Naomi Klein Makes Moral Case For World Beyond Fossil Fuels
Activist and author praises 'courageous' invitation by Pope in face of fossil fuel industry's power.
TISA Leaks Part Deux: More Evidence Of Concerted Attack On Democracy
A WikiLeaks analysis shows how 52-nation Trade in Services Agreement threatens both net neutrality and personal data privacy.
Congress Quietly Extends Ban On CDC Research On Gun Violence
"“The NRA complained to Congress that the CDC was using the results of its research to essentially advocate for gun control. They called it propaganda."
Rejecting Israeli Narrative, Freedom Flotilla Campaigners Say Tasers Were Part Of Violent Assault On Ship
At least nine people from Sweden, Norway, and Canada remain in Israeli custody.
Supreme Court Strikes Down Unconstitutional ‘Three Strikes’ Law
The Three Strikes Laws across the nation have now been gutted so that in the states where this approach has been implemented, it must be completely rewritten now if it is to exist at
DOJ: Militarized Police Tactics Caused Ferguson Riots
DOJ: Police effort to handle protests with inappropriate, militaristic tactics not only violated constitutional rights, it effectively antagonized and incited the crowd—creating the
Syrian Christian Leader Tells West: ‘Stop Arming Terror Groups Who Are Massacring Our People’
He said Islamic State was not the Islam that Syrians have learned about andlived alongside for hundreds of years.
Sanders Draws 10,000 In Wisconsin, Support For ‘Revolution’ Doubles In Iowa
Speaking to largest crowd any campaign for president has yet seen, the field's most progressive candidate says "a grassroots movement of millions of people" must overcome power of "handful
WikiLeaks Publishes More Documents Revealing Saudi Connection Against Syria And United States
WikiLeaks also released documents claiming Riyadh had contacts with one of the most dangerous rivals of the United States in Afghanistan.
Social Worker Facing Termination For Helping 7-Year-Old Girl After Her Case Was Closed
A northern Kentucky social worker is facing possible termination by her employer after she says she helped a neglected and abused 7-year-old girl.