Group Seeks Mandatory Minimum Sentence For Cops Who Kill The Unarmed
“No more free passes for Government employees committing criminal acts.”
CIA Director Now Claims Missing 28 Pages Of 9/11 Report Contain “Inaccurate Information”
Brennan claims the information in the 28 pages hasn't been vetted or corroborated, adding that releasing the information would give ammunition to those who want to tie the terror attacks to Saudi Arabia.
Senator Calls For Investigation Over Billboards That Spy On Passing Cell Phones
"A person's cellphone should not become a James Bond-like personal tracking device for a corporation to gather information about consumers without their consent,"
For Nebraska’s Poor, Getting Sick Means Getting Sued
Predatory collection agencies are garnishing wages from the poor over already paid debts.
Don’t Sleep Through the Revolution: A Graduation Message For A Dark Age
"The world is disintegrating on every front—politically, environmentally, morally—and for the next generation, the future does not look promising."
The Case For More Immigrants
The merits of immigration greatly outweigh the potential disadvantages.
Meet The Senate Candidate Challenging The Corporate Takeover Of Democracy
In this episode of MintPress News’ ‘Behind the Headline,’ host and MintPress News Editor-in-Chief Mnar Muhawesh asks Arn Menconi, an anti-war activist and Green Party Senate candidate, what issues should have voters running to the ballot box.
Wall Street Funds Battle By Proxy In Congress Over Puerto Rico Bailout
The battle over whether to bailout Puerto Rico's $70 billion in debt, and on what terms, is now playing out in the US Congress.
TSA Whistleblower Reveals Supervisors Instructed Him To Profile Somali Imams
An assistant director for the TSA in Minneapolis blew the whistle on a request to racially profile Somali imams and community members.
Supreme Court Quietly Approves Rule to Give FBI ‘Sprawling’ Hacking Powers
The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday quietly approved a rule change that would allow a federal magistrate judge to issue a search and seizure warrant for any target using anonymity software like Tor to browse the internet.