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Elderly Veteran Commits Suicide In VA Parking Lot After Being Denied Treatment
238,000 out of 847,000 veterans died after submitting requests for treatment they never received.
Pesticide For Zika-Carrying Mosquitoes In Florida Linked To Autism Risk
Is pesticide spraying to kill mosquitoes causing autism? In the least, the government is spraying larvicides with great impunity in many neighborhoods throughout the U.S. in order to ‘combat Zika’ and other diseases said to be caused by mosquitoes. Little is known of the true ramifications for such hackneyed actions, but one study suggests that in places where mosquito pesticides are sprayed, a 25 percent increase in autism results. Researchers used data from another study, called the CHARGE
Cop Who Raped 7-Year-Old Interrupts His Victim’s Testimony To Enter A Guilty Plea
The victim, who is now 17 and in treatment for depression, was raped repeatedly by former Elburn police officer David Wright over the course of a decade, but she faced accusations in court that she made up her charges out of ‘loneliness’ or ‘sadness.’
Court Rules Feds Cannot Prosecute Medical Marijuana Cases In States That Have Legalized
The unanimous 9th Circuit ruling on Tuesday was issued by a three-judge panel, two of whom are Republican appointees with a history of pro-law enforcement opinions.
Climate Change Deniers Can’t Deny That Every Month Of 2016 Has Been The Hottest On Record
A recent study suggests that without drastic action to mitigate the effects of climate change, global warming could cost the millennial generation $8.8 trillion.
US Extends Ban On Dakota Pipeline Protests, But Support Grows
Almost 90 tribes have expressed solidarity with the protests against a controversial pipeline that crosses through Indigenous land.
NJ School District Rolls Out Random Drug Testing Of Middle School Children
Some three dozen public school districts in New Jersey had implemented random drug testing for students as of three years ago.
CDC Expands Zika Travel Advisory To Miami
The unprecedented advisory warns pregnant travelers away from parts of Miami, Florida.
Growing Zika Threat Prompts New Calls For Medicaid Expansion In Texas
As Gov. Greg Abbott and the state’s health leaders make public service announcements saying Texas is on heightened alert for mosquito-to-human transmission of the virus, which has been linked to birth defects, many advocates for the uninsured have a different goal in mind.
UN Finally Admits Responsibility For Haiti Cholera Outbreak Which Claimed Over 10,000 Lives
According to U.N. figures, a total of 13,859 suspected cholera cases were recorded in between Jan. 1 to April 2, 2016 in Haiti.