keep those politicians wallets full.

    • LibertyJuaticeForAll

      Regardless of who you are, what your political affiliation is, what your political position is in the government, or what you think you understand or know, comparing a plant that grows naturally to a man made evil and chemical derived narcotic like Heroin has no relevance. Especially with absolutely no scientific research to confirm any evidence that Cannabis is harmful.

      It is all about profit and control. Rick Simpson hit the nail on the head about the “pharmaceutical industry being heavily invested in keeping marijuana illegal because its utility against everything from chronic pain to cancer threatens their profits”. That is the only relevant and truthful statement in the article.

      Chuck Rosenberg said that “Marijuana, meanwhile, is on Schedule I, which is reserved for drugs that, according to the federal government, have no accepted medical use”.

      According to the government? The government says they have no evidence of the medical benefits of cannabis because they would never reveal any findings they already have. Lie number 1. In fact there is overwhelmingly evidence confirming significant benefits for medical use. In this case I could just give Chuck Rosenberg the benefit of the doubt and say that he is simply ignorant, but I will stick with him being a liar because he is associated with a bunch of pathological liars.

      Once again the government is lying to the American public. And why? Because they can and have been getting
      away with it for far too long.

      “Marijuana shares its Schedule I designation with heroin, a highly addictive drug whose use is becoming an epidemic in the United States, with the CDC warning in July of a record number of deaths from heroin overdoses”.

      Becoming an epidemic? Where has the DEA been throughout the War on Drugs? The only reason heroin is on the
      streets, and is easy for addicts to get, is because it is government controlled as part of a larger criminal enterprise for the assurance of profit gain and the control-destruction of the public.

      This article demonstrates the deep ignorance, dishonesty, greed, desire to control, and ineptitude within the US government agenda. Chuck Rosenberg and his associates are just prepped and appointed minions serving Corporate America. Nothing more and nothing less.

    • LuisSac

      All I read is criticism, Yet NOT one offers a Solution?, I have a fix to this problem?. I as your President will legalize all Drugs? with one condition that It’s Taxed at 100% and this Taxation can only be used to treat Addiction and other Medical Situations. ( well elect a person a non-lawyer or worked for a any Legal system or Volunteer, one from each state to oversee this funds . )As your President will make Unemployment Insurance to pay, for as long as you are Unemployed. (If you refuse 3 job offerings in your field, or. Any other field withing a 10% +-, difference in Salary Then your Benefits will be terminated… On Jobs Any Business that has more than 20% of their workforce Outside of the USA will lose all Tax credits and write offs. Citizens will be a Priority, Green Cards secondary. All Legally Applied for Entry Third. And once cleared withing 90 Days, Entry will be giving. There are many ways to reach for the Stars together?.. All Others As Necessary. But under No Circumstances we will give Amnesty to any Human. Fight for your Freedom. Your will is only at stake????…
      President Louie/Earth Emperor. .

      • Richard Cole

        I will vote for you!!

      • IJR

        Solution: Obama removes cannabis from schedule one status with an executive order.

        Your ideas are terrible. 100% taxes to treat addiction?

        100% tax on anything is moronic.

        Cannabis is not physically addictive and is less addictive than coffee.

        Cannabis is not a gateway drug. Over 150 million Americans have tried cannabis and most all of them do not use harder drugs.

        No soup for you.

    • Ken

      He knows it shouldn’t be a schedule one. He also knows how much funding and taxpayer dollars he will lose.

    • toothless aggression

      It’s nice to know he’s not going to go after MM patients. I disagree with disallowing anyone who has a MM card, pain pills when they need it. Colorado made what 150 million in tax money so far, and now giving the residents of Colorado a check because too much money was in the fund already? I hope to live to see it legalized in Arizona next year. Over 55 working taxpayer and I vote.

    • Vincent Venturella

      I would like To Join in on the Beating, Slapping, Kicking, Yelling and Screaming, Until Morale improves {of Course}. These are The Nastiest, of the Bunch, Minus The CIA, that introduced, Flakka, Free Base Coke {Crack}, and Synthetic Analogous THC compounds, like Spice, K-2, and Dungeon to The American Populous, along with XTC, and LSD-25…..who Bobby K tried to give to F.Castro for assassination Purposes…..Yeah Like, We Morn JFK. ALL FULL OF S_H_i T ! Sorry, but the Truth….VJVMD.

      • Vincent Venturella

        NEXT PLEASE !

      • Essayons12

        Everybody forgot about “The Iran-Contra Affair” scandal during Rony Reagan’s reign real quick. All thanks to that one brainwashing creation called…….*THE MEDIA*.
        Citizen: “What? “The Iran-Contra Affair”?…… know, I think I remember hearing about it. Something to do with some guy *Mr.Blandon* and some Nicaraguans….that’s all. (pull the string (-_<) )

    • Robt Bomba

      The DEA head turns out to be a blockhead that speaks, but he’s not nearly as impressive as Mr Ed, the original talking horse. Of course, that other talking horse, Ann Coulter, can’t even begin to compare with Mr Ed. As for the blockhead … he’s a total disappointment.

    • james hartshorn

      It will take decades to change the previously elected and hired Law enforcement officials . They will fight any change even if our Federal Government changes the law across the board.

    • Rudy del Pardo

      job security

    • Nominalis

      DEA Chiefs must be chosen like jury members, they try to find someone who has no knowledge of the case.

    • dirt350

      The DEA has held Americans hostage through the “war on drugs” for far to long. Time to get rid of the DEA!

      • jontomas

        Right. – The very existence of the DEA is an abomination to humanity. They are nothing but the goons of the American Inquisition.

      • spamblaster

        Nixon started the DEA. We need leadership worthy of ridding the world of this garbage, hypocrite , jerk and well….these post have said it well.

    • Axel Vasa

      He’s been brainwashed into numbland,,,,,,

      • Ken

        No he knows it shouldn’t be a schedule one. He also knows how much funding and taxpayer dollars he will lose.

    • Timo Tatro

      a worthless idiot is his description

    • Noah

      so they obviously choose to ignore all legitimate scientific studies on cannabis then…because scientists base their statements on facts and not on political bulllshit propaganda funded by drug companies who profit on opiates that are destroying america.

    • jammerk65

      because they want to keep making money putting people in jail over a harmless plant !!!

      • spamblaster

        Been there, done that.

    • Rilie Morgan

      Rosenberg is a F’ing fool, as are most of the loonies in government.

    • Typical government drone repeating what he has been told.

      Marijuana, get over it. Tax it.

      Quit wasting money on failed programs that create gangs and violence.

      Class A fool.

    • Dan Merrit

      Science, evidence, and logic don’t matter. Until we get the Reefer Madness mentality out of the government nothing will change. The best thing to do is vote for those who can see the idiocy of people like this and have them push the idiots out of positions of authority.

    • Scott Phelps

      IT`S not his choice to make it is the people of America`s choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • PhDScientist

      How about being a wonder drug for Cancer patients undergoing Chemotherapy, and saving the lives of kids with seizure disorders?

      Chuck has a 1 out of 2 chance of getting Cancer.
      Like everyone else, if he gets Cancer, he’s going to want to have safe, legal, access to Medical Marijuana.
      Ironic, isin’t it?

    • Paul Rosen

      “If we come up with a medical use for it, that would be wonderful. But we haven’t,” declared Chuck Rosenberg.

      Maybe he should walk over to the Dept of Health and Human Services. They hold about 20 to 30 US Patents for using cannabis as medicine.

      • Axel Vasa

        From all over the world,,,,They bought all the researchers papers and findings etc.

    • Bryan Lee

      This is why a revolution is growing. As a vet speaking, your government has been infiltrated by the enemy and they are willing to take it to the end. Enjoy your power, we wont let it last much longer.

    • Gary Pierron

      He went on to say, “Reason? I don need no stinkin’ REASON..!”

    • Lou Black

      He’s as bad as Harry J. Anslinger.

    • arby

      Just another Dudley Do Right protecting his rice bowl. He doesn’t mind hurting the lives of thousands of people to do it either. Perhaps he needs a beating?

    • john alex

      Politicians are pedantic, pandering, posturing buffoons. In one breath, they agree with the “common man” and in the next state that such agreement is irrelevant.

      Until Lobbying on The Hill & excessive campaign contributions are prosecuted as bribery, American citizens have NO chance of talking more loudly than their Corporate counterparts.

      Our Supreme Court declaring “Corporations are people and money is their voice” should have triggered serious dissension with a recall of the Justices the end result. Alas, most Americans now have no intestinal fortitude for such endeavors and are terrified to risk what freedoms they still possess.

    • raaaaaaa

      These are the same people who say giving meth to children is okay.

    • theallseeingmaster .

      Follow the money.

    • PhDScientist

      Everyone who cares about this issue should call the white house comment line at (202) 456-1111 every single day (or multiple times per day if you feel like it) and should get everyone they know to do the same thing.

      Americans, including American Children are suffering and dying, needlessly.

      Its like the fight against segregation, and for civil rights, all over again.

      Green is the new Black.

      • Bryan Lee

        this will not help, they have gained too much control. Bringing the government to its knees will be the key. Sit back and enjoy the show, things are progressing and its only a matter of time before the government has no more power over the people.

        • jontomas

          Reform is being driven by the states. The best thing a person can do is join NORML or other similar marijuana reform organization in your state, and help make re-legalization happen faster!

    • billy

      No one pointed to jails yes private jails there is so much money being made from tax payers keeping people in jails that should not be there at all families broken children destroyed for what for a drug that does help a lot of people .The feds know this but big business such as private jails and drug makers who are paying our law makers to keep pot as a bad drug.These people are just collecting money from these companies.They are not caring as people with families are taken away from there children what kind of country does that for the dollar not caring

    • jo6pac

      Nothing new, private prison system is all about $$$$$. i’LL BE BUYING STOCK ON MONDAY

      • chucky357

        Really?You want to participate in the jailing of 750,000 people a year for cannabis so you can make a profit off of their misery? Parasite.

    • PhDScientist

      Not to put too fine a point on it, but Americans, including American Children and suffering and DYING because of a unjust set of laws passed based because of a campaign of “big lies”

      It is IMMORAL to leave Marijuana illegal for even one second longer.
      It is one of the biggest MORAL issues of our time.

      Its time to fight this issue the AMERICAN way — through massive peaceful non-violent protests.
      That’s how we won civil rights.
      That’s how we’ll win this.

      • jo6pac

        Yes a general strike nation wide. Then again sadly they have done a great job of divide and ?

      • B.Jevins

        I don’t remember the civil rights protests being all that peaceful. You should find different examples.

      • Bryan Lee

        non violent protest are what they want, you will never win that way. Bringing the government to its knees through other methods are working at the moment, a revolution is taking place. As a vet speaking, I will be glad when the day comes and there’s no more US.

        • jontomas

          Actually, what they REALLY don’t want are re-legalization initiatives like the ones passed in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and D.C. – Helping make that happen in YOUR state is the fastest way to bring down this insane witch-hunt.

    • Adam Beatty

      OK Mr. DEA, what’s the medical use for alcohol and tobacco?

      • B.Jevins

        Tobacco, none. But alcohol has many uses, not all of them involve consumption. We’ve heard for many years now that a glass of red wine a day, that’s one wine glass, maybe 6 oz., has health benefits.

        • markhopkins435

          Patent No. 6,630,507…… HELD BY U.S. FEDERAL GOVERMENT SINCE 2003 TIL 2021
          Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants

        • chucky357

          Stuff that bullcrap already Brad! Who did you hear this from? Who funded the studies? How were they conducted? Just because somebody says it “may” “can be” “is associated with” “seems to” and blah blah blah DOES NOT MAKE IT SO!

        • Adam Beatty
    • PhDScientist

      If only the people who post here would call the white house comment line every day, or even better picket the white house.

      We need to dust off techniques from the civil rights era.

      We’ve got the moral high-ground.

      Its time we started using it.

      • IJR

        Change comes from within. Make it legal in your state, then work on the feds.

        Obama will never remove cannabis from schedule one, even though he could do it in 5 minutes with an executive order.

    • amateur support

      Here we see what laws are really about POWER not truth. This is why true conservatives favor a small federal government.

    • Beedogz

      This guy is only the acting chief. And Obama had the previous chief fired for being too aggressive on enforcement.

    • nedmorlef

      too much money and power in stealing homes and kids.

    • PhDScientist

      Its NUTS to have the DEA have control over what’s on Schedule 1.
      For them, taking anything off of it directly reduces their revenue stream.
      From a medical and scientific standpoint, Tobacco should be at the top of Schedule 1, and Marijuana should be de-scheduled completely.

    • George O


    • PhDScientist

      Wall Street strongly disagrees with him. Google GWPH.

    • Steven

      This DEA Chief guy is a typical government idiot. I do not like or use marijuana in any way. I have seen it benefit people with chronic pain, cancer and eye problems. Big pharmaceutical and lobbyist money has its grip on this. There is no other reason for this nonsense.

    • Patrick Frickleton

      Here is the link where the NCI says cannabis kills cancer cells. I’ll let you all decide if that is a legitimate medical use.

    • Ian Elliott

      It’s all about power. Power, they say, is the strongest high. This fellow is getting his power high.

    • Pam Hicks Winchester

      The War on Drugs is a WAR on American People on American Soil….That doesn’t compare with anything…..It is a way to maintain control and create those who are stripped of their rights to vote.

    • Jon

      Let’s skip the cigarette thing. Let’s skip the alcohol thing too. Pot is less damaging to a person than any spice in your spice rack. You can die from nut meg, which is also psychoactive but that’s not even on the schedule.

    • jobwan

      This guy has to be an idiot one of the most dangerous and addictive drugs is alcohol, widely available to anyone, has a huge overdose rate, not to mention fatality! In my opinion it should be put to a vote by the people of this country and leave it at that!

      • Sean Donnelly

        Comparing it to a negative doesnt help your cause.. further, i would get rid of alcohol too, lastly your the same person who fought to legalize alcohol

        • Chris

          So now because you’ve decided that it’s not right for you, you can decide that it’s not right for anyone else either? Someone must be a proponent of big government.

        • jobwan

          don’t drink and I would agree about getting rid of booze too

        • IJR

          Prohibition has proven to be wildly stupid. Prohibition of alcohol and cannabis are terrible ideas.

    • Voiceof thecitizens

      There’s a reason all comments are PRO-CANNABIS…..speak out to your representatives about ending cannabis prohibition. Applaud the citizens and States that have moved forward, allowing adults access to cannabis tested for impurities from a safe secure outlet while keeping money stateside!

      REGULATION brings harmony and separates adult from minor use.

      • Sean Donnelly

        Cause your a druggy.. no its shown it spread use in Colorado and overdose in hospitals.. the black market is thriving because of how much people are getting it from legal buyers and giving it to young. Also, it is making it cheaper.. kansas and nebraska is suing colorado for its drug issues now.. research.. it helps.. instead of smoking week

        • Kyle Ellis

          @Sean, Sir I’m sorry to say, but I think you may be legally retarded. You might want to head to the nearest mental health facility right away before you harm yourself or others.

