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One Pan-Arab Army To Rule Them All … Or Not
Proposals of a pan-Arab army are generating buzz as a potentially powerful means of containing the threat of ISIS, but history and conflicting agendas are major roadblocks on the path to a unified military force in the Gulf region.
Israel To Finally Face ICC Over War Crimes In Gaza
When Palestine officially becomes an International Criminal Court member state on April 1, its first order of business will be to file a complaint with the international legal body against Israel over last year’s war on Gaza and illegal Israeli settlement activity in Palestinian territories.
Chávez Supporters Mobilize For Venezuela Amid Coup Reports And Fresh Sanctions
In addition to challenging the recent sanctions slapped on Venezuelan officials by President Obama, activists and political scientists criticize Human Rights Watch for “attacking Venezuela while turning a blind eye to abuses happening elsewhere.”
America’s Jekyll And Hyde Foreign Policy In The Middle East
Is the U.S. exporting democracy in response to calls for it around the world, or is it simply using this as a guise to assert corporate imperialism that does more harm than good?
Avaaz: Pro-Democracy Group Or Facade For American Imperialism In The Middle East?
Avaaz’s support for NATO intervention in Libya shows how the “democratic” movement really supports a war-like, imperialist agenda.
VIDEO: Palestinian Refugees In Iraq Struggle To Find Refuge From ISIS
Palestanian refugees who fled war with Israel for the hopes of a better life in Iraq are finding themselves once again seeking refuge, this time from ISIS. MintPress speaks with a family who fled Palestine for Iraq, who after having their home in Mosul bombed, found themselves once again bouncing from one refugee camp to another.
US And Turkey’s Competing Interests In Syria: Fighting ISIS Or Fighting Assad?
The U.S. and Turkey have agreed to cooperate in training “moderate rebels” to fight in Syria, but they plan to use those forces toward different ends. Meanwhile, Turkey’s holding up a peaceful resolution in Syria and Iran’s becoming a U.S. ally in the region.
Is This Really The First Time Syrian Rebels Have Been Aided By The US?
Turkey and the U.S. struck a deal last month to train and equip “moderate rebel forces” in Syria. A number of media outlets are hailing this as a first for the Obama administration, yet there’s evidence proving otherwise.
VIDEO: Is Israel Denying Asylum to Jewish African Refugees Because They Are Black?
Since 2009, 17,778 Africans, mostly Jews, have applied for asylum in Israel seeking refuge in the Jewish state. Only 45 of these applicants have been granted refugee status, as most applications have been denied & withdrawn or imprisoned in the Negev Desert allegedly on the basis of being Black.
MintPress #TBT: A Ret. Pentagon Official Predicted Saudi Ambitions For ME Through Use Of Terror In 2011
In 2011, Mnar Muhawesh, founder and editor-in-chief of MintPress News, interviewed Air Force Col. B. Wayne Quist (Ret.) about goings on in the Middle East. Quist detailed Saudi plans for the region -- plans that are important to reflect upon today.