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VIDEO: A Veteran Marine Who Served In Iraq Discusses American Sniper
What does the movie American Sniper reveal about this country? What lessons can we learn about how to better keep America safe?
Lebanon’s Army Struggles To Contain Threat From Nusra Militants By
Around 200 gunmen launched a large-scale attack on an army outpost close to the village of Ras Baalbek, near Lebanon's eastern frontier with Syria, an area that has seen regular incursions
More Than 128 Anti-Muslim Incidents Registered Over 2 Weeks In France By
Last week, 47-year-old French Muslim Mohammed al-Makouli was killed in southern France by one of his neighbors, who shouted "I am your god, I am your Islam" before stabbing Makouli
VIDEO: Senator With DUI Says 1891 Rule Should Make Him ‘Privileged From Arrest’ By
Smith, a Republican senator, found himself under arrest earlier in January, which happened to be the very first day of the legislative session. That, he says, should have prevented
VIDEO: When Are You In The Right To Defend Yourself From A Police K9 Attack? By
We all love dogs and no one wants to see them die. Some of us don’t believe it is ethical for police to use them to attack suspects at all.
Journalist Barrett Brown Sentenced To 63 Months In Prison; Read His Speech Here By
As Barrett Brown joins the ranks of America’s other political prisoners, the American people need to review his words and ask themselves if this is actually the government they want.
How Al Qaeda’s Biggest Enemy Took Over Yemen (And Why the U.S. Government Is Unlikely to Support Them) By
The Houthis began their takeover of Sanaa in September and started filling newly vacant leadership positions at police headquarters. That was followed by this week’s coup, and what
Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Is Dead By
Although official reports say King Abdullah died at age 90 or 91, cables made public by Wikileaks state that he was born in 1916, making him 98 or 99 years old.
After SCOTUS Gutted Voting Rights Act, Is Fair Housing Act Next? By
Civil rights groups worry that landmark legislation designed to insulate housing from discrimination could be under threat from a new round of judicial overreach