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People Are Stopping The TPP; Time To Finish Off Corporate Trade
With the Trans-Pacific Partnership and its European equivalent, the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, both moving in a downward spiral, the time is right for those against these corporate-rigged trade deals to stop them completely.
Daniel Ellsberg: Covert Ops ‘Provoke Our Adversaries’ To Create An Excuse For War
The whistleblower who leaked ‘The Pentagon Papers’ also said one of the largest covert operations in history almost led to nuclear war during the Cuban missile crisis.
Jewish Voice For Peace Helps New Yorkers Imagine A More Balanced New York Times
Stories from the activist group’s fake edition of the Times included a Palestinian village awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and Congress debating aid to Israel.
Leak Reveals Denver Police Use Undercover ‘Shadow Teams’ To Target Protest Leaders
Despite making token claims to protecting protesters’ First Amendment rights, a leaked manual reveals how police pick out perceived movement leaders for targeted arrests.
Protests Swell As Journalist Jailed By Israel Approaches 70th Day Of Hunger Strike
“He shouldn't die for practicing his profession,” journalist and administrative detainee Mohammed Al-Qeeq's brother tells MintPress News as protests worldwide demand his release.
Pentagon Papers Whistleblower: Kennedy Resisted ‘Nuclear Cultist’ Joint Chiefs
Daniel Ellsberg argues that the Vietnam War and the U.S. covert war in Laos could have been much larger if Kennedy hadn’t resisted the military after the disastrous 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion.
Hilary Clinton’s Israel, Iran, Iraq & Libya Record Indicates She’s A Proven Warmonger
Looking back over Mrs. Clinton’s foreign policy record, it’s clear that she is neither a progressive nor a liberal, but a proven warmonger whose record has contributed greatly to war, bloodshed and destruction in the Middle East and North Africa.
UPDATE: Gag Order Lifted On Case Of Pro-Palestine Activists Caught In Israeli Right-Wing Sting
In an act of entrapment, members of a right-wing NGO recorded a left-wing activist making inflammatory comments about a made-up sale of Palestinian land to Israeli settlers.
The US Wraps Saudi Arabia — And Its Human Rights Atrocities — In Its Cloak Of Exceptionalism
U.S. dependence on oil prevents Washington from opposing Saudi Arabia’s repeated human rights violations and support for terrorist groups like ISIS or Boko Haram.
Daniel Ellsberg: Without Threat Of Nuclear War, We Could Have Avoided Vietnam War
In order to maintain American empire, Americans are lied to “All the time. Every hour of the day,” according to the ‘“Pentagon Papers” whistleblower.