Despite Campaign Promises, Trump Set To Outdo Obama On Military Adventurism By
Since his inauguration, Donald Trump has sent American troops into a number of military adventures and his administration is looking to promote even greater military interventionism around the world.
GOP’s New Health Care Plan Will Harm America’s Most Vulnerable By
The GOP recently released the details of its proposed replacement for the Affordable Care Act -- and its plans for the country’s health care system are nothing less than terrifying. Many of the nation’s poorest citizens would see their health care offerings shrink in
Activists Push For Single-Payer Health Care As Republicans Dismantle Obamacare By
Activists and organizers across the United States are not sitting idle as politicians wrangle over the GOP’s bill.
Trump’s ICE Raids Set To Top Obama In Deportations By
Donald Trump looks like he may outdo the Obama administration when it comes to deportations, with families across the U.S. themselves for a surge in ICE raids unlike anything seen before. Although some communities are fighting back, many undocumented immigrants are now in
Trump’s ‘VOICE’: A Fascist Doctrine Straight Out Of Hitler’s Playbook By
A new program to be introduced under the Trump administration seems inspired by the Nuremberg Laws of Nazi Germany. How far will his government go to belittle and vilify America’s immigrants?
White Supremacists Are Infiltrating The Ranks Of US Law Enforcement By
Though right-wing attacks have killed more people on American soil than attacks carried out by Muslim extremists, the Trump administration is pushing for a national counter-terror program to focus solely on the latter.
Colin Kaepernick’s Black Lives Protest Met With Nationalistic Outrage By
Militant nationalism, spurred at least in part by right wing populism, has become part and parcel of American consciousness.
New Film Reveals Israel’s US Propaganda War By
'The Occupation Of The American Mind' not only dispels the myth of Israel’s victimhood, but brings the past and present together in order to unearth realities of the occupation, which rightfully humanize the Palestinians
Leading US Presidential Candidates Normalize Anti-Muslim Sentiment By
“There’s always a consistent flow of hate that you receive when you’re a prominent Muslim organization that speaks up on behalf of the Muslim community. Sadly, anti-Islam groups—including some groups run by Muslims—are consistently engaged in a campaign of trying