Presidential Hopeful Scott Walker Promises Pre-Emptive Strikes On Terrorists
Walker said his private conversations with Israelis, from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and military leaders to soldiers and civilians, revealed that all feel perpetually threatened.
US To Sell More Bombs To Israel, Helicopters To Saudi Arabia
US to sell bombs to Israel, helicopters to Saudis
Wahhabi Suicide Bomber Kills 20 In Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province
"I hold the government responsible,"... "The government should protect us, not encourage sermons and schoolbooks to incite against us as non-believers."
A Grand Jury Just Indicted All 6 Baltimore Cops Who Killed Freddie Gray
All of the officers remain free on bail. They are set to be arraigned on June 2nd.
Six Months Later, Pentagon Admits (Maybe) We Killed Some Kids in Syria
While notable for admitting the possibility it killed two young children, admission called "too little, too late" by expert who says deathtoll of innocent people far exceeds Pentagon
Report: US Uses Excessive Force Against Mentally Ill Prisoners
The report details incidents in which correctional staff have deluged prisoners with painful chemical sprays, shocked them with powerful electric stun weapons, and strapped them for
Fleeing Yemen Onslaught, Thousands Of Refugees Flood Djibouti
"We are overwhelming this country, but we have nowhere else to go," said Amin Nasser, a 45-year-old teacher from the Yemeni capital, Sanaa.
US Finally Demands Myanmar Take Responsibility For Rohingya Crisis
After Myanmar moved from dictatorship toward democracy in 2011, newfound freedoms of expression gave voice to Buddhist extremists who spewed hatred against the religious minority and
Jim Crow Stlye Segregated Bus System Made Official By Israel
This adds to the more than fifty laws already on the books in Israel that directly discriminate against non-Jews.
Protesters Vow To ‘Flood The System’ For Climate And Planetary Justice
The mass actions, slated for September and November, are timed to lead up to the United Nations COP21 climate negotiations slated to take place in Paris in November and December.