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VIDEO: MintPress Gathers Around The Campfire With Female Guerrillas Fighting ISIS
“A woman has every right to protect her rights and her people. This is an honor for us to fight for our country,” one guerrilla fighter says, explaining that while the concept of female fighters may seem “weird” to some, it’s “more than normal.”
America Gives Aid To Pakistan, Pakistan Gives Terrorism To The World
“Pakistan is making sure that Afghans do not live in peace, and their whole purpose in Afghanistan is to create a terrorized population,” one demonstrator told MintPress News.
Israel’s White Supremacy Agenda Targets Other Jews, Arabs, Africans
Palestinians are not the only target for Israel’s animosity and ethno-centric policies. This doesn’t make Palestinians’ pain any less real or poignant; if anything, it only serves to demonstrate Israel’s ingrained ethnic and religious bias.
Conflict Kitchen: Pittsburgh Restaurant Serves Up Food For Thought, With A Side Of Pickles
Death threats, attacks on funders and media smearing can’t stop one Pittsburgh take-out counter from encouraging its diners to reflect on geopolitics through food.
Justice Is Blind To Those Who Can’t Afford It
MintPress explores the two vastly different prosecutory worlds available to those with money, power and influence, and those without it, finding discrepancies between how the U.S. justice system handles corporate and street crimes.
Slavery Is Alive And Well In America, Fueled By The Need For Cheap Labor
Though the 13th Amendment outlawed slavery, forced labor persists in the U.S. through federal guest worker programs, a focus solely on sex trafficking, and an economy that puts cost effectiveness ahead of human rights.
The Bitcoin Hype Has Been Spent, So What’s Next?
It’s been a rough year for the bitcoin. Going forward, it may turn out that the cryptocurrency’s greatest value lies in what it reveals about the flaws in the cryptocurrency model. Addressing these flaws could ultimately revolutionize the ways we think about and handle data.
There’s More Stalling A Nuclear Deal With Iran Than You Might Think
A final deal between Iran and the West is being held up by hardliners, quarrels over sanctions and even Russian gas.
Two Years On, Bangladeshi Garment Workers Still Awaiting Compensation From Major US Brands
“These workers paid with their lives to make cheap clothes for Western brands,” a global labor union tells MintPress, calling on the factory’s largest customer, Wal-Mart, “to take responsibility and pay up.”
Zionism And ISIS: Opposing Forces Or Two Sides Of The Same Coin?
MintPress explores the striking parallels between groups like ISIS and Zionists in their quest to secure politico-religious control in the Middle East, expand their territory and implement exclusionary policies.