America’s “Shadow War” In Somalia Gets A Fresh Start Under Trump By
U.S. airstrikes in Somalia have killed over 400 people in the last eight years as part of a quiet war on “terrorism.” Parts of the country have been designated as “active war zones,” allowing for more strikes to take place
Yale Graduate Teachers Launch Hunger Strike Over Bid To Unionize By
"Because we have waited for years for the Yale administration to come to the negotiating table.” The Yale administration has kept them waiting. “So we decided to wait without eating.”
Israel, Saudi Arabia Join Forces To Champion War With Iran By
Despite having no official diplomatic relations, Saudi Arabia and Israel do have a common goal: targeting and isolating Iran, and ending its support of the Syrian government. Their sabre-rattling may become more than just talk, as they continue to receive money and arms
Flint Residents Struggle To Have Voices Heard As Crisis Continues & Media Moves On By
“We are not going to stop until we see justice for Flint, but we hope to be a good example for all other cities fighting this same uphill battle.” This Michigan city is still struggling with lead-contaminated water, a struggle that reflects a hidden lead crisis brewing
Beneath Modern Sheen Of Gulf States Is Slave Labor By
Gulf states like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are well-known for their gleaming skyscrapers and other conspicuous emblems of wealth. But underneath their modern sheen lies a problem as old as civilization - a labor system that makes migrant workers into modern
Gulf Nations Celebrated In Western Press While Silencing Their Own Journalists By
Western media outlets routinely portray despotic Gulf regimes as benign and friendly states. However, these same outlets ignore the harsh realities that their fellow journalists deal with on a regular basis within those countries, including harassment, imprisonment and torture.
Whitewashing An Extremist Kingdom: Corporate Pundits Shill For Saudi Arabia By
Saudi Arabia has benefited from its cozy relationship with the United States for decades, receiving funding and arms despite its horrific human rights track record. Mainstream media outlets continue to lavish praise on the kingdom while largely ignoring its misconduct.
Media Silent As U.S. Prisoners Continue To Hunger Strike Abysmal Conditions By
Prisoners across the U.S. have been holding hunger and labor strikes since last year, with tens of thousands of inmates protesting abuse and poor conditions. But news reports on the strikes have been few and far between, leaving prisoners’ requests for humane treatment
Unnecessary Force – What Will Policing Look Like Under Trump? By
Jeff Sessions, Attorney General for the Trump administration, has ordered a review of police reform agreements that could result in less oversight for local law enforcement agencies. This policy rollback could result in an increased incidence of police brutality.
“Collateral Damage”: Dehumanizing Millions Of Victims In America’s War On Terror By
‘No matter how many times the U.S. bombs us, no one bats an eye.’ These are the words of just one of millions of Iraqis who have died needlessly in America’s ongoing ‘War on Terror.’ The country’s endless war has figuratively and literally destroyed the lives