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WikiLeaks: Clinton Campaign Panics After Obama’s Statements On Private Email Server
‘Clinton campaign panics after Obama misleads public over Clinton emails,’ WikiLeaks tweeted on Tuesday, referencing a 2015 email from hacked from the Gmail account of Clinton campaign head John Podesta.
North Dakota ‘Water Protectors’ Reclaim Land, Build New Camps To Block Dakota Access Pipeline
Police are turning up the pressure on thousands of people gathered in various camps in North Dakota to protest the construction of the 1,100-mile pipeline, and MintPress News will be there all week with live, on-the-ground reporting by independent journalist Derrick Broze.
North Dakota Police ‘Out Of Control’ In Crackdown On Dakota Access Pipeline Protests
Police have beaten, harassed, and strip-searched activists and even confiscated sacred Native American drums, a civil liberties group reports.
Nearly One Million Americans Watched Jill Stein Crash The Two-Party Presidential Debate
‘This is a rigged debate controlled by the two corporate political parties,’ the Green Party’s presidential candidate tweeted while also responding to issues raised in the final debate via Facebook Live.
Israel Could Become Major Global Energy Player In The Wake Of Leviathan Gas Deal
Israel’s efforts to achieve energy independence have come at a high cost to stability in the Middle East and North Africa. Israel’s even exploited the Syrian civil war to enable expanded drilling in the illegally occupied Golan Heights.
The US Hand In War & Peace In Colombia
‘The U.S. bears a tremendous responsibility for the fact that Colombians are convinced that … the guerillas are the ones who are the ones most responsible for the civil war,’ one NGO worker told MintPress
US Condemns Latest Israeli Land Grab, Still Offers $38B In Military Aid
The U.N.’s Permanent Observer to Palestine called on the Security Council to take action against new illegal settlements, warning: ‘The situation on the ground is moving from bad to worse.’
Poking The Bear: Dems & Reps Court War With Russia By Supporting Syrian No-Fly Zone
Last month, a top U.S. general warned that instituting a no-fly zone in Syria ‘would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia,’ a move that could ultimately provoke a devastating nuclear confrontation between superpowers.
From Facebook To The DEA, Industrial Hemp Industry Growth Stumped By War on Drugs
‘Anyone who is coming in has to build the infrastructure from the ground up, and it’s very difficult finding anyone who wants to take that kind of risk,’ one industrial hemp grower tells MintPress News.
US-Backed Coalition Has Dropped 54,611 Bombs In 15,362 Airstrikes In The War On ISIS
‘We have to knock the hell out of ISIS, and we have to do it fast,’ Donald Trump urged in the first presidential debate, but after almost 55,000 bombs it might be time for a new strategy.