Bernie Sanders Voting Record Antithetical To His Purported Anti-War Stance

In spite of claims of being antiwar, his “hawkish” support of Clinton’s military actions in the 1999 Kosovo War caused one of his advisers to quit. When antiwar activists occupied Sanders’ office in 1999 because of that support of Clinton’s war policies, he had them arrested.
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    Bernie Sanders

    Ashley Smith’s “A Socialist in the Senate? The Unfortunate Truth about Bernie Sanders,” (November 15, 2006) tells the tale of how the political Left gets thrown under the relentless wheels of the military-industrial complex by supporting candidates who do not consistently serve the interests of peace. The decimation of the forces for peace is predictable as they are sacrificed and offered up to the gods of electoral politics. The marginalization in each electoral cycle of the Left is a testament to how relentless the political/economic system is in guaranteeing its outcomes vis-à-vis war and peace.

    Sanders’ socialist beliefs and actions evolved into almost complete support of the Democratic Party after leaving the stage of Vermont politics and entering the national arena. Smith points out that Sanders voted with Democrats more consistently than many other Democrats: Ninety-eight percent of the time at the writing of Smith’s article. Sanders’ support for Democrats soon was reflected in their financing of his campaigns.

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    And here is where Sanders greatest equivocation has come. In spite of claims of being antiwar, his “hawkish” support of Clinton’s military actions in the 1999 Kosovo War caused one of his advisers to quit. When antiwar activists occupied Sanders’ office in 1999 because of that support of Clinton’s war policies, he had them arrested.

    In 2001, Sanders did not support the vote in Congress to oppose the war in Afghanistan. Congresswoman Barbara Lee stood alone! This vote was followed by his support for appropriations to support boththe war in Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2003 he supported the resolution that gave support to George W. Bush in both Iraq and in the larger war against terrorism, although Sanders has been a critic of the Iraq War.

    Then Sanders supported only a gradual withdrawal from Iraq. When impeachment was on the so-called table against George W. Bush in 2006, he said that impeachment was “impractical.”


    Read more:

    Bernie Sanders: Savior or Seducer of the Anti-War Left?

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      • southvalley

        I’ll go with the person I know has tried to help people all over the world. Instead of the Faux socialist who’s just in it for himself.
        I’m backing Hillary for very pragmatic reasons, Plus I like her and think she’ll make a great president, if anyone can extricate US from the Bushbama years, she can.
        But I’m also convinced Bernie is lying to the “Bros”.

        His anti war stance and “break up the big banks and “tax the sh*t out of Wall Street” would go nowhere without full congressional support. He doesn’t have that because he hasn’t helped anybody but Bernie for years.
        Now he wants the superdelegates to flip to him…because of his “purity” I guess. All he’s done in encourage his supporters who don’t know anything of how politics work to smear Hillary with exaggerated accusations and try to paint her as responsible for the whole last 25 years.

        He may not have voted for the initial Iraq war vote, but he voted for the surge, which was the more important vote as it committed US to the endless atrocity we’re in Now.
        Bernie is a liar of a far greater magnitude than Clinton. The republicans would tear him to pieces in the general if, gods forbid, it came to that
        All this would come out if he were to win; That and his Nurse’s Super Pac.. . which he claims he doesn’t have and the FEC has been asking him about over the limit foreign contributions since February. He hasn’t deigned to provide answers either, He’s “special” is old Bernie. He resembles Trump to a large degree in his know-nothingness. No wonder his supporters are torn between the two, if the “corrupt” Hilary wins.
        And here’s a link about what his “free college” proposals would actually cost US.

        It’s non partisan. It does not have an “agenda”.
        Good ol’ “instant gratification” American’s, willing to support any and every huckster that comes along IF we even bother to vote

      • Gracie Bean

        LOL. Hard to face the facts, eh? everything this article is saying is true my friends. This what you get when you personally dont vet your candidate. Yep he isnt the messiah he led you believe he was.

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      • Dean Scarpinato


      • Kathleen Crouse-Bradley

        Really? Shilling for the Clinton crime syndicate? Please use your education for the good of the people. Close to 100% of the times Bernie voted for anything suspect, is because something more important was buried inside and he had to!!!!!

        Try to have a small grasp of politics please………… Oh and some journalistic integrity, although I sense that no longer exists!

        • feloneouscat

          Perhaps rather than using phrases from the Republican play book, you should actually do some research on Sanders.

          Look up Sierra Blanca for example, where he stood shoulder to shoulder to put a radioactive pit near the homes of poor Latinos. Where Paul Wellstone kept putting in amendment after amendment and Sanders would strip them out.

          Sanders had done a really good job pulling the wool over your eyes.

      • devildog21

        This is a pitifully poor article and almost totally hearsay.

        • feloneouscat

          No, Sanders has lied on multiple occasions. For example, the AUMF against terrorists (let’s say Afghanistan, because that’s the truth), Sanders said it was “symbolic” because President Bush already had the War Powers Act.

          Either Sanders is dumber than a box of rocks in regards tot the War Powers Act or he lied. In no way was it symbolic.

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      • Vickie

        There will be No REVOLUTION people…

        • vetipie

          For you maybe.. Mine has already started

          • Gary

            Uh huh. I’ll bet.

        • Dean Scarpinato

          Another shriveled prune for Hil-LIAR-y ashamed to show her face

      • Larry Burgess

        I’m either voting for Sanders or Trump. I’m tired of the status quo. Either give me a democratic republic, and income equality, or I’m just as happy to burn down the house. Hillary ridiculed Trumps “I’ll make America Great again by saying “American has always been great.” How can she fix it, if she doesn’t know it’s broke? Don’t want republicans in the Oval Office, and Congress, and the Supreme court, then nominate Sanders. It’s a revolution. Anyone else feel this way?

        • Vickie

          No can’t demand anything,that’s why we have people in congress that represent us…THEY VOTE!Revolution ?lololol..what are you going to do storm congress,burn it down?It’s stupid..our country is GREAT!With multi- cultures other countries envy us..Our economy is healthy,unemployment is at a all time low since 2008.So,nothing wrong with the country in 2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006..huh?It was great then,right??

          • vetipie

            Congress does not represent most of the people in the un united states of merica… Congress is corporate owned and run. I can count on one hand those who cannot be bought. Im not sure why you think people envy the USA. Its the Imperialist state that bombs other nations that are attacking no one. Terrorists ISIS were created out of the Iraq war where 1.2 million lost their lives. What’s it going to take? A thousand 9/11’s? Bombs dropping on the cities of the USA? Millions dying of hunger, is that what it will take to wake up the Good People of the USA. Because that is what the USA does to other people while most of us sleep in warm beds and eat food every day. This election is not just about the people who live in the USA, it’s about the rest of the world and saving their lives and their homes and their right to live without WAR. Vote no to WAR. Vote no to Imperialism.

