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British Judge Rules Alleged Hacktivist Lauri Love Can Be Extradited To US
Lauri Love, who remains free on bail until September 16, has threatened to take his own life if U.K. courts send him to the U.S. to stand trial under the controversial Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.
Syrian Rebels Beg Israel For Help As Tensions Escalate In Occupied Golan Heights
A video shows a field commander of a Syrian rebel group pleading for military aid from Israel.  
Attorneys Level Charges Of Genocide As Israel’s Impunity Continues
Israel ‘chose impunity over accountability and justice,’ a Gaza human rights defender tells MintPress amid rising charges of ‘genocide’ and calls for International Criminal Court indictments.
SpaceX Explosion Slows Facebook & Israeli Efforts To Control Online Content
In their ‘space race’ to expand internet access to remote, impoverished areas of the world, Facebook and Google are actually vying for control o fthe online experiences of millions of people.
‘Let’s Get Back To The Data’: Relentless Attacks On Assange Distract From Content Of WikiLeaks Releases
According to media literacy expert Mickey Huff, the treatment of Julian Assange and whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning sends a message that the government will ‘punish people in the United States and around the world if they’re going to tell our secrets.’
Israel Ramps Up Its War On BDS And Other Critics With Heated Words And Targeted Harassment Campaigns
A veteran Israeli security journalist exposes the Israeli government’s role in coordinated campaigns to harass and threaten BDS activists, human rights lawyers, and other critics of Israel’s apartheid policies.
US Denies Entry To Former British Ambassador Who Was Set To Present Whistleblower Award
“Ambassador Murray was stopped by what the State Department and Homeland Security calls ‘a hit.’”
European Governments Want To Combat Terrorism With Prison Segregation, Solitary Confinement
‘Prisons will never provide the solution to the problem’ of terrorism, The Guardian warns in an editorial. ‘But it is right to expect the prisons not to make the problem worse.’
Israel And Honduras Enter New, Blood-Soaked Military Alliance To Support State-Sponsored Terrorism
Israeli arms deal and military training have fueled the most repressive elements in Central American politics since the 1980s, and profits from a new deal with Honduras will fund apartheid Israel’s ongoing illegal occupation of Palestine.
#ThisFlag: Surprise Social Media Phenomenon Or US-Manufactured Uprising?
The largest protest movement to hit Zimbabwe in a decade was kicked off by a relatively unknown Baptist preacher who made a video decrying corruption. Is it an accident that his video went viral, or does the popularity of his message reflect U.S. involvement?