Instagram Temporarily Blocks #SandraBland In Attempt To ‘Control Hate Speech’
Instagram also temporarily restricted the #CaitlynJenner hashtag when it was flooded by trolls during an award speech.
Guantanamo Lawyers Alarmingly High Cancer Rate Sparks Military Investigation
A Miami Herald investigation found at least nine civilians and military lawyers suffering from lymphoma or brain, appendix or colon cancer, possibly caused by pollutants in their living
The Politics Of Punishment: Greece Is Being Destroyed By Europe And Austerity Orthodoxy
With Greece and the eurozone committing to reforms and a bailout that’s still unsustainable, it’s the people of Greece who are left to suffer, not knowing “what will come tomorrow.
Native American Civil Rights Activist Dies Mysteriously In Police Custody
The results of the state’s autopsy still haven’t been released to the public weeks after Henry’s death.
‘Monsanto’s Dream Bill’: DARK Act And Trans-Pacific Partnership Will Keep Consumers Ignorant
The controversial TPP trade deal could destroy the efforts of some states to mandate labelling of foods with GMO ingredients, while a bill moving through Congress has a similar goal.
Israel Exploits Syrian Chaos As Part Of Long-Term Energy Independence Plan
Afek oil and gas company, whose investors include Dick Cheney some of world’s wealthiest individuals, is already beginning exploratory drilling in the Israeli-occupied portion of
Death Of Paul Castaway Highlights Denver’s Overlooked Police Brutality Problem
A broad coalition of Denver activists are demanding justice and an end to police brutality, but they’re coming up against increasing police violence and arrests.
Richard Silverstein On Israel’s Gag Orders And ‘The Middle East’s Only Democracy’
“Security, as the government defines it, trumps everything,” says Richard Silverstein, a veteran journalist who’s made a name for himself by exposing stories Israel’s domestic
Leader Of Iran’s Jewish Community Calls Netanyahu ‘Delusional’ Over Iran Deal
Iran’s Jewish community remains outspoken in its loyalty to the Islamic Republic and in its opposition to Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine and continued war crimes.
‘Mastering The Human Domain’: What’s At Stake With Jade Helm 15
The conspiracy theories around the Jade Helm 15 exercise turned into a national joke, obscuring the real issues with the normalization of the police state and possible psychological