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Valletta Summit Highlights Discrepancies In EU, African Priorities On Refugee Crisis
“I think it is better to invest in people than weapons,” Luxembourg’s prime minister told journalists ahead of a migration summit, highlighting what would be a major point of divergence between European and African representatives in attendance.
Beyond Paris: 10,000s Of Muslims Killed By ISIS Since Declaring Caliphate
“ISIS has killed more Muslims than certainly members of any other religion,” noted Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman after the Paris Attacks.
Israeli Documentary Exposes Myths Of Six-Day War, While Perpetuating Them
As glorious as Israel has made its victory in the 1967 War sound, “Censored Voices” presents the brutal accounts of the soldiers who lived through the war that was neither miraculous nor a historical event out of character in the course of Israeli history.
Netanyahu Defends New Illegal Settlements In Jerusalem & Golan Heights As Tensions Build
The Israeli prime minister blamed Palestinians’ “persistent refusal to recognize a nation-state for the Jewish people” even as apartheid Israel’s forces have continued to kill Palestinians.
Video Captures Israeli Police Beating Unarmed Palestinian, Then Inventing A Scenario To Justify It
The man is one of the over 2,600 Palestinians injured in the ongoing violence in Israel and Palestine that started early last month and shows no sign of abating.
Poll Shows Bombing ISIS Boosts Vladimir Putin’s Approval Rating To Record High
The Russian government is increasingly appealing to the social media generation through shareable videos of attacks on ISIS forces in Syria. And the strategy certainly hasn’t hurt the popularity of the Russian president.
EU Nominates Violent US-Backed Venezuelan Opposition For Human Rights Prize
The EU nominated Mesa de la Humanidad Democrática for the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, despite the opposition coalition’s role in anti-government protests that grew increasingly violent before culminating in a coup attempt against the Venezuelan president.
MSNBC Opts To Apologize After Airing Map Of Disappearing Palestine
Before MSNBC’s apology, pro-Palestinian activists praised the segment as a rare instance of mainstream media honesty about Israeli occupation.
Israel Receives $3.1B In US Aid While The Middle East’s Poor Struggle To Survive
Israelis earn an average per capita income of $34,990 -- more than three-and-a-half times what its neighbors in Lebanon earn and almost 19 times more than Syrians take home each year -- yet the country continues to receive billions in U.S. aid.
Third Intifada Or Zionist Jihad: Israel Escalates Tensions With Execution Style Force
No matter the label, one thing is clear: Violence is escalating and Netanyahu has no strategy for addressing Palestinian grievances short of more force and more blood spilled from Israelis and Palestinians alike.