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MintPress Exclusive: Interview With Prince Ali Seraj Of Afghanistan
Prince Ali Seraj guides MintPress through Afghan history, explaining the players and forces that have shaped the mineral-rich Central Asian nation and thwarted its chances for a better future that is more in line its glorious past.
Murder, Torture And Political Prosecution By Extremist Buddhists Sparks Mass Exodus Of Myanmar’s Rohingya
Bouts of vicious violence, together with discriminatory government policies, have sent an estimated 100,000 Rohingya fleeing this Buddhist-majority nation by boat in the last two years, according to the Arakan Project, a human-rights group that monitors the Rohingya
Analysis: The Six Jesuit Scholars And The American War On Self-Determination
Twenty five years ago this week six Jesuit scholars were murdered by a CIA trained death squad. This is their story.
Neturei Karta: The Jews Who Stand Against Israel
Zionists generally use the Torah to justify their imperialist colonization of Palestine and activities to trample Palestinians’ right to worship freely, yet not all Jews are on board with this. In fact, one group is actively fighting this manipulative interpretation of the Torah.
Chilean Court Orders Re-Enactment Of The Death Of A Revolutionary Leader
By recreating the series of events that led to the death of a MIR leader in 1975, a Chilean judge hopes to establish whether the man’s death was an execution planned by Pinochet’s U.S.-backed dictatorship.
Tehran And Washington: The Story Of A Breakup
Historically, Tehran and Washington have spent more time as allies than nemeses, and the restoration of a positive relationship between the two countries could be the key to stability and healing in the Middle East.
Rape Victim Finds Supporters Abroad, But Not In Pakistan’s Courtrooms
Pakistan is slowly rolling out laws to protect women’s rights, yet these laws fall short of providing any real safeguards for women, especially victims of sexual violence. One woman’s eight-year struggle has garnered international attention but not justice at home.
Al Saud’s Repressive Monarchy Creates Traction For Saudi Revolution
Though Saudi Arabia hasn’t yet fallen victim to the Arab Spring, it may only be a matter of time, especially as the parallels between Iran under the Shah and present-day Saudi Arabia become alarmingly more apparent.
Pinochet’s Chile: A Playground For Complicit Foreigners
An agricultural commune-turned Pinochet detention and torture center led by a German man accused of child sexual molestation could provide a major key to unraveling and laying bare the atrocities of the dictatorship era.
Crucifixion Sentence Of Political Dissident Sparks Backlash That Threatens Saudi Monarchy
Al Saud may not have realized the storm of criticism and furor it was inviting when a popular Shiite cleric was violently arrested, jailed and ultimately sentenced to death. As the political and religious leader withers in jail, dissent is simmering to a boil within Saudi borders.