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Starvation & The Forgotten War: Child Malnutrition Rates Up 200% In Yemen Since 2014
‘Yemen is being slowly starved to death,’ declared a representative of the humanitarian NGO OxFam. ‘This is not by accident – it is systematic.’
Journalist Jamal Khashoggi Censored By Saudi Gov’t After Criticizing Trump
‘The author Jamal Khashoggi does not represent the government of Saudi Arabia or its positions at any level,’ a representative of the Gulf Kingdom said.
Now In Bangladesh, Rohingya Muslims Describe Rape, Murder In Myanmar
Muslims in an overwhelmingly Buddhist nation, the Rohingya have long faced persecution in Myanmar, where most are denied citizenship.
Palestinians: Trump May Not Be Better For Palestine, But He Can’t Be Worse
Donald Trump careened wildly between conflicting positions throughout his campaign, including his stance toward the pro-Israel establishment, leaving Palestinians and their supporters to wonder what a Trump administration will mean for the region.
The Wheels Of Justice Won’t Budge For A Scottish Woman Killed In Israel
The case of Julie Pearson is bigger than the death of one woman and her family’s ongoing struggle for justice. It’s a lens through which to view larger institutional and cultural failings that allow violence against women to go unpunished almost as a matter of routine in Israel.
The New Silk Road In Central America: Nicaragua Marches Forward
Wall Street banks and corporations operate with relative impunity in many Latin American countries often leading to persistent poverty. Nicaragua, determined to avoid the pitfalls suffered by her neighbors,is turning to China to help boost the local economy, and the results are promising.
PayPal Serves Illegal Israeli Settlers But Won’t Let Palestinians Open Accounts
‘Without access to PayPal, Palestinian entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and others face routine difficulties in receiving payments for business and charitable purposes,’ an open letter from a coalition of American activists reads.
Stability Battles Chaos: From London To Aleppo
Political navigation in the 21st Century is can be quite difficult. The compass by which analysts have long determined left and right is broken.
Sweden Finally Questions WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange At Ecuador’s London Embassy
‘There was no need for the Swedish authorities to delay for over 1,000 days before agreeing to carry out this interview, given that the Swedish authorities regularly question people in Britain,’ noted Ecuador’s foreign minister.
In 2016, Israel Demolished Over 200 West Bank Homes In Illegal Settlement Expansion
‘True to Israel’s entire history, it’s a story of moving in where people already live and kicking them out,’ noted Abby Martin, a journalist who traveled to Palestine earlier this year to document Israel’s oppressive occupation.