US Warns Syrian Military… Against Operating Inside Syria! By
The empire creates its own logic and it is not for we mere mortals to understand it.
Ajamu Baraka, “Uncle Tom,” And The Pathology Of White Liberal Racism By
Ajamu Baraka is not vilified for calling Obama an Uncle Tom. He is vilified for refusing not to.
Footage Of Boy In Aleppo Is Opportunistic Propaganda From Mainstream Media By
Little Omran is unfortunately the rehash of baby Aylan, a child for whom Western audiences wept and wailed for days, becoming more and more willing to allow the West to increase its intervention in Syria
“Limited Bandwidth”: Where Is The Reporting On Kashmir? By
Kashmir is like Solomon’s Baby, except both of its prospective mothers are happy to cut it in half.
Christianity And The Nagasaki Bomb By
Though Christianity began as a religion of peace, it soon became a cloak for genocidal violence, such as the incineration of defenseless civilians in Nagasaki, including many Japanese Christians, 71 years ago, writes Gary G. Kohls.
American Greed: Trump’s Economic Team Is A Who’s Who Of What’s Wrong By
Hedge funds are represented. So is fracking. And tobacco. And guns. And banking. And steel. And there’s the guy who mismanaged Chrysler before it was rescued by a government intervention.
The New Orientalism: Iran As A Political Commodity By
"Orientalism can be discussed and analyzed as the corporate institution for dealing with the Orient."
Killer Instincts: When Police Become Judge, Jury And Executioner By
The best way to beat the police state: don’t play by their rules. Make them play by ours instead.​
9 Things They Won’t Let You Do On A Plane If You Are Muslim By
If you are not Muslim or do not speak Arabic and you have done one of these things, think about how you would feel if other prejudice passengers complained and the airline had you removed from the plane for it.
If Voting Made A Difference, They Wouldn’t Let Us Do It By
“The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”—Joseph Stalin, dictator of the Soviet Union.