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MintPress #TBT: A Ret. Pentagon Official Predicted Saudi Ambitions For ME Through Use Of Terror In 2011
In 2011, Mnar Muhawesh, founder and editor-in-chief of MintPress News, interviewed Air Force Col. B. Wayne Quist (Ret.) about goings on in the Middle East. Quist detailed Saudi plans for the region -- plans that are important to reflect upon today.
Details On An Alleged US-Backed Coup In Venezuela Come To Light
Failing to bring down Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution and Hugo Chavez, the U.S. is now allegedly orchestrating coups in the South American country and imposing sanctions in response to what it says are violations of human rights.
Saudi Royal Infighting Threatens US Standing In The Middle East
A peaceful transition of power is quickly devolving into fierce infighting as members of the extended House of Saud jockey for power. These squabbles could have major ramifications beyond Saudi borders, even impacting U.S. foreign policy in the region.
The Dissociation Game: Understanding The Evolving Narrative On Libya
The United States and the United Nations are dragging their heels on categorizing Libya as a failed state, largely because of their roles in its downfall. Meanwhile, the media isolates ongoing violence from the historical framework of NATO intervention.
The US’ Best Chances At Confronting Terror Lie In Its Greatest Foes
Washington would likely never consider working with Syria, Iran or Russia. But when it comes to fighting groups like ISIS, they may be Washington’s only hope.
With Riyadh, How Much Longer Can Washington Look The Other Way?
One political analyst tells MintPress that “this particular friendship is interest-based. Politically, culturally and ideologically, those two powers stand on polar opposites, and therefore, their alliance will shift or dissolve based on each player’s needs.“
VIDEO: Mount Sinjar’s Yazidis Are Armed And Ready For The Fight Against ISIS
In an internally displaced persons camp atop Mount Sinjar in Iraq, Yazidis tote Kalashnikovs and strap ammunition to their chests. ISIS has tried, but not succeeded in destroying the people of an ancient ethnic and religious group -- a people who vow to protect themselves.
(AUDIO) Yemeni Activist Discusses US-Led Drone Strikes And The Covert War On Terror In Yemen
Baraa Shiban, a Yemeni activist shares with MintPress his insights on drones, counter-terrorism and America’s covert war on terror in the most impoverished and politically unstable country in the Arabian Peninsula.
Israel Threatens Int’l Criminal Court With Retribution If War Crime Investigations Continue
From forcing the resignation of the head of the U.N. inquiry into Operation Protective Edge to calling for cuts to funding, Israel is pulling out all the stops to prevent the International Criminal Court from investigating war crimes allegations stacking up against it.
Chomsky And Kissinger Agree: Avoid Historic Tragedy In Ukraine
It would usually be difficult to find more polar opposite views to U.S. foreign policy, but when it comes to Ukraine, the anti-war intellectual and the former U.S. Secretary of State have more in common than either might like to admit.