        • Chris

          You can’t even write a legible paragraph, and you’re talking down to others? Research is not on your side. If I were you, I’d avoid it. Subsequently, your opinion does not constitute fact. The fact that Cocaine is a Schedule II substance, and Marijuana is a schedule I substance is absurd.

        • chucky357

          OMG! You are a total IMBECILE! You. Cannot. Overdose. On Cannabis. Period! Please try not to speak…it hurts my brain when you spew incomprehensible bull$hit!

        • IJR


          You are an ignorant headline reader.

          How is the black market thriving?

          How is cheaper cannabis a bad thing?

          The amount of tax revenue that has been taken in suggests that the black market has taken a severe hit.

          Stop abusing the ellipsis, it is not a replacement for thought.

          Do you think Kansas and Nebraska has a case?
          What problems are they experiencing?
          What do you have against state’s rights?

          research.. it helps.. instead of smoking week


          Do some research and then get back to me about smoking “week.”

        • Voiceof thecitizens

          Get a life, personally don’t consume cannabis (it’s illegal in my state), however, it is only logical to support ending cannabis prohibition. Your overdose comment is ridiculous to say the least, and adults are not “giving it to young”. Understand the the youth are the dealers today and with prohibition your breeding criminals and violence. 75+ years of Paranoid Pot Propaganda has warped minds of many. Pull your head out the sand and wake-up!

    • Tim Lenhart

      I’m so disillusioned I can hardly speak. Can you say “profit.”

      • Sean Donnelly

        work in a hospital.. marijuana helps 5 percent of patients.. thats it.. further there are drugs that are legal that do a better job, hence why it is illegal still

        • Flagged as tarded^

        • Tim Lenhart

          My issue is that it is not a schedule 1 drug. It does not fit the definition in any way. It is his job to follow these definitions. If you think it should be illegal, fine, explain why it is so detrimental that it needs to be illegal. Working Ina hospital I’m sure you come in contact with morphine and OxyContin, both being way more dangerous than marijuana. So do explain your position please…..

        • chucky357

          So being a Janitor in a hospital qualifies you? You need to stay silent.

        • IJR

          You are terrifically unencumbered with intelligence.

          Do you mean the legal drugs that kill 40,000 Americans each year?

          What does that mean?

          You have issues.

    • Anotherday

      Is his position appointed or elected?

      • Beedogz

        Acting chief. Obama will appoint a new chief soon. He fired the last chief for being too pro enforcement.

    • Mike Smith

      This is yet more proof of how powerless the People are to big government.

      • jobwan

        You got that right !!!!!!!!

    • Mike Smith

      He’s not the head of the DEA, he’s a puppet.

      • FelixWankel

        A pharma puppet at that. Pharma doesn’t want people curing themselves of disease from a plant you can grow for free

    • Chad Moore

      fire this nixon ball licker

    • R G

      Yes fire him it is time people in Government listen to the people.

      • Sean Donnelly

        most still think its illegal, def for recreational use.. im sure you agree

        • freedom is free. it costs tax dollars to attack people over a plant

        • chucky357

          Agree? Agree with what? Your posts are unrecognizable as human speech.

        • IJR

          Why do you think cannabis should be illegal?

    • George Lewis

      its simple! fire him and somebody that can do his job correctly !

    • r.m.666

      Rosenberg: you are a hypocrite! I wonder which portions of big tobacco and big pharma have you in their back pocket. your war on drugs is an abysmal FAILURE of EPIC proportions. You are waging a lost and unwinnable conflict against marijuana users to justify your own pitiable and feckless existence! I wonder how much the sinaloa and cali cartels are paying you to do their bidding. By NOT allowing US Citizens the ability to use marijuana medicinally YOU are an ACCESSORY after the fact and are in cahoots with the drug cartels, and should be charged under federal law as being an accessory to drug trafficking. Do everyone a favor and die from lung cancer from second hand cigarette smoke! FOAD!

    • Franklin

      This is one of the last pieces of garbage leftover from the Nixon Nazis. The DEA needs to be abolished. They know that, and are fighting for their jobs, and all that extra cash on the table. Prohibition was created as a weapon of racism and discrimination. and that aim has not changed. The Capo at the DEA doesn’t care. That trillion dollars wasted on this failed prohibition was a waste of historical proportions. Prohibition is a crime against humanity.

      • Sean Donnelly

        ur dumb.. prohibition worked.. there was a drastic decrease of health issues and crimes afterwords.. further you could get 200 gallons of wine a year still and own it, just not produce.. they had prohibition cause 3x as many people were having serosis of the liver and also drinking.. all that went away

        • Michael Blake

          wow how much do you get to be a paid troll?

        • mydnytmover

          prohibition worked???

        • the first Ford model A’s were flex fuel until prohibition banned fuel alcohol, more big business

        • Chris

          Want to know how you can tell how someone is actually dumb? The fact that they think a sentence should end with two periods.

          If people want to kill themselves drinking, then so be it. Explain to me why you, or anyone else, should be able to dictate what they do to themselves? As long as they aren’t harming others, you should mind your own. Maybe try Hooked on Phonics or something.

        • chucky357

          Sean you need to STFU! Seriously you are totally out of your mind dude and you really need to seek help.

        • IJR

          You are insane if you think alcohol prohibition worked.

          Can you back up any of your dubious contentions with anything?

          Organized crime was created as a result of prohibition.

        • jason

          I’m just going to leave this little nugget of history right here for you with it what you will:

          “Look, we understood we couldn’t make it illegal to be young or poor or
          black in the United States, but we could criminalize their common
          pleasure. We understood that drugs were not the health problem we were
          making them out to be, but it was such a perfect issue…that we
          couldn’t resist it.” – John Ehrlichman, White House counsel to President
          Nixon on the rationale of the War on Drugs.

        • Franklin

          Not on planet Earth. Prohibition has never worked. No reasonable person of sound mind is even arguing that in the 2015. Not to beat a dead horse here but the Prohibition of Marijuana on the CSA of 1970 is the subject. That is about 40 years after the prohibition of alcohol ended as a failure. Sure it was good for guys like Capone, from that perspective. Most people don’t consider a stronger black market a success. But to each his own. Knock yourself out.

          It’s a good idea to comment on subjects that you at least know something about unless you have a question. You failed miserably to make a point here. Maybe listen to a little less right wing media. Do a little more research and thinking on your own. Don’t be afraid of capital letters either. They aren’t prohibited.

    • John Winters

      He must not understand the position the DEA has publicly espoused which is that THC, the active ingredient in marijuana is medicine…in fact the DEA rescheduled THC back in 1988 but did not reschedule marijuana because it “is a plant that can not produce the exact dosage levels required by DEA/FDA standards regarding medicine”….that is why they legalized THC which can be easily synthesized and thereby the dosage more accurately controlled but left the plant itself illegal even though the active ingredient of the plant has been rescheduled….since the criminal law is actually prosecuting you because of THC in the plant it would seem that the rescheduling of THC would apply to marijuana proper as marijuana without THC is called hemp….

    • Open Minds

      Another example of how corrupt our government is. The federal government has a patent on medical marijuana – patent # 6630507 (google it to find out more), yet this idiot claims cannabis has no medical benefits. GW Pharmaceuticals has developed Sativex and Epiliodex, yet this fool claims cannabis has no medical benefits. Our government is a joke…

    • DaveMurphy4561


      • Michael Blake

        i am agaist it too we have a but load of oil reservers we have no more room. and we do not get this oil so stop being a idiot.

    • DaveMurphy4561


      • IJR

        try decaf

    • soma151

      Don’t we all feel a lot safer letting these nuts carry guns and tell us what is safe and what is not…I SURE DO.

    • Daniel Beck

      another moron in charge of the dea cartel

    • SayItAintSo

      A useless “establishment” wonk. F the task force. Demand a return to original American values. Vote green. Down with the gestapo / police / fascist / nanny state. Down with Citizen’s United. Free the countless harmless thousands and expunge their records. Term limits on all law makers and SCOTUS lifers. Respect our founding fathers. Live and let live.

    • Chris Zaun

      does anyone really trust the dea?

    • Mike De

      Well it has a recognized medical use. If it didn’t doctors wouldn’t prescribe it. Therefore it no longer meets the prerequisites for being schedule one. The end.

    • jason

      so apparently this assclown doesn’t even realize that our governemt has contridicted what he just said:

      National Cancer Institute (NCI), part of the Federal government’s National Institutes of Health (NIH), stated that marijuana “inhibited the survival of both estrogen receptor–positive and estrogen receptor–negative breast cancer cell lines.” The same report showed marijuana slows or stops the growth of certain lung cancer cells and suggested that marijuana may provide “risk reduction and treatment of colorectal cancer.”

      he needs to be run out of town on a pike!

    • Jim

      People you’ve asked for this you want the government to regulate everything we do from the food we put in our bodies,the air we breath,the cars we drive, you’ve asked for it. Now if you want to smoke dope and you don’t like their decision,Live with it. And grow-up. Face the music

    • Timothy Morrill

      I could be wrong but from what I’ve read, I don’t believe the head of the DEA has the authority to reschedule cannabis. It has to be either the president, the attorney general, or congress, in that order. The head of the DEA would never reschedule it. Why stop your own gravy train?

      • IJR

        You are correct. Obama could remove cannabis from schedule one in 5 minutes with an executive order.

    • Bradford

      If we ever come up with a use for Chuck Roseieburger, we’ll know where to find him. In Gov’t, w/all the REST of the USELESS folks….

    • fuxationsucks

      “If we come up with a medical use for it, that would be wonderful. But we haven’t,”

      That deception is the absolute truth. The DEA, not being scientists or doctors, have not come up with a medical use for…well, anything.

      • chucky357

        Bingo! You win the internet today!

    • verb

      i just can not believe this,!!!! all the people that suffer know that cannabis helps them! i hope this guy reads the post people have put on here. and the studies that show cannabis is a life saver.

    • stever29

      What is it about this govt that the fools that elect them don’t understand? Why does everyone act shocked when the business as usual tactics continue? There are a lot of very gullible people in this country. I guess they just have very bad observation skills. Or memory. I already know that their attention span is the length of one of their corporate TV commercials but you don’t need to be very intelligent to figure out you have been getting screwed by the very system you defend and support. And since the majority of you insist on voting against your own best interests every election, and have been doing it for the past six or seven decades, it is hard for the thinking people to not believe that you all have low IQs. What other explanation is there?

    • Paul Schuster

      It is time to reschedule the DEA. There is too much money for these so called law enforcement agents both for their departments and for their individual pockets, that of course he won’t reschedule. So where is Obama in this? He was suppose to represent those who supported him and got him elected twice. What sort of back stabbing cowardly act is this?

    • verb

      please visit move on dot org petitions, one to sign removes cannabis from schedule 1.

      and another 2 petitions to help kansas legalize medical and recreational. thank you all!

      do all you can to legalize and decriminalize!

    • verb

      real spooky that we have this guy in the position he is in! what a bunch of BS!

    • benarah89

      Hilarious. On the Yahoo header, it says “DEA chief says, Marijuana is less dangerous than marijuana.”

      • ralphwylie

        Lighten up, Benarah…………the author was just high from a three martini lunch!

        • benarah89

          You may be correct Ralph. I apologize…lol

    • Nunya

      Hmmm…who’s lining his pockets to continue this lie?

      • FelixWankel

        pharma, just as they lie about vaccines being safe

        • Nunya

          Except that the vaccine fiasco was proven to be false by multiple third parties. There is something else in play here that we may not be seeing. Paper companies, labor groups, drug companies, who knows? It’s so convoluted, its hard to tell.

    • 1truthVSlies

      This is getting ridiculous. WHY is this moron even up for the job? He ignores science and common sense. And from his answers to the questions he’s still going to prosecute people in states where marijuana is allowed…again why was he even nominated. This is why we need someone like Sanders. Obama’s centrist triangulation is keeping this murderous war on drugs alive. What these politicians don’t realize is being for prohibition isn’t seen as being safe or PC – its seen as supporting failed policies and lying to voters faces rather than admit the guy before you was wrong.

    • Aaron Aveiro

      well if that ain’t deserving of this weeks bonehead award…

    • WTF ?

      Industrial grade BS! These idiots created a whole new generation of heroin addicts with it’s promotion of opiate based painkillers, yet, they want to demonize a plant that has been proven to show medical benefits. I bet if someone investigated this department, it wouldn’t take long to find payoffs, by pig pharma, to these bastards.

    • Yeah, bug spray is less dangerous than nuclear weapons, too. Duh!

    • Kenneth Mosier

      It don’t matter what this guys says anyway, he don’t have the power to change marijuana from a schedule 1. It will take congress to change the schedule 1 status. What strikes me as funny is they are still say marijauna has no medical use, talk about sticking your head in the sand.

    • Leonard Hester

      You can die from a cup of well placed water. End prohibition, end the lies.

    • Charles Edward Brown

      So when is he going to throw the drug dealers in Colorado in jail?

    • thoughtcrime8

      I say we throw the prohibitionist in jail?

    • Francis Vetter

      then close down the dispenseries since it has no medical use, we all know it was BS. its supplement, not a medication.

    • Tj Andrei

      See, the federal government is incappable of admitting when they have been wrong. No one will do anything to stop them from this abuse of power. When did the powers that be forget that the majority (few moments to quit laughing) is what rules in our country? Lets do a true national poll with all registered voters and see what the majority says, on a year everyone turns out to vote, on this issue. I’m sure the DEA director would act just like Ms. Davis down in Hillybillyville, Ky. when the results come in. He is so dang just, prestine, pure & righteous how could he possably be wrong? Next it will be GODS word to keep cannabis sched.I that makes them do it. Bunch of goof balls spending / waisting tax dollars when they are letting SO MUCH FREAKING TAX MONEY $$$$ pass by in the black market of cannabis. How stupid can they be? Oh, thats right, they get to keep all the asssets of cannabis raids, arrests under the confiscation laws. Thats how they make extra income and by-pass the budget department. Weed makes them all green when sched I……….

      • Bob Bitshin

        “the federal government is incappable of admitting when they have been wrong.”
        There’s a big difference between being wrong and telling blatant lies.

        • Tj Andrei

          True, 6 of one, half dozen of the other. keeping it sched.I is more lucrative for the locals & DEA is the main point.

    • JohnFKennedy

      Cops say LEGALIZE MARIJUANA! Learn more at LEAP(Law Enforcement Against Prohibition)

    • JohnFKennedy

      Just another hypocrite prohibitionist control freak.

