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Dietary Guidelines Revisions Offer “Unprecedented” Sustainability Opportunity
Potential revisions to U.S. dietary guidelines could encourage Americans to eat in a way that is both healthier and more environmentally sustainable. Health experts and green advocates applaud the possible move, but not everyone shares their enthusiasm.
VIDEO: 400,000 People Against Climate Change Heat Up New York City
Over 400,000 people took to the streets of New York city to demand action on climate change, MintPress was on the ground to hear what they had to say.
Birth Defects: A Possible Side Effect Of FDA Proposal On A Natural B Vitamin
The shift to putting “folic acid” on supplement labels could potentially increase birth defects, allow a pharmaceutical company to rake in much more money and ultimately leave many people unable to absorb the compound they’re hoping to benefit from consuming.
Obama Action On Antibiotic Resistance Decried As Soft On Agricultural Use
Some 80 percent of antibiotics sold in the U.S. are for agricultural use, mostly given at low doses to animals that are not ill -- the perfect conditions for building up antibiotic resistance among bacteria. Action to end this practice is unfolding most aggressively at the city level.
Record Gas Project Depends On Diplomatic Balancing Act
The world’s largest ever gas deal would transport fuel from Central Asia to Southern Europe, but the most impressive facet of the deal may be Azerbaijan’s ability to simultaneously please Europe, Iran and Russia.
Indian Country Grapples With Health Funding Shortfalls, Non-Payment
Slowly but surely, tribal governments -- especially those in Alaska -- are receiving millions of dollars in decades of unpaid contract costs from the Indian Health Service and Bureau of Indian Affairs.
Tobacco Growers’ Reform On Child Labor An “Important Step”
In the aftermath of a landmark report on child laborers in the tobacco industry, one tobacco growers’ association in the U.S. has pledged not to hire anyone under 16.
Loggers Kill Anti-Logging Activist, Native Community Leaders In Peru
The activist, Edwin Chota, had received frequent death threats from illegal loggers, who he had tried for years to expel from the lands for which his community was seeking title.
Natural Gas Exports Assailed As Economic And Environmental Threat
Fracking has unleashed two major elements: natural gas and controversy. As the U.S. appears poised to start exporting one, the other naturally follows, with critics citing economic and environmental concerns.
UPDATE: Charges Dropped In Highly Anticipated Climate “Necessity” Case
With a small lobster boat and a massive anchor, two Massachusetts men blocked a coal shipment to one of New England’s largest coal-burners for one day. Their precedent-setting defense in the trial that starts this week could have far-reaching ramifications.