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California Counties Push Back On Proposal To Ease Federal Indian Recognition Process
A proposed new rule would make it easier for tribes to gain federal recognition, but some California counties -- notably, Napa and Sonoma -- oppose the change, saying it’s the first step toward casinos and other unwanted developments.
25th Anniversary of Iran-Iraq War: The Beginning Of Iraq’s Demise
A photojournalist's tale of the immediate aftermath of “Flanders Fields, without the mud.”
Letter From Isa Town Women’s Prison In Bahrain
A great leader is immortal — their words and deeds echo through the years, decades, and centuries. They echo across oceans and borders and become an inspiration that touches the lives of many who are willing to learn. One such leader is the remarkable Martin Luther King Jr. As I read his words I feel that he is reading out to us from another land and another time to teach some very important lessons. Amongst those lessons: not to become bitter, to be willing to sacrifice for freedom and to