    • B.Jevins

      Okay ya’ll…I don’t like the the lies about marijuana any more than anyone else. But don’t start telling other lies to try to support your cause. Alcohol has been shown to be beneficial, when consumed in moderation. Such as red wine now and then helps women with iron deficiencies and moderate consumption has shown other benefits. As with every thing else, ‘The poison is in the dose.’ What I’m saying is if you’re frustrated over the lies about marijuana don’t start telling other lies to try to support your position. That’s how you lose support, like the marijuana prohibitionists are losing theirs now. Cigarettes? That’s a whole different matter. I smoke cigs and wish they never existed. No value whatsoever.

      • chucky357

        That may be so but the problem lies in human nature, not the substance. Many people go waaay past moderate use. In the case of alcohol abuse it becomes dangerous and deadly to the abuser and those around them. This is clearly not the case with cannabis abuse as it can not ever kill you from overdose and it does not cause the same violent behavior as does alcohol.

        • B.Jevins

          Yes, alcohol is abused greatly and dangerously. But to tell lies about alcohol is no better than telling lies about marijuana. You’ve missed my point. Telling lies to support a truth is no better than telling lies to support a lie. Saying alcohol has no benefits is as irresponsible as saying marijuana doesn’t. And I’m saying this as a non-drinker. And stating the obvious doesn’t refute my original point.

          • chucky357

            The obvious? If it’s so obvious then why is a Republican candidate for president saying that smoking a joint is worse than drinking a beer? It may be obvious to YOU but to 40 to 50% of Americans who have been lied to all of their lives it is not so obvious. As a matter of fact this point can not be stated enough. And while we are at it I call BS on your alcohol is good for you crap! It’s not good for you at all. It is a TOXIC substance that will make you sick and kill you in the long run. No lies there my friend only truth. Rant off!

            • B.Jevins

              You still don’t get my point. You’re running off on a tangent just like liberals usually do. The point is NOT which is more dangerous, the point is not to lie to support your side of an argument. Doing so makes you look like a liar and you don’t know what you’re talking about. As marijuana prohibitionists are looking now. Like you trying to make this conversation about something that has nothing to do with my original point. Maybe you should read it again. By the way, I don’t count myself as conservative or liberal, republican or democrat. I don’t need a party to tell me how to think or to back me up. And, yes, it is plainly obvious to every body how dangerous alcohol can be. Now, do you have anything intelligent to say about my original point, or are you going to make another puerile attempt to change the conversation?

              • chucky357

                Ok you keep on saying this over and over and over again…what Fukking lie are you blubbering about? And you keep saying that its obvious to EVERYONE that alcohol is dangerous yet tens of thousands are dying from it EVERY YEAR. But hey, I understand, you are a southerner and you folks like your moonshine. Go get drunk and beat up your wife.

    • Economic_Refugee

      “…considering two of the past three presidents of the United States have admitted to using the substance recreationally.” From this I assume that the third was a liar.

      • 1truthVSlies

        You mean George H. W. Bush. Look up the documentary Conspiracy of Silence on youtube. This guy did a whole lot more than just use recreationally.

    • hctrpnt

      Everything can be harmful in excess even water

    • Bob Bitshin

      Our government, among others,
      illegally banned worldwide the most versatile, safe, clean, and
      inexpensive renewable resource on the planet so they can sell us
      inferior, toxic substitutes. For them to continue to cling to their
      lies and deny all science and research is an act of treason and
      sabotage against the people of Earth, our environment, and our

      The war on drugs was actually
      a huge success. It did exactly what it was supposed to do, make rich
      people richer. We the people need to realize that those in charge of
      the war on drugs are not losing that war, we the people are. The
      parasites known as our world leaders are criminals, and should be in

      The truth is rapidly becoming
      common knowledge. We don’t need a government funded poll telling us
      that 54% are in favor of legalization when we can plainly see in any
      comment section that it’s at least 90%. Pretty much everyone knows
      that the overwhelming amount of research to find something harmful
      has not only proven it to be safe, it’s probably the healthiest thing
      you can put in your body. Our health and safety is something that we
      all know isn’t a priority to them anyway. FDA approved drugs kill
      thousands every year, while cannabis has been around for thousands of
      years and hasn’t killed anyone, ever.

      If all it did was get you
      high, they wouldn’t have bothered to ban it in the first place,
      whether it was safe or not.

      Industrial hemp is the real
      reason that marijuana was banned. Oil (including petroleum products,
      like plastic), paper, cotton, building materials (and anything else
      made of composites containing a fiber), all can be done cleaner and
      safer for less money with hemp. On top of that, just like marijuana,
      hemp products are far superior in quality than what is available.
      The original Levi jeans were made from hemp, but lasted too long to
      be commercially viable. It’s even a threat to kevlar. There is
      absolutely no possible argument against the industrial uses of hemp,
      that’s why they keep the discussion focused on personal consumption.
      Of course, there is no valid argument there either, so they’re
      desperately clinging to their original lies.

      That’s their story and
      they’re sticking to it.

      These are in no way the actions of an American government. We
      need to rid ourselves of these corporate parasites that have
      infiltrated and assumed control of our country. We need the support
      of our armed forces, whose sworn loyalty belongs with the people and
      the constitution, not the government. Instead of defending our
      freedom and enforcing the constitution, we the people are paying them
      to be the muscle supporting corporate interests on the other side of
      the planet.

    • Dead Goon

      Hey, hey ,hey….smoke weed, everyday.

    • Dead Goon

      I’m going to reschedule a bowl pack, right now.

    • smfelo

      Because the DEA likes to convict non violent pot smokers for the prison industry. Fcuk him

    • RM

      You know what else has no medical value but is nonetheless.. legal?
      ..alcohol.. cigarettes..
      Now let’s see him admit that THOSE are more dangerous than marijuana as well.. stupid jacka..

      • Francis Vetter

        Thats why its not called medicine.

    • RM

      Oh yahoo…
      “DEA Chief Admits Marijuana Is Less Dangerous Than Marijuana” the level of incompetence is just incredible.

      • Economic_Refugee

        In such a hurry to get the jump on the story of a rock that does not move.

    • melaniemarshall

      We can take this lie from the DEA when we pry it out of their cold dead hands. Please, let’s abolish the DEA. They get to play Rambo with our money buying all their toys, they ruin millions upon millions of lives worldwide with impunity (Counting 45+ years of displacement of Central/South American families due to Narcoterrorism), and they protect the jobs of cartels, dealers, pharmaceuticals, alcohol and tobacco. All to decrease drug use and that never happened.

    • chucky357

      Incarceration Nation. Do you want to live in a free country, or in the one we live in now? In the country we live in now we have 5% of the worlds entire population but we hold 25% of the worlds entire prison population! This is absolutely true and can easily be confirmed. Why are we imprisoning so many more people than the entire rest of the world? Easy answer…MONEY. Private prisons are a big money maker here in the good ol’ USA and this gravy train is running full steam ahead. The Law Enforcement Industry (that’s right I said industry because that is what it has become) is very powerful and has become addicted to the asset forfeiture scheme that the drug war has produced. Things that are not criminal in any way were made into crimes so that they can steal your assets and money and lock you up and in many cases SHUT you up. Time to take back our country and get back our rights and freedoms. As our constitution states “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”! I will NEVER bow to these unjust laws…NEVER!

      • Nunya

        There’s a rapper, I believe, who is buying stock in these prison corps and doling them out to black men who fit the profiles of those who may frequent the prisons so that not only are they inmates, but also shareholders. Someone confirm? Maybe it’s Jay-Z?

    • ronobjrII

      Fire that basstard!

    • George Raybin

      Just uttering those words makes you deserving of capitol punishment, Rosenberg.

    • Datku

      Didn’t the Feds pass a bill regarding Medical Marijuana within the last couple of months? If so then they must reschedule it as the definition of Schedule one includes no medical uses. I am pretty sure they passed something to do with Medical to try and sabotage the Washington DC vote to legalize it.
      So many of these career politicians are so scared to stand up and make the change. For whatever reason they seem to think majority is not enough to say yes. That apparently the 40% or less of the population still against legalization have more power than the 60% that want it. Politicians forget they are the voice of their constitutions not their own personal vices. We will see this issue play a role in every election going forward until the “old school” get replaced with modern politicians. Standing up against the majority is the best bet to get voted out of office for those that do not listen to the public only the pharmaceutical companies and lobbyist stuffing cash in their pockets to stand there and say there is no medical use and that Marijuana is a gateway drug and is more dangerous than alcohol and tobacco.

    • Tahoe Joe

      This moron is one of the reasons most Americans distrust their government.

      This fool needs to be summarily fired and replaced with an intelligent individual who actually has some knowledge of the facts about cannabis, not the lies and nonsense he spouts.

    • MJ Garcia

      Proof he is BOUGHT by Big Tobacco & Big Alcohol!

      Both of which KILL more Americans in ONE YEAR than Cannabis has killed EVER!!

    • Mike Reynolds

      The federal government has lost all credibility and should be replaced in totality. We need to clean house

    • poishe12

      Chuck Rosenberg — When we start talking “Dangerous”, look in a mirror. You and almost all your “airhead” political position people are what is the most dangerous thing in this country.

    • Marty

      This guy is an idiot.

    • drmaddogs

      The Controlled Substances Act, As Nixon adapted it, was entirely to limit the ‘Hippies’ he hated. Not having the expertise, Nixon called on George Bush, while he was at the CIA- and also the ELY drug company, for help. The ELY drug company was the leader in ‘anti-psychotics’ at the time, Bush used his ELY money to start his run for the Presidency later.
      One might consider the ‘Nixon Study’ was ignored substantially on the advise of Bush, as MJ was even then possibly seen as having anti-psychotic benefits.
      Nixon added a substantial amount of the ‘fat problem’ with bringing in High Fructose, and 500k arrests a year for almost a half Century on Mj.
      Big government is always the problem where mj is concerned.

    • George Van Setters

      “If we come up with a medical use for it, that would be wonderful. But we haven’t.” Really, maybe this guy needs to call the patent office and ask what medical marijuana patents the U.S. holds for CBD? Man should be fired on the spot. lies cannot be tolerated. Nor incompetents. I sure wish I could get away with lies like this, What joint? This is jus a marijuana “cigarette”………Im so sick of these so called leaders, they are completely ignoring Americans. The GOP has completely ignored the subject who can tell me what trumps position is on Marijuana????? Who do these “leaders” think there fooling? Big suprise coming for the media and government, guarantee that!

      • drmaddogs

        Certainly ‘lies’ can be tolerated. Most communications from the Central government are lies.. it is even considered required… by Mandate. To not lie, is to get fired, for not upholding Mandate. Oh.. did you mean YOU.. cannot tolerate lies? “..communications from the Central government are lies”, you tolerate the lies every day.

    • woodeye

      What a douche!

    • Ingrid

      Proof positive, the pharmaceutical companies and their lobbyists have their hands all over the Feds. This guy sounds RETARDED! There’s a strain for that.

    • fourtwenty mostwanted

      How did this numb nuts get to be head of dea, did he took bribes? No medical uses, is he living in another era? What they need to ban is cigarettes which has no useful purposes at all!

    • Bud Elkins

      This guy may not smoke weed but he is for sure on something that is making him stupid.


      no just keep making billions of dollars pushing opioids as medicines even thought thats schedule one

    • Rick

      There are literally volumes of information extorting the medicinal value of marijuana. What is this idiot talking about?? He is ruining his own credibility. One of the stupidest remarks ever heard. What he isn’t saying is if it were legalized his power drops off significantly because his budget would drop and we all know that power in Washington is largely determined on the size of the budget you control. Pharmaceutical, alcohol and cigarette companies lobby against its legalization because they see it as a threat to their profits. Again money is the main obstacle.

    • Jon Bradley


    • Bryan Thomas

      “If we come up with a medical use for it, that would be wonderful. But we haven’t,” What planet is he living on?

    • mike


      • James Roberts

        Alcohol is a much bigger gateway drug because it lowers inhibition. Weed does not typically change your persona in that way. Most people I know who use weed prefer it over any hard drugs. But some resort to partying with harder drugs on a Friday night because they know they will piss clean on Monday if they get drug tested at work, whereas they would not from smoking a little cannabis.

      • Francis Vetter

        They don’t call alcohol or cigarettes medicine .

    • Steve Dodge

      IT’s obvious this MORON is unaware of US Patent # 6630507. It is assigned to the US Dept. Of HEALTH & HUMAN services. For Use As Neuroprotectants & Antioxidants. Look it up. It’s Public record. On File with the US Patent Office. NeuroProtectants PREVENT Brain Damage as in a stroke. And Antioxidants, Kill Cancer cells.
      I’m not bragging on my education, but that sounds medical to me.
      I know Neuroprotectants doesn’t seem to be a word but that’s what it says, on the US Patent Web Site.

      • George Van Setters

        Thank you Steve for looking up the direct info, I knew there was a patent number.

    • mark woods

      This is sick. By now most of us realize that alcohol is far worse and the fact is the gov represents interests who lose money where it is legal because people prefer it to alcohol which is the most abused drug in the world. Alcohol ruins lives and takes lives in auto accidents and destroys the body. This is more of the disgusting was our so called leaders work. Take money from the alcohol industry and do their bidding for that free money. They forget they are supposed to represent the people.

      • mike

        Remember Chris Christie said that legalizing marijuana in NJ and collecting tax money from it would be considered blood money and if he is president he is going after every state that legalized it!!!!

        • mark woods

          Christie cant even control what he eats. Shows how much fortitude one needs to be a politician. It has been proven to help children with seizures. Of course, it helps people who are sick such as chemo patients and will be found to help with insomnia. Problem is all those drug companies want you to buy there products which in many cases are ineffective or worse with side effects.

    • mike

      Lets call for a ban on Alcohol and Tobacco. They serve no purpose and millions of Americans die from it yearly!!! You cant just ban Marijuana and not ban them… I dont care how many corporations will lose! Thats the biggest argument….Knowing how many people die yearly from both how can they be legal! What ever their argument is for it to be legal should be the same for marijuana!!!!

      • James Roberts

        Yes, the hypocrisy is strong with our government. When they talk about gun control, it’s always, “if it could save just one life….”

    • Chris Myers

      F*CK THE DEA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I must have to do with money or their jobs….

      • Fugg

        Marijuana prohibition was championed by Harry Anslinger as a jobs program to keep the revenue agents employed after alcohol prohibition ended. So yes you are correct about the money and jobs.

    • f frederick skitty

      subvert the dominant paradigm.

    • drmaddogs

      25 >< that are funded themselves with 10 million on a per employee basis.
      When sued, the Department that answers for the DEA concerning MJ is the ONDCP.
      So while the ONDCP enters States and makes illegal campaign contributions for anti MJ candidates, and while constituents to the ONDCP help every Presidential front runner in their campaign, for free, for policy/anti MJ, citizens are left being distracted by what the DEA quotes…. when they haven't a say in the matter at all.

    • ericthemadman

      Just another ignoramus in the office. These people should have a minimum IQ before working for us.

