Conservative Websites Demonize Women’s March Co-Chair Linda Sarsour

The attacks really aren’t only attacks against Sarsour. They are also a desperate effort to undermine the resistance against Trump by shifting attention to a single organizer.
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    Women's march organizer, Linda Sarsour. (Photo: still from #InequalityIs: Linda Sarsour on inequality and race and religion)

    Women’s march organizer, Linda Sarsour. (Photo: still from #InequalityIs: Linda Sarsour on inequality and race and religion)

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    A network of conservative websites has spread malicious attacks intended to demonize one of the co-chairs of the Women’s March, which mobilized millions of Americans to resist President Donald Trump’s administration.

    Linda Sarsour is a Palestinian-American Muslim racial justice and civil rights activist. She is a mother of three children and well-known for her work in New York. She was a prominent surrogate for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign in 2016.

    The smears against Sarsour are not particularly new, but the effort to make them seem fresh and circulate them widely is a response to the success of the Women’s March that eclipsed the inauguration of Trump.

    Each of the websites pushing attacks have reputations for publishing anti-Islam propaganda. They hope to tarnish the Women’s March by tying them to a “radical extremist” or push Women’s March organizers to condemn statements she has made in the past.

    In a more pernicious sense, they would like American Muslims to be even more afraid of engaging in dissent. Such focus on an individual is aimed at further narrowing the confines of what is acceptable speech and activism in the United States.

    The smear gaining the most traction was promoted by The Daily Caller, a site that was founded by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson as a kind of response to Huffington Post. A post, “Women’s March Organizer Recently Met Ex-Hamas Operative, Has Family Ties To Terror Group,” was shared by over one hundred thousand people on Facebook in two days.

    It was picked up by Gateway Pundit (“Organizer For DC Women’s March, Linda Sarsour Is Pro Sharia Law with Ties To Hamas”), Jihad Watch (“Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour has family ties to Hamas, recently met former Hamas financier”), American Thinker (“Terrorist tied co-chairman of Women’s March relies on the stupidity of liberal American females to push sharia”), FrontPage Mag (“The Anti-Semite Who Organized The ‘Women’s March on Washington’),  Newsline, and PJ Media.

    Daniel Pipes, a well-known player among an industry of people promoting fear of Islam, updated a post about Sarsour with a link to the smear.

    FrontPage Magazine is edited by the rabid right-wing firebrand David Horowitz. He has committed the past fifteen to twenty years of his life to countering what he views as the radical left by demonizing college professors and spreading fear of Islam in order to turn more Americans against the presence of Muslims in America. He believes there is no racism in the United States, but plenty of black people, who are racists.

    The post on FrontPage Mag clearly demonstrates the objective: make Sarsour unpalatable to the millions of Americans, who potentially took to the streets for the first time. Alienate them by presenting her dissenting views, especially her support for the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israeli occupation in Palestine. Make them uncomfortable because these are not popular views in American politics, and then go a step farther by tying her to foreign Islamic extremists whether there is proof or not. Convince them she is an agent of some insidious “enemy” they must fear.

    It comes from a countersubversive tradition in America, as highlighted in Ellen Schrecker’s Many Are The Crimes: McCarthyism In America.

    In the McCarthy era, the supposed threat was dehumanized. Anti-communist individuals drew upon hostility to the American left that was always a part of politics to advance their agenda. Similarly, this network of websites recognizes that hostility still exists today among swaths of the population.

    More significantly, these sites recognize they have a countersubversive president. He shares their appetite for an anti-Islam crusade.

    If the Senate confirms Senator Jeff Beauregard Sessions to the position of Attorney General, they will have a man at the Justice Department, who is a big fan of Horowitz and considers him to be a “brilliant” man. That could deeply influence crackdowns on radical activists, including people who share the views of Sarsour.

    However, the Women’s March organizers and others responded on Twitter with steadfast solidarity against the malicious attacks.

    Carmen Perez, a Women’s March co-chair, declared, “We will always stand together because our liberation is bound in one another’s!” Activist Imraan Siddiqi reacted, “The bigots think that smearing Muslim activists will quell interfaith/intersectional solidarity. But we’re onto their game.” Amnesty International USA stated, “#IMarchWithLinda because [Linda Sarsour] embodies the spirit of a true activist. Stand up against hateful rhetoric. Do not let fear win.”

    Executive Director of the Center for Constitutional Rights responded, “#IMarchWithLinda so if you’re coming for her, you’re coming for all of us and trust me, you REALLY don’t want to do that.”

    Thus far, the establishment media ignored the baseless smears spread by the network of conservative and anti-Islam websites. However, with this show of solidarity with Sarsour trending on Twitter, it is unlikely the mainstream press will ignore it entirely. That means the network will probably see much more prominent news outlets weigh the claims.

    The attacks really aren’t only attacks against Sarsour. They are also a desperate effort to undermine the resistance against Trump by shifting attention to a single organizer. The best way to beat this back is to defend her activism, character, and rights without apology or hesitation, and then, shift immediately back to the target, President Donald Trump’s administration.

