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Declaration For The Americas Moves Toward Signing Without US And Canada
After 18 years of negotiations, the Organization of American States is gathering momentum on a declaration aimed specifically at protecting the rights of indigenous peoples throughout the Americas -- even without the participation of the U.S. and Canada.
Without Sanctions, Iran Could Finally Tackle Pressing Domestic Issues
“The debate inside Iran is much more interesting than the debate here,” one U.S.-based expert tells MintPress. “The debate here seems to be focused on Iran’s potential threat to Israel’s security. But in Iran it’s a deep structural nationalistic issue.”
Holy Week: Black Lives Matter Protests Target NYPD Funding (PHOTOS)
Billions in appropriations are "the most systemic cause" of killings and other violence by police, Holy Week marchers in New York say.
Chronicling Yemen: A Day-By-Day Look At A Crisis Unfolding
From Houthi leaders to Yemenis living through the Saudi-led bombings, MintPress is compiling a timeline of events starting from March 25, the day the bombings started.
Gary Sick: The Broadening Threat Of War, Iran Nuclear Deal Naysayers, And Chairman Mao
The former National Security Council staff member and the White House’s point man on Iran’s Islamic Revolution talks to MintPress News about what Chairman Mao and Iraq can show us about how to proceed in Iran. Spoiler alert: Regime change isn’t the answer.
Google Bullies, Censors MintPress & Over Abu Ghraib Photos
MintPress News and have both been targeted by Google AdSense with threats to kill ad revenue for publishing the infamous photos of Abu Ghraib detainee torture by American troops. Many are left wondering if this is an attempt to control the narrative on the war in Iraq.
New Age Of Water Wars Portends ‘Bleak Future’ For The Middle East
New research shows that water scarcity linked to climate change is now a global problem playing a direct role in aggravating major conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa.
How US Taxpayers Subsidize Israeli Settlements
“These settlements, and the occupation more broadly, are financially unsustainable on their own, and must be propped up by far right-wing Jewish and Christian Zionist funds from abroad,” a member of a group campaigning against the practice told MintPress News.
Why We Dislike Venezuela’s Leftists But Are Cool With Cuba’s
In sanctioning Venezuelan officials and hurling allegations of human rights abuses, perhaps the U.S. is forgetting its own history of instigating violence and fomenting unrest in the South American country and throughout Latin America.
Libya Burning: ISIS Lays Claim To Another Country, Right At Europe’s Door
“We have failed to recognize that arming militias and manufacturing a mercenary army under the banner of the dollar would only exacerbate disunity and ultimately play to our disadvantage,” one expert tells MintPress of the international community’s failings in Libya.