Calling All Citizen Activists: We Need Your Help!

Over the next six months, we will be recruiting people like you – MintPress Citizen Activists – in order to grow our organization by opening up a 100-percent independent revenue stream for investigative projects and news programs.
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    MintPress News Citizen Activist Sponsorship

    Dear friends of MintPress,

    Our free press is on life support, which is why we are ecstatic to announce our brand-new MintPress News Citizen Activist program to help revive the fourth estate!

    It’s up to us, the citizens, to bring power back into our own hands and away from the elite 1 percent who command the lion’s share of the press. Becoming a MintPress Activist means you desire to see in-depth stories that transcend party lines, hold the establishment accountable and expose the powerful and wealthy interests that influence government policy both at home and abroad.  This is the kind of well-rounded, thoughtful journalism that you simply cannot get from the mainstream media establishment.

    That’s why we need your help to continue to provide you with the hard-hitting reporting that only independent watchdog journalism organizations can give.

    Over the next six months, we will be recruiting people like you – MintPress Citizen Activists – in order to grow our organization by opening up a 100-percent independent revenue stream for investigative projects and news programs. This is a program of recurring monthly sustainers who wish to sponsor and support MintPress News in our effort to provide the most accurate and extensive reporting possible, as we have been doing for the last five years.

    You can become a MPN activist for as little as $5 to $100 dollars a month, with different key incentives at each level. Our sponsorship levels are as follows:

    MintPress News Citizen Activist Sponsorship


    Our citizen-based program aims to develop a new self-sustaining revenue stream so as to avoid relying too heavily on advertising and other forms of revenue. Our ultimate goal is to fund 80 percent of our journalism through MintPress Citizen Activists. As a MintPress Activist, your dollars go directly toward our reporting efforts, funding everything from exclusive interviews with the likes of economist Mark Blyth and thought leaders like Dr. Cornel West, to allowing us to travel to areas of the journalistic world where mainstream reporters simply won’t go.

    In the current political climate, we believe that having independent, citizen-funded and authentic news coverage is vital to keeping the governments and corporations who rule over us in check. You can help us do that by becoming a MintPress Citizen Activist – an activist for the independent journalism that we need now more than ever.

    Become a MintPress Activist today


    Mnar Muhawesh

    Founder, Editor-In-Chief

    MintPress News

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    • GALT

      Sorry, can’t help you….you have no platform or goals that would remotely
      be assigned to a “progressive” agenda…..and you are a “death worshipper”
      and taken “together” if all the “death worshippers” would get gone to where
      they “believe” they were going ( or claim to be striving to go ) all the problems of
      humanity would go with them…..yet you cling to what you know to be REAL while
      professing to believe in the FANTASTIC……and you occupy no higher ground
      than any other FANTASTIC belief.

      Second, to actually BE a “progressive” you would have to support two elements,
      exclusively in the face of the current REALITY……1.) That transformation of the energy system from
      all forms of carbon fuels is an immediate priority. and 2.) Universal Basic Income for ALL
      to provide for the necessities of survival is a guaranteed RIGHT.

      This means that you choose what you KNOW ” that you EXIST and wish to continue to exist,
      is common to all and over rules your fantasy of eventual paradise, and you are willing to
      afford this same DESIRE to EVERYONE….

      You see, it’s not HARD to understand what being a “progressive” is…’s just hard to
      actually BE ONE!!!!

    • Reg Compton

      Ha ha we need your help activists, no your money. And we will decide what to best spend it on, and it won’t be activism. You must be kidding. Give me an example where your reporting has changed something.

    • Keen

      You asking for help? Then you remove posts that seem to be inconvenient to you?
      How does that make you different than the rest of zio propaganda press?

    • Krishna E. Bera

      Good idea, i signed up. Can donors or public see the official nonprofit financial statements?

    • ftgfarm

      I have a story that needs to go virtual BE4 I am killed, Pete 701 230 5306, or mint press pls CALL me ASAP