Bitcoin May Have Its Time In The Sun As Greek Banks Go Kaput
Can cryptocurrencies like bitcoin offer relief to customers banking in countries on the brink of financial ruin, like Greece?
More Nukes, More Troops: NATO And Russia Take A Step Closer To War
Russia's deputy defense minister says his country was being "pushed into an arms race" by NATO.
#FreedomFlotilla III Gathers At Sea Before Setting Sail To Break Israel’s Siege Of Gaza
As global pressure and regional shifts undermine Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip, Palestine supporters from more than 20 countries are preparing for the latest attempt to defy
From Arkansas To Beijing: Wal-Mart Is Eating The Earth
MintPress attended a recent panel discussion on how Wal-Mart workers are organizing -- or failing to organize -- to protect their rights everywhere from “Bentonville to Beijing.”
White Phosphorous War Crimes Connect Israel To Monsanto
Although Monsanto was once the exclusive U.S.-based provider of white phosphorous to the U.S. government, Israel Chemicals, Ltd. has started supplying the deadly munition as well.
Billion Dollar Israeli Gas Grab Behind Past 15 Years Of War On Gaza
When gas was discovered in Palestine in 1999, Yasser Arafat proclaimed it was a “gift from God.” So what’s stopping the country from exploiting that gas to the tune of an estimated
ANALYSIS: The House Of Saud: Is It About To Burn Or Just Collapse?
“Perceptions can be very deceiving when it comes to Saudi Arabia, especially since Western media have mostly acted as Al Saud’s personal publicists over the decades,” one analyst
American Citizen Returns To US After 500-Day Hunger Strike In Egyptian Jail
When Mohamed Soltan arrived in Washington, he was greeted by a crowd of family, friends and activists, who had all been lobbying for his release since 2013.
If We Swapped Israel For ISIS, US Would Call For Airstrikes, Sanctions For War Crimes
If Israel were the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), American politicians would be demanding we go to war with them over their repeated war crimes and human rights violations.
Israel On The Run
Becoming a global pariah.