Inside Stories
7 Arrested As Tensions Rise & Protesters Breach Security Fence At DNC 2016
While protests started peacefully on Wednesday with a ‘fart-in’ to expose corruption in the American democratic system, they intensified as conflicting groups clashed and protesters breached the massive security fence erected outside the Wells Fargo Center.
DNC 2016: Protesters React To ‘Shameful’ DNC Leaks, Voice Support For Jill Stein (VIDEO)
According to one pro-Bernie Sanders activist, leaked internal party emails show that ‘the Democratic Party is just as corrupt as the Republicans in many senses.’
Former American Colony Takes Center Stage In South China Sea Dispute
The Philippines was under American colonial rule from 1898 to 1946. Despite gaining independence, the island nation is now being used as a tool to apply pressure on China, America's biggest rival in the South China Sea.
Amid DNC Leaks Fallout, Protesters Urge Bernie To ‘Go Green’ And Root For Jill Stein At DNC 2016
‘Stop voting for the lesser evil and stand up for the greater good like your lives depend on it!’ the Green Party’s presumptive nominee for president, Dr. Jill Stein, told a crowd of hundreds on Monday.
Hillary Clinton Starts Her Own Cold War, Blames Russia For WikiLeaks’ DNC Email Dump
Experts hired by the DNC to investigate the breach which led to WikiLeaks’ publication of 20,000 DNC emails are singing a tune to anyone familiar with the Cold War: It was the Russians!
Google Hit With Record Number Of Requests For User Data In Second Half Of 2015
More tech companies now release transparency data, and the tech giant wrote that it ‘is proud to have led the charge on publishing these reports.’
Israel Lines Its Pockets With Palestinian Aid — And The US Helps Israel Keep It That Way
Complicity with Israel’s occupation and corruption in Mr. Abbas’ PA play into another major roadblock on Palestine’s path to recovery: International funds meant for reconstruction efforts in Gaza and other forms of humanitarian aid are routinely diluted by Israel.
See You In Philly: MintPress News Will Report Live From DNC 2016 Protests
From demands for third party inclusiveness in American elections to protests against the war on drugs, the streets of Philadelphia could prove even more lively than the convention itself.
Orlando & Nice Killers Were Troubled Loners With Histories Of Domestic Abuse, Drinking, And No Ties To ISIS
One analyst noted that media outlets quickly labeled the driver in a deadly truck attack in Nice a terrorist, ‘despite the absence of any evidence of a political motivation, or indeed any motive at all.’
Documentary Reveals How Israel Convinces Americans Palestine Occupies Israel
In this episode of ‘Behind the Headline,’ host Mnar Muhawesh meets Sut Jhally, an expert on media manipulation and propaganda. In the film ‘The Occupation of the American Mind,’ Jhally and others examine how high-paid spin doctors control the media message on Israel.