Mailman Faces Felony Charges For Delivering Protest Letters Via Gyrocopter To Congress
The pilot, Doug Hughes, turned down a plea deal at a recent hearing, saying he wouldn’t accept jail time for an act of civil disobedience designed to highlight corporate corruption.
‘Beyond Centrifuges’: How The Pathology Of The American Right Is Stalling Engagement With Iran
It’s “common sense” for the U.S. to openly engage with Iran on many issues, including the greatest threat to the region today: ISIS.
False Feminism: Hillary Clinton And Her Financial Backers Are No Friends To Women
Hillary Clinton hopes feminist voters will ignore her support for the oppression of women abroad and make her the first female president of the United States.
#FreedomFlotilla III Gathers At Sea Before Setting Sail To Break Israel’s Siege Of Gaza
As global pressure and regional shifts undermine Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip, Palestine supporters from more than 20 countries are preparing for the latest attempt to defy
Combating Islamophobia At PorcFest: How Muslims For Liberty Is Changing Libertarianism
Muslims For Liberty goes right into the “belly of the beast” to confront Islamophobia at its source, and it’s been surprisingly effective.
Gentrification Targets DC’s Public Schools, Extracts Resources From The Poor
“The lens that we operate under is that we view this as structural racism,” a community organizer tells MintPress. “While we have a mayor and a chancellor that are black, they’re
Why Conservatives Can Only Talk About ‘Religious Liberty’ In Charleston
These crimes weren’t about the fact that parishioners were reading the Bible or praying to Jesus, and, in fact, they were largely perpetrated by a racist group that identifies as
Desperate To Halt BDS, Israel Threatens To Sue Boycotters
Considering the millions of dollars and ramped-up rhetoric the Israeli government is throwing at efforts to thwart the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, one might safely assume
Why Don’t We Have Single Payer Health Care? Ask Medical Lobbyists
The health care industry was at its most generous in 2009, when there were eight lobbyists for every member of Congress.
‘Wrong, Tasteless And Unperceptive’: Ban Ki-Moon Places Politics Over Justice For Palestinian Youth
Despite clear criteria and the advice of his top staff, the U.N. Secretary-General removed Israel, whose attacks made Palestine the world’s third-deadliest country for children last