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ANALYSIS: Who Are The “Moderates” Washington’s Supporting In Syria?
The U.S. is sending hundreds of million of dollars to them, and U.S. allies are rallying in support of them, but who, exactly, are Syria’s so-called “moderates” and how much longer can they avoid being sucked into the radical extremism taking hold of the Middle East?
ANALYSIS: WMDs: The Rhetoric Fueling The War On Terror And The Arab Spring
The “weapons of mass destruction” premise has proven to be a mere pretext for war. It has ultimately done little more than distract attention away from the death and destruction wrought by intervening forces.
European Anti-Semitism Gives Way To Islamophobia Following Charlie Hebdo Attack
France’s 6.5 million Muslims -- just 10 percent of the population -- are being forced to shoulder the blame for the attacks carried out by four extremists. Yet experts warn that calls for vengeance and generalizations fan the flames of radicalism without solving the problem.
Tracking Pakistan’s History Of Supporting Terror, With And Without American Help
By funding al-Qaida in the 1980s as a means of rebuffing Soviet Russia’s growing influence in Asia, the U.S. helped establish Islamic radicalism in Pakistan and Afghanistan -- defeating Iran’s hegemonic ambitions while also throwing Pakistan off its political balance.
Analysis: Charlie Hebdo, Colonialism, And The Limits Of Free Speech
World leaders are marching in solidarity with the “Je suis Charlie” masses, yet their own records on free speech are questionable in some cases, deplorable in others.
Azerbaijan And Armenia: A Brewing Proxy War?
Dwarfed by its regional neighbors, Azerbaijan remains an important cog in the Eurasian machine. Home to rich energy resources and situated at an important geostrategic crossroads, it’s clear that the tiny Eurasian state is becoming a geopolitical faultline.
Forecasting 2015’s Iran Nuclear Talks: From the Eyes of Tehran
The U.S. just installed a Republican Congress which isn’t warming up to the notion of easing sanctions against Iran. But is Iran facing a similarly hardline atmosphere that’s making progress difficult to achieve?
Death Of Palestinian Minister At Israeli Hands Threatens Peace Process
The PA minister’s death in an altercation with Israeli soldiers prompted a strong response from the PA, including vows to terminate security cooperation with Israel, seek justice for war crimes via the ICC, and petition the U.N. Security Council for statehood recognition.
Exploring Identity In Israel, “A Bubble Inside A Bubble Inside A Bubble…”
Being a Jew in Israel goes beyond a simple declaration of faith or a social reality. It carries and implies therein a certain political and legal standing, adding additional dimensions to individuals’ sense of self. So what is Jewish identity?
Can The Cuban Revolution Withstand The Normalization Of Relations With US?
The resumption of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba creates space for dialogue and cooperation. Media in both countries are cheering on the recent prisoner swap, but is it all just a sign that Cuba’s revolutionary days are numbered?