Purchase Of Election By Chevron Shows We Have ‘Oligarchy, Not Democracy': Sanders
“Chevron is trying to buy the Richmond City Hall. We can’t let them get away with it,” Sanders said ahead of the meeting. “This is not what democracy is supposed to be about.”
VIDEO: Facebook Tells DEA To Stop Operating Fake Profile Pages
"Facebook has long made clear that law enforcement authorities are subject to these policies," Sullivan wrote. "We regard DEA's conduct to be a knowing and serious breach of Facebook's terms and policies."
Los Angeles Activists Block Unloading Of Israeli Cargo Ship For Two Days
"The fact that the boat is delayed for 24 hours is already costing Zim shipping a significant amount of money because they're entire schedule will be delayed. This is already a victory for us,".
Journalist Risen: ‘Mercenary Class’ Now Permanent Fixture In National Security State
James Risen says American public must question machine that 'feeds off' never-ending war.
VIDEO: US Marshal Busted After Stealing 24 Pounds of Marijuana at Gunpoint
Reports: Clorenzo Mack Griffin, a US marshal from Miami, was arrested last weekend for allegedly participating in an armed robbery of 24 pounds of marijuana. The bust occurred in Yuba City, California, a long distance from Griffin’s home. Griffin was reportedly off-duty when he and two other men robbed a Jeep filled with marijuana at gunpoint. At the time of the arrest, all 3 occupants of the vehicle were wearing police gear, but Griffin is the only confirmed officer in the group. Once on the
VIDEO: 3 Cops Hold Down & Taser 60 Year Old Man, Use Their Boot On His Head
“You probably have over 700, 800 pounds of police force there, and there’s a 60-year-old man there that probably weighs a buck-fifty, and you’ve got to pull the taser out to take him down? I just don’t think it was right”
ISIS: Military Contractors’ “Gravy Train” To Profits
“Wall Street’s looking ahead and saying, ‘War’s good for business and companies are going to cash in,’” the director of a think tank aimed at addressing war and corruption, among other issues, tells MintPress News.
FEC Acts On Citizens United But Sidesteps Disclosure Entirely
The Federal Election Commission has made a rare break from its near-constant deadlock, but critics say its new rule changes fail to address the disclosure of the “tsunami of dark money” flooding the U.S. election system.
How America’s War Machine Turns On Itself
The US soldiers exposed to chemical weapons in Iraq is just the latest in a long tradition of American troops endangered by American-made munitions.
No Charges For Police Who Disfigured Toddler With Grenade During Negligent Drug Raid
This decision not to prosecute is a devastating blow to police accountability and it highlights just how far we have to go to end this ridiculous war on drugs.