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What Has Trump Done To The Environment So Far?
Energy and environment has featured prominently in the President’s plans, so let’s cut through the noise and get to the truth.
Trump Acts To Advance Keystone XL, Dakota Access Pipelines
Obama killed the proposed Keystone XL pipeline in late 2015, declaring it would have undercut U.S. efforts to clinch a global climate change deal that was a centerpiece of his environmental legacy.
What Trump EPA Contract Freeze Means For The Environment
The move could disrupt core operations ranging from toxic cleanups to water quality testing, according to records and interviews.
Records Show Trump EPA Pick Led Anti-EPA Crusade For Industry Donors
"He created a whole new unit specifically to fight the EPA, among other things."
Big Pharma’s Influence Reaches Guideline Writers, Patient Groups, Even Doctors On Twitter
A series of studies published today documents the vast conflicts of interest in medicine. The way we think about disease “is being subtly distorted” by financial ties, the authors of an editorial write.
Trump Administration To Keep Entitlements, Obamacare Plan Unknown
While Obamacare has largely proved to be a disaster, the Medicaid expansion was a pretty solid success given its objectives: create greater access to health services and improve health outcomes-and its modest cost overruns.
Rex Tillerson Refuses To Address Exxon’s Climate Change Denial
Environmental groups are terribly alarmed by the prospect of having Tillerson at the helm of the United States State Department, especially as the threat of climate disruption caused by humans intensifies.
Big Pharma-Backed Dems Join GOP To Block Sanders Effort To Lower Drug Prices
Sen. Cory Booker and others draw sharp rebuke from observers, who pointed out that many who voted "no" receive substantial contributions from the pharmaceutical industry.
Will Trump’s Climate Team Accept The ‘Social Cost of Carbon’?
The nation’s top science panel has just sketched a clearer way to set a fair price today for cutting tomorrow’s climate risks. Some of Trump’s advisers say the price should be zero.
300 Premature Deaths Linked To UK Air Pollution
In 2014 David Cameron dismissed the pollution event as a “naturally occurring weather phenomenon”, prompting a scathing critique from the European Commission.