Daily Kos Issues Call For Unity Among Democrats By Banning Talk Of Third Party Candidates

According to the site’s founder, users are still free to criticize Hillary Clinton, but not to link to right-wing news sources and may not mention their support for Jill Stein or other third-party candidates.
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    MINNEAPOLIS — In yet another sign of the divisive nature of the 2016 race to the White House, in which both parties are struggling to unite behind their presumptive nominees, a popular liberal website wants to cut down on attacks on Hillary Clinton by Bernie Sanders supporters.

    Markos Moulitsas, the founder and editor-in-chief of the Daily Kos, a liberal blogging site which supports the Democratic Party, told the site’s users in March that the site would soon be transitioning to “General Election footing.”

    According to his blog post, this meant bloggers would be banned from making “attacks on Hillary Clinton using right-wing tropes of sources.”

    “She’s had 30 years of bullshit flung at her from the Right, there’s no need to have Daily Kos give them an assist,” Moulitsas wrote.

    “Constructive criticism from the Left is allowed,” he added, but cautioned that “if you’re resorting to cheap sloganeering like ‘oligarch’ or ‘warmonger’ or ‘neocon’, you might want to reframe your argument in a more substantive, issue-focused and constructive matter.”

    Users are also banned from advocating for Jill Stein or other third-party candidates. “If that’s how you feel, but have other places in which you can be constructive on the site, then keep your presidential feelings to yourself.”

    “Those of us who care about our country and it’s future are focused on victory,” he continued. “If you aren’t, then it’s a big internet, I suggest you find more hospitable grounds for your huffing, puffing, and stomping of feet.”

    Founded in 2002, Daily Kos remains an important voice in the online liberal “blogosphere.” Quantcast, which measures Internet traffic, estimates that the site had over 8 million visitors in the last month. But the site has also faced its share of controversy, including accusations of banning unpopular viewpoints.

    In his March announcement, Moulitsas acknowledged the disappointment many liberals feel in this year’s presidential race, but urged his fellow Democrats to focus on local battles and other reforms, such as eliminating superdelegates and removing Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Democratic Party chair, from office.

    Numerous writers reacted to the move with anger and sharp criticism, among them Ben Norton, a politics staff writer at Salon. In a March 9 post on his personal blog, Norton, who claimed to have been previously banned from the site for criticizing Israel, called the policy “draconian.”

    “[I]n the mind of Daily Kos’ overlord, calling an oligarch an oligarch, a warmonger a warmonger, or a neocon a neocon — if that oligarch, warmonger, or neocon happens to be a Democrat (and many Democrats fall neatly into all three categories) — is just right-wing hatred, and will presumably lead to an immediate ban,” he wrote.

    Jason Spurlock defended the move in a March 5 post on Daily Kos. The policy, he argued, wasn’t meant to shut down debate, but rather to ensure civility:

    “That is the difference between debating a issue and using a issue to bash someone over the head with who doesn’t agree with you.

    Personally I rather us still have logical debates just not the flame wars or the I am right and you are wrong. If we can still talk about things like gentleman and ladies then there should be no problem discussing the issues we used to do that a lot on dailykos without insulting each other for who we support.”

    At least one user has been banned since the policy went into effect — Sean Robertson, a blogger at caucus99percent, claimed he was kicked off of the site last month after reporting on rumors that a Clinton social media staffer quit after being directed to attack Sanders. Although the story was later called into question, employees of Correct the Record, a Super PAC linked to Clinton, are paid to criticize her opponents on social media.

    Many political analysts see the 2016 election as an especially contentious race, with scores of Democrats and Republicans rebelling against the presumptive presidential nominees for their respective parties. A May 22 poll by ABC News and The Washington Post found that a majority of voters hold unfavorable views of both Clinton and Donald Trump. And a May 12 poll by an independent research firm, Data Targeting, found that although Clinton is likely to win in November, 55 percent of Americans want the option to vote for a third party.

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    • Deplorable_HeywoodinSoCal

      The Daily Kos wants to ban thought that’s deemed to be not acceptable?…. No way!… “liberals” who want to ban free speech? The next thing you know they’ll be proposing burning books.

