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Doctors Without Borders Rejects $63M In Funding Over EU’s ‘Shameful’ Treatment Of Refugees
‘There is nothing remotely humanitarian about these policies. It cannot become the norm and must be challenged,’ declared a representative of the renowned medical NGO which recently rejected millions in funding from the European Union.
WikiLeaks’ Assange Enters Year 5 Of Confinement, War On Whistleblowers To Continue Indefinitely
The WikiLeaks founder’s four years of confinement in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London mark him as an ongoing victim of the U.S. war on whistleblowers, but he’s just one of many targeted for speaking out about government corruption and injustice.
Amid Anti-BDS Pressure, Facebook Israel Appoints Long-Time Netanyahu Advisor To Policy Post
The move comes amid calls for Israel’s legislature, the Knesset, to criminalize criticism of Israel on Facebook.
Slain British MP Jo Cox Had Mixed Record On Human Rights, Neocon Politics
Cox, the British MP who was killed by a neo-Nazi terrorist last week, opposed Islamophobia and supported Palestinian liberation but backed the West’s empire-building agenda in Syria.
US Praises Saudi Leadership In Syria, But Docs Reveal Collaboration In Creation Of ISIS
Saudi Arabia is joining a call from the U.S. to intensify the attack on ISIS in the wake of a mass murder at an LGBT nightclub in Orlando. Meanwhile, the Gulf kingdom continues to oppress LGBT people and promote the very same extremist ideology that leads to terrorism.
Corruption At The UN: Whistleblower Investigated, Child Sexual Abuse Ignored
U.N. whistleblower Anders Kompass resigned because top officials had ‘complete impunity’ to ignore alleged sexual abuse of children by peacekeepers.
Domestic Workers Remain Enslaved In Saudi Arabia: ‘I Thought They Would Kill Me’
Although the U.S. removed Saudi Arabia from a blacklist of countries involved in human trafficking last year, human rights experts say the problem remains widespread in the Gulf kingdom.
Millions Mourn The Death Of Muhammad Ali As The Black-Palestinian Solidarity He Championed Continues
‘I declare support for the Palestinian struggle to liberate their homeland and oust the Zionist invaders,’ Muhammad Ali said during a 1974 visit to Palestinian refugee camps in southern Lebanon.
‘A Fig Leaf For The Occupation’: Israeli Human Rights Group Ends Cooperation With Israeli Military
“[T]he way in which the military law enforcement system functions precludes it … from achieving justice for the victims,” noted a report from B’Tselem, the human rights group which has ceased cooperating with Israeli military investigations into crimes committed by Israeli soldiers.
Jewish Agency Exploits Martin Luther King III To Whitewash Plight Of Ethiopian-Israelis
The son of the American civil rights icon celebrated the birthday of an Israeli who hates ‘Arabs,’ then honored ‘Arabs’ in a speech to an NGO which promotes equality for Israel’s Arab minority.