Revealed: Canadian Spy Program Illustrates “Giant X-Ray Machine Over All Our Digital Lives”
Latest revelation from Snowden archive shows CSE has been monitoring, analyzing, and tracking millions of people who utilize popular file-sharing websites
American Indian Tribes To Discuss Legal Marijuana At Conference
There's been a lot of discussion among tribes since the Justice Department announced in December that it would allow them to grow and sell marijuana.
VIDEO: Over 100 Faith Leaders Unite Against Bigotry And Violence In The Name Of Religion After Dallas Muslims Were Targeted By Hate Groups
Sunday, leaders and members of many beliefs talked about how what was shouted and scrawled on to posters was wrong and how much it hurt Muslims who are family, neighbors and friends.
Documents Reveal Massive DEA Program To Record American’s Whereabouts With License Plate Readers
New documents show that the DEA used license plate readers to capture over 793M plates in four-year period.
VIDEO: CIA Whistle Blower Found Guilty Proves That Using “Proper Channels” Doesn’t Work
Monday’s guilty verdict for former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling is another example of whistleblowers attempting to go through proper channels to expose wrongdoing, and then being “flagged as troublemakers” and facing severe retaliation from the government, according to transparency advocate Norman Solomon.
Cop Who Assaulted and Took Phone From Woman With Disabilities Will Now Face Criminal Charges
Sgt. Naomi Penrod will face three misdemeanor charges. These include interfering with civil rights, assault and disorderly conduct.
Court Tosses Out Prostitution Conviction For Woman Who Was Just Walking Down The Street
Transgender and sex worker rights activist Monica Jones' fight for justice will continue as the decision only vacates the verdict, not the charges,
VIDEO: West Virginia Gas Line Explodes In Fourth Major Pipeline Incident This Month
As Congress continues to debate over Keystone XL, a series of major pipeline failures proves that eventually "All Pipelines Leak," as protesters often say.
Trial Begins In Major Trafficking Case Stemming From Hurricane Katrina Clean-up
A series of lawsuits brought by dozens of South Asian workers against an American marine-services company could have major implications across the U.S. immigration system. Experts say they collectively entail one of the largest human trafficking cases in U.S. history.
ANALYSIS: Who Are The “Moderates” Washington’s Supporting In Syria?
The U.S. is sending hundreds of million of dollars to them, and U.S. allies are rallying in support of them, but who, exactly, are Syria’s so-called “moderates” and how much longer can they avoid being sucked into the radical extremism taking hold of the Middle East?