WPost Won’t Retract McCarthyistic Smear By
In media and government, the journalists and officials who enable blacklisting are cravenly siding with conformity instead of democracy.
Who’s Afraid Of Keith Ellison? The Israel Lobby By
Keith Ellison, whose candidacy is supported by Bernie Sanders, is the future of the Democratic Party.  Hillary Clinton is the past.  Does Chuck Schumer want to hitch his star to pro-Israel political extortionists or to the future?
Tyranny At Standing Rock: The Government’s Divide-And-Conquer Strategy Is Working By
“We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”— Benjamin Franklin, as quoted in The Works of Benjamin Franklin.
With Bannon’s Appointment, It’s Official: Israel Is Comfortable With Anti-Semitism By
If right-wing supporters of Israel defend Trump's chief adviser, Stephen Bannon, then they cannot cry foul when Palestinians criticize the state
Fidel Castro: Charismatic Revolutionary Leader Who Defied The Odds By
Castro was regarded, love him or hate him, as a superb fighter, athlete, strategist and orator.
The Witch-Hunters By
The Washington Post is pushing a campaign to censor alternative media sources.
How (And Why) To Scrap The Electoral College By
If Mrs. Clinton had worked as hard over the last 16 years to abolish the Electoral College as she worked to win the Democratic nomination, she would be moving back into the White House in January
The NYT Advocates Censorship Of Fake News By
The New York Times wants a system of censorship for the Internet to block what it calls “fake news,” but the Times ignores its own record of publishing “fake news.”
What Next? White Supremacists In Suits And Ties In Washington By
Fascists are coming out of the closet. They may have new haircuts, but their thinking is old and tired. That’s why we need you. Now.
With Trump USA, Big Troubles Ahead For ‘Brand Israel’ By
Trump's ascendance to the presidency could undo Israel's false international image of a multicultural, tolerant state.