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British Doctors Demand Israel’s Expulsion From World Medical Association
The letter follows another in 2009, which laid out similar concerns about the Israeli medical establishment’s collusion with the country’s security apparatus and other violations of international medical ethics.
Netanyahu Demands Additional US Foreign Aid After Iran Deal
Secretary of State John Kerry, also appearing at the World Economic Forum in Davos, recently declared that ‘the fight’s over’ between the Obama administration and Israel.
‘Moderate’ Rebels Are Actually Backed By ISIS & Al-Qaida, Former US Ambassador Admits
‘The Nusra Front and armed groups on the ground, some of whom are getting help from us, have coordinated in military operations against the regime,’ former Ambassador Robert Ford told a seminar audience last year.
With Government Agencies Stretched Thin, Canadians Help Resettle Syrian Refugees
One mother said helping a Syrian family of 10 start a new life in Canada is an important way to teach her own sons about “how lucky we are to live here in Toronto, and to share what we can, when we can.”
US Customs: If It’s Made In Gaza, It Can’t Be Labeled ‘Made In Israel’
A member of CodePink says the move sends a message, adding: “I hope, however, that they do more than send a message — I hope they enforce their own regulations about accurate labeling of settlement goods.”
Cobalt: Mined By Children For Use In Your Favorite Gadgets’ Rechargeable Batteries
The painstaking “artisanal” mining work is performed by hand using mallets and chisels in high temperatures or even pouring rain.
Myanmar’s Rohingya Genocide Is Aided By Friends In High Places
The United States supports Myanmar, despite the atrocities against its Muslim minority, in the hopes of accessing its oil reserves and putting increased pressure on China.
How Did The US Go From A War On Terror To A War Of Terror?
Perhaps the notion of U.S. exceptionalism shouldn’t be derided as a myth. Indeed, the U.S. is exceptional in the violence it perpetrates upon innocent people around the world.
Airbnb Is Renting ‘Illegal’ And ‘Criminal’ Homes In Apartheid Israel’s Settlements
A professor of international law and expert on Palestinian human rights warned that using Airbnb ”facilitates the commission of the crime of establishing settlements” and suggested the company could face charges in European courts.
Controversy You Can Bank On: British Co-op Bank Closing Pro-Palestine Groups’ Accounts
“Disrupting receipt of these donations will impede our work, even as arms flow unimpeded from Scotland to the Israeli army to commit what Amnesty [International] and others describe as crimes against humanity,” the treasurer of one pro-Palestine NGO tells MintPress.