          • Kommonman

            our nation is great?… what measure?…..we don’t rank first in anything but military prowess and spending….our education infrastructure education infant mortality healthcare justice system and far more does not even come close to being number one….heck not even top ten….even our politics are corrupt and should be monitored by the UN….nope not seeing that greatness anymore….republicans destroyed and cowardly corporate dems ceded away

            • Gary

              Read some history stupid.

              • Kommonman

                LOL I have oh foolish denigtating one,,,along with the statistical numbers that show clearly that lack of greatness

              • Dean Scarpinato

                Start With Howard Zinn!

          • Kathleen Crouse-Bradley

            The people in Congress don’t represent us, what a joke. Other countries hate us, have you ever left the US? I haven’t had a job in 2 years, my husband is horribly underemployed after 20 years serving his country. You are completely out of touch with the world outside your tiny bubble!!!!

        • MetalTeK

          Be careful what you wish for….

        • southvalley

          You think we’ve got it bad NOW? Just let another republican in with a full majority in congress Like Bush II had.
          People will be dying in the streets.
          You Bernie bros are exactly like the TPers and just as ignorant and hateful

      • Keef Hitchens

        pretty weak points here..

      • IronThor

        Bernie Sanders is a career politician with over 25 years in congress, To be honest, I don’t think he has ever had a real job.

        • Yeah Bernie far as I know did never drove the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile to become speaker of the House?

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      • SeaNote

        Bernie is a advocate for disemboweling Muslims in lieu of flaying them alive.

      • Michael

        Come on …. stop peddling flat out LIES. He did NOT vote FOR the Iraq invasion.

        • ZenStar

          Read it again: “This vote was followed by his support for appropriations to support both the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

          He voted to fund the war in Iraq even tho he voted against it initially.

          • In other words he votes in support pf the troops not war… Voting against funding amounts to dead soldiers. So Bernie was right to vote that way..

            • Karen Ulbright

              Bernie also voted against the ending the practice of bundling unrelated bills (“earmarks”) in 2007. Bernie, like all politicians, wants us to be confused about what his votes mean, and where the money goes. That way, we all listen to his speeches (all against the war) and not his votes (all supported the continuation of the war). NONE of the Iraq war funding bills Bernie supported would have suspended soldier’s paychecks if they didn’t pass– you made that up just now, come on. Oh, and just for the record- Bernie voted against continued funding for the FDA (he was the only senator to do so) the same year he voted for continued war funding. His Senate record is just not good. It’s called the ” Illusion of Choice “, and a lot of kids are really fooled. If you actually get him elected, you’ll see.

              • As a veteran (sailor) it sickens me to think you are that stupid. Supporting someone in this case involves more than a paycheck. In case you didn’t know it things like ammunition, food, fuel, etc. require funding and if you don’t fund them it costs lives you dense BI+CH!

                • attyrose

                  I get it. Troops need ammunition and supplies to fight wars. I remember When Bush and Cheney lied about MWD’s to convince everyone that Saddam was getting ready to blow us to kingdom come with nuclear war heads in order to get the votes he needed and the American people to support the Iraq War. Mission accomplished. I ALSO remember all the soldiers being blown up because they RODE in vehicles ill equipped for war and Republicans/Defense Dept. unwilling to spend or allocate the money to upgrade them. I also remember Halliburton (Cheney’s former company) making untold millions if not billions on the Iraq War. I remember all the fraud and waste of millions and millions of dollars during the Bush years that make a lot of the neo-con’s friends extraordinarily rich. These same people are now beating the war drums again against Iran, Syria and more military involvement around the war and against ISIS. If Bernie really believed in his principals, he would have voted no to the funding. His vote would not have changed the outcome of the outcome, but he would have shown that he stood by his principals against support for the Iraq War. For your information, I was 100% too. But I was also against the Afghanistan War. It was a small group of people who took down the twin towers, led by Osama bin Laden. Why did we have to send ground troops into Afghanistan and start a War that is ongoing and to which there is no end in sight. Why couldn’t we have just have used our intelligence to find the people involved and take them out? It was because emotions were high and Americans were itching for revenge and blood and Bush saw this as a political gain. Republicans always see War as a political win. I was angry and saddened to see so Hillary vote for the Iraq War, but so did many others. She was not alone. All but one Republican, however, voted for it. Most of them, including the Republicans, now see it for the catastrophic mistake it was, although most Repubs still refuse to publicly admit it. At least Hillary had the courage to admit it was a mistake. I have not heard anybody else say the same. It takes a person of courage and big character to admit her mistakes, especially someone who is under the microscope daily as she is. I agree that Hillary probably is tougher on foreign affairs than Bernie, however, I believe her when she says that starting another War by putting ground troops in the Middle-East will not happen. The people have to fight for their countries themselves with our support, but that we will no longer do it for them. Of course, As President, you can never say never because life is unpredictable. However, I trust her enough to do right by us and for the country who is weary of War and of shedding American blood on foreign soil. As a parent of a young man, I pray that he never has to go to another unnecessary War like you. Despite my feelings against the Wars, I heartily thank you and your family for your sacrifices, courage and service and to those who lost loved ones. My biggest wish is that all this discord and divisiveness disappears and that we start seeing each others as simply Americans again. It will have to start with the party leaders and my hope that starts with Republicans, the most divisive party in history, finally come to senses after this election.

                  • gcogs

                    Actually he did vote against funding it for three years from 03-05. Then he voted in favor in 06 when it included Katrina relief. Again in 07 when it included $1M for Vermont VA, and again the following year when it included Webb’s massive expansion of GI benefits. Then he was back to voting against it for several years.

                    • Doc Taylor

                      What is the point of trying to point out any of his inconsistencies with all of u folks. U have turned a deaf ear

                      • gcogs

                        Complete nonsense. attyrose says he does not really believe the principles he espouses because he did not vote against funding. Except that he did for the first three years from 03-05. This is a fact. Which makes this attack questioning the authenticity of his principles completely disingenuous.

                        That is an interesting comment you made though. Claiming I’m turning a deaf ear to his inconsistencies, when I’m the one who did the research and provided the context of the situation. That is the opposite of “turning a deaf ear” actually. I’ve seen all kinds of attacks on him for being too “pure,” and not “pure” enough. Both are equally rubbish. He is not a perfect human being, does not have a perfect voting record, and I do not require either in my candidate of choice. Clinton supporters can agree with that I think.

                • Something about ignorance, it appears to be enabling.

