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UK Fracking Firm Holds ‘Fun Runs’ In Shale Country
The news comes with the company preparing to celebrate the UK’s first shipment of fracked US shale gas.
Nestle Spent $11M Lobbying Congress To Control Water, Cocoa & Trade Since 2013
Nestlé is also a funder of the American Legislative Exchange Council, the controversial corporate think tank which produces model legislation that’s later introduced by the state legislators it sponsors.
British Government Backing Big Oil’s Plans For Drilling In Africa’s National Parks
The British government has offered support to a controversial multi-billion pound plan to drill for oil in one of Africa’s oldest national parks, according to documents obtained by Energydesk. The project, involving British company Tullow Oil; French firm Total and Chinese oil company CNOOC, could see dozens of wells drilled in Murchison Falls national park in Uganda. The park is home to one of the last remaining populations of the world’s most endangered species of giraffe, leading to warnings
Unpublished Studies By Chemical Giants Detail Pesticide Effects On Bees
Chemical giants Bayer and Syngenta commissioned private studies which showed that their neonicotinoid pesticides can cause serious harm to bees, a Greenpeace investigation has uncovered. The revelations come with the UK set to decide its own policy on pesticide use once it leaves the EU. The UK lobbied against the current EU ban when it was introduced. The company research – designed with regulators to reveal the level at which their products harm bees – was obtained through freedom of information
New Report Revels Heavy Antibiotic Use In Fast Food Livestock
Though the report focused on antibiotic use, it warned of other additives used in meat in the United States, including zinc, copper, growth hormones, and debilitating beta agonists like ractopamine.
Judge: Nestlé Can Keep Bottling California’s Water Under Permit That Expired In 1988
And a federal judge has ruled that the Swiss-based multinational may continue to do so until the Forest Service takes action on the permit it’s allowed to lapse for 28 years.
Amid Surge In Drug Prices, Pharma-Hackers Turn To DIY Solutions
Pharmaceuticals are all too often controlled and hoarded by mega corporations who charge exorbitant fees to obtain them.
Proposed GOP Bill Would Be First Native American Land Grab In 100 Years
The Utah Public Lands Initiative was proposed by Utah Congressperson Rob Bishop and Jason Chaffetz and seeks to “roll back federal policy to the late 1800s
What’s Behind The Surge In US Pipeline Construction?
Native American activist Winona LaDuke explained that the US would rather ‘create this filthy infrastructure’ through the Dakota Access Pipeline and other domestic fossil fuel projects than do business with Venezuela.
Despite Ongoing Effects Of Agent Orange, Vietnam Embraces Monsanto GMO’s
Fifty-five years after rendering almost an entire country cancerous, chemical companies like Monsanto are being welcomed with open arms into Vietnam.