Israel Continues To Criminalise Marking Nakba Day By
Although Israel's Nakba Law has yet to be technically implemented, human rights groups and activists say it has a dangerous deterrent effect and is meant to intimidate Palestinians and others who view Israel's establishment as a day
This Is Not A Test: Israeli Harassment Of Palestinian TV Stations By
For Palestinian broadcasters, raids, closures and censorship at the hands of Israeli forces seem to be just the cost of doing business.
Israeli Government Continuously Targeting Palestinian Christian Village By
“[Israel] does not want to allow a precedent of people returning to their villages and staying there permanently, so they are increasingly aggressively pushing them out.”
Israel Stokes Sectarianism Between Palestinian Christians And Muslims By
In targeting Palestinian Christians for military service, Israel draws “sectarian” lines that some have compared to policies in effect in apartheid South Africa and French-ruled Algeria.
Hunger-Striking Palestinian Prisoners Take Forefront As Negotiations Collapse By
Palestinian prisoners have been on a hunger strike for about a month -- an event that has out-lasted the latest round of Israeli-Palestinian talks but has received far less attention.
WATCH: Palestinian Student Activists Claim Discrimination And Excessive Police Force During Protests By
Palestinian students studying at Israeli universities are finding it increasingly difficult -- and dangerous -- to make their opinions be heard when they protest on campuses.
Palestinians Challenge Movement Restrictions In Marathon By
The Palestine Marathon gives runners an opportunity to challenge and bring attention to the way Israel restricts movement and freedom of Palestinians in the territory.
WATCH: Palestinian Christians Decry Israel’s Restrictions Ahead Of Easter By
Many Palestinian Christians who applied for permits to visit family and holy sites in Jerusalem for Easter have been rejected -- an increasingly common occurrence in recent years.
WATCH: Israeli Forces Shoot Palestinian Photographer In West Bank By
During a mass prayer service of Palestinians protesting Israel’s refusal to release a group of Palestinian political prisoners, Israeli forces shot and injured a Palestinian photojournalist.
Palestinian Authority Cracks Down Amid Criticism Of Renewed Negotiations By
A series of violent incidents in the West Bank reflect a growing skepticism of the PA’s legitimacy among Palestinians.