                • Randy Bishop

                  And the military industrial complex trucks along with our tax dollars which are illegally forced on us by the Internationally run Fed., while troops in the information age have the tools necessary to know what evil machine they are getting involved with when they sign on that dotted line. I am no hypocrite here… I have a brother who served 20 plus years and retired a top rated master sgt. in the Air Force along with his son now in the Army. I think Dwight D. Eisenhower ( a man who practically led the war effort in WW2) knew what he was talking about when warning us about this dangerous entity. The act of fueling it leads to million of lives lost and turns our economy and moral compass upside down, while propping up dictators in foreign nations.

                • Randy Bishop

                  And the military industrial complex trucks along with our tax dollars
                  which are illegally forced on us by the Internationally run Fed., while
                  troops in the information age have the tools necessary to know what evil
                  machine they are getting involved with when they sign on that dotted
                  line. I am no hypocrite here… I have a brother who served 20 plus
                  years and retired a top rated master sgt. in the Air Force along with
                  his son now in the Army. I think Dwight D. Eisenhower ( a man who
                  practically led the war effort in WW2) knew what he was talking about
                  when warning us about this dangerous entity. The act of fueling it leads
                  to million of lives lost and turns our economy and moral compass upside
                  down, while propping up dictators in foreign nations.

              • spacemtn61

                Now who being disingenuous? Sanders didn’t vote against FDA funding, he voted no on Obama’s nominee for FDA chief. He was concerned about Dr. Robert Califf’s ties to big pharma.

              • Earmrks, I keep forgetting the word earmarks, (thanks) thinking pork barrels and the kitchen sink.

              • Mark Allen

                The Hillary playbook: when in doubt, lie.

            • Afi Keita James

              Ron Paul voted against both, he wanted our troops to come home now.

          • UnmeiX

            Woah, woah. Let’s put the brakes on this one *real fast*, shall we?

            Every time Bernie voted to fund the war in Iraq, there were other factors to take into consideration; there was something beneficial being bundled with the bad, and it couldn’t get through the Bush administration any other way.


            Also, he was *for* the war in Afghanistan because he felt that Osama bin Laden needed to be brought to justice for the September 11 attacks. His voting for funding of Afghanistan would only make sense; why would you not vote to fund the engagement you were *for* in the first place?

            • Julie Rosenwinkel

              Yeah, but that still does not explain Kosovo, Somalia, Libya, Yemen and Syria.

            • Doc Taylor

              Blal bla bla whatever more excuses

              • UnmeiX

                I’m sorry that, to you, voting in what you believe in (and consistently in the best interests of the people) amounts to ‘excuses’

            • Randy Bishop

              You really believe Osama was responsible for the 9-11 attacks? There is so much evidence to the contrary it’s ridiculous. Maybe Bernie should become informed.

              • UnmeiX

                I do believe he was responsible. He gladly announced that it was his men who pulled it off. I also believe that the U.S. government was well aware the attack would happen, and that Osama’s old CIA connections had a lot to do with it. I honestly don’t think we ever let Osama go.

                Everyone knows Iraq/Afghanistan was really about the two big O’s that run this country; oil and opium, the top two exports of those countries, respectively. The September 11 attacks were just the spark to start the flame.

                I would imagine that Bernie *is* informed and has his own reasonable doubts about the 9/11 attacks, but they were most certainly pulled off in the way that is generally accepted; jetliners *were* stolen and crashed into the buildings.

                Bernie can’t bring up any ‘alternative theories’ because he’d look like a nutcase, but I’m sure he has his suspicions of it being an inside job; the planes should have had a military escort in a brief time after they veered off-course, and would likely have been shot down before they had the chance to do damage, if someone on the inside hadn’t had a call on it.

          • Mark Allen

            Once we were in, it would have been worse for everyone involved to not fund it.

          • Kommonman

            so since the repubs and corporate dems sent the troops in he was to leave them underfunded and wanting for weapons and support?….as a vet who was against the war I would expect them to be fully funded during the conflict and fully funded afterwards through the VA

          • Afi Keita James

            hypocrite Bernie is, he should have voted no.

            • Dean Scarpinato

              Hey Afi…enjoy your Muslim stew when Hil-LIAR-y gives Israel unfettered reign. If anyone should vote vs HilaRIGGED it is a Muslim.

        • Rita Mallon

          He voted for regime change: Iraqi Liberation Act of 1998: cited as pre-authorization for the invasion by the Bush Administration.

          • spacemtn61

            Tell me genius did you even read the Iraqi Liberation Act? Or are you just going by what Hillary Clinton is telling you? The Iraqi Liberation Act specifically denies the president the use of military force. Research before you post next time.

            • LG

              Lol. Rita just a mouthpiece ingredient for the ignorant

            • feloneouscat

              I’ve read it. Nowhere does it deny the President the use of military force. What it says specifically is

              “Nothing in this Act shall be construed to authorize or otherwise speak to the use of United States Armed Forces (except as provided in section 4(a)(2)) in carrying out this Act.

              In fact, quite the opposite (from the Act):

              (2) Military <> assistance.–(A) The President is authorized to direct the drawdown of defense articles from the stocks of the Department of Defense, defense services of the Department of Defense, and military education and training for such organizations.

              Let me simplify: the President is able to identify a group (or groups) and provide them weapons to overthrow the government.

              Now, this is a very problematic since this document is about overthrowing a sovereign nation for no reason other than we don’t like who is running it.

              Note that the AUMF against Iraq cited this document (for the very reason it DOESN’T prohibit the President – there is a difference between prohibiting and not authorizing.

              Spacemtn61 did not get that difference so really has no place to calling people idiots.

              Here’s the document:

        • Julie Rosenwinkel

          No, they are saying he voted for appropriations after the war started. Meaning he voted to send in more weapons and troops.

          • spacemtn61

            Have you ever served in the military? Well I have and I can tell you that if you choose to go to war, you damn sure better give them enough weapons and troops to do the job.

          • The only people to send in troops without supplies are Republains, ‘Rumsfeld’ as they said, you go to war with the army you have not the one you want?

          • Michael

            Were the appropriations bundled with other items, such as those supporting Veteran’s benefits? Poison pills are what this practice is called; damned if you do, damned if you don’t,

            • Kathleen Crouse-Bradley

              BOOM, there it is, and exactly what I said……

            • feloneouscat

              In order to be kept off budget they were “supplemental” and pretty specific. So, no, none of this poison pill bullshit.

        • Dean Scarpinato

          Hil-LIAR-y is spending millions on a Social Media campaign of dis-info. Google it.

      • dskvr

        This is some Grade A bullshit right here, Joseph Goebbels would be proud.

      • BTM

        What a bunch of idiots. The Serbs were committing genocide. Clinton STOPPED them. Sanders voted for it. Good on you Bernie.

        • Coldfish

          exactly. Republicans think you’re either for every single war ever suggested or against every war. The idea that someone might be opposed to wars that are started on lies, well, that’s just not possible, right?

