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Ineffective & Possibly Carcinogenic, But Colombia Will Go Back To Attacking Coca With Glyphosate
Colombia will resume using glyphosate despite concerns about the chemical’s health and environmental effects, and despite the fact that other eradication methods have proven more effective.
BRICS Under Attack: Western Banks, Governments Launch Full-Spectrum Assault On Russia (Part I)
Russia is the target of a multi-faceted, asymmetric campaign of destabilization that has employed economic, political, and psychological forms of warfare -- each of which has been specifically designed to inflict maximum damage on the Kremlin.
Tax Docs Reveal Goldman Sachs Donated $18,000 To Violent, Illegal Israeli Settlers
Palestinian residents in downtown Hebron install “nets and metal grates over the streets to catch the garbage that settlers routinely throw from their windows,” one NGO worker writes in Haaretz.
The Fascism-Industrial Complex: How Xenophobia & Nationalism Lead To War & Terror
The media and right-wing politicians were quick to latch on to last month’s Brussels bombing to support a narrative of nationalism and xenophobia that leads to more war and terrorism.
Iceland Erupts In Protest As Panama Papers Reveal Secret Corruption In Government
Initial media reports suggested that Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson, Iceland’s Prime Minister, had resigned, but he now insists he’s merely taking a break from ruling the government.
David Cameron’s Father, Ukraine’s President, And Saudi King Salman Tied To Panama Leaks Scandal
Despite David Cameron’s promises to crack down on tax avoidance in the UK, the Panama Papers reveal his father, and senior officials in his political party, made use of offshore tax havens.
Apartheid South Africa And Apartheid Israel: One Was Shunned, The Other, Embraced
Congress and Reagan voted to impose sanctions against the apartheid state of South Africa, but what’s stopping our elected representatives from taking the same action against the apartheid state of Israel?
WikiLeaks: Google & Al-Jazeera Encouraged Civil War In Syria
Together with Al-Jazeera, Google developed a tool to track defections in Syria, hoping to encourage more former Assad allies to join the civil war.
BRICS Under Attack: The Empire’s Destabilizing Hand Reaches Into South Africa
An undercurrent of political manipulation pulses beneath the surface of popular South African demonstrations organized around legitimate grievances. But who’s pulling the strings? And why?
BRICS Under Attack: The Empire Strikes Back In Brazil
Despite all the fancy anti-corruption rhetoric, the assault on President Rousseff’s leftist government is the result of a coordinated campaign by business interests tied to Washington and Wall Street.