WI Governer Signs Bill Blocking Immigrants And Homeless From Getting IDs To Vote By
Walker Signs Bill Blocking Communities From Issuing IDs For Voting.
Obama Meets With Saudi King Amidst Strained Tensions By
he visit for a Persian Gulf summit comes against the backdrop of increasingly strained U.S. relations with the Saudis, who remain deeply opposed to his outreach to Iran and skeptical of his approach to Syria.
Brazil’s President Says She Won’t Quit, Calls Impeachment Injustice By
"I'm not going to cowed; I won't let myself be paralyzed by this, I have the energy, strength and courage to confront this injustice."
US Sending Commandos, Combat Aircraft To Philippines By
In a military buildup certain to inflame tensions with China, the United States said Thursday it will send troops and combat aircraft to the Philippines for regular, more frequent rotations, and will conduct more joint sea and air patrols with Philippine forces in the South
ACLU: Chicago Police Monitoring Protest Groups ‘Unsettling’ By
The Sun-Times reports the department's top attorney approved 2015 plans to send undercover officers to monitor meetings, including those held by Black Lives Matter activists, churches and philanthropic organizations.
Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly View Trump Negatively By
More than 60 percent of all registered voters and 31 percent of Republicans said they definitely would not vote for Trump in the general election.
Pentagon: US Mulls More Ground Troops In Iraq By
A Pentagon official insists that ground troops are no different than war planes conceptually, and that they’re just conducting surface-to-surface strikes instead of air-to-surface strikes
Global Military Spending Nearly $1.7T Amid Mideast Conflicts By
For weapons manufacturers, the nonstop pace of airstrikes targeting Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria, as well as Saudi-led bombing of Yemen's Shiite rebels and their allies, means billions of dollars more in sales.
Washington Marijuana Sales Reach $709 Million In 2015 By
“In 2014, adult use sales in Washington accounted for 18.6 percent of all legal adult use sales in the country. By the end of 2015, Washington’s share of the legal adult use market had risen to nearly half,” said Giadha DeCarcer, CEO of cannabis data researcher New
US Hacks IPhone, Ends Legal Battle But Questions Linger By
Left unanswered, however, were questions about how the sudden development would affect privacy in the future, and what happens the next time the government is frustrated by digital security lockout features.