Front Page: Inside Stories
Meet Richard Jones, An American Citizen Fighting ISIS In Syria
An Atlanta native says an article on ISIS raping women and selling them into sex slavery inspired him to join the fight against the militant group in Syria. “I didn’t know if I would be successful here,” he tells MintPress, “but I knew I would hate myself for not trying.”
Is There Room For Islam In Democracy, Freedom Of Speech, And Secularism?
“If Islam is portrayed as a mortal enemy to Western civilization and values it is because it poses a formidable obstacle to imperialistic hegemonic interests,” a Canadian scholar tells MintPress.
MI5’s Jihadi John: How British Intelligence Primed Both Sides Of The Terror War
‘Jihadi John’ was able to join IS for one simple reason: from Quilliam to al-Muhajiroun, Britain’s loudest extremists have been groomed by the security services.
MintPress #TBT: A Ret. Pentagon Official Predicted Saudi Ambitions For ME Through Use Of Terror In 2011
In 2011, Mnar Muhawesh, founder and editor-in-chief of MintPress News, interviewed Air Force Col. B. Wayne Quist (Ret.) about goings on in the Middle East. Quist detailed Saudi plans for the region -- plans that are important to reflect upon today.
Saudi-Funded French Weapons Sent To Lebanon To Destroy Hezbollah
The Lebanese army’s role is limited to internal security, so how does $25 million in arms from the U.S. and another $3 billion worth of Saudi-funded arms from France fit into that military objective?
Washington Plays Russian Roulette In Yemen
Washington has pulled out of Yemen diplomatically, closing lines of communication with the Houthis, which now hold the reins of power. One Yemeni analyst describes it as “Iran 1979 all over again.”
Tensions In Syria Threaten To Spark Another Israeli War On Hezbollah
Israel and Hezbollah’s tit-for-tat military aggressions last month are prompting concern about an impending all-out war, but more powerful interests may prevail to keep these enemies at bay.
With Secret Prisons, The US Challenges The Very Principles It Says It’s Fighting For
“By turning its back on international law, America has set a dangerous precedent. In many ways it has legitimized war crimes, justifying torture as a necessary evil,” one political analyst tells MintPress News.
CELAC Conference Aims To Thwart American Meddling In Latin America
By excluding U.S. and Canadian participation, a bloc of Latin American and Caribbean nations maintain autonomy in their decision-making processes toward finding solutions to issues plaguing the continent -- particularly U.S. intervention.
Sacrifices In Journalism And Whistleblowing: A Tribute to Truth-Tellers
Whistleblowing was the buzzword of 2013 and 2014. Snowden and Assange are the big names splashed around headlines, but they’re not the only ones going to great lengths to preserve the Fourth Estate and, in doing so, saving democracy.