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Spy Agencies Used ‘Giant Vacuum Cleaner’ To Collect Data Across Pacific
'Basically a giant vacuum cleaner of information from all of the Pacific Island nations from 2009,' says angered NZ politician.
Netanyahu’s Iran Speech Gains Tacit Support In Saudi Arabia By
Netanyahu's argument that "when it comes to Iran and ISIS, the enemy of your enemy is your enemy," resonates in Riyadh, where the royal family is concerned about a possible U.S.-Iranian
Hezbollah: The International Community’s Sole Concern By
Like it or not, Hezbollah is a feature of the Middle East’s new political landscape. It is an important ally in one of the two axes of power taking shape in the region.
Demands To Shutter Homan Square Grow, 1,500 Expected to Protest In Chicago Saturday By
Chicago Police are operating a secret detention facility that mirrors the CIA’s “black sites.” From violations of due process to torture, the revelations raise serious concerns
Mark Twain Quotes Show He Would Have Been An Activist Today By
“Loyalty to country always. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.”
Nepal’s Child Bride Epidemic By
“We are not afraid anymore because a majority of our community members now want to fight against child marriages." -- 16-year-old Rashmi Hamal, president of the all-girls Jyalpa Child
Newly Unveiled Texas School ‘Reform’ Proposals In Step With Right-Wing Agenda By
The conservative education package proposed this week 'is a grab-bag of failed ideas cribbed from the ALEC playbook,' says Diane Ravitch.
U.N. Member States Accused of Cherry-Picking Human Rights By
“One Government will thoroughly support women’s human rights and those of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, but will balk at any suggestion that those
Former CIA Director David Petraeus Admits Sharing Military Secrets With Mistress By
Prosecutors said that while Broadwell was writing her book in Washington in 2011, Petraeus gave her eight binders of classified material he had improperly kept from his time as the