Inside Stories
Sacrifices In Journalism And Whistleblowing: A Tribute to Truth-Tellers
Whistleblowing was the buzzword of 2013 and 2014. Snowden and Assange are the big names splashed around headlines, but they’re not the only ones going to great lengths to preserve the Fourth Estate and, in doing so, saving democracy.
Trial Begins In Major Trafficking Case Stemming From Hurricane Katrina Clean-up
A series of lawsuits brought by dozens of South Asian workers against an American marine-services company could have major implications across the U.S. immigration system. Experts say they collectively entail one of the largest human trafficking cases in U.S. history.
ANALYSIS: Who Are The “Moderates” Washington’s Supporting In Syria?
The U.S. is sending hundreds of million of dollars to them, and U.S. allies are rallying in support of them, but who, exactly, are Syria’s so-called “moderates” and how much longer can they avoid being sucked into the radical extremism taking hold of the Middle East?
Native Communities Feel The Heat Of Climate Change In The Southwest
Hopi officials’ moves to impound Navajo-owned sheep goes beyond a mere tribal dispute over grazing land to reveal how acutely climate change is impacting Native traditions and ways of life in the American Southwest.
Iraq War Propaganda Film “American Sniper” Sets Twitter Ablaze
Dangerous propaganda, tense war flick, or both? When it comes to “American Sniper,” it seems like everyone has an opinion -- especially on Twitter.
How The CIA Made Google
Inside the secret network behind mass surveillance, endless war, and Skynet.
Republican-Led Congress Opens With Broad Attack On Regulation
Most voters hold favorable views of regulatory agencies like the EPA and the public protections they provide, yet critics worry a new bill would make the already inefficient regulatory process “as dysfunctional, inefficient and redundant as possible.”
ANALYSIS: WMDs: The Rhetoric Fueling The War On Terror And The Arab Spring
The “weapons of mass destruction” premise has proven to be a mere pretext for war. It has ultimately done little more than distract attention away from the death and destruction wrought by intervening forces.
VIDEO: How To Stop Being Terrorists: A Guide For ISIS, Courtesy Of The MEK
An Iranian group shows that as long as you stop being violent, it’s possible to gain supporters in the U.S. government and get removed from the Foreign Terrorist Organizations list -- especially if your end-game is to overthrow the current Iran regime and take over.
European Anti-Semitism Gives Way To Islamophobia Following Charlie Hebdo Attack
France’s 6.5 million Muslims -- just 10 percent of the population -- are being forced to shoulder the blame for the attacks carried out by four extremists. Yet experts warn that calls for vengeance and generalizations fan the flames of radicalism without solving the problem.