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Your Thanksgiving Leftovers Could Be Helping To Stop Antibiotic-Resistant Diseases
Labeling on turkeys can be confusing and misleading, but buying an organic, humanely-raised turkey offers clear benefits.
23 States Now Offer Form Of Legal Marijuana; 58% of Americans Support Legalization
While Colorado receives the lion’s share of national attention for its successful efforts at legalizing and regulating marijuana, the legal landscape is shifting toward more permissive laws nationwide.
University of Texas Professor Compares Palestinian Activists To Terrorists After Tense Protest
The Palestinian Solidarity Committee have retained a lawyer and filed a formal complaint with the university, saying their safety and right to free expression are being suppressed.
Religious Persecution In The US: Who Really Suffers? (Opinion)
Those who blame Islam for the violence in Paris, or anywhere else where Daesh (commonly referred to in the media as ISIS or ISIL) operates, are as ignorant and wrong as anyone who would blame Christianity for atrocities committed by members of Christian groups.
Valletta Summit Highlights Discrepancies In EU, African Priorities On Refugee Crisis
“I think it is better to invest in people than weapons,” Luxembourg’s prime minister told journalists ahead of a migration summit, highlighting what would be a major point of divergence between European and African representatives in attendance.
Netanyahu Defends New Illegal Settlements In Jerusalem & Golan Heights As Tensions Build
The Israeli prime minister blamed Palestinians’ “persistent refusal to recognize a nation-state for the Jewish people” even as apartheid Israel’s forces have continued to kill Palestinians.
Doctors Without Borders Releases Horrific Details Of Kunduz Hospital Bombing By U.S. Forces
The trouble with this new “fog of war” explanation for bombing the Doctors Without Borders hospital is it marks another shift in the U.S. account of what happened.
Hillary Clinton Calls For Exxon Mobil Probe After Gas Giant Pulls Funding For Clinton’s Nonprofit
Clinton’s demand for an investigation into the global oil giant’s support of climate change denial follows similar calls from fellow Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley.
Video Captures Israeli Police Beating Unarmed Palestinian, Then Inventing A Scenario To Justify It
The man is one of the over 2,600 Palestinians injured in the ongoing violence in Israel and Palestine that started early last month and shows no sign of abating.
Midwest Campus Activists Vow To Keep Struggling For Palestine Despite Threats
As Students for Justice in Palestine continue their efforts to draw attention to the devastating effects of Israeli occupation, attacks on activists are increasing nationwide.