Texas Man Charged With Hate Crime For Mosque Fire, Attempting To Blow Up Car
An ATF Special Agent testified at a hearing that Marq Perez had posted Facebook comments that could prove he targeted the mosque because he despises Muslims.
Rhode Island Approves New Surveillance Dragnet
Revenue generated by the dragnet will be split evenly between the state and private camera company and would generate around $15 million annually.
US Removes Domestic Terror Groups From Counter-Extremism Program
The revised program omits funds for several groups focused on U.S.-based extremism, such as Life After Hate, which tries to steer young people away from far-right extremism.
Inauguration Day Protesters Sue D.C. Police Over Rectal Probes
“As Defendant Officer John Doe 150 pushed his finger into Mr. Horse’s rectum, he ordered Mr. Horse not to flinch. Defendant Officer John Doe 150 pushed his finger an inch deep into Mr. Horse’s rectum and wiggled it around for several seconds.”
Capitol Hill Police Drag Disabled Protesters Out Of Wheelchairs
"Our lives and liberty shouldn't be stolen to give a tax break to the wealthy. That's truly un-American."
Only 2% Of Lawmakers Support The ‘Stop Arming Terrorists Act’
The Stop Arming Terrorists Act would bar federal agencies from using taxpayer funds to provide weapons, training, intelligence, or any other type of support to terrorist groups.
Despite Legal Requirement, Over 100 Federal Agencies Don’t Report Hate Crimes
The gaps in data damage efforts to understand the nature and scope of violence driven by racial and religious hatred.
The Passion Of Colin Kaepernick
By directly challenging white supremacy, racism and imperialism, Colin Kaepernick is making himself a household name for all the right reasons. And the NFL, its billionaire owners and the corporate errand boys of sports journalism simply cannot stand it.
The Power of Hate – In Loving Memory Of Nabra Hassanen
Thousands have signed a petition calling on state and federal officials to investigate the 17-year-old's death as a hate crime. But the case, like others before, highlights how challenging it is to apply that label and the narrow criteria it needs to meet.
Nevada Judge Grants Liquor Wholesalers Exclusive Rights To Pot Distribution
The judge agreed with arguments that liquor distributors likely will be shut out of the recreational marijuana business entirely if the department issues licenses to non-alcohol distributors.