Finsbury Park: On Whitewashing The ‘White Crusade’ By
The puritan perception of white-supremacists acknowledges that to sustain Britishness, both Muslims and Islam must be "cleansed" from Britain to keep it "terror-free."
The Power of Hate – In Loving Memory Of Nabra Hassanen By
Thousands have signed a petition calling on state and federal officials to investigate the 17-year-old's death as a hate crime. But the case, like others before, highlights how challenging it is to apply that label and the narrow criteria it needs to meet.
Saudi Arabia’s Soft Coup, Alarm Bells Should Be Ringing By
The aggressive move elevating Mohammed bin Salman as the next in line to the Saudi throne should send warning signs to Washington and London over a prince who wages wars on a whim.
Media Uses Attack On Mosque To Smear Mosque By
The phenomenon of airing victims’ “dirty laundry” a mere hours after they’ve been killed is common for African-Americans targets of hate crimes and police killings as well.
Police Shootings Absent From America’s Gun Violence Conversation By
Issues around race, constitutional rights, crime and even entertainment dominate America's gun control debate, but missing from the conversation is the fact the 1 in 13 people killed by guns were shot by police.
The Forward Publishes Antisemitism Accusations Against Prominent Activist By
The Forward recently published an editorial by political hitman Spencer Sunshine, in which he slammed the American Left and specific individuals for alleged antisemitism, including Alison Weir.
How Lead In Our Food Supply Could Be Decreasing Our IQ By
Even with relatively few products on the market with relatively high quantities of lead, the health risks from the metal are insidious.
Iran Braces For Renewed Offensive By ISIS And The CIA By
Last week’s terrorist attacks in Tehran dramatically highlighted the IS threat to Iran. But more worrying for Iran is a renewed offensive by the CIA.
European Leaders Struggle With A Volatile New Wave Of Populism By
European politicians are finding it tricky to “play the populist card,” as U.K. Prime Minister May discovered as her Conservative Party stumbled over its support for more austerity.
The UN Is Last Hurdle Before Israel Can Rid Itself Of The Palestinians By
With Trump in the White House, a crisis-plagued Europe ever-more toothless and the Arab world in disarray, Netanyahu wants to seize this chance to clear the UN out of the way too.