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As Obama Moves To Free Manning & Rivera, Others Still Hope For Clemency
President Obama commuted the sentences of Chelsea Manning and Oscar López Rivera on Tuesday as other political prisoners -- many held for decades on charges related to black and Native American movements -- make their final pushes for clemency under Obama.
The Real Threat Is ‘Telling The Truth’: Abby Martin Responds To Accusations Of Influencing Election 2016
‘What this report is really is saying is that telling the truth, reporting on issues that affect Americans and the communities is the threat,’ Abby Martin said in response to accusations that her reporting influenced the U.S. election.
Infowars Is Anti-Semitic But Pro-Israel? Alex Jones Goes Zionist Under Trump
‘Because Barack Obama has cursed Israel at the United Nations, America is now under a curse,’ reads the tagline of a blog post recently reprinted by Infowars.
WikiLeaks: US Was Aware Of ISIS Threat & Sought Regime Change In Syria
‘We saw that Daesh was growing in strength and we thought Assad wasn’t,’ Kerry said, admitting that he unsuccessfully argued for the use of force in Syria.
Trump Is Anti-Environment, But So Was Obama
While the incoming Trump administration shows a callous disregard for the environment, liberals have conveniently forgotten that some of the most disastrous environmental and public health crises in U.S. history have occurred on President Obama's watch.
Anti-Trump Organizers Plan Massive ‘J20’ Event To Mark Inauguration Day
Organizers of inauguration protests speak to MintPress News about Jan. 20 and the prospects for mobilization under the Trump administration.
Former Reagan Secretary Paul Craig Roberts: Oligarchs Are True Purveyors Of Fake News
‘That’s not a democracy, when three two-bit punk judges who don’t amount to anything overrule the majority vote of the British people! … There are not any democracies in the West,’ Roberts tells Michael Nevradakis in this wide-ranging interview.
The Ongoing ‘Fake News’ Battle Obscures The Truth About Fake Democracies
Voters in a growing number of countries are casting ballots in a decisive rejection of neoliberalism, but forces in the EU and US want to keep the establishment train chugging along, refusing to let quaint notions such as democracy stand in their way.
How Texas Became A Leader In Wind Power Under Climate Change Denier Rick Perry
As governor of Texas, Rick Perry continued to invest heavily in wind power and the transmission of renewable energy, a project that began under former Gov. George W. Bush.
Police Killings Down In 2016, But Activists Fear Trump Could Reverse The Trend
‘We can anticipate draconian policy changes and the rolling back of hard-won civil rights under the incoming Trump administration,’ wrote Candice Bernd, an activist and reporter at Truthout.