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Bakken Region Tribes Fight Back Against Human Trafficking
The Bakken oil boom is bringing man camps of strangers into the region’s small, isolated tribal communities, which are seeing rises in drug addiction, sexual assault and prostitution. These communities are uniting to protect their communities and help victims through healing.
Growing Movement Aims To End RE/MAX’s Role In Occupying The West Bank
By marketing and renting residential property in the occupied West Bank, the U.N.’s Special Rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories says global real estate firm RE/MAX could be guilty of violating international law. The anti-war group CODEPINK agrees.
GOP Needs To Clear Net Neutrality, Immigration Reform Hurdles On The Way To 2016
The Republicans’ midterm success may be more reflective of Democrats not getting out to vote than representative of a strong GOP base that’s able to hold onto power past 2016.
A Country Interrupted: Exploring Afghanistan’s Complicated History
Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, the British Empire, the Soviets -- Afghans have been living with the reality of war for centuries. A pawn in the Great Game, the country stands today as a proxy battlefield for Western powers and radicalism vying for power.
Despite Bombings By Sunni Extremists, Iraqi Shias Use Holy Month As Show Of Force
Iraq's Shia majority was brutalized under Saddam's regime, and now faces the constant threat of bombings by Sunni extremists such as ISIS, who view them as apostates.
The US Says It Will Stop Using Torture … Mostly
Despite earlier indications, the White House tells a panel in Geneva that U.S. will abide by UN Convention Against Torture... for the most part.
The US Quietly Considers Sanctions Against The Biggest Threat To ISIS: Hezbollah
It’s not clear whether a bill passed by the House and stalled in the Senate is meant to bring Hezbollah to the negotiating table or thwart its efforts. Yet, as with so many foreign policy matters, this bill may have an entirely different goal.
Meet The Man Smuggling Prospective ISIS Recruits Across The Turkey-Syria Border
Smoking hookah, running a cafe, vetting ISIS hopefuls and smuggling them back and forth across the Turkey-Syria border -- MintPress News finds that it’s all in a day’s work for Abu Mustafa.
American In Cairo Jail In Critical Condition As Hunger Strike Approaches 300 Days
Mohamed Soltan has been in an Egyptian jail since August 2013, charged with participating in an anti-government conspiracy. His complicated medical history coupled with a nearly 300-day hunger strike put him in critical condition, yet the court won’t allow his release.
What Ever Happened To Bush’s Greater Middle East Initiative?
A Bush-era strategy to eliminate terrorism at its root by spreading democracy, education and economic opportunities throughout the Middle East may have backfired horribly and created a space for radical groups like ISIS to flourish.