Why Elites Love Drones
Do elites want to kill people just to make a profit? No. It's not that simple. Elites want to kill people because they are insane. See 'The Global Elite is Insane'.
100th Anniversary Of Armenian Genocide Reflects A Politically Inconvenient Reality
A massacre can be termed genocide in one country, an atrocity in another, or something barely worth mentioning in a third. But at what point can we all agree to use the “G”-word?
In a Cop Culture, The Bill Of Rights Doesn’t Amount To Much
Police officers are more likely to be struck by lightning than be held financially accountable for their actions.—Law professor Joanna C. Schwartz (paraphrased)
Baltimore In 140 Characters: Who You Should Follow To Understand The Uprising
As police start to turn the mainstream media in their favor with their first report on the Freddie Gray killing, social media reveals the truth about the Baltimore riots.
Extremism On Both Sides Sparked Texas ‘Art Show’ Shooting
The pundits, who will undoubtedly congratulate themselves on their bravery for standing up to militants from behind the hired guns of a local police department, were only victims of
Be Devoted To Justice Not To Order
The protests in Baltimore, being led by African American youth, have been unifying the city to force Baltimore to face up to a long-standing problem of widespread police abuse.
Ferguson And Now Baltimore Prove There’s No Free Lunch
We pay, one way or the other, for the way our country leaves the poor out on a limb and far from a leafy gated community.
Prohibition Madness Finally Being Seen As Madness
The insanity of marijuana prohibition is beginning to be seen as exactly that, and a California voter initiative next year represents potentially the greatest challenge to prohibition
Indiana’s ‘Religious Freedom’ Law Is Antithetical To American Values
New “religious freedom” laws are a last-ditch effort to fend off threats to traditional conservatism, which has been continuously upended for 50 years. Yet they’re bound to make
Kick Open The Doorway To Liberty: What Are We Waiting For?
"Why should we Americans have to put up with the government listening in on our phone calls, spying on our emails, subjecting us to roadside strip searches, and generally holding our