Inside Stories
What Is The Sanders Foreign Policy Doctrine?
While Sanders has continuously reiterated his domestic policies, the real meat of his foreign policy remains ambiguous and vague.
Netanyahu Demands Additional US Foreign Aid After Iran Deal
Secretary of State John Kerry, also appearing at the World Economic Forum in Davos, recently declared that ‘the fight’s over’ between the Obama administration and Israel.
Jewish Voice For Peace Helps New Yorkers Imagine A More Balanced New York Times
Stories from the activist group’s fake edition of the Times included a Palestinian village awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and Congress debating aid to Israel.
Leak Reveals Denver Police Use Undercover ‘Shadow Teams’ To Target Protest Leaders
Despite making token claims to protecting protesters’ First Amendment rights, a leaked manual reveals how police pick out perceived movement leaders for targeted arrests.
George Soros Donated $7M To Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC Last Year
Clinton’s campaign raked in $37 million at the end of 2015, while Bernie Sanders’ campaign raised about $33 million, mostly from donors giving less than $200.
After Bottling Michigan’s Clean Water, Nestle Comes Under Fire For Ties To Snyder Admin
Nestle, which bottles 200 gallons of Michigan water per minute and has ties to the Snyder administration, has become a target for activists who don’t want the corporation to profit from the Flint water crisis.
‘Moderate’ Rebels Are Actually Backed By ISIS & Al-Qaida, Former US Ambassador Admits
‘The Nusra Front and armed groups on the ground, some of whom are getting help from us, have coordinated in military operations against the regime,’ former Ambassador Robert Ford told a seminar audience last year.
Protests Swell As Journalist Jailed By Israel Approaches 70th Day Of Hunger Strike
“He shouldn't die for practicing his profession,” journalist and administrative detainee Mohammed Al-Qeeq's brother tells MintPress News as protests worldwide demand his release.
With Government Agencies Stretched Thin, Canadians Help Resettle Syrian Refugees
One mother said helping a Syrian family of 10 start a new life in Canada is an important way to teach her own sons about “how lucky we are to live here in Toronto, and to share what we can, when we can.”
Through The Revolving Door: Most Former Congress Members Become DC Lobbyists
The authors of a recent study warned that these revolving door lobbyists could give employers “insider information about government operations that gives them an unfair advantage.”