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Who’s Getting Caught In The “School-to-Prison” Pipeline? And Why?
The U.S. prison population is disproportionately black. The same racial disparity can be seen in the students who are punished in the nation’s schools. The connection between these two phenomena are stronger -- and more insidious -- than many may understand.
Migration Patterns Show An Immigration System Beset By Biases, Misperceptions
“Immigration is now a Heartland issue, it’s a Southern issue. It’s no longer just about border communities and New York and San Francisco anymore,” a human rights advocate tells MintPress.
Federal Government Turning “Blind Eye” To Procurement-Related Rights Abuse
At $350 billion to $500 billion a year, U.S. government spending on goods and services doesn’t just influence markets -- it creates them. A new study urges the U.S. government to leverage its vast spending power to effect change along the supply chain.
Nearing An Independence Referendum, Scottish Voters Speak Out
Scottish voters will decide on Sept. 18 whether to split up a union that is about three times older than the oldest person living there. MintPress talks to people on both sides of the issue, who are eager to explain why or why not Scotland should break away from the U.K.
America At A Crossroads: ISIS, The Arms Industry, And A Peace Economy
The five largest U.S. defense firms have shed 70,000 jobs since 2008. It seems like the time is right for the U.S. to transition to a “peace economy,” in which defense funds would be channeled elsewhere, but the Islamic State threatens the possibility of such a shift.
How The West Created ISIS
… with a little help from our friends.
9/11 Families Continue Search For Truth Despite Silence From White House
Members of Congress say 28 redacted pages in the 9/11 inquiry report point to high-level Saudi involvement which the Obama administration refuses to divulge.
Torment Continues For Yazidis After Escaping The ISIS
“We survived the Islamic State (ISIS) trying to kill us all, and now we have to struggle to live again,” a refugee tells MintPress in the Kurdish city of Dohuk.
Pseudo-Revolutionary Imran Khan Attempts To Turn Back Clock On Pakistan
MintPress examines what’s going on in Pakistan, where thousands of people are calling for electoral reforms and the prime minister’s resignation. But where do the movement’s leaders’ ties really lie? Is this Egypt 2013 all over again?
Supporters Prepare For “Watershed” Vote On Overturning Citizens United
Across the country and the political spectrum, people support a constitutional amendment to reverse the SCOTUS decision which effectively removed the cap on anonymous political spending.
NY Tribes In Decades-long Battle With Gov. Cuomo, Lawyers For Rights To Their Land
In land negotiations in New York state, a retired American Indian Studies professor says: “Governor Cuomo and his supporters not only ignore the past, they wish to exterminate it, erasing the historical realities which have shaped the Empire State.”
The Key To Stop ISIS From Spreading To Jordan Rests In Iraq
With a civil war to the north, ISIS to the east, and Israel and Gaza to the west, how long can Jordan maintain stability?
VIDEO: Iraqis Unite To Help Those Displaced By ISIS
“This is what the Quran has taught us, to help anyone that is in need, regardless of their religion. This is real Islam,” a sheikh in Najaf, Iraq, tells MintPress.
In Rio de Janeiro, A Community Caught In The Crossfire
Since the end of the World Cup, shootouts between gangs and law enforcement have become the new normal for residents of a favela in Rio de Janeiro.
Who Benefits From Police Militarization? (INFO-GRAPHIC)
Local and state police are more than happy to take the military’s materiel cast-offs, but the people they’ve vowed to serve and protect aren’t the ones benefitting most from increasingly armored and heavily armed police -- just ask the people of Ferguson.
Following Ferguson, Congress Revisits Its Own Role In Police Militarization
With U.S. police departments putting their military-grade hand-me-downs to use in places like Ferguson, Missouri, lawmakers are rethinking the laws that have made this possible.
Myth Vs. Fact: Breaking Down The Conflict In Gaza
These are the top 5 myths the American media left the public with about Israel's brutal offensive of Gaza.
World Bank Accused Of Transferring Safeguards Responsibility To Borrowers
“Other financial institutions that followed the bank in building up their standards ... will now follow the bank in tearing them down,” a global development watchdog worries.
Genocide In Gaza: The Legacy Of Modern Colonialism
Modern colonialism is subtly visible throughout the world today, but never has it been so clearly manifest as it was in Israel's latest incursion into Gaza.
VIDEO: Refugees Fleeing ISIS Have Nowhere To Go
“I just want to go home, but if Iraq doesn’t want us to go home then let us go somewhere else, don’t keep us here as refugees,” an Iraqi Christian teen says.
Fixing America’s Crumbling Infrastructure Goes Beyond Economics
Infrastructure is the lifeblood not just of the American economy, but of American life. How much longer can we pretend it’s not a problem that it’s falling apart?
WikiLeaks: Decades Long Proof Of Government, Corporate Surveillance Of Native Americans Revealed
WikiLeaks proves what Native Americans have suspected for years.