Photo Essay: Washington D.C. Honors The Child Victims Of The Taliban
On Wednesday, Dec 17, a vigil was organized at Dupont Circle in Washington DC to grieve with and support the Pakistani community, which lost more than 100 children slain by the Taliban in Peshawar, Pakistan on Tuesday.
Honoring Chelsea Manning On Her 27th Birthday
Chelsea leaked classified documents into the public domain because, in her words, "I want people to see the truth … regardless of who they are … because without information, you cannot make informed decisions as a public."
Law Enforcement Is the Fattest Profession, Study Finds
Almost half of America's police, firefighters and security guards are obese.
Sydney Siege Aftermath: Australian Government Seeks More Anti-Terrorism Laws
Right on schedule, following a high profile terrorist attack, the government of Australia is now “investigating new security laws” and other methods that can be used to gut the civil liberties, privacy, and general way of life of Australian citizens.
Largest State Police Agency In The US, Now Openly Self-Described As A “Paramilitary Organization”
The California Highway Patrol is recruiting former soldiers to their "paramilitary organization", a monicker they proudly boast in their own recruiting ads.
‘Biggest Fracking Victory Ever!’ As New York Bans Dangerous Drilling In State
'Fracking has no place in New York or anywhere,' says prominent activist after announcement by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
Gov’t To Launch Billion Dollar Surveillance Blimp
The blimp will be equipped with high resolution cameras capable of capturing close images from North Carolina to New York.
In Historic Shift, US To Normalize Relations With Cuba
Wednesday's announcements followed more than a year of secret talks between U.S. and Cuban officials in Canada and the Vatican.
Oops, CIA Abducts & Tortures Wrong Guy
The CIA held El-Masri at the secret prison for four months where he was frequently beaten, kicked, tortured, and smashed into walls among other various forms abuse that he had to endure.
VIDEO: Why The Guardian Censored One Of Its Top Journalists
Abby Martin interviews investigative journalist, Nafeez Ahmed, about what was not discussed in the torture report and his claims of censorship at the Guardian newspaper, where he used to work.