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Experts Warn Retaking Mosul Won’t Stop ISIS, But Could Make Syria’s Civil War Worse
Despite Obama’s promises to avoid U.S. ‘boots on the ground’ in Syria, as many as 5,000 special forces troops are currently fighting ISIS alongside Iraqi forces in Mosul.
Ecuador Denies US Influence In Decision To Cut Off Julian Assange’s Internet
‘Ecuador’s foreign policy responds to sovereign decisions alone and does not yield to pressure from other states,’ the Ecuadorean government wrote in a statement.
Israel Could Become Major Global Energy Player In The Wake Of Leviathan Gas Deal
Israel’s efforts to achieve energy independence have come at a high cost to stability in the Middle East and North Africa. Israel’s even exploited the Syrian civil war to enable expanded drilling in the illegally occupied Golan Heights.
Call To Action: #NoWarWithRussia Challenges Calls For US Military Action Against Russia In Syria
As the U.S. government and war profiteers amplify their calls for a proxy war with Russia in Syria, and as the establishment media beats the same drums of war, we must not forget that we have a voice that rings just as loud in support of peace.
The US Hand In War & Peace In Colombia
‘The U.S. bears a tremendous responsibility for the fact that Colombians are convinced that … the guerillas are the ones who are the ones most responsible for the civil war,’ one NGO worker told MintPress
US: Let Saudi Arabia Investigate Its Own War Crimes, Russia Requires Int’l Investigation
Saudi Arabia has admitted that the bombing of a Yemeni funeral was led by Saudi forces. The incident, which killed 140 and injured 500, ‘could have been a mistake,’ according to a State Department spokesperson.
US Condemns Latest Israeli Land Grab, Still Offers $38B In Military Aid
The U.N.’s Permanent Observer to Palestine called on the Security Council to take action against new illegal settlements, warning: ‘The situation on the ground is moving from bad to worse.’
Syrian Swimmer Dies In Rebel Attack, But UK’s Independent Blames Assad Anyway
‘Story wouldn’t have been used if #Assad couldn’t be blamed,’ one activist tweeted, adding to the social media backlash to the misleading story.
Poking The Bear: Dems & Reps Court War With Russia By Supporting Syrian No-Fly Zone
Last month, a top U.S. general warned that instituting a no-fly zone in Syria ‘would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia,’ a move that could ultimately provoke a devastating nuclear confrontation between superpowers.
Kashmir & Palestine: Both Occupied, Both Victims Of The Military-Industrial Complex
The struggle for liberation of both Palestinian and Kashmiri people began in the late 1940s during the waning days of British colonialism.