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Study: Medical Mistakes 3rd Leading Cause Of Death In United States
If not for flawed tracking, medical mistakes would be the third-leading cause of death, researchers at Johns Hopkins say.
Amid Superbug Scourge, Study Finds 1 in 3 Antibiotic Prescriptions Unnecessary
'Reducing the needless use of antibiotics will slow the emergence of antibiotic-resistant microbes, so-called superbugs, which are among the most urgent public health threats of our time.'
Monsanto Set To Fight Argentina Over “Royalties” Owed By Farmers
Monsanto has been demanding that exporters inspect cargo to determine whether or not farmers had paid the requisite royalties to produce the company’s genetically modified soybeans.
‘Blue Lives Matter’ Bill Adds Police To ‘Protected Class’
The bill would make resisting arrest a hate crime.
Map Of Cannabis Genome Could Keep Greedy Corporations From Patenting Pot DNA
A new initiative could help keep agribusiness giants like Monsanto from controlling the future of cannabis by blocking patents.
Uncovering The Fiction Of ‘Farm To Table’ Food
There isn’t really much value in the term “farm-to-table” anymore.
Forget Panama: Why Corporations And The Rich Love US Tax Havens
Both Panama and the U.S. have refused to sign a treaty that requires the sharing of financial information with other countries, making both nations attractive to wealthy people and businesses eager to hide their earnings.
DEA Approves First-Ever Trial Of Medical Marijuana For PTSD In Vets
Non-profit MAPS receives $2.156 million grant from State of Colorado for first clinical trial of whole plant marijuana for PTSD treatment,
World Leaders Urge UN​ To Decriminalize All Drugs
Leaders of Global Commission on Drug Policy including Richard Branson and three ex-presidents say special session on drug policy was ‘fatally flawed’
Ineffective & Possibly Carcinogenic, But Colombia Will Go Back To Attacking Coca With Glyphosate
Colombia will resume using glyphosate despite concerns about the chemical’s health and environmental effects, and despite the fact that other eradication methods have proven more effective.