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War, Corporate Profiteering Among Factors Pushing Over 2 Billion To Lack Safe Drinking Water 
A new UN report has found that two billion people around the world do not have access to clean drinking water. However, the report covers just a small part of the global population and fails to address the impact that war and corporate profiteering have had on drinking water access.
Oil Lobby Spending Less As Sympathetic Legislators, President Provide More Favors
“You will like me so much,” President Donald Trump said to attendees at an energy industry conference last year. His claim has rung true thus far, as his administration has made several moves to benefit the industry and consequently reduced its spending on lobbying this year.
Government Reaches New Lows In Its Crusade Against Barrett Brown
The government has sent a 'restitution recovery team' to target Barret Brown's literary agent in an attempt to recover royalties from book which has yet to be published.
16 Years After Onset Of U.S. Plan Colombia, Cocaine Profits Reach Record Highs
The U.S.-Colombia drug war alliance has failed to stop the country’s drug trade, with last year’s coca yield breaking records. The record harvests can be traced to the country’s government, right-wing paramilitaries and wealthy individuals who are sympathetic to U.S. business interests.
Famine Plagues Somalia, Yemen Amid US Military Adventurism, Empire Building
In Somalia, a U.S.-led “war on terror” has led to a rise in extremism that has exacerbated the country’s famine, while in Yemen, a Saudi blockade has prevented much-needed food from reaching its people. And yet, many in the West remain unaware of their plight.
“Good For Industry”: The Politics Of The Forgotten Humanitarian Crises In Yemen And Gaza
Millions of Yemenis are starving as Saudi Arabia continues to bomb the country, while the people of Gaza lack electricity and medical supplies due to a 10-year Israeli blockade. Both conflicts and the crises they have unleashed are tied to the U.S.’ arms industry’s unending pursuit of profit.
Ancient Greece Could Hold The Key To Solving Today’s Debt Crisis
Ancient Greece is perhaps best known for its contributions to mankind in the areas of philosophy, architecture, and science. But a modern-day economist suggests that some of the economic practices that were used in ancient times could help to solve Greece’s current debt crisis.
Laughing Their Ossoff: Did Computer-Aided Fraud Play A Role In Georgia’s Special Election Upset?
In a special Congressional election recently held in Georgia, Republican Karen Handel defeated Democrat Jon Ossoff, who went into the election with a significant lead in the polls. It may have been a good old-fashioned political upset - or the result of behind-the-scenes vote-counting fraud.
The Kurdish Connection: Israel, ISIS And U.S. Efforts To Destabilize Iran
Syrian Kurds claim to be fighting against terror as they strive for autonomy, a goal that they have yet to achieve even after decades of effort. But their efforts are being co-opted by Western powers that are using them to achieve their own ends in the Middle East.
Analysis: DNC Servers Were Locally Hacked, Making Russian Interference Unlikely
The “Russiagate” scandal has dominated headlines and airwaves for months now, with politicians and analysts lining up to pin last year’s election meddling on Russian spies. But an independent investigator’s new analysis lays the blame at the feet of a hacker closer to home.