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New Geopolitical Landscapes Create Room For Iran-US Business Relations
Iran is gearing up for an anticipated “post-sanctions” era that could usher in increased investment in its oil sector. That investment could be coming sooner than expected, though, as shifting geopolitical terrain shows a need for mended U.S.-Iran relations.
Bloody Nasreen: Pakistan’s Very Own “Tomb Raider”
She wasn’t intended as “eye candy,” but Bloody Nasreen, a sexy animated anti-hero, is making waves in Pakistan. Some say she’s hot, but others argue that she’s simply a response to a trend of “bodily empowerment.”
In Chile, A Dictatorship’s Horrors Go On Trial
Former DINA agent Cristián Labbé has been indicted on charges related to his role in Chile’s dictatorship-era torture. With the possibility of his incarceration looming, justice may finally come to those who have suffered through decades of oblivion.
Is ISIS Finding A Foothold In Pakistan?
Amid domestic political turmoil and military forces already battling to push out Taliban factions, the time is ripe for the ISIS to make inroads in Pakistan. But is the militant group even Pakistan’s biggest potential threat?
Torment Continues For Yazidis After Escaping The ISIS
“We survived the Islamic State (ISIS) trying to kill us all, and now we have to struggle to live again,” a refugee tells MintPress in the Kurdish city of Dohuk.
As NATO Leaders Prepare For Summit, Britain Weighs The Costs Of War
Western countries will debate how to respond after IS releases a video apparently showing the beheading of another American journalist.
Between Deadlines And Deadlocks, Life Goes On In Pakistan
Protesters calling for Prime Minister Sharif to step down and for an investigation into alleged election fraud continue their sit-in despite two weeks of severe weather and leaders whose credibility may be slipping.
Reflections On The Illegal And Unconstitutional In Chilean History
As long as imperialism garners willing allies and represses the process of liberation through socialism, freedom is destined to remain a contentious concept, available only to those who ally themselves with those wielding uncontested power.
Boycott Movement Finds New Ground Following Israel’s Assault On Gaza
After taking a closer look at their investments in Israel in light of Operation Protective Edge, companies and investors are increasingly deciding to sell off stakes and pull out.
Myth Vs. Fact: Breaking Down The Conflict In Gaza
These are the top 5 myths the American media left the public with about Israel's brutal offensive of Gaza.
Here Are The Countries Vying For US Aid In 2015, And Why
The United States gives a lot of money to the world. How do you think it's being spent?
World Bank Accused Of Transferring Safeguards Responsibility To Borrowers
“Other financial institutions that followed the bank in building up their standards ... will now follow the bank in tearing them down,” a global development watchdog worries.
In Pakistan, A Revolution May Be Brewing
Relatively new, untested political party leaders expect at least one million people to participate in marches and a sit-in aimed at ousting Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.
On Use Of Experimental Ebola Drugs, U.S. Under Increased Pressure
Officials wrestle with whether it is ethical to withhold potential treatment from some groups, but also if it is acceptable to offer either false hope or true risk to vulnerable populations.
As Libya Deteriorates, Egyptians Are Desperate To Get Out
It’s easy to spot workers returning from Libya at the Cairo airport. They come through the doors of the arrival hall almost at a run.
How — And Possibly Why — The US Contributes To The Saudi Police State
In practical terms, the United States’ commitment to the “war on terror” has led the country to make a devil’s deal with a nation accused of domestic terrorism.
Human Remains May Stir Memories Of Chile’s Dictatorship Past
Human bone fragments that could be from the disappeared victims of Pinochet’s military dictatorship could complicate the Chilean state’s relationship with oblivion.
VIDEO: Is The Crisis In Gaza A Reflection Of Apartheid? Interview With Miko Peled
The son of an IDF general and the grandson of one of the founding fathers of Israel is speaking up against Israel’s racist laws which he says are apartheid and part of a greater goal of ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian Population.
In Greece Privatization Schemes, Who Benefits?
As with East Germany following unification, privatization in Greece is creating wide-ranging side effects -- most of which are being ignored.
State Department OKs Largest-Ever Sale Of Hellfire Missiles To Iraq
Pending Congressional approval, 5,000 Hellfire missiles will be shipped to Iraqi forces
Cambodians Are Increasingly Being Executed For Sorcery
Poverty and inflation in Cambodia are to blame, economists claim.
Is This The Man Who Broke Iraq?
Sunni dissenters blame Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki for the fall of northern Iraq to the jihadists. But some also say the US shares the blame.