Inside Stories
Immortal Technique Wants You To ‘Question Everything You’re Told’ About Global Politics
On his endorsement of Green Party candidate Jill Stein, the rapper and activist declared: ‘When you look at contemporary politics, you’re gonna find that there is a necessity for a third-party candidate.’
Vision 2030: Saudi Arabia Takes Desperate Measures To Break Its ‘Oil Addiction’
Amid forecasts that the Saudi economy will collapse by 2020 on falling oil prices, the oppressive Gulf kingdom with a history of brutal human rights violations plans to become a tourist destination.
Meet The Senate Candidate Challenging The Corporate Takeover Of Democracy
In this episode of MintPress News’ ‘Behind the Headline,’ host and MintPress News Editor-in-Chief Mnar Muhawesh asks Arn Menconi, an anti-war activist and Green Party Senate candidate, what issues should have voters running to the ballot box.
Native Americans, Black Americans & Palestinians Have More In Common Than You Might Think
The American attitude toward Native Americans was that they were “in the way;” that they interfered with God’s plan to settle and civilize the New Land. Therefore, they had to be swept aside. Zionists similarly justified the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians through the Nakba.
WikiLeaks’ On Panama Papers: ‘Everything Censored By Default’
“[I]t is threat to all to erect this as the 'responsible' way for media to behave,” a WikiLeaks representative declared on Twitter.
Hillary Clinton’s Corporate Cronyism
When it comes to Clinton’s success in politics, journalist Abby Martin warns: “Her conservative past is more tied to her rise than she wants you to know.”
Map Of Cannabis Genome Could Keep Greedy Corporations From Patenting Pot DNA
A new initiative could help keep agribusiness giants like Monsanto from controlling the future of cannabis by blocking patents.
Why Every President Since Truman Has Been An Israel Hawk
Despite the language featured in our own founding documents, the U.S. has aided Israel in denying those same guarantees of human rights and dignity to Palestinians for decades.
Mnar Muhawesh: ‘We Don’t Have A Mainstream Media, We Have A Very Extremist Media’
According to a recent poll, almost half of Americans distrust the mainstream media, which the MintPress News editor-in-chief believes is because “the media is lying to us.”
Forget Panama: Why Corporations And The Rich Love US Tax Havens
Both Panama and the U.S. have refused to sign a treaty that requires the sharing of financial information with other countries, making both nations attractive to wealthy people and businesses eager to hide their earnings.