Syrian Man Recounts 33 Days Of Torture At Hands Of CIA-Backed FSA By
Though many are aware of the ongoing conflict in Syria, few know the horrors that have been perpetrated by terror groups operating in the country backed by the CIA and NATO. Kidnapping and torture represent just some of the brutality
2,190 Days Of Suffering: Syrians Describe Surviving The Rebel Invasion By
In this second part of our ongoing "Syrians Speak Out" series, MintPress News contributor Sarah Abed puts us in touch with Yasmine, a young woman who has witnessed the ongoing Syrian conflict first-hand. Yasmine has previously spoken to MintPress News about the Christian
Six Years Of War, Death And Destruction: Syrians Speak Out By
Today marks the 6th anniversary of an imposed war and invasion on what was one of the safest countries in the world prior to 2011. A country with a rich history that dates back to 9000 BC. Syria is the Cradle of Civilization. Damascus is nicknamed The City of Jasmine where
The Christian Genocide In Syria By
An interview from Damascus on the Christian Genocide taking place in Syria.