Hacker Plans To Publish Details Of 20,000 FBI, 9,000 DHS Employees
The hackers warned of plans to publish the details of 20,000 FBI employees.
Sikh Actor Barred From Flying To US ‘Because Of Turban’
A Sikh actor was barred from boarding an Aeromexico plane to the U.S. because of his turban.
Michigan State Board Approves Petition To Recall Gov. Rick Snyder
The board has considered around a dozen such attempts to recall Gov. Rick Snyder since November of 2015, but has rejected each attempt before today's meeting.
Elizabeth Warren: Hillary Clinton Sold Out To Wall Street
Clinton and Warren having been clashing over allowing Wall Street influence into Washington politics as far back as the 1990's.
Dangerous Speech: Would The Founders Be Considered Domestic Extremists Today?
“If you can’t say ‘Fuck’ you can’t say, ‘Fuck the government.’” ― Lenny Bruce
Leaked Police Union Files Reveal Deal With City Officials To Cover-Up Police Misconduct
The leaks reveal contracts between police and city authorities to guarantee disciplinary records and complaints made against officers are kept secret or destroyed.
Jury Awards $23 Million To Man Paralyzed In Police Shooting
While the jury awarded over $23 million in the case, Florida state law dictates that legislators must approve awards that exceed $200,000.
Censorship Around The World Remains High
Truth will always be more powerful than lies. And ultimately, a lie can only be censored and can only exist for so long until it is uncovered, exposed, disbelieved and tossed away. Today, we live in an age of uncovering lies and promoting the truth as has never happened before.​
Pentagon Releases 200 Photos Of Bush-Era Prisoner Abuse, Thousands Kept Secret
'What the photos that the government has suppressed would show is that abuse was so widespread that it could only have resulted from policy or a climate calculated to foster abuse.'
Chicago Police Retire To Evade Punishment While Collecting 6-Figure Pensions
Since Chicago officials received a city watchdog investigation recommending six officers be disciplined for their roles surrounding the killing of David Koschman by a nephew of former Mayor Richard M. Daley, three have retired.