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Australia Is Curtailing Civil Liberties In Response To The Islamic State
IS has spooked Australia's government to push through a series of reforms reminiscent of post-9/11 America.
The Arab Revolution No One Saw Coming
Aware that words often cut deeper than swords, Yemen’s old guard unleashes a media storm on another group that is galvanizing support among Yemenis disillusioned with officials and politics as usual.
ISIS Establishes Camps To Radicalize Children Of Iraq, Syria
By turning the youth of its enemies into the militant group’s future soldiers, ISIS is brainwashing a generation of Iraqis and Syrians in an attempt to ensure its own future.
US-India Ties Reflect US Focus On China, South Asia
The U.S. is looking for a strong ally in Asia to counterbalance China’s rise. Will India be able to elbow Pakistan out of its way so it can gain a strong foothold in Washington?
VIDEO: Iraqi Christians Arm Themselves For The Fight Against ISIS
ISIS advances on the Christian towns of northern Iraq have birthed a new militia of Christians arming themselves for battle as the Assyrian Political Party vows to protect and take back Christian towns from Iraq’s latest threat.
“The Fight Is Every Day:” Brazilians Rally Against Candidate’s Hate Speech
During Brazil’s presidential debates, one candidate attracted a level of attention any long-shot might long for, except that it came as the result of what many are calling hate speech hurled against an LGBT community already vulnerable to deadly violence and discrimination.
Perspectives Diverge On Protective Edge’s Implications For Palestine
What does Operation Protective Edge mean for Palestine? That depends on who one asks. At the U.N. General Assembly, the conversation turned toward Israel’s “right to defend itself,” but the Russell Tribunal on Palestine’s discussion took a very different course.
US, NATO And Russia Continue Tug-of-War Over Ukraine
Russia, which supplies nearly two-thirds of all gas consumed by Ukraine, is still refusing to resume gas shipments to the country, while U.S. and NATO-backed actions threaten a new Cold War.
Analysis: Does The UN Prevent Violence Or Promote It? Ask Cuba
Fidel Castro asked the U.N. General Assembly in 1979, “Of what use is the U.N.?” Cuba has since used the platform to advocate its non-imperialist stance and promote internationalism, while other countries simply offer various messages of appeasement.
Nae To Independence, So What’s Next For Scotland?
Voters rejected the referendum that would have granted Scotland independence. Yet the pro-independence movement is still gaining strength, and politicians and analysts are eager to point out that the referendum is “only one of a number routes” for achieving that goal.