In Israel, Jews Can’t Be Terrorists
One Knesset member has said African refugees are a “cancer” inside Israel, but the real cancer is Israeli hate, whether it be homophobia or Arabophobia. They are each part of the
Israel’s Siege On Gaza Is Worse Than You Think
Despite the hardships of life in besieged enclave, it is not despair that this writer hears, but a remarkable resilience; a strong determination to carry on with life, to live, love,
Breaking: Three Jewish Terrorist Suspects In Israeli Church-Burning Identified
Let us not hear from Israeli apologists that these youth are aberrations, that all of Israel denounces their acts.. they are doing what many mainstream Israelis would like to do but
June Wasn’t All Wins For Left-Wing Culture Warriors
Why has the left been so successful on the cultural front of late, but seemingly unable to stop the juggernaut of global capitalism in any meaningful way? Follow the money, or at least,
A Medical Marijuana Patient And Single Mother Battles The State For Custody Of Her Daughter
“The most important part of my life is my daughter. All I have ever wanted is to make sure she has a good life, good lessons, access to the world as she needs and wants and to be
Israel Removes Gag Order, Acknowledges Hamas Holds Israeli-Ethiopian Prisoner
'The “liberal” Haaretz didn’t report a single word on my role. They did to me what Israel did to Mengistu. They erased me and my reporting entirely.'
A Call to Action: Wonder Woman Sarah Swain Draws Her Sword In Kansas
"this is one of those rare opportunities for “the people” to really make a change."
Michael Oren’s Terrible Case Of Obama-Envy
There's penis envy and then there's whatever condition Michael Oren is afflicted with. I call it Obama-envy, and it consists of an outsized need to smear a powerful leader of your nation's
Israel’s Heavy Hand In Syria’s Civil War
When Israel conquered the Golan in 1967, it launched a 50-year occupation of the Syrian Golan in which tens of thousands of Syrian Druze lived.  Though an armistice line now separates
I’m Tired, But I’m Not Finished: Are We Ready To Call It Racism Now?
It seems we live in an American society that is hellbent on euthanizing black hope and injecting our despair and frustration with adrenaline. We abide in a country that counts our lives