Meet The Tiny Country Pushing For Huge Change In Palestine
Malta’s foreign minister tells MintPress: “If Israel continues to expand, there is going to be no land left for a two-state solution. There are volumes of condemnation but no concrete
2011 NATO Destruction Of Libya Has Increased Terrorism Across Region
From Libya to Mali, Nigeria and Somalia, NATO’s 2011 intervention against Moammar Gadhafi has had an undeniable domino effect -- but when do the dominoes stop falling?
Saudi Arabia To Behead, Crucify Pro-Democracy Opposition Leader Sheikh Nimr
Sentenced to death last year, Sheikh Nimr is a political prisoner condemned for demanding the release of other prisoners and Saudi government reform.
EU Responds To Refugee Crisis With Military Force
The European Union seeks to quell a worsening refugee crisis in the Mediterranean, not with humanitarian aid but with military force.
Lauryn Hill Cancels Israel Concert After #KillingMeSoftly Social Media Campaign
Under pressure from a social media campaign, musician Lauryn Hill canceled a scheduled concert in Tel Aviv, becoming the latest artist to honor the cultural boycott of Israel.
While Europe Wrestles With Migrant Issue, A Vigil Is Held In Malta
Though anti-immigrant sentiment runs high in Malta, a tiny island in the Mediterranean, it’s not stopping citizens from reflecting on the humanitarian disaster reflected in the deaths
Israel’s Gaza Onslaught Targeted Children And UN Shelters
As Israel faces mounting criticism over its killings of at least 44 Palestinians in six UN shelters and 547 children overall last summer, 100,000 in Gaza remain displaced as “not
Why The US Is Arming Al-Qaida In Yemen
Whether it’s half-a-billion dollars in “lost” weaponry or arms and materiel sold directly to Saudi Arabia, one thing is clear: The U.S. is playing a major role in the chaos unravelling
Chilean War-criminal Sheltering In the US May Finally Face Justice
A member of Pinochet’s secret police has lived in the U.S. for decades without the threat of being extradited to Chile to face murder charges, but a legal team has finally found a
On Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, New Report Shows Corporate Role In Israeli Torture
As Israel cracks down on protests, Palestinians call for international support to thousands of political prisoners and researchers release a new report detailing corporate complicity