    • CassZives

      Daily Kos sounds cool, but they’re just one more propaganda machine for the Good-Guy, Bad-Guy scam perpetrated by the two parties.

    • willow

      Kos can go Cheney himself. He and his blog are a propaganda site for Hillary and the Dem Party. They’re as liberal as Tim Kaine, Hillary and the DLC

    • “Liberal blogging site…” Change that to “Liberal Bourgeoisie blogging site…” Ok! Now it makes sense! 🙂

    • willow

      Oh please. What total BS. They’ve been flagging and banning people since the Ides of March when Kos issued his edict – Hillary or the highway. This was before she was the candidate and had completely stolen the election from Bernie. The DailyClinton and its Hillarybots can shove it. Most of the people with brains instead of an agenda have left. They are at http://www.caucus99percent.com, or http://theprogressivewing.com/ , or https://www.reddit.com/r/Kossacks_for_Sanders/ or https://www.reddit.com/r/WayOfTheBern/ Did the mass exodus leave him with echo chamber? Too bad so sad, hope the DNC paid you well to blow up your blog. Anyone who waste their time and the David Brocks controlled dailykos deserves Hillary and Trump. It is not a progressive blog. It is the DNC’s new website.

    • Andre4000

      Ironically, their “inevitable” candidate CANNOT beat Trump, and she is imploding the Dem Party to boot – she is sickly, secretive, and corrupt. Where does she even stand on anything?
      Nobody’s forgotten the stolen primaries, either.
      Bring Back Bernie! He is more popular than ever now.

    • As of sometime around March 1st Daily Kos quit allowing comment on Bernie Sanders when he still had a solid chance. Now Daily Kos wants us to forget all about massive election fraud on the part of the DNC and the Clinton Foundation and unite around the beneficiary of DNC election fraud, Clinton Foundation donation laundering, and untold billions of dollars of illegal foreign donations?

      Unless you are an approved member Daily Kos won’t let the general public comment on their page either. Due to the odd behavior of senor staff at Daily Kos right now in my mind they have little more credibility than Blue Nation Review, owned by a Clinton insider, that publishes an extremely-slanted bordering on false pro-Hillary perspective. What happened to the First Amendment, no such thing on Daily Kos?

    • JJB1310

      This isn’t surprising coming from him, since he’s been an ardent Hillary supporter from day one, and one quick to brandish the “Bernie Bros” label to discredit Bernie supporters, in general.

      Moulitsas is a comfortable establishment hack who neither understands the broader pain of the dispossessed clamoring for a political revolution, nor why it’s ridiculous to claim Hillary is a “liberal”. He is a beneficiary and proponent of the kind of identity politics that the Democrats use to not only score hollow political victories, but to distort their abject failure in opposing war and the corporate take over of America.

      We will not shut up about the Democratic party’s slide into the right wing swamp of neocon foreign policy and trickle down economics.

    • brightolman

      I have been voting since 1952. I voted for Bernie in Fla. some months ago because I believe in the revolution. However if Bernie is NOT the nominee it will be Trump v Clinton and we should be doing everything we can to see that Clinton wins !!! Do you want Trump to appoint three Supreme Court judges, have his finger on the nuke button?? Wake up most of what you see against Clinton on the internet is sponsored by the GOP.

      • robert fantina

        Until Clinton disavows Israel, and acknowledges the legitimate human rights struggles of the Palestinian people, I will not vote for her. I will vote third party this year; there is no ‘lesser of two evils’. Look at the platforms of Jill Stein (Green Party) and Gloria LaRiva (Peace and Freedom Party; also Party for Socialism and Liberation). These are people and platforms that make sense.

      • Karen Kremer

        Did Clinton have a hand in Trump? because she has nothing else to offer. If that were not true than why are people saying “you better vote for Clinton or Trump will win” While I will vote for Clinton I will keep the movement going”

        • Tijuju Furry

          Hillary Bill and Trump all agreed before the primary even started that Trump would run against Hillary Andrews Hillary and Trump work for the same people and it is not us I will be voting for Jill Stein for president I’ll be voting for progressives on the town ticket of more than one party to help president Jill Stein get things done neverhillary nevertrump they work for the same people and it’s not us

      • Spiritart

        How can you vote for the person that cheated Bernie out of the nomination? Makes no sense. Vote for Jill – whether or not she wins, at least your conscience will be clear. If everyone that is planning on voting for Hillary, even though they know she is not fit to be president and only because of fear of Trump, Jill would win by a landslide. Don’t believe the rigged polls.