        • airmail56

          Both sides were committing genocide. After a long wait, Clinton decided to side with the muslims over the Christians.

        • TheLulzWarrior

          “The Serbs were committing genocide.”


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      • Grimcrotch

        sanders has never said he was anti war. he has said he was for fighting smart and not going into it with no forethought. get your facts straight.

        • That is not what Mr. Linsoff said either though. He is saying that Mr. Sanders has supported a lot of wars that the majority of the anti-war left, the people from whom he wants the votes, would not support, ie. wars against countries that were not a threat to the US, such as Kosovo, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria.

          • spacemtn61

            He has supported a lot of wars? He supported the war in Kosovo because it was a NATO war. As a member we have to go along with what NATO decides. He didn’t support ground troops, he only agreed to support the bombings because Milosevic renewed his ethnic cleansing. Afghanistan was because we were attacked by Taliban backed Al-Qaeda on 9-11. Sanders never voted for actions in Libya, as a matter of fact he said we were already involved with 2 wars and was concerned about getting involved in Libya. And as far as Syria goes he opposes a unilateral U.S no-fly zone. Sanders has never once said he opposed any military actions. I love how you people get an acorn of fact and try to sprout an oak tree of “proof” from it.

            • “As a member we have to go along with what NATO decides. ” Not true, and there were other members of Congress who opposed the bombing, he was under no obligation to support it. As for 9/11, the terrorists came from Saudi Arabia, not from Afghanistan. I could be wrong about Libya and Syria, but I know Sanders supports apartheid in Israel, and that is not exactly peaceful either. It’s true he never promised to oppose all military actions, although many of his constituents wanted him to oppose the ones that he supported. To his credit he did oppose the war in Iraq , but that was easy for him to do since it was such an unpopular war, and so many American lives were lost for nothing. But it is still fair to criticize him for the other actions that he did support.

              • Also, he has voiced his support for using the drone warfare, which I oppose.

                • spacemtn61

                  So you support putting our troops in harms way?

                  • Not at all! But drones are not the answer.

                    • spacemtn61

                      Then what’s the answer? And please be specific.

              • spacemtn61

                First of all the 9/11 attackers were Saudi but trained in Afghanistan with Al-Qaeda. The Taliban gave Al-Qaeda protection. And how can Sanders support apartheid in Israel? In 1988 he supported the Palestinian state. He said Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians as unacceptable. I don’t know where you get your information but you may want to find a different source.

                • It’s not that my source is necessarily unreliable, but rather that Sanders supported the Palestinians at one time but has since back-tracked on his support for them.

                • Donkey

                  Afghanistan and the Taliban were not responsible for 9/11 (assuming the official story is true) though Al Qaeda WAS in their country. GW demanded that they turn over Bin Laden, then refused to give them time to figure out HOW to go about the deed. The Afghani government (at the time) first told us they couldn’t turn him over (too difficult), then swore that they would if they could and begged for time. Simple diplomacy would have brought the suspects around to face justice, if it was even attempted but that wasn’t in the play-book.

                  7 nations in 5 years; THAT was the policy, with Afghanistan as first-in-line. That policy has been adhered to (though off schedule due to poor planning and implementation) through to this day. The “War On Terror” is a farce, designed to move money in one direction, while holding up the petro-dollar in the other; wars of empire, nothing less.

                • opalexian

                  I can’t wait for some moron to try and spin that into ‘Bernie is an anti-Zionist.’ The rhetoric of falsehoods is getting really old and I hope this election cycle puts a dent in its stupid armor.

            • Andres Rives

              “Ethnic cleansing”, etc – was a huge fraud. Milosevic’s crime was to try to preserve Yugoslavia as a multi-ethnic state. US is responsible for the Civil War !00%.- and the bombing of Belgrade with uranium weapons. Al Qaeda attacked US on 9-11 ??? Are you kidding?? Living under a rock or what ??

              • spacemtn61

                WHAT???? Ethnic cleansing is a huge fraud? I have friends of the family that are Bosnians and one of them lost all 3 brothers, his dad and 2 sisters to ethnic cleansing. He said they rounded them up at their family store and murdered them. And tell me genius if it wasn’t Al-Qaeda then who attacked us on 9/11? I think your foil hat is on too tight.

                • Andres Rives

                  The parties in Bosnia had a partition agreement signed in Lisbon Portugal in ’92 before there was any talk of “ethnic cleansing” – US rushed Amb. Zimmerman to convince Izetbegovic to back out – in order to get the “Clash of Civilizations” strategy going. The rest was a media circus of lies. But, I’m sure I’m wasting my time if you don’t even know 9-11 was carried out in house. To REALLY forward the CLASH.

                  • spacemtn61

                    God I hope you don’t own a gun. The anti gun people could use you as a textbook study for gun control. And you can call the tinfoil hat line worn out, but people like you are the reason why.

                    • Andres Rives

                      You mean that’s ALL you have. Good Lord.

                      • spacemtn61

                        In the Army we use to call people like you stuck on stupid. Feel free to post whatever conspiracy theory nonsense you want after this, but I won’t respond. The only thing dumber than listening to an idiot like you, is arguing with an idiot like you.

                        • Andres Rives


                          You’re mind is EASILY controlled. FOOL.

                        • spacemtn61

                          So he lied to the UN about WMD’s so now he telling the truth? His head of counterterrorism say’s he was told at least 5 times and produced the memos that were sent. No I think you’re easily fooled.

                        • The Matrix is.

                • Andres Rives

                  Oh. And we’ve heard that line before – “I have family who died at Sandy Hook , and the others. Hahaha. Get some new material shill. And the “tinfoil hat” crap is well worn also.

                • kristin Johnson

                  There is zero evidence to support the official story on 9-11. You are 1 of 3: 1)suffering from cognitive dissonance. 2) Lying shill. 3) An idiot.

                  • spacemtn61

                    You’re a complete frigging idiot. What evidence do you have on the contrary that isn’t a bunch of conspiracy theory nonsense. I would call you the lying idiotic schill.

                • It is really hared to deny the facts, especially when one disagrees with them. It is also hared to know the facts because of propaganda. I accept your accounting, rather than the MSM.

            • Dan Stanton

              Please check the U.S. voting record in the U.N. Most of the world has condemned Israel many times and the U.S. votes against it.

            • Julie Rosenwinkel

              I thought he was in support of Libya, even though, they did not bring it to congress did they? Plus, he did support arming the opposition in Syria, which was a mistake.

        • I heard Sanders say he was not a pacifist, not sure what anti war is…a pacifist?

      • Disappointed William

        Take a hike Linsoff. Go get your $10.00 from Hillary and get lost with you deceptions!

      • John Zolis

        Hack journalism by a hack journalist

      • Tikus66

        Is this somehow supposed to make me feel bad about Bernie Sanders? ROFLMAO!

