World Food Program Cuts Aid To Millions Of Syrian Refugees In Jordan
A last-minute U.S. donation of $65 million kept food aid in Jordan going for August, though at reduced levels
UK Politicians Call For Army To Round Up Migrants And Put Them In Camps
One conservative MP stated believes "migrants should be shipped to ‘’humane camps” and that the U.K must cut benefits while “people are put back in a kind and humane fashion.”
Jimmy Carter: America Has Become An Oligarchy
“Now it’s just an oligarchy, with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for president or to elect the president."
Iranian Foreign Minister: Time For US And Israel To Give Up Nukes
"One of the many ironies of history is that non-nuclear-weapon states, like Iran, have actually done far more for the cause of non-proliferation in practice than nuclear-weapon states
New Report Suggests Jon Stewart Met With Obama To Push Political Agenda
Three former political aids confirmed that amid the October 2011 budget crisis and the February 2014 U.S. standoff with Russia over Ukraine, Jon Stewart was summoned to the White House
Cop Caught On Video Holding Woman’s Head To Lit Stove, Breaking Her Nose
The officer was soon “relieved of duty” and placed on administrative leave, according to the Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Amber Smith.
Zimbabwe Calls For Extradition Of American Hunter That Killed Cecil The Lion
Authorities seeking Palmer's extradition have described him as an accomplice to the illegal hunt. But they have not specified what charges might be laid against him, meaning it is unclear
New Evidence Reveals Turkish Government Is Directly Funding ISIS
One senior western official said that direct dealings between Turkish officials and ranking Isis members was now “undeniable”.
Protesters Forcibly Removed By Police As Arctic Drilling Ship Escapes Blockade
After blocking vessel for nearly two days, activists said to be 'tired and hot, but filled with gratitude'.
German Government Charges Journalists With Treason Over Leaks
For the first time in more than 50 years journalists are facing treason charges, which is being denounced as an attack on the freedom of the press.