The New American Order By
1% Elections, The Privatization of the State, a Fourth Branch of Government, and the Demobilization of "We the People"
The Ten Commandments For A Better American World By
A letter to an unknown American patriot.
Failure Is Success: How American Intelligence Works in the Twenty-First Century By
"While taxpayer dollars flowed into your coffers, no one considered it a problem that the country lacked 17 overlapping outfits bent on preventing approximately 400,000 deaths by firearms in the same years; nor 17 interlocked agencies dedicated to safety on our roads, where
The Golden Age of Journalism? By
Your Newspaper, Your Choice
Mistaking Omniscience For Omnipotence By
In a World Without Privacy, There Are No Exemptions for Our Spies
Delusional Thinking In the Age Of The Single Superpower By
Even if economic power has become more “multipolar,” no actual state contests the American role on the planet in a serious way. Not yet at least.
Putting War Back In Children’s Culture By
Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Rambo, Red Dawn, and how a tale of American triumphalism was returned to the child’s world.
Filling the Empty Battlefield By
Tom Engelhardt Chalmers Johnson’s book Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire was published in March 2000 — and just about no one noticed.  Until then, blowback had been an obscure term of CIA tradecraft, which Johnson defined as “the unintended