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      • Mojave

        So true he will put the boogey man mask on also. He is a lying shill for war, but he pretends not to be. TOO BAD ITS ALL ON PUBLIC RECORD.

      • James Sobol

        these websites are full of lies and propaganda. here is a video of sanders speech against the iraq war. watch it before the mods delete my comment.

        • micky muxwell

          Thank You James!

        • Doodlee Pigvirus

          pretty words don’t negate ugly actions. you’ve been duped.

        • Julie S

          But Sanders stated in his interview with Chuck Todd, he will have “all and more” referring to bombing etc.. if he is elected to fight ISIS.. GOOGLE ” Which candidate has the eager to go to war” by Council Foreign Relation. Hillary is number one Rubio number two the moderates Trump and Sanders.. at least is Rand Paul.

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      • AGuyNamedJames

        Clinton waited a long time (too long) while Milosevich and his Serbian nationalists perpetrated atrocities in the former Yugoslavia, first negotiating the Dayton Accords, which failed to protect non-Serbians. When he and NATO did intervene, they stopped a genocide in Kosovo, and did so without a single American casualty. Sanders was right, and so was Clinton.

        • Toroidal Prepuce
          • Oh, yes, there certainly is a lot of anti-Serb propaganda! The rate of crime and ethnic violence has gone up in Kosovo since NATO took over there. It just shows that those of us who opposed NATO intervention there were right to do so

      • nicmart

        From Sanders’ interview on NPR’s Morning Edition:

        BS: But what it means is that the entire world community has got to come together. It’s not just the United States, I do not want the United States to be fighting wars in four separate parts of the world. The United States has got to work with our European allies and allies throughout the world to come up with an intelligent, rational approach to deal with Russia, to deal with ISIS and deal with other national security threats.

        DG: Sounds like you would intervene less than this president has?

        BS: No, I didn’t say that. You’ve got to look at each particular case, obviously.

        What needs to be made clear is that the American Left is NOT LOOKING for an anti-war candidate. And when has it ever done so? The harder Left didn’t like Gene McCarthy, and the softer Left forsook McCarthy for the less outspoken Bobby Kennedy. I can easily think of pro-war progressives the mainstream Left has admired and supported (FDR!), but no candidate for president who was firmly anti-imperialist and anti-war. The myth of a peace-loving Left comes from the unique case of Vietnam, in which many of the Left supported North Vietnam’s brutality, and many opposed the American military because it was conscripting them. They were anti-war for the sake of self-preservation.

        • I don’t really think that is true of the American Left as a whole at all, I think most of them are still very anti-war, especially because to the failures in Iraq and Afghanistan. I think they would very much like an anti-war candidate, but they are hard to find. I think the Left mostly supports Sanders because of his position on health care, but it does not mean they would not prefer a candidate that was both pro single payer health care and anti war.

      • nicmart

        “A more glaring problem is that Sanders’ radicalism stops at America’s borders. If he has a problem with the way America conducts itself abroad, he keeps it to himself.

        “Indeed, Sanders’ foreign policy views are indistinguishable from any garden variety Democrat’s. He sees the United States the way that Madeleine Albright did, “as the indispensable nation.”

        “If he has any quarrel with the Obama administration’s foreign policy in recent years, it is that it is not pro-Saudi enough. Close ties with Saudi Arabia help America’s energy and “defense” industries; Saudi Arabia, in turn, is, and long has been, the main source of ideological inspiration and financial backing for jihadis around the world.

        “Meanwhile, on keeping American diplomatic, military and economic support for Israel coming, Sanders is barely less awful than such prominent Democrats as Ben Cardin and Chuck Schumer.

        “The contrast with Corbyn is striking. The new leader of the Labor Party is an internationalist and an anti-imperialist.”

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      • ash6222

        A real anti-war politician was Ron Paul yet the big government statist liberals were always too busy making fun of him for standing up for individual rights and freedoms.

        • Jon

          Ron Paul went off the deep end. He self destructed unfortunately.

          • nicmart

            Paul stuck to his guns, and ran a good educational campaign which brought a lot of new followers to libertarianism. He performed as well as possible in his campaigns, and there was no self-destruction.

          • Amal Iel

            That’s wrong, the media put a hit on him and his own party betrayed him. He won several states and his party brushed it under the rug. I don’t agree with the guy on a lot of things but it’s bullshit to say he “went off the deep end”. And I’m a Sanders supporter FWIW

          • Eric Lucero

            Jon, that is completely not true.

      • thecritickitten

        Interesting, because there is video evidence that he spoke in Congress in 2002 OPPOSING the war in Iraq. Wonder what I should believe….hm, I think I’ll believe the video over your pathetic attempt at propaganda. Sanders is anything but a warhawk.

        • Jon

          OMG. Did you read the article? Or even bother to take two seconds to read the freaking headline? Yes, he said he was against the war, yet he then voted to fund it. That’s kind of like saying you hate cookies, then you go buy a package of cookies and eat all of them. Reading is fundamental.

        • nicmart

          During the “debate” Sanders was mushy and equivocal on war issues.

          • thecritickitten

            What debate did you watch? Sanders was very clear that war is a last resort (which it is) and that Americans are sick of war (which we are). The only sort of person who would confuse that stance with being too “mushy” is a warhawk.

        • Michael
      • Dan Rosenberg

        Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I see none. If this is the most dirt that can be dug up on Bernie, I’m even more certain my faith is rightly placed.

        • Jon

          Are all Bernie extremists dense or so blinded by their over the top love for him that they can’t even read or comprehend things? He likes to talk about how anti war he is, yet he has repeatedly voted to fund every single war. That’s like saying you hate cookies, then going out and buying a package of cookies and eating all of them. Up until a few weeks ago I was a Bernie supporter. Unfortunately for Bernie I no longer plan on voting for him. Not because of the way he supports wars that he claims he doesn’t support, but because his over the top followers are the left’s version of the tea party, and I have no interest in being a part of that lunatic fringe.

      • James Tanner

        Sanders believes in the Global Warming Hoax of the New World Order. He can not be trusted.

        • Jon

          It’s only a hoax to those who deny facts. Such as yourself apparently.

          • Eric Lucero

            What facts would those be?

      • stephenverchinski

        Ashley Smith said that Howard Dean made the remark that Sanders voted with the Dems 98% of the time. No facts check or snopes review here folks.

        • Jon

          Uh, it’s true. Not everything is on snopes, you know?

      • HeywoodJa

        He voted for the civil liberties of rapists, too, so they wouldnt have to tell their victims if they were HIV positive or not. He’s a real piece of work.

        • Afi Keita James

          sandwer is a piece of work.

