‘Unbalanced Recovery’: Wages Falling, Low-Paid Jobs Rising Across US
'These losses are part of an alarming trend toward greater inequality and a shrinking share of the economic pie going to workers'.
Mayor Duggan: ‘The Change In Detroit Is Real’
Detroit is going through the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history, and Duggan's address came less than a week after Orr filed his plan to pay creditors while providing money for city services and improvements in the coming years.
Serious Blow Dealt To US Unions In The South
VW workers vote against unionization in Chattanooga, following fierce campaign from outside interests
Dems Hope To Force House Vote On Minimum Wage Hike
House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said her party will push a "discharge petition" when Congress returns from its recess on Feb. 24.
Should Middle Class Americans Really Be So Down?
Data suggests that despite high social spending, average Swedish and French people lag behind the US middle class in economic well being.
Tax-Free Internet Shopping In Jeopardy
Internet shoppers are moving closer to paying sales taxes for their online purchases. But the fight is far from over. The Senate voted 63-30 Thursday to advance a bill that would impose state and local sales taxes on purchases made over the Internet. An agreement among senators delayed the Senate’s final vote on passage until May 6, when senators return from a weeklong vacation. Opponents hope senators hear from angry constituents over the next week, but they acknowledged they have a steep
Closing Supermarket Leaves Free Food For Hungry — Police Deny Them The Food
On Tuesday, roughly 300 hungry people gathered at the Laney Supermarket in Augusta, Georgia, hoping to take some food the closing supermarket put out for the public to take as police were carrying out an eviction order for the supermarket. Instead of allowing poor citizens to enjoy the food or transporting it to a community pantry, Richmond county police ensured the food were thrown away as it was transported to a nearby landfill. The problem is indicative of a larger crisis of food insecurity
Cyprus: Another Fine Mess
Even by euro zone standards, the handling of Cyprus’ banking crisis has been a monumental mess. After a week of backtracking, blundering and last-minute brinkmanship, the deal stitched together between the Cypriot authorities and other euro zone governments in the small hours of Monday morning averted the imminent risk of a banking meltdown and ejection from the common currency union. “Cyprus was a breath away from economic collapse,” President Nicos Anastasiades told his people
Train Cars Derail In Minnesota, Spill Crude Oil
Thousands of gallons (liters) of oil leaked onto frozen ground after a train carrying crude from Canada derailed Wednesday in western Minnesota. The 94-car Canadian Pacific train was headed south near Parkers Prairie when it lost air pressure and went into an emergency braking mode, the county sheriff’s office said. Fourteen tankers derailed. Three either leaked or spilled oil. No one was hurt, and a spokesman for the state’s pollution control agency said crews were able to control
Statewide Smoking Ban Affects New Weed Industry In CO, WA
Not only do business owners in Washington and Colorado have to abide by strict state laws in relation to the new recreational legalization of marijuana, but another hurdle facing some business owners is how to benefit from the new weed industry but still follow state smoking bans. Smoking marijuana in public is still barred in both states, which includes bars and restaurants, but it is legal to smoke marijuana in private social settings like Frankie’s Sports Bar and Grill in Olympia, Wash.,
BP Contractor Halliburton Denies Destroying US Trial Evidence
BP’s cement contractor on the drilling rig that exploded in 2010 and caused the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history said its recent discovery of missing cement samples was the result of a “simple misunderstanding,” not an attempt to withhold crucial evidence. In a court filing, Halliburton attorneys accused BP PLC of trying to create a “sideshow” during an ongoing trial over the deadly disaster. They argued the British oil giant is trying to deflect attention
Water, Wars And The Blue Peace Solution
(MintPress) – “Water scarcity threatens economic and social gains … And it is a potent fuel for wars and conflict,” United Nations (U.N.) Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, said in marking March 22 as World Water Day of 2013. In fact, the U.N. believes that water issues are so pressing that it’s declared 2013 as the International Year for Water Cooperation. Part of the goal in setting aside a day to discuss the challenges stemming from water problems is not only to raise awareness
FAA Report: 10,000 Drones In U.S. Airspace By 2020
(MintPress) – The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced this week that there could be as many as 10,000 unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or “drones” flying in U.S. airspace by 2020. The assessment comes from a recent FAA study of current aeronautical trends up to 2032. Last month, the FAA said it had issued 1,428 permits to domestic drone operators since 2007, a number that far exceeds previous certifications. Approximately 327 permits are listed as active, meaning some groups
