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Blacked Out Pages: U.S. Government Snubs ACLU Over Targeted Killing FOIA
No longer can the government simply refuse to confirm or deny the existence of records.
Eyewitness To Hebron IDF Murder of Hadil Al-Hashloumon: ‘I Never Saw Any Knife’
Israeli Defense Forces soldiers repeatedly shot an 18-year-old Palestinian college student last month, claiming she’d pulled a knife on a soldier while trying to cross a checkpoint on her way to class. But one eyewitness argues otherwise.
Bernie Sanders & Jill Stein’s College Plans Treat Education As A Human Right
While Hillary Clinton promises to make college more affordable if elected, both Stein and Sanders have rolled out bold plans to slash student debt and make education accessible to all.
Israel Escalates ‘Water-Apartheid’ As Illegal Settlers Contaminate Palestinian Water
Israel’s discriminatory allocation of water, along with its theft, destruction and pollution of Palestinian water resources, sparks accusations of racism and apartheid.
5 US Government Conspiracy Theories That Were Totally Real
From poisoning drinkers during Prohibition to deliberately allowing syphilis to ravage the minds and bodies of black men for 40 years, the U.S. government has targeted the citizens it’s meant to govern and protect on more than one occasion.
Take The Boycott Home: 5 Household Products That Support Israeli Apartheid
While Sodastream will reportedly close its controversial West Bank factory, BDS movement activists say that doesn’t end their issues with the Israeli company.
Israel’s ‘Disappeared’: Those Who Betray The State Fall Into Maw Of Oblivion
“Prisoner X2,” a Mossad agent who was caught spying for Iran, was arrested, tried, convicted and imprisoned in secret. He’s not the first, and certainly not the last, double agent to face such a fate.
Not The Nukes: What Israel Fears Most About An Economically Robust Iran
Mnar Muhawesh speaks with geopolitical analyst Sharmine Narwani who was present in Geneva during the Iran talks about the deal as it’s written to help clear the clogged up airwaves media pundits and politicians have filled with special interest talking points not facts that have been funded by the Israeli and Saudi lobbies.
9/11 Truth Movement Proposes Honoring Victims By Questioning Official Narrative
For those wanting to honor the victims of the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001, one 9/11 Truth movement activist urges: “Take a stand and research 9/11.”
Phyllis Bennis: ISIS Is Filling The Holes Left By The US War On Terror
What gave rise to ISIS and how is the group holding onto power? To answer these questions, journalist, activist and political commentator Phyllis Bennis connects the dots between the fall of Iraq, the U.S. “War on Terror,” and oil.