      • Originally Posted by Robert Fantina

        [Quote] “Voting for either of them just perpetuates the corrupt system. It’s time to vote for third-party candidates”. [End quote]

        When both candidates are wealth and power-addicted neoliberals bent on destroying the economic security of the average American who do you vote for to protect your life, health, and family?

        When both candidates are bought by the fracking industry and want to force urban fracking through our cities and suburbs who do you vote for to try to protect your life, health, and that of your family?

        When both candidates are bought by the military industrial complex and fully embrace endless war that could very well end-up with World War III, who do you vote for to protect your life, health, and family?

        A vote for Hillary has virtually the same end result as a vote for Donald Trump, who was an active Democrat right up until just a few years ago. Hillary wouldn’t even be the Democratic candidate if she hadn’t greatly benefited from DNC-led election fraud and Clinton Foundation donation-laundering to the tune of at-least an extra $60 million in illegal contributions to her campaign either.

        Yes, 2016 was the year that tens of millions of liberal Americans and tens of millions more independent voters discovered that American is no longer a democracy, as it is quite obvious that our wealth and power-addicted neoliberals will do or say anything to hang-onto power including do anything illegal, as they don’t have to fear being arrested, tried, or jailed, as they are apparently above the law.

        Do you want neoliberal wealth & power addicts nominating the next several Supreme Court Justices, who will do everything in their power to defend the right of the the neoliberal wealth & power-addicted class to continue to fleece the average American, or would you rather elect a non-neoliberal Keynesian liberal wants to fairly restore to the average American what the wealth & power-addicted class has conspired to steal from the average American ever since Ronald Reagan was elected?


      • Jeremy

        If it is between Hillary and Trump, I am all for Trump winning.

    • Melchior Melchior


      • It has become pretty obvious that Daily Kos suffers from the same problem that Blue Nation Review does. Is there even such a thing as liberal neoliberalism or liberal wealth and power-addiction? It used to be that liberals fought for the little guy, but today’s big-money Third Way alleged liberals fight for themselves and just like many Republicans, see the struggle of the little guy as unworthy competition for the wealth addict’s drug of choice.

    • Baby Jesus Says So

      Shameless toadying for a vile neoliberal and suppression of commentary, reasons why I no longer visit the daily kos. The clinton supporters are transforming into a faux liberal tea party right before our eyes.

      • AlphaZed

        It has gotten even worse over the last couple months.

        That place has gotten so toxic people are flagging Technical diary’s that explain how email works because it is “Anti-Clinton” even though the diarist never directly attacked Hillary in the Diary that I could see.

        It has become a wasteland, and the metrics are showing it quite clearly. Their global rankings are in the toilet.

        To give you an idea of how bizzaro world it has gotten over there the “Progressives” on that site are now busy righting comments and diaries defending Fracking of all things.

        Yeah, they are as progressive and Liberal as Hillary Clinton. I.E. Not at all.

        It has become a Neo-con Red State style site where all dissenting thought is immediately pounced upon by gangs of Hillary Brownshirts.

        • andrea

          I got attacked on there 10 years ago, when Hillary defended torture, of all things, triangulating like she does. I was read the riot act.
          I stayed around but on a low level for years, and finally bowed out a year or so ago, for good. I had a long track record there and some well-liked diaries. But Markos is a tool.

      • I wouldn’t call Clinton and her supporters a “faux liberal Tea Party”, I would call them Center-Right wealth & power-addicted neoliberals, with a lot in-common with moderate Republicans of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. I have also called her a modern Dixiecrat, and it is obvious that she is bought by our military-industrial complex as well as the Israeli lobby, a lot like the average Republican dreams-of.

        It is obvious that Hillary and her supporters have tried to distance themselves from the traditional northern blue-collar big-labor liberal which was at one time the core constituency of the Democratic Party, and instead focus on promoting the interests of whoever can bribe her and the Clinton Foundation with the most money, no matter how unethically those bribes were obtained.

