What Wikileaks Reveals About America’s Role In Ecuador’s Elections By
In the final days of Ecuador's presidential campaign, WikiLeaks republishes U.S. diplomatic cables related to the three major candidates.
The Context Of Trump’s Vile Aggression Against Venezuela By
The announcement of sanctions against Venezuela's vice president conveniently left out some revealing, and self-incriminating, details.
Private Prisons Positioned To Reap Massive Profits From Immigrantion Raids By
CoreCivic — formerly the Corrections Corporation of America — has said it is able to provide the extra detention facilities needed to enforce Trump's executive orders on immigration.
Kremlin Denies Claim It Considered Giving Snowden As ‘Gift’ To Trump By
The whistleblower has said he is "not afraid" about the prospect of Russia giving him to the U.S., saying the rumor vindicates him.
Senate Dems Join Republicans In Criminalizing Boycotting Israel By
The bipartisan bill is the latest attack on the growing Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement in solidarity with civil society in Palestine.
Protesters Attempt To Block First Of Trump’s Deportations By
"We’re living in a new era now, an era of war on immigrants," said Guadalupe Garcia De Rayos' lawyer after her arrest Wednesday.
Lawmakers Move To Block Plan To Use Inmate Labor To Build Border Wall By
Two Massachusetts lawmakers are proposing bills that would block a county sheriff’s plan to send inmates to build Trump’s wall along the border with Mexico.
Standing Rock Sioux Speak Out Following Violent Removal Of Water Protectors By
“We want to stress that we are cleaning the camps, not clearing them. We do not support or endorse any ‘raids,’” the tribe clarified.
Protests Continue For 2nd Day Against Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ By
Not letting up on protesting and showing solidarity with those banned, thousands took to the streets again Sunday to protest Trump's new policy.
#AdiosStarbucks: Mexicans Launch Boycott Campaign Of US Goods By
In response to Trump’s border wall plan and tariff threats, Mexicans have started a buy local social media campaign targeting U.S. products.