Indiana’s ‘Religious Freedom’ Law Is Antithetical To American Values By
New “religious freedom” laws are a last-ditch effort to fend off threats to traditional conservatism, which has been continuously upended for 50 years. Yet they’re bound to make these socio-cultural backwaters even less appealing places to live, work and invest.
Kick Open The Doorway To Liberty: What Are We Waiting For? By
"Why should we Americans have to put up with the government listening in on our phone calls, spying on our emails, subjecting us to roadside strip searches, and generally holding our freedoms hostage in exchange for some phantom promises of security?"
Leave The Houthis Alone! By
Why are we on the same side as the Saudis – and al Qaeda – in Yemen?
Which Is The Most Responsible Nuclear Nation – Iran, Israel Or The United States? By
The U.S., Israel and other nuclear weapons states (the United Kingdom, France, Russia, China, North Korea, India and Pakistan) have no credibility to lecture Iran or anyone else on nuclear abstinence from their perch atop a bar stool.
Herrenvolk Israel: Netanyahu And The Decline Of Israeli Liberalism By
What America wants to see in Israel is a plucky little liberal democracy bravely standing up for its persecuted people. Instead, it’s a right-wing bully -- bigoted, arrogant, aggressive, self-righteous, militant and ultimately very dangerous.
The New American Order By
1% Elections, The Privatization of the State, a Fourth Branch of Government, and the Demobilization of "We the People"
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back Since Selma And Vietnam By
It’s been 50 years since the march on Selma and U.S. Marines landing in South Vietnam. Yet little has changed, as domestic issues take a backseat to American-led wars being fought farther and farther from our shores.
The Ten Commandments For A Better American World By
A letter to an unknown American patriot.
Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About Israel’s Nukes? By
Netanyahu wants to talk about Iran’s nuclear ambitions, but why isn’t anybody talking about Israel’s not-so-secret arsenal?
India’s Tilt Toward America And Israel By
While China continues to flex its growing military muscle in Asia, India’s cultivating allies and building up its military kit in a way that poses a serious threat to Chinese power in the region that few others there can match.