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Turning Hemp Fibers Into Batteries: Another Way Hemp Could Save Our Planet
One approach researchers are taking to boost supercapacitors’ energy density is to design better electrodes. And hemp, some think, could be that better electrode.
Majority Of Americans Agree Fighting Climate Change A ‘Moral Obligation’
New poll shows majority of Americans believe human activity causes rising greenhouse gases and that people are ethically responsible to address it
Despite U.N. Treaties, War On Drugs A Losing Battle
"This approach hasn’t reduced drug use or managed to control the illicit drug trade. Instead, it keeps drugs profitable and cartels powerful." -- Catherine Martin of Health Poverty Action
New Study Confirms Negative Impact of Fluoride On Thyroid Gland
As the Fluoride Action Network has outlined, studies have shown since at least 1988 that exposure to fluoride leads to an increase in iodine deficiency in humans and animals.
DC Legalizes Pot In Capital, Despite Threats From Congress
The District becomes the first place east of the Mississippi River where recreational pot is legal. Alaska also legalized pot this week, joining Colorado and Washington state.
Poll: Most American’s Believe The Rich Aren’t Taxed Enough
Democrats, at 71 percent, were the most likely to support raising taxes on capital gains. Among Republicans and independents, 46 percent supported it.
Alaska Becomes 3rd State To Legalize Marijuana
As of Tuesday, adult Alaskans can not only keep and use pot, they can transport, grow it and give it away. A second phase, creating a regulated and taxed marijuana market, won't start until 2016 at the earliest.
Scientists Hope An AIDS Vaccine Lies In Llamas
The cute Andean animal’s antibodies are nearly 100 percent effective in stopping the deadly virus from spreading, researchers say.
MN Man Faces Six Months In Jail For Building A Wind Turbine
Nygard’s lawyer, Erick Kaardal, says that the family is prepared to go to jail if need be, because green and alternative energy is a right.
Harvard Embattled As Students, Faculty, & Alumni Join Forces For Divestment
'Unless and until institutions like Harvard act to stigmatize the root causes of global warming, we will remain addicted to a system of energy production and economic injustice that guarantees catastrophe.'