        There was a statement made by some big-money Republican donor maybe 2009 or 2010 that suggested that Americans should get a number of votes equal to their annual income. If someone earns $20,000 they only get 20,000 votes, and if someone earns $20 million, they should get 20 million votes.

        It appears to me that Hillary and her supporters have fully embraced the $1 in income per-vote strategy and strongly feel that those Americans without money to bribe politicians with should not be entitled to comment on the shortcomings of big money rule in America.

    • Golestan

      In case you have not noticed, the “political revolution” is not (yet) part of the Democratic Party. It is just using that party as a vehicle to gain momentum.
      If the party accepts their agenda and nominates Bernie, – fine. There will be a new, strong, rejuvenated party. If not, then this movement will form a new, third, party, to be led by Sanders if and when he frees himself from that commitment to support the eventual nominee.
      Reason enough, he has, to do that at or immediately after the convention, due to the fact, that the DNC has violated their fiduciary obligation for neutrality between the candidates many times and it has done so with the full support of the party leadership. If he leaves he will leave behind an empty husk, because we will all go with him.

    • William Pursell

      “Those of us who care about our country and it’s future are focused on victory” is intentionally inflammatory and not productive. From a certain perspective, it is true, but those of us who actually care about our country define “victory” as something other than “ensuring that one particular corporate party wins the whitehouse instead of the other corporate controlled party.”

      • robert fantina

        Voting for either of them just perpetuates the corrupt system. It’s time to vote for third-party candidates.

    • BetMaker Zounds

      Ditched his site a while ago. He really needs a reality check on his meglomania.

    • KGreenland

      No more Kos for me. Yuck. What kind of “liberal” news outlet bans speech? Clinton email! Clinton email! Clinton ILLEGAL EMAIL USE. SHE BROKE LAWS WITH HER PRIVATE EMAIL AND HER SERVER. How’s that?

    • Helen Stein

      Only 20 some percent of registered dems. 47% are independents. There is a mass drop out of democratic party planned just before the convention. Independents are overwhelmingly for Bernie. If he is not the nominee, many will not vote and down ticket dems will suffer losses. Some will write in Bernie and others will vote Green.

      • Golestan

        It does not really matter if the Democratic Party is gutted, when we abandon it. The remaining choice is evil vs. chaos.
        With Hillary we know, what we are getting: Wars, government changes and military actions around the globe and plenty more deaths of our young. With Trump he doesn’t even know himself what he wants other than xenophobia, misogyny and embarrassment around the world.

        The only alternative, should Bernie not get the nomination, is, that he breaks loose and runs with a third party in November.

        Meanwhile there are already people working on organizing the continued function of the movement after the convention:
        http://www.unitedprogressiveparty.org/ (I like their logo, beats donkey and elephant any day. 🙂

    • Yuriko

      I will NEVER vote for Clinton. I will NEVER vote for Trump!! I will vote GREEN Party!

      • Southernfink

        There is no doubt that the US Greens have the policies that benefit the people more than the corporately controlled Duo-Poly

        From – Jill Stein – Power to the People Plan

        Freedom and Equality:

        End police brutality, mass incarceration and institutional racism within our justice system. Expand women’s rights, protect LGBTQIA+ people from discrimination, defend indigenous rights and lands, and create a welcoming path to citizenship for immigrants. Protect the free Internet, replace drug prohibition with harm reduction, and legalize marijuana/hemp.

        Justice for All:

        Restore our Constitutional rights, terminate unconstitutional surveillance and unwarranted spying, end persecution of government and media whistleblowers, close Guantanamo, abolish secret kill lists, and repeal indefinite detention without charge or trial.

        Peace and Human Rights:

        Establish a foreign policy based on diplomacy, international law, and human rights. End the wars and drone attacks, cut military spending by at least 50% and close the 700+ foreign military bases that are turning our republic into a bankrupt empire. Stop U.S. support and arms sales to human rights abusers, and lead on global nuclear disarmament.

        Empower the People:

        Abolish corporate personhood. Protect voters’ rights by establishing a constitutional right to vote. Enact electoral reforms that break the big money stranglehold and create truly representative democracy: public campaign financing, ranked-choice voting, proportional representation, and open debates.

