UN: Police Killings Of Black Men Are Modern-Day Lynchings
There are over four times as many police killings a year as the worst years in lynchings and executions.
Obama Vetoes 9/11 Victims Bill, Congressional Override Looms
JASTA would be a special case abrogation of sovereign immunity, a legal premise that allows governments to do whatever they want without fear of legal repercussions from individuals.
Unpublished Studies By Chemical Giants Detail Pesticide Effects On Bees
Chemical giants Bayer and Syngenta commissioned private studies which showed that their neonicotinoid pesticides can cause serious harm to bees, a Greenpeace investigation has uncovered. The revelations come with the UK set to decide its own policy on pesticide use once it leaves the EU. The UK lobbied against the current EU ban when it was introduced. The company research – designed with regulators to reveal the level at which their products harm bees – was obtained through freedom of information
What’s At Stake In This Year’s Divisive Election?
Although many American's are beginning to see the value in bucking the two-party system in favor of alternative candidates, most will be taking to the polls to cast their vote for Clinton or Trump. Here are where the establishment candidates stand on the issues facing America.
Congress Wants Another $1 Trillion To ‘Reboot’ The Military
Despite record budgets over the past 15 years, Congress argues years of war have rendered US military hardware insufficient.
20 Million People Would Lose Health Coverage Under Donald Trump Presidency
The result would be an estimated 45.1 million uninsured people in 2018 under Trump — an increase of 20.2 million, reversing the coverage gains under Obama.
New Report Revels Heavy Antibiotic Use In Fast Food Livestock
Though the report focused on antibiotic use, it warned of other additives used in meat in the United States, including zinc, copper, growth hormones, and debilitating beta agonists like ractopamine.
Twitter Okays Calls For Violence Against Protesters
Pundit Glenn Reynolds was briefly suspended from the platform after saying people should run over anti-police brutality protesters with their cars.
Puerto Rico: Years After FBI Murder, Ojeda Rios’ Legacy Lives
A lifelong patriot dedicated to the liberation of Puerto Rico, Ojeda Rios was killed in cold blood by the the FBI 11 years ago.
When Should Police Release Video Of Shootings?
In several high-profile cases, citizen video has served to refute police accounts that a suspect had refused commands or done something to warrant deadly force.