Environmental Justice Report: 81% Of Products Tested At U.S. Dollar Stores Are Unsafe
Low income families often live in communities surrounded by toxic refineries and other dangerous industries, further increasing exposure.
Famous Rothschild Banking Dynasty Facing Fraud Charges In France
In addition to being accused of defrauding British retirees, Rothschild Bank AG was also recently fined millions for U.S. tax dodging.
Empty Homes Outnumber The Homeless 6 To 1, So Why Not Give Them Homes?
“Homes are built for people to live in,” said one activist, so why are there millions of homeless people and millions more empty homes?
Drug Cops Took A College Kid’s Savings And Now 13 Police Departments Want A Cut
In February 2014, Drug Enforcement Administration task force officers at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport seized $11,000 in cash from 24-year-old college student Charles Clarke.
Mailman Faces Felony Charges For Delivering Protest Letters Via Gyrocopter To Congress
The pilot, Doug Hughes, turned down a plea deal at a recent hearing, saying he wouldn’t accept jail time for an act of civil disobedience designed to highlight corporate corruption.
The ‘Palin Era Is Over’: Former Alaska Governor And Fox News Part Ways
Five years after the height of her power, the “queen of the tea party” is now barely a blip on the media’s radar.
The Obama Legacy: Inequality, Corporate Trade Deals, Worldwide War
Obama’s legacy is a mixed bag. Alongside health care reform and marriage equality, his eight years in office have greatly benefitted corporations and left Bush-era war mentalities
‘Beyond Centrifuges’: How The Pathology Of The American Right Is Stalling Engagement With Iran
It’s “common sense” for the U.S. to openly engage with Iran on many issues, including the greatest threat to the region today: ISIS.
Bitcoin May Have Its Time In The Sun As Greek Banks Go Kaput
Can cryptocurrencies like bitcoin offer relief to customers banking in countries on the brink of financial ruin, like Greece?