VIDEO: Oklahoma Libertarians Form Human Chain To Protect Muslims From Bigoted Tea Partiers
Members of the Oklahoma Libertarian party as well as groups working though an Interfaith alliance anticipated the ugly protest and organized a human chain to shield Muslims from the bigotry as they entered the building.
Corporate-Friendly Democrats Mobilize To Drag Party Rightward
So-called 'centrist' Democrats are attempting to distance themselves from progressive voices like Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
VIDEO: As Bibi Marches On Congress, Obama Says If Iran Talks Fail ‘Military Actions’ Await
Obama says Iranians "have been serious negotiators," but called Israeli prime minister's speech to Congress a "distraction" of efforts aimed at finalizing a nuclear agreement.
Is There Room For Islam In Democracy, Freedom Of Speech, And Secularism?
“If Islam is portrayed as a mortal enemy to Western civilization and values it is because it poses a formidable obstacle to imperialistic hegemonic interests,” a Canadian scholar tells MintPress.
US Police Arrest Five Anti-Israel Activists
"We came here to let the world know that, although this organization presents itself as representative of American Jewry and of course, the state of Israel, the so-called Jewish state," he said. "It doesn't represent Judaism in any manner, shape and form."
DoD Releases “Evidence” Of Snowden’s Damages To National Security … And It’s COMPLETELY Redacted
Since Edward Snowden exposed the expansive spying practices of the federal government, authorities like Rogers have claimed that the former CIA and NSA analyst compromised national security. However, they have yet to provide a single instance of their claims.
Autopsy Of 17-Year-Old Jessica Hernandez Proves Police Could Not Have Shot Her In Self Defense
Since Jessica Hernandez’s death just over a month ago, witnesses of the fatal police shooting have said that the “official version” of events in the police report was pure fiction.
Wisconsinites Rally To Stop ‘Right-to-Work’ Bill
'I am not a terrorist' is a common theme at Saturday's protest against Scott Walker's 'right to work' bill.
NY Demonstrators Say #No2Netanyahu While DC Protesters Rally To #ShutDownAIPAC
Against the backdrop of AIPAC, Israeli Apartheid Week, Netanyahu’s upcoming address to Congress, and Iran’s nuclear talks with the U.S., activists and demonstrators find a perfect storm for protesting Israel’s actions on a number of fronts.
Lawmakers Asked Boehner To Postpone Netanyahu Speech — But Who Is Still Going?
Almost two dozen House Democrats signed a letter asking Speaker Boehner to postpone Prime Minister Netanyahu’s upcoming address to a joint session of Congress. With such a postponement unlikely, MintPress investigates who’s sticking to their guns.