      • mark woods

        These people are all theives. They dont care what is right. They only care about the money.

      • Fugg

        It is apparent they have minimal IQ.

    • Lene Ring

      I was wondering how much money this guy got from the Pharmaceutical Industry.

      • ericthemadman

        Quite a bit!

        • George Van Setters

          truth is loud an in your FACE, 24/7 365, untill this injustice is transformed.; Get used to it mad man.

    • Stephen Williams

      More boolsheet from the corporate lackeys at the DEA. The DEA is a monolithic agency that demands drugs be illegal to justify its own existance. They are hand in hand with Big Pharm to keep Marijuana a Schedule I drug, despite it’s ample justification for medical use. Lies, lie, lies from the DEA and the Feds. Obama failed on this as he failed on many other issues. Prosecution of Wall Street bankers who nearly wrecked the economy? NAH, Imposition of the Glass-Steagall Act to prevent big banks from gambling with depositors money? NAH. Making medical marijuana a schedule II or III medicinal drug? NAH.

      • mark woods

        The truth is We have every right to use marijuana. Its called the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A lot of the problems with it is it is the wrong type being sold. They make it as strong as possible which may be great for sick people but indica is not the best choice for feeling better. People need to move to the sativa which makes you feel better but is not so inclined to make you stupid or sleepy. It sort of like the difference between white lightning and 3 2 beer. In the end it will be found to be effective for mental problems such as bipolar and skitzoid problems. Not to mention glaucoma treatment.

    • Anthony Ellero

      This DEA chief isn’t too much smarter than the last one eh? This regime knows how to pick em.

      • mark woods

        They know exactly what they are doing. Its called subverting the will of the people kind of like homobotic marriage where inseminating turds is not sanctified. Even california voted it down only to be overuled by a few lawyers who are appointed by presidents for a lifetime of idiotic decisions which we get to live with.

    • dean granger

      Another beauroucrat has risen to a place slightly higher than his intelligence will allow him to function rationaly, which in the end will ruin lives and cost taxpayers. More DC politics as usual.

    • James Naples III

      Another stupid person who is following big pharma. Common sense says it should not be a schedule I drug. But apparently we keep putting people in positions of power who LACK COMMON SENSE. Oh wait I forgot its how you keep your law enforcement/corporate prison system funded.

      • mark woods

        They are supporting the evil alcohol lobby and the big drug companies to the exclusion of any thing else.

    • Samuel Keller

      The on-going refusal to accept the potential medical benefits of marijuana is shameful. There is sufficient anecdotal evidence to make a reasonable claim that medical marijuana does benefit certain people for certain problems. Medical marijuana should be readily available in any pharmacy. Now on the other hand – recreational marijuana should not be allowed. We don’t nee d another legal intoxicant.

      • ericthemadman

        BS, forget the medical aspect all together! We know it has proven medical benefits. Bottom line is should be available for recreational use too, so my friends can consume with me without fear of arrest. Alcohol has no medical use and a high concern for abuse…yet legal?? Oh, that’s right, big Pharma is not worried about booze taking their profits!

        • Fugg

          Yep. Booze destroys the body thus requiring medical attention and big pharm drugs to treat.

        • George Van Setters

          lil bit jealous aint we, well maybe you shoulda put an intuitive for legalization, do just cry about this an that, DO something about, your mad, thats good, put it to work son!

          • ericthemadman

            Not sure what intuitive you’re talking about & there is no jealousy here. I’m simply stating facts not crying?? BTW, I’ve been involved with the battle for legalization probably before you were born son!

        • mark woods

          We just want to feel better and it is obvious the marijuana fills that need for many. I just wish they could quit with the face plant weed and start up with sativa which is lighter in nature and has a better high.

      • drmaddogs

        Lost it is, that people almost always chose ONE.. intoxicant. This is the entire model for why lobbyists for alcohol and the Pharmas lobby against Mj. When Mj is legalized, after big business figures a way to dominate the commodity inclusion, significant reductions in usage of other intoxicants will happen.

        It is simply unavoidable considering big business will lobby out small participants and perhaps eliminate the ‘grow your own’ regulations.. thereby keeping prices higher than necessary.
        There are only so many dollars available for discretionary spending on intoxicants.
        Benefits will be seen as alcohol adds some 20 cancer diseases, Mj few if any/none known at present.
        Violence will drop as before Congress it has been testified by main street providers of care for battered women and other servicers.. MJ people simply don’t compare to alcohol users in violent tendencies.
        The same demarcation exists for people deciding to quit MJ versus Pharmas and alcohol.
        While it may seem that ‘another intoxicant’ is bad on its face value, the deeper questioning finds that a ‘another intoxicant’ instead of, always comes out on top- Mj.
        This is well before other social issues like 25 billion in corrupted spending a year to exclude MJ, deciding elections with Federal tax dollar candidate donations, Illegally…. helping Presidents win the Oval, dealings with criminal organizations involved with Mj smuggling, the violence of Drug Gangs involved with Mj illicit sales.. ect ect.

      • mark woods

        So you get to tell us what we can and cannot do? That has not worked for 50 years and wont work now. You can buy 100 proof alcohol at any store and its far worse. You would outlaw alcohol also i hope since it is the biggest drug problem in the world today.

    • papahoward

      We must purge all republicans out of the government.

      • Jagrick

        I know right, because democrats have done such a wonderful job.

      • Samuel Keller

        You do know the story above is from a Democratic administration, right?

      • Stephen Williams

        Uhhhh, this guy is a DEMOCRAT! read my post above on the failures of this administration to hold people accountable.

      • Chris Myers

        If everyone voted Independent, repubs and dems would be on the sideline, one can dream anyways!

      • Bill Krizan

        Typical response from another ignorant Liberal. SMH

      • B.Jevins

        This issue is not so political as you think. There are plenty of republicans and conservatives who want Marijuana to be legalized. The only political problem is ‘Old Guard’ career politicians on both sides of the aisle and bureaucrats who need to have a reason for their position to exist. By the way, that little prejudice you have against republicans is the same kind of mechanism that that drives racism. Think about it, if you’re capable.

        • papahoward

          Its true that I recoil at the word republican but its because they defended the actions Nixon “I am not a crook,” Bush “Read my lips,” Reagan’s Iran/Contra, Bush’s yellow cake, Cheney the torturer and that whole gang of lying thugs, Sarah Palin world leader?? etc.

          • B.Jevins

            And then there’s Nancy Pelosi with “We have to vote for it so we can see what’s in it”, and any number of ridiculous statements and actions on both sides. I am neither. This is my view of the two-party system: Remember ol’ Abe? He had a pretty good quote about fooling the people. Both sides have taken part of the quote to heart. In that ‘some of the people can be fooled all of the time.’ And both sides keep their respective constituents bickering over everything under the sun. Tell me, when has either side ever undone what the other side has enacted?

      • George Van Setters

        Both party’s just as equally incompetent.

      • mark woods

        I used to think that but times have changed when we have a president who tries to legalize 25 to 50 million illegal aliens when americans cant afford a home or find a job. Complete bullscrap.

    • jontomas

      Either Obama has a very Machiavellian plan to end marijuana prohibition or he has just lost the last shred of credibility that he is about anything other than serving the wealthy power structure. – He nominated this goofball.

      2016 is going to be a very interesting year!

      • Brian Skinner

        I am a big Obama supporter, worked on his campaign and I am disappointed he hasn’t done anything.
        I believe he will before he leaves office.

        • jontomas

          Since he has made some subtle moves that have opened the door for marijuana reform, I still hold out hope, too. – But if he is going to do the right thing, he sure is going the L-O-N-G way around to get there!

        • Chris Myers

          Yes I hope so too, and not just with the pardons exiting presidents always do! Legalize it!

        • drmaddogs

          If he does, he reduces the extra/beyond the cost of, Library dollars donated. Most of which, at this point, are involved with HHS.. the biggest user of the portions of Drug War dollars dedicated to Mj.
          Obama will slink out on the MJ issue.

          • jontomas

            Right. And it’s not just government’s funding with law enforcement and prisons, etc., but large, powerful private interests will be losing much as well. – The alcohol and pharmaceutical industries, the drug testing and “treatment” companies, money laundering banks and the billionaire drug gangs themselves. – That’s what’s been propping up the decrepit witch-hunt, but even they can’t stand against the people’s growing will for justice.

            The (4) Free States have already leaped to liberty. That cat’s not going back in the bag, and most of the rest of the states will soon join them. – This will cause the crumbling fraud of the federal prohibition to collapse under its own dead weight – as soon as 2017.

        • George Van Setters

          I often wonder if the president would even be president if it wasnt for his stance on medical marijuana. I know for me, it was the first and last vote I ever partisipated in. The president I thought was a pro Marijuana president and the state had medical marijuana on the ballot, 63% of Michiganders wanted medical marijuana………….smh

    • just me

      All I can say is get out and vote Bernie Sanders into office and he will make an attempt to over throw this BS

      • Samuel Keller

        Sanders would destroy this country.

        • MasterMind

          God, please elaborate!

        • jontomas

          No. He would save it. We are descending into a fascist plutocracy while most of the “developed” nations have a functional blend of socialism and capitalism.

        • and you are a rape baby. people can say anything.

    • All hail the pension sucking DEA Hitler youth. How much do you think they pay this idiot?

      • Brian Skinner

        $1 would be too much

      • calvet11

        He has his GOVERNMENT check, the one from BIG PHARMA, the one from BIG ALCOHAL, and the one from BIG TOBACCO. With that much money coming to me I’d lie about cannabis to LOL.

    • Greg

      Wait a second what does he mean “if they come up with a medical use for it?” The DEA is the drug enforcement agency key word in enforcement which means they enforce the laws not make them or research medical treatments. But even more important is the fact that the federal laws that made cannabis illegal were racially motivated, they were enacted to limit the movement of black and hispanic people.

      • f frederick skitty

        here’s what tommy chong said about his reaction to nervously taking his first hit:
        ‘i wonder what else they’ve been lying about.’

        • B.Jevins

          And that lie is the gateway, if there is one.

        • George Van Setters

          Thats exactly what i thought my first puff, 22yrs ago 😉 what else is this government lieing about……..

    • Daniel

      When I had chemo treatments , marijuana was the only thing that helped me . Try taking the puke pills for yourself , and see which helps you ! Only after you have gone through chemo treatments do you realize how wrong everyone is about marijuana .

      • Brian Skinner

        I have heard the same from anyone I know who has had chemo.

    • capoeiraike .

      Well of course they won’t reschedule. Don’t want to upset all those lobbyists lining their pockets to keep it illegal. Smh, utter incompetence and utterly unethical. Shameful.

      • Brian Skinner

        Besides all the for profit prisons need the money. They are accountable to the shareholders. No one cares what happens to the average Joe.

    • snafubar

      As if we need more proof that we have complete eegits running things…..smfh.

    • f frederick skitty

      hanlon’s razor, but with ‘malice’ and ‘stupidity’ in reverse order.

    • sicktiredth

      The profit potential for marijuana for corporate America rivals alcohol if not more. Our elected and appointed officials will change the current criminal/FDA schedules and rules as soon as their corporate pimps have all their ducks in a row to control marijuana from grow to distribution.
      Our elected prostitutes who work specifically for corporate America’s pleasure will write laws that make it impossible for the small independent citizen/business to participate after one of the backroom/fact finding junket/golf holiday meetings between corporate America and their elected prostitutes.
      Then our elected prostitutes will explain during soundbites and corporate marketing choreographed speeches and ads that “after much soul searching and discussion with industry experts (aka corporate pimps) we will compassionately agree to change the laws to make marijuana accessible to all, especially those poor, poor children! BUT, we must insure that safety blah,,, blah.. blah is insured because above everything else that is the most important thing. (LMMFAO!)
      So to insure this safety we have decided to insist that any business participating in the marijuana industry must have at least $50,000,000.00 in resources because blah.. blah… blah”.
      And so to insure a quick and easy transition we have decided that to insure the safety of all Americans, we will count on the the standards and integrity we all know already exists within big pharma and big liquor corporate America.
      Big pharma will insure ethics and integrity, safety and compassion blah… blah… blah… above all, and big liquor will control a smooth transition to all recreational facets in their already licensed and controlled arenas.
      With these rules/policies in place we will have the security and knowledge that our new US laws governing safety blah… blah… blah..
      So we have decided as your elected representatives vested with your sacred trust to insure the new laws and rules created for the marijuana industry both medical and recreational, will be controlled by these corporate entities and thereby insuring complete ethical actions and safety for the American people! LMMFAO!

      • jontomas

        That’s what they want to do, all right. But guess what? – As long as we have home growing ( and Washington is the only legal state that doesn’t, so far) we will be able to opt out of all that if we wish. – I see a huge system of barter springing up around home growing. – The officially approved, national market will have to respond to that with reasonable prices, or it will dry up.

        After California and some others join the Free States next year in November, the crumbling fraud of the federal prohibition will collapse – as soon as 2017. Then the national market will flourish and prices will plummet to $50 an ounce or less. If price plus taxes edges over $100 an ounce, large numbers of people will just grow their own. That will reduce commercial demand which will, in turn, bring prices back down to earth.

        It’s just a plant.

        • Brian Skinner

          Tell you this. I live in MA and in 2016 we are voting to be another CO. No one doubts it will be approve by a wide margin. Matter of fact I am going to visit CO next week. Don’t tell me cannabis doesn’t bring in money. Meals, car rentals, motels, gas, all equal JOBS.

          • jontomas

            The other half of that equation is ending the costly marijuana prohibition will also SAVE millions of dollars.

            • SayItAintSo

              Correction TRILLIONS of dollars.

        • sicktiredth

          The problem is that the corporate entities will want to control that market to, and will insist that laws be written to insure that they don’t lose a VERY lucrative part of the market. It will all be done and stated as a “compassionate” decision to help/bring fairness to all with some minor inconvenience to a few.
          It’s the corporate/legislative way, especially in recent history where corporate/wall street America has gained so much immediate influence regarding commerce.
          Where there is so much profit at stake, (and I can’t think of any recent business concept that has anywhere near the same huge profit potential), corporate America will find ways to control it, either by regulation costs so high that no one but existing multi-billion entities can participate, or by convincing the American public that “homegrown” although a good and kind idea, will only be abused by those monster drug cartels, and will actually endanger the small private “honest American home grower” so the government has to protect them for their own good”. They’ll just say that now that it’s available to all via a safe controlled environment, the government’s regulated rules are better for all! The unbelievably huge profit potential to big pharma and liquor will in the end be the downfall of the small independent or “home grower”, just to much of a profit loss to allow!

          • jontomas

            That all sounds plausible, but many states already have the right to home grow. They’re going go have to pry that right from our cold, dead fingers – so to speak.

            No. Because cannabis is easily grown, the culture will be even less controlled than the Internet is. – Freedom is on it’s way, big time.

