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Vision 2030: Saudi Arabia Takes Desperate Measures To Break Its ‘Oil Addiction’
Amid forecasts that the Saudi economy will collapse by 2020 on falling oil prices, the oppressive Gulf kingdom with a history of brutal human rights violations plans to become a tourist destination.
Hillary Clinton’s Corporate Cronyism
When it comes to Clinton’s success in politics, journalist Abby Martin warns: “Her conservative past is more tied to her rise than she wants you to know.”
Why Every President Since Truman Has Been An Israel Hawk
Despite the language featured in our own founding documents, the U.S. has aided Israel in denying those same guarantees of human rights and dignity to Palestinians for decades.
Israeli News Program Pulls Back The Curtain On Beloved General’s Sordid Past
Perhaps it should come as no surprise that Israel, a country founded on violence, mass expulsion and racism, has elevated a violent sexual predator and mafia associate to its national pantheon.
WikiLeaks Founder Assange Demands Transparency In Panama Papers Release
Assange urges the holders of the Panama Papers to establish “a transparent path to publishing the vast majority of that data set.”
Ron Paul: Donald Trump Is ‘Taking The US ‘Backward’
‘More people are discovering that the system is all rigged and voting is just pacification,’ three-time presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul argued during an interview with RT America.
At UN Human Rights Council, Saudi Arabia Supports Right To Torture & Execute LGBT People
The Gulf kingdom, where homosexuality is punishable by beheading, objected to a report by the special rapporteur on torture because extending human rights protections to LGBT people “lacked any ground in international law.”
National Lawyers Guild Calls For IRS Investigation Of ‘Racist’ Jewish National Fund
The JNF is “responsible not only for the past displacement of Palestinians, but the ongoing displacement of Palestinians and discrimination against Palestinian citizens of Israel,” a campaign supporter told MintPress.
Despite Global Outrage, U.S. Still Arming Brutal Saudi War On Yemen
Thousands marched last year in Yemen to oppose the brutal bombing campaign, and since then human rights groups have condemned the civilian body count in the continuing attack.
Protesters Amass Outside White House, AIPAC Conference In Support Of Palestine
“The American public needs to realize what AIPAC's doing. It's tragic. It's doing damage to humanity,” said one man who traveled all the way from Australia to protest AIPAC’s annual policy conference.