California Bill To Force Vaccination Of School Children Just Passed Senate Committee

What do you think? Is this bill state encroachment on personal freedoms, or is this a matter of public safety?
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    Nurse practitioner Susan Brown prepares a flu vaccination for a customer. Senate Bill 277 passed the Senate Education Committee on a 7-2 vote and now heads to the Senate Judiciary Committee.  (Photo: AP)


    Forced vaccination is one of those hot button issues that often derails even the most polite of conversations, and can turn friends or even family into raging enemies.

    Even people who in many other cases believe in freedom of choice, when it comes to vaccination, some raise contentions, suggesting that refusing to vaccinate one’s children infringes on the rights of those who might be infected by viruses that they might catch.

    Are they right? Or does everyone retain the right to determine what they put in their body, or what they do not put into their bodies, even if that might mean they are more susceptible to diseases?

    Whatever you believe the answer to that question is, California has made it clear what the State government believes. Legislation that would require vaccinations for nearly all California schoolchildren was revived Wednesday. In its second attempt, it was revived, passing a Senate committee that most thought would reject the measure.

    Senate Bill 277 passed the Senate Education Committee on a 7-2 vote and now heads to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    As the bill currently stands, there are no exemptions for personal beliefs or religious requirements that would preclude some or all vaccinations. Such requirements are not limited to religions that oppose vaccination itself, but could restrict the use of vaccines grown on fetal or swine cultures. If people with such religious objections are forced or compelled to get vaccinations, is their free exercise of religion being infringed upon?

    “There’s a lot of work we still have to do,” Sen. Ben Allen, D-Santa Monica, commented, following the hearing.

    Sen. Loni Hancock, a Berkeley Democrat whose district houses many non-vaccinating families, voted in favor of the bill, saying “I supported SB 277 because I strongly believe in the validity and importance of vaccinations. My concern has always been to ensure that all children have access to educational opportunities. I believe that the current bill, as amended, does a good job of balancing the state’s constitutional requirement to provide access to public education with the public health benefits of vaccinations.”

    But Sen. Connie Leyva, D-Chino, said that the bill could make it impossible for poorer families who opt out of vaccinations. “I just still have a concern that this will not go far enough to help a two-income family who cannot home-school their child or a single working parent,” she said.

    Opponents of SB 277, such as the California Coalition for Health Choice denounced the advancement of the bill as “outright rigging the results of a vote.”

    Critics like Joni Martin, who has vaccinated her two children, believes “this is a terrible bill. It’s a ridiculous bill that needs to not pass. I’m going to come any time I need to come to listen to what they say, and I’m going to continue to work on getting the message out about all the reasons the bill is not justified.”

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    • teller123

      I wouldn’t let those monsters shoot my kids up with that poison for anything. This is wrong period and I hope parents do whatever they have to do to get their kids out of ‘public brainwashing school’ and tell the government to shove it. This is coming to every state and we are all going to face it sooner or later. Although it’s far too late now STOP SUPPORTING DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS. How much more evidence do you need America to know that these people are lying, corrupt, evil, disgusting things and they damn sure are not looking out for our best interests.

      How come when it comes to killing your unborn baby it’s all your choice but when it comes to drugs being forced on you and your kids you have no choice. Dammit people wake up!

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    • Zoe Philips

      Sad for those who live in CA. I already homeschool, but don’t see how the mandatory thing for school attendance is going to do anything. This whole outbreak thing started in a public place, could even be a homeschooler right?

      • Kate

        ‘Herd Immunity’ Zoe.

        • mcdanielindigo .

          The “science” of herd immunity has been dis-proven.

          • Kate

            Your source?

    • carylannherr

      This is so dangerous…whether you agree with vaccines or not…NO ONE should have to right to tell you what you should have to put in your childs bodies or your own…I honestly believe this is all about money…so the people who believe everyone should be vaccinated or home schooled…are you going to stop going to parks, malls, restaurants…cause guess what the unvaccinated child is there to…trust the vaccine you give and leave the others alone…I wonder how someone who believes this should be mandatory would feel if a parent who is against vaccines has to get their child one and the child has bad reactions or worse dies…you have to call the health department to see how to dispose of items with mercury in them but yet you can be forced to inject that into your child…things that make you go hmmmmm

    • Wendy Allen

      Who is going to help the 1/2 of kids who are Autistic in the year 2025? Do they have money to fix the damaged kids due to vaccines? Will society go downhill since there will be few to care for the sick people? Vaccines may hurt and kill and not help and may spread the viruses. Viruses mutate and all they will do is make huge money off people giving vaccines and after they are sick since they will not be able to fix them. Alternative medicine may detox kids, but not be able to do it if there are so many vaccines that keep hurting them. One day old babies getting the Hept B vaccine is not good or pregnant mom’s. Can’t sue if hurt…..should not happen. If they pass this bill they should be able to sue. Damage kids who were normal is not ok. They need to not listen to only people who promote vaccines and listen to parents who have had a child who was normal until they got a vaccine. The future of America is at stake…destroying their brain/body with vaccines is abuse a crime. Forcing vaccines that don’t help/hurt is not ok.

