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‘Turning Back On American People,’ US Senate Votes To Approve Keystone XL Pipeline
'Thankfully, this vote is a farce—because Keystone XL is a decision for President Obama, not the Climate Denial Congress.'
Mayor Says Homeless People Are Criminals, Closes Public Park To Drive Them Away
The California mayor joins a long list of mayors who are attempting to crack down on homelessness by cracking down on the homeless themselves.
Cop Who Assaulted and Took Phone From Woman With Disabilities Will Now Face Criminal Charges
Sgt. Naomi Penrod will face three misdemeanor charges. These include interfering with civil rights, assault and disorderly conduct.
Court Tosses Out Prostitution Conviction For Woman Who Was Just Walking Down The Street
Transgender and sex worker rights activist Monica Jones' fight for justice will continue as the decision only vacates the verdict, not the charges,
Trial Begins In Major Trafficking Case Stemming From Hurricane Katrina Clean-up
A series of lawsuits brought by dozens of South Asian workers against an American marine-services company could have major implications across the U.S. immigration system. Experts say they collectively entail one of the largest human trafficking cases in U.S. history.
The Impact Of Smoking Marijuana Regularly On Your Lungs, According To Science
Why is marijuana still classified as a dangerous drug when study after study shows it to be safer than tobacco?
Native Communities Feel The Heat Of Climate Change In The Southwest
Hopi officials’ moves to impound Navajo-owned sheep goes beyond a mere tribal dispute over grazing land to reveal how acutely climate change is impacting Native traditions and ways of life in the American Southwest.
Republican-Led Congress Opens With Broad Attack On Regulation
Most voters hold favorable views of regulatory agencies like the EPA and the public protections they provide, yet critics worry a new bill would make the already inefficient regulatory process “as dysfunctional, inefficient and redundant as possible.”
Attempt To Pass Extreme Abortion Law Backfires On GOP
'The GOP drafted a bill so extreme and so out of touch with the voters that even their own membership could not support it.'
Zimbabwe’s Children Are The Battlefield In War To Contain HIV/AIDS
Figures show that thousands of children in Zimbabwe are infected with HIV – presenting a major battlefield for government efforts to defeat the spread of HIV /AIDS nationwide.