      • Brian Skinner

        That is EXACTLY what Ohio is proposing. They will issue 10 licenses to grow it, and all 10 are already taken by the lobbyists. This is before they even vote to get it.

        • sicktiredth

          Brian, most folks don’t know that Seagram’s Liquor and RJ Reynolds Tobacco were some of the largest contributors against the legalization of M going back to the early 1970s.
          Now that they see the writing on the wall, anyone that doesn’t know the laws in commerce are written by corporate America is in for a surprise.
          Both Seagram’s and RJ started patenting labels, ads, etc. back then. It’s just corporate America’s way, they fought against it as long as they could win and it was profitable using every dirty trick and tactic that money can buy… Now that they see the profit and a huge one is on the other side, they’ll just invest their money that way, starting with making the rules thru their elected prostitutes to insure they have control..
          It’s the corporate American/wall street way. What’s right and just has ZERO to do with anything, it’s who has the most money and influence.. And unfortunately, that has become the American way…

        • George Van Setters

          Thats fin disgusting, Im truely sorry for you man….

    • whoisjohngalt58

      There are reasons the Nixonian Classification remains. There are strong economic reasons the ban is in place.. some of the reasons are tied to the chemical drug industry, as long as “CANNABIS” is Schedule I, the FDA/DEA/NIH can control what studies are approved. The FDA is all too often headed by someone from a pharmaceutical firm with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.
      Petrochemical firms have an interest in the status quo as well, as does the Ethanol lobby/Big Ag Lobby.

      1. Big ag has control of 95% of the corn genome, this is done to produce ethanol and corn, and other grains that sicken people with empty nutrition. the seeds of hemp plant can be used as a replacement in the oil feed stock in a manner that is cheaper than GMO soybeans and produce as much BTUs per gallon.
      2. Chemical companies dupont , and cotton industry lobby fight against even the non-psychoactive plant because it produces a better fiber without as much damage to the soil, (which chemical companies, gain benefit from closing this loop because they can sell more fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.

      3. the medical chemical industry lobby keep people sick and dependent on an illness model. Cannabis in it’s raw form can stem many ailments, that are currently being the disease model, with toxic chemical medications, therapies or invasive surgeries.

      4. Law enforcement/ Prison industry, this class garners up to 50-80% of it’s revenue from the “war” on drugs,
      either from subsidies from “drug enforcement grants” or civil asset forfeitures.

      when we have people like Chris Christy spewing his unintelligent comments about cannabis, follow the money,
      His state contains the largest chemical firms, and pharmaceutical firms in the nation.

      it is ABOUT money.

      • f frederick skitty

        it’s all about money AND keeping a boot on the neck of those who don’t vote for these guy’s bosses.

      • Bob Bitshin

        Excellent post.

      • dirt350

        Spot on! Excellent post.

    • L C

      Fire that moron immediately! We don’t need his bs rhetoric in that position. Maybe you should read the American Cancer Institutes study on the benefits of marijuana. You’ll let Monsanto poison us, but you won’t let people smoke what GOD put on this earth? You’re an idiot.

    • Noneya

      Cures cancer but won’t re-schedule, What a jerk…..

    • mm

      They are just waiting for Monsanto to get the patent so that they have complete control over the potency using GMO seeds. Then it will be announced that they have saved our youth from the new dangerous overly potent weed that was not the weed your parents smoked. Then they will start adding cancer chemicals just like tobacco does. So, who are the bad guys? Not some hippie grower in Cali but organized crime. pharma, Monsanto, big alcohol, cotton, timber, and control freaks like the DEA

      • Kurt S.

        Interesting perspective, however; marijuana has thrived as a counter culture in America for 80-100 years and I don’t see that changing even if your proposed scenario becomes reality. There will always be a hippie growing The Kind and type of weed they desire free from the evil of gov’t and corproate entities.

      • f frederick skitty

        anyone here remember paraquat?

        • Brian Skinner

          sure do. That was the 80s?

    • Thomas Lindsey

      The Government is refusing to take it off the list in favor of Pharmaceutical Lobby money and criminalization profits, this is not rocket science, before the FDA approved processed sugar for mass sells it was know that it caused Cancer in rat testing yet processed sugar is used in just about every processed food we consume in some form. If processed sugar causes cancer in rats, you can only imagine what it does to humans, so when he says we haven’t found a medical use for it what they really mean is if we make it legal and it really does cure cure cancer, out the window goes a big chunk of lobby money and prison funding, confiscated property all a big lose to them as they see it, they know it makes no sense to keep it on the list and that it has killed no one alcohol kills millions and it is legal to make at home, if marijuana was legal the drugs and other substances used would decrease and they are very aware of this fact and intentional ignore it, so if you think the Government is refusing for the good of the people you are sadly wrong, the time has come to force the issue and a petition won’t work, the fact that it remains on the list needs to be attacked directly !

    • James Roberts

      Either our leaders are seriously mentally challenged, or they have very deep pockets. Something tells me it’s more the latter.

      • Arkavix

        The latter. Marijuana gets legalized, people start farming and using hemp, the lumber industry takes a huge hit. Look up the smear campaign the lumber industry did to get pot illegal to begin with.

        • James Roberts

          Oh, I know. I was just being facetious. It’s just more fun to make politicians out to be idiots.

    • IJR

      The federal government says that marijuana is more dangerous than cocaine and meth.
      The federal government says that marijuana has no medical uses.
      The federal government has patents on some of the medical uses of marijuana.

      Call your representative and ask why the federal government operates this way.

      • f frederick skitty

        i am 68 years old.
        i have no ‘representatives’ in the federal government.
        i have never been ‘represented’ by anyone in the federal government.
        i have no confidence of ever being ‘represented’ by anyone in the federal government.
        here are my federal ‘representatives’, at present:
        ladies and gentlemen, i give you the three oil stooges –
        lisa (‘daddy’s girl’) murkowski, don (‘propeller beanie’) young, and dan (‘ohio’) sullivan.
        not much there to work with.

    • Isaiah Christopher Berger

      Hes an idiot, just goes to show you that BIG Government is not for the people, and that Federal Oversight is corrupt to the core. Vote the ignorant idiots out, and put some people intelligent enough to do the job the people ask. Not the job, these policed out crooks do by telling us what to do in our lives. For one if they are telling others what not to do in their own life, doesn’t it make you think that they are hypocritical and judgmental much. You sir, are an ignorant tool and need to go back to School along with the people in that photograph.

    • A in Pa

      The holdup??? 535 People on the ‘Hill’ and the President and Drug War taxation dollars.
      The answer? It’s happening, the constant barrage of 70 years of lies are failing- Voters are pushing Mj into inclusion by direct voting on ballots.
      The Hill and others will take credit, but they are simply being pushed along by voters.
      Currently Mj is coming to the ‘markets’, meaning ever bigger businesses are trying to insert and dominate.. this leads to paying FOR legalization from a different subset of lobbyists.
      The end scenario is always the same as for inclusion, the Department of Commerce will get involved and regulating the small participator, out of business is just now starting.
      Leading to a simple pail of water and a seed becoming something that will compete with the 800 billion dollars alcohol comprises of the GDP/5%.
      All will be obvious when Fed Regs are instituted where almost assuredly the commodity will be restricted in the ‘grow your own’ model and like alcohol, there will not be allowed for 30 years>< the p

    • mbunker2007

      He is just quoting the Federal dribble. Over 20 states now consider it medical. Luckily there is not a D$@! THING HE CAN DO ABOUT IT. You hear that? Rosenburg, you can’t stop legalization!

      • mbunker2007

        I hope he is reading these comments.

    • A in Pa

      “If we come up with a medical use for it, that would be wonderful. But we haven’t,” declared Chuck Rosenberg, the acting head of the Drug Enforcement Agency, in a Sept. 5 interview with Fox News.

      1st off, there ARE medical uses for it….. jerk off, where is your head? and please find the head out of ____ extractor… and some mental health professional to get you out of your denial about the benefits of marijuana use OR are you waiting for the pharmaceutic companies to patent all the herbal treatments so all the profits from this business go to them? — Then the profiteers in Washington will legalize after they get their cut of the profits?

      2nd, why do we have to justify legalization? NO one has to justify the need for alcohol, tobacco or lotteries…

      The only question here is what are your true motivations? and who pulls your strings and owns you?

    • A in Pa

      The holdup??? 535 People on the ‘Hill’ and the President and Drug War taxation dollars.
      The answer? It’s happening, the constant barrage of 70 years of lies are failing- Voters are pushing Mj into inclusion by direct voting on ballots.
      The Hill and others will take credit, but they are simply being pushed along by voters.
      Currently Mj is coming to the ‘markets’, meaning ever bigger businesses are trying to insert and dominate.. this leads to paying FOR legalization from a different subset of lobbyists.
      The end scenario is always the same as for inclusion, the Department of Commerce will get involved and regulating the small participator, out of business is just now starting.
      Leading to a simple pail of water and a seed becoming something that will compete with the 800 billion dollars alcohol comprises of the GDP/5%.
      All will be obvious when Fed Regs are instituted where almost assuredly the commodity will be restricted in the ‘grow your own’ model and like alcohol, there will not be allowed for 30 years>< the production by individuals of a years supply at one time.

    • mbunker2007


    • mbunker2007

      The madness never ends. But it WILL. Stop the madness, disband the DEA and disregard this….this…..this…..please help me out folks….please comment in response. Also, legalization will succeed whether he likes it or not, reschedules or not. You don’t like it SIR, send the police to my house and arrest now for disorderly conduct. BRING IT. Stop the madness, continue the fight, states! Kudos to those who stand in resistance, the fighting four! LEGALIZE YES WE CAN! AND WE WILL Rosenburg, and there is NOTHING, NOTHING you can do, or Big Pharma, courts, police, etc. to STOP US. BRING IT.

    • f frederick skitty

      ‘that’ll do, pig…
      that’ll do.’
      – farmer hoggett

    • White Widow 2007

      Has he seen a epileptic child who is responding to cannabis oil to stop her seizures? Watch Gupta dude!

    • Lee Westmas

      Time to take the bureaucrats out of the discussion, they’re only after votes..

      • f frederick skitty

        do you remember ever voting for members of the d.e.a.?
        or voting whether the d.e.a. is needed at all?

    • tony cool

      the hammer sees only nails

    • IJR

      You are not a women, much less a man. You are a dumb pos.

    • The Moogly

      Talk to any one on chemo.

    • IJR

      To be honest, the federal government’s mind boggling refusal to do the right thing is actually keeping big business out of cannabis. There are many people scared to death of large corporations running cannabis.

      The fed’s refusal to do the right thing is keeping cannabis in the hands of the small time grower.

    • IJR

      Meet the new Boss, same as the Old Boss.

    • John Tata

      “If we come up with a medical use for it, that would be wonderful. But we haven’t,” What “we” is he referring to? Is it possible that the “we” to which he refers isn’t trying to find medical uses for marijuana. People use it as a sleep aid, appetite enhancing drug (for cancer patients), for pain medication, to treat glaucoma, bi polar people, etc.

      • fgt4urights

        The government is such pathological liars to the masses on all issues that it is the master in keeping a straight face when it bold face lies and hides the fact since the 70’s and before it was, and is directly giving government pot to people like Irvin Rosenfield for his rare disease and for medicinal use. People should learn about him and the complete hypocritical stance on the issue. They even have a patent on it US Patent 6630507. These people are dangerous to the American public, freedom, rights and common sense. They know exactly the lie which they preach to deceive the masses of facts, science and information to distort reality and create a false reality. It’s the same as saying the earth is flat and the people eating up this crap are no better as they are also a threat to humanity, freedom, truth and knowledge.

    • Matt Noone

      PROBABLY NOT as addictive as HEROIN?? @sshole!!! I know entire towns wiped out by heroin (and meth & oxy-whatevers). Marijuana? NEVER… And NO ‘medical use for it?!”… ask the millions of people who use it for just that purpose. Pharm and GOV win again over the US citizen

    • Bamf

      It’s a money maker for the government to have it on schedule 1…bunch of crooks.

    • tom hasbrouck

      Corrupt to the core. Legal theft by government. The DEA!

    • The DEA, BigPharma, the Police Unions (not all but most who rely on government funding for their anti-drug programs), and the Prison Industry will always lobby CONgress to keep cannabis illegal and use the excuse that it has no medical benefit, even though there is a plethora of information of its use, because it will cut into their profits. It’s as simple as that. ‘Money’ controls these sociopaths without any regard for the hundreds of thousands of seriously ill people who could benefit from its use.

      Not until millions put pressure on congress with a unifying grassroots effort, will cannabis be declassified as scheduled 1. Although I just read Martin O’Mailey, if voted in as president, would change its status. Though I wouldn’t bet on any politician keeping their promise. We need The People to stand up against this injustice!

    • porpoiseboy

      how effing backwards is our fed govt? rhetorical question, btw. any answer but that mj should be rescheduled or removed completely is ludicrous. that the feds even THINK it is their responsibility to tell people what to do in their personal lives shows they have no real respect for liberty.

    • tom hasbrouck

      No wonder they have zero credibility. Enemies of the people.

    • marcel

      Plant the seed and free the weed! Be a Johnny Appleseed, I mean a Johnny Marijuanaseed!

      If everyone was to do it it couldnt be stopped!!

      I like to put em in the court house planters just for fun, then call the
      cops on the cops for growing weed at the court house ;^)

      • Great idea. But sadly MJ seeds these days are very expensive; between $8-15 per seed.

    • Dennis

      “If we come up with a medical use for it, that would be wonderful. But we haven’t,”
      …Uhh, maybe that’s because it hasn’t been rescheduled?

    • Brock Lee

      What a dumbass

    • gauch

      Well..Law enforcement will never agree to removing a law that gives them a reason to be employed and paid by tax dollars..Without funding for nabbing Marijuana growers, dealers, and users, (which will be regulated after decriminalization from the Feds), these Bureaucratic operated anti drug agencies will cease to exist..

    • Bob

      Drug prohibition / enforcement is a growth industry.

    • GERARD

      This is the kind of imbecile like this guy that explains why America is so backwards sometimes. Meth and alcohol kill thousands, pot makes you mellow, HELPS with pain and slows down my glaucoma!I

    • Aerik O’Morda

      Who voted for this idiot to be head of the DEA?…and by head I mean d__khead. Lighten up Chuck…you are not an expert on drugs.

    • John B. Lurvey

      This man is a poorly informed fool and should be replaced immediately by someone experienced in the field. The D.E.A. is an incredibly corrupt organization populated by thieves and liars and should be disbanded. During my thirty year career as a deputy sheriff in Miami, Fla. I have observed D.E.A. agents stealing cocaine from a narcotics crime scene that my staff and I were investigating. Any seasoned person involved in law enforcement that has associated with D.E.A. personnel will verify that they are police. They are nothing more than poorly trained civilians carrying guns.

