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Erdogan: The Man Pulling The Strings In A Middle Eastern Puppet Show
Turkey certainly didn’t invent ISIS, but the Turkish government under former Prime Minister, current President Erdogan has been stoking Islamic radicalism to further its own political goals -- namely, the fall of Assad and the return of something reminiscent of the Ottomans.
ISIS: Military Contractors’ “Gravy Train” To Profits
“Wall Street’s looking ahead and saying, ‘War’s good for business and companies are going to cash in,’” the director of a think tank aimed at addressing war and corruption, among other issues, tells MintPress News.
VIDEO: Kobani Residents Remain Defiant As Battle Rages In Their Hometown
As the battle for Kobani intensifies and the world takes notice, the people of Kobani can only wait. Many gather on a hilltop in a Turkish border town, their hometown’s fate out of their hands but still within sight.
Breaking the Duopoly: The Fight For Third-Party Debate Inclusion Pushes On
Excluded from debates with their Democrat and Republican competition, third-party candidates are holding their own. Activists and political analysts are eager to promote these efforts as a means to achieving greater political diversity, transparency and inclusion.
Racism And Unchecked Police Violence: An American Epidemic
Communities are uniting in their lack of faith in police and standing up to law enforcement, but underlying issues like racism still need to be addressed if communities like Ferguson and the nation as a whole are to move forward.
Could An Iranian Nuclear Deal Be The Answer to Stability In The Middle East?
If a deal to stop the further development of Iran’s nuclear program can be hammered out by Nov. 24, the regional implications would be huge and it could even determine where the U.S. turns its foreign policy focus.
#WorldVsBank: Global Coalition Demands End to World Bank’s ‘Moral Bankruptcy’
In actions in cities across the globe, critics of neoliberal development and corporate domination of agriculture say this is 'Our Land' and 'Our Business'.
Analysis: Vets Win Expansion Of Freedom Of Speech And Right To Assemble
A campaign by Veterans for Peace prompts New York to lift the “curfew” at the city’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial, where veterans and others gather on the anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan to honor the dead and protest wars both past and present.
Athens: The Last European Capital Without A Mosque Abandoning Its 300,000 Muslims
Greek Muslims have been fighting to build an official mosque in the Greek capital for decades, only to meet resistance from growing right-wing groups. Left without a proper place to worship, the Muslim community remains mostly underground -- literally and figuratively.
MintPress Investigates: School Districts Using GPS, Ankle Bracelets, & Smartphone Tracking On Truant Kids
GPS monitoring, ankle bracelets, smartphone tracking -- these are just some of the tactics school districts are imposing on truant students. And software companies eager to pad out their bottom lines with government funds are happy to help.