Inside Stories
In Recognizing Palestinian State, Sweden And UK Legitimize Israeli Settler-Colonialism
Though largely applauded as a promising first step toward broader recognition of the legitimacy of a Palestinian state, Sweden and the U.K.’s recognition of a Palestinian state, in fact, only further legitimizes Israel’s illegal, imperialist-backed colonization.
Homeless Syrian Refugees Eking Out An Income On The Streets Of Istanbul
Washing windows, selling packets of tissues, stretching out an open hand to passersby -- Syrians who have fled to Turkey from the ongoing chaos at home find themselves doing anything just to get by.
Post-Michael Brown Agenda Moves To End Racist, Militarized Policing
"It’s difficult to view citizens as partners when you’re looking at them through a Kevlar helmet and a riot shield "
Erdogan: The Man Pulling The Strings In A Middle Eastern Puppet Show
Turkey certainly didn’t invent ISIS, but the Turkish government under former Prime Minister, current President Erdogan has been stoking Islamic radicalism to further its own political goals -- namely, the fall of Assad and the return of something reminiscent of the Ottomans.
Uzbekistan Still Using Child Slaves To Pick Cotton
Uzbekistan may have cut back on its use of young child laborers, but its use of teens and others in its forced labor system continues drawing criticism from social groups, retailers and governments, who want to weed unethically harvested Uzbek cotton out of the supply chain.
ISIS: Military Contractors’ “Gravy Train” To Profits
“Wall Street’s looking ahead and saying, ‘War’s good for business and companies are going to cash in,’” the director of a think tank aimed at addressing war and corruption, among other issues, tells MintPress News.
Analysis: The Fifth Caliph And ISIS: Looking To History To Understand The Present
Could ISIS be the carriers of black flags and people with “hearts of iron” Muslims were warned about centuries ago? History may provide more insight than the talking heads who seem bewildered by ISIS’ bloody campaign of terror.
VIDEO: Kobani Residents Remain Defiant As Battle Rages In Their Hometown
As the battle for Kobani intensifies and the world takes notice, the people of Kobani can only wait. Many gather on a hilltop in a Turkish border town, their hometown’s fate out of their hands but still within sight.
While America Sends Troops To Fight Ebola, Cuba Sends An Army Of Doctors
Cuba continues to show the world what internationalism means in the context of training medical professionals and sending them to battle health crises throughout the world. As Fidel said of Haiti in 2010: “We send doctors, not soldiers!”
A New Life Or A Final Breath For World’s Largest Necropolis?
Unless Pakistan takes steps soon to fulfill its promises to international historical and cultural preservation agencies, an ancient graveyard -- one of the world’s largest -- may not be around for future generations to study and enjoy.