        The future of the world can depend on not having either side of the war mongering Duo-Poly in the white house.

    • Katrina

      DailyKos is a propaganda machine for the centrist wing of the Democratic party and has devolved into nothing more than a chatroom to cheerlead for neoliberalism. The large majority of users are older, upper income males who attack progressives, a threat their personal financial interests. The tone of the site is very aggressive whereby progressive women and people of color are bullied. It is a “only centrists are welcome” website.

      • Renee J. (RJFlamingo)

        As this MintyFreshPress”News” is a radical left wing, anti-Semitic propaganda machine. These are all personal blogs (Kos, Slate, Salon, et.al.), prosecuting their own political agendas. Read the one(s) that make you feel comfy-cozy and ignore the others. But beware! If your main comment (not replies to other comments) is even remotely critical of MintyFreshPress, they won’t publish it, thereby making themselves guilty of the same behavior. If Kos is not relevant to you, there are dozens of these sites out there from which to choose.

        • Are you seriously defending them?

          • Renee J. (RJFlamingo)

            Read what I wrote. These are not NEWS OUTLETS, ala CNN, CBS, NY Times, LA Times, Miami Herald, et.al. Kos, Slate, Salon, MintyFreshPress News, etc., are all PERSONAL BLOGS, and as such, can make whatever rules they like. You may read them to get news with your particular political slant in mind, but they are not actual PRESS, and therefore can say what they like, ban what they like, and make their own rules. I think MintyFreshPress is anti-Semitic. I don’t come here for information. I wouldn’t be here now, but for this conversation. What’s “obvious” to you, is not so much to many of the rest of us. To me, Bernie is obviously delusional, and perhaps well on his way to onset Alzheimer’s, considering his intransigence and irrationality. I happen to like Hillary, and always have. I see a progressive woman who is a proponent of health care, women’s issues, strong experience as an EFFECTIVE Senator for 2 terms, strong international and diplomatic experience for 5 years, a pragmatist, and the most qualified candidate, bar none. You will have to make your own choice in November.

            • robert fantina

              Oh, and CNN, CBS, NY Times, etc. are ‘NEWS OUTLETS’? (caps are yours, not mine). They are corporate-owned and directed, and ignore some news, like the brutal, ongoing oppression of the Palestinians by Israel, and instead focus on ‘popular’ wars, like the bombing of Syria, which is only supported because these ‘news outlets’ don’t report the facts, but what their corporate owners require.

      • thebrutalkremlin

        Indeed. A bunch of Shills for their Queen $hillary.

    • Steve

      RIP daily KOS you are no longer relevant.

    • Joe Graziano

      Daily Kos is a joke. You are free to criticize Clinton provided you meet the restrictions set by Markos, who has been shilling for Hillary since day one. If Moulitsas had the reasoning skills above that of an angry toddler, he would welcome opposing viewpoints. But, since he hasn’t the skills nor the facts to refute those arguments, he just bans them from his site. What a brave, skilled journalist he is!

    • Joe Graziano

      What a joke. People are free to criticize Clinton in any any that meets the biased standards of Moulitsas, who has been shilling for Clinton since day one. Please. If Markos had the reasoning skills above that of an angry toddler, he wouldn’t be afraid of opposing viewpoints.

    • Roland P

      Jes, no Talking you miserable Democratic….lol….Braindead useless nobodies……..not a peep against the wishes of the status quo…..they will tell you whom to choose, just like the Re pubic ans with their Horatius Plebiscibus…….lol
      Useless slaves of all colors……….it’s her turn@!!!!

    • aladythespian

      I have been on the fence with the Daily Kos but this pushed me over. This organization that enjoys freedom of the press wants to limit free speech. Goodbye Daily Kos.

    • Cimarron

      Markos Moulitsas, the founder of a formerly liberal (now, centrist and corporatist) political website, may wish to commence assuaging Senator Senators and his followers by demanding the replacement of Barney Frank as co-chair of the Rules Committee and Dannel Malloy as co-chair of the Platform Committee at the impending Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

    • peter

      So, in other words, if you aren’t for Hillary you might as well stay away for KOS.

    • TecumsehUnfaced

      Moulitsas Zuniga is an enabler and gate keeper.

