Inside Stories
NY Demonstrators Say #No2Netanyahu While DC Protesters Rally To #ShutDownAIPAC
Against the backdrop of AIPAC, Israeli Apartheid Week, Netanyahu’s upcoming address to Congress, and Iran’s nuclear talks with the U.S., activists and demonstrators find a perfect storm for protesting Israel’s actions on a number of fronts.
Lawmakers Asked Boehner To Postpone Netanyahu Speech — But Who Is Still Going?
Almost two dozen House Democrats signed a letter asking Speaker Boehner to postpone Prime Minister Netanyahu’s upcoming address to a joint session of Congress. With such a postponement unlikely, MintPress investigates who’s sticking to their guns.
Even AIPAC Objects To Netanyahu’s Congress Address
AIPAC prepared a detailed presentation that was given to Netanyahu with all the negative repercussions they believe would result from the controversial invitation to Congress and the cumulative damage.
M15’s Jihadi John: How British Intelligence Primed Both Sides Of The Terror War
‘Jihadi John’ was able to join IS for one simple reason: from Quilliam to al-Muhajiroun, Britain’s loudest extremists have been groomed by the security services.
MintPress #TBT: A Ret. Pentagon Official Predicted Saudi Ambitions For ME Through Use Of Terror In 2011
In 2011, Mnar Muhawesh, founder and editor-in-chief of MintPress News, interviewed Air Force Col. B. Wayne Quist (Ret.) about goings on in the Middle East. Quist detailed Saudi plans for the region -- plans that are important to reflect upon today.
Details On An Alleged US-Backed Coup In Venezuela Come To Light
Failing to bring down Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution and Hugo Chavez, the U.S. is now allegedly orchestrating coups in the South American country and imposing sanctions in response to what it says are violations of human rights.
Saudi-Funded French Weapons Sent To Lebanon To Destroy Hezbollah
The Lebanese army’s role is limited to internal security, so how does $25 million in arms from the U.S. and another $3 billion worth of Saudi-funded arms from France fit into that military objective?
Saudi Royal Infighting Threatens US Standing In The Middle East
A peaceful transition of power is quickly devolving into fierce infighting as members of the extended House of Saud jockey for power. These squabbles could have major ramifications beyond Saudi borders, even impacting U.S. foreign policy in the region.
The Dissociation Game: Understanding The Evolving Narrative On Libya
The United States and the United Nations are dragging their heels on categorizing Libya as a failed state, largely because of their roles in its downfall. Meanwhile, the media isolates ongoing violence from the historical framework of NATO intervention.
Washington Plays Russian Roulette In Yemen
Washington has pulled out of Yemen diplomatically, closing lines of communication with the Houthis, which now hold the reins of power. One Yemeni analyst describes it as “Iran 1979 all over again.”