Israel Exploits Syrian Chaos As Part Of Long-Term Energy Independence Plan
Afek oil and gas company, whose investors include Dick Cheney some of world’s wealthiest individuals, is already beginning exploratory drilling in the Israeli-occupied portion of
European Parliament Debates Letting Individual Countries Ban GMOs
Beekeepers were among the groups calling for a continent-wide ban, arguing “bees know no borders.”
Leader Of Iran’s Jewish Community Calls Netanyahu ‘Delusional’ Over Iran Deal
Iran’s Jewish community remains outspoken in its loyalty to the Islamic Republic and in its opposition to Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine and continued war crimes.
Evidence Of Alleged Sexual Abuse Against Underage Boys By US Soldiers At Abu Ghraib Remains Classified
Ten years after Seymour Hersh first made claims of horrifying video and audio evidence of rape of underage boys in Iraq, we still know very little about what really happened.
ANALYSIS: Cuba-US Relations: Diplomatic Ties Emerge, Mired In Suspicion
The normalization of relations could be hailed as a positive move, but given the history of U.S. intervention under the guise of democracy, not everyone is convinced that the U.S. isn’t
ANALYSIS: America’s New Deal With Iran May Leave Russia Out In The Cold
The implications of the recent Iranian nuclear deal extend far beyond centrifuges and uranium enrichment. Russia, which has long played tensions between Tehran and Washington to its
The US Spends $4M To Train One Syrian Rebel: What Else Could That Buy?
The U.S. government continues to spend billions funding foreign wars and destabilizing the Middle East while America struggles to make ends meet domestically.
US Aid To El Salvador Came With Strings Attached: Monsanto Seeds Required
El Salvador previously took steps toward banning glyphosate, the potential carcinogen found in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide.
How The IDF Murder Captured Israeli Officers Under Hannibal Directive
The Hannibal Directive is a secretive military order that authorizes the Israeli military to murder captured Israeli soldiers. The former is praised as a hero, and the latter is given
Hackers Reveal Illegal Spying Software Used By World Governments To Silence Dissent
After the massive hack, the Milan-based Hacking Team asked its clients, including the FBI & Drug Enforcement Agency, to halt use of their surveillance software.