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With New Mayor, Washington Still Facing Homeless ‘Crisis’ One Year After Girl’s Disappearance
As another severe winter drags on, housing prices continue to soar, and shelters fill up fast, experts look to a new mayor for solutions to D.C.’s ongoing homelessness crisis. But do they see any signs of hope
Middle East Quartet Joins Israel In Attempts To Freeze Palestinians Into Submission
With the cataclysmic condition of the Gaza Strip aggravated by the punitive measures of both Israel and the Quartet, and Israel’s financial strangulation of the PA decimating what remains of a Palestinian economy, those living under occupation see few signs of change.
Despite U.N. Treaties, War On Drugs A Losing Battle
"This approach hasn’t reduced drug use or managed to control the illicit drug trade. Instead, it keeps drugs profitable and cartels powerful." -- Catherine Martin of Health Poverty Action
VIDEO: Is Israel Denying Asylum to Jewish African Refugees Because They Are Black?
Since 2009, 17,778 Africans, mostly Jews, have applied for asylum in Israel seeking refuge in the Jewish state. Only 45 of these applicants have been granted refugee status, as most applications have been denied & withdrawn or imprisoned in the Negev Desert allegedly on the basis of being Black.
Saudi-Funded French Weapons Sent To Lebanon To Destroy Hezbollah
The Lebanese army’s role is limited to internal security, so how does $25 million in arms from the U.S. and another $3 billion worth of Saudi-funded arms from France fit into that military objective?
The US’ Best Chances At Confronting Terror Lie In Its Greatest Foes
Washington would likely never consider working with Syria, Iran or Russia. But when it comes to fighting groups like ISIS, they may be Washington’s only hope.
With Secret Prisons, The US Challenges The Very Principles It Says It’s Fighting For
“By turning its back on international law, America has set a dangerous precedent. In many ways it has legitimized war crimes, justifying torture as a necessary evil,” one political analyst tells MintPress News.
How The US, Its Allies And Syria Unwittingly Corporatized ISIS
ISIS operates as both a company and a government that’s spun totally out of control. The group is selling oil to Assad and U.S. allies -- allies who are also arming them. But how did this happen? How did ISIS become the world’s wealthiest, most sophisticated terrorist group?
A Glimmer Of Hope for Julian Assange
Authorities in Sweden, which is seeking the Australian journalist’s extradition to face allegations of sexual assault, admitted there is a possibility that measures could be taken to jumpstart the stalled legal proceedings against Assange.
Sacrifices In Journalism And Whistleblowing: A Tribute to Truth-Tellers
Whistleblowing was the buzzword of 2013 and 2014. Snowden and Assange are the big names splashed around headlines, but they’re not the only ones going to great lengths to preserve the Fourth Estate and, in doing so, saving democracy.