      • Roland P

        aka Rat!

    • Southernfink

      In other words — Daily KOS openly admits to being a HRC mouthpiece!



    • CTPatriot

      Stop calling DailyKos a “liberal” blogging site. It may be home to some liberals, but it is purely and solely a Democratic Party establishment site masquerading as liberal. You can’t call yourself a liberal site and then turn around and support the least liberal (and I would argue right of center) of the two candidates running for the Democratic Party nomination. Yet that’s what Markos and his front pagers have done since early in the race.

      The March 15th edict so enraged Bernie supporters (because of its blatant bias towards Hillary) whose articles dominated the recommended diary list and who comprised the majority on that site based on the site’s presidential polling, that over 1000 left DailyKos and began their own site on Reddit, https://www.reddit.com/r/Kossacks_for_Sanders/. If you’re looking for real liberals, that’s where you’ll find us. You’ll also find us at http://caucus99percent.com/

      Markos, a former Republican whose first civilian job was an internship at the CIA, once played the role of a liberal who advocated “Crashing the Gates” of the establishment. After becoming very wealthy with his internet ventures, he’s turned out to be a fraud having now revealed himself to be Guarding the Gates in favor of the establishment.

      • wjkolar

        Labels have become meaningless. I stopped referring to myself as a liberal years ago. I prefer radical left now when asked.

    • gio33

      oligarch’ or ‘warmonger’ or ‘neocon’, are substantive because those labels and the ideas and concepts they embody perfectly describe Hillary, tooth and nail. His argument that its not substantive, is just a claim with no substance backing it up. So who is not being substantive?

    • jeff4justice

      Daily Kos moderators banned me on their blogging site for writing about options outside the failed 2 party system. If you online search “jeff4justice Daily Kos” I’m sure you’ll see my blogs and in the comments section you’ll see how I was banned. They would not even let me post homeless outreach blogs. Such a stupid websites.

      • Roland P

        ABC has me banned for speaking about Islam and Personal Liberties…….they acted like I was hating on Islam or Religion in general I guess……??? Most Religions subjugate personal liberties and its no secret…. Islam does mean “Submission” to Allah, ask any Muslim, they take pride in that and NOT ashamed of it. ABC Moderators seem to be.

        • jeff4justice

          Sorry that happened to you.

    • Shame on them!

    • linked1

      There is nothing noble about the stand you are taking. This is a pall on democracy.

    • Unkawillbur

      Daily Kos calls for unity, while widening the divisions and reducing the Base. Oh well, they don’t need those dirty hippie liberals anyways, they’ve got a secret ingredient: All New Clintonium, With “Moderate Republican Appeal”

    • Wiebejamin

      But a 3rd party candidate, Jill Stein, is the only person besides Sanders SUITABLE to lead the country!

      • Is stopping the failed 2 party system important to you?

      • Renee J. (RJFlamingo)

        In temperament, perhaps, but not in experience. Even Sanders, despite his years in the Senate, doesn’t have the background or experience. They are both woefully ignorant about foreign affairs, and don’t have a clue on how to work with a belligerent Congress to pass any of the legislation he proposes.

        • Wiebejamin

          You know, you say that, but Sanders has a stunning record of getting Republicans to vote for his bills.

          • Renee J. (RJFlamingo)

            He’s been primary sponsor of exactly 3 bills. Two of them were to rename post offices in Vermont. Who exactly would vote against that?

        • Jeremy

          Interesting, people (People on the right actually) were using the line about not being experienced for why Obama should not be president….

    • baruchzed

      Daily Kos is no longer credible. Time to unsubscribe, not visit their site, let it die.

      • Johnny Prescott

        Were they ever credible?

        • Nancygspruill

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    • Audie Bass

      Amusing about Daily Kos – it has become a site where the 5 Hillary supporters can stab anyone disagreeing with them with such a vicious tone that is not seen anywhere else (weelll, except when Hillary people jump on Bernie’s Facebook uninvited because they are lonely….) Kos kicked all non- hills supporters off on March 15th. The blankly blank blank idiot (Kos) took my money (I am disabled and then kicked me off the site because i posted an article from a liberal news site). Boo! hoo! i only look at the site to see if OPOL has written a diary (my hero – one pissed off liberal).Daily Kos has no right to call for Unity – since he disregarded the right of people to voice their opinions. As usual he has an over-exaggerated sense of importance. A site worth ignoring.

