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Natives, Irish Find Common Ground Through History Of Being Colonized, Oppressed
Even with an ocean between them, people of Irish descent, Native Americans and First Nations find that they share a history of oppression, as well as a desire to reclaim their heritage by bringing their languages back to life and passing them down to future generations.
Congress Approves Secret Giveaway Of Sacred Apache Land To Foreign Mining Company
Few dispute the potential economic impact of a proposed copper mining operation on sacred Arizona lands. At issue is whether, and how, economics trumps environmental and cultural concerns, and how democratic processes balance these issues.
30 Years After Bhopal Gas Leak, Momentum Builds Toward Accountability
Dow Chemical is effectively being shut out of the critical Indian market, due to new public anger and legal action around the Bhopal catastrophe. Will the potential impact on the company’s bottom line force it to accept responsibility?
With New Standards, Global Beef Industry Takes Contentious Step Toward Sustainability
Do new standards represent a genuine move towards boosting the sustainability of one of the world’s greatest sources of greenhouse gas emissions, or do they miss the mark by steering clear of specific standards and binding enforcement mechanisms?
Genetically Engineered Trees: An Environmental Savior Or A Dangerous Money-Making Scheme?
Genetic engineering can yield a range of consequences: It can repopulate an entire seaboard with native trees, or it can displace indigenous people and disrupt natural ecosystems.
Carbon Colonialism: How The Fight Against Climate Change Is Displacing Africans
Carbon trading—one of the biggest weapons touted by governments and business in the global fight against climate change—could end up killing the planet. In Africa, human rights campaigners say, it is already killing people.
Chilean Farmers And Foreign Mining Firms Face Off Over Andes Gold
Massive fines from the Chilean government brought the multi-billion dollar mining project to a halt. Could an agreement between the Canadian mining giant Barrick Gold and some indigenous groups get the project back on track?
Worldwide, Tobacco Regulators Monitoring Philip Morris Lawsuit Against Uruguay
The tobacco giant’s lawsuit against Uruguay is a key example of the growing trend of multinational companies using trade agreements and mechanisms to circumvent national legislation -- even legislation meant to protect public health.
Experimental Green Energy Project Threatens Local Ecosystem
An experimental tidal power project could generate clean energy without leaving behind a major footprint for 120-plus years, yet residents are worried about what effect it will have on the local fishing industry that’s sustained the community for generations.
Ebola And ISIS: A Learning Exchange Between The UN And Faith-Based Organizations
In both sets of cases, there are realities of overstretched service providers seeking to respond, in real time, to rising death tolls and collapsing state-run services.