VIDEO: Nearly 8 Million Muslim Casualties In US-Led War On Terror
Mnar Muhawesh joins RT America to discuss the misconceptions about the war on terror.
Palestinian-Americans Aren’t Welcome In Israel
“They took something that was supposed to be a vacation from my long work hours, a reconnection with my homeland and old friends, and made it a nightmare from hell,” a Palestinian-American
Big Ag Is Big Money For Congress: Monsanto Spends $2.5M Lobbying In 2015
Monsanto hired notorious lobbying firm WilliamHale, featured in the film “A Civil Action” for defending the right of a corporation to pollute the water supply of a Massachusetts
Saudi Arabia Beheads Nearly Twice As Many People As ISIS So Far This Year
Saudi Arabia recently killed three convicted robbers and a murderer, while ISIS executed an elderly archaeologist for idolatry last week.
US Plans To Deploy Pentagon-Trained Syrian Rebels, Provide Air Cover
In its ongoing struggle to contain ISIS, the Pentagon is about to deploy its second batch of "moderate" US-trained fighters.
Media Watchdog Exposes BBC, CNN Propaganda Profits
The investigation began in 2011 after the media uncovered an improper relationship between the Malaysian government and a company making documentaries about Malaysia.
Rich Investors Flock To Puerto Rico As Debt Crisis Pushes Poor To The Mainland
Devastating economic times and myriad tax incentives are driving the wealthy to Puerto Rico, but they’re also forcing Puerto Ricans off the island.
Christians, Muslims Heed Interfaith Call To Fight ISIS With Muhammad’s Peaceful Message
“It is time for all faiths to come together and say in one voice: ‘Not in our name!’” Dr. John Andrew Morrow, one of the forces behind a new interfaith movement to stand in
Crimes Of US-Backed Dictatorship Era Still Being Prosecuted In Chile
As Chile buries one face of the horrors of the dictatorship era, the country moves to prosecute those responsible for the burning death of an American resident.