      • f frederick skitty

        john –
        thank you for speaking out.

      • Jordan Shorette

        thank you, its always nice to actually hear from police that care. they seem to be an endangered species these days

      • Bob Bitshin

        “This man is a poorly informed fool”
        No, he is a liar.

    • Shari Peterson

      How utterly bereft of ration is DC? It’s so obvious that it’s medicinal in addition to relaxing and all around good. This is what evil looks like, in nicely pressed suits lying through their teeth to protect their corporate buddies.

    • 1joedell1

      you really think that someone who gets money to go after pot heads is going to give it up, it s a total waste of taxpayer money to put pot heads in jail, but hes not going to give up the money he gets for doing it.

      • Certified

        And just the feeling of power and authority. Money alone does not usually bring a man to the point where he’s in active armed insurgency against the people of the US.

        That takes genuine sociopathy.

    • critterman

      it will never be changed from schedule 1, takes too much money from law enforcement

    • outsideinthecold

      Having pot and heroin in the same Schedule 1 classification is ludicrous. The data from CO clearly demonstrates the positive effects of decriminalization; less drunk driving and hard drug overdose deaths.

      Maybe if cannibis consumers weren’t blindly supporting Obama and the Democrats the DEA chief would reconsider.his position; but for now the Democrats own the nearly ten-percent of voters who prefer pot to alcohol and other much worse substances.

      And the Republicans are so trapped by their social conservative religious that they aren’t electable on the national level because of their intransigent policies. So much for the party of individual responsibility and personal freedom.

      • Certified

        Yes, the Republicans are wrong on pot… just one more thing thy have in common with Democrats.

        • Shari Peterson

          Yep. They both unjustly keep drugs illegal. Always entertaining to see someone only see 1/2 the picture.

      • porpoiseboy

        not all us conservatives feel that way however. though most of us ( including me ) are not party bound. i am a conservative user in CO, so what i REALLY care about are candidates who at least say “lets defer to the states on this issue”. and only republican or libertarian candidates will tell you that. if you start taking some of the feds power away, and defer it to where it was intended ….. to individual states you will see change much more quickly.

        • IJR

          Republicans have not given a crap about state’s rights since the 1990s.

          • porpoiseboy

            i hear many saying that mj is a states rights issue. whether they really believe it or not is another story i suspect.

    • Joey Beck

      every time the gov declares war on anything, terror, drugs, poverty, it gets worse gee wonder why?

    • Joey Beck

      smoke a joint rosenberg, and get a haircut you look nerdy and greasey

    • Joey Beck

      thanx rosenberg, p.s. you may be a redneck

      • porpoiseboy

        i am not one, though i know for a fact that most rednecks LOVE pot.

    • Martin Turner

      The link to the article reads Dea chief thinks marijuana is less dangerous than marijuana. Funny stuff

      • porpoiseboy

        thank yoohoo for that

    • rDavid Ben-Sun

      This jerk is in the pocket of the pharmaceutical industry, and they don’t want cannabis legalized because they won’t make any money from it.

    • Jason

      Yea, there is absolutely no medical use for it. Absolutely no evidence of medical use. That’s why people go to prison over possession they or their children have cancer, seizures etc. Really, they just wanted to get stoned.

      • marcel

        The side effect of getting stoned is far better that the side effects from prescription drugs on a whole. How many common drugs have the side effect of death?

    • Certified

      The DEA and the war on drugs is an armed insurrection against the people of the US. This Roesenburg dude is imposed on us, by government, at gunpoint.

    • Ryan Rji Rji

      Who voted for him? Oh wait…

    • davefel

      Idiot…wants to keep the status quo because filling the private jails with people convicted of smoking marijuana evidently is good for business and keeps the storm troopers employed.

      • Certified

        Marijuana prisoners are easy to manage.

    • James

      How wrong do you have to be before you realize you are wrong? Apparently we don’t know the answer.

    • Britton Whitfield

      Just another SCAM to enslave African American brothers in the prison system.

      • Joey Beck

        i been there to0, spare us the race card it happens to white people too. we just do not whine about it, i smoke pot been to prison and i am man enough not to blame any one but myself. it happens to latinos, asians we are all in it together stop dividing us into race groups

    • marks

      He should not be making comments about laws and classifications of drugs. This guy is a cop, not a doctor, not a law maker. Follow the laws of the States and the Federal Government and shut the **** up about your opinion. Total fool.

      • Certified

        He’s not even a cop. His BigPharma supporters make 25 times the heroin pills that could ever be used by sick people…and nobody knows where the pills go. And he’s not going to look…he doesn’t care about poppy pills…He cares about continuing his armed insurrection against the people of the US.

    • bluetexan

      How much is your hourly rate, my dear?

    • proudbayman

      Ignorance truly is bliss. Ignorance is rapid. This is why this country is so far behind on this topic.

      • Guest

        No, they are not ignorant. They know full well cannabis is not as harmful as the propaganda they spew. The prohibitionists are some of the most intellectually and morally bankrupt parasites.

    • bluetexan

      Pot prohibition is the most inane law ever enacted.

    • Herman Allmaras

      Drug cartels spend millions bribing our politicians to keep American drug laws strict and uncompromising.

      • Certified

        Big Pharma cartels

    • Dead Goon

      Joke’s on you. I smoke everyday, anyway.

    • rockonstones

      How can they keep putting idiots in charge of the DEA? Rosenberg is as stupid as his predecessor!

      • Certified

        Not stupid… he’s bought. He’s not an idiot, he is a Party operative in armed, active rebellion against the People of the US.

        • Guest

          Exactly. These prohibitionist scum are some of the most evil people in this country. They truly are pathetic excuses for humans.

    • rockonstones

      How can they keep putting idiot in charge of the DEA? Rosenberg

      is as stupid as his predecessor!

    • sotiredofthecrap

      If heroin is in the same class as marijuana, obviously we should also legalize heroin for medical and recreational use also. Our DEA Chief, like so many of our career politicians, is a barely functioning idiot who should be embarrassed by his own silly comments.

      • Jason

        Heroin is synthesized and prescribed every day for medical use like candy. And the addicts end up shooting the real stuff a year down the road.

      • Chris Shores

        I for one still can’t understand the “heroin has no medicinal value” lie when ALL of the opiate pain killers that are killing 15,000+ Americans every single year are SYNTHETIC HEROIN!

    • Mean Bear

      I bet if he drug tested all his agents and staff over half of them would probably fail for weed. You know the agents get high and then claim the THC got in their system from burning fields.

    • Jay Martin

      Woo!!!! Lets all go get drunk and wreck into a family of six because alcohol is legal. Stupid country, Canada ohh Canada here my tax dollars come.

      • IJR

        Where is cannabis legal in Canada? Where is cannabis legal in the USA? Have fun freezing, Hoser.

    • Certified

      The DEA is an armed insurgency against US citizens….imposed by government, not supported by the people.

    • UndermyThumbUR

      How stupid.More states will legalize and the fed will continue keeping it scedule1 illegal?Just how many states will it take before the Fed actualy realizes that legalization is innevitable?Big pharma is the #1 problem,being the lobbyist asshats they are.We need more states for legalization.

    • MegaHellsy .

      The only people in favor of keeping mj criminalized are the courts, cops and the drug cartels. That should tell you all you need to know.

    • Andrew Riggle

      Well how about putting booze and cigarettes back on the list there more dangerous

      • valleevue

        I can count on two hands … those people in my family alone who died from using the drugs alcohol and nicotine. Not to mention Wernicke–Korsakoff syndrome (WKS), also called wet brain, Korsakoff’s psychosis, and alcoholic encephalopathy which should brought to children’s attention when they get lectured on “Drug Abuse”. The drug alcohol industry doesn’t want it to be known ….just drink responsibly is all they offer.

      • Guest

        Alcohol should be Schedule 0 for the most harmful of all drugs. It is one of the few that can actually kill a person from ceasing its use (Delirium Tremens).

    • Malcolm X John Lennon

      In some circles, people such as Rosenberg must maintain & demonstrate their ignorance (even if, as I suspect, he knows better) to attain their positions. Appearing reasonable would cause him to lose his base of support.

    • Joseph Conrad

      He is not only a boot-licking moron, he is a liar. One of many in federal employ.

    • danmarino1031

      Imagine if the federal government were to take it off the schedule and God forbid even
      decriminalize it nationwide, it could mean the end of their scam. Most
      people in prison are serving lengthy prison terms just for minor
      possession. Keeping the prisons filled to capacity means a guarantee
      influx of cheap labor (at the taxpayers expense). Another thing that
      decriminalizing and/or legalizing marijuana would do is destroy much of
      the cartels abroad (as well as the copious amounts of money that is
      exchanged between our fed. gov and the cartels). On the bright side, it
      would bring in new jobs, a new economy, treat people suffering from all
      sorts of maladies (from epilepsy to cancer.. ie. ‘Brave Mykayla /
      Charolette’s Web’), be an excellent source of tax revenue
      (infrastructure, pensions, schools etc.) Imagine if we were to legalize
      cannabis for recreational / medicinal use, decriminalize the rest, that
      would destroy the prison system, severely affect police departments and
      make pharmaceutical companies very pissed.

    • AJ

      just another ignorant dope… if he or someone he knows gets cancer I would love to hear him rationalize that pot has no medical value. He’s an idiot.

      • Certified

        He’s actually an intelligent and totally bought Party operative in service to our campaign donors. It’s wrong to think that armed insurgents like the DEA are stupid.

        • Dead Goon

          I get sarcasm.

      • Dead Goon

        Pun intended.

      • Johnsmith

        He knows the things he says are wrong. That makes him far more dangerous than someone who is simply stupid.

    • Aaron

    • danmarino1031

      Imagine if the federal government were to take it of and God forbid even decriminalize it nationwide, it could mean the end of their scam. Most people in prison are serving lengthy prison terms just for minor possession. Keeping the prisons filled to capacity means a guarantee influx of cheap labor (at the taxpayers expense). Another thing that decriminalizing and/or legalizing marijuana would do is destroy much of the cartels abroad (as well as the copious amounts of money that is exchanged between our fed. gov and the cartels). On the bright side, it would bring in new jobs, a new economy, treat people suffering from all sorts of maladies (from epilepsy to cancer.. ie. ‘Brave Mykayla / Charolette’s Web’), be an excellent source of tax revenue (infrastructure, pensions, schools etc.) Imagine if we were to legalize cannabis for recreational / medicinal use, decriminalize the rest, that would destroy the prison system, severely affect police departments and make pharmaceutical companies very pissed.

    • valleevue

      So in the future we have more Americans in the private for profit prisons. Cannabis is also being use as medicine.

    • KJ

      How can he stand there and say there is no medical benefit? What a liar.

    • david asher

      The DEA doesn’t get to make that decision Rosenberg. It’s a Federal Court issue. Now die.

      • Certified

        Actually… The DEA trumps the courts. They’re not supposed to, but they do. There’s nothing we can do about it… we vote far too obediently and predictably to have personal freedoms.

        • david asher

          Not legally, end the DEA!

          • Certified

            Sorry…that would require voting against the Party. US voters are not willing to vote disobediently. We are convinced it would be”throwing our vote away”.

    • enigma1083

      There is a lot of funding that goes towards Marijuana enforcement. It would probably suck for him if his funding got cut.

    • Aaron

    • david asher

      OMG I want to punch that clown so badly.

    • wantsome480 .

      I was high from the time I woke up until the time I went to sleep for 4 years while smoking weed. I haven’t smoked in 15 years and for good reason. I’m glad someone in our government has common sense and is willing to go against the corporations wanting to make a buck. I’m sick of the pro pot propaganda.

      • Certified

        lol…what a tool

        • wantsome480 .

          Suck it dude!

          • bluetexan

            Such an eloquent rebuttal.

            • AJ

              “They smoked themselves stupid everyday.”… the stupid evidently wore off on wantsome480

          • IJR

            Run away little boy.

      • JB

        some people abuse it..most do well..something has effected you..its not pot..

        • wantsome480 .

          Yeah ok of all the dopeheads I’ve know hardly any were casual users. They smoked themselves stupid everyday.

          • bluetexan

            Class crowd you ran with.

            • wantsome480 .

              Yeah because dopeheads are such classy people.

              • bluetexan

                I suppose you think anyone who takes a drink is an alcoholic.

                • Dead Goon


              • JB

                keep searching…somethings still got you messed up.maybe drink…maybe you were just born that way

              • Theo

                How’s that 3-martini lunch workin’ out for ya?

              • fgt4urights

                That pot really did damage your brain as you never recovered from the effects and still post idiotic rants. Why are you not in jail?? Why are you still posting??

            • LOL

              go back to where ever you came from Texas is Red. you Austin hippies can go back to CA

              • bluetexan

                I’m a native Texan. Hug and kiss my a**.

                • LOL

                  if you don’t have cows or oil wells you don’t count

                • f frederick skitty

                  classic example of a ten gallon hat on a half pint head.

              • Dead Goon

                Texas…that explains it. Dumb rednecks. Enough said.

          • LOL

            most users I knew in HS and college were the same, most graduated to harder drugs and many are dead now

            • bluetexan

              I know many who are productive members of society.

            • IJR

              The Gateway theory? LOL
              You are terrifically unencumbered with intelligence.

            • Fugg

              Doubt you knew anyone in HS. At least none that liked you back. College? Ya keep dreaming.

          • valleevue

            But if thats true it’s still no where close to the damage and recklessness of those who use the dangerous drug alcohol. Boozers have been tearing families apart for eons .Heath care costs have skyrocketed due to the drug alcohol’s impact on many American boozers.

          • retirednavyvetdon

            but you never did learn how to read and write very well did you, sounds like your the “Stoned One” IE: read what you wrote or does it make perfect sense to you?? and since you quit 15 yrs ago have you become powerful and rich???……NOT…… your the same looser you would have been if you had kept smoking weed.

          • Dead Goon

            How much alcohol do you drink? I bet a lot.

          • fgt4urights

            I don’t think they smoked themselves stupid, they were stupid to begin with. You should go turn yourself into prison for breaking the law and back-up your posts since you cheer others be imprisoned. Quit spewing your propaganda and go directly to jail like you want to happen to others. Why are you now immune to the same treatment you impose on others?? Are you special or think you are now special?? Your now above the law because you got away with your crime, yet impose others to be enslaved in a cage? Hypocrite.

            • Beau Peepski

              Awesome reply 10 thumbs up !

          • IJR

            Cannabis use did not make you stupid, bad genes and idiot parents did.

          • JB

            maybe…its the crowd you hang with?I know many that did just fine..

      • AJ

        stupid is as stupid does… just because you are an idiot doesn’t mean all others are.

        • wantsome480 .

          Did you think of that quote all by yourself?

          • Fugg

            Did you think up that question all by yourself ?

      • bluetexan

        Over 50,000 consumer products can be derived from cannabis.

