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US Extends Ban On Dakota Pipeline Protests, But Support Grows
Almost 90 tribes have expressed solidarity with the protests against a controversial pipeline that crosses through Indigenous land.
Fox News A “Sex-Fueled, Playboy Mansion-Like Cult” Says Former Host By
Former Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts and Fox host Bill O'Reilly have also recently been outed for engaging in sexual harassment at Fox.
Arms Industry Donating To Hawkish Clinton Over Incoherent Trump By
'My view is Hillary is far more aligned with the types of issues that are important to the defense industry than Trump is.'
Donald Trump Staffers Online Posts Include Racism And Talk Of Holy War By
While the 2016 Republican presidential hopeful’s controversial comments are well documented, his paid staff appears to be just as polarizing.
Louisiana Republicans Who Voted Against Aid To Hurricane Sandy Victims, Request Federal Flood Aid By
"[I]f Congress denies Louisiana the aid funds necessary for recovery, it will be because some of our own congressional delegation turned their backs on the victims of Hurricane Sandy."
French Police Force Woman To Undress On Beach Following ‘Burkini Ban’ By
Authorities in 15 towns have banned burkinis, citing public concern following recent terrorist attacks in the country
New Documents Show Margaret Thatcher Peddled Weapons To Saudis In Huge Arms Deal By
The late Margaret Thatcher travelled to Saudi Arabia where she engaged in secret diplomacy to win Britain its biggest ever arms deal
Tulsa Hate Crime: Khalid Jabara’s Family Speaks Out After His Murder by Racist White Neighbor By
Police records show that the killer had frequently taunted, stalked, and threatened members of the Jabara family, calling them “dirty Arabs,” “filthy Lebanese”, “Aye-rabs”,
After Bombarding Gaza, Israel Attacks Syria’s Golan Heights By
The Israeli Army said it was responding to stray mortar fire from Syria.
Chilean Artist Steals & Destroys $500 Million Worth Of Student Debt Papers By
An artist who goes by the name of Papas Fritas (which means “french fries”) is being revered as a modern-day Robin Hood due to his recent activism. The Chilean resident allegedly