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Calling All Citizen Activists: We Need Your Help!
Over the next six months, we will be recruiting people like you – MintPress Citizen Activists – in order to grow our organization by opening up a 100-percent independent revenue stream for investigative projects and news programs.
U.S. Moves Naval Assets To Korean Peninsula, North Korea Warns Against “Dangerous Act”
The aggressive stance taken by the U.S. against North Korea in recent weeks has prompted the country to demonstrate that it could retaliate against any potential attack by the U.S. Meanwhile, media reports in Japan and the U.S. are fomenting domestic fears of a possible nuclear attack.
Wikileaks Being Singled Out? Assange Responds To U.S. Calls For Arrest
Recent statements by U.S. government officials seem to indicate that leaks published by WikiLeaks warrant persecution of the leaks’ publisher, while those leaks published by the Washington Post or the New York Times are evidently not worth prosecuting over.
U.S. Targets 271 Syrians With Sanctions For Alleged Role In Chemical Weapons Program
New sanctions that will freeze the U.S. assets of 271 Syrians are being put into place. The sanctions’ targets allegedly had a role in a deadly chemical weapons attack that took place earlier this month - but some say the sanctions are being used to pressure the Syrian government.
Declassified: CIA Cut Open Cat, Planted Spy Equipment Inside
A declassified CIA report reveals that the agency vivisected a living cat and planted electronic spying equipment inside of it for the purpose of snooping on Russian adversaries. The agency admitted at the time that the experiment was impractical.
Award-Winning Economist Roger Bootle: EU On The Verge Of Collapse
Britain’s departure from the EU, a process that will take about two years, has formally gone into motion. MintPress News had the opportunity to speak with prize-winning economist Roger Bootle about what Brexit will ultimately mean for the country’s economy, as well as the European Union as a whole.
Symbolic Tribunal Finds Monsanto’s Actions Violate Global Food, Health and Environmental Rights
Controversial agrotech company Monsanto has been the subject of hearings held by an international tribunal to investigate potential wrongdoing by the company. The tribunal found that the company has violated multiple rights concerning food and public health.
Pot And Kettle: Israel Points Fingers At Assad While Stockpiling Its Own Chemical Weapons
While Israel has been quick to condemn Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons, the apartheid country has consistently refused to ratify the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention, despite having the largest stockpile of WMDs in the Middle East.
“Collateral Damage”: Dehumanizing Millions Of Victims In America’s War On Terror
‘No matter how many times the U.S. bombs us, no one bats an eye.’ These are the words of just one of millions of Iraqis who have died needlessly in America’s ongoing ‘War on Terror.’ The country’s endless war has figuratively and literally destroyed the lives of countless non-combatants.
In With The Loan Sharks: The IRS Hires Private Debt Collectors
The IRS is attempting – for the third time – to use private debt collection companies to recover unpaid taxes from delinquent taxpayers. But experts warn that using such companies could lead to unfair treatment for borrowers and an increase in imposter tax scams.