Author : AP
Killing Of 12-Year Old Boy Shows Stricter Police Vetting Needed By
The Cleveland case "underscores the need for better vetting," said John DeCarlo, a professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York who has studied hiring practices. "We have to be more aware of red flags."
International Community Rebukes Israel For Violation Of Geneva Convention By
Swiss Ambassador Paul Fivat, who chaired the conference, told reporters afterward the declaration is legally binding on all nations that adopted it. Israel and the U.S. didn't participate.
Phoenix Police Ignite Outcry After Shooting Unarmed Black Man By
Police have not identified the officer who they say shot Rumain Brisbon after mistaking a pill bottle for a weapon.
Video: St. Louis Police Demand Apology From NFL For Rams Show Of Solidarity With Ferguson Protesters By
The St. Louis Police Officers Association is demanding that the NFL publicly apologizes and disciplines the five Rams players who stood with their hands in the “don’t shoot” pose in support of Michael Brown before Sunday's game.
A Glance At The Latest From Ferguson By
While the protests in Ferguson have died down, the nation is still grappling with how best to deal with the fallout of the killing of Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson.
Thousands Protest Peacfully Around The Nation Following Ferguson Grand Jury Decision, More Protests Planned By
Police from departments around the nation reported that protests were mostly peaceful following Monday's announcement.
Harvard University And UNC Chapel Hill Being Sued Over Affirmative Action Policies By
The suite claims that affirmative action policies should be banned at colleges across the nation.
Israel Approves 200 New Homes As Arsonists Set Fire To West Bank Mosque By
An attack against a mosque in a West Bank village earlier Wednesday ignited a fire that destroyed its first floor. Faraj al-Naasan, the mayor of the village of Mughayer, north of Ramallah, blamed Jewish settlers for the blaze.
2 NYPD Officers Facing Brutality Charges Over Violent Beat-Down Of Teenage Pot Suspect By
"We had a 16-year-old boy with his hands up, seeking to surrender, who was attacked by members of the force who are supposed to protect him. ... He was defenseless," -- "We've all seen the video. It speaks for itself."
An Appeals Court Quietly Takes The NSA To Task Over Unconstitutional Surveillance By
The judges, all appointed by a Republican president, expressed uncertainty about where to draw the line between legal surveillance and violations of constitutional rights in the age of terrorism.