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US Seeks Massive Expansion To Propaganda Budget
Western governments routinely sound the alarm over Russian "propaganda." But President Obama’s new budget calls for a drastic increase in spending to America’s own foreign media arm, the Broadcasting Board
US Iraqi Allies Now Fighting US Syrian Allies By
The same Iraqi militias who were previously fighting ISIL alongside the U.S. are now actively collaborating with Russian and Iranian forces to “crush” American-backed rebels in
Netanyahu Wants Fence Around Israel To Keep Out ‘Wild Beasts’ By
"In the environment in which we live we must defend ourselves from the wild beasts.”
Bill Introduced To End Mandatory US Draft Registration By
“We haven’t utilized the draft since 1973, yet young men who don’t register for the Selective Service are still penalized by the U.S. government."
Obama Administration Keeps Public In Dark About ‘Black Budget’ Requests By
The self-professed "most transparent" administration congratulates itself for complying with a mandatory disclosure requirement.
Will Washington Give Blessing To A Saudi Invasion Of Syria? By
Controversy is still simmering around Riyadh's plan to send ground troops to Syria; Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams have weighed the pros and cons of the prospects of a Saudi intervention.
Officer Fired After Video Emerges Of Beat Down On Handcuffed Teen By
After a fellow officer had witnessed the assault, he filed a report with Switzer’s supervisors. Despite the incident happening six months ago, the video of the attack, and news of
The Revolution Will Not Appear In Your Twitter Feed By
Twitter’s has installed a new 'trust and safety council' and implemented a new algorithm that has many activists concerned about defacto censorship and what it could mean for Twitter
NYPD Used Cell Phone Spying Tools Over 1,000 Times Since 2008 By
'If carrying a cell phone means being exposed to military grade surveillance equipment, then the privacy of nearly all New Yorkers is at risk.'
In Syria, If You Can’t Find Moderates, Dress Up Some Extremists By
Despite the fact that the term “moderate rebels” or “moderate opposition” is used often, the media is seemingly incapable of naming a single faction or leader among them.