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Four Million Americans Have Dangerously High Lead Levels In Their Water
A new report from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has found that there are many other cities facing extreme lead contamination in their drinking water, just like in Flint, Michigan.
Obama Granted Over 1,500 Underwater Fracking Permits In Gulf Of Mexico After Deepwater Horizon
An environmentalist attorney warned that despite the Deepwater Horizon disaster, ‘the federal government is rubber-stamping practices like fracking without doing any environmental review or notifying the public.’
PCBs Poison America’s Teachers & Students, But EPA & Monsanto Won’t Take Responsibility
Tens of thousands of schools could be contaminated with PCBs, which can cause cancer and birth defects, but exact figures are hard to come by because EPA regulations don’t require thorough testing for the substance.
Microsoft Enters The Cannabis Business
The tech giant has createed software to help legal marijuana sellers keep track of their product.
Red Cross Misled Congress, Refused To ‘Level With The People’ On Haiti Money
“One of the reasons they don’t want to answer the questions is it’s very embarrassing,” says Sen. Charles Grassley, who just finished a yearlong investigation of the Red Cross.
NJ Bill Would Add PTSD To Med Marijuana Program, Christie Fears Legalization
Despite Christie’s constant harping about his love for the U.S. military, it appears his loyalty ends when the troops come home.
From ABCs To CBD: New Jersey, Colorado Allow Students Medical Marijuana At School
‘It is criminal that this medicine isn’t available to every single citizen in the United States of America today,’ a member of the cannabis industry told MintPress News.
Norway Now Kills More Whales Than Japan And Iceland Combined
While diplomatic pressure has been brought to bear on Iceland and international legal action has been taken against Japan for their whaling programs, the report underscores that Norway has largely been spared international attention and criticism.
Community Activists Sued For $30 Million For Calling Out Local Polluters
We all should have the right to clean air and clean water. Would you say it if you knew a powerful corporation would sue you for (more than) everything you’ve got?
Community Of Kunkletown Wins As Nestle Drops Water Extraction Plans
“This entire village of Kunkletown came together and slayed the dragon, and it’s something to be proud of.”