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New Study Finds Teen Marijuana Use Declines As States Legalize
Conducted by the University of Michigan and the National Institutes on Drug Abuse, the study showed that teen alcohol and drug use was down across the board in 2014.
‘Biggest Fracking Victory Ever!’ As New York Bans Dangerous Drilling In State
'Fracking has no place in New York or anywhere,' says prominent activist after announcement by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
Natives, Irish Find Common Ground Through History Of Being Colonized, Oppressed
Even with an ocean between them, people of Irish descent, Native Americans and First Nations find that they share a history of oppression, as well as a desire to reclaim their heritage by bringing their languages back to life and passing them down to future generations.
Historic Victory: Congress To Prohibit DOJ From Undermining State Marijuana Laws
For the first time in US history the federal government is cutting off funding for enforcement of marijuana laws.
Congress Approves Secret Giveaway Of Sacred Apache Land To Foreign Mining Company
Few dispute the potential economic impact of a proposed copper mining operation on sacred Arizona lands. At issue is whether, and how, economics trumps environmental and cultural concerns, and how democratic processes balance these issues.
Cleveland Police Demand Apology After Browns Player Protests Tamir Rice Shooting
“He’s an athlete. He’s someone with no facts of the case whatsoever,” said Jeff Follman, the president of the Police Patrolman Union in Cleveland.
Conflict Kitchen: Pittsburgh Restaurant Serves Up Food For Thought, With A Side Of Pickles
Death threats, attacks on funders and media smearing can’t stop one Pittsburgh take-out counter from encouraging its diners to reflect on geopolitics through food.
Protests Erupt After Congress Plans To Overturn D.C. Marijuana Legalization
“This isn’t about marijuana, this isn’t about drug policy, this is about local democracy.”
Dallas’ Attempt To Fight Charities That Feed Homeless Cost 8 Years And $250,000
Dallas' experience should be an example to other cities, like Fort Lauderdale, Florida, attempting to ban feeding the homeless in public.
Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Top 10 Dangerous Jobs Report: Police Officer Not On It
Do police claims of mass danger and death hold water? Is it really necessary to smash an elderly woman’s face into the ground, so you can “make it home to your wife and kids?”