Cyprus Bank Shutdown Enters Second Week
Banks across Cyprus remain locked Tuesday after financial authorities extended the country’s bank closure, fearing worried depositors will rush to drain their accounts. The shut-down is hammering businesses, which have been without access to their funds for more than a week. All but two of the country’s largest lenders had been due to reopen Tuesday, after being shut since March 16 while politicians figured out how to raise the funds necessary for Cyprus to qualify for an international
Beekeepers Sue EPA For Allegedly Failing To Regulate Deadly Pesticides
(MintPress) – Four U.S. beekeepers are suing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its lack of action against insecticides linked to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), responsible for the widespread decline in the nation’s bee population. Since 2006, beekeepers in the United States and Europe have seen bee populations each year decline by one-third, according to a study conducted by the University of California – San Diego. Beekeepers filing the lawsuit claim they’ve lost
Making A Difference: Indian Man Proves Power Of One With 1,300 Acre Wildlife Refuge
(MintPress) – In a world where it’s commonly believed that one person can’t make a difference, one Indian man is proving that argument to be false. Jadav Molai Payeng is a modern-day hero to those who fight to protect natural habitats around the world. He’s not a traditional activist, but a man who was motivated 30 years ago to create a wildlife refuge for the animals in his native Assam region in India. By the simple act of seed planting, Payeng has done just that — by creating a
Overhauling Antiquated Copyright Laws: Experts Urge Bringing It Into 21st Century
(MintPress) – Copyright laws in the U.S. are woefully antiquated — sometimes keeping music or works of literature out of the public domain for as long as 120 years after production. Maria Pallante, register of copyrights, testified before a Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet Committee on the Judiciary last week, urging an overhaul of the current laws. “The law is showing the strain of its age,” Pallante said. “[A]uthors do not have effective
Pay-For-Delay Practice Case Cost Americans $3.5 Billion: Supreme Court To Weigh In
(MintPress) – Ever wonder why some prescription drugs have generic competitors and others don’t? Part of it is because pharmaceutical companies have been giving generous financial incentives to generic drug competitors to delay the release of cheaper versions of brand-name drugs — and now federal regulators are pressing the Supreme Court to step in and end this profit game for the pharmaceutical industry. These “pay-for-delay” deals have put an unnecessary financial burden on American
Defense Department Cuts Upset Tea Party Republicans Aiming To Trim Budget
(MintPress) – The military is sounding the alarm over sequestration cuts to the U.S. defense budget, which its leaders indicate will have enormous consequences on the nation’s national security efforts. Yet U.S. Treasury Department data indicates that in the last 10 years, the Defense Department has seen an increase of funding to the tune of 54 percent. The across-the-board sequester cuts were sent into motion March 1 when Congress failed to reach a budget deal. To the dismay of both parties,
Decades Of Failed Sanctions: Examining Ineffective U.S. Foreign Policy
(MintPress) – “The United States will not accept North Korea as a nuclear state,” said Tom Donilon, Obama’s national security advisor, last week. “Nor will we stand by while it seeks to develop a nuclear-armed missile that can target the United States.” As the U.S. tightens the noose around Pyongyang, North Korean civilians continue to suffer widespread famine that has killed as many as 10,000 in recent years. Washington continues to escalate hostile rhetoric and
Federal Court Denies Group’s Appeal To Reclassify Medical Marijuana
(MintPress) – On March 22, the medical marijuana patient advocacy group, Americans for Safe Access (ASA), filed a petition with the federal court of appeals, hoping to reclassify marijuana for medical use. Currently marijuana is recognized federally as a Schedule 1 drug, meaning that among other things, the U.S. federal government does not recognize any medical benefit of the drug. Other examples of Schedule 1 drugs include heroin, LSD, PCP and crack cocaine. According to a press release
High Court Weighs Drug Companies’ Generics Policy
Federal regulators are pressing the Supreme Court to stop big pharmaceutical corporations from paying generic drug competitors to delay releasing their cheaper versions of brand-name drugs. They argue these deals deny American consumers, usually for years, steep price declines that can top 90 percent. The Obama administration, backed by consumer groups and the American Medical Association, says these so-called “pay for delay” deals profit the drug companies but harm consumers by adding