Front Page: Foreign Affairs
America Gives Aid To Pakistan, Pakistan Gives Terrorism To The World
“Pakistan is making sure that Afghans do not live in peace, and their whole purpose in Afghanistan is to create a terrorized population,” one demonstrator told MintPress News.
The UK Is Outlawing Homelessness
The number of people arrested for begging in London has doubled in recent years, alongside increases in the numbers of people sleeping on the streets. Yet new legislation to criminalize aspects of homelessness targets the symptoms, not the issues fueling them.
Israel’s White Supremacy Agenda Targets Other Jews, Arabs, Africans
Palestinians are not the only target for Israel’s animosity and ethno-centric policies. This doesn’t make Palestinians’ pain any less real or poignant; if anything, it only serves to demonstrate Israel’s ingrained ethnic and religious bias.
Oil Wells: The New Frontlines In Yemen’s Sectarian Violence
The implications of the battle being waged for access to Yemen’s energy resources extend far beyond the country’s borders. As one analyst told MintPress, “Yemen is an international choking point.”
BDS: The Global Intifada To End Israeli Apartheid
MintPress attended a recent panel discussion where the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movements was a major focus. As one panelist noted: “Such non-violent, humanitarian, human rights-based challenges are too difficult for Israel to combat.”
Bahrain Using Targeted Immigration To Quell Political Dissent
Bahrain’s Sunni ruling elite is naturalizing Sunnis en masse to dilute dissent among its majority Shiite population and bolster its security forces. Whether this amounts to demographic engineering or ethnic cleansing, the implications are grave and far-reaching.
Daughter Of Cuban Revolutionary Che Guevara: “The West Has No Idea What A Dictatorship Is”
In a recent interview, the daughter of Che Guevara explained how the West deliberately frames revolutionary governments as dictatorships. Noting Cuba as an example, she asked, “What kind of a dictator wants his people to be healthy and have free education?”
America Steps Up Investment In Global Cluster Bomb Trade
Cluster bombs release hundreds of smaller “bomblets” meant to significantly expand the amount of damage inflicted by an attack. As other countries move to condemn such munitions, US financial institutions are increasing funding to their manufacturers.
MintPress Exclusive: Interview With Prince Ali Seraj Of Afghanistan
Prince Ali Seraj guides MintPress through Afghan history, explaining the players and forces that have shaped the mineral-rich Central Asian nation and thwarted its chances for a better future that is more in line its glorious past.
Murder, Torture And Political Prosecution By Extremist Buddhists Sparks Mass Exodus Of Myanmar’s Rohingya
Bouts of vicious violence, together with discriminatory government policies, have sent an estimated 100,000 Rohingya fleeing this Buddhist-majority nation by boat in the last two years, according to the Arakan Project, a human-rights group that monitors the Rohingya