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      • Shawn Walch

        HE IS NOT ANTIWAR. He believes military action is is a tool in the tool belt we as a country poses but that it should be an absolute last resort. He has stated this in many interviews that the use of our military is important to protect our people, our interests, and the people and interests of our allies but that the use of force should only be resorted to after all diplomatic means have been exhausted.

        • Jon

          That’s not the problem. The problem is he CLAIMS to be against wars for his followers, talks about how bad our most recent wars would be, are, and have been, yet he has voted to fund every single one of them.

          • Jason Ivan

            It’s really pretty simple to understand Jon. Try this analogy: A group of idiots put your kid outside in a hail storm, you protest and fight to no avail. The only option you have is to give him a helmet.

            • Harold Smith

              Not a good analogy at all. Try this analogy: In a case of mistaken identity, a SWAT team attacks your house, shoots your dog and terrorizes your family. During the assault, you somehow manage to get your cell phone and you call 911 and ask them to call off the attack.
              And while “they” sympathize with you in your unfortunate predicament, now that the “troops” have been committed, right or wrong, they have to support their “troops”.

          • Afi Keita James

            got that right.

        • Julie S

          No, Sanders stated in his interview with Chuck Todd, he will have “all and more” referring to bombing etc.. Read that in the chart on the link– if he is elected to fight ISIS.. GOOGLE ” Which candidate has the eager to go to war” by Council Foreign Relation. Hillary is number one Rubio number two the moderates Trump and Sanders.. at least is Rand Paul.

      • brian

        He voted against the Iraq War resolution, how did you manage to get that wrong?

        • Neptunium

          Uh, yes he did vote for the Iraq war.

          • thecritickitten

            Not only did he NOT vote for the war, he was one of the few individuals who openly spoke out against it before Congress. In fact, there is a video of his speech before Congress back in 2002 still posted on YouTube. He states that he is opposed to “giving the President a blank check to launch a unilateral invasion and occupation of Iraq”.

            He also noted that the war would be “extremely expensive” (which was right) and he predicted a possible civil war after Hussein was ousted (which was right). He goes on to say that he will vote against the resolution, and he did. Go ahead, look it up.

            I suggest research next time before you buy into obvious propaganda. Labeling Sanders as a warhawk is ridiculous at best, and outright slander at worst.

            • Eric Lucero

              And then he went on to support the appropriations for said war aiding Bush in his warmongering. Obama said he was against the wars too. Liberals are always “saying” they are against war when it’s politically expedient, yet in the history of this country, they are the only ones who start them.

              • thecritickitten

                Too bad for your narrative that this is provably false. He voted against the war in Iraq, in fact he was one of the few dissident votes in his party. It’s public record that he voted against the use of military force in Iraq on Oct 22, 2003. He also voted down several resolutions for further support of the war, and voted in favor of a bill condemning the abuse of Iraqi prisoners in Gitmo.

                He also voted against the Patriot Act and all of its subsequent renewals, stating that it would lead to the government overstepping its bounds in data collection. Sound familiar?

                You can certainly go after Hillary for her record on warmongering, but not Sanders. Sanders is one of the few politicians whose voting record has not only been consistent, but also consistently CORRECT.

                • Afi Keita James

                  Then why didn’t sanders call for the impeachment of bush and cheney for taking us to an illegal war in iraq based on lies


          • Damo

            Wow!! You really do live on another planet! I thought that was just your name!

          • brian

            Where are you getting this info? Every record shows that he did not.

        • Jon

          They didn’t. You jumped to conclusions. The article is about how he talks against war, says he against them, then repeatedly votes to fund the very wars he claims he is against. That would kind of be like saying you are against people being thrown in jail for simple marijuana possession, then voting in favor of a bill that expands prisons and makes it easier to arrest and prosecute people for simple marijuana possession.

      • Perrito Del Mar

        The action in Kosovo stopped a genocide by a lunatic… try again. This is garbage propaganda.

        • Jon

          Do any of you Bernie supporters bother to read? You missed the point. The point is that Bernie likes to talk against war, then repeatedly votes to fund those wars he says he is against.

          • thecommunity

            When will you bother to read that he isn’t anti-war? He is taking the position that the country can’t just jump into wasteful, pointless wars like the Iraq war. He supported Kosovo because it was a genocidal war and Afghanistan because it targeted Osama for organizing the terrorist attacks on home soil. There is a whole lot of difference in sanctioning a war against an invisible enemy (nuke hysteria) and real threats

            • But one of his own staff members tried to persuade him not to vote for the Kosovo war, citing that it failed to meet the “just war” criteria. When Sanders failed to follow that advice the staff member quit in protest. It was certainly hard to make a case that Serbia posed any “threat” to the US.

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      • Ahmad Gharanfoli

        Why Senator Sanders don’t talk about militarism, occupation, bombing and foreign policy of US. So far he said that he will use DRON to kill other people when he wants to.

      • Baker Street Irregular #36

        He’s not against all wars. Only a suicidal moron could be against all wars. He’s against stupid, illegal wars

      • Tracie Flowers

        Sanders is a proven pandering slimeball, from the record of his fantasizing and writing about tying up and gang raping women to his votes against Amber Alert and protecting children he has proven himself a seriously deviant personality.


          Please provide a link t verify his vote against Amber Alert.

        • Eric Benner

          “The problem has never been winning enough support to pass it. The problem has been that our bill has garnered such strong support that it has been abused as a sweetener for highly controversial add-ons.”

          And that writing was totally not about something much deeper as can be seen here right? Nah, of course not!

          Who uses the vast database of cross-checkable information called the F’ING INTERNET in 2015? That’s for commies and liberals!

          You are whats wrong with America, Americans, and American Politics.

          Second, change your profile pic, I doubt an entire community of people want to be associated with the likes of you.

      • Kevin Schmidt

        That’s it? That’s all you got on Sanders? Really?
        Ok then, which presidential candidate has a better voting record than Sanders?


        • RomertL

          You see, this is how they fool you. You don’t have to vote for ANY of those psychopaths. Why do you want to have a master? I really don’t get it. Nobody owns me. Nobody represents me. I’m not a slave, so I don’t need a master.

          • Kevin Schmidt

            There is no such thing as individual sovereignty. No one owns you, but you must obey the law.

            • RomertL

              Incorrect. All human being are sovereign indivie, they just don’t know if because they have been brainwashed by school, media and their parents (who were themselves brainwashed by their parents.)

              Why would I have to obey some psychopaths “law”? Because they call themselves ” government “? Because they write it down on a peace of paper? Because they say so? Well, from now on, I will be known as super-duper-uber government of the world. All normal governments have to obey me, because it says so here on this peace of paper I just wrote. Any questions?

              • Eric Benner

                I pray you live to see a world without law, a world with no murder laws, a world with no rape laws, a world with no slavery laws, a world with no laws governing corporations, world with no minimum-wage. Something tells me that, for you, that it would be short lived. Be careful what you wish for.

