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Google Bullies, Censors MintPress & Over Abu Ghraib Photos
MintPress News and have both been targeted by Google AdSense with threats to kill ad revenue for publishing the infamous photos of Abu Ghraib detainee torture by American troops. Many are left wondering if this is an attempt to control the narrative on the war in Iraq.
New Age Of Water Wars Portends ‘Bleak Future’ For The Middle East
New research shows that water scarcity linked to climate change is now a global problem playing a direct role in aggravating major conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa.
How US Taxpayers Subsidize Israeli Settlements
“These settlements, and the occupation more broadly, are financially unsustainable on their own, and must be propped up by far right-wing Jewish and Christian Zionist funds from abroad,” a member of a group campaigning against the practice told MintPress News.
Libya Burning: ISIS Lays Claim To Another Country, Right At Europe’s Door
“We have failed to recognize that arming militias and manufacturing a mercenary army under the banner of the dollar would only exacerbate disunity and ultimately play to our disadvantage,” one expert tells MintPress of the international community’s failings in Libya.
Beating The War Drums For Iran: How AIPAC Is Splitting America
Nowhere are the dangers of partisan disunity more apparent than in the United States’ handling of foreign policy, especially when it comes to Iran and the forces working to maintain it the latest boogeyman of U.S.
GMO Labeling: What Are We Eating? And Who Doesn’t Want Us To Know?
“Most people think GMO foods are for the future, for a time we have no food because of climate change,” a labeling advocate tells MintPress. But that “future” is now, as an estimated 70-80 percent of the food Americans eat contain GMOs.
INTERVIEW: Who Is ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi?
This person was one of us. He was raised and fed among us,” says an intrepid journalist whose recent documentary on the leader of ISIS reveals an intelligent man who grew up outside of Baghdad, playing football and leading prayers at the local mosque.
UN Concerned About The Uncontrollable Spread Of Arms Among Militias In Libya
After approving Libya’s destruction, a report by a panel of experts tells the Security Council that militias are gaining strength in Libya, where there’s no proper government or security to stop them.
With New Mayor, Washington Still Facing Homeless ‘Crisis’ One Year After Girl’s Disappearance
As another severe winter drags on, housing prices continue to soar, and shelters fill up fast, experts look to a new mayor for solutions to D.C.’s ongoing homelessness crisis. But do they see any signs of hope
Middle East Quartet Joins Israel In Attempts To Freeze Palestinians Into Submission
With the cataclysmic condition of the Gaza Strip aggravated by the punitive measures of both Israel and the Quartet, and Israel’s financial strangulation of the PA decimating what remains of a Palestinian economy, those living under occupation see few signs of change.