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‘Empire Strikes Back’: Eric Draitser On Western Destabilization Of BRICS
‘They see [the BRICS countries] as integral to the Western-centric worldview … and they don’t want to allow any competition to emerge,’ the geopolitical analyst tells Mnar Muhawesh on ‘Behind the Headline.’
Boycotting Israel May Soon Become Illegal In The US
Host and MintPress News Editor-in-Chief Mnar Muhawesh interviews Rula Rashid of a university chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine about recent efforts to urge the university to divest from Israel, and the resistance the group received from an unexpected source.
Journalist Quits Las Vegas Review-Journal After Ban On Writing About Its Owner, Sheldon Adelson
John L. Smith is the latest journalist to leave the Las Vegas Review-Journal since it was purchased by casino magnate and billionaire Republican megadonor Sheldon Adelson.
Jeremy Scahill Outlines How Obama Made Assassination Formal US Policy
"All Americans should be outraged at the idea that when we’re killing large numbers of people in Muslim countries around the world without knowing who they are, that we somehow are not going to pay a price later?"
Help Us Reach Our Fundraising Goal For ‘Behind The Headline’ On Indiegogo
Our generous sponsors and engaged readers have already helped us achieve leaps and bounds with our show ‘Behind the Headline.’ To continue to sustain operations, we need your help.
SYRIA: #AleppoIsBurning Campaign Created By US And NATO To Facilitate A “No Bomb Zone”
“I would like to point out something, if you open the trending section in Facebook you will see that Aleppo, Syria is trending. They say the Syrian government is continuing air-strikes on Aleppo. The funny thing is we dont see or hear any planes.” ~ Marianne R Bedoun, Aleppo
TSA Whistleblower Reveals Supervisors Instructed Him To Profile Somali Imams
An assistant director for the TSA in Minneapolis blew the whistle on a request to racially profile Somali imams and community members.
WikiLeaks’ On Panama Papers: ‘Everything Censored By Default’
“[I]t is threat to all to erect this as the 'responsible' way for media to behave,” a WikiLeaks representative declared on Twitter.
Hillary Clinton’s Corporate Cronyism
When it comes to Clinton’s success in politics, journalist Abby Martin warns: “Her conservative past is more tied to her rise than she wants you to know.”
Mnar Muhawesh: ‘We Don’t Have A Mainstream Media, We Have A Very Extremist Media’
According to a recent poll, almost half of Americans distrust the mainstream media, which the MintPress News editor-in-chief believes is because “the media is lying to us.”