    • 1tal

      What the Clinton’s called ‘the vast right-wing conspiracy’:

      “1989 – What will later be known as the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy begins on the
      left as a group of progressive students at the University of Arkansas
      form the Arkansas Committee to look into Mena, drugs, money laundering,
      and Arkansas politics.”


    • Lebez

      Daily Kos used to be progressive but one day it got bought out.

    • Nate Yuen

      Just because a source is right wing doesn’t necessarily mean its untrue. I learned in 2016 that the liberal media can be just as biased and unreliable.

      • baruchzed

        What liberal media??

    • Helga Fellay

      I have stopped reading that tabloid rag some time ago. A bit dictatorial, I would say, to not allow even the mention of the Green Party’s candidate Jill Stein, a legitimate presidential candidate. Are we living under a dictatorship already?

    • John

      Good to know. Another one to avoid is slate they did a really nasty article by a phsycologist that well was just sick. Blaming greens for what Bush voters did. It was so carefully spun and deceitful and the editors allowed it or even commisioned it.

    • GALT

      The “victory of evil” is NOT a “victory for the country”.

      ” A republic, if you can keep it.” Sorry Ben, but we have had enough
      of the republic, so you can keep it…..we are trying to give it back and
      we’ll be happy to bury right along side you with an appropriate epitaph.

      “Here lies the REPUBLIC, won with the blood of the riff raff, forged for
      the benefit of the elite, white men of property, including other humans,
      smugglers and land speculators, aka “farmers and merchants” and
      dedicated to the proposition that government shall serve the needs of
      the few at the expense of the many, with an occasional crumb dropped,
      and an occasional whiff of democracy thrown in for good measure and
      always just out of reach. Rest in the eternal guilt you have deservedly

      (c) GALT 2016 free to post in its entirety to all,
      with appropriate credit to the source, especially on the Daily Kos
      or in any other venue where either Trump or Hillary is even hinted
      at being good for the “country”.

      And I didn’t mention Bernie or Jill.

    • F off Daily Kos – followed you for a long time but (even though I will probably hold my nose and vote for Hillery) no one is going to limit my voting choices. It would be so sweet if Bernie would run Third Party.

      • Michael O Malloy

        Veterans for Peace should be voting for Jill Stein, Green Party

      • baruchzed

        You can write in Bernie in 43 states.

        • Johnny Prescott

          And you can probably vote for a 3rd party in all 50 states, which would actually have a chance of winning if people would quit being sheeple and lining up behind the war mongers.

        • And thus help elect Trump. I support Sec. Clinton, who is not the enemy. I guess Noam Chomsky is the latest “corporatist sellout,” eh? That, and being the father of modern American socialist thought?

          • chilegirl

            She may not be the enemy to you, but she is to me.
            She’s a warmongering, wall street shill.
            No thanks.
            Quit blaming Bernie, it’s the DNC who is determined to lose this election.

      • Helping Trump get into the White House is all that would do. Not sweet, in my book.

    • atiba1997

      Yeah, quit blogging on DK some time ago because of stuff like this & the fact that there is no civil discourse any more. Comments are obvious trolls. Buying into the “3rd party has no chance, so it’s lesser of TWO evils” is just so 20th century. This country–and it’s “left” media–will adapt or fall even further into decline.

      • MountainMan23

        There actually were some valuable posts there, but being bombarded constantly with “DNC Uber Alles” propaganda I quit too.

      • douglasawillinger

        Looking at the DK echo chamber comments, I suspect that that most of the pro Hillary comments are by those paid to do so.

    • Marco van Basten

      Daily Kos should just outright admit they get part of their funding through Clinton’s influences. This is what ‘democracy’ has come to then.

    • john

      So we should refrain from describing candidates in terms of what they are? We should focus on achieving victory for a person that we may misdescribe in glowing terms. So this web site, daily kos stands for what? How can people trust a site that limits discussion to propaganda levels in support of a morally compromised individual. We came! We saw! We were disgusted!