Inside Stories
Pinochet’s Chile: A Playground For Complicit Foreigners
An agricultural commune-turned Pinochet detention and torture center led by a German man accused of child sexual molestation could provide a major key to unraveling and laying bare the atrocities of the dictatorship era.
The Forgotten Hunger Strikers Of Guantánamo Bay
Gitmo detainees have been staging hunger strikes almost since the island prison opened. Prisoners, their counsel and advocates all say force-feeding practices are purposely painful and inhumane, but the U.S. government says it’s “safe-guarding” the prisoners’ health.
Crucifixion Sentence Of Political Dissident Sparks Backlash That Threatens Saudi Monarchy
Al Saud may not have realized the storm of criticism and furor it was inviting when a popular Shiite cleric was violently arrested, jailed and ultimately sentenced to death. As the political and religious leader withers in jail, dissent is simmering to a boil within Saudi borders.
Rasmea Odeh: Raped And Tortured By Israel, Now Being Prosecuted By The U.S.
In 1969, Rasmea Odeh was tortured until she confessed to a crime she denies committing. After a decade in an Israeli prison, she was released and eventually became a U.S. citizen. She now stands to lose her citizenship for not reporting the conviction she refuses to accept.
2014 Elections Paint Gruesome Future For Republican Party
With Republicans likely to take the Senate on the back of the “six-year itch,” the lead-up to 2016 is going to reveal whether the GOP can overcome party in-fighting and come up with a unified front to address the nation’s dilemmas.
Zim Shipping “On The Ropes” In Oakland As Activists Prepare To Block The Boat Again
A diverse coalition of pro-Palestine activists and organizations prepare to return to stop Israel’s largest maritime cargo corporation from unloading cargo at the Port of Oakland, costing the Israeli shipping company money and time and hurting its reputation.
The Fate Of Net Neutrality: A Complicated Dance Between Corporate Interests And Consumer Demand
“In this democratized system we call the Internet, anyone can put up an idea and it can be weighed fairly and openly by the consumer,” one Internet start-up CEO says. As consumers increasingly turn to video streaming services, what will that mean for net neutrality?
Bahrain’s Inconvenient Revolution: A Battle Between A King And A Family Of Freedom Fighters
“There is a pattern of economic interests, political allegiances and military parameters that come into play when it comes to Bahrain. We know that, but yet a people cannot be made to live in slavery because it is politically and economically convenient to foreign powers.”
Are Vulture Funds A US Tool Against Argentina In An Energy War With Russia?
Argentine President Kirchner tells U.N. General Assembly that the roots of terrorism run deep, calling on member states -- and particularly the U.S. -- to address the policy-linked and economic issues that give rise to violent extremism.
In Pakistan, The Push To Eradicate Polio Competes With “The Zillion Other Issues”
Despite hundreds of millions in international aid funds, vaccination drives and decades of awareness campaigns, Pakistan remains polio’s last refuge.