Protecting America From Racism In The Water By
The tragedy of poisoned water in Flint, Michigan, has grabbed headlines around the globe, but its impact on the most vulnerable people in the state has not received nearly as much coverage.
A Plan Must Be Made For ‘Life After ISIS’ In The Middle East By
In the Second World War, Allied leaders planned for the post-war world – a ‘United Nations’ – years before the conflict ended. We must do the same for the Middle East.
Dangerous Speech: Would The Founders Be Considered Domestic Extremists Today? By
“If you can’t say ‘Fuck’ you can’t say, ‘Fuck the government.’” ― Lenny Bruce
The World’s Forests Are On The Verge Of Collapse By
Many big infrastructure projects are being pushed by powerful corporations, individuals or interests that have much to gain, often at great cost to the environment and developing societies.
Hands Up, Don’t Execute By
LaVoy Finicum, Michael Brown, and Identity Politics.
Under Pressure, Scholastic Recalls Racist Children’s Book By
This era [slavery] in American history has shaped our national identity and until we get it right, we will continue to be encumbered with racism.
Prince Mohammed Bin Salman: Naive, Arrogant Saudi Prince Is playing With Fire By
A German intelligence memo shows the threat from the kingdom’s headstrong defence minister.
Is The Oregon Occupation Being Stage-Managed? By
"Armed with my bullshit detector, and with full knowledge that many potential angry emailers have already stopped reading, I dive into the morass that is the #OregonOccupation".
What’s Wrong With Laughing & Labeling Oregon Militants ‘Terrorists’ By
Instead of clamoring for the government to label white extremists as “terrorists,” the whole concept of “terrorism” should be made obsolete.