    Linda Sarsour’s speech at the Women’s March:

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    • James Wherry

      And in OTHER news: way to go, violent protesters!!!!!!

      “Good Going, Inclusive Anarchists, That Limo You Set on Fire Belonged to Muslim Immigrant”
      Thursday, 26 January 2017 15:30
      Written by Trey Sanchez

    • Cpt_Justice

      She demonizes herself with her antisemitic – not just anti-Israeli – views. She carefully says she is “not antisemitic”, but is a proponent of the proven antisemitic BDS movement, and allows antisemitism on her social media – *even right under* her ostensible plea not to be antisemitic!

    • Blake

      “Fake News” and “Alternative Facts” are the most recent psychological operations terms being used to instill doubt, create confusion, and get people to question any information they encounter, which in turn can cause a heightened sense of anxiety and uncertainty in people, generally-speaking, of course.

    • Blake

      Muslim women such as Linda Sarsour stand up for lesbian women, the unborn, and human rights in general as laid out before us by the UN in 1948 according to

    • Vickie Templeton

      IF Sarsour was pro women’s rights for all women she would address the 23 – 27 honor killings taking place in Muslim communities each year in this country per DOJ, she would speak out against female genital mutilation that takes place in the US, the forced marriages of young girls to old men, sometimes sent back to the middle east to marry. Sarsour is not a champion of change. She is someone who has an agenda of her own, looking for political gains and is slowly gaining ground in gaining support for Sharia Law in this country. As far as I am concerned everyone needs to keep and eye on her, speak out against her, share as much information about her as they can. You will not find her name associated with organizations who’s goals are to help Muslim women, who, apparently she feels have no rights. That alone should speak volumes about her disregard for women and her love of Sharia, where women are worth only half what a man is worth. She has a political agenda and plans on running for city council in New York in 2017. Women following her suffer just as the did following Hillary. Stepford Wives Syndrome.

    • James Wherry

      Daniel Pipes? He has a deep respect for Islam. He condemns the violent extremists. Is that what the author is so upset about? Is that what Linda Sarsour represents?

    • Dominic Pukallus
      • Norm

        Progressively confused, perhaps?

        Linda Sarsour is a pro-Sharia Muslim Brotherhood affiliate, as is Hamas. The MB advocate ‘taqiya’-based stealth jihad against the West, masquerading as ‘moderates’ and biding their time relying on the overwhelming Muslim birth-rate advantage to lie about their true goal of a Global Caliphate, while appealing to gullible Westerners with a “Democracy” charade which – in the words of Turkey’s Erdogan (another MB operative) – “is like a streetcar, when you arrive at your destination you step off”.

        But in Arabic, their explicit goal is a global Islamic caliphate, and their credo is: “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

        In contrast, true Salafists like ISIS – who aspire for a global Islamic caliphate asap – despise the MB lies and deceit, regarding it as an affront to the legacy of Muhammad’s own practices of lightning-fast conquests through bloody subjugation casting terror into the hearts of the disbelievers, preferably by public beheadings (see Quran 8:12): “Remember thy Lord inspired the angels (with the message): I am with you: give firmness to the Believers: I will instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them.”

        • Slingerss

          Your xenophobia, fearmongering is showing. Plus, your alternative FACTS are laughable.
          Why are you SO afraid of Women?

          • Vickie Templeton

            Go Trump!!!! no bigot here but certainly recognize one when I see it. Pack yer panties and head on over to Linda’s. You will look real good under Sharia Law, your value will be half that of any man you would be around. I beg never to see the day she points and laughs at you for it will impact us all.

        • Dominic Pukallus

          The progression of thought on this certainly is confusing, as you have done really nothing to answer my actual question. It would certainly seem this woman is coming under fire from both sides of the political spectrum, or at least from those of the “progressives” who appear to have real principles and experience of her.

          Then again, my experience in these matters is rather limited. Some critical analysis of this situation by those with more knowledge would be welcome.

      • TeeJae

        That whole article (I, unfortunately, read it through to the end) was full of weak and reaching arguments, unsubstantiated claims, contradictions and logical fallacies. Whoever wrote it clearly has a personal axe to grind (seemingly out of jealousy of Sarsour’s “rising public profile”).

        After reading their ‘About’ page, I’m even more suspicious of Ikhras’ true agenda.

        • Dominic Pukallus

          I understand the article may well be polemic, but whenever people make that claim It would be nice if they were to back it up with actual examples rather than blanket statements.

          • TeeJae

            I agree. I wish I had the time. There are just so many, it became too overwhelming.

      • Vickie Templeton

        No. I read the article you posted here. It is from Palestinian Activist group that has disassociated itself from Linda Sarsour as a result of identified dishonesty.

    • Norm

      Meanwhile, in Iran:

      Another pro-Sharia women’s march…