The Wheels Of Justice Won’t Budge For A Scottish Woman Killed In Israel
The case of Julie Pearson is bigger than the death of one woman and her family’s ongoing struggle for justice. It’s a lens through which to view larger institutional and cultural failings that allow violence against women to go unpunished almost as a matter of routine in Israel.
The New Silk Road In Central America: Nicaragua Marches Forward
Wall Street banks and corporations operate with relative impunity in many Latin American countries often leading to persistent poverty. Nicaragua, determined to avoid the pitfalls suffered by her neighbors,is turning to China to help boost the local economy, and the results are promising.
Trump Promised To ‘Drain The Swamp,’ But He’s Filling It With Bush-Era ‘Crazies’ Instead
A clique of Bush-era neoconservative outliers who whipped Americans into a frenzied state of fear and anxiety after 9/11. Now they’re back, lurking in and around Trump’s transition team, ready to open a vastly improved and expanded toolset for war and profit.
The Election Revealed More About The Democratic Slump Than A ‘Trump Surge’
The biggest story of the 2016 presidential election is not a ‘Trump surge,’ but a Democratic collapse.
Police Violence Escalates As Provocateurs Infiltrate Standing Rock, #NoDAPL Protests
While reporting from the Dakota Access pipeline protests, MintPress News reporter Derrick Broze witnessed the actions of destructive forces which have infiltrated the peaceful Native-led movement and provoked increasingly violent responses from law enforcement.
Greece’s Neoliberal Wolves In Anti-Austerity Sheep’s Clothing
Far from representing truly alternative voices, three Syriza leaders crafted empty public images as anti-austerity renegades and champions of democracy and justice.
South Sudan: US Empire Stirs Violent Brew Of Blood & Oil As China Threatens Western Hegemony
The entire history of South Sudan, the world's youngest nation, is one of greed, blood and death. Sadly, this is all too common in Africa, where the U.S.-NATO Empire must always have the last laugh.
The US Hand In War & Peace In Colombia
‘The U.S. bears a tremendous responsibility for the fact that Colombians are convinced that … the guerillas are the ones who are the ones most responsible for the civil war,’ one NGO worker told MintPress
Israel’s Mossad Implicated In Assassination Of Palestinian Political Prisoner In Bulgaria
Mossad operations are often based as much on personal vendettas, petty jealousies, and professional slights as they are on sound judgment, and Israel’s intelligence agency has a long history of kidnapping and assassinating its enemies on foreign soil.
From Facebook To The DEA, Industrial Hemp Industry Growth Stumped By War on Drugs
‘Anyone who is coming in has to build the infrastructure from the ground up, and it’s very difficult finding anyone who wants to take that kind of risk,’ one industrial hemp grower tells MintPress News.