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Warships Move In Key Strait As Airstrikes Widen In Yemen
At least 24 civilians were killed in Friday's strikes, bringing the toll from two days to 45 civilians, the Houthi-run Interior Ministry said. The Houthis' TV station showed footage from a market in Saada it
Body Count Report Reveals At Least 1.3 Million Lives Lost To US-Led War On Terror By
Although a conservative estimate, physicians' groups say the figure 'is approximately 10 times greater' than typically reported.
“You Might Be a Terrorist If …”: Leaked Document Reveals Secret TSA Check List By
"The SPOT program is bullshit," the manager told The Intercept. "Complete bullshit."
Nuclear Threat Escalating Beyond Political Rhetoric By
Twenty-five years after the Soviet collapse, the world is entering a new nuclear age.
The Truth Behind Jade Helm 15 By
The conspiracy theories probably aren’t as interesting as the truth.
How To Kill A Discriminatory ‘Religious Liberty’ Bill: Call The Bluff By
Backlash continues to grow against Indiana’s bill, including concern from the NCAA and a notice from Yelp that it will not expand its business in any state that passes a law like
VIDEO: Police Officer Caught With His Pants Down … Masturbating At Starbucks By
Gonzalez was only slapped with a relatively minor misdemeanor lewdness charge. Would this have been the charge if he wasn’t a cop?
VIDEO: Lobbyist Claims Monsanto’s Roundup Is Safe To Drink, Freaks Out When Offered A Glass By
The lobbyist insisted that Roundup is safe to drink, at which point the interviewer did the only logical thing one could do in that situation. He offered the doctor a glass of the weed
Iran Focused On Nuclear Deal Despite Yemen Crisis By
Yemen is "the hot issue of the day" and has come up at the talks but "it doesn't mean that we negotiated about it," Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran's foreign minister told reporters.
Citing US Airstrikes, Reports Indicate Some Militia Forces May Abandon Battle For Tikrit By
The reluctance of key Shiite militias to fight alongside US in Iraq contradicts Pentagon's official version of events