Former Milwaukee Cop Found Not Guilty Fatal Shooting Of Sylville Smith By
The father of the victim says "there is no justice here" after the verdict was reached.
Cuba Asserts Its Right To Protect US Political Prisoners By
President Donald Trump demanded that Cuba returns so-called U.S. "criminals" to the country as a precondition for the resumption of neighborly relations between the long-time foes.
Russia Announces It May Have Killed ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi By
The Russian military is currently reviewing information that indicates that the leader of the Islamic State Group, al-Baghdadi, might have been killed in a May 28th airstrike.
What You Need to Know About Puerto Rico’s Plebiscite By
Sunday’s two-part plebiscite, the fifth held since 1967, will decide the future of the unincorporated U.S. territory.
Trump Appoints BP Oil Spill Lawyer As DOJ Environmental Attorney By
Clark has previously attacked climate change laws as an erosion of "sovereignty," and defended BP in one of the worst environmental disaster cases in U.S. history.
Journalists Attacked, Shot At During Venezuela Opposition Protests By
Reporters from multiple news agencies have had shots fired at them as well as gasoline thrown at them in an attempt by protesters to set them on fire.
Two Years On, Bolivia’s President Says No Regrets Over Expelling DEA By
Two years after his election in 2006, Morales ordered the closing of the DEA's office in La Paz and the U.S. military base in Chimore.
Polls Show Support For Trump Impeachment Rising By
Trump is already the least popular president in U.S. history, with a new poll showing that only 45 percent of voters approve of the job he's doing.
Opposition Condemns Goldman Sachs Purchase Of Venezuelan Bonds By
Although the US$2.8 billion deal is a boost to the economy, opposition leaders accused Goldman Sachs of providing a "lifeline" to a "dictatorship."
Pentagon Admits US Killed 105 Civilians In March Airstrikes On Mosul By
Reports also emerged Thursday of at least 35 civilian deaths from what is likely a U.S. airstrike in Eastern Syria.