Cocaine Production Plummets After DEA Kicked Out Of Bolivia
According to data released by the United Nations, cocaine production in the country declined by 11% in the past year, marking the fourth year in a row of steady decrease.
Cop Who Shot And Killed Six People Now Teaches Other Officers When To Use Their Guns
VirTra’s pain compliance training operates on the theory that officers who hesitate to take action, “effectively training them to shoot first and ask questions later.”
Zionist Organization Of America And Other Lobbyists Organize Trump, Cruz Anti-Iran Deal Event
The event is sponsored by Tea Party Patriots, the Center for Security Policy and the Zionist Organization of America.
The Transatlantic Rift: Is US-Euro Relationship Showing Signs Of Strain?
Numerous indications suggesting that the governments and general publics of Europe and the US are diverging and becoming increasing less aligned in their beliefs and actions.
Media Blackout: Canada Plans To Dump Nuclear Waste Less Than Mile From US Border
Given the United States’ failure to build its own secure DGR, you would think the State Department would be concerned about its largest fresh water source’s close proximity to one.
AP Files Suit For FBI’s Refusal To Come Clean On ‘Fake Reporter’ Operations
'While the public clearly has a strong, compelling interest in knowing more about the FBI’s use of this tactic, the FBI seems determined to withhold that information,' says lawyer
Centcom Defends Skewing ISIS War Intel
Centcom insists that the final report's content was theirs to decide.
Judge Sentenced To 28 Years For Selling ‘Kids For Cash’ To Prisons
Now that Ciaverella has been locked up, that solves one problem, but raises an important question that few are asking: was this an isolated incident, or are there more just like him
As Obama’s War In Iraq And Syria Rumbles On, Are Intel Books Getting Cooked?
As Obama's War in Iraq and Syria Rumbles On, Are Intel Books Getting Cooked?
Declaring ‘Power In Numbers’, People Rally Nationwide For Peace With Iran
200 demonstrations sweep the country in a national day of action to support nuclear deal and say no to war.