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VIDEO: How To Stop Being Terrorists: A Guide For ISIS, Courtesy Of The MEK
An Iranian group shows that as long as you stop being violent, it’s possible to gain supporters in the U.S. government and get removed from the Foreign Terrorist Organizations list -- especially if your end-game is to overthrow the current Iran regime and take over.
Beyond Climate Change: Cruz, Rubio Appointments Could Threaten US-Russia Relations
The Republican-controlled Senate recently appointed climate change skeptics to committees which oversee two of the country’s major agencies that study the issue. These appointments could have major implications that echo here on Earth and out in space.
White Supremacy And Homegrown Terrorism Pose A Growing Threat In The US
The recent explosion at an NAACP chapter in Colorado has brought back memories of past violence directed toward the national civil rights group by members of domestic hate groups -- a segment of the population that experts warn is on the rise.
Campaign Finance Disclosure: The Laws States Need To Shine Light On Dark Money In Politics
“There’s a whole list of groups or individuals that provide dark money. People or corporations … the public ought to know who is spending money to influence our votes,” a representative for a group lobbying for honest, open government tells MintPress.
State Of The Union: A Conversation With Former Political Prisoner Eddie Conway
Deindustrialization, joblessness, drugs infiltrating communities, America’s enemies -- a lot has changed since a former Black Panther Party member was imprisoned in 1970. But now he's out and has some ideas on how to change things for the better.
The War Is Over, But Afghanistan Remains Shackled By Neo-Imperialism
“Afghanistan is no closer to controlling its institutions than Washington is to defeating terror. Afghans have inherited a disbanded mercenary army which the state cannot possibly maintain on its own,” a political analyst tells MintPress.
The US Will Prosecute You For Your Politics
To many in the U.S., the concept of political prisoners may seem foreign, something that happens in other countries. Yet they’re closer, and more numerous, than many may like to imagine.
What Barrett Brown’s Three Remaining Charges Mean For Journalism
Though many charges against him have been dismissed, the results of Barrett Brown’s sentencing hearing this month have implications not just for journalists working in the Digital Age, but for prosecutorial abuse, as well.
Happy Holidays?: Obama Endorses A Militarized Israel, Land Grabs, And Domestic Spying
At a time when many were distracted by the hectic holiday season, Obama signed into law U.S. support for a militarized Israel, the transfer of sacred Native American land to a mining company, and increased domestic spying.
VIDEO: Fight Against ISIS In Syrian Province Crosses Religious And Ethnic Lines
“ISIS doesn’t want us to be together, yet we have been living all of these years together, Muslim and Christian, and nothing happened, everything was fine, but now ISIS – they don’t want that,” one member of the militia fighting for an inclusive democracy tells MintPress.