The Forgotten Hunger Strikers Of Guantánamo Bay
Gitmo detainees have been staging hunger strikes almost since the island prison opened. Prisoners, their counsel and advocates all say force-feeding practices are purposely painful and inhumane, but the U.S. government says it’s “safe-guarding” the prisoners’ health.
VIDEO: How America Recruited, Protected And Pays Nazis To This Day
Abby Martin takes a look at two recent investigative reports from the Associated Press and New York Times, uncovering the recruitment of Nazi spies for the CIA and the US’ policy of giving social security payments to former Nazi leadership.
US Isolates Troops While Australia Imposes Visa Ban On Ebola-Hit West Africa States
'Western countries are creating mass panic which is unhelpful in containing a contagious disease like Ebola,' Ugandan government spokesman Ofwono Opondo said.
‘A Generation Cast Aside': Child Poverty On The Rise In World’s Richest Countries
Since 2008, child poverty has increased in a majority of the 41 most affluent nations, UNICEF report finds.
US Airstrikes In Syria Badly Damaging Civilian Economy
Local fuel and food prices are soaring as US targets infrastructure.
Tensions Between The US And Israel Rise To New Levels
"Chickenshit": Public Feud Erupts Between Named (and Unnamed) US-Israeli Officials.
Giffords Struggling To Make Guns A Midterm Election Issue
Four years after she was shot in the head and went on to inspire millions with her recovery, Giffords is as committed as ever to pushing for tighter gun-control laws.
Kansas Governor Is Forcing Disabled People Off Medicaid
The conservative experiment in Gov. Sam Brownback’s Kansas has led to more suffering across the board — not just for the state’s economy, but for people with disabilities who are losing life-sustaining services. At the time of his inauguration, Brownback was touted by fellow Republicans as a model example of what conservative governance nationwide could look like. While he promised to rejuvenate the state’s economy by slashing the state’s top income tax rate by 26 percent, his fiscal policy
New Research Shows That The BP Oil Spill Left An Oily “Bathub Ring” The Size Of Rhode Island On The Sea Floor
The study estimates that about 10 million gallons of oil coagulated on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico around the damaged Deepwater Horizons oil rig.
UC Berkeley Students Petition To Get Bill Maher Speech Cancelled Because He’s A “Blatant Bigot”
"The First Amendment gives him the right to speak his mind, but it doesn’t give him the right to speak at such an elevated platform as the commencement. That’s a privilege his racist and bigoted remarks don’t give him."