                • ApocalypseDevotee

                  And yet these things exist still, and are practiced everyday. In fact those who write the laws are the greatest offenders. Rules are for children. I am the universe itself made sentient you are a monkey to be recycled at death.

              • Diego Diaz

                A government is needed if we are to maintain the population and help humanity expand. What you are saying is total libertarianism; this doesn’t work. Who would pay to rebuild bridges if there isn’t a big powerful corporations that requires it? Who would inspect the bridges and who would pay this institution? Who would create an nonprofit institution and just give out their free time and capital to inspect our infrastructure and fix it? Who would build public schools and libraries? Or should everything be for profit?

              • Alex Cherry

                Cool, so I’ll be by to take all your possessions the next time you’re not home. And since don’t “have to obey some psychopaths “law” because they call themselves ” government “, there’s nothing you can do about it.

                I mean, finders keepers, right?

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      • DyaniNC

        Bernie voted AGAINST the Iraq war. You can look up his votes.

        • Luna

          Yet voted to appropriate funds FOR the war and voted AGAINST withdrawing troops. Maybe you should look at all of his voting record… And on the government website.

          • Afi Keita James

            that’s right.

        • Meid_ICH

          In 2001, Sanders did not support the vote in Congress to oppose the war
          in Afghanistan.
          Congresswoman Barbara Lee stood alone! This vote was
          followed by his support for appropriations to support both the
          war in Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2003 he supported the resolution that
          gave support to George W. Bush in both Iraq and in the larger war
          against terrorism, although Sanders has been a critic of the Iraq War.

          He is more hawkish than he’d like his supporters to believe.

          • Ryan Kelly

            Still less hawkish then most others. There’s a difference between voting against the war and then voting to fund the troops fighting one.

            • Meid_ICH_✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

              But still hawkish than most of his supporters are aware of. Whether you’re in for a penny or in for a pound, it doesn’t negate the fact that you’re in when it comes to war.

              You’d think that a conscientious objector of the Vietnam War would be 100% pacifist (since qualifying as a conscientious objector entails that a person is 100% against any and all killing and any and all wars), but although Bernie Sanders applied for and received that status when it was his time to serve the country, he doesn’t appear to be all that dovish when he entered politics.

              He’s also pro-Israel and pro-drone program (voted for, supports, and says he will continue with the program that President Obama is being excoriated for by everyone on the Left). You should google using “Bernie Sanders hawkish on foreign policy”. You’d be amazed how counterpunch and alternet has reported on Sanders’ little-known hawkish stances in the past.

              • nicmart

                Agreed, but with correction. The Left doesn’t oppose the drones as a unified block. You can bet they are not sufficiently opposed to them that Sanders’ support for drones bothers them.

                Here is how ALL the Left should sound on Sanders and war:


                The people of Yemen are being slaughtered by an American proxy, and Sanders says what about it? Did Sanders speak out boldly against the American bombing of a hospital in Afghanistan? His supporters are mealy-mouthed apologists for killing.

              • Afi Keita James

                I Know.

            • nicmart

              You rationalize well. Ending funding was one of the great debates in congress during the Vietnam War. You can defend Sanders on militarism because you are no dove yourself.

      • Keith Tyler

        shill alert. shill alert. Too bad online hacks don’t have to file federal records of their corporate contributions.

        Kinda funny how you had a link directly to the story about Sanders’ staff quitting…. but somehow managed to have zero links to any of the bills you refer to — even though they are public record. Funny that.

      • Kavita Batra

        Difference between supporting our troops and supporting he war-yes!!
        Is corporate America/news media/Wall Street scrounging for crumbs to smirch and discredit Bernie Sanders, because they are finally TERRIFIED? YES!!
        Revolution is coming!!

        • nicmart

          Another pro-war Sanders apologist.

          Sanders has not been a voice against militarism, has supported its funding. In fact, virtually the entire Left has been mute over militarism during Obama’s terms. They dislike Citizens United more than they object to killing innocent people. And Dylan does ads for IBM.

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      • “if you are looking for a perfectly sterile laboratory – you’ll have to hold your breath”

      • streamline

        There are no perfect candidates. Many people forget that when he was running as the decidedly anti-war candidate for the DEM nomination in 1972, that Sen. George McGovern had actually voted for the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution in 1964, authorizing President Johnson to escalate the Vietnam War. BTW, so did Eugene McCarthy and Ed Muskie. In fact, 98 senators voted for it. None of them could ever claim to have been first against that war, much in the same way that neither Ms. Clinton nor Sen Sanders can claim to have been first against the Afghan/Iraqi wars. The question is: Who do you trust most to get us out of these conflicts and to prevent future nation building? I’m not so doctrinaire that I require purity on the issues, but I know I want clarity. In that respect, I think it’s clear that Sen Sanders is more apt to further the goals of peace making than Ms. Clinton.

        • setting_the_record_straight

          Then you simply aren’t paying attention. Neither of them have the interest of peace-time . . . they parrot peace as an ideal but pragmatically, both are fervent supporters of using the military machine. As socialist as Bernie is, his interests lie in the expedient formation of the most socialized governance possible. As globalization provides the largest social homogenization, Bernie favors that end and uses his vote to support any agenda that hedges bets that direction. Destabilizing regions that threaten monetary autonomy is the alpha key, as that will lend to acquiescence to more global currency — which, in turn, will “require” regulatory bodies.

          • nicmart

            Since 1900, the only consistent anti-war force was the old right. They were the voices, in and out of congress, behind anti-imperialism, joined for a short time by some in the New Left. Meanwhile, progressives pushed the country into the Spanish-American War, WWI and WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. The old right was kicked aside by the neoconservatives with their anti-communist hysteria.

        • Bob

          “he question is: Who do you trust most to get us out of these conflicts and to prevent future nation building?”

          Ron Paul

        • nicmart

          But McGovern and McCarthy later expressed public regret over their vote for Tonkin, and Sanders has done nothing comparable. While the former were outspoken against war, Sander is almost mute. It is an afterthought among his issues. He took no chance during the first “debate” to speak firmly against war; in fact he did the opposite. He equivocated and said the U.S. should support its allies. Sanders is Obama Lite.

      • KarenGeer

        “On the campaign trail, Sanders makes a point of shunning big-money politics. “I don’t want money from the billionaires,” he says. He refuses to have a super PAC. His campaign has held far fewer traditional fundraisers than most candidates. …

        In interviews, Sanders’ campaign and his allies said they have no plans to ask his donors, which include Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield — founders Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, who sold their company for $325 million in 2000 — to write big checks or even to raise funds on his behalf, despite the fact that Sanders has a much smaller donor network and lower national profile than other candidates.”