      • Dead Goon

        You have never smoked weed in your life. Fact.

      • fgt4urights

        Since you’re such a good little boot licker you should completely back-up your post and turn yourself directly into the nearest prison for breaking the law for four years straight. You should back-up your propaganda since your cheering for the very same corporations who make money off of innocent misery, violation of rights and enslavement of the masses. The only one spewing propaganda is YOU. Don’t post again and turn yourself directly into the nearest prison for about 15-20 years as you owe a debt to society and the very same corporations you talk about can make money off your dumb azz.

      • Jason

        Who’s fault is it that you sat around smoking weed all day? I guarantee it wasn’t the weed’s fault. Most grown ups have jobs and think it best to not be stoned while they are supposed to be productive. A smoke is for the evening when it is time to relax.

        I’m not sure what “corporations” you’re talking about that want to make a buck. Most people grow their own, or has a buddy that does. Kids and yuppies buy from dealers.

      • IJR

        Just because you are a loser is no reason to shape policy. This is a republic.

    • Theo

      Resist those who abuse their authority.

    • David Mead

      Mr Rosenberg is a lawyer and a politician. His view is that of a politician and not a drug or medical expert,
      I doubt he cares if marijuana is C1 or C5 but he is careful to only say what he thinks he needs to say in order to advance in the government.

    • First Last

      They’ll approve it when they figure out how to get rich from it.

    • Isla Chica

      This guy is a freaking denier idiot!!!
      WHAT MORE PROOF DO THEY NEED??? People are not moving to Colorado to treat their CHILDREN for seizures with no proof! READ THE JAMA, FOOL!

    • Theo

      Well, his haircut is just a little less dangerous than heroin, but he must have his head shaved anyway.

    • helloman1976

      What a disgrace, and these people are supposed to represent We The People? I bet every single one of them drinks alcohol, which IS as dangerous as heroin.

      • JB

        Bohener comes to mind..

    • neutral_site

      Ludicrous. Probably has two “sponsors” to keep illegal: lumber industry, big pharma.

      And no, I don’t partake.

      • Dave Christopher

        Don’t forget the liquor industry. They are by and large against marijuana legalization.

    • DanFromMV

      High fructose corn syrup is responsible for more deaths than mj

    • Mean Bear

      The war is not on drugs but on us. Marijuana “infractions”and asset seizure laws are a huge part of law enforcement busts. They could legalize it and easily shift the DEA to help secure our borders. Of course they won’t because stopping illegal aliens is not as profitable.

    • Neosysus

      Law enforcement cannot let go. Marijuana is a big job creator for them at tremendous taxpayer expense. Who wants to get a real job?

      • JB

        Will law enforcement have to return the money , cars and property they confiscated ? I wonder………………Sure they will let you out of jail..But But But return the goodies..

    • Allen Smith

      That’s right folks… you heard it from the yayhoos at gayhoo… Marijuana is less dangerous than Marijuana.

      • MeekiMinaj

        That gave me a good laugh. Probably because I’m high though.

    • bluetexan

      The failed drug war costs over $1700 per second and a loss of 80,000 lives.

      • Certified

        But it is worth it because of the campaign contributions by big pharma and privatized prisons.

    • Mean Bear

      If there is no medical use then why does the US government hold a medical patent that was filed in 1999?

      Publication number US6630507
      Publication date7 Oct 2003
      Filing date21 Apr 1999
      Priority date21 Apr 1998
      Original AssigneeThe United States Of America As Represented By The Department Of Health And Human Services

      No signs of toxicity or serious side effects have been observed following chronic administration of cannabidiol to healthy volunteers (Cunha et al., Pharmacology21:175-185, 1980), even in large acute doses of 700 mg/day (Consroe et al.,Pharmacol. Biochem. Behav. 40:701-708, 1991) but cannabidiol is inactive at the NMDA receptor. Hence in spite of its potential use in treating glaucoma and seizures, cannabidiol has not been considered a neuroprotective agent that could be used to prevent glutamate induced damage in the central nervous system.


      It is an object of this invention to provide a new class of antioxidant drugs, that have particular application as neuroprotectants, although they are generally useful in the treatment of many oxidation associated diseases.

      Yet another object of the invention is to provide a subset of such drugs that can be substantially free of psychoactive or psychotoxic effects, are substantially non-toxic even at very high doses, and have good tissue penetration, for example crossing the blood brain barrier.

      It has surprisingly been found that cannabidiol and other cannabinoids can function as neuroprotectants, even though they lack NMDA receptor antagonist activity. This discovery was made possible because of the inventor’s recognition of a previously unanticipated antioxidant property of the cannabinoids in general (and cannabidiol in particular) that functions completely independently of antagonism at the NMDA, AMPA and kainate receptors. Hence the present invention includes methods of preventing or treating diseases caused by oxidative stress, such as neuronal hypoxia, by administering a prophylactic or therapeutically effective amount of a cannabinoid to a subject who has a disease caused by oxidative stress.

    • Kenneth Aaron

      Thing is, he could not have gotten the job without BO’s approval. Says a lot. BO is my candidate, but he is and was lying about cannabis changes, apparently,

      • Certified

        Oh yes… There are no real differences between politicians…They’re serving their campaign donors. This is the sort of government we deserve…because we keep reelecting Congress, and we keep electing the Party.

        Keep voting for business-as-usual, and that’s what we will get. No exceptions.

    • Theo

      Random bureaucrats directly truncating your freedoms.

      Well, Americans??

      • Certified

        Well, it’s better than voting disobediently and unpredictably. Sure, US voters would like personal freedom, but not if we have to vote for someone besides the Party anointed.

        It’s better to have DEA guns in our collective face than to have to vote disobediently. Congress must be reelected. We must limit our Presidential votes to JeborHillary so that this guy can keep his jack-booted heels on our throats.

    • jamesharrison

      this guy dont know his butt from a hole in the ground, or he has been payed to say crap that is not true.

      • Tim Tribolt

        >or he has been payed to say crap that is not true.

        Obviously you’re talking about DEA Chief Chuck Rosenberg who’s department depends on getting PAID to keep prohibition and the police state going. It means job security for these government bureaucrats to continue to throw otherwise law abiding citizens in jail for using a plant in the privacy of their own homes.

    • namvet5

      So if science has found that mj can be used for medical purposes and ole Chuck says that just ain’t so, than he is a liar and a fool, and should NOT be serving, (if even I can use that word) the American people. Laws are supposed to SERVE the PEOPLE not the freekin politicians will or personal opinions, or religious beliefs. What is left of the gov we once had is severely broken, I don’t think anyone knows how to get it back short of a revolution. The average everyday joe blow politician will NOT make any attempts to change anything as it is not in his/her best interest which is to get as rich as possible in as short a time as is possible. This is always at the tax payers expense, and they only serve those who contributed the most to their campaign. We all know this and DO nothing about it, things will NOT change until WE do.

    • Uku

      They won’t reschedule it because they don’t want to take away the power for employers to fire you with a random. Remember employers really don’t want long lasting employee’s. The employee’s should be cyclical like bad products.

    • Chris Stearns

      Does Yahoo edit ANYTHING?

      • JB

        maybe the editor was High..

    • Kenneth Aaron

      “” “If we come up with a medical use for it, that would be wonderful. But we haven’t,””” YES WE HAVE, Several.. Where is this guy…? Has he been on Pluto for 4 years…?

    • tlweldon

      Interesting. This man is not an elected official. Why do we tolerate DECREES, EDICTS, STONEWALLING, from bureaucrats with a vested interest in the status quo ? What’s more, they have stepped squarely into the Dr. / Patient relationship for chronic pain sufferers, forcing them onto ‘sustained release’ formulations that will prove far more habit forming than the IR tablets. They have also upped physician denial of pain meds under their ‘drug seeking behavior’ babble, driving people to street heroin. Have you wondered why heroin deaths are suddenly spiking ? Of course there are folks who ‘seek drugs’. That’s why they go to the DR. Causing doctors to fear for their license to dispense is SOP @ DEA. They are creating a monster. It’s time Congress stepped in to rein in the DEA.

      • Certified

        Congress has no interest in doing so. Congress has freed themselves from the whims of voters.. Once elected, they have their seats for life. It doesn’t matter what they do or say, how they vote, or how the manipulate their office… We always reelect them.

        Congress serves their campaign donors. They have no motivation to do anything else.

        • SirVivor

          He doesn’t work for congress. His boss is the POTUS. Obama could reschedule this important drug today if not for all the billions influencing him and the rest of our elected officials.

    • Jason Duane

      fire this moron!!

      • Certified

        The US is not a democracy. We don’t ave access to government.

    • Certified

      The DEA is suitably armed that they can get away with stuff like this… and it is a takeover by force. They have the guns, they will kill you. No democracy, certainly no common sense…just guns in our collective faces.

      • Greg McGowan

        Not just the DEA but local cops and SWAT teams. Recently SWAT busted down the door, violating the knock requirement, and killed the undressed and unarmed home owner over a small amount of pot.

    • Troy

      If that’s the case, why are there so many more Blacks imprisoned for marijuana than there are whites for heroin?

    • medocadvikian

      Why hasn’t one of these legal geniuses out there sued the DEA for mislabeling marijuana as the definition of schedule 1 drugs doesn’t fit?

    • Nerd Jerks

      there is absolutely no reason that man should have the job he has.

      • Certified

        prolly a major campaign donor.

    • Bob

      I know it sounds simplistic, but it remains illegal because there’s more money in prohibition. But it’s blood money.

      • Kenneth Aaron

        Pharma, tobacco, alcohol. DR.s., all are against it for economic reasons. THEIR FORTUNES are at stake. It’s that simple.

      • Greg McGowan

        The drug cartels, probably major US political campaign contributors, do not want their drugs legalized, it would cut into profit.

        • Bob

          Yup. And the cops, and the lawyers, and the judges, and the jailers, and the rehab clinics etc.

    • Theo

      “I don’t always smoke cannabis, but when I do, I exhale in the DEA’s face. Stay toasty, my friends….”

    • bullwinkle

      Here is a guy with a vested interest in keeping any and all drugs illegal. After all the war on drugs, brought to us by Reagan, was how we got stuck paying for another government entity, the DEA. This guy has no business at all commenting or having any influence on if we keep pot or any drugs illegal. He can not give a unbiased opinion because his job and the tax waste department DEA depend on this country keeping drugs illegal. What a joke I would laugh except I am fed up with my tax dollars being wasted on something that very much resembles a witch hunt.

      • bluetexan

        Nixon created the DEA and started the war on drugs.

        • Greg McGowan

          But I believe that it was under Reagan that pot was moved to Schedule 1

      • CS

        You’re thinking of Nixon. Nixon’s regime gave us the DEA. Ronny and Nancy Reagan gave us DARE and enhanced the war on drugs.

    • Troy

      I clicked on the headline that reads that marijuana is less dangerous than marijuana, but it now appears they meant heroin.

    • Sam Gu

      title on yahoo has typo: DEA Chief Admits Marijuana Is Less Dangerous Than Marijuana ?

    • Michael Gaskill

      Datura(all over the place) and psilocybin mushrooms(any cow pasture) grow wild here in Arkansas. Both can warp your mind and kill you in high enough doses, especially datura(Jimson weed), from the night shade family, deadly stuff. Lock em up, their both criminals.

    • medocadvikian

      He doesn’t have the power to reschedule anything! The Attorney General can but he is still politically motivated no to. He will leave it up to the next Pres!

    • bluetexan

      “The most violent I ever saw anybody under the influence of pot they were ripping open a bag of chips.” – Molly Ivins

    • allen roberts

      It is all about the money. Keeping pot as a schedule 1 narcotic allows law enforcement to continue confiscating property to line their own pockets.
      In the meantime, 450,000 continue to die from the use of tobacco, a legal product. I have no idea about the same statistic surrounding alcohol, but common sense tells me it is probably an equal given driving deaths, suicides, liver disease and other health related problems attributed to it.
      When will the light come on for the politician and other who establish drug policy? Perhaps if they financed programs to study the benefits of pot, they could finally make an intelligent decision and not a political one.

      • Larry Lang

        Owning a Vette with no front license plate made me the target of a state trooper who pulled me over just to stick his head inside my car to smell for pot. As he walked away after giving me a warning I told him I was glad I had disappointed him to which he gave me a dirty look.

    • Jeff

      Science denier

      • DanFromMV

        Marijuana Warming is real

    • Theo

      I think this could be solved by ongoing, public civil disobedience.

      • bluetexan

        Unjust laws should be broken, and man has a moral obligation to do so.

      • DanFromMV

        In those states that have decriminalized, and it is only a ticket, they would love this.
        A never ending source of $100 donations.

        • Mean Bear

          Yeah, but you have to be stupid to get caught smoking. I don’t think that fine is bringing in much revenue but it does allow them to seize whatever money the person is holding.

    • nathaniel cohen

      a lying beaucrat, put in place to keep the profits coming……..private prisons and big pharma…..

    • Acebass1

      This proves there is something other than what they are openly saying, that’s keeping cannabis illegal. There is no logical explanation for the continued scheduling and prohibition of cannabis.
      The Controlled Substance Act has no legitimacy as long as cannabis is a schedule1 narcotic. We need to repeal the Controlled Substance Act and get something that deals with public safety instead of protecting big pharmaceutical interests..

    • madhatter13

      hypocritical bought and paid for idiot beauracrat there for the check, benefits, and pension…….and obviously nothing more…..

    • Paris Merriam

      Why then are there all of these medical marijuana patients in our country and several states legalizing marijuana?

      • Mean Bear

        Yeah, kind of hypocritical that the Feds actually own a medical patent of their own and yet deny it’s medical benefits. I would think that itself would be grounds enough to reclassify it. The Supreme Court looks like a bunch of weed heads, I am surprised they haven’t taken up the issue yet.

    • Francis Laws

      They the DEA and other Law Enforcement agencies are garnering too much money to legalize and decriminalize. Marijuana. They would no longer be able to confiscate cars and homes and other money grabbing Treasures for there Retirement.. Why do you think the war is not being won? It is in their best interest to keep on fighting it. not winning it. Same as Pharmaceutical companies, no money in curing anything just treating it.

    • Larry Lang

      The law enforcement, criminal court system and prison systems could be cut in half if weed was legalized. Too much money being made from it being illegal to “ever” change it. Greed rules.


        And with its cheap means of production, the shares of pain reliever makers, big pharma and various other interests would fall off a cliff. And that’s before we get into hemp clothing.

      • Certified

        Ad this clown is the poster child for that greed.

      • jason

        They are not making any money from weed. The government loses money by making weed illegal

    • Certified

      What a tool. Who voted this clown into office… and if that never happened, who the heck imposed this fascist on us? Are US voters really content with this sort of mismanagement? Is this the liberal appointee from a liberal President?

      The government obviously has no fear of voters.

