‘Beyond Centrifuges’: How The Pathology Of The American Right Is Stalling Engagement With Iran
It’s “common sense” for the U.S. to openly engage with Iran on many issues, including the greatest threat to the region today: ISIS.
Radical Visions: Failed Jobs Training Programs Inspire A ‘Black Worker Center’ In DC
A failed jobs training program, paid for with taxpayer dollars, gives rise to a movement in D.C. that’s not just calling for accountability from those leading the program -- they’re
Combating Islamophobia At PorcFest: How Muslims For Liberty Is Changing Libertarianism
Muslims For Liberty goes right into the “belly of the beast” to confront Islamophobia at its source, and it’s been surprisingly effective.
Why Don’t We Have Single Payer Health Care? Ask Medical Lobbyists
The health care industry was at its most generous in 2009, when there were eight lobbyists for every member of Congress.
‘Wrong, Tasteless And Unperceptive’: Ban Ki-Moon Places Politics Over Justice For Palestinian Youth
Despite clear criteria and the advice of his top staff, the U.N. Secretary-General removed Israel, whose attacks made Palestine the world’s third-deadliest country for children last
Why Ross Ulbricht Is A Political Prisoner, An Exclusive Interview With His Mother
“This was a political statement. It was an endorsement of their drug war. And the drug war is a failure,” Lyn Ulbricht, mother of Ross Ulbricht, tells MintPress News.
Republican Mega-Donor Sheldon Adelson Takes On Growing Movement To Boycott Israel
Despite billions spent to oppose Palestinian liberation, a record number of college campuses voted to support divestment in 2014.
Scottish Police Investigating British Role In CIA Kidnapping, Torture
A British human rights nonprofit turns up evidence that CIA planes refueled at Scottish airports, prompting Scottish police to open an investigation into Britain’s role in the U.S.
Mapping A Geopolitical Future: America’s Adventures In Divvying Up Iraq
“Just like the Arab Spring was exploited to serve imperialistic agendas, this new wave of nationalism we see rise among ethnic groups has been weaponized to serve Tel Aviv’s neocons’
From NYC, Ferguson To Baltimore, American Police Are Trained In Apartheid Israel
Journalist Rania Khalek tells MintPress that whether it’s Baltimore or Palestine, “systems of oppression are working together to oppress people.”