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The Rise & Fall Of The Jewish Forward
The Jewish Forward needs to decide: Will it become a repository of listicles and fast-food news, or will it maintain its record of journalistic excellence? Its latest media experiment shows that it can’t do both.
Louisiana Floods Show Harm Caused By Climate Change Denial And Neglect Of US Infrastructure
Former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal once declared that ‘the Obama administration is holding us hostage to their radical ideas’ about climate change, but thousands in the state are suffering from the very real effects of historic flooding caused by climate change.
‘The Confession’: Former GITMO Prisoner Moazzam Begg Stars In ‘Profound’ Documentary On His Captivity
On the 10th anniversary of the opening of Guantanamo Bay prison, Begg told CNN: ‘I still struggle personally, very much. It's not resolved in any way, how this has affected me.’
Refugee Team Shows The Olympics Are About More Than Michael Phelps & Medal Counts
Forced by hegemonic and civil conflict to grapple with both the physical and psychological scars of abandoning their homes, the Olympic Refugee Team provides unparalleled inspiration to the world with a deeply personal perspective on the cruel repercussions of war.
Lawsuit Warns $234B In Aid To Israel Violates US Law Against Supporting Secret Nuclear States
The lawsuit warns that the U.S. gave Israel about $234 billion in foreign aid since the passage of the International Security Assistance and Arms Export Control Act of 1976, despite a ban on support for secret nuclear weapons programs.​
Twitter Bows To Israeli Government Pressure To Censor Tweets
Not content to control traditional forms of domestic media, Israel is now reaching into cyberspace -- and outside of its jurisdiction -- to censor content.
Socialist Presidential Candidate Gloria La Riva: ‘We Live Under The Dictatorship Of Big Capital’
‘Real power is in the hands of the banks, monopoly corporations, and the military-industrial complex,’ the Party for Socialism and Liberation’s presidential candidate says. ‘Fundamental change requires taking that power out of their hands and putting it in the hands of the people.’
Developed In Iraq, Deployed At the DNC?: Cell-Jamming Technology Is Being Turned On Journalists
Both citizen journalists and mainstream media reporters found they couldn’t share photos or video when they approached the gates of the Democratic National Convention, leading many to believe that their cell signals were being jammed.
Protesters Demand An End To Police As They #ShutDownCityHallNYC
‘The only way that we can see an end to police violence is to abolish the police,’ an organizer told MintPress the morning after demonstrators occupied public spaces in lower Manhattan.
WikiLeaks: Trump Advisor Paul Manafort Tied To Ukrainian Government, US Intelligence
‘It is not clear that Mr. Manafort's work in Ukraine ended with his work with Mr. Trump's campaign,’ warned reporters at The New York Times.