      • k5r4

        You’re wrong. Autism is genetic. in otherwords, it’s inherited, either one or both parents pass autism to their children

        • Wendy Allen

          Celiac is inherited due to low sunlight heritage. Parents saw their “normal” child change to Autistic after MMR shot. Sudden Infant Death maybe due to vaccines also. Vaccines maybe the “last straw” in addition to Celiac. No gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO/Roundup/vaccines/heavy metals/chemicals….vitamins/good oils, LDN, detoxing may help Autistic kids. Conventional medicine may not help Autistic kids detox or rebuild their brain/body. If 1/2 of kids are Autistic soon, who is going to fix them? We can’t have 1/2 of society where their brain doesn’t work….mostly boys and then send the other boys off to war in another country. People need to see the big picture and make changes now. American food hurts people and too many vaccines/too soon/too many at the same time and too young hurts. No vaccines may help. Vaccines may not help and may hurt and make the child weaker and spread the virus.

        • Wendy Allen

          Celiac is genetic due to low sunlight heritage, but people new to eating the American diet may get hurt….add heavy metals/GMO corn/Roundup that hurt the gut lining and good bacteria in the gut/chemicals/gluten that hurts the gut lining so nutrients don’t absorb and then add too many vaccines/too young/too many at a time and many bad ingredients. The vaccines may not help and may hurt.

        • teller123

          Nonsense.. That’s a new theory. Autism was hardly heard of not that long ago and now it’s an epidemic. I don’t where you got this line of BS but it’s BS. Autism was rare and if your theory were true there would be no logical reason for it to have exploded over the last few decades. If anything it would be about the same, rare. You really should do some serious research on the big pharma companies and ask yourself why they would need to pass laws making it impossible to sue them for damages caused by their vaccines if they’re so safe? More corruption between big corporations, government officials and sacrificing us so they can get richer and richer. So what if they destroy a few thousand lives and no big deal if they kill a few more thousand. TPP is going to force more than vaccines. This is going global. The TPP is going to force countries to use Monsanto’s poison GMO seeds, use all these drugs we don’t want and who knows what else. They basically have made big corporations ruling over governments and if you interfere with their profits they will come after you. There is nothing more important than corporate profits nowadays.

    • bwahaha!

      the autism rates have not skyrocketing in any other vaccinated country except the US. If vaccines were causing any issues, those issues would be seen in every country, and they just aren’t. only the US, because it’s the diagnosis of the moment along with ADHD. I havent heard ONE parent scream poison whilst injecting their child with insulin, pumping them full of adderall, or running off to straighten their forehead with Botulism virus. The conspiracy is telling all of you that there is something wrong with your kids so that they can charge you for an entire lifetime of special services. controlling oubreaks of any infectious disease is paramount to the ultimate survival of that society. viruses mutate and figure out ways around vaccines when not eradicated. most vaccines do NOT contain any live virus, so falsely claiming that vaccinated people spread the disease is not only absurd but also literally impossible. You cannot participate in civilized society if you refuse to act civilized. It’s that simple. keep the little snot makers at home if you don’t want to be part of the social contract. don’t blame the advances of modern science for your kids having genetically inherited disorders and stop listening to every whacko who has a theory about the government trying to poison them.

      • mcdanielindigo .

        Actually, even the CDC states that the MMR shot contains live virus in the USA as well as the fact that each vaccinated individual sheds the viruses for days, weeks, in some cases months after receiving the shot. In fact, this past week at work, we had a baby come in with measles who contracted it after visiting with family with another child after taking the booster shot.

      • debbi3971

        You are incorrect. Autism rates have increased around the world; The rate of ASD in the UK in 2007 was 1 in 100, which is quite large given their population. In China in 2007 it was 1 in 250; again quite large given their population. here’s the link and you can check it for yourself: Parents do “scream poison” regarding the use of drugs such as Adderall in their children; where have you been living? Most parents, especially those with a concurrent diagnosis of ASD, choose these types of medications as a last resort based on quality of life for their kids. The MMR is an attenuated live vaccine, and does shed….please see any package insert for the vaccine as well as warnings for chemotherapy parents from every hospital in this country. Since the MMR vaccine is the one most people are afraid of, your statement is false and moot. Please stop posting about things you know nothing about, with only your opinion as “fact”. Injecting any chemical/substance into one’s body should always remain a choice of the person/person’s legal guardian who is receiving the substance. It is not, nor should it be, the job of our government to dictate what we put in our bodies. You want to keep unvaccinated people out of public places? Well then EVERY unvaccinated person needs to stay home; including those with allergies to the vaccine, unvaccinated visitors from other countries, those with compromised immune systems from chemo, and most adults in the country because their immunity has expired. That’s a ridiculous argument/stance to have, isn’t it?

