An Open Letter To The J20 Protesters By
An open letter to the J20 protesters by Political analyst and MintPress contributor Caleb Maupin.
Obama’s Bombing Legacy By
President Obama has joked he still doesn’t know why he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, but his record of waging war was no joke to thousands at the receiving end of U.S. bombs, says Nicolas J S Davies.
The Mainstream Media’s Russian Bogeymen By
The mainstream hysteria over Russia has led to dubious or downright false stories that have deepened the New Cold War, as Gareth Porter notes regarding last month’s bogus tale of a hack into the U.S. electric grid.
The Washington Post’s New ‘Fake News’ On Russian ‘Hack’ By
The Washington Post’s latest folly – falsely reporting a Russian “hack” into Vermont’s electric grid – reflects the paper’s steep decline from the days of Watergate, reports ex-British intelligence officer Annie Machon.
Reviewing 2016: Unresolved Problems, American Individualism In Crisis By
The changing political stage and rising instability shows a desperation on the part millions who are dissatisfied. The widely acknowledged problems facing the country are simply not being addressed.
The Fake News The UK Government Has Fed Us About Yemen By
Ministers' misleading statements to parliament provided cover for the Saudi bombing campaign in Yemen, and we are still waiting for answers.
Yes, Dubya, Now I Miss You By
"I miss the days when unconstitutional mass surveillance, or mass deportations, or the rewriting of laws by presidents was illicit and scandalous. Now these things are generally accepted."
Extracting Aleppo From The Propaganda By
The mainstream U.S. news has supplied a consistent narrative regarding Syria that treats the “rebels” as the good guys and the “regime forces” as the bad guys, but it has never been that clear-cut, as Dennis J Bernstein reports.
The Need To Hold Saudi Arabia Accountable By
One of Official Washington’s favorite “group thinks” is to insist that Iran is the “chief sponsor of terrorism,” but the reality is that Saudi Arabia is much guiltier and U.S. officials know it, says Robert Parry.
The Rise Of White Racial Nationalism By
While there were many reasons for Donald Trump’s surprise victory, a particularly ugly one was his success in touching the raw nerve of white racial animosities.