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Massive Corporations From Chiquita To Coca-Cola Used Personal Armies To Uproot, Terrorize Colombians
‘Chiquita admitted to paying paramilitaries and giving them 3,000 Kalashnikov rifles between 1997 and 2004,’ Dan Kovalik, a human rights lawyer, notes in an interview with MintPress News.
Dakota Access Pipeline Builders Threaten To Continue Construction After Gov’t Refuses Key Permit
Energy Transfer Partners, the builder behind the Dakota Access pipeline, vows to continue construction under the administration of President-elect Donald Trump. ‘Nothing [the Obama administration] has done today changes that in any way,’ according to a Sunday statement.
Big Oil Loses, Water Protectors Win As Army Corps Denies Easement For Dakota Access Pipeline
With the victory, the water protectors now go on the offensive to educate people on the risks of oil pipelines in order to grow resistance ahead of a Trump administration that will be extremely friendly to oil corporations.
Palestinians: Trump May Not Be Better For Palestine, But He Can’t Be Worse
Donald Trump careened wildly between conflicting positions throughout his campaign, including his stance toward the pro-Israel establishment, leaving Palestinians and their supporters to wonder what a Trump administration will mean for the region.
Trump Promised To ‘Drain The Swamp,’ But He’s Filling It With Bush-Era ‘Crazies’ Instead
A clique of Bush-era neoconservative outliers who whipped Americans into a frenzied state of fear and anxiety after 9/11. Now they’re back, lurking in and around Trump’s transition team, ready to open a vastly improved and expanded toolset for war and profit.
Stephen Bannon: Anti-Black, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Semitic, But Pro-Israel
‘Anti-Semitism and right-wing Zionism are varieties of ultra nationalism, or … tribalism,’ one sociologist noted in response to the apparent contradiction between Breitbart’s support for anti-Semitism and Zionism.
#NoDAPL Spills Over: Musicians Boycott Dakota Access Pipeline CEO’s Record Label & Festival
‘I do not play for oil interests. I do not play for companies who defile nature, or companies who attack demonstrators with trained attack dogs and pepper spray,’ declared singer-songwriter Jackson Browne.
Leaked Deutsche Bank Speech Shows Clinton Asking Wall Street To Police Itself, Supporting US Pivot To Asia
Clinton’s October 2014 speech to Deutsche Bank was leaked as part of WikiLeaks’ archive of John Podesta’s Gmail account, revealing more of the nominee’s agenda for the financial sector and global affairs.
WikiLeaks’ Podesta Emails Highlight Strong Ties Between DOJ & Clinton Campaign
‘Fantastic lawyer. Kept me out of jail,’ wrote John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair, in a 2008 email about an assistant attorney general at the Department of Justice who is now overseeing the FBI’s investigation of Clinton’s emails.
AT&T-Time Warner Merger: Another Media Consolidation That Puts Profits Over Consumers
‘The deals are driven by Wall Street’s insatiable desire for short-term growth at any cost,’ a media analyst at a consumer advocacy NGO wrote, warning about the risks of the deal.