Mapping A Geopolitical Future: America’s Adventures In Divvying Up Iraq
“Just like the Arab Spring was exploited to serve imperialistic agendas, this new wave of nationalism we see rise among ethnic groups has been weaponized to serve Tel Aviv’s neocons’
CIA Whistleblower Kiriakou Joins Anti-War Activists To Write Letters To Political Prisoners
He spent 30 months in federal prison for blowing the whistle on the CIA’s government-sanctioned torture practices. Now John Kiriakou joins activists from the anti-war group Code Pink
Thirsty For Progress: Detroit Water Brigade Takes A Stand Against Water Shut-Offs
Corporate customers with past-due bills continue to operate in Detroit, yet the city’s families who are unable to pay have their water shut off. It’s just one drop in a flood of
Meet The Tiny Country Pushing For Huge Change In Palestine
Malta’s foreign minister tells MintPress: “If Israel continues to expand, there is going to be no land left for a two-state solution. There are volumes of condemnation but no concrete
Trident Whistleblower Turns Himself In After Raising UK Nuclear Safety Alarm
After a year of careful planning, William McNeilly shared documentation of dangerous safety breaches in the British navy with Wikileaks, exposing what he calls a “disaster waiting
Saudi Arabia’s Imprisoned Princesses Call For Revolution
The plight of four imprisoned daughters of the late King Abdullah highlights how all women in Saudi Arabia lack essential human rights.
2011 NATO Destruction Of Libya Has Increased Terrorism Across Region
From Libya to Mali, Nigeria and Somalia, NATO’s 2011 intervention against Moammar Gadhafi has had an undeniable domino effect -- but when do the dominoes stop falling?
Gentrifiers And Prison Profiteers Are “Re-Engineering” The NYPD
A “re-engineering” proposal bankrolled by the wealthiest interests in New York City will likely push for the NYPD to hire hundreds of new cops for an already bloated police force
Sabotage Charges Dropped Against 85-Year-Old Anti-Nuclear Nun Megan Rice
Imprisoned over a year ago for a nonviolent protest at a nuclear storage facility, Rice was released Saturday after an appeals court overturned her sabotage conviction.
Saudi Arabia To Behead, Crucify Pro-Democracy Opposition Leader Sheikh Nimr
Sentenced to death last year, Sheikh Nimr is a political prisoner condemned for demanding the release of other prisoners and Saudi government reform.