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In Saudi Speech, Trump Declares Absolute War Between Good and Evil
Trump's comfort with transitioning his general hostility into one directed at all things Iran did not go unnoticed.
2 California Men Sentenced In Racist Assault On Sikh Man By
Prosecutors were pleased that the two white assailants pleaded guilty to hate crime charges.
Rep. Al Green Inundated With Racist Death Threats Following Call For Trump’s Impeachment By
U.S. Rep. Al Green, D-Houston, released recordings of threatening voicemails he received after he called for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.
Trump Sparks War Of Words With Iran In Fiery Middle East Speeches By
US president uses speeches in Israel and Saudi Arabia to attack Iran, leading to angry responses from Tehran and Hassan Rouhani.
Kim Dotcom: I Knew Seth Rich, He Was The Wikileaks Source By
The new information on the Seth Rich case raises more questions for many than it answers.
Trump Budget Includes Huge Cuts To Food Stamps & Billions For Border Wall By
Trump's budget includes $1.7 trillion over 10 years in cuts from programs such as Medicaid, federal employee pensions, welfare benefits and farm subsidies.
Saudi Arabia, UAE Pledge $100M Donation To Ivanka Trump’s Charity By
The pledged donation elicited strong reaction, considering Trump's constant criticism of the Clinton Foundation – during his presidential campaign – for accepting donations from
Government Agencies Using Stingray To Hunt Down Undocumented Immigrants By
New reporting reveals that FBI and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents employed a controversial surveillance technology known as Stingrays to hunt down undocumented immigrants.
Study: Americans Dying From Preventable Causes At Shocking Rates By
The U.S. was tied with Estonia and Montenegro, far below other wealthy nations such as Norway, Canada, and Australia, in the study's ranking of 195 countries.
Israeli Justice Minister Slams White House Map Of Israel As Ignorant By
Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet slammed U.S. ignorance and vowed to ensure Palestinians never get a state.