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2016 Goes To Pot: Colorado Cannabis Sales Top $1 Billion & Oregon Sales Defy Expectations
The tax revenue from sales of legal cannabis in Colorado is expected to exceed the sales tax collected on cannabis in 2014 and 2015 combined.
GMO Labeling: What Are We Eating? And Who Doesn’t Want Us To Know?
“Most people think GMO foods are for the future, for a time we have no food because of climate change,” a labeling advocate tells MintPress. But that “future” is now, as an estimated 70-80 percent of the food Americans eat contain GMOs.
Native Communities Feel The Heat Of Climate Change In The Southwest
Hopi officials’ moves to impound Navajo-owned sheep goes beyond a mere tribal dispute over grazing land to reveal how acutely climate change is impacting Native traditions and ways of life in the American Southwest.
Republican-Led Congress Opens With Broad Attack On Regulation
Most voters hold favorable views of regulatory agencies like the EPA and the public protections they provide, yet critics worry a new bill would make the already inefficient regulatory process “as dysfunctional, inefficient and redundant as possible.”
Zimbabwe’s Children Are The Battlefield In War To Contain HIV/AIDS
Figures show that thousands of children in Zimbabwe are infected with HIV – presenting a major battlefield for government efforts to defeat the spread of HIV /AIDS nationwide.
Corporate Human Rights Ranking Seeks To Foster “Race to the Top”
“[A] clear benefit of the project is to spur companies to put in place such policies more quickly, because many won’t like to be found at the bottom of the rankings,” a founder of the initiative tells MintPress.
New Benchmarking Project Aims To Rate Companies’ “Chemical Footprint”
Major retailers, health insurers and sustainability groups are embracing a new initiative aimed at comparing companies’ policies for managing chemicals used in their products and supply chains, and whether they seek safer alternatives to dangerous substances.
Fracking Industry Still “Failing” on Transparency
Keen to protect their investments, individual and institutional shareholders are putting more pressure on fracking companies to publicly disclose the social and environmental risks they’re facing -- and what they’re doing to mitigate those risks.
Trafficking, Child Labor May Be Growing In Global Chocolate Industry
Labor advocates say failure to address the root causes of poverty among cocoa farming communities may be leading to both human trafficking and child labor along the chocolate industry’s supply chains.
Natives, Irish Find Common Ground Through History Of Being Colonized, Oppressed
Even with an ocean between them, people of Irish descent, Native Americans and First Nations find that they share a history of oppression, as well as a desire to reclaim their heritage by bringing their languages back to life and passing them down to future generations.