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Experimental Green Energy Project Threatens Local Ecosystem
An experimental tidal power project could generate clean energy without leaving behind a major footprint for 120-plus years, yet residents are worried about what effect it will have on the local fishing industry that’s sustained the community for generations.
Ebola And ISIS: A Learning Exchange Between The UN And Faith-Based Organizations
In both sets of cases, there are realities of overstretched service providers seeking to respond, in real time, to rising death tolls and collapsing state-run services.
EPA Finally Updating Pesticide-Use Guidelines For Farm Workers
Advocates say a draft of the updated Worker Protection Standard is imperfect, but still offers greater protections to laborers in one of the country’s most hazardous industries.
Oil, Gas Sites Spewing Airborne Chemicals Far Above Federal Standards
Formaldehyde and benzene are among the compounds being released into the air around the country’s oil and gas sites at up to hundreds of times the limits deemed safe by the federal government. More alarmingly, these sites are also releasing entirely unknown compounds.
Inside Pakistan’s Untapped Fishing Industry
Pakistan has the potential to become a major producer of seafood, not only for local consumption but for the global market as well.
Election Day Could Make Or Break GMO Labeling Initiatives
The health impacts of GMOs are debatable, but the economic stakes are enormous. With mandatory GMO labeling referenda on the ballots in two states on Tuesday, voters will decide who sets the terms on their right to know what’s in their food: processors or themselves.
EPA Casts Doubt On Efficacy Of Pesticide Linked To Dwindling Bee Populations
“Pesticide sellers have worked hard to convince American farmers that they need to use these toxic seed treatments. Now that we know that these treatments don’t even help farmers, EPA must take action to ban them,” one environmental watchdog tells MintPress.
Density Of Industrial Hog Farms In North Carolina Prompts Civil Rights Investigation
People living near North Carolina’s large-scale hog farms have complained for decades about health and quality-of-life issues, with communities of color reportedly disproportionately affected. The EPA is now considering whether to launch a full investigation.
Syngenta Facing Legal Blitz Over Genetically Modified Corn
Biotech giant Syngenta’s fact sheet on a genetically modified corn urges farmers to “plant with confidence,” yet when China rejected this corn because the country hadn’t approved that particular product for its market, the entire U.S. corn industry suffered.
Canoes vs. Coal Ships: Climate Warriors Blockade World’s Largest Coal Port
In a flotilla organized to protest the causes of climate change and raise awareness of the effects, leaders from 12 Pacific Island nations set their canoes in Australian waters to tell the world: “We are not drowning. We are fighting.”