Inside Stories
America Needs Another Civil Rights Movement
“This nation is steeped in racial violence and racial prejudice, and anyone who thinks differently is living in a dream world,” a trial attorney and author tells MintPress, stressing the need to address the underlying issues driving police violence.
U.S. Laws Criminalizing Homelessness Mount, Even As Courts Strike Them Down
Rather than redoubling efforts to address growing rates of homelessness and hunger since the 2008 financial crisis, many local governments seem intent on criminalizing aspects of homelessness such as panhandling and sleeping in cars.
Photo Essay: Washington D.C. Honors The Child Victims Of The Taliban
On Wednesday, Dec 17, a vigil was organized at Dupont Circle in Washington DC to grieve with and support the Pakistani community, which lost more than 100 children slain by the Taliban in Peshawar, Pakistan on Tuesday.
VIDEO: MintPress Gathers Around The Campfire With Female Guerrillas Fighting ISIS
“A woman has every right to protect her rights and her people. This is an honor for us to fight for our country,” one guerrilla fighter says, explaining that while the concept of female fighters may seem “weird” to some, it’s “more than normal.”
Natives, Irish Find Common Ground Through History Of Being Colonized, Oppressed
Even with an ocean between them, people of Irish descent, Native Americans and First Nations find that they share a history of oppression, as well as a desire to reclaim their heritage by bringing their languages back to life and passing them down to future generations.
“Lynching Rebranded”: Mothers Who Lost Children To Police Violence Speak Out
Who has felt the pain of police killings more acutely, more intimately than the mothers of the victims of police violence? Armed with their pain and a will to change the system, some of these mothers met in Washington earlier this month to find ways to work together.
America Gives Aid To Pakistan, Pakistan Gives Terrorism To The World
“Pakistan is making sure that Afghans do not live in peace, and their whole purpose in Afghanistan is to create a terrorized population,” one demonstrator told MintPress News.
The UK Is Outlawing Homelessness
The number of people arrested for begging in London has doubled in recent years, alongside increases in the numbers of people sleeping on the streets. Yet new legislation to criminalize aspects of homelessness targets the symptoms, not the issues fueling them.
Congress Approves Secret Giveaway Of Sacred Apache Land To Foreign Mining Company
Few dispute the potential economic impact of a proposed copper mining operation on sacred Arizona lands. At issue is whether, and how, economics trumps environmental and cultural concerns, and how democratic processes balance these issues.
Israel’s White Supremacy Agenda Targets Other Jews, Arabs, Africans
Palestinians are not the only target for Israel’s animosity and ethno-centric policies. This doesn’t make Palestinians’ pain any less real or poignant; if anything, it only serves to demonstrate Israel’s ingrained ethnic and religious bias.