Chicago Mayor Blames Viral Police Brutality Videos For Rising Murder Numbers

Emanuel blamed the higher murder rate on officers’ fear of cell phone videos of their actions going viral.”
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    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says that cell phone video recordings of police officers are interfering with the officers’ ability to do their jobs … and that is why the murder numbers are rising for his city.

    Emanuel blamed the higher murder rate on “the chilling effects of high-profile protests against police brutality and officers’ fear of cell phone videos of their actions going viral.”

    Last week, at a meeting of elected officials and top law enforcement officials, Emanuel said, “We have allowed our police department to get fetal and it is having a direct consequence.” He then added, “They have pulled back from the ability to interdict … they don’t want to be a news story themselves, they don’t want their career ended early, and it’s having an impact.”

    It’s an interesting claim from a mayor whose city was dubbed the “murder capital” of the nation back in 2012, long before the rise of viral police brutality videos and the popularization of the Black Lives Matter movement.

    Last month, statistics were released by the FBI showing that Chicago had 411 killings, more than New York’s 333 murders and Los Angeles’ 260 murders. This is despite the fact that Chicago has a smaller population than both of those cities do.

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    • Paul Paula

      …How the son can be at least arrogant but otherwise
      a scapegoater, or a scapegoater along sexual insecurity,
      or a hypocritical gay fascist.

      In the process the man creates monopoly and hires a
      woman to sexually slander the person not liking it,
      she will be playing the role of the ancient male centric.
      But now she’s also a mother and giver of sexual insecurity
      and denier of love recognition and security, especially to
      be directed to others.

      This is the basis of the religious rights god complex, woman
      hating, and relentless hypocritical end of story: the
      hypocritical gay fascist.

    • rararoadrunner

      A non-sequitur: combating impunity with cams begets impunity?

      What does he want, for folks to aim their guns rather than their cameras at cops?

    • omega insane

      Then arm your cops with tranq darts, with the use of deadly force only applicable in the face of a clear and present danger (i.e. Perp is OBVIOUSLY armed and shooting/ has intent to shoot at officers).

      Dont blame the tools, makes you look like a fool.

    • Robert Munro

      Rahm Emanuel is doing EXACTLY what the rest of his cult.ure does when they scream “anti-Semitie” at those who tell the truth about Zionism. What he fails to notice is that, when authority is not respectable – NOBODY has a motive to respect authority.

    • TeeJae

      If by “doing their jobs” he means indiscriminately killing innocent and unarmed people. Sorry, Rahm. We see right through your charade.

    • Rahm Emanuel… Another idiot. It’s the same logic that excuses the actions of an individual but blames the gun. Now it’s ‘cameras kill people’. Does he actually hear what he says? If he had any analytical thought process, this entire concept would be ludicrous to him.

    • disqus_lxhOkuBGvA

      This is a first step towards controlling the public and stopping the use of cameras phones to record police, another excuse for them to kill more people.

    • roccolore

      Chicago is one of those places where black lives don’t matter, especially when the killers are black.

    • danny_livewire

      Once again…. the “Pass the Buck” Mayor of Chicago proves he is ignorant on how the internet actually works. Cell phone videos don’t stop a cop from doing their job. It stops them from breaking the law.

    • SK

      So, what is he suggesting? That we make videoing cops illegal? Then who will police the police state?

    • TecumsehUnfaced

      Rahm Emanuel is a son of the Irgun, in other words, a vicious thug. Remember, the police state horror of Homan Square is still continuing continuing under the administration of this unprincipled thief looting the city for his super rich owners.

      • Robert Munro

        True. Emanuel’s daddy was a Jewish terrorist thug. Emanuel is certainly a Jewish thug.