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With The People’s Climate March Behind Us, What Do We Do Now?
The climate crisis is an opportunity to think boldly and reshape our world so it is better than what we have now. Our path to travel -- in solidarity, refusing to leave anyone behind -- involves a “movement of movements” that can’t be ignored.
Growing Business Role In Climate Debate Prompts New Concerns
Instead of government setting goals and rules for emissions reduction, the private sector -- including multinational oil giants -- is increasingly dictating to governments how companies can be “supported” to make changes.
The Appalling Human Rights Record Of The US Coalition Bombing Syria
The rap sheet for these countries includes arbitrary detentions, torture and beheading. Sound familiar?
Who’s Getting Caught In The “School-to-Prison” Pipeline? And Why?
The U.S. prison population is disproportionately black. The same racial disparity can be seen in the students who are punished in the nation’s schools. The connection between these two phenomena are stronger -- and more insidious -- than many may understand.
Migration Patterns Show An Immigration System Beset By Biases, Misperceptions
“Immigration is now a Heartland issue, it’s a Southern issue. It’s no longer just about border communities and New York and San Francisco anymore,” a human rights advocate tells MintPress.
Federal Government Turning “Blind Eye” To Procurement-Related Rights Abuse
At $350 billion to $500 billion a year, U.S. government spending on goods and services doesn’t just influence markets -- it creates them. A new study urges the U.S. government to leverage its vast spending power to effect change along the supply chain.
Nearing An Independence Referendum, Scottish Voters Speak Out
Scottish voters will decide on Sept. 18 whether to split up a union that is about three times older than the oldest person living there. MintPress talks to people on both sides of the issue, who are eager to explain why or why not Scotland should break away from the U.K.
America At A Crossroads: ISIS, The Arms Industry, And A Peace Economy
The five largest U.S. defense firms have shed 70,000 jobs since 2008. It seems like the time is right for the U.S. to transition to a “peace economy,” in which defense funds would be channeled elsewhere, but the Islamic State threatens the possibility of such a shift.
How The West Created ISIS
… with a little help from our friends.
9/11 Families Continue Search For Truth Despite Silence From White House
Members of Congress say 28 redacted pages in the 9/11 inquiry report point to high-level Saudi involvement which the Obama administration refuses to divulge.