New Polling Data Reveals Trump’s “Blue-Collar” Populism Is A Myth
Trump supporters are looking for scapegoats for their downwardly trending economic fortunes. And right-wing politicians and conservative media are more than happy to provide them with targets.
ICE Chief Says Immigrants Should Be Looking Over Their Shoulders
He also said "no population of persons" in the U.S. illegally is safe from deportation.
Suspected Saudi ‘Bot Army’ Enlisted In Qatar Attack
Cyber warfare is not new in the Gulf, but the current Saudi-led onslaught against the tiny state of Qatar is seeing the most formidable instance of it yet being deployed, as Doha’s brothers-turned-enemies eye to dominate the war for narratives, in the media and on social media. The current crisis itself was triggered by the hacking of Qatar News Agency, with the hackers planting fabricated controversial remarks by the country’s ruler to incite a fake news-inspired outrage. Many analysts
MintPress Meets The Father Of Iconic Aleppo Boy, Who Says Media Lied About His Son
MintPress sat down with the father of the now-infamous Aleppo boy, Omran Daqneesh. Omran's father, Mohammad Daqneesh, says his son was exploited by Syrian rebels and the media for political gain.
Australia’s Coal Export Industry Is Threatening The Climate Crisis
According to a new report, Australia’s ambitious coal export plans threaten to overwhelm any emissions gains made as part of the Paris climate agreement.
The Demonopolization Of Deceit: Fighting For Narrative In The Age of Trump
With the mainstream media busy perpetuating the lies of “Russiagate,” populist alternative media have taken up their mantle, advancing falsehoods that are allowing the right wing to dictate a new narrative. The need for accountability in reporting is now perhaps greater than ever.
Georgia High School Students Sue Sheriff Unlawful Invasive Body Searches
During the search, all of the students’ cell phones were seized and they were not allowed to contact their parents, they were also barred from going to the restroom.
Former ICC Official: Israel Will Be Convicted Of War Crimes
Israeli settlements constitute a violation of the Rome Statute and of international law, which prohibits an occupying power from transferring its civilian population to an occupied territory.
Hell Cannons – The Homegrown Horror of Syria’s Terrorist Invaders
The foreign mercenaries who continue to wage war against Syria’s civilians are using a variety of devastating weaponry, including improvised mortars known colloquially as “hell cannons.” Today, MintPress News speaks with a Syrian man who lost half his family to a “hell cannon” attack.
Killing The Public Editor, NYT Deals Another Blow To Public Trust
Failures in seeking truth are inherent to the job of journalism. But now the Times has rid itself of a powerful tool for learning from its previous mistakes and, maybe, preventing the next one.