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Obama’s Legacy In Africa: Terrorism, Civil War & Military Expansion
Independent geopolitical analyst Eric Draitser examines the effect of the Obama administration on Africa. What he finds is less hope and change, and more chaos and death.
The Sordid Tale Of SEAL Team 6 In Afghanistan: Killing An MI6 Agent Was Just The Beginning
A recent investigative report exposes ‘a pattern of criminal violence that emerged soon after the Afghan war began and was tolerated and covered up by the command’s leadership.’
Israel’s Killing & Detention Of Palestinian Children Reached New Heights In 2016
Israel’s killings and detentions of Palestinian children, demolitions of their homes, and restrictions on their travel and economy all reached dramatic heights last year.
Obama’s Failed Legacy In Afghanistan: 300 Marines Headed Back To The Endless Afghan War
As Barack Obama’s presidency comes to a close, over 8,400 troops remain in Afghanistan. With hundreds more set to be deployed, there’s no end in sight for U.S. wars in the Middle East.
‘Real Housewives Of ISIS’ Comedy Sketch Produced By BBC Sparks Controversy
‘Constructing an image of Muslim women as oppressed and fond of terrorism at a time of widespread gendered Islamophobia is deeply sinister,’ wrote one British student who objected to the sketch.
Israel Denies Entry To Impoverished Venezuelan Jews
‘It is our duty as Jews to raise our voices and demand that the State of Israel … expedite the absorption of these people,’ declared one orthodox rabbi who supports the group of Venezuelans hoping to immigrate to Israel.
Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn: US Dems Must ‘Challenge Power’ & ‘Change A Broken System’
‘Both Labour and US Democrats will have to challenge power if they are going to speak for working people and change a broken system that isn’t delivering for the majority,’ a spokesperson for Jeremy Corbyn urged.
One Child Dies Every 10 Minutes In Yemen As Saudi-Led, US-Backed War Continues
At least 1,219 children have died as a result of the fighting in Yemen, but a chronic lack of health care will causing an additional 10,000 preventable deaths per year, according to a briefing from the NGO Save the Children International.
Russia: Mass Graves Full Of Tortured Civilians Discovered In Eastern Aleppo
‘The results of only an initial survey of Aleppo neighborhoods abandoned by the so-called “opposition” will shock many,’ stated a representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense.
Syrian Social Media All-Stars Spread Pro-War Propaganda In News & Social Media
Both the mainstream media and social media users have eagerly shared stories of strife and genocide from Aleppo, but who is really behind the pro-war messaging?