    • Judith

      Why are citizens being forced to have toxic vaccines when it is actually a problem with vaccines that is causing the outbreak. Herd immunity is the reason given but when you read the science it is a myth.

      “So far, it has been bad news as experts have found out the bacteria causing whooping cough have evolved.

      The most likely culprit in the mutation of the Bordertella pertussis, the bacterium causing whooping cough, is the vaccine used to protect humans against it. The vaccine has been effective by zeroing in on pertactin, a protein that plays a major role in the development of the illness.

      “It’s like a game of hide and seek. It is harder for the antibodies made by the body’s immune system in response to vaccination to ‘search and destroy’ the whooping cough bacteria which lack pertactin. This could mean that these pertactin-free strains have gained a selective advantage over bacterial strains with the pertactin protein,” said Ruiting Lan, senior author of the latest study on whooping cough and associate professor at School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences at the University of New South Wales.”

      he team of experts, led by UNSW PhD candidate Connie Lam, have looked into cases of whooping cough from across Australia and have found out that roughly 80 percent of the cases in 2012 were due to strains of the bacterium that do not have pertactin.

      “The fact that they have arisen independently in different countries suggests this is in response to the vaccine.
      Professor Poland has this to say about the measles vaccine – he admits that the high failure rate makes herd immunity impossible and he calls for a new generation vaccine.

      Gregory A. Poland, MD, MACP, FIDSA, DHL (Hon)Director, Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group Professor of Medicine and Infectious Diseases

    • Robert Dufresne

      I’m guessing allot of parents who feel like I do about pumping poison into my and my children’s body’s will be home schooling 🙂 oh no a tax break….

      • Elizabeth Morgan

        Scary thought about you potentially home schooling considering your lack of education on vaccines and the fact that you can’t even spell a lot correctly.


    • DTOMNC

      Great way to continue to flush the state of California down the toilet. People who can will leave, and the people who can’t will just be given copious amounts of Thimerosal, infect other children with the live virus they were given and possibly end up with autism. Good luck Californians. What will be made mandatory next?

    • Lindy

      No matter what your opinion is on the subject, no one should be forced to inject anything into their bodies that they don’t want.

      • dubinsky

        why not?

        it’s a question of public health as much as personal liberty.

        • Jake

          For one, if you’re vaccinated and you trust the efficacy, how can you say it’s a public health issue? In other words, you won’t get the sickness if you’re vaccinated so why worry about the people that choose not to be injected? Your immune, right?
          This is clearly a personal issue. I’m not against vaccines, but when you read into studies done on side-effects of particular ingredients of certain vaccines, it’s eyeopening.
          No one should be forced into something that could harm them or their children.

          I could go on and on about why FORCED vaccination is dangerous, immoral, and unnecessary.

          • dubinsky

            there aren’t compelled into be vaccinated. it’s a condition of school attendance ….. parents who don’t wish to have their children undergo vaccinations are free to make other arrangements with their children’s education.

            • RumpleForskin D

              In other words the state is forcing people to bend to their will or else their kids won’t get a publicly funded education. This is absolutely morally and constitutionally wrong. It’s socialism at its finest.

              • dubinsky

                tell it to Typhoid Mary, sonny.

                always amazing just how many ignorant gits think that you’re in position to tell people about Constitutionality.

                you bes’ try getting an education afore popping off.

                • RumpleForskin D

                  Your comment is riddled with grammatical errors and you say I should get an education? I’m not debating the effectiveness of vaccinations, just the right to not have them. Whether you like it or not people have a choice what is put into their bodies. And it should not be forced in any way. Next thing you know you are forcing teens into birth control, forcing people to have tracking divices installed in their body’s. There is a clear line this law crosses.

                  • dubinsky

                    what line?

                    what principle is violated by requiring immunization as a condition of attending public school?

                    • RumpleForskin D

                      People’s body’s are private property the government has no right to just inject what they want into them. There are many laws protecting private property from the government as well as constitutional amendments I suggest YOU look them up.

                      • dubinsky

                        people’s bodies are indeed private property, but property is subject to all sorts of government regulation.

                        property rights, including over one’s own body are NOT absolute.

                        go to school if you want to learn about this stuff.

                        your body is subject to being arrested and controlled by agents of the government, your body is subject to conscription into the armed forces and control by superior officers…etc, etc, etc

              • bwahaha!

                why would you want a government sponsored education provided by the same government you actually believe cares enough about your little life to take you out with some neurotoxin simply because they have nothing better to do???

            • Wendy Allen

              Home schooled kids learn at their own speed and excel and go to college early and have a more normal life. I have not heard the whole story about this new law, but how are they going to help the many kids damaged by vaccines?

    • Gambino 45

      Secure the border, problem solved Ted Cruz 2016

      • dubinsky

        we can not deport Cruz any longer as he gave up his canadian citizenship

    • Chester Louis

      You can bet your a$$ it will not apply to kids attending schools that are here illegaly

      • dubinsky

        a stupid comment.