Inside Stories
Mugabe: The Dictator?
Is Zimbabwe’s 92-year-old leader really the oppressive dictator the West makes him out to be, or is he demonized for not succumbing to a history of destabilization and intervention attempts by the West?
Trump Stokes Hate Against Journalists, Clinton Attacks Whistleblowers & Press Freedom
The GOP presidential nominee has openly encouraged voters’ contempt for the media, but his Democratic opponent has a history of supporting prosecution of whistleblowers and backing repressive regimes in the Middle East that oppress journalists.
#ThisFlag: Surprise Social Media Phenomenon Or US-Manufactured Uprising?
The largest protest movement to hit Zimbabwe in a decade was kicked off by a relatively unknown Baptist preacher who made a video decrying corruption. Is it an accident that his video went viral, or does the popularity of his message reflect U.S. involvement?
Trump’s Foreign Policy Advisor Teamed Up With Blackwater & A Saudi Prince To Arm Al-Qaida In Syria
Joseph Schmitz was accused of protecting key officials in the George W. Bush administration from prosecution, misusing taxpayer money, and accepting gifts as bribes during his tenure as inspector general at the Department of Defense.
The Rise & Fall Of The Jewish Forward
The Jewish Forward needs to decide: Will it become a repository of listicles and fast-food news, or will it maintain its record of journalistic excellence? Its latest media experiment shows that it can’t do both.
From Drone Killings To Hospital Bombings: 15 Years Of Civilian Deaths In The Global War On Terror
Doctors Without Borders asked ‘the U.S., U.K. and France to ensure an immediate application of measures to substantially increase the protection of civilians’ after the latest deadly hospital bombing in Yemen.
Louisiana Floods Show Harm Caused By Climate Change Denial And Neglect Of US Infrastructure
Former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal once declared that ‘the Obama administration is holding us hostage to their radical ideas’ about climate change, but thousands in the state are suffering from the very real effects of historic flooding caused by climate change.
‘The Confession’: Former GITMO Prisoner Moazzam Begg Stars In ‘Profound’ Documentary On His Captivity
On the 10th anniversary of the opening of Guantanamo Bay prison, Begg told CNN: ‘I still struggle personally, very much. It's not resolved in any way, how this has affected me.’
Snowden: Leak Of NSA Hacking Tools Are Russia’s ‘Warning’ To The US Government
In a recent string of tweets, the whistleblower warned that recently leaked NSA hacking tools ‘could have significant foreign policy consequences. Particularly if any of those operations targeted US allies.’
(UPDATE) CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling Close To Death In Federal Prison
UPDATE: Under pressure from media and supporters, prison officials said they will consider CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling’s request to consult with an outside cardiologist.