        • Luna

          Yet he takes money from a super PAC…

          • Ryan Kelly

            Huh? From what super PAC because, Bernie does not.

            • RT

              It is “officially unaffiliated” according to sander’s campaign, but first came out as “billionaires for bernie”…had to change their name to be legal.

        • nicmart

          Sanders shuns the anti-war role as fervently as he shuns corporate money. He had the chance to make a bold anti-war statement during the debate and, as usual, he showed no interest.

          Sanders is a good representation of the Left, which has never been a lucid force for peace. As one who ardently opposed the Vietnam War, including marching in Washington on Moratorium Day, I now believe the anti-war movement of the 1960s largely existed because of the military draft, not any deeply held anti-war sentiment. Until the early ’70s I identified myself as a socialist, but the militarism of the Left was a key reason I became a libertarian, which is the only political movement in America which is anti-war by definition. Some on the Left have opposed American militarism and imperialism, but few have done so on principal and with consistency.

          “The libertarian’s basic attitude toward war must then be: it is legitimate to use violence against criminals in defense of one’s rights of person and property; it is completely impermissible to violate the rights of other innocent people. War, then, is only proper when the exercise of violence is rigorously limited to the individual criminals. We may judge for ourselves how many wars or conflicts in history have met this criterion.” — Murray Rothbard

      • KarenGeer

        You idiots have felt the Bern and are running scared.

        • nicmart

          What a compelling and intelligent argument for a candidate.

      • If I want to vote for someone who satisfies my every wish and whim, I would need run and vote for myself.

        • nicmart

          Hence, we know that peace is not one of one of your wishes and whims.

      • Takoma DC


      • Jeffrey Noble

        That’s terrible. So let’s get out there and make him answer to it. It’s not like this makes voting for O’Malley of Clinton more sensible.

      • justjoe

        I’ve been following Sanders for years. He is the only candidate for President that has never “shifted” “evolved” “wiggled” or “pivoted” on any of his positions. He also has never accepted large campaign contributions or dark money.
        Bernard Sanders is a unique candidate in that he is radically transparent: He tells you exactly where he stands on an issue, and backs that stance with action. You can trace every penny of contributions that he has accepted directly back to their donors. Bernie has nothing to hide.
        The media has tried to make up dirt on Sanders. He was accused in a CNN interview of wanting to make the US more like the Scandinavian socialist democracies: He owned that outright, and demanded to know what would be wrong with it.
        Sanders’ integrity is very impressive, he is unique among all candidates in that he refuses to run a negative campaign. Sanders is running a positive, issues-focused campaign – and that’s mighty impressive..

        • Takoma DC


          • If there could be any one advising a President Sanders as VP, I would choose Barbara Lee CA.

        • Kavita Batra

          Hear Hear!!

        • nicmart

          Where did you get the idea that the Scandinavian countries are “socialist democracies.” They are no such thing. They don’t even have minimum wage laws. The Denmark that Sanders loves has no minimum wage law and a lower corporate tax rate than the US. The right-wing Heritage Foundation ranks Denmark above the US in economic freedom. The vast social welfare states of Scandinavia are not paid for by “the rich,” but by high taxes on all who work.

          • Simon Saez

            But those nations have strong unions that negotiate with employers to determine the wages people are paid. The welfare state is not paid for by “the rich” because the extent of the aristocracy is so small in those countries due to their being so egalitarian to the point where almost all of the native-born population lives reasonably well off or better.

            A McDonald’s employee in one of the Scandinavian countries makes a lot more money than one in the US. Do you support fast food workers in the fight for the $15 an hour minimum wage?

            • nicmart

              So, wages are set by voluntary negotiated agreement. Fine. I support anything that is voluntary, and not imposed by government.

              You offer not evidence of your claim about the “aristocracy,” as you put it.

              Again, Heritage Foundation, a favorite of the Left, ranks Denmark above the US in economic freedom.

              Are the people of Denmark wealthier than Americans as a result of their higher negotiated wages. Not by a long shot. Depending on which estimate you accept, the US is either second or third in the world in purchasing power parity GDP (what an equalized dollar will buy in real life, taking into account cost of living), but Denmark is in the mid-50s. The US GDP-PPP is about $17,400 and Denmark $249. (2012) Thus, Denmark is close to the likes of Morocco and Cuba, while the US is far, far, wealthier, based on what people actually buy with their earnings. Denmark is much closer to the poorest countries in the world than to the richest. I do not think this will discourage leftists who prefer mass poverty to the presence of an “aristocracy.”

              If you are worried about a class of people obtaining ill-gotten gains, look to federal employees in the US. Their compensation is 78% higher than comparable workers in the private sector. Sanders will increase that federal workforce to administer his new programs, alas.

              • Simon Saez

                “Denmark is close to the likes of Morocco and Cuba.”

                Really, then why are the Danish people so happy and content with their lives?

                It’s not just about the numbers, important as they are. Denmark continually ranks very high on the UN Human Development Index.

                So do you agree with Heritage’s assessment of Denmark being more economically free than the US? If so, don’t your other assertions conflict with the belief that a “free market” will provide the maximum amount of economic growth? You are saying Denmark is so much poorer than the US, but that Denmark is freer economically.

                Also, are you actually claiming that Denmark has “mass poverty” but the US does not?

                • nicmart

                  After years of stagnation, Denmark has moved to free its markets in recent years. Denmark does have a higher suicide rate than does the US.

                  The UN is a collaboration of criminals, so I don’t take its data seriously.

                  I don’t think I said that wealth brings more happiness, but it isn’t like the World Happiness Report is exactly hard data.


                  You like mushy, politicized data, but prefer to ignore hard economic data like purchasing power parity.

      • Robert Munro

        Exactly what I’ve been saying since before Sanders announced. Sanders has a LOT of very hard questions to answer.


        • Sir Heywood J.

          Really Robbie, you’re supporting another “Judeo-Nazi” for President?!?!

          • Robert Munro

            Heeb, Jill Stein is NOT part of your cult.

            • Sir Heywood J.

              Um, no fido, actually she is. Source:

      • Arachne646

        “Socialist” does not mean supporter of the sole world military superpower, does it?

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          In this particular case, it seems to mean supporter of just the largest one.

          Hey, look! He’s a politician with campaign expenses. He’s gotta get the corporate money for his campaigns some place.

          This information just means that they are less likely to kill him if he get elected.

          • Will he get to keep all the funds that were not spend?

            • TecumsehUnfaced

              They will be spent alright.

              And he will get to keep all the speaking fees they will shower on him when he leaves office.

              • Wendy Palm

                No one wants to hear the old bag of wind.

                • TecumsehUnfaced

                  Perhaps, but the those offering delayed bribes do pay up, so to keep new clients coming in.