Islamophobia Rising: FBI Warns ‘Militia Extremists’ Are Targeting Muslims
The FBI issued a warning in August that “militia extremists” are monitoring mosques and other Muslim communities in multiple states.
776 People Killed By Police So Far in 2015, 161 Of Them Unarmed
But, just 25 police officers have died from firearms-related violence in the same period.
Washington’s Financial Currency War On China: Eclipsing of US Dollar by The Yuan
The Chinese are in the process of displacing the monopoly of the US dollar. They are dropping their US Treasury bonds, stockpiling gold reserves, and opening regional distribution banks
Delays Abound In Prosecution Of Austin Police Detective For 2013 Shooting Of Larry Jackson
An “out of control” Det. Charles Kleinert commandeered a citizen vehicle during his pursuit of Larry Jackson, Jr., an unarmed black man.
Mnar Muhawesh: Nearly 8 Million Muslim Casualties In US-Led War On Terror
MintPress founder and editor in chief, Mnar Muhawesh, joins RT America to discuss the misconceptions about the war on terror and the true costs of war.
This Is How Israel Denies Palestinian-Americans Right To Visit Their Homeland
“They took something that was supposed to be a vacation from my long work hours, a reconnection with my homeland and old friends, and made it a nightmare from hell,” a Palestinian-American
US Falls Behind Canada, Finland And Hong Kong In Freedom Index
The ongoing U.S. “war on terror” and changes to property laws after the 2008 financial crisis were among the factors cited as causing a loss of freedom.
Big Ag Is Big Money For Congress: Monsanto Spends $2.5M Lobbying In 2015
Monsanto hired notorious lobbying firm WilliamHale, featured in the film “A Civil Action” for defending the right of a corporation to pollute the water supply of a Massachusetts
Almost One-Third Of Children Live In Poverty In ‘The Richest Nation In The World’
Even the standard measurement of poverty, the “poverty line,” fails to accurately reflect the struggles of modern Americans to make ends meet.
Saudi Arabia Beheads Nearly Twice As Many People As ISIS So Far This Year
Saudi Arabia recently killed three convicted robbers and a murderer, while ISIS executed an elderly archaeologist for idolatry last week.