      • Bob

        I’d go so far as to say that they have open contempt for voters.

    • J Radcliffe

      Actually Mr. Rosenberg, Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol. Could you please tell us the health benefits of alcohol?

      • Joe Johnson

        as a disinfectant not to be taken orally.

    • Dylan Banionis

      Ever gone to a sporting event and watch a bunch of drunken idiots argue and throw punches just because they’re drunk? Probably more than a few times for me. Ever seen people stoned at a sporting event do anything but have a good time? Nope!

    • Bob

      The people with him all look stoned.

      • Theo

        They are.

        • Bob

          They get the best dope.

    • Theo

      Criminalizing a plant, ANY plant, is totally asinine.

    • bill

      how can we be using our police resources busting potheads, when there are unsolved murders and rapes?????


        Same reason cops are outside harassing homeless people instead of finding murderers and rapists…Cops don’t actually do much to protect society, but they do a whole lot to protect already entrenched wealth interests (very similar to old mafia protection rackets), only we all have to pay for it.

        • Bob

          Yeah, it always gets me when I hear a cop say they want to make a difference. Their job is to keep things the same.

    • jc18241

      Go home Yahoo Headlines, you’re high on Marijuana…. Or is it marijuana!?


      Wish someone in the media would say what this has always been about, very powerful lobbies that run the government do not want hemp legal, either as a medicine nor a means of production for all types of goods. And they keep enough old people scared of it to enable their BS based on this hippy stereotype.

    • JoePDA

      The headline on Yahoo says, “DEA Chief admits marijuana is less dangerous than marijuana” clearly someone is smoking marijuana…or maybe they’re on marijuana!

    • MisanthropeMilitant .

      this psychopath sleeps like a baby at night knowing how many lives he ruins.

    • Steve Harris

      This guy is full of more C(RA)P than a Thanksgiving Turkey! Make the dea go after Meth and Heroin or get rid of the whole department! Big Pharma just raised the price of a med from $13.50 a Tablet to $750, Overnight! Guess they need more money for the dea!!

      • bluetexan

        There are laws against price gouging, where is our protection from these unethical and illegal practices?
        Ain’t unfettered capitalism grand?

      • Hockinghillsbilly

        I take a med for asthma. It cost me a $50 copay and another $140 from my insurance.
        Now living in Ecuador where the exact same drug costs $22.95, no generic, exact same drug.
        Thank you Big Pharma.

        • Steve Harris

          I grew up in South Texas and every winter some of the elderly people would go across the Border into mexico because of the same thing. I mean when there is 100%-200% price difference when you walk across a bridge. Something is REALLY screwed up in the States when people have to do this. The Medical system is trashed here.

        • Steve Harris

          It should be like that everywhere! Not everywhere BUT the good old U.S.A. I have to go to the Dr. every Month for a refill of Pain Meds( which I would not have to take if MMJ were legal) and that little visit costs $180.00! Then the Meds themselves are outrageous as well. Then God forbid I have to go to the Hospital. Seems like every person that pokes their head in gets no less than $2000.00 a day! When they open a package of latex gloves and use ONE PAIR I get charged for the WHOLE BOX! When it comes to Medical Care, the U.S. S(UC)KS!

    • vanman54

      the road to legalization/reclassification is long and winding, need more states to “legalize” it, more to use it for medicine, and more people to write your Rep’s. I know that is a cliche’ but it can’t hurt, “if you don’t ask the answer is already no”.

    • IndysDad

      Neither heroin or marijuana should be classified as schedule one as per the guideline that neither has a “medical” purpose. Quite the contrary. Both have extremely useful medical purposes as opiates made from heroin are the number pain killers on the planet, And second, marijuana is PROVEN to have more and more medical purpose that helps with pain, nausea, cancer, seizures, appetite, and calming affects that it has been “proven”. And that is just the beginning of what it can do so far. For yet another dope head of the DEA to deny these facts is yet another reason to laugh out loud. Follow the money. The DEA’s budget would be severely cut if this “war” on marijuana is stopped. And if there is one place that Government budget should be cut, it should start at the DEA!

    • Jack_Burton

      “heroin is clearly more dangerous than marijuana” try- Alcohol is clearly more dangerous then marijuana…

    • gettafngrip

      This is an outrageous abuse of power.

    • dmllc

      funny, US Patent 6630507 titled “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants”is owned by HHS

    • Dave Mcnamara

      The government doesn’t want a safer alternative to the booze. Pot doesn’t leave you with a debilitating hang over, which makes pot an attractive alternative to alcohol. Alcohol, and tobacco are legal, and preferred by our government, because these substances cause an early demise to the user, thus they don’t get to draw their social security, or retirement benefits, and that’s money that our politicians need to line their greedy pockets when they raid the fund, and then say that the system is running out of money. Don’t kid yourself. That’s the truth.

    • Lobster

      The real problem is the endless babel of Politrixters

    • bluetexan

      If any gov’t agency should be disbanded, it is the DEA.

    • Vigilantis

      The real reason drugs (including marijuana) are still illegal, is that the government makes more money from their sale than if they were legal.

    • Jjj1965

      Marijuana laws and the gross ignorance associated with them, hurt more people than using it ever could.

    • calik

      DEA Chief: How much are the big pharmaceutical CEO’S paying you?

      • Gra

        Not as much as Cartel bosses are paying our elected leaders on both sided of the border.

      • SirVivor

        More like: How much are the big pharmaceutical CEO’S paying your boss, the POTUS.

      • SirVivor

        More like: “How much are the big pharmaceutical CEO’S paying your boss, the POTUS?”

    • Jack Black

      Resist Authority…..

    • Bradley Helm

      I’d rather we legalize marijuana and take all that money and police personnel we spend suppressing it and redirect them to the border to secure it and to deportation patrols to remove illegals. That’s the far more important priority.

      • Hitherto

        Just really eager to go wash your own dishes at restaurants and pick your own fruit, are ya?

      • Gra

        I’d rather they used those resources to investigate and prosecute the people who give illegals a reason to be here: Americans who hire undocumented workers.

    • Darrell Beitelsu

      Does this guy talk to the Surgeon General?

      • namvet5

        this guy doesn’t even KNOW who IS the surgeon general, or even IF there IS
        a surgeon general…lol

    • Herb Shaughnessy

      How can they say there is no medicinal value when they have created a synthetic version and sell it for medicinal reasons?

    • Da Shan

      Marijuana shouldn’t be rescheduled BECAUSE.

      • namvet5

        your right, because your an idiot….what other reason could there be? there isn’t any.

        • Da Shan

          No, no, no, no… You misunderstood me. I was implying that that is the position of prohibitionists. “Just because” is the lamest, most ignorant reason to do anything. They drank the hall-monitor, D.A.R.E. Kool-Aid and never learned to think for themselves.

    • CABorn71

      “If we come up with a medical use for it, that would be wonderful. But we haven’t” – This guy clearly has not read any recent studies. I’d like him to read about the family here in CO who’s daughter was epileptic, and had 15 seizures a day. They moved here, started her on CBD oil. She no longer has seizures. The correct quote should be “Until the pharm companies figure out how to make money on this, we wont reclassify.”

    • Tabernaclite

      If weed is viewed as benign.. this guys job, money, number of people on staff and general importance are diminished. There is an entire industry tied up in keeping the myth alive

      • Gra

        Not to mention a ton of campaign contributors from south of the border.

        • Tabernaclite

          pain killer.. check,, anti anxiety, check,, glacouma.. check…lots of reasons for weed to stay schedule one. There are lobbyists all over the issue

    • day2knight

      Marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol, never mind heroin.

    • Woody Nelson

      I don’t particularly care for Chuck Rosenberg imposing his form of morality and me. Just because he doesn’t like it is no reason to impose his choices on anyone else.

    • stop crying

      Then he needs to go.

    • madtxn

      the insanity continues with these brainwashed asshats in charge. review the shafer report from 1972 which asshat Nixon refused to act on. they stated that marijuana should NOT be listed on any schedule of controlled drugs. Nixon refused the recommendation and here we are today still running American lives. stupid is as stupid does.

      • Guest

        More like evil is as evil does.

    • SirVivor

      Keep in mind who this guy actually works for. The DEA and DOJ are completely controlled by the executive office. The POTUS could easily on his own reschedule marijuana if he wanted it rescheduled or order the DOJ and DEA to cease and desist, but no. He has lied and said it requires and act of congress which it does not. The entrenched oligarchy in control of our elected leaders (unfortunately including our president) has billions of reasons for them to keep it illegal.

      • namvet5

        and ALL the reasons involve money

        • SirVivor

          And one more reason to take the money influence away from our elected leaders. Remember this at election time.

      • DanFromMV

        From what I’ve read, you are correct. Congress created the schedule, but deferred to the administrative branch which drugs are placed on which schedule. If that is the case, the POTUS could, TODAY, reschedule.

    • Victor Crocco

      The American public will never trust the government until they schedule MJ @ sch 5 and hydrocodone back to sch 3. The government is in the dark ages and is holding back the Medical Doctors. You know the guys that went to 4 years to medical school. Americans want to work and be productive and the government is stopping our full productivity.

      • namvet5

        try 8 years of med school etc

    • kpbr1013

      Mr. Rosenberg, this bowl is for you!

      • calik

        I second that!

    • scotty c

      He has to protect his job & govt funding for the DEA so of course he’s gonna claim pot is some kind of menace to society.

    • Okay_But_First_Chi_Chi

      After reading this headline:
      “DEA Chief Admits Marijuana Is Less Dangerous Than Marijuana , But Won’t Reschedule”
      I decided not to bother with the rest.

    • Steve

      I’ve got my pitchfork sharpened and ready. Who wants to join me?

      • PhDScientist

        Skip the pitchfork. Pick up the phone instead.

        • Steve

          I’ve sent many emails to my congressmen, but always get a form reply that has nothing to do with what I said.

          • bluetexan

            Same here. A political move of basically getting the finger from an elected rep.

          • DanFromMV

            Agree. When we had a surplus (remember that?) and Bush was pushing for a tax cut, I wrote my Congressman and implored him to vote to use that money to knock down the National Debt, because SS was facing a long term shortfall.

            I received a form letter reply discussing how SS works. It didn’t address my concern, whatsoever.

        • Ryan Rji Rji

          Phones don’t seem to work

      • Da Shan

        I’m in! Where we gonna start?

      • Bill Murphy

        Sign me up.

    • Steve

      Of course, he’s been bought off by the major chemical and pharma industries.

    • This DEA crook just wants to keep his useless and overpaid job. Our tax dollars should simply be put to better use than giving our tax dollars to Richard Nixon’s criminal enterprise, the DEA. Nixon was a criminal, so why is the American citizenry still under the thumb of a law that was created by greedy criminals?

    • PKRock

      ““If we come up with a medical use for it, that would be wonderful. But we haven’t,” declared Chuck Rosenberg” How can someone state something that is so glaringly false to the entire nation and then face friends and family. Its no different than saying “The earth is flat and there is no evidence whatsoever that it is round”. He is an embarrassment to himself and the country. He should be fired immediately for either lying or being completely incompetent.

      • Ryan Rji Rji

        There’s never a medical use for anything natural since it can’t be patented and profited on. They’ll never admit that any plant, mineral, or nutrient can help with any disease as they feed us pills that make us sicker.

        Resist through education and nutrition.

    • There’s a glaring typo in your click bait title, Kit.

      “Marijuana is Less Dangerous Than Marijuana”

      • Perhaps the author drank too much alcohol?

      • Victor Crocco

        fu–in spell check sorry

    • PhDScientist

      The DEA shouldn’t set drug policy — they have a built-in conflict of interest.
      They’ve got a vested interest in keeping Marijuana on Schedule 1, even in the face of overwhelming scientific and medical evidence that it shouldn’t be, because its a “Wonder Drug” for Cancer patients and a life saving medication for kids with Seizures.
      President Obama needs to step in and fix this.
      Call the white house comment line at (202) 456-1111 and ask that the President get Marijuana removed from Schedule 1 immediately. Call every day and get everyone you know to call every day until he does it.

      • PKRock

        I totally agree, but Obama will do nothing. He has already stated that the does not think marijuana policy is worth his attention. If it would help illegals and foreigners, he would be all over it. But he simply is not interested in helping Americans who are arrested at the rate of 750,000 annually for simple possession, those imprisoned for committing a “crime” that hurts no one in any way, or those in dire medical need. If you can tie this into helping illegal aliens, then maybe he would pay attention.

        • Gra

          Yep, our drug schedule is already a MA$$IVE help to illegals and foreigners.

      • DanFromMV

        This would seem to be a prime issue to address via the online petition method. Once 100,000 signatures are achieved, the WH must respond to it.

        • plaguebeast

          They do/have responded. They say that the American People are not mature enough to make their own decisions.
          Next time you vote for the leader of the Choom Gang, make sure he isn’t a hypocrite.

    • Jordan Shorette

      The DEA needs to be shut down! The drug war has been extremely damaging to the American people, even more so then the drugs the supposedly protect us from. They cost us billions of dollars with zero success since its start. Drug use is in human nature and it always has been (that’s alcohol as well) and its not going anywhere especially with bullies gunning down and imprisoning the people they swear to protect. Defund the DEA and put that money into creating a health based approach to the drug activity in the U.S.A.. If someone has an outstretched hand in their face instead of a barrel you’d be surprised by the outcome.

    • PhDScientist

      The DEA guy needs to Google “Marijuana is a wonder drug for the horrors of Chemo” and to Google “Dravet’s Syndrome” While he’s at it, he should Google Marijuana Neuro-protective US Government Patent

      Physicians and Scientists know that there are a wide range of life-saving uses for Medical Marijuana.
      The next DEA head should be a Scientist or a Physician, not a ex-prosecutor who has no scientific or medical background, and who apparently doesn’t know how to use Google.

      Now that he’s been informed that Medical Marijuana does have Medical uses, he should move forward to remove it from Schedule 1 immediately.

      Dr. Sanjay Gupta, MD, who’s made extensive study of this topic and produced threes specials on CNN about it,
      put it best —

      “We should legalize Marijuana. We should do it Nationally. And we should do it now:

      • Bill Murphy

        These DEA vermin are paid with our tax dollars to protect the obscene profits of the pHARMaceutical cartel. The inhumane and usually worthless “drugs” that these people push on an unsuspecting public are nothing more than a criminal enterprise sanctioned by Obama and the rest of the corrupt career politicians. The CEO’s of these vile businesses should be put in jail or taken out and hung. Cannabis has extraordinary medical potential and at a fraction of the cost of the poisons that Big Pharma markets to the unsuspecting public. We can only hope that the sheeple wake up and demand an end to this criminal “business”. Learn about the Endocannabinoid system (Google it). Spread the word to your sick friends and relatives. Don’t let another cancer sufferer endure the horrors of radiation and chemotherapy. Get involved! Do it!